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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=LOST | B=1854-1872 | C=1872-1884 | D=1884-1895 | E=1895-1914 | F=1914-1926 |
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ABBEY, SMITH                           OR-33-B-41
AMPBELL, JAMES A.                      OR-33-B-99
BACKUS, ESTHER                         OR-33-B-230
BALDWIN, FRANK M.                      OR-33-B-23
BALDWIN, JOHN                          OR-33-B-175
BALDWIN, TIM                           OR-33-B-187
BALL, A. H.                            OR-33-B-66
BAMBERGER, GEORGE                      OR-33-B-1
BARNUM, HENRY                          OR-33-B-109
BARREIS, FRED D.                       OR-33-B-164
BAXTER, JOHN                           OR-33-B-288
BEERS, GEORGE F.                       OR-33-B-302
BILL, N.                               OR-33-B-77
BILL, NICHOLAS J.                      OR-33-B-122
BIRD, J. H.                            OR-33-B-204
BOLLON, DANIEL                         OR-33-B-151
BOOTH, J. P.                           OR-33-B-49
BROOKHOUSE, R.                         OR-33-B-68
BROWN, JESSE                           OR-33-B-182
BURNS, BERNARD                         OR-33-A-17
CAPPS, J. D.                           OR-33-B-143
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH R.                     OR-33-B-97
CLOSTER, RICHARD G.                    OR-33-B-351
COE, N.                                OR-33-B-7
COGSWELL, JOHN                         OR-33-A-19
COMFORT, LEWIS                         OR-33-B-32
COOK, ASBURY                           OR-33-B-186
CORUM, MARY BARBOX                     OR-33-B-28
CRAIG, ANN                             OR-33-B-332
CRUMM, ORVILLE C.                      OR-33-A-9
DEAN, THOMAS P.                        OR-33-B-9
DEEN, JACOB                            OR-33-B-119
DEHM, ELIZABETH                        OR-33-B-219
DINSMORE, HULDAH                       OR-33-B-127
DOYLE, A. G.                           OR-33-B-72
DOYLE, MARY                            OR-33-B-199
DRAGER, LEWIS                          OR-33-B-123
ELLSBURY, JAMES                        OR-33-B-170
FEWER, JOHN                            OR-33-B-96
FISH, WALTER                           OR-33-B-116
FISHER, EZRA                           OR-33-B-38
FOREMAN, GEORGE W.                     OR-33-B-143
FORSYTH, BENJAMIN D.                   OR-33-A-21
FREDERICK, AUGUST                      OR-33-B-76
GATES, N. H.                           OR-33-B-177
GILGARD, CARL JULIUS                   OR-33-B-200
GOLDSMITH, DAVID                       OR-33-A-5
GRAY, ROBERT                           OR-33-B-135
HAGAN, JOHN H.                         OR-33-B-146
HAHN, WILLIAM                          OR-33-B-92
HAND, W. M.                            OR-33-B-82
HANDLEY, DANIEL                        OR-33-B-194
HARMON, WILLIAM                        OR-33-B-188
HARRIS, SAMUEL                         OR-33-B-162
HAWKINS, JAMES A.                      OR-33-B-241
HAYNES, CHARLES HENRY                  OR-33-B-232
HEMBREE, LETITIA                       OR-33-B-157
HENDERSON, PAUL                        OR-33-B-274
HERBERT, GEORGE F.                     OR-33-B-5
HERINGSBERRGER, JOSEPH                 OR-33-A-38
HOCK, LOUISA                           OR-33-B-115
HOFFISIMER, CHARLES                    OR-33-A-23
HOLDER, LEONIE E.                      OR-33-B-12
HOLLAND, F. S.                         OR-33-B-3
HORSBY, ISABELLA                       OR-33-B-53
HOWARD, WILLIAM                        OR-33-A-26
HUGHES, JOHN                           OR-33-B-138
HULL, B.                               OR-33-B-193
HUMASON, O.                            OR-33-B-44
INDIAN, HENRY                          OR-33-A-7
JOLES, THOMAS NAUDIAN                  OR-33-B-334
KENNY, HENRY                           OR-33-A-2
KNIGHTON, HENRY M.                     OR-33-A-35
KORTEN, BERNHARD                       OR-33-B-161
KUEBEL, THOMAS                         OR-33-B-229
LACEY, MARY                            OR-33-B-339
LANG, THOMAS L.                        OR-33-B-337
LATTA, JOHN                            OR-33-B-30, 36
LEWIS, W. MCD.                         OR-33-B-258
LUBAN, THEODOR EDWARD                  OR-33-B-133
LUCKEY, LUCINDA L.                     OR-33-B-108
LUCKSINGER, HENRY                      OR-33-B-64
LUSHER, RUDOLPH                        OR-33-B-166
LYON, LEMUEL                           OR-33-B-17
MALONEY, DENNIS                        OR-33-B-91
MATTHEWS, GEORGE A.                    OR-33-B-48
MCATEE, W. H.                          OR-33-B-192
MCCOLOUGH, SARAH C.                    OR-33-B-224
MCCUMBER, J. B.                        OR-33-A-15
MCDANIEL, FRANK W.                     OR-33-A-33
MCDONALD, NEIL                         OR-33-B-104
MCEWEN, CLARISSA                       OR-33-B-310
MCGAHAN, JAMES                         OR-33-B-347
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                    OR-33-B-35
MCMEAN, JAMES S.                       OR-33-B-80
MCRAE, DUNCAN                          OR-33-B-360
MEYER, MAXMIMILLIAN                    OR-33-B-282
MICHELBACH, JOHN                       OR-33-B-86
MICHELL, URSULA                        OR-33-B-225
MIDDLETON, ELLA J.                     OR-33-B-234
MILLER, S.                             OR-33-B-212
MITCHELL, B. W.                        OR-33-B-16
MOORE, A. B.                           OR-33-B-172
MORAN, HESTER A.                       OR-33-B-85
MOREHOUSE, POLLY                       OR-33-B-51
MURDY, ANNA P.                         OR-33-B-184
NEAL, JESSE                            OR-33-B-79
NOLAN, RICHARD                         OR-33-B-74
OLESON, THOMAS                         OR-33-B-246
PENTLAND, JANE                         OR-33-B-43
POWELL, CHARLOTTE                      OR-33-B-249
PRATT, ELIZA S.                        OR-33-B-300
PRATT, HENRY A.                        OR-33-B-326
PRICE, WILLIAM                         OR-33-B-21
PURSER, THOMAS                         OR-33-B-060
RICH, JOHN L.                          OR-33-B-315
ROE, GEORGE C.                         OR-33-B-355
SAVAGE, O. S.                          OR-33-B-176
SETTLEMER, DAVID                       OR-33-B-344
SHELDON, CHARLES LA BARR               OR-33-B-309
SHIELDS, JOSEPH                        OR-33-B-178
SIEFERT, JOHN                          OR-33-B-59
SMITH, A. B.                           OR-33-B-205
SMITH, THOMAS                          OR-33-B-107
SNIPES, ELEM                           OR-33-B-269
SNYDER, ELEANOR                        OR-33-B-70
STAGGS, N.                             OR-33-B-22
STALEY, H.                             OR-33-B-285
STANLEY, JOHN                          OR-33-B-197
STRICKLILN, WILLIAM                    OR-33-B-131
SYLVA, ANTONIE                         OR-33-A-34
TAYLOR, JAMES M.                       OR-33-B-208
THORNBERRY, C. N.                      OR-33-B-266
UNDERHILL, JAMES                       OR-33-B-305
VANDERPOOL, LARKIN                     OR-33-B-318
VIERA, JOSEPH F.                       OR-33-B-217
WAGENBLAST, JOHN G.                    OR-33-B-356
WALL, MARY                             OR-33-B-140
WARD, JOHN H.                          OR-33-B-62
WHITEAKER, ELLEN M.                    OR-33-B-358
WHITNEY, JONES                         OR-33-B-55
WHITTAKER, HENRY                       OR-33-B-167
WIGLE, CATHERINE                       OR-33-B-294
WILLIAMS, GRIFFITH E.                  OR-33-B-136
WILSON, JAMES                          OR-33-B-163
WILSON, WILLIAM HAMILTON               OR-33-B-297
WINGATE, EDWARD                        OR-33-B-102
ZUBERBUCHLER, J. C.                    OR-33-B-94

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