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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1879-1922 |
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ACKLEY, L. D.                          OR-29-1-273
AELLIG, JOHN                           OR-29-1-235
ANDERSON, AUGUST                       OR-29-1-129
BABI, BARBARA                          OR-29-1-313
BABI, NIKOLAUS                         OR-29-1-130
BACKUS, GOTFRIED                       OR-29-1-97
BAGLEY, B. A.                          OR-29-1-42
BAGLEY, CECELIA E.                     OR-29-1-146
BAILEY, D. A.                          OR-29-1-333
BARNARD, HUGH FARADAY                  OR-29-1-286
BARNETT, JAMES C.                      OR-29-1-81
BARNETT, JAMES C.                      OR-29-1-73
BATTERSON, WILLIAM                     OR-29-1-164
BAYS, RICHARD M.                       OR-29-1-109
BERGSTROM, ERIK                        OR-29-1-274
BIGGS, JOSIAH                          OR-29-1-123
BOQUIST, N. G.                         OR-29-1-349
BRANT, PETER                           OR-29-1-171
BROWN, DANIEL W.                       OR-29-1-341
BROWN, EPHRIAM W.                      OR-29-1-167
BROWN, ROBERT                          OR-29-1-220
BYROM, PETER                           OR-29-1-211
CAMPBELL, JOHN S.                      OR-29-1-319
CASEY, MATTHEW                         OR-29-1-213
CHAFFEE, CHARLES J.                    OR-29-1-334
CHANCE, LAURA J.                       OR-29-1-294
COCHRAN, CHARLES                       OR-29-1-281
COCHRAN, GARRETT                       OR-29-1-297
COCHRAN, J. HENRY                      OR-29-1-191
COCHRAN, JOSEPH W.                     OR-29-1-221
COFFEY, JAMES L.                       OR-29-1-151
COLEMAN, EDWARD E.                     OR-29-1-85
COMPTON, AMOS                          OR-29-1-250
CONE, WINFIELD S.                      OR-29-1-343
COTTLE, H. W.                          OR-29-1-177
CRANE, HARRISON T.                     OR-29-1-208
CRAVEN, JOHN K.                        OR-29-1-162
DANIEL, BODYFELT R.                    OR-29-1-16, 21
DAVIDSON, REBECCA                      OR-29-1-40
DAWSON, JOSEPH (CAPT.)                 OR-29-1-199
DIMICK, BERTHA L.                      OR-29-1-315
DONALDSON, JOSEPH WESLEY               OR-29-1-338
DOUARS, MARY S.                        OR-29-1-138
DOWNING, HENRY H.                      OR-29-1-156
DWYER, NELLIE                          OR-29-1-169
EARL, SIMEON                           OR-29-1-258
EFFENBERGER, JOSEPH                    OR-29-1-209
EKROTH, FRANK                          OR-29-1-264
EKROTH, JOHN H.                        OR-29-1-159
ELLIOTT, CHARLES A.                    OR-29-1-336
EYNON, LYDIA                           OR-29-1-112
FINLAYSON, ALEX                        OR-29-1-322
FOLAND, MARY A.                        OR-29-1-315
FRANTZEN, CHRIST                       OR-29-1-203
GABRIELSON, GABRIEL                    OR-29-1-108
GERMAN, DANIEL                         OR-29-1-114
GIST, ARCHIBALD CLARK                  OR-29-1-204
GOODSPEED, ELIZABETH J.                OR-29-1-285
GRAUMAN, KARL                          OR-29-1-296
GREEN, JOSEPH                          OR-29-1-104
GUEST, JOHN                            OR-29-1-237
HARRIS, JAMES R.                       OR-29-1-152
HART, MARTIN                           OR-29-1-232
HATHAWAY, BENJAMIN H.                  OR-29-1-254
HATHAWAY, M. P.                        OR-29-1-92
HAUCETT, W. H.                         OR-29-1-99
HAUXHURST, AMANDA D.                   OR-29-1-302
HAWKINS, W. H.                         OR-29-1-324
HAYS, ELLA R.                          OR-29-1-157
HAYS, HENRY                            OR-29-1-185
HAYS, W. S.                            OR-29-1-292
HIGGINBOTHOM, N. J.                    OR-29-1-18
HIMES, SETH                            OR-29-1-91
HODGE, F. W.                           OR-29-1-34
HOGAN, C. W.                           OR-29-1-301
HOLDEN, H. F.                          OR-29-1-175
HOLDEN, HORACE                         OR-29-1-143
HUGHEY, JAMES                          OR-29-1-275
HUTCHINS, B. P.                        OR-29-1-28
HUTCHINS, FRANK                        OR-29-1-111
JENCK, PETER                           OR-29-1-206
KINNAMAN, SARAH A.                     OR-29-1-308
KINNAMAN, WALTER                       OR-29-1-310
LARSEN, JOHN (MRS)                     OR-29-1-257
LEDERER, HENRY                         OR-29-1-303
LOMMN, OLE A.                          OR-29-1-233
LUTHI, JAKOB                           OR-29-1-261
MANGAN, JOHN C.                        OR-29-1-189
MARTING, IDA                           OR-29-1-344
MCCHESNEY, JOHN T.                     OR-29-1-352
MCKINLEY, ERASTUS                      OR-29-1-93
MCNARY, A. W.                          OR-29-1-133
MILLER, HERMAN HENRY                   OR-29-1-311
MOORE, J. T.                           OR-29-1-360
MORGAN, PETER                          OR-29-1-47
MORROW, LEONE DUTTON                   OR-29-1-262
NEIGER, JOHN                           OR-29-1-285
NELSON, AUGUST VERNER                  OR-29-1-326
ODONNELL, DAVID                        OR-29-1-278
OLIVER, MATTIE E.                      OR-29-1-247
PARKS, THEODORE                        OR-29-1-173
PERRIN, M. K.                          OR-29-1-15, 24, 37, 75, 79, 
PRATT, S. D.                           OR-29-1-69
QUICK, ANNA                            OR-29-1-96
QUICK, ISAAC C.                        OR-29-1-272
QUICK, JAMES                           OR-29-1-101
RECTOR, E. L.                          OR-29-1-210
RHODES, DAVID W.                       OR-29-1-256
RITTENHOUSE, SARAH J.                  OR-29-1-187
ROBEDEE, W. R.                         OR-29-1-320
ROBSON, CHARLES                        OR-29-1-95
RORVIK, C. P.                          OR-29-1-268
ROWE, IRA C.                           OR-29-1-358
SANDER, JOHN C.                        OR-29-1-236
SARGENT, DEXTER                        OR-29-1-202
SCHILD, PETER                          OR-29-1-142
SCHOLLMEYER, WILLIAM                   OR-29-1-305
SCHRADER, PAUL                         OR-29-1-238
SHEETS, JOHN                           OR-29-1-269
SMITH, ALLEN N.                        OR-29-1-145
SMITH, ELIZABETH J.                    OR-29-1-124
SQUIRES, WILLIAM                       OR-29-1-277
SVENSON, SVEN PETER                    OR-29-1-347
TERWILLIGER, JOSEPH M.                 OR-29-1-121
THEILER, JOHN                          OR-29-1-328
THOMAS, O. S.                          OR-29-1-23
THOMPSTON, EDWIN R.                    OR-29-1-131
TOHL, HENRY                            OR-29-1-265
TUCKER, B. Q.                          OR-29-1-32
VAUGHAN, WARREN N.                     OR-29-1-154
VIREL, E. H.                           OR-29-1-215
WATKINS, GEORGE M.                     OR-29-1-160
WEBER, FRED                            OR-29-1-330
WHEELER, MARTHA A.                     OR-29-1-317
WILEY, DAVID J. W.                     OR-29-1-148
WIST, EDWARD G. E.                     OR-29-1-150
WOODMAN, CYRUS                         OR-29-1-49
WOODS, ASA                             OR-29-1-140
WOODS, WILLIAM                         OR-29-1-291
ZURFLUEH, HENRY                        OR-29-1-260

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