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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1853-1904 | 2=1904-1920 | 3=1920-1925 | 4=1925-1945 |
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ADKINS, E. D.                          OR-27-1-242
ALFREY, FRANCIS M.                     OR-27-1-125
ARTHUR, ELIZABETH A.                   OR-27-1-403
BALDWIN, JOHN R.                       OR-27-1-597
BALL, ABIGAIL                          OR-27-1-505
BALL, ISAAC                            OR-27-1-508
BARROWS, ELIZA MARION                  OR-27-1-10
BARROWS, JOHN W.                       OR-27-1-7
BASKETT, J. G.                         OR-27-1-219
BAYNE, JOHN                            OR-27-1-380
BBOORE, LUCY                           OR-27-1-2
BELL, MARY ANN                         OR-27-1-556
BOWLES, THOMAS                         OR-27-1-360
BOYD, GEORGE                           OR-27-1-24
BRAZA, J. W.                           OR-27-1-232
BRIDWELL, JAMES W.                     OR-27-1-311
BROWN, ADAM                            OR-27-1-484
BROWN, CHARLES M.                      OR-27-1-376
BROWN, J. JAY                          OR-27-1-564
BROWN, JOSHUA                          OR-27-1-249
BROWN, M. C.                           OR-27-1-497
BROWN, SARAH                           OR-27-1-481
BRYAN, MARY A.                         OR-27-1-450
BURCH, E. S.                           OR-27-1-66
BURDEN, JOB                            OR-27-1-43
BURFORD, HEZEKIAH                      OR-27-1-188
BURLEY, EZEKIEL                        OR-27-1-183
BURNS, RACHEL                          OR-27-1-243
BURNS, WILLIAM                         OR-27-1-111
BUTLER, ELIJAH D.                      OR-27-1-22
BUTLER, ELIZABETH                      OR-27-1-500
BUTLER, J. B. V.                       OR-27-1-136
CAHOON, WILILAM A.                     OR-27-1-399
CARTER, H. F.                          OR-27-1-30
CASTEEL, LEWIS                         OR-27-1-47
CASTEEL, LEWIS                         OR-27-1-99
CATRON, JONATHAN                       OR-27-1-92
CAVITT, J. K. P.                       OR-27-1-340
CHAMBERLAIN, CATHARINE                 OR-27-1-179
CHAMBERLIN, AARON                      OR-27-1-54
CHITWOOD, JAMES                        OR-27-1-39
COAD, HENRY                            OR-27-1-538
COLLINS, SMITH                         OR-27-1-84
COMEGYS, JONATHAN                      OR-27-1-1
COMEGYS, WILLIAM                       OR-27-1-393
CONKEY, W. W.                          OR-27-1-356
CONNER, JOHN                           OR-27-1-102
CONNER, NATHAN                         OR-27-1-239
CONNER, WILLIAM                        OR-27-1-319
CONNOR, JOHN                           OR-27-1-209
COOPER, JACOB                          OR-27-1-153
COX, S. S.                             OR-27-1-520
CRAVEN, SOLOMON                        OR-27-1-118
CRESSY, LUCY J.                        OR-27-1-205
CRESSY, WILLIS E.                      OR-27-1-431
CRIDER, A. S.                          OR-27-1-473
DAVIDSON, J. E.                        OR-27-1-271
DAVIDSON, JAMES D.                     OR-27-1-477
DAVIDSON, JOSEPH E.                    OR-27-1-13
DAVIDSON, RACHEL                       OR-27-1-529
DAVIS, CASWELL                         OR-27-1-15
DENNEY, ROBERT W.                      OR-27-1-196
DENNY, AARON H.                        OR-27-1-603
DICE, E. C.                            OR-27-1-279, 306
DICKEY, THOMAS J.                      OR-27-1-255
DODSON, MCEMINA                        OR-27-1-317
DOVE, RACHEL                           OR-27-1-362
DOWNER, ELENOR                         OR-27-1-75
DYKSTRA, LUBBERT T.                    OR-27-1-181
EARNEST, W. B.                         OR-27-1-106
ELA, WILLIAM S.                        OR-27-1-533
ELLIS, HENRY                           OR-27-1-504
EMMENS, JOHUNAS                        OR-27-1-554
FARLEY, CHARLES R.                     OR-27-1-633
FARLEY, ROBERT                         OR-27-1-589
FAWK, JAMES                            OR-27-1-348
FAWK, JOHN                             OR-27-1-60
FENNELL, JULIA A.                      OR-27-1-457
FERGUSON, JACOB                        OR-27-1-257
FISHER, CHARLES G.                     OR-27-1-433
FITZMORRIS, MICHAEL                    OR-27-1-259
FORD, MARY                             OR-27-1-161
FRAZER, L. B.                          OR-27-1-513
FREDERICK, JAMES M.                    OR-27-1-14
FWL, HANFORD                           OR-27-1-585
GARWOOD, NEUMAN                        OR-27-1-455
GAY, WILLIAM                           OR-27-1-499
GIBSON, MARY ELLEN                     OR-27-1-631
GIBSON, R. C.                          OR-27-1-428
GLAZE, REUBEN                          OR-27-1-437
GLENN, CASWWELL                        OR-27-1-467
GOFF, NANCY V.                         OR-27-1-522
GRANT, AMERICA                         OR-27-1-395
GRANT, RICHARD J.                      OR-27-1-276
GREER, JAMES                           OR-27-1-323
GRIFFITH, BENJAMIN L.                  OR-27-1-87
GRIFFITH, J. W.                        OR-27-1-45
GWINN, E. P.                           OR-27-1-357
HAGOOD, HENRY                          OR-27-1-409
HALEY, PATRICK R.                      OR-27-1-191
HALL, R. B.                            OR-27-1-63
HALL, SAMUEL                           OR-27-1-6
HALLOCK, E. Y.                         OR-27-1-219
HAMMER, HANNAH                         OR-27-1-412
HARDISON, GABRIEL                      OR-27-1-49
HARRIS, JAMES                          OR-27-1-293
HARRITT, JESSE                         OR-27-1-235
HART, RACHEL                           OR-27-1-109
HASTINGS, A. L.                        OR-27-1-425
HENDERSHOTT, JOHN                      OR-27-1-164
HICKLIN, MARTHA                        OR-27-1-148
HILTEBRAND, PAUL                       OR-27-1-390
HINSHAW, SARAH J.                      OR-27-1-213
HODGIN, W. L.                          OR-27-1-465
HOLMAN, MARY                           OR-27-1-175
HOOKER, HARRIET F.                     OR-27-1-25
HOOKER, IRA A.                         OR-27-1-17
HOWE, WILILAM                          OR-27-1-388
HOWELL, MARGARET                       OR-27-1-543
HUBBARD, DAVID                         OR-27-1-55
HUBBARD, F. E.                         OR-27-1-44
HUBERT, CORNELIIUS                     OR-27-1-321
HUNT, OLLIVER M.                       OR-27-1-326
HURLEY, HARTWELL                       OR-27-1-371
HYDE, U. H.                            OR-27-1-540
KENNEDY, M.                            OR-27-1-248
KEYT, E. C. SR.                        OR-27-1-619
KIMSEY, ANSON                          OR-27-1-346
KING, THOMAS C.                        OR-27-1-627
KLIEVER, FRANZ                         OR-27-1-462
KRAMER, JOHN A.                        OR-27-1-145
KUIFONG, POLLY                         OR-27-1-422
KURRE, JOHN                            OR-27-1-295
LACEY, ISAAC P.                        OR-27-1-187
LASKEY, S. C.                          OR-27-1-42
LASKEY, T. C.                          OR-27-1-325
LEE, NICHOLAS                          OR-27-1-131
LEET, MARY J.                          OR-27-1-598
LEIGH, MARY S.                         OR-27-1-488
LEWIS, D. R.                           OR-27-1-366
LIGGETT, ELIZABETH                     OR-27-1-9
LIGGETT, JOHN                          OR-27-1-56
LOCI, H. P.                            OR-27-1-169
LOE, JOSEPH                            OR-27-1-475
LOGAN, JAMES F.                        OR-27-1-139
LUCAS, A. W.                           OR-27-1-332
LYLE, ELLEN                            OR-27-1-252
MARTIN, JACOB                          OR-27-1-163
MARTIN, THOMPSON                       OR-27-1-4
MASON, WILLIAM                         OR-27-1-493
MATTISON, ISAAC                        OR-27-1-606
MCCULLOUGH, J. W.                      OR-27-1-38
MCELMURRY, ISAAC                       OR-27-1-614
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                      OR-27-1-604
MCNARY, ALEXANDER W.                   OR-27-1-445
MCTIMONDS, LAMBERT                     OR-27-1-115
MILELR, JOHN ANDREW                    OR-27-1-374
MILLER, HANNAH                         OR-27-1-624
MILLER, HANNAH                         OR-27-1-444
MILLER, HANNAH                         OR-27-1-347
MILLER, SILAS                          OR-27-1-32
MORRISON, M.                           OR-27-1-367
MURPHY, JOHN E.                        OR-27-1-108
MYER, HENRY                            OR-27-1-514
NEALY, N.                              OR-27-1-227
NESMITH, PAULINE                       OR-27-1-268
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN                      OR-27-1-19
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH                     OR-27-1-114
NICHOLS, JOHN                          OR-27-1-273
NICHOLS, LEAH                          OR-27-1-629
OBERINE, EDWARD                        OR-27-1-510
ODELL, ELIJAH                          OR-27-1-379
OHMS, AUGUST                           OR-27-1-384
ORCHARD, ELIZABETH                     OR-27-1-146
PAGE, SARAH A.                         OR-27-1-73
PALMER, ALMON H.                       OR-27-1-563
PARKER, DAVID                          OR-27-1-414
PARKER, ISABELLA D.                    OR-27-1-215
PERRY, WILLIAM                         OR-27-1-328
PFAU, JACOB                            OR-27-1-552
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                    OR-27-1-550
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         OR-27-1-315
PRICE, GILLA                           OR-27-1-250
RAMP, SAMUEL                           OR-27-1-316
RAWLINGS, J. J.                        OR-27-1-90
RICHARDSON, GEORGE W.                  OR-27-1-193
RIDDERS, GEORGE                        OR-27-1-343
RIDGEWAY, JOHN SR.                     OR-27-1-77
RIGGS, BREESE                          OR-27-1-324
RIGGS, JANE                            OR-27-1-98
RITNER, S.                             OR-27-1-229
ROBB, JOHN H.                          OR-27-1-28
ROBBINS, J. H.                         OR-27-1-611
SAMPSON, OLE                           OR-27-1-599
SARGANT, PHILIP                        OR-27-1-27
SAVAGE, WILLIAM                        OR-27-1-400
SAVERY, GREEN B.                       OR-27-1-74
SAWTELLE, CHARLES A.                   OR-27-1-459
SCOTT, ELLEN                           OR-27-1-167
SCOTT, SAMUEL T.                       OR-27-1-48
SCROGGIN, P. M.                        OR-27-1-592
SEARS, JACOB L.                        OR-27-1-129
SHELDON, OLIVER H.                     OR-27-1-416
SHREVE, ASA                            OR-27-1-570
SIMPSON, J. M.                         OR-27-1-224
SKINNER, H. A.                         OR-27-1-995
SKINNER, R. L.                         OR-27-1-470
SLOPER, BARBARA                        OR-27-1-296
SMITH, A. M.                           OR-27-1-581
SMITH, ABSOLOM                         OR-27-1-36
SMITH, ELAL                            OR-27-1-386
SMITH, ELIZABETH M.                    OR-27-1-407
SMITH, J. E.                           OR-27-1-261
SMITH, JAMES                           OR-27-1-80
SOUTHWICK, MILTON                      OR-27-1-247
SPARKS, M.                             OR-27-1-8
STAATS, CORDELIA C.                    OR-27-1-210
STAATS, CORDELIA C.                    OR-27-1-364
STANTON, HARVEY H.                     OR-27-1-545
STINSON, J.A. B.                       OR-27-1-61
STUMP, DAVID                           OR-27-1-202
STURGES, HENRY                         OR-27-1-617
SYKES, HENRY M.                        OR-27-1-338
SYRON, M. N.                           OR-27-1-352
TEAL, WILLIAM H.                       OR-27-1-103
TEBBETTS, ALBERT                       OR-27-1-34
TETHEROW, H. M.                        OR-27-1-221
THARP, BENJAMIN                        OR-27-1-441
THOMPSON, SALLEY                       OR-27-1-71
THOSON, JAMES                          OR-27-1-281
TOWNSEND, DAVID                        OR-27-1-479
VANBUSKIRK, DANIEL                     OR-27-1-490
VERNON, JOHN                           OR-27-1-601
WALKER, C. C.                          OR-27-1-587
WALLACE, R. S.                         OR-27-1-298
WALLER, G. T.                          OR-27-1-439
WARRINER, THOMAS                       OR-27-1-238
WATERS, E. B.                          OR-27-1-127
WATSON, SANDFORD SR.                   OR-27-1-70
WAYMIRE, FRANCES C.                    OR-27-1-121
WELLS, G. A.                           OR-27-1-518
WHEELER, EDWIN L.                      OR-27-1-369
WHEELER, JAMES                         OR-27-1-576
WHITAKER, BENJAMIN                     OR-27-1-95
WHITE, JAMES H.                        OR-27-1-525
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                       OR-27-1-156
WILSON, ADAM K.                        OR-27-1-568
WOLVERTON, JOHN                        OR-27-1-578
WOOD, ALONZO                           OR-27-1-59
WOOD, SARAH                            OR-27-1-51
WOODEN, JAMES                          OR-27-1-622
WOODWARD, CHARLES                      OR-27-1-354
ZUMWALT, JOHN M.                       OR-27-1-11

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