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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1886-1906 | B = 1906-1918 | C = 1918-1941 |
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ADAMS, J. A.                            24-C-252
ADAMS, LAURA BELLE                      24-C-269
ADKINS, ORA E.                          24-C-35
AIKEN, GEORGE C.                        24-C-94
AKERS, ABRAHAM H.                       24-A-81, 86
AKERS, MATILDA ANN                      24-A-118
ALLEN, RUBEN                            24-A-62
ALLYN, ANN ELIZABETH                    24-A-22
ANDERSON, CHARLES                       24-B-11
ANDERSON, FRANK                         24-C-14
ANDERSON, VICTOR B.                     24-B-46
ASHINHUST, JAMES RUSSEL                 24-C-84
AYERS, ELIZA J.                         24-B-121
AYERS, MATILDA C.                       24-B-96
AYERS, THOMAS W.                        24-B-25
BAKER, DAVID                            24-A-73
BAKER, JULIA A.                         24-B-21
BAKER, LILLIAN M.                       24-C-214
BALDWIN, REBBECCA PENLAND               24-C-232
BALSIGER, ANNA J.                       24-A-102
BALSIGER, CELESTINE                     24-C-75
BARRY, PATRICK                          24-B-54
BARTHOLOMEW, MARY A.                    24-C-181
BATES, ELIZABETH WENTE                  24-C-244
BAUMAN, JOHN DAVID                      24-C-169
BAYLESS, JOHANNA                        24-B-128
BAYLESS, W. O.                          24-C-239
BEACH, EDWIN R.                         24-B-78
BEACH, FLORENCE E.                      24-C-258
BEACH, KARL L.                          24-C-134
BEAMAN, ELIZA                           24-B-40
BEAMAN, ELMER E.                        24-C-41
BEAMAN, JUSTUS                          24-A-37
BECKET, JOHN W.                         24-C-229
BELL, FRANK E.                          24-C-19
BENNETT, HARRY L.                       24-C-171
BERG, PETER O.                          24-B-99
BERGSTROM, OLAF                         24-C-193
BERRY, BENJAMIN F.                      24-C-77
BERWICK, MILLIE WHITTEN                 24-B-110
BLAHM, HENRY                            24-C-264
BOOTHBY, JOSIAH S.                      24-A-115
BOYER, W. G.                            24-A-29
BROSNAN, JERRY                          24-C-49
BROSNAN, MARY                           24-C-193
BROWN, GEORGE                           24-A-27
BROWN, JOHN PERRY                       24-A-70
BRUNDAGE, EDWARD A.                     24-B-7
BRUNDAGE, NANCY                         24-C-71
BRUNDAGE, WALTER                        24-B-1
BURCHELL, HAMILTON E.                   24-C-29
BUSEICK, JOHN S.                        24-C-1
CABBAGE, JAMES                          24-C-12
CAMPBELL, JOHN A.                       24-C-164
CAMPBELL, OLIVE J.                      24-C-146
CARLSON, ANDREW                         24-C-132
CARMICHAEL, EFFIE                       24-C-164
CARMICHAEL, JOHN B.                     24-C-163
CARROLL, LEVI L.                        24-C-67
CECIL, MARY E.                          24-A-99
CECIL, WILLIAM                          24-A-42
CHAPIN, HARRISON                        24-B-66
CHICK, GRACE L.                         24-C-44
CLARKE, ALICE CHANDLER                  24-C-80
COCHRAN, CHARLES B.                     24-B-69
COCHRAN, LILLIAN                        24-C-253
COHN, HENRIETTA                         24-C-174
COHN, PHILL                             24-C-85
CONNER, ELIZABETH B.                    24-A-77
CONSER, GEORGE WITHERITE                24-B-15
CORNETT, KATE                           24-C-5
CORRIGALL, MALCOLM S.                   24-C-72
COSKEY, FRED                            24-C-149
COWINS, JAMES W.                        24-C-91
CRADICK, JOHN W.                        24-B-101
CRADICK, WILLIAM H.                     24-A-39
CURTIS, C. C.                           24-B-4
DALY, ARTHUR                            24-B-71
DEVIN, S. P.                            24-C-216
DEXTER, ROBERT                          24-B-137
DILLON, HARRY T.                        24-C-249
DINAMON, ALICE                          24-C-107
DOHERTY, BERNARD P.                     24-C-189
DOHERTY, JAMES G.                       24-C-144
DORMAN, THOMAS L.                       24-C-46
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                        24-A-34
DOWNING, STEPHEN S.                     24-A-17
ELDER, JOHN N.                          24-A-44
ELDER, LUCINDA                          24-B-84
ELY, DAVID C.                           24-B-45
ESKELSON, EPH                           24-C-208
FARNSWORTH, CATHERINE M.                24-C-104
FARRENS, JOHN F. M.                     24-C-68
FLORCON, MARY A.                        24-C-178
FLORCON, S. W.                          24-C-177
FRANKLIN, JAMES C.                      24-A-2
GARLE, THOMAS J.                        24-B-62
GILLIAM, FRANK                          24-C-151
GLEASON, PETER                          24-A-65
GORDON, FRANCES J.                      24-C-58
GORGER, WILLIAM                         24-C-100
GRABILL, DAVID HENRY                    24-C-138
GRIM, THURSTON                          24-C-42
GROSHENS, LOUIS                         24-B-132
HABELT, FRANK J.                        24-B-108
HAGUEWOOD, MARGARET J.                  24-A-122
HARBKE, CARL A.                         24-A-56
HARRIS, RALPH W.                        24-C-257
HARRISON, JOHN                          24-B-36
HAYDEN, GEORGE H.                       24-C-260
HAYES, JAMES M.                         24-C-23
HENDRIX, WILLIAM                        24-C-114
HEPPNER, HENRY                          24-A-111
HIRSHHEIMER, L. C.                      24-C-168
HUGHES, JOHN                            24-C-55
HUGHES, SAMUEL                          24-C-196
HUMPHREYS, LIZZIE                       24-C-140
HUNT, EDWARD B.                         24-C-127
JOHNSON, MOLLIE                         24-C-220
JONES, JAMES                            24-A-95
JONES, JOSEPH L.                        24-A-15
JUSTUS, DAVID O.                        24-C-225
KELLER, ALICE                           24-C-96
KELLY, NORMAN A.                        24-B-17
KENNY, MARY                             24-C-262
KENNY, MICHAEL                          24-C-266
KILCUP, EMMA                            24-B-56
KINCAID, JOHN L.                        24-C-31
KIRK, JAMES C.                          24-C-93
KRICK, ROBERT                           24-B-13
LAGARDE, GEORGE                         24-C-252
LALANDE, STEPHEN                        24-A-54
LANGLEY, ELNORA                         24-A-116
LEICHT, FRANK                           24-C-262
LEWIS, SADIE                            24-C-203
LINDSEY, ERASTUS MALLOW                 24-B-126
LOUY, JOHN P.                           24-C-235
LOVGREN, ANDRO P.                       24-A-91
LOVGREN, JOHANNA                        24-B-27
LOW, CLINTON A.                         24-C-130
LUCKMAN, JOSEPH                         24-B-79
MADDOCK, FRANK                          24-A-14
MADDOCK, MARY A.                        24-B-42
MAGNUSON, NELS                          24-C-161
MAHONEY, W.  P.                         24-C-198
MARLATT, THOMAS                         24-B-75
MATLOCK, E. L.                          24-A-49
MATLOCK, THOMAS J.                      24-C-63
MCBEE, WILEY                            24-A-20
MCCULLOUGH, DAVID                       24-C-142
MCCULLOUGH, THOMAS                      24-B-23
MCDEVITT, BARNEY                        24-C-265
MCHALEY, J. H.                          24-B-59
MCHALEY, MARY D.                        24-C-65
MCNERNY, HUGH                           24-C-128
MEEK, NANCY M.                          24-C-30
MERRITT, H. P.                          24-A-57
MIKESELL, CLARA A.                      24-C-117
MILLER, JOHN                            24-B-87
MILLER, JUSTUS A.                       24-C-90
MINOR, ELLIS                            24-B-37
MINOR, W. O.                            24-C-39
MONTANDON, ERNEST                       24-C-112
MORELAND, WILLIAM                       24-B-124
MORGAN, THOMAS                          24-C-3
MUNKERS, W. R.                          24-C-191
NATTER, ANNA                            24-C-256
NATTER, J. B.                           24-C-37
NOBLE, GEORGE                           24-B-89
NOLAN, JAMES                            24-C-154
NOLAN, JENNIE                           24-C-87
NOTSON, SAMUEL E.                       24-C-227
OBRIEN, T. J.                           24-C-209
OSBORN, J. W.                           24-C-158
OSMIN, ALBERT W.                        24-C-200
PALMATEER, WILLIAM F.                   24-C-242
PALMER, E. D.                           24-B-31
PARKER, BENJAMIN H.                     24-A-83
PARKER, J. H.                           24-C-248
PENLAND, JANE                           24-B-114
PENLAND, LAFAYETTE                      24-B-77
PENLAND, WILLIAM                        24-A-64
PERRY, GEORGE                           24-B-118
PETERSON, FRANK OSCAR                   24-C-109
PETTYS, AMANUEL C.                      24-A-20
PLUNKETT, ELIZA ANNE                    24-A-3
POINTER, CHARLES R.                     24-B-134
REANEY, ANDREW                          24-C-51
REANEY, MARGARET                        24-C-153
REID, JAMES                             24-B-65
REPASS, CHARLES A.                      24-C-123
RICE, DANIEL                            24-C-206
RICE, J. J.                             24-A-1
RIETMAN, GREDA S.                       24-B-90
RILEY, EMMA                             24-C-237
RODGERS, ROBERT J.                      24-C-110
ROE, ANN                                24-B-49
SAWYER, ROSA                            24-A-71
SCHNELL, ZACHARIAH                      24-A-31
SCOTT, W. G.                            24-C-53
SEHERZINGER, HENRY                      24-C-239
SHANER, JACOB                           24-A-88
SHAW, JOHN JR.                          24-A-13
SHAW, N. L.                             24-C-136
SHIPLEY, NORMAN L.                      24-B-72
SIMPSON, JUSTUS L.                      24-B-106
SLOAN, ELISHA G.                        24-A-41
SLOCUM, RAY C.                          24-C-98
SMITH, JULIA                            24-A-109
SOMO, LUCRETIA                          24-C-222
SOWYER, MANUEL                          24-A-53
SPILLANE, DENNIS                        24-C-101
SPRAY, JOHN C.                          24-A-19
STAPLETON, J. C.                        24-C-64
STEVENSON, A. J.                        24-C-23
STEVENSON, GEORGE A.                    24-C-33
STEVENSON, HANORAH E.                   24-B-104
STOWERS, HENRY                          24-B-34
SUMMER, RHODA ANN                       24-B-48
SWIFT, JAMES L.                         24-C-21
TAYLOR, PERRY                           24-C-267
TIPPETT, ELLEN L.                       24-B-83
TURNER, W. H.                           24-C-211
WADSWORTH, MERRICK F.                   24-C-59
WALKER, C. T.                           24-B-9
WALPOLE, ELLA R.                        24-C-119
WALPOLE, WILLIAM R.                     24-C-121
WARD, CHARLES H.                        24-B-73
WARNER, O. H.                           24-C-148
WARREN, REBECCA J.                      24-C-81
WATKINS, BLANCHE P.                     24-C-180
WEBB, NAT H.                            24-C-182
WELCH, HENRY                            24-A-24
WELLS, JESSE J.                         24-C-218
WESTON, CLAIRE PLATTE                   24-C-159
WHETSTONE, EMMA                         24-C-232
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH P.                     24-C-16
WILSON, ALLAN                           24-B-30
WILSON, ROBERT                          24-B-94
WOOD, ALBERT T.                         24-C-27
WOODSON, C. E.                          24-C-61
YOUNG, ELIZABETH                        24-C-176

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