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ACHILLES, FRED                          OR-3-9-399
ACHORN, SOLOMON                         OR-3-5-132
ACKER, JOHN                             OR-3-6-215
ACKERSON, TRUMAN C.                     OR-3-9-55
ADDISON, MARY ANN                       OR-3-2-119
ADKINS, ELIZABETH                       OR-3-9-443
AEMISEGGER, ULRICH                      OR-3-6-570
AEMISSEGGER, MATTHEW                    OR-3-5-171
AHATT, ANNA                             OR-3-9-585
ALBERS, HENRY                           OR-3-9-500
ALBRIGHT, CHARLES                       OR-3-6-161
ALBRIGHT, MARY ANN                      OR-3-8-204
ALDEN, FRANK A.                         OR-3-8-108
ALDRICH, ELEANOR M.                     OR-3-8-436
ANDERSEN, CHRISTIAN                     OR-3-3-256
ANDERSON, ALMEDA M.                     OR-3-5-147
ANDERSON, ANDREW P.                     OR-3-6-390
ANDERSON, J F.                          OR-3-9-453
ANDERSON, JOHN                          OR-3-5-260
ANDERSON, LARS                          OR-3-6-411
ANDRE, A.                               OR-3-6-573
ANSON, OLE                              OR-3-9-101
APPERSON, JOHN T.                       OR-3-9-22
ARMSTRONG, THEODORE                     OR-3-8-207
ARTHUR, WILLIAM SR.                     OR-3-2-29
ASPLUND, GORAN                          OR-3-9-569
ATKINSON,JANE                           OR-3-7-1
AUSVE, CHRISTINA O.                     OR-3-9-490
BAARS, HENRY                            OR-3-9-558
BABLER, URSULA                          OR-3-7-314
BACHMEYER, GEORGE                       OR-3-6-582
BAECHLER, CHARLS                        OR-3-4-68
BAGBY, WILLIAM R.                       OR-3-6-363
BAILEY, JAMES L.                        OR-3-6-263
BAKER, IRA N.                           OR-3-6-351
BAKER, JANE H.                          OR-3-6-95
BALDWIN, GEORGE                         OR-3-7-110
BALL, HARRIET L.                        OR-3-7-434
BALL, MERRILL                           OR-3-7-83
BALL, REBECCA EMELINE                   OR-3-9-541
BALL, ROSINA                            OR-3-8-280
BARCK, JOHAN HERMAN                     OR-3-3-42
BARLOW, JAMES WILLIAM                   OR-3-9-408
BARLOW, JOHN L.                         OR-3-2-275
BARLOW, MARTHA A.                       OR-3-6-256
BARLOW, SAMUEL K.                       OR-3-2-56
BARLOW, WILLIAM                         OR-3-6-459
BATES, JUDSON C.                        OR-3-7-376
BATY, ANDREW JACKSON                    OR-3-4-201
BATY, ROBERT                            OR-3-5-289
BAUER, JACOB                            OR-3-2-305
BAUMAN, GUSTAV                          OR-3-2-378
BAUMANN, KUNI                           OR-3-9-394
BAUMANN, WOLFGANG                       OR-3-9-327
BAURER, JACOB                           OR-3-9-538
BEATIE, CHARLES FOUNTAIN                OR-3-3-7
BEAULIAU, A. C.                         OR-3-9-519
BECK, FRANCIS SALES                     OR-3-8-87
BEER, ROBERT                            OR-3-4-74
BEESON, WILLIAM                         OR-3-7-80
BEHRENDT, JULIUS                        OR-3-7-416
BENNETT, JAMES RUSSELL                  OR-3-3-246
BENNETT, VICTORIA Y.                    OR-3-9-271
BENSON, OLE                             OR-3-7-438
BESSELLEN, SRAH ANN                     OR-3-6-450
BESTOW, RHODA                           OR-3-6-169
BEVENS, CORINTHAK                       OR-3-9-357
BILLETER, JOHN                          OR-3-6-501
BINGHAM, FRANK E.                       OR-3-9-517
BINGMAN, JAMES K.                       OR-3-5-166
BLAIR, NIXON                            OR-3-9-444
BLAIR, RHODA A.                         OR-3-5-130
BLAKE, WILLIAM H.                       OR-3-2-191
BLANCHARD, JOSHUA P.                    OR-3-3-89
BLOMBERG, ERLAND                        OR-3-9-280
BLOMBERG, LOUIS                         OR-3-9-243
BLUE, JOE                               OR-3-9-544
BLUHM, MICHAEL                          OR-3-5-151
BLULM, FREDERICK                        OR-3-7-262
BOCK, JOHNF.                            OR-3-7-32
BOCKMAN, FREDERICK                      OR-3-4-166
BOECKMAN, E. A.                         OR-3-8-216
BOHLANDER, VALENTIN                     OR-3-6-393
BOHN, MARY                              OR-3-8-258
BOND, SUSAN                             OR-3-7-141
BONEBRAKE, NOAH                         OR-3-9-70
BONNETT, J. G.                          OR-3-6-185
BONTER, MARION A.                       OR-3-9-395
BORING, JOSEPH H.                       OR-3-7-278
BORING, SRAH E.                         OR-3-9-556
BOSS, JACOB                             OR-3-5-103
BOSWELL, MATTIE E.                      OR-3-8-247
BOSWELL, RACHEL                         OR-3-9-466
BOWDISH, E. D.                          OR-3-6-443
BOWEN, TIMOTHY                          OR-3-7-95
BOWERS, WILLIAM D.                      OR-3-6-540
BOWMAN, JOSHUA                          OR-3-2-187
BOWMAN, MARTIN                          OR-3-9-68
BOYD, WILLIAM                           OR-3-8-412
BRADFORD, CYRUS A.                      OR-3-8-174
BRADLEY, MARY A. HURLAT                 OR-3-6-579
BRAYNE, RICHARD M.                      OR-3-9-343
BRCAKETT, MARY A.                       OR-3-6-545
BRINK, MARY                             OR-3-8-300
BROWN, A. S.                            OR-3-9-336
BROWN, ADALINE G.                       OR-3-8-454
BROWN, CATHERINE                        OR-3-3-218
BROWN, ELIZABETH M.                     OR-3-9-296
BROWN, GEORGE                           OR-3-9-450
BROWN, JAMES MEADE                      OR-3-8-478
BRUDVIG, LOUIS N.                       OR-3-9-533
BUCK, J. A.                             OR-3-7-281
BUCKMAN, AUGUST                         OR-3-5-99
BULLARD, CHAROTTA                       OR-3-9-116
BULLITT, WILLIAM C.                     OR-3-8-362
BULLOCK, W. W.                          OR-3-4-250
BUNNELL, MARY A.                        OR-3-4-62
BURMEISTER, C. H. L.                    OR-3-3-168
BURMEISTER, E. M. (MRS)                 OR-3-7-318
BURNS, HUGH                             OR-3-2-127
BURNS, MARY                             OR-3-4-186
BURT, PETER                             OR-3-4-157
BURT, WILLINGTON R.                     OR-3-9-420
BUTSON, JOHN E.                         OR-3-9-51
CADANAN, MORRIS                         OR-3-6-284
CADY, ARTHUR                            OR-3-8-457
CALDWELL, FRANCES                       OR-3-6-150
CALKINS, SIMON H.                       OR-3-5-30
CALLAHAN, CLIFTON R.                    OR-3-4-215
CANFIELD, ROBERT                        OR-3-4-130
CAPEN, ELLERY                           OR-3-7-372
CAPPS, EUGENE F.                        OR-3-6-521
CAPPS, ISAAC                            OR-3-2-161
CARD, SILAS                             OR-3-9-479
CARLL, WALTER E.                        OR-3-7-408
CARLSON, JOHN                           OR-3-9-190
CARMAN, WATERS                          OR-3-2-292
CARMICHAEL, A.                          OR-3-3-298
CARMICHAEL, A.                          OR-3-2-93
CAROTHERS, ANDREW J.                    OR-3-4-161
CARTER, ELIJAH                          OR-3-5-64
CASAN, REBEKA R.                        OR-3-2-106
CASE, SAMUEL                            OR-3-8-320
CASON, A. J.                            OR-3-4-284
CATON, JOHN                             OR-3-2-153
CHAPMAN, FANNY S.                       OR-3-9-459
CHAPMAN, WILIE                          OR-3-3-56
CHARMAN, EDARD ROSS                     OR-3-5-153
CHARMAN, ELMER E.                       OR-3-6-548
CHASE, J. W.                            OR-3-7-325
CHSE, LUCRETIA A.                       OR-3-8-356
CHUTE, CLARINDA                         OR-3-9-217
CHYNOWETH, JAMES                        OR-3-9-347
CHYNOWETH, WILLIAM                      OR-3-8-377
CLARK, JOSEPH B.                        OR-3-2-123
CLARKE, ANDREW                          OR-3-4-1
CLAUSSEN, PETER                         OR-3-7-400
CLAYSON, CHARLES                        OR-3-7-257
CLEAR, JOHN H.                          OR-3-8-49
CLEMENS, SARAH                          OR-3-7-181
CLOSNER, DAVID                          OR-3-9-299
COLE, JOHN P.                           OR-3-9-179
COLLINS, GEORGE                         OR-3-8-24
COLLINS, T. D.                          OR-3-8-161
COMSTOCK, HENRY                         OR-3-4-288
CONFER, JOHN A.                         OR-3-4-93
CONNEL, WILLIAM                         OR-3-4-194
COX, JESSE                              OR-3-8-472
CRADER, JACOB                           OR-3-6-385
CRANE, R. W.                            OR-3-8-288
CROMER, J. D.                           OR-3-9-461
CROSS, LORENZO D.                       OR-3-2-147
CURREN, HUGH                            OR-3-2-183
CURRIN, DIONA                           OR-3-7-135
DANIELSON, DANIEL                       OR-3-9-309
DAUGHERTY, CHARLEY                      OR-3-9-580
DAUGHERTY, GILES                        OR-3-3-80
DAUGHERTY, REECE                        OR-3-7-187
DAUGHERTY, W. D.                        OR-3-5-276
DAVIES, MAGGIE H.                       OR-3-8-73
DAVIES, THOMAS                          OR-3-7-119
DAVIS, LEVI                             OR-3-6-208
DAVIS, WILLIAM W.                       OR-3-9-534
DEARDORFF, JAMES G.                     OR-3-2-135
DEARDORFF, JOHN BENNETT                 OR-3-6-590
DECKER, JOSEPH                          OR-3-6-190
DEEN, WILLIAM M.                        OR-3-7-167
DEMENT, WILLIAM C.                      OR-3-2-5
DENTE, ARTHUR                           OR-3-7-441
DESHAZER, ROBERT                        OR-3-7-24
DICK, LEOPODL                           OR-3-4-119
DICKEROSN, COSBY D.                     OR-3-4-138
DILLON, FELIX A.                        OR-3-8-102
DIMICK, G. W.                           OR-3-9-171
DIXON, MARTHA S.                        OR-3-9-293
DOLAN, JOHN                             OR-3-6-404
DONLEY, MARTIN VAN BUREN                OR-3-6-542
DOOR, MARTHA A.                         OR-3-5-127
DORR, TEMPLE E.                         OR-3-8-133
DOUGLASS, JAMES WESLEY                  OR-3-7-344
DOWNEY, ANNA                            OR-3-9-362
DOYLE, DANIEL D.                        OR-3-2-63
DRAKE, JOHN M.                          OR-3-4-176
DREIER, AMELIA M.                       OR-3-9-404
DRUSCH, SERRATIGUS                      OR-3-3-230
DRUSCHEL, WILLIAM                       OR-3-7-69
DUBOIS, HENRY                           OR-3-7-393
DUFFY, THOMAS                           OR-3-9-366
DUNBAR, CRON L.                         OR-3-9-213
DUNCAN, CHARLES                         OR-3-5-285
DURANT, HENRY                           OR-3-3-290
EASTHAM, E. L.                          OR-3-4-85
EDER, FRANK SR.                         OR-3-9-65
EGGENBERGER, DAVID                      OR-3-9-181
ELLIOTT, GARDNER                        OR-3-2-332
ELLIS, JOSEPH                           OR-3-6-324
ELLSWORTH, GIDEON                       OR-3-9-329
ELY, GEORGE D.                          OR-3-7-459
ELY, MARY E.                            OR-3-7-327
ENGDAHL, ANNIE                          OR-3-8-93
ENGEL, PETER                            OR-3-7-127
ENGLE, AUGUSTUS                         OR-3-2-352
ENGLE, VIOLA E.                         OR-3-9-320
ERB, DANIEL                             OR-3-8-234
ERB, DANIEL                             OR-3-9-148
ERI, JOHN L.                            OR-3-9-330
ERICKSON, VICTOR                        OR-3-9-557
ESSIG, PAULINE                          OR-3-9-317
EVAMS, WILLIAM                          OR-3-4-207
EVANS, C. W.                            OR-3-8-330
EVANS, WILLIAM                          OR-3-4-207
FAIRCLOUGH, P. A.                       OR-3-7-77
FARR, ISAAC                             OR-3-7-308
FASHAUNER, JOHN                         OR-3-6-46
FAULK, LYDIA ANN                        OR-3-9-502
FELDHAMMER, JOHN LUDWIG                 OR-3-6-132
FELLOWS, CLARISSA                       OR-3-6-14
FELLOWS, HIRAM                          OR-3-6-144
FELLOWS, JOSEPH                         OR-3-9-499
FENSKE, FRIEDRICH                       OR-3-8-67
FIBRIG, JOSEF                           OR-3-7-53
FIELDS, THOMAS R.                       OR-3-4-272
FINLEY, ELLA                            OR-3-7-248
FISCHER, HERMAN                         OR-3-9-583
FISHER, WILHELMINA                      OR-3-2-264
FLAHERTY, ANDREW                        OR-3-9-186
FLANNAGAN, KATE                         OR-3-9-365
FORD, OLIVER CURTIS                     OR-3-6-426
FORD, SARAH                             OR-3-4-191
FORD, SOPHIA H.                         OR-3-6-204
FORD, T. B.                             OR-3-9-373
FORESTER, THOMAS H.                     OR-3-3-101
FORSBERG, CARL AUGUST                   OR-3-9-207
FORSYTH, JAMES                          OR-3-4-171
FOSMARK, J. J.                          OR-3-7-288
FOSTER, NANCY                           OR-3-2-101
FOURTNER, ANDREW J.                     OR-3-7-382
FOUTS, MARY D.                          OR-3-9-511
FREDOLPH, S. N.                         OR-3-9-462
FREEMAN, M. T.                          OR-3-8-353
FREYTAG, EMMA ALENA                     OR-3-7-402
FRICKES, CATHERINE M.                   OR-3-9-183
FRIEDRICH, URSULA                       OR-3-8-29
FROMMYER, JOSEPH                        OR-3-9-86
FROMONY, JOHN                           OR-3-8-463
FULLAM, JOHN                            OR-3-5-201
GAFFNEY, BRIDGET                        OR-3-9-516
GANONG, CHARLES W.                      OR-3-6-453
GANONG, ELIZABETH BACON                 OR-3-8-113
GARDINER, JEANIE PARK                   OR-3-6-441
GARNES, ELLA J.                         OR-3-9-488
GELBRICH, AMALIE                        OR-3-9-313
GERTSEN, ALFRED                         OR-3-8-475
GIBSON, ASMUEL                          OR-3-6-557
GILLESPIE, THERESA J. C.                OR-3-9-485
GITHENS, GEORGE                         OR-3-6-1
GLEASON, CYRUS P.                       OR-3-3-36
GLEASON, PARSON                         OR-3-4-10
GLEASON, THOMAS F.                      OR-3-9-150
GLICK, MARY                             OR-3-9-400
GLOVER, JOHN P.                         OR-3-2-111
GOLDSMITH, HENRIETTA                    OR-3-9-251
GORDON, HUGH                            OR-3-2-337
GORDON, ISAAC                           OR-3-8-220
GORDON, MARY MINERVA                    OR-3-9-241
GRACE, FLORENCE                         OR-3-9-33
GRACE, GEORGE W.                        OR-3-6-427
GRANTHAM, MALACHI                       OR-3-6-195
GRANTHAM, MARY E.                       OR-3-6-308
GRASER, W.                              OR-3-8-275
GRAW, JOHN H.                           OR-3-8-465
GREARY, ELIZABETH                       OR-3-2-157
GRIBBLE, ANDREW E.                      OR-3-2-282
GRIBBLE, JOHN                           OR-3-2-90
GRIBBLE, JOSEPH B.                      OR-3-3-120
GROSSMUELLER, GEORGE ADAM               OR-3-6-19
GUNTHER, HEDWIG                         OR-3-8-358
GUTPERLET, WILHELM                      OR-3-9-139
GUTTRIDGE, C. H.                        OR-3-9-396
HAAS, JOSEPH                            OR-3-9-510
HACKETT, JOHN C.                        OR-3-5-174
HADLEY, J. H.                           OR-3-9-554
HAGMIN, WACLAW                          OR-3-8-56
HALEY, JOHN                             OR-3-7-164
HALL, CLARA C.                          OR-3-8-379
HALLINAN, WILLIAM S.                    OR-3-8-52
HAMILTON, LUCINDA                       OR-3-5-281
HAMMETT, SARAH A.                       OR-3-6-537
HAMMOND, EDWARD J.                      OR-3-8-157
HANCE, WILLIAM A.                       OR-3-9-59
HANSEN, HENRI                           OR-3-8-460
HANSON, JAMES                           OR-3-6-576
HANSON, OTTO                            OR-3-8-59
HARGAN, WILLIAM                         OR-3-9-30
HARGREAVES, GEORGE EDWARD               OR-3-8-116
HARLESS, JOHN                           OR-3-7-420
HARMS, BERTHA M.                        OR-3-9-257
HARRIS, MARY                            OR-3-2-77
HARRIS, V.                              OR-3-9-338
HART, ALEXANDER                         OR-3-4-230
HART, ELIZA                             OR-3-6-65
HART, JOSEPH M.                         OR-3-9-536
HART, NAOMI B.                          OR-3-8-38
HATCH, SIMON B.                         OR-3-4-52
HAUGH, JOHN                             OR-3-3-50
HAUGLUM, SYNNEVA                        OR-3-9-28
HAWLEY, RACHEL L.                       OR-3-9-574
HAWORTH, CHARLES B.                     OR-3-8-210
HAYDEN, JOHN A.                         OR-3-7-251
HAYES, SARAH L.                         OR-3-7-137
HEALY, JAMES                            OR-3-6-355
HEDGED, ELIZABETH J.                    OR-3-6-88
HEDGES, ELLEN JUDITH                    OR-3-5-187
HEDGES, JOSEPH                          OR-3-5-163
HEINZ, LEONARD                          OR-3-6-292
HEIPLE, SAMUEL                          OR-3-6-106
HEITKEMPER, ELIZABETH                   OR-3-9-283
HELD, PETER                             OR-3-7-229
HELLMIT, CARL                           OR-3-9-220
HENDERSON, MARTHA ELLEN                 OR-3-7-39
HENERICI, MARGARET                      OR-3-9-249
HESS, HENRY S.                          OR-3-4-34
HETTMAN, CHARLES                        OR-3-7-245
HICKMAN, CHARLES T.                     OR-3-6-249
HIDDLESON, WILLIAM B.                   OR-3-9-276
HIGGINS, JOHN                           OR-3-6-113
HIGHLAND, WILLIAM A.                    OR-3-9-10
HILLEARY, HENRY                         OR-3-9-197
HIRT, JOHN V.                           OR-3-6-551
HOBBIE, WILLIAM A.                      OR-3-7-71
HODGES, DANIEL                          OR-3-3-270
HODGES, MARTHA                          OR-3-5-21
HOESLY, BARBARA                         OR-3-9-571
HOESLY, HENRY                           OR-3-5-93
HOFFMAN, F. A.                          OR-3-8-194
HOFFMEISTER, H.                         OR-3-9-497
HOLCOMB, WALTER L.                      OR-3-6-373
HOLD, MATILDA D.                        OR-3-6-200
HOLDEN, AUGUST                          OR-3-7-291
HOLDREN, EDWARD H.                      OR-3-9-335
HOLMAN, CHARLES                         OR-3-9-588
HOLSTEN, JENS                           OR-3-9-202
HOLT, MATILDA D.                        OR-3-5-1
HOLZMAN, KATHERINE                      OR-3-9-345
HOLZMANN, ERNESTINE                     OR-3-8-83
HONEBON, JOHN J.                        OR-3-9-133
HOPKINS, BETTA ANN                      OR-3-8-231
HOPKINS, JAMES                          OR-3-9-547
HORBERG, ANDREW G.                      OR-3-8-153
HORGER, AUGUST                          OR-3-8-443
HORNSCHUK, JOHN E.                      OR-3-5-156
HORNSHUK, LORENZ                        OR-3-7-61
HOSFORD, CYNTHIA HOAG                   OR-3-7-176
HOSKINS, HYRAM                          OR-3-8-438
HOUGGHAM, JAMES T.                      OR-3-5-115
HOWARD, CYNTHIA                         OR-3-2-257
HOWARD, F. W.                           OR-3-9-254
HOWARD, LILLIAN FRANCES                 OR-3-8-222
HOWARD, RICHARD R.                      OR-3-2-13
HOWELL, D. W.                           OR-3-6-46
HOWLETT, WILLIAM JACKSON                OR-3-8-121
HUDGENS, J. W.                          OR-3-9-363
HUGHES, KATE                            OR-3-9-204
HULLAT, SEPTIMUS                        OR-3-5-121
INGLE, SARAH B.                         OR-3-7-51
INMAN, P. H.                            OR-3-3-212
IRVIN, JOHN P.                          OR-3-9-406
JAEGER, JOHN C.                         OR-3-7-412
JAGGAR, ANN W.                          OR-3-8-14
JAGGAR, BENJAMIN                        OR-3-6-527
JAGGAR, FRANK                           OR-3-9-104
JAHN, JOHN C.                           OR-3-8-373
JAHN, SARAH L.                          OR-3-9-354
JAMES, DAVID W.                         OR-3-7-88
JAMES, JOHNH.                           OR-3-7-7
JENNINGS, MATHA                         OR-3-6-173
JERGER, DENNIS                          OR-3-6-446
JESSE, BENJAMIN F.                      OR-3-2-343
JEWELL, WARREN L.                       OR-3-9-579
JOHNSON, HEZAKIAH                       OR-3-2-44
JOHNSON, JOHN FREDRIK                   OR-3-8-296
JOHNSTON, EMILY MABEL                   OR-3-9-582
JOHNSTON, JACOB SR.                     OR-3-5-183
JONES, CYRUS                            OR-3-6-279
JONES, DAVID P.                         OR-3-7-369
JONES, ELMER                            OR-3-8-80
JONES, FRANCES                          OR-3-2-115
JONES, GEORGE W.                        OR-3-3-224
JONES, HUMPHREY                         OR-3-7-254
JONES, JACOB A.                         OR-3-7-207
JONES, JOHN S.                          OR-3-9-409
JOOSE, ERNEST                           OR-3-9-322
JOYNER, JAMES H.                        OR-3-7-192
JOYNER, MELVINA L.                      OR-3-7-195
KAUFFMAN, JONAS J.                      OR-3-7-85
KAYLER, H. F.                           OR-3-7-124
KAYLER, MARY                            OR-3-9-225
KEITH, GERTRUDE                         OR-3-9-323
KELLENDONK, WILLIAM M.                  OR-3-9-349
KELLER, DAVID                           OR-3-6-78
KEMPIN, AUGUST                          OR-3-9-227
KENNEDY, SAMUEL H.                      OR-3-6-333
KETCHLON, A.                            OR-3-6-499
KIMBLEY, CASWELL                        OR-3-8-32
KING, WILLIAM DUANE                     OR-3-9-12
KINZEL, FRED A.                         OR-3-9-352
KIRCHHERR, GOTTLIEB                     OR-3-3-273
KIRKLEY, MARY                           OR-3-7-432
KLEINE, LOUISE                          OR-3-8-76
KLISE, A. B.                            OR-3-7-58
KLOER, JOHN HENRY HERMAN                OR-3-9-530
KNAPP, EMILIE                           OR-3-8-422
KNIGHT, CATHERINE                       OR-3-6-74
KNIGHT, CHARLES                         OR-3-5-58
KNOWLES, BRIDGET                        OR-3-6-415
KOCH, ELIZA                             OR-3-8-268
KOCH, HENRY                             OR-3-9-268
KOHL, PHIIP                             OR-3-9-377
KONITZER, BELLA ARNOLD                  OR-3-9-542
KONSCHAK, HELLENA                       OR-3-9-142
KRAUSE, HANNA CHARLOTTE                 OR-3-7-450
KREUDER, PETER                          OR-3-9-45
KRISTENSON, JONS                        OR-3-6-242
KRUEGER, CHARLES L.                     OR-3-9-316
KRUSE, JOHN L.                          OR-3-6-69
KURTEN, JOSEPH HUB                      OR-3-7-107
LABELL, MARCELANE                       OR-3-6-301
LABOUR, JOHN                            OR-3-7-197
LACEY, IRA W.                           OR-3-5-122
LACEY, LENORA                           OR-3-6-182
LACY, FREDERICK C.                      OR-3-9-416
LACY, GEORGE S.                         OR-3-9-412
LACY, LAURA F.                          OR-3-9-415
LAFOREST, MARY MARGARETHE               OR-3-8-284
LAMAR, MARY A.                          OR-3-7-21
LAMB, HENRY                             OR-3-4-277
LAMBERT, HENRY V.                       OR-3-2-64
LAMMERS, JOSEPH JOHN                    OR-3-8-140
LAMOUR, FLORENCE                        OR-3-7-200
LARKINS, CICERO N.                      OR-3-9-314
LAROCQUE, GEORGE                        OR-3-2-212
LARSON, CHRISTINIA                      OR-3-9-469
LARSON, FRANS PETER                     OR-3-7-16
LARSON, LOUIS                           OR-3-9-378
LARSON, NILS P.                         OR-3-9-340
LATONRETTE, L. D. C.                    OR-3-3-160
LAWSON, ALKERZANE                       OR-3-9-485
LEARY, THOMAS                           OR-3-2-76
LEAVENS, DAVID J.                       OR-3-8-278
LEE, GEORGE W.                          OR-3-6-212
LEE, O. E. F.                           OR-3-7-341
LEE, PHILANDER                          OR-3-3-192
LEGRAND, EMMA                           OR-3-7-362
LELAND, LEVI                            OR-3-4-147
LEMERY, JOSEPH                          OR-3-7-284
LEW, AUGUST                             OR-3-6-560
LEWELLEN, ELISON B.                     OR-3-5-48
LEWELLEN, WILLIAM J.                    OR-3-8-238
LEWIS, C. N.                            OR-3-9-123
LEWIS, PETER                            OR-3-5-53
LEY, JESSIE                             OR-3-8-127
LIBBEY, J. M.                           OR-3-3-20
LICHTENTHALER, WILLIAM C.               OR-3-6-554
LINDSAY, MARY                           OR-3-9-118
LINN, BENJAMIN F.                       OR-3-9-108
LINN, PHILIP                            OR-3-3-126
LIVINGSTON, WILLIAM                     OR-3-7-446
LONDON, SARAH G.                        OR-3-9-549
LONG, JOHN                              OR-3-2-85
LONG, MICHAEL                           OR-3-6-408
LOONEY, HENRY M.                        OR-3-9-493
LORING, JAMES L.                        OR-3-2-96
LOUGHARY, DORILLA F.                    OR-3-9-576
LUCAS, WILLIAM BROWNING                 OR-3-9-222
LYMAN, ABBA A.                          OR-3-2-61
LYON, ESTHER M.                         OR-3-4-246
LYON, JOSHUA                            OR-3-5-112
LYON, MARY A.                           OR-3-7-272
MACDOUGALL, GEORGE ROGERS               OR-3-9-470
MACHOIT, AUGUT                          OR-3-9-311
MACK, WILLIAM O.                        OR-3-7-161
MADER, JACOB                            OR-3-4-81
MAGONE, JOSEPHINE                       OR-3-2-168
MAIRE, WILLIAM                          OR-3-9-439
MALAR, ANTON SR.                        OR-3-9-524
MANNING, F. W.                          OR-3-6-487
MARQUAM, ALFRED                         OR-3-3-200
MARQUAM, OLIVE W.                       OR-3-5-15
MARS, WILLIAM WARREN                    OR-3-9-545
MARTIN, THOMAS                          OR-3-7-347
MARUGG, KASPER                          OR-3-8-100
MATHER, ARTHUR                          -9342
MATHER, F. M.                           OR-3-9-36
MATHEWS, LAZARUS P.                     OR-3-6-121
MATLOCK, WILLIAM T.                     OR-3-2-141
MATTOON, SARAH MARIA                    OR-3-5-76
MAY, THOMAS W.                          OR-3-2-326
MAYCOCK, JOHN                           OR-3-7-153
MAYER, ANDREAS ANTON                    OR-3-8-18
MCALISTER, FRANCES                      OR-3-8-241
MCANULTY, JAMES W.                      OR-3-9-386
MCCARVER, MARY E.                       OR-3-9-234
MCCONNELL, A.                           OR-3-3-310
MCCONNELL, JAMES EDWARD                 OR-3-9-481
MCCONNELL, MARTHA A.                    OR-3-6-346
MCCORD, JAMES S.                        OR-3-7-178
MCCOWN, F. O.                           OR-3-4-112
MCCUE, SARAH                            OR-3-5-255
MCDONALD, J. S.                         OR-3-3-185
MCELSANDER, HENRY                       OR-3-7-474
MCGEE, PATRICK F.                       OR-3-9-513
MCGOVERN, CHARLES                       OR-3-6-395
MCGRATH, PETER                          OR-3-5-86
MCGUGIN, F. E.                          OR-3-9-1
MCGUGIN, HENRY                          OR-3-9-14
MCINTYRE, PETER                         OR-3-6-518
MCKEE, SUE                              OR-3-6-286
MCKENZIE, ANGUS                         OR-3-8-328
MCLENDON, WILLIS                        OR-3-2-40
MCMURRY, JOHN C.                        OR-3-6-319
MCNAMAR,A JAMES                         OR-3-4-211
MCNANEY, PETER                          OR-3-7-456
MEILIKE, JULIUS                         OR-3-8-403
MEINKE, HENRY                           OR-3-7-19
MELCHER, AUGUSTA                        OR-3-5-160
MELCHER, CHRISTIAN                      OR-3-3-30
MELODY, JOHN                            OR-3-9-113
METCALF, JULIA ANN                      OR-3-5-189
MEYER, HENRY                            OR-3-2-372
MIDLAM, CHARILLA E.                     OR-3-5-43
MILEY, JACOB                            OR-3-7-35
MILLER, CATHARINE J.                    OR-3-3-26
MILLER, CHARLES H.                      OR-3-7-294
MILLER, HUGH                            OR-3-6-417
MILLER, JACOB                           OR-3-2-10
MILLER, JOHN                            OR-3-4-90
MILLER, PETER H.                        OR-3-6-226
MILLER, SAMUEL                          OR-3-7-330
MILLER, SAMUEL                          OR-3-3-66
MILLER, SARAH ELIZABETH                 OR-3-9-523
MILLER, WILLIAM                         OR-3-4-221
MILLS, SAMUEL                           OR-3-8-7
MINTUN, DAVID W.                        OR-3-6-246
MITCHELL, JOHN                          OR-3-3-240
MOCHNKE, CHARLES A.                     OR-3-4-181
MOHR, PHIIP                             OR-3-9-278
MONTOUR, HELEN M.                       OR-3-8-179
MOODY, HARRY S.                         OR-3-8-293
MOONEY,JAMES E.                         OR-3-5-271
MOORE, CLARA                            OR-3-9-305
MOORE, MARIA M.                         OR-3-2-359
MOORE, MARQUIS FAYETTE                  OR-3-6-565
MOORE, N. M.                            OR-3-7-151
MOORE, ROBERT (31)                      OR-3-2-226
MOREY, P. F.                            OR-3-6-461
MORGAN, THOMAS G.                       OR-3-6-55
MORGAN, WILLIAM HUGHES                  OR-3-8-214
MORRIS, JAMES O.                        OR-3-7-271
MORROW, WILLIAM                         OR-3-4-38
MOSCHBERGER, JOHN ABRAHAM               OR-3-2-363
MOSHER, BRIDGET                         94-10
MOXLEY, J. W.                           OR-3-9-540
MULLAN, AMELIA C.                       OR-3-9-302
MULLIGAN, THOMAS                        OR-3-8-111
MULLINS, WILLIAM                        OR-3-2-318
MUMPOWER, JULIA ANN                     OR-3-8-431
MUNDHEUKE, IDA M.                       OR-3-7-443
MUNSEY, AURELIUS W.                     OR-3-6-563
MUNSON, CHARLES                         OR-3-6-276
MURALT, CHRISTIAN                       OR-3-6-165
MURPHY, JOHN                            OR-3-3-133
MURRAY, CHARLES E. SR.                  OR-3-6-110
MYERS, SARAH C.                         OR-3-9-230
NAAS, HENRY                             OR-3-3-329
NAEF, JOHNJ.                            OR-3-9-210
NAUGHT, JOHN                            OR-3-3-114
NEIBERT, CONRAD                         OR-3-5-180
NELSON, JOHN A.                         OR-3-9-192
NELSON, NELS                            OR-3-6-492
NELSON, ROBERT                          OR-3-6-136
NELSON, SARAH E.                        OR-3-8-182
NEWKIRK, ELDRIDGE                       OR-3-8-386
NIGHTINGALE, DORCAS                     OR-3-9-572
NOLEN, WILLIAM HENRY                    OR-3-9-562
NORDHAUSEN, JOHN                        OR-3-7-465
NORRIS, J. W. (DR.)                     OR-3-9-496
NORTON, SEBA                            OR-3-6-157
NORTON, ZACHARIA C.                     OR-3-2-270
NORTON,MARY                             OR-3-9-586
OAKLEY, SAMUEL J.                       OR-3-4-189
OATFIELD, MICHAEL                       OR-3-7-235
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                         OR-3-9-566
OCKSENBEIN, JACOB                       OR-3-3-72
ODELL, HENRIETTA JESSIE                 OR-3-7-322
ODELL, JOHN T.                          OR-3-8-41
OGDEN, R. J.                            OR-3-7-105
OLDENBURG, GUSTAVUS                     OR-3-9-246
OLDS, DAVID                             OR-3-8-149
OLSON, ANDREW                           OR-3-9-91
OLSON, MATHIAS                          OR-3-9-174
ONEILL, M. G.                           OR-3-9-168
OSBURN, FRANCIS M.                      OR-3-7-91
OSWALD, MARTHA E.                       OR-3-9-529
OTT, WILHELM                            OR-3-7-102
PAINE, ELIZABETH A.                     OR-3-9-560
PALMATEER, J. W.                        OR-3-6-140
PALMER, CATHERINE                       OR-3-9-78
PALMER, FREDERICK E.                    OR-3-6-506
PARKER, ELI                             OR-3-9-358
PARKS, MARGARETT A.                     OR-3-5-26
PARRISH, GEORGE W.                      OR-3-6-154
PARRISH, MARY                           OR-3-9-446
PARROTT, WILLIAM                        OR-3-4-226
PARTRIDGE, SARAH A.                     OR-3-4-259
PAULSON, PAUL                           OR-3-9-57
PAYNE, ANNA                             OR-3-6-85
PEARSON, MARY A.                        OR-3-9-121
PECHIN, EVERETT S.                      OR-3-9-307
PENMAN, HANNAH                          OR-3-9-492
PENZIG, CLEMENS SR.                     OR-3-8-400
PEPPEL, BERNHARD                        OR-3-6-375
PERDEN, JOHN F.                         OR-3-5-175
PERRY, F. C.                            OR-3-8-409
PETERS, MEINT                           OR-3-7-359
PETERS, PETER K.                        OR-3-8-252
PETERSON, JOHN P.                       OR-3-9-97
PETTY, JAMES                            OR-3-9-371
PFENNINGER, CAROLINE                    OR-3-8-198
PHILLIPS, RACHEL                        OR-3-9-369
PIERCE, R. G.                           OR-3-7-462
PLOWMAN, A. T.                          OR-3-5-202
POLLOCK, JOSEPH                         OR-3-7-118
POPE, SARAH E.                          OR-3-5-89
POTTER, WILLIAM                         OR-3-3-1
POWELL, WALTER JOHN                     OR-3-8-45
POWERS, MARY A.                         OR-3-8-228
PRESTON, O. L.                          OR-3-9-153
PRICE, FLORENCE                         OR-3-8-166
PRINDLE, SARAH JANE                     OR-3-8-249
PROWLEE, ALFRED                         OR-3-2-390
PUPER, GEORGE W.                        OR-3-9-563
PUTZKY, FRIEDRICH                       OR-3-2-261
QUANT, BERNHARD                         OR-3-6-9
RABENOW, WILHELM                        OR-3-6-177
RAKEL, DOROTHY                          OR-3-8-350
RANDALL, GILBERT S.                     OR-3-7-423
RANDALL, MARY A.                        OR-3-8-383
RANDS, JANE C.                          OR-3-8-468
RANSDELL, B. T.                         OR-3-3-280
RAPPS, CATHARINA                        OR-3-2-347
RATH, FERDINAND                         OR-3-6-430
RAUCH, JACOB                            OR-3-6-373
RAVELEY, ANGELINE                       OR-3-5-236
REDIGER, PETER                          OR-3-8-26
REED, WILLIAM                           OR-3-7-158
REES, WILLIAM H.                        OR-3-9-136
REESE, JOSEPHINE                        OR-3-4-71
REHM, TILLIE A.                         OR-3-9-72
REITER, ANNA                            OR-3-6-337
REVENUE, F.                             OR-3-7-214
REVERMAN, OTILLIA                       OR-3-9-5
REYNOLDS, JAMES P.                      OR-3-3-235
RICHARDSON, ORILA                       OR-3-4-255
RICHTER, CARL                           OR-3-9-355
RICKEL, FRED                            OR-3-7-241
RIDDERBUSCH, HENRY                      OR-3-8-244
RILEY, MORRIS                           OR-3-9-332
RIMKUS, MARKO                           OR-3-9-20
RINEARSON, C. R.                        OR-3-6-368
RINEARSON, PETER M.                     OR-3-3-339
RINEARSON, PETER M.                     OR-3-9-568
RINEHART, PHILENA                       OR-3-7-27
RINGNOES, JORGEN OLSEN                  OR-3-5-144
RINGO, H. C.                            OR-3-5-81
RINGO, JOSEPH W.                        OR-3-2-394
RINGO, ROBERT L.                        OR-3-7-48
RISLEY, CHARLES W.                      OR-3-9-48
RISLEY, JACOB                           OR-3-6-328
RITTER, JOHN                            OR-3-6-515
RIVERS, ISREAL                          OR-3-6-472
ROBBINS, NATHANIEL                      OR-3-2-1
ROBERTS, MORRIS                         OR-3-7-29
ROBERTS, ROBERT                         OR-3-6-267
ROBERTS, WILLIAM R.                     OR-3-6-402
ROBINSON, PHILIP H.                     OR-3-9-274
ROCKWOOD, GEORGE A.                     OR-3-6-126
ROGERS, GREENBERRY                      OR-3-6-304
ROHRBERG, BLANCHE                       OR-3-9-434
ROOP, JACOB                             OR-3-5-108
ROOP, SOPHIA G.                         OR-3-7-98
ROOS, PHILIPP                           OR-3-6-508
ROOTS, JAMES W.                         OR-3-9-263
ROOTS, RUBEN                            OR-3-3-261
ROTH, JOHN O.                           OR-3-9-387
ROTH, PETER                             OR-3-8-71
ROWELL, WILLIAM                         OR-3-3-147
RUNGE, FRANK                            OR-3-9-194
RYE, OLE O.                             OR-3-8-98
SAJOVICH, JAKOB                         OR-3-9-265
SAMARD, SOFIE                           OR-3-7-379
SAMPSON, G. W.                          OR-3-6-23
SANDSTROM, AUGUSTA                      OR-3-6-587
SARGENT, C. C.                          OR-3-8-4
SARGENT, DELILAH                        OR-3-7-232
SASS, DEXTER                            OR-3-5-125
SAWTELL, HENRY COGGAN                   OR-3-2-194
SAWTELL, MARGARET JANE                  OR-3-7-74
SAWTELL, WILLIAM OLIVER                 OR-3-6-359
SAWTELL,A . J.                          OR-3-6-253
SAX, CATHERINE                          OR-3-7-184
SCANLON, WILLIAM                        OR-3-7-170
SCHABER, GOTTLIEB                       OR-3-7-311
SCHACHT, JOHANN F.                      OR-3-6-341
SCHAFER, CAROLINE                       OR-3-9-430
SCHAFER, MICHAEL                        OR-3-3-266
SCHAUBLE, WILLIAM P.                    OR-3-9-288
SCHEEL, HANS HENRY                      OR-3-5-119
SCHEEL, NICOLAUS                        OR-3-9-291
SCHEER, GEORGE                          OR-3-7-304
SCHERR, PETER                           OR-3-2-299
SCHERREIBLE, FRIEDRICH                  OR-3-9-84
SCHMIDT, CHRISTINA                      OR-3-2-179
SCHMIDT, EDWARD                         OR-3-7-13
SCHMIDT, JOHN C.                        OR-3-6-512
SCHNEIDER, MARY E.                      OR-3-7-56
SCHNELLER, GEORGE                       OR-3-9-324
SCHROEDER, CONRAD                       OR-3-6-420
SCHUBERT, AUGUSTA                       OR-3-9-238
SCHUEBEL, ROBERT SR.                    OR-3-6-12
SCHULER, JOHN H.                        OR-3-6-456
SCHULTE, HENRY                          OR-3-3-140
SCHUMANN, CHARLES                       OR-3-6-436
SCHWARZ, FREDERICK                      OR-3-9-81
SCHWEITZER, PETER                       OR-3-9-390
SCHWITZER, JACOB                        OR-3-7-42
SCOTT, RICHARD                          OR-3-7-143
SCOTT, SARAH JANE                       OR-3-5-177
SECREST, GEORGE M.                      OR-3-8-304
SECREST, S. L.                          OR-3-8-428
SEELY, F. F.                            OR-3-8-124
SEELY, LUCIUS A.                        OR-3-5-198
SEILER, AUGUSTA                         OR-3-9-260
SELIG, FRITZ                            OR-3-7-301
SELLING, BABETTE                        OR-3-6-585
SELLING, F. S.                          OR-3-4-23
SHAFER, MICHAEL                         OR-3-8-406
SHANK, GEORGE W.                        OR-3-6-296
SHANNON, J. PHILLP                      OR-3-7-389
SHANNON, JOHN                           OR-3-8-308
SHARRICK, WILLIAM                       OR-3-4-126
SHAW, HENRY W.                          OR-3-8-315
SHEEHAN, MICHAEL J.                     OR-3-7-173
SHENEFIELD, ISAIAH                      OR-3-9-156
SHEPHERD, SAMUAL                        OR-3-6-36
SHEWMAKER, PERMELIA J.                  OR-3-9-160
SHIPLEY, A. R.                          OR-3-5-36
SHOCKLEY, R. J.                         OR-3-8-130
SHOINIERE, ELEANOR                      OR-3-7-385
SHORT, BERNARD M.                       OR-3-8-170
SIEVERS, FREDERICK                      OR-3-5-169
SILVER, JOHN                            OR-3-8-1
SIMPSON, JOHN E. H.                     OR-3-9-306
SINDALL, CHRITIAN J.                    OR-3-9-7
SKEEN, ELLA                             OR-3-9-504
SKERVIN, ENOS                           OR-3-6-478
SKIRVIN, EIZA                           OR-3-9-505
SLIKER, JOHN M.                         OR-3-5-149
SLOVER, ENOS                            OR-3-2-53
SMITH, CARDEN                           OR-3-8-424
SMITH, FLORA E.                         OR-3-7-4
SMITH, J. A.                            OR-3-8-457
SMITH, J. A.                            OR-3-9-578
SMITH, MARY A.                          OR-3-4-31
SMITH, MARY S. LEESTON                  OR-3-9-368
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OR-3-2-49
SNYDER, GEOGE W.                        OR-3-9-478
SODERBERG, SWAN                         OR-3-8-392
SOHN, MINNIE                            OR-3-9-166
SPAHR, J. R.                            OR-3-7-266
SPEARS, MARIA B.                        OR-3-9-319
SPIKER, SARAH E.                        OR-3-9-464
SPORALSKY, MIKE                         OR-3-8-21
SPRANGLER, THOMAS J.                    OR-3-4-66
SPROULS, ANDREW SR.                     OR-3-2-172
STAFFORD, CLAYTON I.                    OR-3-9-388
STANDINGER, WILLIAM                     OR-3-6-238
STANDISH, ALBERT H.                     OR-3-9-550
STEELE, PETER                           OR-3-4-98
STEINBACH, JOHN ADAM                    OR-3-2-312
STEINER, JAKOB                          OR-3-8-272
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        OR-3-2-203
STEWART, MARGARET                       OR-3-3-321
STIPP, JOHN                             OR-3-5-6
STOEVER, WILLIAM                        OR-3-9-553
STOKER, CHARLES                         OR-3-4-153
STONE, SOPHIA C.                        OR-3-9-441
STORM, ISAAC                            OR-3-5-186
STRAIGHT, HIRAM A.                      OR-3-5-212
STRITE, SAMUEL                          OR-3-4-102
STROAP, A. B.                           OR-3-6-440
STROHAECKER, NICOLAUS                   OR-3-5-265
STROUP, ANNA JANE                       OR-3-8-186
STUBBS, A. J.                           OR-3-2-223
STUCKY, JACOB                           OR-3-6-151
STUEDEMAN, KIARL                        OR-3-7-275
STURGES, AARON BURR                     OR-3-3-94
STURGIS, ELIZA                          OR-3-4-60
SUTER, JAMES                            OR-3-8-266
SUTHERLAND, JOHN H.                     OR-3-9-94
SWARTZ, FREDERICK                       OR-3-9-81
SWARTZ, HENRY                           OR-3-8-346
SWIGERT, ASA                            OR-3-2-368
TAXER, JOSEPH                           OR-3-4-106
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          OR-3-6-234
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       OR-3-8-217
THOMAS, ELIZABETH T. B.                 OR-3-9-397
THOMAS, JEROME W.                       OR-3-7-426
THOMAS, THOMAS M.                       OR-3-7-334
THOMPSON, BLACKBURN                     OR-3-4-43
THOMPSON, JOHN WILLIAM                  OR-3-9-285
THOMPSON, ROBERT                        OR-3-5-246
THOMSON, ALEXANDER                      OR-3-6-503
THORE, CHARLES P.                       OR-3-6-102
THORNTON, JOHN W.                       OR-3-9-61
THRAP, MARY J.                          OR-3-8-312
TINGLE, JULIA J.                        OR-3-9-589
TODD, ESTHER                            OR-3-4-77
TOEDTEMEIER, LULAH                      OR-3-6-475
TOMPKINS, ELIZABETH                     OR-3-2-207
TOWNLEY, JOHN T.                        OR-3-9-333
TRACY, J. C.                            OR-3-8-262
TRACY, MARTHA                           OR-3-9-131
TROGE, ANDREW H.                        OR-3-4-240
TRUBEL, ULRICH                          OR-3-8-389
TRULLINGER, ELIZABETH E.                OR-3-9-403
TRULLINGER, G. J.                       OR-3-6-524
TRULLINGER, JULIET F.                   OR-3-6-433
TRUMAN, EZRA C.                         OR-3-9-39
TSCHARNIG, BERTHA E.                    OR-3-7-189
TUCKER, BRANCH                          OR-3-9-163
TUCKNESS, WILLIAM JAMES                 OR-3-6-531
TUFTS, JAMES A.                         OR-3-8-449
TURNER, AMANDA                          OR-3-9-300
TURNER, DAVID                           OR-3-6-495
TURNER, T. L.                           OR-3-8-415
UNDERWOOD, IRA C.                       OR-3-9-40
VANDONGE, MARTIN                        OR-3-7-240
VAUGHAN, J. S.                          OR-3-7-65
VAUGHAN, SUSAN MARY                     OR-3-7-365
VERMLYEA, CHRISTINA                     OR-3-5-12
VOGHT, MARY                             OR-3-7-260
VOGT, JOSEPH                            OR-3-8-105
VOLPP, JOHN GEORGE                      OR-3-9-433
VONDERAHE, CHRISTIAN F.                 OR-3-7-202
VOSS, ELIZABETH                         OR-3-2-81
VOSS, JOSEPH                            OR-3-6-271
WACHTMAN, JOHN                          OR-3-9-129
WADE, CHARLOTTE                         OR-3-2-200
WAESPE, FRED                            OR-3-7-45
WAGGONER, GEORGE W.                     OR-3-9-126
WAGLEY, CHRISTIAN                       OR-3-4-143
WAGNER, CATHERINE                       OR-3-7-225
WAGNER, JOHN ULRICH                     OR-3-7-132
WAGNER, WILLIAM                         OR-3-8-441
WAHLERS, HEINRICH                       OR-3-8-255
WAHLGREN, GUS                           OR-3-8-451
WAIT, AARON E.                          OR-3-6-92
WALDEN, N. O.                           OR-3-6-32
WALLACE, GODFRIED                       OR-3-9-325
WALSH, MICHAEL                          OR-3-7-10
WALTON, JOSEPH                          OR-3-6-59
WALTZ, JOHANNA                          OR-3-3-84
WANNENMACHER, ALEXANDER                 OR-3-7-298
WARD, T. H.                             OR-3-8-189
WARNER, ARTHUR                          OR-3-3-316
WARNER, LOU L.                          OR-3-7-355
WATSON, FRED                            OR-3-8-343
WEIDNER, MARGARET                       OR-3-9-249
WEISE, ANDREW                           OR-3-6-489
WEISMANDEL, JOHN                        OR-3-7-222
WEISS, PETER A.                         OR-3-5-191
WELLMAN, CHRISTIAN                      OR-3-7-148
WELSH, GEORGE                           OR-3-6-25
WESTERBERG, GUSTAVE                     OR-3-9-351
WETZLER, ANNA GERTRUDE                  OR-3-7-211
WHITE, JOHN M.                          OR-3-9-391
WHITE, MARY E.                          OR-3-3-206
WHITLOCK, HONOR MARKS                   OR-3-5-68
WHITLOCK, WILLIAM                       OR-3-3-61
WILD, WILLIAM                           OR-3-7-428
WILDE, FERDINANDO                       OR-3-3-154
WILHELM, DOCK                           OR-3-9-565
WILKERSON, ROBERT A.                    OR-3-8-446
WILL, HENRY                             OR-3-3-305
WILL, MARGARET                          OR-3-6-62
WILLHELM, ELLA                          OR-3-6-386
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         OR-3-4-49
WILLIAMS, ESTHER R.                     OR-3-6-423
WILLIAMS, GRACE                         OR-3-6-481
WILLIAMS, L. PIERCE                     OR-3-7-476
WILLIAMS, MELVINA                       OR-3-4-56
WILLIAMS, SARAH                         OR-3-4-198
WILLIAMSON, FORBES                      OR-3-9-145
WILLS, DAVID                            OR-3-8-226
WILLS, FRANK E.                         OR-3-7-120
WILSON, ALEXANDER KING                  OR-3-9-89
WILSON, AUGUST                          OR-3-9-360
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       OR-3-4-266
WILSON, JAMES G.                        OR-3-6-99
WILSON, JOHN                            OR-3-4-204
WILSON, JOHN O.                         OR-3-6-484
WILSON, JOSEPH                          OR-3-9-99
WILSON, PETER                           OR-3-9-467
WILSON, ROBERTHANSON                    OR-3-8-35
WINCKLER, HENRIETTA                     OR-3-4-234
WINCKLER, JOHN G.                       OR-3-2-385
WINGFIELD, EMILY E.                     OR-3-9-111
WINGFIELD, G. W.                        OR-3-8-340
WINKIL, WILLIAM H.                      OR-3-6-379
WINSTON, MARY E.                        OR-3-5-207
WISE, GEORGE                            OR-3-3-171
WOLF, PHILIPP                           OR-3-6-230
WOLFER, SAMUEL                          OR-3-8-331
WOLVERTON, D. L.                        OR-3-7-205
WOOD, JOHN N.                           OR-3-7-130
WOODWARD, R. O.                         OR-3-9-18
WOOLF, LOUISE                           OR-3-7-122
WRIGHT, ALVINA                          OR-3-8-418
WRIGHT, MARY A.                         OR-3-3-77
WRIGHT, MARY A.                         OR-3-8-64
WRIGHT, MARY E.                         OR-3-9-199
YATES, J. HERBERT                       OR-3-9-520
YOUNG, CLARRINA J.                      OR-3-7-470
YOUNG, WILLIAM SHELBY                   OR-3-6-82
YOUNGER, JOHN                           OR-3-8-334
YOUNGER, T. W.                          OR-3-9-527
ZANDERS, CHRISTIAN                      OR-3-6-536
ZEIGLER, JOSEPH ANTON                   OR-3-2-22
ZIEGLER, CHRISTENA                      OR-3-8-143
ZIEGLER, GEORGE                         OR-3-9-483
ZIELOSKOWSKI, KIETERINA                 OR-3-9-212

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