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Cities: Fostoria, Tiffin
Villages: Attica, Bettsville, Bloomville, Green Springs, New Riegel, Republic
Townships: Adams, Big Spring, Bloom, Clinton, Eden, Hopewell, Jackson, Liberty, Loudon, Pleasant, Reed, Scipio, Seneca, Thompson, Venice
Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Year covered) 1=1828-1849 | 2=? |
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ADAMS, JACOB                            OH-73-1-170
ANWAY, WILLIAM                          OH-73-1-254
AUGUSTINE, GEORGE                       OH-73-1-210
BAKER, JOHN                             OH-73-1-128
BATSON, EDWARD                          OH-73-1-26
BERGER, GEORGE                          OH-73-1-124
BIGHAM, WILLIAM                         OH-73-1-123
BLOOM, JOHN                             OH-73-1-62
BOOROM, ISAIAH                          OH-73-1-164
BOWSER, JOHN                            OH-73-1-46
BOYD, THOMAS                            OH-73-1-247
BOYER, HANNAH                           OH-73-1-221
BOYER, THOMAS                           OH-73-1-31
BRENAMEN, WILLIAM                       OH-73-1-75
BRINKERHOFF, JAMES                      OH-73-1-29
BROWN, ANN ELIZA                        OH-73-1-152
BROWN, ANN ELIZA                        OH-73-1-141
BRUNER, PETER                           OH-73-1-33
BRUSH, JOHN T.                          OH-73-1-93
CALLANON, JOHN                          OH-73-1-98
CASALE, JOSEPH                          OH-73-1-79
CLARK, SAMUEL                           OH-73-1-5
CLAY, MATHIAS                           OH-73-1-84
COLE, JOHN                              OH-73-1-304
COLE, STEPHEN                           OH-73-1-215
CORY, JEMINA                            OH-73-1-41
CRABILL, CHRISTIAN                      OH-73-1-130
CRAWMER, JOHN                           OH-73-1-2
CRONKHITE, TUNIS                        OH-73-1-114
CRUM, GEORGE                            OH-73-1-7
CRUMBACHER, MARGARET                    OH-73-1-177
CULVER, BENJAMIN                        OH-73-1-85
CULVER, DAVID                           OH-73-1-3
CUMMINS, MATHIAS                        OH-73-1-102
CURRENCE, SAMUEL                        OH-73-1-136
DAVIS, JOHN                             OH-73-1-218
DECKER, HENRY                           OH-73-1-77
DERR, THOMAS                            OH-73-1-187
DOUGHERTY, PETER                        OH-73-1-10
DOWNS, JOHN                             OH-73-1-225
DOWSE, WILLIAM                          OH-73-1-68
DURM, CHARLES                           OH-73-1-280
DUTRO, DAVID F.                         OH-73-1-213
EASTMAN, JAMES T.                       OH-73-1-278
EATON, GEORGE                           OH-73-1-265
FALTER, PHILIP                          OH-73-1-301
FIKE, PETER                             OH-73-1-242
FLACK, GEORGE                           OH-73-1-19
FLACK, JOHN L.                          OH-73-1-69
FLEMING, JACOB                          OH-73-1-234
FOX, DAVID                              OH-73-1-43
FOX, MICHAEL                            OH-73-1-36
FOX, RHODOLPHUS                         OH-73-1-11
FREE, FREDERICK                         OH-73-1-126
FREE, GEORGE                            OH-73-1-266
FREEMAN, STEPHEN                        OH-73-1-24
FREES, JOHN                             OH-73-1-16
GALT, WILLIAM                           OH-73-1-99
GARRETSON, DANIEL                       OH-73-1-312
GERMAN, CONRAD                          OH-73-1-154
GRIFFIN, JANE                           OH-73-1-196
GUMVORTH, IMMANUEL                      OH-73-1-203
HAMM, VALENTINE                         OH-73-1-282
HARMAN, GEORGE                          OH-73-1-292
HASLEY, PHILIP                          OH-73-1-209
HEATON, AARON                           OH-73-1-178
HEDGES, ISAAC                           OH-73-1-119
HEDGES, JOSIAH I.                       OH-73-1-286
HESSENAUER, JACOB                       OH-73-1-277
HEWITT, SOLOMON                         OH-73-1-207
HILL, JAMES W.                          OH-73-1-59
HIRTH, MICHAEL                          OH-73-1-244
HOLLOPETER, ANDRE                       OH-73-1-197
HOMER, JACOB                            OH-73-1-200
HOPKINS, EPPENTUS                       OH-73-1-1
INGLE, ISAAC                            OH-73-1-40
JACKSON, DANIEL                         OH-73-1-269
JACOBS, JACOB                           OH-73-1-294
JENKINS, BENJAMIN                       OH-73-1-56
JONES, ELISHA                           OH-73-1-250
JONES, WILLIAM S.                       OH-73-1-21
KARNS, REUBEN                           OH-73-1-264
KELLY, ELIZAR P.                        OH-73-1-310
KERRISH, THOMAS                         OH-73-1-241
KIRCHNER, HENRY                         OH-73-1-121
KLAIR, HENRY                            OH-73-1-217
KONRAD, ADAM A.                         OH-73-1-87
KOPPLER, JACOB                          OH-73-1-260
KREMER, PETER                           OH-73-1-194
LEE, LEMUEL SR.                         OH-73-1-308
LIVERS, JOHN A.                         OH-73-1-73
LOVE, ANDREW                            OH-73-1-100
LYONS, REUBEN D.                        OH-73-1-74
MARVIN, HANNAH                          OH-73-1-151
MARVIN, HANNAH                          OH-73-1-116
MCCARTNEY, HENRY                        OH-73-1-105
MCCLUNG, JAMES                          OH-73-1-238
MCDANIEL, JAMES W.                      OH-73-1-112
MCKEE, SARAH                            OH-73-1-14
MERGENTHALER, JACOB                     OH-73-1-94
MEYER, JACOB                            OH-73-1-224
MITTOWER, ANDREW                        OH-73-1-45
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     OH-73-1-8
MORTON, J. MORTON                       OH-73-1-64
MYER, GEORGE                            OH-73-1-78
MYERS, JACOB                            OH-73-1-273
OGDEN, GILBERT J.                       OH-73-1-184
OSWALTS, JACOB                          OH-73-1-38
OWEN, NATHANIEL                         OH-73-1-245
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      OH-73-1-257
PENNINGTON, ADAM                        OH-73-1-275
PRICE, HIRAM                            OH-73-1-252
RANDALL, THOMAS                         OH-73-1-34
RAYMOND, GEORGE                         OH-73-1-192
RICHIE, MARIA B.                        OH-73-1-22
RIES, JACOB                             OH-73-1-229
RODGERS, STEPHEN                        OH-73-1-198
ROLIENS, WILLIAM                        OH-73-1-205
SCHLUPP, MARIA ANN                      OH-73-1-263
SCHOCK, GEORGE SR.                      OH-73-1-271
SCOTT, JAMES M.                         OH-73-1-132
SCOTT, SMAUEL A.                        OH-73-1-146
SEARLES, JOHN                           OH-73-1-166
SENN, JOHN                              OH-73-1-144
SHAWL, MARTIN                           OH-73-1-174
SHELLAR, JOHN                           OH-73-1-182
SIMONIS, PETER                          OH-73-1-91
SLAUGHTER, JAMES                        OH-73-1-171
SLOSSER, GEORGE                         OH-73-1-148
SMITH, ROBERT D.                        OH-73-1-307
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-73-1-306
SOUDER, DAVID                           OH-73-1-159
STARKEY, JESSE                          OH-73-1-66
STEELE, JAMES                           OH-73-1-295
STEVENS, BENJAMIN                       OH-73-1-297
STINEBAUGH, PHILIP                      OH-73-1-18
STING, JOHANNES GEORGE                  OH-73-1-285
TABOR, WILLIAM H.                       OH-73-1-161
TEARE, THOMAS                           OH-73-1-108
THATCHER, JAMES                         OH-73-1-60
THAYER, ASAHEL                          OH-73-1-163
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM                       OH-73-1-290
TSWING, HENRY                           OH-73-1-140
UMSTED, AARON                           OH-73-1-175
UMSTED, ENOCH                           OH-73-1-89
VANFLEET, WILLIAM                       OH-73-1-138
VANHORN, SAMUEL T.                      OH-73-1-202
VELLNAGLE, JULIUS                       OH-73-1-81
VICTOR, HENRY                           OH-73-1-299
WAGGONER, GEORGE                        OH-73-1-54
WHITEMAN, ABRHAAM                       OH-73-1-231
WILSON, JAMES                           OH-73-1-134
WININGER, JACOB                         OH-73-1-183
WISE, JOHN                              OH-73-1-27
WRIGHT, ELI                             OH-73-1-110
WYCOFF, HENRY                           OH-73-1-82
ZEPERNICH, DANIEL                       OH-73-1-51
ZWING, HENRY                            OH-73-1-140

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