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Cities: Circleville
Villages: Ashville, Commercial Point, Darbyville, Lockbourne, Harrisburg, New Holland, South Bloomfield, Tarlton, Williamsport
Townships: Circleville, Darby, Deer Creek, Harrison, Jackson, Madison, Monroe, Muhlenberg, Perry, Pickaway, Salt Creek, Scioto, Walnut, Washington, Wayne, Yamarick
Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List | 1=1810-1827 | 2=1828-1837 | 1-2=1810-1832 | 3=1838-1851 | 4=1852-1870 | 5-9=? |
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ADKINS, BARZILLA C.                     OH-64-3-208
ADKINS, DAVID SR.                       OH-64-4-327
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                       OH-64-4-538
ALKIRE, H. G. C.                        OH-64-4-349
ALKIRE, MARY                            OH-64-4-259
ALKIRE, SANFORD                         OH-64-4-226
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                        OH-64-1-224
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                        OH-64-1B2B-87
ALLEN, JOHN                             OH-64-4-440
ALLEN, LEVI                             OH-64-4-419
ALLISON, WILLIAM                        OH-64-1-146, 240
ALLISON, WILLIAM                        OH-64-1B2B-57, 94
AMBROSE, GEORGE                         OH-64-4-25
AMBROSE, SILAS I.                       OH-64-4-78
ANDERSON, BETHUEL                       OH-64-4-223
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     OH-64-1B2B-144
ANDERSON, J. MILTON                     OH-64-4-383
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                        OH-64-4-520
ANDERSON, TACY                          OH-64-4-536
ATCHISON, PHEILDING                     OH-64-1-19
ATCHISON, PHIELDING                     OH-64-1B2B-11
ATCHISON, SAMUEL                        OH-64-1-31
ATCHISON, SAMUEL                        OH-64-1B2B-17
ATOR, JACOB SR.                         OH-64-4-150
ATWATER, RICHARD D.                     OH-64-4-33
AUGUSTEEN, HERONIMOUS                   OH-64-1-116
AUGUSTEEN, HERONIMOUS                   OH-64-1B2B-46
BAER, JOHN                              OH-64-4-115
BAILEY, MARY E.                         OH-64-4-400
BALDWIN, CORNELIUS                      OH-64-2-233
BALDWIN, CORNELIUS                      OH-64-1B2B-212
BALEY, WILLIAM                          OH-64-1-234
BALEY, WILLIAM                          OH-64-1B2B-91
BALLAH, CATHERINE                       OH-64-4-41
BALLARD, CHARLES                        OH-64-3-83
BARLOW, JAMES                           OH-64-4-203
BARNHILL, JACOB                         OH-64-4-129
BARR, THOMAS                            OH-64-2-42
BARR, THOMAS                            OH-64-1B2B-118
BARRY, A. M.                            OH-64-3-217
BARTHOLOMEW, JONATHAN                   OH-64-4-247
BARTSCH, JACOB                          OH-64-4-95
BATEMAN, GEORGE W.                      OH-64-3-178
BAUM, CHRISTIAN                         OH-64-4-300
BAZZARD, ANDREW                         OH-64-1-120
BEAL, PHILILP                           OH-64-3-185
BEAVER, CONRAD                          OH-64-3-180
BECKET, LUCY                            OH-64-2-17
BECKET, SARA                            OH-64-1B2B-104
BECKET, WILLIAM B.                      OH-64-1-126
BECKET, WILLIAM B.                      OH-64-1B2B-50
BELL, HENRY                             OH-64-4-289
BELL, ISAIAH                            OH-64-4-422
BELL, JAMES                             OH-64-4-298
BELL, JAMES SR.                         OH-64-2-24
BELL, JAMES SR.                         OH-64-1B2B-108
BELL, JOHN W.                           OH-64-4-302
BELL, WEALTHA                           OH-64-4-225
BENNETT, GEORGE                         OH-64-4-143
BENNETT, SAMUEL                         OH-64-3-198
BENTLEY, FRANCIS                        OH-64-3-31
BERRY, GERSHAM B.                       OH-64-3-59
BEVEANS, HENRY                          OH-64-3-86
BISHOP, NOAH                            OH-64-2-1
BISHOP, NOAH                            OH-64-1B2B-97
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-64-1-125
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-64-1-125
BLACK, JOHN                             OH-64-1B2B-50
BLACK, RICHARD SR.                      OH-64-3-89
BLACKWELL, EMMA                         OH-64-4-70
BLACKWELL, JOHN                         OH-64-2-253
BLACKWELL, JOHN                         OH-64-1B2B-222
BLACKWELL, WILLIAM A.                   OH-64-3-16
BLIZARD, SARAH                          OH-64-4-539
BLOXEM, WILLIAM                         OH-64-1-8
BLOXEM, WILLIAM                         OH-64-1B2B-5
BLUE, MICHAEL                           OH-64-4-326
BOGGS, JOHN                             OH-64-1-194
BOGGS, JOHN                             OH-64-1B2B-75
BOGGS, JOHN SR.                         OH-64-4-294
BOGGS, MARY                             OH-64-2-26
BOGGS, MARY                             OH-64-1B2B-111
BOHRER, GEORGE                          OH-64-2-109
BOHRER, GEORGE                          OH-64-1B2B-149
BOHRER, PETER                           OH-64-2-76
BOHRER, PETER                           OH-64-1B2B-133
BONNER, JAMES                           OH-64-2-199
BONNER, JAMES                           OH-64-1B2B-194
BOTKIN, MARGARET                        OH-64-2-89
BOTKIN, MARGARET                        OH-64-1B2B-140
BOWDLE, THOMAS                          OH-64-2-217
BOWDLE, THOMAS                          OH-64-1B2B-204
BOWSHER, ANTHONY                        OH-64-1B2B-189
BOWSHER, ANTHONY SR.                    OH-64-2-190
BOYD, SAMUEL                            OH-64-4-311
BOYSEL, POLLY                           OH-64-4-399
BRANCHA, CATHARINE                      OH-64-1-165
BRANCHER, CATHERINE                     OH-64-1B2B-64
BRESLIN, HUGH                           OH-64-4-47
BRIGGS, JOSEPH                          OH-64-3-141
BRIGHT, NIMROD                          OH-64-2-203
BRIGHT, NIMROD                          OH-64-1B2B-196
BRITTON, JESSE                          OH-64-3-74
BROTHERLIN, JOHN                        OH-64-4-46
BROUCHER, SAMUEL R.                     OH-64-4-11
BROWN, DRAPER                           OH-64-2-188
BROWN, DRAPER                           OH-64-1B2B-188
BROWN, JEREMIAH                         OH-64-4-107
BROWN, NELLSON                          OH-64-4-395
BROWN, OBED                             OH-64-4-425
BROWN, PETER                            OH-64-1-123
BROWN, PETER                            OH-64-1B2B-49
BROWN, WILLIAM                          OH-64-4-24
BROWNBACK, ELIZA                        OH-64-4-304
BROWNBACK, ELIZABETH                    OH-64-4-303
BRUNNER, DANIEL                         OH-64-4-234
BRUNNER, WILLIAM C.                     OH-64-4-415
BUCKLEY, DANIEL                         OH-64-4-16
BUCKLEY, MATHEW BROOKS                  OH-64-4-355
BULKER, FREDERICK                       OH-64-4-428
BURGET, HENRY                           OH-64-2-214
BURGET, HENRY                           OH-64-1B2B-202
BUTT, COONROD                           OH-64-2-134
BUTT, COONROD                           OH-64-1B2B-161
BUZZARD, ANDREW                         OH-64-1B2B-48
BYERLY, JOHN                            OH-64-3-250
CALDWELL, ALEXANDER                     OH-64-3-96
CALDWELL, CATHARINE                     OH-64-1-76
CALDWELL, CATHERINE                     OH-64-1B2B-32
CALDWELL, JANE                          OH-64-1-178
CALDWELL, JANE                          OH-64-1B2B-V69
CALDWELL, RACHAEL                       OH-64-4-292
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       OH-64-1-36
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       OH-64-1B2B-19
CALVIN, MOSES                           OH-64-3-206
CAMMACK, CATHERINE H.                   OH-64-3-76
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                        OH-64-1-33
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                        OH-64-1B2B-18
CANON, BYARD                            OH-64-4-387
CARDER, MARY                            OH-64-4-435
CAREY, ELISHA                           OH-64-4-138
CARR, DAVID                             OH-64-4-299
CARROLL, WILLIAM                        OH-64-3-222
CARTER, WILLIAM                         OH-64-3-165
CARTMILL, JAMES M.                      OH-64-4-436
CAVE, BENJAMIN                          OH-64-3-57
CHANEY, C. JAMES                        OH-64-1-14
CHANEY, JAMES C.                        OH-64-1B2B-8
CHERRY, PHILIP                          OH-64-3-64
CLARK, HENRY                            OH-64-3-71
CLARK, JOHN                             OH-64-4-514
CLARK, JOHN F.                          OH-64-3-195
CLARK, MARGARETTA H.                    OH-64-4-153
CLARK, WILLIAM T.                       OH-64-4-444
CLEVENGER, WILLIAM                      OH-64-4-373
CLINE, PHIIP                            OH-64-4-117
CLOSE, WILLIAM                          OH-64-1-5
CLOSE, WILLIAM                          OH-64-1B2B-3
COIL, SAMUEL                            OH-64-4-52
COMBS, JOSHUA                           OH-64-4-338
CONN, JOHN S.                           OH-64-4-390
COONROD, WOOLESY                        OH-64-1B2B-14
COONROD, WOOLSEY                        OH-64-1-26
COONTZ, ANTHONY                         OH-64-4-86
COONTZ, REBECCA                         OH-64-4-403
CORDER, JAMES                           OH-64-4-68
CRABILL, JONATHAN                       OH-64-3-37
CREAL, BURTON                           OH-64-2-72
CREAL, BURTON                           OH-64-1B2B-131
CREVISTON, JOHN                         OH-64-3-258
CRITES, SAMUEL                          OH-64-4-63
CRITES, SAMUEL                          OH-64-4-84
CRITZ, JOHN                             OH-64-4-218
CROUSE, C. B.                           OH-64-4-384
CROW, THOMAS                            OH-64-1-14
CROW, THOMAS                            OH-64-1B2B-8
CROWNOVER, HEZAKIAH                     OH-64-4-426
CUMMINS, WILLIAM                        OH-64-3-275
DARST, ISAAC                            OH-64-3-94
DARST, JACOB                            OH-64-4-127
DAUGHERTY, WILLIAM                      OH-64-4-44
DAVENPORT, CHARLES                      OH-64-4-411
DAVENPORT, SAMUEL                       OH-64-2-173
DAVENPORT, SAMUEL                       OH-64-1B2B-180
DAVISON, EDWARD                         OH-64-2-7
DAVISON, EDWARD                         OH-64-1B2B-100
DEAN, AARON                             OH-64-4-96
DECKHART, WILLIAM                       OH-64-3-143
DENNY, SAMUEL                           OH-64-1-105
DENNY, SAMUEL                           OH-64-1B2B-42
DEVENPORT, ANTHONY S.                   OH-64-2-220
DEVENPORT, ANTHONY S.                   OH-64-1B2B-205
DEYO, JEREMIAH                          OH-64-4-442
DEYO, JONAS                             OH-64-3-105
DICK, THOMAS                            OH-64-4-386
DIFFENDERFER, MARY                      OH-64-4-213
DIGGINS, EUNICE                         OH-64-4-505
DOAN, CATHERINE                         OH-64-3-21
DOHERTY, WILLIAM                        OH-64-3-161
DREISBACH, JOHN E.                      OH-64-4-347
DRESBACH, GEORGE                        OH-64-4-345
DRESBACH, JOHN                          OH-64-1B2B-2
DRESBACH, SAMUEL                        OH-64-3-202
DRIESBACH, MARY R.                      OH-64-4-518
DRUM, JOHN                              OH-64-4-154
DUFFY, JOHN D.                          OH-64-4-392
DUN, GEORGE W.                          OH-64-4-378
DUNGAN, JOHN                            OH-64-2-193
DUNGAN, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-191
DUNGAN, TITUS                           OH-64-4-91
DUNGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-64-1-163
DUNGAN, WILLIAM                         OH-64-1B2B-63
DUNKEL, GEORGE                          OH-64-4-264
DUNLAP, ELIZABETH                       OH-64-3-153
DUSBACH, JOHN                           OH-64-1-2
EARNHART, WILLIAM                       OH-64-3-70
EAST, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-64-1-112
EAST, CHRISTOPHER                       OH-64-1B2B-45
EASTER, JACOB                           OH-64-3-189
ECORD, PETER                            OH-64-4-212
ELLIOTT, CHARLES A.                     OH-64-4-108
ELLIS, JONATHAN                         OH-64-3-67
ELLIS, ROBERT                           OH-64-1-134
ELLIS, ROBERT                           OH-64-1B2B-53
ELSEY, ROBERT                           OH-64-4-309
ELY, SARAH                              OH-64-2-154
ELY, SARAH                              OH-64-1B2B-170
EMERSON, THOMAS                         OH-64-1-211
EMERSON, THOMAS                         OH-64-1B2B-82
ENTRIKIN, JOHN C.                       OH-64-3-62
ENTRIKIN, NANCY                         OH-64-3-104
EVANS, BENJAMIN                         OH-64-3-151
EVANS, CALEB SR.                        OH-64-2-227
EVANS, CALEB SR.                        OH-64-1B2B-209
EVANS, EARL                             OH-64-4-215
EVANS, GABRIEL                          OH-64-3-61
EVANS, JAMES                            OH-64-4-328
EVANS, JOHN                             OH-64-3-44
EVANS, WASHINGTON C.                    OH-64-2-57
EVANS, WASHINGTON C.                    OH-64-1B2B-125
EVARTS, EBENEZER                        OH-64-3-174
EVERLY, ADAM                            OH-64-4-522
FAMULENE, JACOB                         OH-64-2-67
FAMULENER, JACOB                        OH-64-1B2B-129
FERGUSON, DAVID                         OH-64-3-4
FISHER, ELIZABETH                       OH-64-3-108
FISHER, JOHN                            OH-64-3-90
FLEMING, ABNER                          OH-64-3-241
FLEMING, ALEXANDER                      OH-64-2-9
FLEMING, ALEXANDER                      OH-64-1B2B-101
FORESMAN, ALEXANDER                     OH-64-2-84
FORESMAN, ALEXANDER                     OH-64-1B2B-137
FORESMAN, ANN                           OH-64-4-163
FORESMAN, GEORGE                        OH-64-1B2B-123
FORESMAN, HENRY                         OH-64-4-258
FORESMAN, PHILIP                        OH-64-1B2B-15
FORESMAN, ROBERT                        OH-64-1B2B-22
FORESMAN, ROBERT A.                     OH-64-4-506
FORESMAN, WILLIAM                       OH-64-3-136
FORSEMAN, GEORGE                        OH-64-2-52
FORSMAN, PHILIP                         OH-64-1-27
FORSMAN, ROBERT                         OH-64-1-44
FOUST, DAVID                            OH-64-4-250
FRAME, NATHAN                           OH-64-4-42
FRAUNFELTER, ADAM SR.                   OH-64-4-458
FRAUNFELTER, BENJAMIN                   OH-64-4-286
FRIDLEY, LEWIS                          OH-64-3-191
FRIDLEY, SUSANNAH                       OH-64-3-243
FRYBACH, GEORGE                         OH-64-1B2B-171
FRYBACK, GEORGE                         OH-64-2-156
FULCHER, JOHN I.                        OH-64-4-120
FULCHER, JOSEPH C.                      OH-64-4-118
FUNK, JACOB                             OH-64-4-84
GAMBLE, JOHN                            OH-64-3-81
GAY, JOHN SR.                           OH-64-1-137
GAY, JOHN SR.                           OH-64-1B2B-54
GEBHARDT, SARAH                         OH-64-4-237
GENSEL, SAMUEL                          OH-64-4-460
GIBSON, ROBERT                          OH-64-4-89
GIBSON, THOMAS H. (DR)                  OH-64-1B2B-207
GIBSON, THOMAS K. (DR)                  OH-64-2-222
GILL, WILLIAM                           OH-64-4-266
GINGERY, EMANUEL                        OH-64-3-82
GLAZE, GEORGE                           OH-64-1-202
GLAZE, GEORGE                           OH-64-1B2B-78
GLICK, JACOB                            OH-64-3-12
GLICK, LEWIS                            OH-64-3-147
GLICK, SOLOMON HUGH                     OH-64-4-391
GOCHENOUR, JOSEPH                       OH-64-3-171
GONGER, CHRISTENA                       OH-64-3-129
GOOLEY, JACOB JR.                       OH-64-4-329
GRACE, JOHN                             OH-64-2-166
GRAHAM, JARED                           OH-64-2-94
GRAHAM, JARED                           OH-64-1B2B-142
GRANT, JOHN H.                          OH-64-3-277
GREENO, JACOB                           OH-64-3-169
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          OH-64-2-39
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          OH-64-1B2B-116
GRIFFITH, MARGARET A.                   OH-64-4-251
GRIFFITH, MARY                          OH-64-2-122
GRIFFITH, MARY                          OH-64-1B2B-156
GROCE, GEORGE                           OH-64-4-155
GROCE, JOHN                             OH-64-1B2B-175
GROVE, JOHN                             OH-64-4-337
GULICK, FERDINAND                       OH-64-2-242
GULICK, FERDINAND                       OH-64-1B2B-216
GWYNNE, ELI W.                          OH-64-4-445
HADLEY, SIMON                           OH-64-1-68
HADLEY, SIMON                           OH-64-1B2B-30
HAGER, JOHN                             OH-64-3-133
HALL, ANTHONY                           OH-64-1-183
HALL, ANTHONY                           OH-64-1B2B-70
HALL, BENJAMIN                          OH-64-4-157
HALL, HENRY                             OH-64-2-144
HALL, HENRY                             OH-64-1B2B-166
HALL, JAMES                             OH-64-3-42
HALL, JOSEPH                            OH-64-3-23
HALL, JOSEPH                            OH-64-1-216
HALL, JOSEPH                            OH-64-1B2B-84
HALL, SARAH                             OH-64-4-88
HALLER, HENRY                           OH-64-2-267
HALLER, HENRY                           OH-64-1B2B-229
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          OH-64-2-21
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          OH-64-1B2B-106
HAMMEL, SARAH JANE                      OH-64-4-330
HAMMON, MARK                            OH-64-1-41
HAMMONS, MARK                           OH-64-1B2B-21
HANE, MARGARET                          OH-64-2-23
HANE, MARGARET                          OH-64-1B2B-107
HARDY, SARAH                            OH-64-4-136
HARMAN, GEORGE                          OH-64-2-124
HARMAN, GEORGE                          OH-64-1B2B-157
HARREL, MARY                            OH-64-4-516
HATFIELD, JOHN D.                       OH-64-3-110
HAYES, ROBERT                           OH-64-3-196
HAYS, CHARLES                           OH-64-2-132
HAYS, CHARLES                           OH-64-1B2B-160
HAYS, JOSEPH                            OH-64-4-22
HAYS, LEVI                              OH-64-1-206
HAYS, LEVI                              OH-64-1B2B-80
HENDERFAULT, PHILIP P.                  OH-64-4-31
HERON, JAMES                            OH-64-4-359
HERRON, JAMES                           OH-64-4-111
HETHE, GEORGE                           OH-64-1-64
HIBBS, SAMUEL SR.                       OH-64-2-5
HIBBS, SAMUEL SR.                       OH-64-1B2B-99
HILL, JOHN                              OH-64-3-68
HILLERY, JOHN                           OH-64-4-79
HITTER, GEORGE                          OH-64-1B2B-29
HITTLE, JOHN                            OH-64-2-159
HITTLE, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-172
HOFFHINES, GEORGE                       OH-64-4-491
HOFFHINES, JOSEPH                       OH-64-1-231
HOFFHIUS, JOSEPH                        OH-64-1B2B-90
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                         OH-64-4-19
HOGAN, ELIZABETH                        OH-64-1B2B-29
HOGEN, ELIZABETH                        OH-64-1-63
HOHNBACH, PETER                         OH-64-1-170
HOLENBACH, SUSANNAH                     OH-64-1-181
HOLENBACK, PETER                        OH-64-1B2B-65
HOLENBACK, SUSANNAH                     OH-64-1B2B-70
HOOVER, LEWIS                           OH-64-4-242
HORN, GEORGE                            OH-64-1B2B-134
HORREL, GEORGE                          OH-64-2-79
HORSEY, FRANCIS                         OH-64-2-33
HORSEY, FRANCIS                         OH-64-1B2B-113
HORSEY, STEPHEN                         OH-64-2-260
HORSEY, STEPHEN                         OH-64-1B2B-226
HOSKINS, JOHN                           OH-64-4-268
HUBBARD, JACOB                          OH-64-2-37
HUBBARD, JACOB                          OH-64-1B2B-115
HUGHES, ANNA                            OH-64-4-156
HUGHES, JOHN                            OH-64-3-29
HUGHES, JOHN                            OH-64-1-142
HUGHES, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-56
HULSE, JAMES R.                         OH-64-4-306
HULSE, MARY A.                          OH-64-4-391
HURDLE, RICHARD                         OH-64-4-229
HUSTON, ANDREW                          OH-64-4-66
HUSTON, RENICK                          OH-64-4-346
JEWETT, WILLIAM                         OH-64-3-1
JOHNSO, JAMES                           OH-64-4-119
JOHNSON, AMY                            OH-64-4-110
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         OH-64-4-320
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        OH-64-1-32
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        OH-64-3-106
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        OH-64-1B2B-18
JONES, LEVI                             OH-64-4-543
JONES, NOAH                             OH-64-3-183
JOY, ANN                                OH-64-4-236
JULIEN, JANE                            OH-64-4-509
JUSTICE, JOHN                           OH-64-1-132
JUSTICE, JOHN                           OH-64-1B2B-52
JUSTUS, WILLIAM                         OH-64-4-541
KEARNEY, FRANCIS                        OH-64-3-158
KEARNEY, THOMAS                         OH-64-3-124
KELLENBERGER, GEORGE SR.                OH-64-4-292
KELLY, JOHN                             OH-64-4-214
KEMP, JOHN C.                           OH-64-4-134
KENDRICK, SUSAN                         OH-64-4-402
KENNEY, JAMES                           OH-64-1-119
KENSELL, JACOB                          OH-64-4-28
KING, GEORGE                            OH-64-4-363
KINNEAR, BENJAMIN                       OH-64-4-104
KINNEAR, DAVID                          OH-64-3-215
KINNEY, JAMES                           OH-64-1B2B-47
KIRKENDALL, MARY ANN                    OH-64-4-385
KLINE, JACOB                            OH-64-3-88
KNOCKEL, PHILIP G.                      OH-64-4-12
KNOUSE, DANIEL                          OH-64-3-100
LAKE, JOHN                              OH-64-4-100
LAMBERT, JAMES                          OH-64-3-125
LANDON, EZEKIEL                         OH-64-3-118
LANDON, TORABABEL                       OH-64-4-121
LARRICK, JACOB                          OH-64-4-305
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                     OH-64-2-265
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH                     OH-64-1B2B-228
LAWRENCE, HOEL                          OH-64-4-56
LAWRENCE, JAMES                         OH-64-2-65
LAWRENCE, JAMES                         OH-64-1B2B-128
LEACH, THORNTON                         OH-64-4-93
LEACH, VALENTINE                        OH-64-1-121
LEACH, VALENTINE                        OH-64-1B2B-48
LEAZENBEY, JOSHUA                       OH-64-1B2B-215
LEAZENBY, JOSHUA                        OH-64-2-238
LEEZENBY, THOMAS                        OH-64-4-206
LEIST, ANDREW SR.                       OH-64-4-7
LEIST, ANDREW SR.                       OH-64-1-98
LEIST, ANDREW SR.                       OH-64-1B2B-40
LEIST, JACOB                            OH-64-4-474
LEIST, PHILIP                           OH-64-4-219
LEWIS, ZADOC                            OH-64-1B2B-195
LEWIS, ZADOK                            OH-64-2-201
LILLEY, JACOB                           OH-64-3-20
LILLEY, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-42
LILLY, JOHN                             OH-64-1-107
LOFFLAND, WILLIAM                       OH-64-3-26
LOMAPNEY, MARY                          OH-64-4-398
LONG, A. G.                             OH-64-4-369
LONG, ABRAHAM                           OH-64-2-91, 119
LONG, ABRAHAM                           OH-64-1B2B-141
LONGABAUGH, JACOB                       OH-64-3-4
LONGSHORE, THOMAS                       OH-64-4-254
LOOFBOROW, W. JOHN                      OH-64-1-23
LOOFBOURROW, JOHN W.                    OH-64-1B2B-12
LOVE, WILLIAM                           OH-64-2-167
LOVE, WILLIAM                           OH-64-1B2B-177
LUCKEY, WILLIAM N.                      OH-64-3-179
LUDWIG, DANIEL                          OH-64-1-156
LUDWIG, DANIEL                          OH-64-1B2B-60
LUTZ, JACOB D.                          OH-64-4-416
LUTZ, JOHN D.                           OH-64-4-420
LYBRAND, SAMUEL                         OH-64-3-172
MACQUISS, WILLIAM                       OH-64-2-28
MAGATH, JOHN                            OH-64-1-111
MAGATH, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-44
MAGIE, DAVID                            OH-64-4-468
MANTLE, JOHN                            OH-64-2-73
MANTLE, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-131
MARKEL, DANIEL                          OH-64-2-31
MARKEL, DANIEL                          OH-64-1B2B-112
MARQUISS, WILLIAM                       OH-64-1B2B-110
MARTIN, JOHN                            OH-64-4-257
MARTIN, JOHN SR.                        OH-64-1-24
MARTIN, JOHN SR.                        OH-64-1B2B-96
MARTIN, ROBERT                          OH-64-1-135
MARTIN, ROBERT                          OH-64-1B2B-54
MARTZAL, GEORGE                         OH-64-4-62
MASSIE, HENRY                           OH-64-2-104
MASSIE, HENRY                           OH-64-1B2B-147
MATHEWS, GEORGE                         OH-64-3-162
MATHIAS, HENRY                          OH-64-1-60
MATHIAS, HENRY                          OH-64-1B2B-28
MAY, HENRY                              OH-64-4-4
MAYER, MELCHER                          OH-64-1-83
MAYER, MELCHER                          OH-64-1B2B-35
MCALLISTER, JOHN                        OH-64-1-238
MCALLISTER, JOHN                        OH-64-1B2B-93
MCARTHUR, JOHN                          OH-64-3-15
MCCLEARY, JOSHUA                        OH-64-2-278
MCCLINTICK, JOSEPH                      OH-64-3-215
MCCOLLOCH, WILLIAM                      OH-64-3-192
MCCRAW, WILLIAM                         OH-64-2-129
MCCRAW, WILLIAM                         OH-64-1B2B-159
MCFADEN, THOMAS                         OH-64-1-185
MCFADEN, THOMAS                         OH-64-1B2B-71
MCGATH, THOMAS                          OH-64-3-6
MCKINEY, STEPHEN SR.                    OH-64-3-9
MCKINNY, SAMUEL                         OH-64-2-35
MCKINNY, SAMUEL                         OH-64-1B2B-114
MCLAIN, JOHN                            OH-64-4-89
MCLAMB, MARY                            OH-64-4-507
MCLEAN, WILLIAM                         OH-64-4-394
MCNEMAR, PHILIP                         OH-64-3-7
MCOLLISTER, JAMES                       OH-64-4-496
MCQUEEN, MARY                           OH-64-4-128
MCWILLIAMS, ALEXANDER                   OH-64-3-20
MICHAELS, RODUS                         OH-64-2-226
MIESSE, ABRAHAM                         OH-64-3-259
MILLAR, WILLIAM                         OH-64-4-331
MILLEN, LEVINER                         OH-64-1-93
MILLER, JOASH                           OH-64-1-63
MILLER, JOASH                           OH-64-1B2B-27
MILLER, MARY                            OH-64-2-60
MILLER, MARY                            OH-64-1B2B-126
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        OH-64-1-1
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        OH-64-1B2B-1
MITCHEL, RODUS                          OH-64-1B2B-209
MITTEN, LEVINER                         OH-64-1B2B-38
MONTIUS, GEORGE                         OH-64-1B2B-57
MOORE, BENJAMIN                         OH-64-4-498
MOORE, GEORGE                           OH-64-1-110
MOORE, GEORGE                           OH-64-1B2B-44
MOORE, HENRY C.                         OH-64-3-10
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-64-4-147
MOORE, THOMAS                           OH-64-3-260
MOORE, WILLIAM                          OH-64-3-17
MORATT, JOHN                            OH-64-4-77
MORRIS, ELIZABETH                       OH-64-4-58
MORRIS, EZEKIEL                         OH-64-1-100
MORRIS, EZEKIEL                         OH-64-1B2B-40
MORRIS, JAMES                           OH-64-2-162
MORRIS, JAMES                           OH-64-1B2B-174
MORRIS, JOHN                            OH-64-3-40
MORRIS, MARY                            OH-64-1-6
MORRIS, MARY                            OH-64-1B2B-4
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          OH-64-4-101
MORRIS, WILLIAM H.                      OH-64-4-352
MORRISON, GEORGE                        OH-64-3-160
MORTON, SETH                            OH-64-4-430
MOUSER, PETER                           OH-64-4-482
MOUSER, WILLIAM C.                      OH-64-4-202
MOWRY, JACOB                            OH-64-4-466
MOWRY, PETER                            OH-64-2-179
MOWRY, PETER                            OH-64-1B2B-183
MOYER, PETER                            OH-64-4-73
MUHLENBERG, PETER                       OH-64-2-110
MULENBERG, PETER                        OH-64-1B2B-150
MUMMY, GEORGE                           OH-64-2-2
MUMMY, GEORGE                           OH-64-1B2B-98
MURE, JAMES                             OH-64-3-58
MURRAY, GEORGE                          OH-64-2-263
MURRAY, GEORGE                          OH-64-1B2B-227
NEFF, ELIJAH                            OH-64-4-124
NEFF, GEORGE                            OH-64-3-35
NEWHOUSE, ISAAC                         OH-64-4-52
NOBLE, DANIEL C.                        OH-64-2-170
NOBLE, DANIEL C.                        OH-64-1B2B-179
NOBLE, ROBERT P.                        OH-64-3-156
NOBLE, SAMUEL                           OH-64-2-116
NOBLE, SAMUEL                           OH-64-1B2B-153
NOLAND, THOMAS                          OH-64-2-212
NOLAND, THOMAS                          OH-64-1B2B-201
ODONNEL, CATHARINE                      OH-64-4-152
OHARA, HUGH                             OH-64-4-131
OLDS, GAMALIEL S.                       OH-64-3-164
OLDS, JOSEPH                            OH-64-3-148
OLDS, JULIA W.                          OH-64-3-280
OMAN, MOSES                             OH-64-3-132
OSTRANDER, ED                           OH-64-1B2B-200
OSTRANDER, EDWARD                       OH-64-2-210
PALMORE, PURNEL                         OH-64-4-314
PARCELS, BENJAMIN                       OH-64-3-102
PARCELS, HANNAH                         OH-64-4-1
PARCELS, JOHN                           OH-64-1-134
PARCELS, JOHN                           OH-64-1B2B-53
PARCELS, PETER                          OH-64-3-119
PATRICK, MAGDALENE                      OH-64-4-368
PECK, HENRY                             OH-64-4-473
PEMBERTON, THOMAS                       OH-64-4-487
PENNYWELL, GEORGE                       OH-64-1-30
PENNYWELL, GEORGE                       OH-64-1B2B-17
PERKINS, G. G.                          OH-64-3-272
PERRILL, NATHAN                         OH-64-3-127
PHEBUS, GEORGE                          OH-64-3-2
PHEBUS, HENRY                           OH-64-4-317
PHEBUS, SAMUEL                          OH-64-3-194
PIERCE, JOHN                            OH-64-4-404
PIPER, ELIZABETH                        OH-64-4-413
PIPER, PHILIP                           OH-64-4-208
PONTIOUS, GEORGE                        OH-64-4-409
PONTIOUS, ROSANNA                       OH-64-4-348
PONTIOUS, SAMUEL                        OH-64-4-341
PONTIUS, DANIEL                         OH-64-4-210
PONTIUS, GEORGE                         OH-64-1-147
POULSON, CORNELIUS                      OH-64-3-182
POULSON, WILLIAM                        OH-64-4-277
PRICE, GEORGE                           OH-64-3-279
PULTNEY, THOMAS                         OH-64-3-111
RADCLIFF, B.                            OH-64-4-519
RAINIER, ISAAC SR.                      OH-64-4-321
RAREY, GEORGE                           OH-64-3-203
RAUB, ANDREW                            OH-64-1-209
RAUB, ANDREW                            OH-64-1B2B-81
RECTOR, HENRY                           OH-64-4-72
RECTOR, JOHN                            OH-64-1-53
RECTOR, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-26
REDMAN, JAMES                           OH-64-3-87
REED, ANDREW                            OH-64-4-353
REED, ANDREW                            OH-64-4-61
REED, GEORGE                            OH-64-3-66
REED, WILLIAM                           OH-64-2-46
REED, WILLIAM                           OH-64-1B2B-120
REEDER, ELAM                            OH-64-4-500
REEDER, HENRY                           OH-64-1-142, 242
REEDER, HENRY                           OH-64-1B2B-55, 94
REEVES, JOSIAS                          OH-64-3-38
REID, VICTOR                            OH-64-3-80
RENICK, AMANDA M.                       OH-64-4-276
RENICK, JAMES                           OH-64-3-107
RENICK, JOHN                            OH-64-1-17
RENICK, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-10
RENICK, JONATHAN                        OH-64-3-77
RENICK, MORTIMER W. P.                  OH-64-4-90
RENICK, TABITHA                         OH-64-4-97
RENICK, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-64-3-116
REYNOLDS, THOMAS                        OH-64-4-106
RHODES, SUSANNAH                        OH-64-4-335
RICHARDSON, PETER                       OH-64-3-138
RIFE, PHILIP                            OH-64-4-511
RITTER, JACOB                           OH-64-4-50
RITTER, JOHN                            OH-64-4-140
ROBBINS, MATTHIAS                       OH-64-4-85
ROBERTS, CHARLES                        OH-64-3-78
ROBERTSON, MICHAEL                      OH-64-4-54
RODGERS, MATTHEW                        OH-64-4-148
ROOF, MARY C.                           OH-64-4-30
ROOSE, DAVID                            OH-64-4-284
ROSE, CATHERINE                         OH-64-3-254
ROSE, HENRY                             OH-64-3-252
ROSE, JAMES SR.                         OH-64-4-287
ROSE, LEVI                              OH-64-4-439
ROSS, DAVID                             OH-64-3-267
ROSS, TALMAGE                           OH-64-2-151
ROSS, TALMAGE                           OH-64-1B2B-169
ROUT, ANN                               OH-64-1B2B-165
ROUT, WILLIAM                           OH-64-2-77
ROUT, WILLIAM                           OH-64-1B2B-134
ROUTS, ANN                              OH-64-2-142
ROWE, GEORGE                            OH-64-3-262
ROWLAND, JOHN                           OH-64-3-207
RUDY, HENRY                             OH-64-4-23
RUNNELS, JONATHAN                       OH-64-2-219
RUNNELS, JONATHAN                       OH-64-1B2B-205
RUSH, FRANCIS                           OH-64-4-315
RUSH, HENRY                             OH-64-1-39
RUSH, HENRY                             OH-64-1B2B-20
RUSH, WESLEY                            OH-64-4-484
SAGE, HENRY                             OH-64-4-388
SCHNEIDER, DAVID                        OH-64-4-464
SCHOONOVER, MARY                        OH-64-4-135
SCOTHORN, JOSEPH                        OH-64-4-370
SCOVIL, ELEAZER                         OH-64-4-502
SCRIVER, DAVID                          OH-64-4-13
SCRYVER, NANCY C.                       OH-64-4-82
SCUTT, STEPHEN                          OH-64-4-80
SEEDS, WILLIAM                          OH-64-3-33
SHARP, JOHN                             OH-64-2-19
SHARPE, JOHN                            OH-64-1B2B-105
SHAWHAN, THOMAS                         OH-64-4-401
SHELBY, DAVID                           OH-64-3-134
SHERIFF, ANTHONY                        OH-64-3-33
SHIPLEY, JOHN C.                        OH-64-4-365
SHOOK, PHILIP                           OH-64-4-336
SHOOTS, JOSEPH                          OH-64-4-103
SHORT, JAMES                            OH-64-1-49
SHORT, JAMES                            OH-64-1B2B-24
SHORT, STEPHEN                          OH-64-1-79
SHORT, STEPHEN                          OH-64-1B2B-33
SHOTWELL, JOHN                          OH-64-4-463
SHUCK, PHILIP                           OH-64-1-95
SHUCK, PHILIP                           OH-64-1B2B-38
SHUTT, CATHERINE                        OH-64-3-32
SIMMS, CHARLES                          OH-64-2-247
SIMMS, CHARLES                          OH-64-1B2B-219
SISK, JAMES                             OH-64-2-240
SISK, JAMES                             OH-64-1B2B-216
SMART, HUGH                             OH-64-4-227
SMECK, SAMUEL                           OH-64-4-232
SMITH, CATHERINE                        OH-64-3-181
SMITH, JACOB H.                         OH-64-1-42
SMITH, JACOB H.                         OH-64-1B2B-22
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-64-2-258
SMITH, JAMES                            OH-64-1B2B-225
SMITH, SAMUEL                           OH-64-1-170, 172
SMITH, SAMUEL                           OH-64-1B2B-66
SMITH, WILLIAM                          OH-64-4-323
SNODGRASS, CATHARINE                    OH-64-4-418
SNODGRASS, RACHEL                       OH-64-2-186
SNODGRASS, RACHEL                       OH-64-1B2B-187
SPANGLER, JACOB                         OH-64-4-133
STAGE, JANE B.                          OH-64-4-261
STAGE, WILLIAM                          OH-64-4-318
STALL, ELIZA                            OH-64-4-248
STARLING, LYM SR.                       OH-64-4-164
STEELY, GABRIEL                         OH-64-2-48
STEIN, JOHN                             OH-64-3-93
STEIN, JOHN                             OH-64-4-123, 126
STEPHENS, SAMUEL                        OH-64-4-249
STINGLEY, JACOB                         OH-64-1-221
STINGLEY, JACOB                         OH-64-1B2B-86
STOAKS, ANN                             OH-64-4-53
STONG, JOHN L.                          OH-64-4-501
STOUT, ANN MARIA                        OH-64-4-48
STOUT, GEORGE SR.                       OH-64-4-343
STOUT, JACOB SR.                        OH-64-3-154
STOUT, MARGARET                         OH-64-3-200
STULY, GABRIEL                          OH-64-1B2B-121
STULY, MARY                             OH-64-3-255
STUMP, JACOB                            OH-64-4-228
STUMP, JOHN                             OH-64-2-26
STUMP, JOHN                             OH-64-1B2B-109
STUMPF, CONRAD                          OH-64-1-172, 177
STUMPF, CONRAD                          OH-64-1B2B-67
SULLIVAN, DAVID                         OH-64-4-372
SWAGERT, JOHN                           OH-64-1-139
SWAGERT, JOHN                           OH-64-1B2B-55
SWANK, CATHARINE                        OH-64-4-291
TAMER, WILLIAM                          OH-64-3-23
TANNER, HANNAH                          OH-64-2-44
TANNER, HANNAH                          OH-64-1B2B-119
TANNER, JOHN                            OH-64-4-480
TAYLOR, CALEB                           OH-64-2-256
TAYLOR, CALEB                           OH-64-1B2B-224
TEAGARDEN, AARON                        OH-64-1-127
TEEGARDEN, AARON                        OH-64-1B2B-51
TERFLINGERS, GEORGE                     OH-64-4-406
TERWILLIGER, PHILIP                     OH-64-4-207
THOMAS, JOHN                            OH-64-4-69
THOMAS, JOSEPH SR.                      OH-64-3-8
THOMAS, MARY                            OH-64-1-87
THOMAS, MARY                            OH-64-1B2B-36
THOMAS, OBEDIAH P.                      OH-64-3-22
THOMPSON, ARCHIBALD                     OH-64-1-115
THOMPSON, ARCHIBALD                     OH-64-1B2B-46
THOMPSON, JAMES                         OH-64-3-248
THOMPSON, JOHN                          OH-64-4-5
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        OH-64-1-228
THOMPSON, THOMAS                        OH-64-1B2B-89
THOMS, JOHN                             OH-64-4-99
THROCKMORTON, JOHN                      OH-64-3-98
TIMMONS, STEPHEN                        OH-64-3-269
TIMMONS, WILIAM                         OH-64-4-161
TOBIAS, LYDIA                           OH-64-4-255
TORBERT, JAMES                          OH-64-2-246
TOWERS, WILLIAM SR.                     OH-64-3-27
TRY, DANIEL                             OH-64-4-81
VALENTINE, HENRY                        OH-64-3-24
VANHISE, ABRAHAM                        OH-64-1-242
VANHISE, ABRAHAM                        OH-64-1B2B-95
VANKIRK, BARNETT                        OH-64-3-36
VANKIRK, MARY                           OH-64-1-55
VANKIRK, MARY                           OH-64-1B2B-26
VANMETER, ISAAC                         OH-64-1-90
VANMETER, ISAAC                         OH-64-1B2B-37
VANMETER, T. T.                         OH-64-3-261
VANWAGGONER, MARGARET                   OH-64-3-140
VASS, WILLIAM                           OH-64-4-325
VINEY, WILLIAM                          OH-64-4-49
VINSON, ISAAC                           OH-64-3-14
VINSON, THOMAS                          OH-64-3-28
WADDLE, JAMES                           OH-64-1-21
WAGNER, LEWIS                           OH-64-3-60
WALKER, DAVID                           OH-64-3-146
WALKER, JOHN SR.                        OH-64-4-290
WALLACE, CADWALLADER                    OH-64-4-312
WALSTON, WILLIAM                        OH-64-4-408
WARD, JAMES                             OH-64-4-339
WARD, NATHAN                            OH-64-2-178
WARD, NATHAN                            OH-64-1B2B-182
WARD, RICHARD C.                        OH-64-4-158
WARNER, LEONARD                         OH-64-2-13
WATSON, JACOB SR.                       OH-64-4-283
WATTS, JOHN                             OH-64-2-136
WATTS, JOHN                             OH-64-1B2B-162
WEAVER, WENDELL                         OH-64-4-32
WEEDIN, JOHN                            OH-64-4-217
WEICHNER, JOHN                          OH-64-4-241
WEIDER, DAVID                           OH-64-3-3
WELKER, WILLIAM                         OH-64-2-87
WELLS, ISAAC                            OH-64-4-424
WELLS, SARAH                            OH-64-4-393
WELMER, LEONHART                        OH-64-1B2B-102
WELSH, ROBERT                           OH-64-4-201
WEST, GEORGE                            OH-64-1-186
WEST, GEORGE                            OH-64-1B2B-72
WHISLER, MICHAEL                        OH-64-4-375
WHITE, HENRY                            OH-64-4-316
WHITE, ROBERT                           OH-64-2-230
WHITE, ROBERT                           OH-64-1B2B-211
WHITESEL, GEORGE                        OH-64-4-441
WHITESEL, MATHIAS                       OH-64-4-462
WHITESIDES, ANDREW                      OH-64-4-3
WILEY, JOSEPH                           OH-64-4-437
WILHNER, JOHN                           OH-64-3-187
WILKER, WILLIAM                         OH-64-1B2B-139
WILKINSON, DANIEL                       OH-64-4-60
WILLIAMS, MARY                          OH-64-4-434
WILSON, SAMUEL                          OH-64-4-262
WINSHIP, WINN                           OH-64-1-9
WINSHIP, WINN                           OH-64-1B2B-6
WINTERS, NANCY                          OH-64-3-216
WISLER, HENRY                           OH-64-2-101
WISLER, HENRY                           OH-64-1B2B-145
WITT, CATHARINE G.                      OH-64-4-222
WITTICH, PAUL                           OH-64-4-364
WOLF, GEORGE                            OH-64-4-243
WOLFE, JAMES                            OH-64-4-389
WOLFLEY, ELIZABETH                      OH-64-4-10
WOOD, GEORGE                            OH-64-4-278
WOODDELL, JAMES                         OH-64-1B2B-11
WOOLWEAVER, WILLIAM                     OH-64-3-30
WRIGHT, NANCY                           OH-64-2-62
WRIGHT, NANCY                           OH-64-1B2B-127
WRIGHT, TUBMAN                          OH-64-1-236
WRIGHT, TUBMAN                          OH-64-1B2B-92
YATES, DAVID                            OH-64-3-29
YATES, JOSEPH                           OH-64-2-195
YATES, JOSEPH                           OH-64-1B2B-192
YOUNG, JOHN                             OH-64-1-226
YOUNG, JOHN                             OH-64-1B2B-88
YOUNG, MARY                             OH-64-4-427
ZEAGER, JACOB                           OH-64-1-197
ZEAGER, JACOB                           OH-64-1B2B-76
ZIMMER, ABRAHAM                         OH-64-3-244
ZIMMER, GEORGE                          OH-64-4-14
ZOLLERS, GEORGE                         OH-64-4-239

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