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-, TISE                                NTL                                     NY-41-C-15
ABRAHAMS, JOHN                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-371
ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL                       BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-41-C-334
ABRAMES, HENRY                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-158
ABRAMS, JACOB                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-448
ABREHAMS, JOSEPH SR.                   SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-190
ADRIANCE, JACOB                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-344
ADRIANCE, ELBERT                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-164
AIRESON, JAMES SR.                     FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-412
AKERLY, BENJAMIN                       COW NECK                                NY-41-A-43
AKERSON, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-202
ALBERTSON, ALBERT                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-D-230
ALBERTSON, RICHARD                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-127
ALLBURTUS, SAMUEL                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-17
ALLEN, DURIAS                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-401
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       GREAT NECK                              NY-41-C-328
ALLEN, HENRY                           GREAT NECK                              NY-41-A-146
ALLEN, RICHARD                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-367
ALLEN, PHILLIP                         GREAT NECK                              NY-41-A-477
ALLEN, DOBSON                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-25
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-328
ALLEN, ANDREW                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-104
ALLEN, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-148
ALLEN, DAVID                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-281
ALLEN, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-182
ALLEN, JOHN (THE ELDER)                NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-151
ALSOP, PHILENER                        OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-240
ALSOP, RICHARD                         NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-A-86
ALSOP, RICHARD                         WESTBURY                                NY-41-A-112
ALSOP, RICHARD                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-240
ALSOP, THOMAS                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-173
AMBERMAN, JOHN                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-312
AMBERMAN, ISAAC                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-232
AMBERMAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-195
AMBERMAN, ISAAC SR.                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-481
AMERMAN, ABRAHAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-48
ANDIRIESE, BARRENT                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-309
APPLEBEE, THOMAS                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-237
APPLEBY, ELIZABETH                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-356
ARCHIBALD, JOHN                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-32
ARENSON, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-17
ASPINWALL, REBECCA                     FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-104
AUGERINE, LEWIS                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-35
AUSTIN, NATHANIEL                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-9
AYMAR, JOHN                            OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-393
BAILEY, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-184
BAILEY, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-14
BAKER, ELIZABETH                       GREAT NECK                              NY-41-A-460
BAKER, SIMEON                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-175
BALDWIN, JESSE                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-384
BALDWIN, SILVENUS                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-100
BALDWIN, THOMAS                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-141
BALDWIN, FRANCIS                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-386
BALDWIN, RICHARD                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-158
BANISTER, CORNELIA                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-425
BANISTER, JOSIAH M.                    TBL                                     NY-41-G-333
BARAGER, JACOB                         JAMACIA                                 NY-41-A-84
BARAGER, LUKE                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-156
BARCLAY, ANTHONY                       NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-B-280
BARGAN, ANN                            JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-161
BARGEN, TUNIS                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-114
BARGEN, MARY                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-115
BARKER, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-237
BARTON, ELIJAH SR.                     HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-417
BATTY, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-38
BAULDWIN, PLATT                        BL                                      NY-41-G-302
BAYLE, GEORGE                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-333
BAYLIS, EPHRAIM                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-470
BAYLIS, DANIEL                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-65
BECKLEY, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-564
BEDEL, BENAJAH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-363
BEDELL, ABRAHAM                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-107
BEDELL, DAVID                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-136
BEDELL, JEEMIAH                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-50
BEDELL, SARAH                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-174
BEDELL, SELVESTER                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-46
BEDELL, URIAH                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-490
BEDELL, JACOB                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-32
BEDELL, JEKEMIAH                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-287
BEEDLE, BENJAMIN                       OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-127
BEEDLE, ABIJAH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-215
BEEDLE, ABIJAH SR.                     HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-77
BELL, RICHARD                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-233
BEND, WILLETT                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-252
BENNET, ABIGAIL                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-194
BENNET, ANNE                           CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-C-337
BENNET, CATHERINE                      CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-C-443
BENNET, JAMES                          MUSCUETE COVE                           NY-41-B-232
BENNET, JEROMUS                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-61
BENNET, JOHN                           OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-404
BENNET, JOHN                           JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-247
BENNET, JOHONAS                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-513
BENNET, GARRIT                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-295
BENNET, AURY                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-191
BENNETT, GEORGE                        CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-A-314
BENNETT, ABLE                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-241
BENNIT, ISAAC                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-393
BENSON, EGBERT                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-325
BERGEN, JACOB                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-8
BERGEN, ABRAHAM                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-131
BERGEN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-132
BERGEN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-234
BERGEN, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-360
BERIAN, CORNELIUS                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-91
BETTS, ANTHONY                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-379
BETTS, ELIZABETH                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-437
BETTS, JOSEPH                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-148
BETTS, RICHARD                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-55
BETTS, SARAH                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-261
BETTS, THOMAS                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-217
BIRDSALL, ELIZABETH                    JERUSALEM                               NY-41-C-32
BIRDSALL, FREELOVE                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-34
BLACK, JAMES JONES                     JERICHO                                 NY-41-B-95
BLACWELL, ROBET                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-141
BLOOM, SARAH                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-323
BOERUM, CHARLES                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-358
BOERUM, JACOB                          NASSAU ISLAND                           NY-41-A-12
BOGART, ISAAC                          WOLVERHOLLOW                            NY-41-A-326
BOGART, TUNIS                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-215
BOGART, ISAAC SR.                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-213
BOGERT, CORNELIUS I.                   TBL                                     NY-41-G-164
BOND, PETER                            SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-102
BONNEY, JAMES                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-103
BORDEN, ANNE                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-485
BOUGHROM, ABRAHAM                      HEMPSTEA                                NY-41-A-425
BOWNE, JOSEPH                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-179
BOWNE, JOHN                            FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-203
BOWNE, CATHARINE                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-177
BOWNE, WILLETT                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-185
BRAGAW, RICHARD                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-143
BRAGAW, ISAAC                          BL                                      NY-41-G-36
BRAGAW, JOHN J.                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-68
BRENNER, JOHN                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-50
BREWER, JOHN                           SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-298
BRINCKERHOFF, MARIA                    COW NECK                                NY-41-A-419
BRINKERHOFF, ISAAC                     FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-495
BRINKERHOFF, HENDRICK                  NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-235
BRINKERHOFF, HENRICK                   FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-340
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE SR.                NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-108
BROWNEJOHN, SAMUEL                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-212
BUCKBEE, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-172
BURLING, SARAH                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-3
BURLING, JAMES                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-314
BURLING, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NY-41-F-56
BURROUGHS, DEBORAH                     NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-324
BURROUGHS, JOSEPH                      NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-D-336
BURROUGHS, MARY                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-325
BURROUGHS, THOMAS                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-234
BURROUGHS, JOSEPH                      TBL (CON'T)                             NY-41-E-137
BURROUGHS, WILLIAM H.                  NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-347
BURTIS, AARON                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-283
BURTIS, ELIAS                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-220
BURTIS, JAMES                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-307
BURTIS, JAMES                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-49
BURTIS, JOHN                           FOSTERS MEADOW                          NY-41-A-231
BURTIS, JOHN                           NORTH HEMSPTEAD                         NY-41-D-6
BURTIS, MARIAM                         NTL                                     NY-41-D-279
BURTIS, ABRAHAM                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-89
BURTIS, HENDRICK                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-257
BURTIS, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-151
BURTIS, JOHN JR.                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-114
BURTUS, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-116
BUTLER, JOHN                           OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-78
BYVANCH, ANN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-446
CARHARTT, JAMES                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-235
CARLE, JOHN                            NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-228
CARMAN, JOSEPH                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-159
CARMAN, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-83
CARMAN, JAMES                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-101
CARMAN, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-178
CARMAN, MARY                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-228
CARMAN, STEPHEN                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-231
CARMAN, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-108
CARPENTER, INCREAS                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-13
CARPENTER, THOMAS                      OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-166
CARPENTER, JAMES                       RED SPRING                              NY-41-D-277
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                      JERICHO                                 NY-41-A-238
CARPENTER, NEHEMIAH                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-370
CARPENTER, JACOB                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-153
CARPENTER, JACOB SR.                   JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-223
CHEESEMAN, ANTHONY                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-274
CHEESMAN, BENJAMIN                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-65
CHEESMAN, RICHARD                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-160
CHESHIRE, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-369
CHESHIRE, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-272
CHESHIRE, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-231
CHESHIRE, AMOS                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-324
CHESHIRE, JANE                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-512
CLEMENT, SARAH                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-129
CLEMENT, STEPHEN                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-126
CLOWES, SAMUEL                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-4
CLOWES, ISAAC                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-334
CLOWES, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-206
COCK, CLEMENCE                         OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-11
COCK, THOMAS                           MILL NECK                               NY-41-C-254
COCK, HENRY                            MATENECOCK                              NY-41-B-181
COCK, JEMIMA                           NTL                                     NY-41-C-270
COCK, JOHN                             MATINECOCK                              NY-41-D-299
COCK, SAMUEL                           OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-211
COCK, LORETTE                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-131
COCK, MARY                             CEDARSWAMP                              NY-41-D-168
COCK, DANIEL JR.                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-229
COCK, LEVI SR.                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-93
COCOK, HENRY                           MATINECOCK                              NY-41-B-86
CODWISE, GEORGE JR.                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-16
COE, BENJAMIN                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-364
COE, CATHERINE                         NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-D-346
COE, ELIZABETH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-201
COE, NEHEMIAH                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-157
COE, SAMUEL S.                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-111
COGSWELL, ABIGAIL                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-87
COLES, ABRAHAM                         OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-149
COLES, BARACK                          MOSQUETOCOVE                            NY-41-D-79
COLES, BENJAMIN                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-136
COLES, DERICK                          MOSQUETO COVE                           NY-41-A-400
COLES, ISAAC                           OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-258
COLES, JACOB                           DUCKPOND                                NY-41-C-57
COLES, NATHANIEL                       DOSORIS                                 NY-41-C-318
COLES, SARAH                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-146
COLES, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-334
COLES, NATHANIEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-198
COLES, ANNE                            TBL                                     NY-41-F-314
COLES, JARVIS                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-99
COLES, HANNAH                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-66
COLGAN, THOMAS                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-164
COLGAN, MARY                           NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-41-A-15
COMBES,NATHANIEL JR.                   HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-500
COOMBS, LAWRENCE                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-111
COOPER, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-214
COOURT, WALTER SR.                     HEMSPTEAD                               NY-41-B-258
CORNAGA, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-201
CORNEL, CALEB                          COW NECK                                NY-41-B-125
CORNELIUS, MOSES                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-316
CORNELIUS, JOHN                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-327
CORNELL, CHARLES                       SUCCESS                                 NY-41-B-20
CORNELL, CHARLES                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-89
CORNELL, CHARLES                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-353
CORNELL, CHARLES                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-309
CORNELL, HANNAH                        ROCKAWAY                                NY-41-B-335
CORNELL, MARY                          ROCKAWAY                                NY-41-A-436
CORNELL, SAMUEL                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-300
CORNELL, WILLIAM                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-421
CORNELL, WILLIAM                       SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-53
CORNELL, ABIGAIL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-129
CORNELL, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-1
CORNELL, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-162
CORNISH, BENJAMIN SR.                  NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-13
CORNWALL, LEWIS                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-212
CORNWALL, JAMES                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-342
CORNWELL, BARRACK                      FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-24
CORNWELL, CORNELIUS                    NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-85
CORNWELL, ELIJAH                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-104
CORNWELL, HANNAH                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-433
CORNWELL, RUTH                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-351
CORNWELL, TIMOTHY                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-266
CORNWELL, WHITEHEAD                    ROCKAWAY                                NY-41-B-188
CORNWELL, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-167
CORNWELL, HEWLETT                      TBL                                     NY-41-F-95
CORSA, ISAAC                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-8
CORTELYOU, PETER                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-318
CORTELYOU, AARON                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-123
COVERT, ADOLPH                         BUCKRAM                                 NY-41-B-87
COVERT, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-51
COVERT, TUNIS                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-36
COZINA, CORNELIUS                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-302
CRAFT, HENRY                           HEMPSTEAD HARBOUR                       NY-41-A-347
CRAFT, HENRY                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-182
CRAFT, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-438
CRAFT, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-21
CRAFT, THOMAS T.                       MUSQUITICOVE                            NY-41-D-145
CRAFT, BENJAMIN THORNY                 MUSKETICOVE                             NY-41-A-328
CREED, BENJAMIN                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-12
CREED, EMELIA                          NTL                                     NY-41-C-83
CREED, WILLIAM JR.                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-278
CREED, WILLIAM SR.                     NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-289
CROCKER, WILLIAM                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-111
CROCKER, SAMSON                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-249
CROMMELIN, ROBERT                      FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-99
CROMMELIN, CHARLES                     FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-284
CROMWELL, JOHN J.                      TBL                                     NY-41-F-39
CROOKER, WILLIAM                       WHEATLY                                 NY-41-B-293
CROOKER, SARAH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-249
CUMMINS, LUKE                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-46
CURTIS, WILLIAM                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-318
DAVIS, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-235
DAVISON, ROBERT                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-186
DEANE, WILLIAM                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-226
DEBEVOISE, CHARLES                     NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-217
DEBEVOISE, DANIEL                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-188
DEBEVOISE, GEORGE                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-116
DEBEVOISE, JOHANNES                    NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-201
DEBEVOISE, CHARLES                     NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-149
DEBEVOISE, JOHN                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-12
DEBEVOISE, JOHN G.                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-102
DEMILT, OBEDIAH                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-315
DEMILT, MARY                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-306
DEMOTT, ANTHONY                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-45
DEMOTT, JOHN                           SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-236
DEMOTT, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-190
DEMOTT, SAMUEL                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-124
DENTON, JOHN                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-122
DENTON, JOSEPH                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-34
DENTON, NATHANIEL                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-342
DENTON, SAMUEL                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-200
DENTON, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-41-A-294
DENTON, WILLIAM                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-331
DENTON, CATHERINE                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-232
DENTON, ISAAC                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-98
DENTON, AMOS                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-77
DENTON, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-290
DENTON, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-67
DENTON, SUSANNAH                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-459
DEPEYSTER, JAMES                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-492
DEPEYSTER, SARAH                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-112
DEWIT, JOHANNES                        NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-D-344
DICKENSON, AMOS                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-354
DICKINSON, TOWNSEND                    CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-A-190
DITMARE, ABRAHAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-283
DIVINE, JOHN                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-256
DODGE, TRISTRAM                        NTL                                     NY-41-D-35
DORION, MARTHA                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-172
DORION, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-254
DORLON, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-200
DORLON, THOMAS                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-509
DORLON, CARMAN                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-72
DOTY, ISAAC                            OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-158
DOTY, JOHN                             OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-23
DOTY, ZEBULON                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-272
DOTY, ANANIAS                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-87
DOTY, AMY                              TBL                                     NY-41-G-273
DOUGHTY, ROBERT                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-20
DOUGHTY, SAMUEL                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-119
DOUGHTY, THOMAS                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-306
DOUGHTY, BENJAMIN                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-91
DOWNING, JAMES                         SOUTH HEMSPTEAD                         NY-41-A-145
DOWNING, BENJAMIN                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-285
DOWNING, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-40
DOWNING, JACOB                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-2
DOWNING, CATO (COLORED)                WESTBURY                                NY-41-D-119
DOWNING, HENERY SR.                    OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-479
DOWNING, CHARLES W.                    TBL                                     NY-41-G-209
DOXSEY, SOLON                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-160
DOYLE, DARBY                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-177
DUNBAR, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-196
DURLAN, JOHN                           JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-39
DURLAND, GARRT                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-286
DURLON, JOSEPH                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-49
DURLON, JOHN                           SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-36
DURYE, JOHN                            JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-325
DURYEA, MARTHA                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-224
DURYEA, RULUFF                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-474
DURYEA, DANIEL                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-123
DURYEA, WILHELMUS                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-154
DURYEA, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-485
DURYEA, AARON                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-326
DURYEA, JOHN I.                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-510
DURYEE, DANIEL                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-47
DURYEE, JACOB                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-55
DURYEE, MARY                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-97
DUSENBERY, BENJAMIN                    HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-2
EAGLES, MARY                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-312
EAGLES, JOHN                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-164
EDSELL, SAMUEL                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-348
EERITT, NICHOLAS                       JAMACIA                                 NY-41-C-27
EIGENBRODT, LEWIS E. A.                TBL                                     NY-41-F-121
ELDER, LUKE                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-376
ELDERD, ISRAEL                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-23
ELDERT, SAMUEL JR.                     TBL                                     NY-41-F-49
ELLIS, PHILIP                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-180
ELLISON, RICHARD                       SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-337
ELLISON, JAMES                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-282
ELLISON, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-188
ELLSWORTH, JOHN                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-37
EMANS, HENDRICK                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-49
EMBREE, EFFINGHAM                      FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-113
EMBREE, ABIGAIL                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-1
EVERETT, DANIEL                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-270
EVERIT, BENJAMIN                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-288
EVERIT, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-126
EVERITT, JOHN                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-246
EVERITT, JUDITH                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-74
EVERITT, HANNAH                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-247
EVERITT, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     G375
FAITOUTE, GEORGE                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-508
FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN                   FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-153
FARRINGTON, LANCELOT                   NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-99
FARRINGTON, MATTHEW                    TBL                                     NY-41-E-164
FARRINGTON, GEORGE                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-356
FARRINGTON, SARAH                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-260
FAULKNER, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-275
FEEKES, CHARLES                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-39
FEEKS, CHARLES C.                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-528
FEEKS, DANIEL SR.                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-203
FIELD, BENJAMIN                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-97
FIELD, GILBERT                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-29
FIELD, JACOB                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-413
FIELD, JOSEPH                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-223
FIELD, HENRY                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-31
FISH, JOHN                             NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-183
FISH, JONATHAN                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-47
FISH, PETER                            NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-155
FISH, BENJAMIN                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-196
FISH, ROBBIN                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-61
FLEET, JESSE                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-66
FLOWER, HARMAN                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-48
FLOWER, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-352
FLOWER, LETTISHE                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-467
FOLK, JOHN B.                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-44
FORD, JOSEPH                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-123
FOSTER, NATHANIEL                      FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-246
FOSTER, SAMUEL                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-335
FOSTER, SARAH                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-248
FOSTER, THOMAS                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-75
FOSTER, GLORIANA                       ROCKAWAY                                NY-41-A-342
FOWLER, JOHN                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-282
FOWLER, THOMAS                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-217
FOWLER, RICHARD E.                     TBL                                     NY-41-F-182
FOX, WILLIAM L.                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-142
FREDERICKSON, MARY                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-200
FREDRICKSON, SAMUEL                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-397
FREDRICKSON, PETER                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-88
FROST, ISAAC                           WESTBURY                                NY-41-C-130
FROST, ISRAEL                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-286
FROST, NATHANIEL                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-483
FROST, WILLIAM                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-445
FROST, CHARLES                         WHEATLY                                 NY-41-D-286
FROST, PENN                            TBL                                     NY-41-E-212
FROST, MARY                            TBL                                     NY-41-E-383
FROST, WALTER                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-368
FROST, CALEB                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-49
FROST, STEPHEN                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-222
FRY, JOHN                              TBL                                     NY-41-F-297
FURMAN, HOWARD                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-274
FURMAN, JONATHAN                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-206
FURMAN, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-352
GILDERSLEAVE, MARY                     HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-191
GILDERSLEAVE, RICHARD                  HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-355
GILDERSLEAVE, GEORGE                   HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-420
GILDERSLEAVE, GEORGE P.                TBL                                     NY-41-G-74
GILDERSLEEVE, DAVID                    HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-342
GILDERSLEVE, JONATHAN                  HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-65
GILZEAN, WILLIAM                       NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-A-278
GLEEN, ROBERT                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-132
GOLDER, ABRAHAM                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-18
GOLDER, WILLIAM                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-92
GOLDER, PHEBE                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-154
GOLDER, MORRIS                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-112
GOLDER, RUTH                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-124
GOSLINE, JOSEPH                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-226
GOSLINE, HANNAH                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-249
GOSLINE, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-59
GRACIE, ARCHIBALD                      EAST HAMPTON, SUFFOLK, NY               NY-41-D-1
GREENOAK, JOHN                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-148
GREENOAK, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-114
GRESWOLD, JOSEPH                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-503
GRITMAN, WILLIAM                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-103
HAGEMAN, BENJAMIN                      FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-310
HAGERMAN, ANNE                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-15
HAGERMAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-63
HAGNER, HENDRICK                       HERRICKS                                NY-41-B-296
HAINES, DANIEL                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-271
HALL, BENJAMIN                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-167
HALL, JOHN                             HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-454
HALL, JOSEPH                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-201
HALLETT, RICHARD                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-59
HARE, AMOS SR.                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-183
HAUGAVOUT, LEFFURT                     SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-263
HAVILAND, RACHEL                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-67
HAVILAND, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-557
HAWXHURST, SAMSON                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-81
HAWXHURST, JOSEPH                      BUCKRAM                                 NY-41-B-37
HAWXHURST, HANNAH                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-149
HAWXHURST, SARAH JR.                   BUCKRAM                                 NY-41-D-90
HAYDOCK, HENRY                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-410
HEGEMAN, ELBERT                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-33
HEGEMAN, MARY                          CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-A-257
HEGEMAN, REM                           CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-B-222
HEGEMAN, REM                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-275
HEGEMAN, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-337
HENDIRCKSON, JAMES JR.                 HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-317
HENDRICKSON, BERNARDUS                 JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-333
HENDRICKSON, HENDRICK                  JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-265
HENDRICKSON, ISAAC                     SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-121
HENDRICKSON, ISAAC                     FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-346
HENDRICKSON, JOHN                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-424
HENDRICKSON, JOHN                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-455
HENDRICKSON, JOHN                      SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-128
HENDRICKSON, STEPHEN                   OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-D-194
HENDRICKSON, WILLIAM                   JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-468
HENDRICKSON, CARMAN                    TBL                                     NY-41-E-537
HENDRICKSON, HENDRICK                  TBL                                     NY-41-E-401
HENDRICKSON, ISAAC                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-312
HENDRICKSON, JAMES                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-365
HENDRICKSON, HENDRICK                  BL                                      NY-41-F-198
HENDRICKSON, IDA                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-260
HENDRICKSON, PHEBE                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-72
HENDRICKSON, JOHN F.                   TBL                                     NY-41-G-361
HENDRICKSON,C HARLES                   TBL                                     NY-41-F-226
HENTZ, JOHN HENRY SR.                  NTL                                     NY-41-C-355
HERRIMAN, STEPHEN                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-157
HERRIMAN, MARGARET                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-91
HERTENBERG, RAM                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-52
HEWLETT, DANIEL                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-107
HEWLETT, DANIEL                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-30
HEWLETT, STEPHEN                       MERRICK                                 NY-41-C-101
HEWLETT, GEORGE                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-138
HEWLETT, HANNA                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-113
HEWLETT, JAMES                         NTL                                     NY-41-C-446
HEWLETT, JAMES                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-277
HEWLETT, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-385
HEWLETT, SAMUEL                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-27
HEWLETT, JOHN                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-210
HEWLETT, LAWRENCE                      GREAT NECK                              NY-41-A-68
HEWLETT, RICHARD                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-255
HEWLETT, SUSANAH                       SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-132
HEWLETT, LEWIS                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-165
HEWLETT, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-134
HEWLETT, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-224
HEWLETT, MARTHA                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-266
HEWLETT, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-138
HEWLETT, STEPHEN JR.                   WHALE NECK                              NY-41-C-109
HEWLETT, GEORGE JR.                    WHALE NECK                              NY-41-B-150
HEWLETT, JOHN SR.                      FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-202
HICKS, BENJAMIN                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-179
HICKS, BENJAMIN                        OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-198
HICKS, CATHERINE                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-21
HICKS, CHARLES                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-452
HICKS, CHARLES                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-229
HICKS, STEPHEN                         ROCKAWAY                                NY-41-D-57
HICKS, ISAAC                           WESTBURY                                NY-41-D-263
HICKS, JOHN                            SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-66
HICKS, JOHN                            FAR ROCKAWAY                            NY-41-D-284
HICKS, JOSEPH                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-294
HICKS, MARY                            ROCKAWAY                                NY-41-B-7
HICKS, NORRIS                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-517
HICKS, SAMUEL                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-115
HICKS, SILAS                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-55
HICKS, SMITH                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-1
HICKS, ANN                             TBL                                     NY-41-F-102
HICKS, ABRAHAM                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-526
HICKS, CHARLES                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-230
HICKS, SARAH                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-351
HICKS, HENRY S.                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-321
HIGBIE, MARGARET                       NTL                                     NY-41-D-172
HIGBIE, MOSES                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-267
HIGBIE, HENRY                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-308
HIGBIE, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-6
HIGBIE, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-42
HIGBIE, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-212
HIGBIE, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-147
HIGHBIE, STEPHEN                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-373
HINCHMAN, SARAH                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-183
HINCHMAN, JOHN                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-132
HOAGLAND, MARIA                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-356
HOMES, PETER                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-244
HOOGLAND, TUNIS                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-307
HOOGLAND, ALBERT                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-279
HOOGLAND, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-227
HOOGLANT, ABRAHAM                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-318
HOPKINS, WILLIAM                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-172
HOPKINS, THOMAS                        CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-B-180
HORTON, FREELOVE                       OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-331
HORTON, NATHAN                         NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-41-A-192
HORTON, STEPHEN                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-47
HORTON, DAVID V.                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-524
HOWARD, EDWARD                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-254
HOWARD, EDWARD                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-549
HOWARD, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-204
HUBBS, JOB                             JERICHO                                 NY-41-C-263
HUBBS, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-216
HULBS, CARR                            OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-388
HULIE, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-53
HULS, FLOWER                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-101
HUNT, NATHANIEL                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-395
HUNT, NATHANEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-335
HUNTER, ANN                            TBL                                     NY-41-G-276
HUNTER, GEORGE SR.                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-336
HUTCHINGS, SAMUEL                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-268
HUTCHINS, REBECCAH                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-160
HYATT, THOMAS                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-459
HYATT, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-222
HYATT, THOMAS B.                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-37
HYDE, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-181
JACKSON, JOHN                          JERICHO                                 NY-41-D-348
JACKSON, MILLE                         NTL                                     NY-41-B-300
JACKSON, PARMENAS                      SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-505
JACKSON, OBEDIAH                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-348
JACKSON, SARAH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-327
JACKSON, TOWNSEND                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-45
JARVIS, DAVID                          COW NECK                                NY-41-D-204
JAYNE, SARAH                           NEW YORK CITY                           NY-41-D-353
JENNINGS, REBEKAH                      JERICHO                                 NY-41-B-317
JENNINGS, EZEKAL                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-81
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-154
JOHNSON, MARTIN                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-464
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-54
JOHNSON, ISAAC                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-123
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-231
JOHNSON, WILLIAM JR.                   HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-173
JONES, DAVID                           JERUSALEM                               NY-41-C-423
JONES, JOHN                            COLD SPRING                             NY-41-D-237
JONES, SAMUEL                          NEW YORK CITY                           NY-41-D-251
JONES, TOWNSEND                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-170
JONES, WILLIAM                         OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-340
JONES, WALTER                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-75
JONES, CORNELIA                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-4
KEATIN, CATHARINE                      GREAT NECK                              NY-41-C-478
KEATING, LUKE                          WESTBURY                                NY-41-C-207
KEMP, SARAH                            TBL                                     NY-41-E-20
KETCHAM, PHILETUS                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-299
KETELTAS, CARISSA                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-134
KETELTAS, ABRAHAM                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-457
KIRBY, ROSANAH                         LITTLEWORTH                             NY-41-C-125
KIRBY, ELIASKIM                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-229
KIRBY, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-68
KIRBY, ISAAC                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-240
KIRK, JOHN                             NORWICH                                 NY-41-B-119
KIRK, RICHARD                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-137
KISSAM, DANIEL                         GREAT NECK                              NY-41-C-241
KISSAM, JOSEPH                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-428
KISSAM, PEGGY                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-292
KISSAM, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-187
KISSAM, DANIEL WHITEHEAD               COW NECK                                NY-41-C-42
KOLYER, JACOBUS                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-246
KOLYER, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-374
KYLE, JOHN                             SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-270
LAKE, DANIEL                           NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-208
LAMBERSON, DAVID                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-247
LAMBERSON, SARAH                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-225
LAMBERSON, BERNORDAS                   JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-242
LAMBERSON, JOHN                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-249
LAMBERSON, WATERS                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-544
LANE, PETER                            NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-40
LANGDON, WILLIAM                       SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-226
LANGDON, ALCHAY                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-73
LANGDON, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-279
LANGDON, ARCHIBALD                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-357
LATON, DAVID                           WHEATLY                                 NY-41-C-144
LATON, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-284
LATON, SUSANNA                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-214
LATON, WILLIAM                         CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-A-213
LATON, WILLIAM                         WHEATLY                                 NY-41-A-218
LATTEN, SARAH                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-52A
LATTING, JOSEPH                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-D-295
LAUNE, CHARLES                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-36
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN                     FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-417
LAWRENCE, DANIEL                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-30
LAWRENCE, GABRAIL                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-358
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-307
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                      FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-315
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-20
LAWRENCE, ROBERT                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-140
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-140
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-117
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                      NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-A-200
LAWRENCE, GILBERT                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-318
LAWRENCE, LEONARD                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-42
LAWRENCE, LEONARD                      TBL (CON'T)                             NY-41-E-56
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-291
LAWRENCE, PETER MANIFOLD               MIDDLETOWN                              NY-41-D-244
LAWRENCE, JOHN T.                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-169
LAX, THOMAS                            TBL                                     NY-41-G-101
LAYTON, ELISA ANN                      TBL                                     NY-41-F-328
LEFFERTS, JAMES                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-151
LEFFERTS, ISAAC                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-188
LEFFERTS, ISAAC                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-217
LENT, DANIEL                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-340
LETTING, WILLIAM                       LATTINGTOWN                             NY-41-C-211
LEVERICH, SAMUEL                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-466
LEVERICH, SARAH                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-266
LEVERICH, JAMES                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-156
LEVERICH, JESSE                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-302
LEVERICH, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-110
LEVERICH, WILLIAM SR.                  NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-A-10
LLOYD, JOHN                            QUEENS VILLAGE                          NY-41-A-280
LOCKWOOD, EBENEZER                     HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-282
LOSEE, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-253
LOTT, STEPHEN                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-124
LOTT, JACOB                            JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-261
LOTT, JEMIMA                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-523
LOTT, PETER                            TBL                                     NY-41-F-159
LOTT, JOHANNES H.                      NTL                                     NY-41-C-338
LOTT, STEPHEN JR.                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-74
LOTT, JOHANNES S.                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-279
LOTT, HENDRICK S.                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-242
LOWEREE, WILLIAM                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-63
LOWEREE, HENRY                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-292
LOWES, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-256
LOWREER, THOMAS                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-225
LUDLAM, HENRY                          HOG ISLAND                              NY-41-A-109
LUDLAM, NICHOLAS                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-31
LUDLAM, SILVENUS                       HOG ISLAND                              NY-41-A-276
LUDLAM, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-358
LUDLAM, WILLIAM SR.                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-204
LUDLAN, DANIEL SR.                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-363
LUDLUM, NICHOLAS                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-323
LUDLUM, WILLIAM                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-36
LUDLUM, NATHANIEL                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-143
LUDLUM, NEHEMIAH                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-548
LUISTER, PETER                         EAST WOODS                              NY-41-B-89
LUISTER, JOHN                          CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-B-167
LUYSTER, CORNELIUS                     NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-543
LUYSTER, DANIEL                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-37
MARSTON, FRANCIS                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-259
MARSTON, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-174
MARTIN, ALICE                          ADMIN                                   NY-41-D-13
MARTIN, SAMUEL                         FAR ROCKAWAY                            NY-41-B-324
MARTIN, ALICE                          NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-41-C-502
MARTIN, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-163
MARVIN, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-8
MARVIN, SARAH                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-98
MARVIN, ARABELLA                       NTL                                     NY-41-C-332
MASON, JAMES                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-344
MATHEWS, RICHARD                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-194
MCCOUN, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-33
MCINTOSH, JOHN                         HERRICKS                                NY-41-B-241
MEERS, JOSEPH                          WOOLVERHOLLOW                           NY-41-D-193
MENENA, DANIEL                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-110
MERCEIRS, ELIZABETH                    NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-C-397
MERIT, ELEZEBETH                       SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-51
MERRIT, JOHN                           OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-128
MESSENGER, MARY                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-96
MESSENGER, WILLIAM                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-84
MESSENGER, JOHN                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-220
MEYER, CHARLES GUSTAVUS                TOBAGO, WEST INDIES                     NY-41-B-251
MILLER, CORNEALUS                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-281
MILLER, CORNELIA                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-74
MILLER, HENRY JR.                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-344
MILLS, CALEB                           JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-9
MILLS, NATHANIEL SR.                   JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-305
MILLS, AMOS SR.                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-505
MINTON, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-271
MITCHEL, THOMAS                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-439
MITCHELL, ALLEN                        GREAT NECK                              NY-41-C-145
MITCHELL, CHARLES                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-93
MITCHELL, JOHN                         COW NECK                                NY-41-A-142
MITCHELL, ROBERT                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-49
MITCHELL, SAMUEL TREDWELL              COW NECK                                NY-41-D-256
MITCHIL, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-188
MITCHILL, JOSEPH                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-62
MITCHILL, JOHN                         GREAT NECK                              NY-41-A-57
MONFOORT, PETER                        CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-B-360
MONFOORT, GARRET                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-317
MONFOORT, PETER                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-421
MONFORT, PETER                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-233
MONFORT, ABRAHAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-408
MONFORT, CORNELIUS SR.                 FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-126
MONTGOMERY, HUGH                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-144
MOORE, JAMES                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-490
MOORE, JACOB                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-323
MOORE, NATHANIEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-507
MOORE, NATHANIEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-571
MOORE, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-41-F-3
MOORE, JACOB                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-347
MOORE, NATHANIEL SR.                   NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-98
MOORE, SAMUEL SR.                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-24
MORRELL, JOHN                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-279
MORRELL, RICHARD                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-70
MORRELL, JOSEPH                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-134
MORRELL, JOHN                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-16
MORRELL, JONATHAN                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-121
MORRELL, ABRAHAM                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-517
MORRELL, JONATHAN                      TBL                                     NY-41-F-271
MORRELL, RICHARD                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-58
MORRELL, ANN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-64
MORRELL, ISAAC                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-561
MORRELL, ANN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-146
MORRELL, JOHN SR.                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-514
MORRELL, JOHN SR.                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-45
MOTT, ADAM                             COW NECK                                NY-41-A-95
MOTT, BENJAMIN                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-304
MOTT, JACOB                            OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-287
MOTT, NOAH                             OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-89
MOTT, SAMUEL                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-261
MOTT, AMEY                             TBL                                     NY-41-E-140
MOTT, ELKANAH                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-81
MOTT, JACKSON                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-105
MOTT, JOHN                             TBL                                     NY-41-F-164
MOTT, JOSEPH                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-290
MOTT, BENJAMIN                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-279
MUDGE, MICHAEL                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-290
MUNCY, HENDRICK                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-187
MUNSEY, MARY                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-281
MURRAY, MARY                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-48
MUTTEE, PETER                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-216
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-427
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN                      GORE                                    NY-41-C-406
NICHOLS, FREELOVE                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-76
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-152
NOORSTRANT, DANIEL                     BETHPAGE                                NY-41-C-353
NOORSTRANT, DANIEL                     OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-62
NOORSTRANT, GARRET                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-178
NOSTRAND, ELIZABETH                    HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-68
NOSTRAND, DANIEL                       GREAT NECK                              NY-41-A-40
NOSTRAND, PETER                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-29
NOSTRAND, TIMOTHY                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-166
NOSTRAND, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-193
OAKLEY, NATHANIEL                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-208
OGDEN, DAVID                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-439
OGDEN, DAVID                           TBL (CON'T)                             NY-41-E-7
OGSBURY, MARY                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-265
OLDFIELD, MIRIAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-308
ONDERDONCK, HENRY                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-515
ONDERDONK, HENDRICK                    NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-80
ONDERDONK, GEORGE                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-322
ONDERDONK, ANDREW                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-389
ONDERDONK, PETER                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-490
ONDERDONK, BENJAMIN                    TBL                                     NY-41-G-378
ONDERDONK, ABRAHAM S.                  TBL                                     NY-41-E-276
ORRIEL, JAMES                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-410
OSGOOD, SUSAN                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-567
OSTRAM, JAMES                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-345
PARCELS, GACHE                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-108
PARISH, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-123
PARKER, EDWARD                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-135
PARSONS, JANE                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-432
PATTEN, JOHNSON                        NEW YORK CITY                           NY-41-D-59
PAYNE, BENJAMIN                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-51
PEARSALL, DANIEL                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-294
PEARSALL, ISRAEL                       HEMSPTEAD                               NY-41-A-488
PEARSALL, JAMES                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-190
PEARSALL, JOHN                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-275
PEARSALL, MARY                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-18
PEARSALL, ROWLAND                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-507
PEARSALL, THOMAS                       NTL                                     NY-41-C-33
PEARSALL, MARTHA                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-534
PEARSALL, MARY                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-531
PEARSALL, THOMAS                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-269
PEARSALL, LEVINA                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-173
PEARSALL, ADAM SR.                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-83
PEARSON, JOHN FRANCIS                  JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-293
PECK, JONATHAN                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-318
PELL, JOHN                             TBL                                     NY-41-G-331
PENFOELD, PHEBE                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-169
PENFOLD, SARAH                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-498
PENFOLD, PETER                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-497
PENNY, JONATHAN                        NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-41-C-173
PERCY, BENJAMIN D.                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-118
PETERS, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-79
PETERS, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-194
PETERS, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-259
PETERS, CHARLES H.                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-294
PETIT, CHARLOTTE                       OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-307
PETTET, ELIZABETH                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-127
PETTIT, ISAAC                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-494
PETTIT, JOHN                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-9
PETTIT, JOHN                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-163
PETTIT, JOHN                           ADMIN                                   NY-41-D-137
PETTIT, MICHAEL                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-249
PETTIT, PETER                          NTL                                     NY-41-C-312
PETTIT, PHEBE                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-13
PETTIT, SAMUEL                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-63
PETTIT, WILLIAM                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-296
PETTIT, MAETHER                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-209
PETTIT, ANNE                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-311
PETTIT, ELIJAH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-71
PETTIT, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-60
PINE, JAMES                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-322
PINE, REUBEN                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-12
PINFOLD, EDMUND                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-58
PLACE, THOMAS                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-197
PLATT, STEPHEN                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-504
POLHAMUS, ABRAHAM SR.                  NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-97
POOL, PEARSE                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-54
POOL, MARY                             SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-180
POST, JOHN                             SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-238
POST, SAMUEL                           NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-330
POST, HENRY                            NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-184
POST, JACOB                            TBL                                     NY-41-E-417
POST, DANIEL                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-365
POST, EDMUND                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-25
POST, EDMUND JR.                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-225
POWELL, ISAAC                          BETHPAGE                                NY-41-B-56
POWELL, JONAS                          BETHPAGE                                NY-41-C-435
POWELL, JOSHUA                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-86
POWELL, RICHARD                        BETHPAGE                                NY-41-C-433
POWELL, STEPHEN                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-193
POWELL, THOMAS                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-303
POWELL, WAIT                           OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-42
POWELL, WILLETTS                       FRESH POND                              NY-41-C-330
POWELL, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-167
POWELL, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-413
POWELL, SILAS                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-518
POWELL, WILLETTE                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-246
PRATT, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-305
PRINCE, WILLIAM                        FLSUHING                                NY-41-B-77
PRINCE, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-133
PROVOST, JOHN                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-58
PUNTINE, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-293
RAMSEN, JEROMUS                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-406
RAMSON, ABRAHAM                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-11
RAMSON, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-94
RAMSON, RAM                            TBL                                     NY-41-E-305
RAPALEJE, JACOB SR.                    NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-112
RAPALJE, DANIEL                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-77
RAPALJE, DANIEL                        NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-A-21
RAPALJE, RICHARD                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-59
RAPELJE, ALLETTA                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-159
RAPELJE, DANIEL SR.                    NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-206
RAPELYE, GEORGE                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-390
RAPELYE, JACOB                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-328
RAPELYE, ABRAHAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-373
RAPELYE, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-99
RAPELYE, CORNELIUS                     TBL                                     NY-41-F-35
RAPPALIE, ABRAHAM                      NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-473
RAPPLEJE, SARAH                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-51
RAYNER, JOSEPH                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-267
RAYNER, BENJAMIN                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-150
RAYNOR, ELIJAH                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-147
RAYNOR, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-391
RAYNOR, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-396
RAYNOR, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-137
REED, JAMES                            NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-106
REEVE, ISAAC T.                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-449
REEVES, ISAAC T.                       NTL                                     NY-41-C-177
REMSEN, GEORGE                         WOLVER HOLLOW                           NY-41-A-415
REMSEN, AERT                           NEWTON                                  NY-41-D-320
REMSEN, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-353
REMSEN, SIMON                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-156
REMSEN, JEREMIAH                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-19
REMSEN, ISAAC JR.                      WOOLVER HOLLOW                          NY-41-C-382
REMSEN, ISAAC SR.                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-356
REMSON, REM                            NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-185
RHOADES, STEPHEN                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-326
RHOADS, MARGRET                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-249
RHOADS, ABIGAIL                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-53
RHOADS, TIMOTHY                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-92
RHOADS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-82
RHOADS, RICHARD SR.                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-187
RHODES, ANTHONY                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-154
RHODES, JOHN SR.                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-82
RICKER, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-436
RIDER, JACOB                           JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-42
RIERSON, CORNELIUS                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-387
RIERSON, ALFRED                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-542
RIKER, ANDREW                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-526
RIKER, JACOBUS                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-99
RIKER, SAMUEL                          NEWTON                                  NY-41-D-A
ROADS, JOHN SR.                        NTL                                     NY-41-C-448
ROBBINS, JEREMIAH                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-87
ROBBINS, JOHN                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-93
ROBBINS, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NY-41-C-228
ROBBINS, STEPHEN                       JERICHO                                 NY-41-C-277
ROBBINS, BENJAMIN                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-106
ROBBINS, MARGARET                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-275
ROBBINS, THOMAS S.                     JERICHO                                 NY-41-C-487
ROE, ANN                               FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-250
ROE, DAVID                             FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-221
ROE, EZEKIEL                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-376
ROE, WILLIAM                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-459
ROE, JOHN                              TBL                                     NY-41-E-520
ROE, JOSEPH                            TBL                                     NY-41-F-307
ROE, ANN                               TBL (CON'T)                             NY-41-E-64
ROGERS, ISRAEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-472
ROSE, ROBERT I.                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-134
ROTHERY, MARY                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-350
ROWLAND, JONATHAN                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-84
ROWLAND, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-266
RUSHMORE, CHARLES                      CEDERSWAMP                              NY-41-D-109
RUSHMORE, THOMAS                       SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-135
RUSHMORE, CARMAN                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-251
RUSHMORE, SAMUEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-382
RUSHMORE, BENJAMIN                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-33
RUSHMUR, RUTH                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-496
RYERSON, JOHN                          DUTCH KILLS                             NY-41-A-442
RYKEMAN, ISAAC                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-317
SACKETT, WILLIAM                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-101
SACKETT, WILLIAM                       ADMIN                                   NY-41-D-227
SALT, WILLIAM                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-126
SAMMIS, DAVID                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-60
SAMMIS, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-420
SANDS, RICHARD                         COW NECK                                NY-41-A-467
SANDS, JOHN                            COW NECK                                NY-41-C-258
SANDS, MICHAEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-151
SANDS, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-229
SANDS, HENRY A.                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-108
SANDS, SAMUEL JR.                      JERICHO                                 NY-41-D-18
SAXTAN, CALEB                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-546
SCHENCK, CATHARINE                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-291
SCHENCK, CATHERINE                     TBL                                     NY-41-F-276
SCHENCK, PETER                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-499
SCHENCK, NICKOLAS                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-332
SCHENCK, MARTIN                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-162
SCHENCK, JOHN                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-268
SCHENCK, ABRAHAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-330
SCHENCK, JOHN                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-329
SCHENCK, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-127
SCHENECK, HENDRICK                     NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-138
SCHOONMAKER, SALOME                    TBL                                     NY-41-E-205
SCOTT, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-476
SEALY, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-235
SEAMAN, MARY                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-379
SEAMAN, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-310
SEAMAN, THOMAS                         JERUSALEM                               NY-41-D-213
SEAMAN, THOMAS                         JERUSALEM                               NY-41-A-144
SEAMAN, ELLENOR                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-128
SEAMAN, SARAH                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-183
SEAMAN, NATHANIEL                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-46
SEAMAN, JORDAN                         JERICHO                                 NY-41-C-152
SEAMAN, JACOB                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-73
SEAMAN, JACOB                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-301
SEAMAN, ISAAC                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-128
SEAMAN, HANNAH                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-298
SEAMAN, ENOCH                          JERUSALEM                               NY-41-B-343
SEAMAN, BENJAMIN                       SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-5
SEAMAN, ALMY                           JERUSALEM                               NY-41-A-60
SEAMAN, MARTHA                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-121
SEAMAN, JACOB                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-160
SEAMAN, THOMAS                         WESTBURY                                NY-41-B-185
SEAMAN, BRADOCK                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-39
SEAMAN, NOAH                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-186
SEAMAN, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-175
SEAMAN, BENJAMIN D.                    TBL                                     NY-41-E-251
SEAMAN, JOHN JACKSON                   TBL                                     NY-41-E-196
SEAMAN, HENRY O.                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-455
SEAMAN, JOHN W.                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-377
SEARING, JOHN                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-168
SEARING, COE                           NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-325
SEARING, MARY                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-152
SEARING, JACOB                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-75
SEARING, DANIEL                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-65
SEARING, SAMUEL                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-116
SEARING, JOHN (THE ELDER)              NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-197
SEARING, JOHN SR                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-380
SELL, JAMES                            COW NECK                                NY-41-B-337
SELOVER, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-138
SERELS, WILLIAMS                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-312
SHADBOLT, EMBREE                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-170
SHAW, HENRY                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-230
SHAW, AMOS                             TBL                                     NY-41-E-320
SHERMAN, ISAAC                         JERICOH                                 NY-41-B-322
SIMESON, CHARLES                       WOLVER HOLLOW                           NY-41-A-470
SIMONSON, ABRAHAM                      SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-176
SIMONSON, WILLIAM                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-210
SIMONSON, JOHN                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-43
SKIDMORE, WATER                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-198
SKIDMORE, SAMUEL                       FRESH MEADOWS                           NY-41-A-6
SKIDMORE, ABIATHER                     HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-349
SKIDMORE, JOHN I.                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-205
SKIDMORE, JOSEPH JR.                   JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-170
SKIRM, ISAAC                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-291
SMITH, GERSHAM                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-367
SMITH, RICHARD                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-219
SMITH, RICHARD                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-425
SMITH, SALVANUS                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-4
SMITH, SAMUEL                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-151
SMITH, STEPHEN                         SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-30
SMITH, THOMAS                          HOG ISLAND                              NY-41-A-273
SMITH, ISRAEL                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-330
SMITH, JACOB                           WESTBURY                                NY-41-D-164
SMITH, THOMAS                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-179
SMITH, THOMAS                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-180
SMITH, TIMOTHY                         HEMPSTEAD HARBOUR                       NY-41-A-117
SMITH, JAMES                           NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-115
SMITH, JAMES                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-272
SMITH, JEAN                            HEMPSTEAD HARBOUR                       NY-41-C-300
SMITH, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-70
SMITH, PHEBE                           HEMSPTEAD                               NY-41-C-347
SMITH, DANIEL                          SPRINGFIELD                             NY-41-B-243
SMITH, RICHARD                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-136
SMITH, ISAAC                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-300
SMITH, ISRAEL                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-42
SMITH, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-553
SMITH, KATHARINE                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-234
SMITH, OTHNIEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-398
SMITH, PHILENA                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-555
SMITH, JOHN                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-218
SMITH, REBECCA                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-192
SMITH, ANTHONY                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-299
SMITH, PLAT                            TBL                                     NY-41-F-108
SMITH, JOSEPH                          HERRICKS                                NY-41-C-165
SMITH, NEHEMAH                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-182
SMITH, NICHOLAS                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-320
SMITH, SILVANUS                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-333
SMITH, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-195
SMITH, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-572
SMITH, ZEBULON                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-325
SMITH, NIER                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-208
SMITH, PETER                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-176
SMITH, FREELOVE                        HOG ISLAND                              NY-41-C-493
SMITH, GABRIEL                         NEWTOWN                                 NY-41-A-23
SMITH, CATHARINE                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-210
SMITH, BENJAMIN                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-403
SMITH, JOHN                            JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-536
SMITH, CHARITY                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-253
SMITH, THOMAS                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-332
SMITH, ISRAEL                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-339
SMITH, JACOB                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-329
SMITH, MARY                            TBL                                     NY-41-G-179
SMITH, BENJAMIN                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-316
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-496
SMITH, JOHN H.                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-303
SMITH, BENJAMIN JR.                    SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-103
SMITH, JOHN M.                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-268
SMITH, BENJAMIN N.                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-113
SMITH, JOHN SR.                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-221
SMITH, THOMAS SR.                      JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-85
SMYTH, ABIGAIL                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-31
SNEDECER, JOHN JR.                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-123
SNEDECKER, ISAAC                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-288
SNEDECOR, CHRISTIAN                    SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-172
SNEDEKER, ABRAHAM                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-273
SNEDEKER, HELENA                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-192
SNEDEKER, ELBERT                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-220
SNEDEKER, REM                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-426
SNEDEKER, BERNT                        WOLVER HOLLOW                           NY-41-C-343
SNEDEKER, ABRAHAM                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-26
SNEDIKER, GARRET SR.                   JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-67
SPRINGSTEEN, CASPE                     NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-174
SPROULL, JAMES                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-286
SPROULL, ELISABETH                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-8
STANSBURY, ISAAC                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-162
STEEL, THOMAS                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-215
STICTON, JONATHIN                      HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-152
STILLWEL, JOHN                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-144
STITES, WILLIAM                        SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-265
STODDARD, SARAH                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-241
STOKAM, WILLIAM                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-270
STORY, GEBEDIAH                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-139
STOTHOFF, PETER                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-231
STRATTON, TINEY                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-70
STRATTON, USTIC                        HALLETTS COVE                           NY-41-D-219
STRATTON, ELIPHALET                    TBL                                     NY-41-G-144
STRAW, ISAIAH                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-216
STYMEST, CHRISTOPHER                   OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-22
SUYDAM, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-315
SUYDAM, JOHN                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-78
SUYDAM, CORNELIUS                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-32
SUYDAM, FERDINANDUS                    OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-30
SUYDAM, HENDRICK                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-155
SUYDAM, JACOB                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-89
SUYDAM, JOHN                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-90
SUYDAM, JACOBUS                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-314
SUYDAM, JAMES                          NEWTON                                  NY-41-D-G
SUYDAM, JOHN                           JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-63
SUYDAM, REM                            TBL                                     NY-41-G-18
SWEZEY, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-300
TALMAN, WILLIAM                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-26
TALMAN, JOHN                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-194
TALMAN, WILLIAM                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-240
TAPPEN, ISAAC                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-282
TAPPEN, J. JEREMIAH                    OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-234
TAPPING, GEORGE                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-133
THATFORD, JOSEPH                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-25
THORN, THOMAS                          NEW YORK CITY, NY                       NY-41-A-351
THORN, CHARLES                         MUSQUITOE COVE                          NY-41-D-141
THORN, DANIEL                          FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-333
THORNE, IDA                            FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-209
THORNE, GEORGE                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-182
THORNE, MARY                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-292
THORNE, RICHARD                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-302
THORNE, WILLIAM (THE ELDER)            GREAT NECK                              NY-41-B-361
THORNE, THOMAS C.                      TBL                                     NY-41-F-149
THURSTON, JOHN                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-7
THURSTON, BENJAMIN                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-254
THURSTON, JOHN                         HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-181
TILLEY, DAVID                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-130
TILLEY, GEORGE SR.                     METENCCOCK                              NY-41-C-175
TISE, CORNWELLS                        NTL                                     NY-41-C-15
TITUS, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-440
TITUS, JACOB                           WHEATLEY                                NY-41-C-59
TITUS, JACOB                           WHEATLY                                 NY-41-A-154
TITUS, SILAS                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-273
TITUS, JACOB                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-189
TITUS, WILLIAM                         WESTBURY                                NY-41-A-259
TITUS, TIMOTHY                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-129
TITUS, SIMOND                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-291
TITUS, SAMUEL                          NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-326
TITUS, REBECCA                         SEDAR SWAM                              NY-41-B-141
TITUS, JOHN                            WESTBURY                                NY-41-C-539
TITUS, JOSHUA                          TBL                                     NY-41-F-44
TITUS, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-41-F-33
TITUS, DANIEL                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-464
TITUS, PETER                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-245
TITUS, HENRY W.                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-239
TOFFEY, DANIEL                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-361
TOFFEY, JOHN                           GREAT NECK                              NY-41-A-131
TOMKINS, JOSEPH                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-D-181
TORNE, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-42
TOTTEN, URIAH                          TBL (CON'T)                             NY-41-E-73
TOTTEN, MARY                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-320
TOTTEN, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-16
TOTTEN, SUSAN                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-53
TOWNSEND, RICHARD                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-69
TOWNSEND, PRIOR                        LATTING TOWN                            NY-41-B-194
TOWNSEND, MARY                         NORTH SIDE                              NY-41-A-284
TOWNSEND, JOTHAM                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-532
TOWNSEND, RICHARD                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-317
TOWNSEND, JOHN                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-430
TOWNSEND, JOHN                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-184
TOWNSEND, TIMOTHY                      CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-A-105
TOWNSEND, RICHARD                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-199
TOWNSEND, MOSES                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-284
TOWNSEND, HEWLETT                      TBL                                     NY-41-F-83
TOWNSEND, SARAH                        OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-372
TOWNSEND, THEODOSIA                    OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-186
TOWNSEND, ELKANAH                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-75
TOWNSEND, SILVANUS                     METENACOOK                              NY-41-D-130
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-256
TOWNSEND, JACOB                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-42
TOWNSEND, FREELOVE T.                  DUCKPOND                                NY-41-C-95
TOWNSEND, SARAH W.                     OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-D-214
TRAVIS, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-119
TREDWELL, MARGARET                     TBL                                     NY-41-E-27
TREDWELL, BENJAMIN                     HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-354
TREDWELL, TIMOTHY                      JERICHO                                 NY-41-C-236
TREDWELL, BENJAMIN                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-29
TROUP, JOHN                            JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-139
TUCKER, MARGARET                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-345
TUTHILL, JAMES                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-276
TUTHILL, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-62
TYLEE, NATHANIEL                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-189
UNDERHILL, ISAAC                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-93
UNDERHILL, JAMES                       CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-C-452
UNDERHILL, JOHN                        MATINICOCK                              NY-41-A-475
UNDERHILL, DAVID                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-182
UNDERHILL, ANNA                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-502
UNDERHILL, DANIEL                      MATINECOCK                              NY-41-B-191
UNDERHILL, ADONIJAH                    TBL                                     NY-41-E-24
UNDERHILL, DANIEL                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-522
UNDERHILL, AMOS                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-186
UNDERHILL, JOHN                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-178
UNDERHILL, ISAAC                       TBL                                     NY-41-G-254
VALENTINE, PHILIP                      NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-481
VALENTINE, OBEDIAH                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-24
VALENTINE, JACOB                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-146
VALENTINE, JACAMIAH                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-328
VALENTINE, RICHARD                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-239
VALENTINE, GEORGE                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-263
VALENTINE, CHARLES                     OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-393
VALENTINE, ZEBULON                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-107
VALLEAU, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-443
VALLENTINE, ANN                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-291
VANALST, ISAAC                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-B-138
VANAUSDALE, ISAAC                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-385
VANAUSDOL, NICHOLAS                    JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-476
VANAUSDOL, ABRAHAM                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-91
VANBRUNT, JOEST                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-321
VANBRUNT, TUNIS                        JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-298
VANCOTT, GARROT                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-403
VANCOTT, NICHOLAS                      WOOLVER HOLLOW                          NY-41-C-186
VANCOTT, NICHOLAS                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-360
VANCOTT, SARAH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-117
VANCOTTS, JOHN                         WOLVER HOLLOW                           NY-41-A-504
VANDERBILT, JEREMIAH                   HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-53
VANDERBILT, JEREMIAH                   HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-6
VANDERBURGH, RICHARD                   TBL                                     NY-41-F-224
VANDERWATER, BENJAMIN                  NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-349
VANDEVERG, NATHANIEL                   FLUSHING                                NY-41-D-70
VANDINE, WILLIAM                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-409
VANDINE, DOMENICUS                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-22
VANLAW, JOHN                           JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-221
VANLEW, HENRY                          JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-177
VANLEW, HENRY                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-20
VANLEW, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-G-342
VANMATER, GILBERT                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-218
VANNALST, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-113
VANNOORSTRANDT, ANTHONY                WOLVER HOLLOW                           NY-41-B-75
VANNOSTRAND, HULET                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-235
VANNOSTRAND, JOHN                      NORRAGE                                 NY-41-A-92
VANNOSTRAND, SARAH                     TBL                                     NY-41-F-184
VANNOSTRAND, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     NY-41-G-38
VANNOSTRAND, JOHN                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-237
VANNOSTRANT, MERCY                     WOLVER HOLLOW                           NY-41-D-294
VANSISE, CHARLES                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-511
VANSISE, CORNELIUS                     OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-9
VANWICKLEN, GARRIT                     JAMAICA                                 NY-41-B-310
VANWICKLEN, GARRET                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-56
VANWICKLEN, JOHN SR.                   TBL                                     NY-41-E-120
VANWICKLEN,SEVERT                      TBL                                     NY-41-G-58
VANWYCK, SAMUEL                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-149
VANWYCK, GILBERT                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-176
VANWYCK, STEPHEN                       FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-17
VANWYCK, PHEBE                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-463
VANZANDT, WYANT                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-131
VERITY, MARY                           HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-363
VERNON, JOHN                           NORWICH                                 NY-41-C-340
VOORHIS, JAMES                         OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-105
WADDEN, STEPHEN                        TBL                                     NY-41-G-289
WALDRON, PETER                         NORWICH                                 NY-41-D-290
WALDRON, JOHN S.                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-251
WALTERS, HENRY                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-223
WALTERS, PETER                         OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-111
WANSER, HENRY                          NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-311
WARNE, HEZEKIAH                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-349
WARNE, WILLIAM                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-448
WATER, DAVID V. D.                     NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-28
WATER, BENJAMIN V.D.                   NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-349
WATERS, JOHN                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-1
WATERS, JOHN                           FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-2
WATERS, OLIVER                         FLUSHING                                NY-41-A-54
WATTS, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-41-E-362
WATTS, GEORGE                          SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-188
WATTS, JOSEPH H.                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-56
WATTS, DAVID JR.                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-551
WAY, SAMUEL                            NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-312
WAY, SAMUEL                            NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-462
WAY, THOMAS                            TBL                                     NY-41-E-177
WAY, BURLING                           NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-191
WAY, JAMES                             NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-33
WAY, MARTIN                            TBL                                     NY-41-G-70
WECKS, FRELOVE                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-162
WEEKES, DANIEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-495
WEEKES, ELISABETH                      TBL                                     NY-41-E-499
WEEKES, RICHARD                        TBL                                     NY-41-F-320
WEEKES, HANNAH                         TBL                                     NY-41-E-497
WEEKES, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-254
WEEKES, LETITIA                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-502
WEEKES, MICHEAL                        OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-390
WEEKES, ISAAC                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-207
WEEKES, ANNE                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-424
WEEKS, SAMUEL                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-569
WEEKS, CATHARINE                       COW NECK                                NY-41-B-100
WEEKS, EDMUND                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-324
WEEKS, ELIZABETH                       OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-339
WEEKS, GEORGE                          OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-313
WEEKS, JOHN                            MATINACOCK                              NY-41-C-529
WEEKS, JAMES                           OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-72
WEEKS, WILLET                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-117
WEEKS, SAMUEL SR.                      OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-296
WELLING, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-174
WELLING, JOHN B.                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-C-205
WEYLEY, JAMES                          HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-A-354
WHATSON, THOMAS                        FLUSHING                                NY-41-B-81
WHITEHOUSE, CATHARINE                  TBL                                     NY-41-F-176
WHITEHOUSE, JOHN                       OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-358
WHITSON, NATHANIEL                     BETHPAGE                                NY-41-A-2
WHITSON, JOHN                          BETHPAGE                                NY-41-C-335
WHITSON, ELIPHALET                     TBL                                     NY-41-G-156
WICKES, THOMAS                         JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-260
WIGGINS, RICHARD                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-135
WIGGINS, BENJAMIN                      HEMPSTEADC                              NY-41-C-196
WIGGINS, RICHARD                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-D-360
WIGGINS, THOMAS                        HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-195
WILLET, LAWRENCE                       TBL                                     NY-41-E-213
WILLETS, PHEBE                         JERICHO                                 NY-41-B-1
WILLETS, THOMAS                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-260
WILLETS, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-296
WILLETS, JOB                           NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-335
WILLETS, JOSEPH                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-A-519
WILLETS, CHARLES                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-71
WILLETT, DANIEL                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-298
WILLIAMS, VALENTINE                    TBL                                     NY-41-E-268
WILLIAMS, AUSTIN                       TBL                                     NY-41-F-305
WILLIAMS, DEBORAH                      JERUSALEM                               NY-41-B-179
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                       NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-264
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-35
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                       JAMAICA                                 NY-41-A-236
WILLIAMS, THOMAS JACOB                 FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-352
WILLIS, JOHN                           CEDAR SWAMP                             NY-41-C-309
WILLIS, SAMUEL                         SPRINGFIELD                             NY-41-A-357
WILLIS, SAMUEL                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-210
WILLIS, SARAH                          OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-329
WILLIS, STEPHEN                        JERICHO                                 NY-41-D-175
WILLIS, JOHN                           JERICHO                                 NY-41-A-61
WILLIS, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-159
WILLITS, HANNAH                        NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-D-85
WILLSON, JAMES                         NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-82
WOOD, JAMES                            SOUTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-B-67
WOOD, JOSEPH                           OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-B-316
WOOD, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NY-41-A-305
WOOD, ALCHY                            HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-B-276
WOOD, ELIJAH JR.                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-C-169
WOODARD, JOSEPH                        NEW TOWN                                NY-41-A-72
WOODHULL, NATHAN                       NEW TOWN                                NY-41-C-120
WOODWARD, RUTH                         TBL                                     NY-41-G-258
WOOLLEY, HENRY                         NORTH HEMPSTEAD                         NY-41-C-363
WOOLLEY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-E-45
WORTMAN, COLES                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-118
WORTMAN, GARRET                        MUTTENTOWN                              NY-41-C-88
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NY-41-F-27
WRIGHT, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-41-E-406
WRIGHT, DEBORAH                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-26
WRIGHT, CHARLES                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-244
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-41-E-95
WRIGHT, ALMY                           JERICHO                                 NY-41-A-169
WRIGHT, DANIEL                         MUSQUETICOVE                            NY-41-D-262
WRIGHT, JESSE                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-484
WRIGHT, JOHN                           NORWICH                                 NY-41-B-169
WRIGHT, JONATHAN                       HEMPSTEAD                               NY-41-D-327
WRIGHT, SARAH                          JERICHO                                 NY-41-D-39
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        OYSTERBAY                               NY-41-D-289
WYCKOFF, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-41-G-147
YARINGTON, WILLIAM                     FLUSHING                                NY-41-C-20
YOUNG, SAMUEL                          OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-391
YOUNGS, REBECKAH                       OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-D-120A
YOUNGS, THOMAS                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-520
YOUNGS, THOMAS                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-A-373
YOUNGS, DANIEL                         OYSTER BAY                              NY-41-C-116

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