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ADAMS, DANIEL                           NY-40-H-170
ADAMS, DAVID                            NY-40-I-316
ADAMS, ELIJAH                           NY-40-H-148
ADAMS, GEORGE                           NY-40-P-165
ADAMS, GEORGE W.                        NY-40-S-542
ADAMS, HIRAM                            NY-40-K-9
ADAMS, ISAAC                            NY-40-0-170
ADAMS, JASON                            NY-40-G-74
ADAMS, MILDEN D.                        NY-40-J-105
ADAMS, SAMANTHA                         NY-40-P-159
AGAR, ELISHA C.                         NY-40-K-233
AGEE, NICHOLAS                          NY-40-D-116
AGOI, KELSIE                            NY-40-0-448
AGOR, GEORGE                            NY-40-R-64
AGOR, HARRISON                          NY-40-Q-346
AGOR, ORISON                            NY-40-M-584
AIKEN, HANNAH J.                        NY-40-G-185
AKIN, JANE                              NY-40-R-121
AKIN, MURRAY                            NY-40-B-213
AKIN, SARAH                             NY-40-P-614
AKIN, SUSANNA                           NY-40-I-406
AKIN, THEODORE W.                       NY-40-R-590
ALFORD, CAROLINE                        NY-40-L-424
ALLERTON, REUBEN                        NY-40-B-416
ALLEY, WILLIAM                          NY-40-E-62
ALLIS, SYLVESTER BUSS                   NY-40-P-487
AMERMAN, ALBERT                         NY-40-R-313
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NY-40-A-262
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NY-40-B-19
ANDERSON, MILA                          NY-40-G-71
ANDERSON, SUSAN                         NY-40-G-576
APPEL,A NDREW                           NY-40-R-355
ARDEN, ELIZA                            NY-40-D-301
ARDEN, RICHARD D.                       NY-40-I-65
ARDEN, THOMAS B.                        NY-40-R-504
ARMSTRONG, ALEXANDER                    NY-40-S-91
ARMSTRONG, ASBURY                       NY-40-E-107
ARMSTRONG, HANNAH                       NY-40-G-425
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM A.                   NY-40-I-115
ARNOLD, JAMES                           NY-40-G-607
ATKINSON, JOHN                          NY-40-0-310
AUBRY, AMBROS                           NY-40-I-133
AUSTIN, AMOS L.                         NY-40-R-573
AUSTIN, GEORGE L.                       NY-40-B-259
AUSTIN, GEORGE S.                       NY-40-A-569
AUSTIN, JESSE H.                        NY-40-I-124
AUSTIN, JOB                             NY-40-E-25
AUSTIN, JOB C.                          NY-40-H-62
AUSTIN, JULIA A. F.                     NY-40-N-117
AUSTIN, ORPHA J.                        NY-40-Q-327
AUSTIN, RACHEL                          NY-40-K-1
AUSTIN, ROBERT                          NY-40-C-101
AUSTIN, ROBERT                          NY-40-J-416
AUSTIN, SILAS                           NY-40-D-272
AVERY, ABRAM P.                         NY-40-P-595
AVERY, SAMUEL                           NY-40-N-446
AYRES, EZRA                             NY-40-H-27
BADEAU, CORDELIA R.                     NY-40-S-264
BADEAU, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-A-517
BADEAU, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-B-233
BADEAU, JOHN H.                         NY-40-Q-531
BADEAU, PETER                           NY-40-B-5
BAILEY, DEBORAH                         NY-40-R-395
BAILEY, DEVOE                           NY-40-Q-306
BAILEY, DEVOE F.                        NY-40-H-591
BAILEY, DEVONE                          NY-40-A-433
BAILEY, HENRY                           NY-40-G-60
BAILEY, ISAAC                           NY-40-B-218
BAILEY, JAMES H.                        NY-40-0-37
BAILEY, JOSEPH                          NY-40-A-171
BAILEY, JOSEPH H.                       NY-40-M-598
BAILEY, MARY A.                         NY-40-M-219
BAILEY, ROWLAND                         NY-40-C-111
BAILEY, SAMUEL                          NY-40-B-103
BAILY, DEVONE                           NY-40-B-148
BAILY, WILLIAM                          NY-40-G-398
BAINS, MICHAEL                          NY-40-C-272
BAKER, BENJAMIN C.                      NY-40-S-216
BAKER, CHARLES W.                       NY-40-S-156
BAKER, DANIEL                           NY-40-N-427
BAKER, JOSEPH                           NY-40-J-200
BAKER, JOSIAH                           NY-40-E-54
BAKER, LEVI                             NY-40-G-161
BAKER, MORRIS                           NY-40-0-252
BAKER, PHINEAS                          NY-40-B-307
BAKER, POLLY                            NY-40-Q-581
BALDWIN, DANIEL                         NY-40-K-156
BALDWIN, ELEAZER H.                     NY-40-J-237
BALDWIN, HENRY                          NY-40-B-195
BALDWIN, HENRY                          NY-40-A-479
BALDWIN, HENRY C.                       NY-40-J-439
BALDWIN, HENRY F.                       NY-40-P-42
BALDWIN, JAMES                          NY-40-R-451
BALDWIN, JOHN                           NY-40-J-39
BALDWIN, THOMAS                         NY-40-I-400
BALLARD, MARTHA                         NY-40-K-74
BALLARD, OSMAN                          NY-40-Q-34
BALLARD, RACHEL                         NY-40-K-508
BALLARD, SELAH                          NY-40-J-175
BALLARD,ENOS H.                         NY-40-H-35
BALLARRD, TRACY                         NY-40-B-300
BANCKHAM, HENRY                         NY-40-H-579
BANKER, CORNELIA                        NY-40-J-307
BANKER, PETER                           NY-40-N-464
BANKER, SILAS                           NY-40-K-395
BARGER, DANIEL                          NY-40-J-320
BARGER, DAVID J.                        NY-40-N-74
BARGER, ELIAS                           NY-40-S-530
BARGER, JAMES L.                        NY-40-H-203
BARGER, NATHANIEL                       NY-40-A-264
BARGER, NATHANIEL                       NY-40-B-21
BARGER, SAMUEL                          NY-40-J-209
BARGER, STEPHEN (175)                   NY-40-H-212
BARNES, JAMES T.                        NY-40-Q-550
BARNES, PHEBE S.                        NY-40-I-427
BARNES, WILLIAM                         NY-40-G-582
BARNS, LUCY ANN                         NY-40-H-92
BARNUM, DANIEL                          NY-40-D-308
BARNUM, DELOS W.                        NY-40-J-49
BARNUM, ELI C.                          NY-40-J-283
BARNUM, GEORGE                          NY-40-M-546
BARNUM, JOSHUA                          NY-40-B-132
BARNUM, JOSHUA                          NY-40-N-146
BARNUM, JOSHUA JR.                      NY-40-A-425
BARNUM, MARIA                           NY-40-L-404
BARNUM, ORANDO P.                       NY-40-J-155
BARRETT, ALLEN                          NY-40-L-307
BARRETT, BENONI                         NY-40-I-247
BARRETT, EBENEZER                       NY-40-H-502
BARRETT, EBENEZER                       NY-40-D-77
BARRETT, EDWARD                         NY-40-N-395
BARRETT, ELBERT                         NY-40-Q-619
BARRETT, GIDEON                         NY-40-B-97
BARRETT, GIDEON (24)                    NY-40-L-166
BARRETT, ISAAC                          NY-40-G-618
BARRETT, ISAAC                          NY-40-J-90
BARRETT, ISAAC                          NY-40-L-542
BARRETT, ISAAC                          NY-40-G-31
BARRETT, JACOB                          NY-40-M-328
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-40-I-70
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-40-G-600
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-40-B-101
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-40-H-78
BARRETT, KNOWLTON                       NY-40-G-302
BARRETT, LABAN                          NY-40-N-198
BARRETT, LAURA ANN                      NY-40-H-140
BARRETT, MARCUS                         NY-40-B-189
BARRETT, MARY                           NY-40-M-527
BARRETT, MOSMAN                         NY-40-D-408
BARRETT, NAOMY JANE                     NY-40-E-179
BARRETT, REUBEN                         NY-40-B-350
BARRETT, RUSSELL S.                     NY-40-P-303
BARRETT, SAMUEL T.                      NY-40-L-525
BARRETT, SARAH                          NY-40-P-332
BARRETT, SARAH A.                       NY-40-Q-280
BARRETT, SARLES                         NY-40-J-204
BARRETT, SOLOMON                        NY-40-N-1
BARRETT, STEVENS R.                     NY-40-H-596
BARRETT, THERA A.                       NY-40-S-574
BARRETT, VINCENT                        NY-40-H-123
BARRETTE, SARAH                         NY-40-A-102
BARROWS, SAMUEL F.                      NY-40-0-138
BARTON, JOHN                            NY-40-D-22
BAUTON, JOHN P.                         NY-40-N-254
BAXTER, ELISHA E.                       NY-40-L-414
BAXTER, FRANCES                         NY-40-G-428
BAXTER, JAMES D.                        NY-40-R-364
BAXTER, MARCUS                          NY-40-B-280
BAXTER, MORRIS                          NY-40-P-221
BAXTER, PHEBE                           NY-40-H-396
BAXTER, SOLOMON                         NY-40-E-39
BAXTER, SOLOMON                         NY-40-H-50
BEACH, GARNSEY                          NY-40-G-556
BEACOM, JANE                            NY-40-P-367
BEADELL, SAMUEL H.                      NY-40-D-380
BEAM, MARY E.                           NY-40-K-138
BECK, SAMUEL                            NY-40-G-616
BEERS, JULIUS S.                        NY-40-Q-545
BELCHER, HENRY W.                       NY-40-Q-366
BELDEN, AMOS                            NY-40-B-327
BELDEN, GEORGE MORTIMER                 NY-40-K-111
BELDEN, JAMES                           NY-40-B-228
BELL, PETER                             NY-40-J-527
BELL, PHILIP                            NY-40-H-95
BELL, WATSEN                            NY-40-L-205
BENEDICT, ELIZABETH                     NY-40-J-229
BENEDICT, ELLEN                         NY-40-H-486
BENEDICT, EPENETUS P.                   NY-40-J-224
BENEDICT, JOHN L.                       NY-40-0-472
BENNET, JACOB                           NY-40-B-191
BENNETT, ABRAHAM                        NY-40-L-136
BENNETT, CATHARINE E.                   NY-40-Q-156
BENNETT, JACOB                          NY-40-A-485
BENNETT, JEMINA                         NY-40-0-465
BERREY, SARAH                           NY-40-B-193
BERREY, SARAH                           NY-40-A-487
BERRY, JOHN                             NY-40-B-179
BERRY, JOHN                             NY-40-A-453
BETTS, WILLIAM J.                       NY-40-P-344
BEYEA, ELIZABETH                        NY-40-I-145
BEYEA, JOHN                             NY-40-H-529
BEYEA, MARY                             NY-40-L-534
BEYEA, PETER                            NY-40-L-359
BEZEA, EBENEZER                         NY-40-E-119
BEZEA, JOHN                             NY-40-E-116
BIRCH, SARAH M.                         NY-40-E-105
BIRDSAIL, JAMES                         NY-40-B-26
BIRDSALL, ABRAHAM                       NY-40-G-201
BIRDSALL, ELIZABETH                     NY-40-H-575
BIRDSALL, JAMES                         NY-40-A-266
BIRDSALL, SEYMOUR                       NY-40-E-236
BIRDSELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-40-B-368
BIRTCH, SARAH M.                        NY-40-E-105
BLACKMAN, JOSEPH                        NY-40-D-360
BLOOM, BEVERLY                          NY-40-E-97
BLOOMER, STEPHEN                        NY-40-P-589
BOICE, SIMON                            NY-40-G-181
BOLDING, ELIZABETH                      NY-40-B-389
BOTHWELL, MARY                          NY-40-0-46
BOTT, AZARIAH                           NY-40-A-43
BOUGHTON, JOSEPH                        NY-40-C-229
BOUTON, JARED                           NY-40-B-167
BOWNE, MARTIN V. B.                     NY-40-R-382
BOWNE, ROSETTA                          NY-40-K-218
BOYCE, JAMES H.                         NY-40-0-362
BOYCE, MATTHEW                          NY-40-B-63
BOYCE, MATTHEW                          NY-40-A-285
BOYD, BENNETT                           NY-40-G-11
BOYD, CHARLES                           NY-40-M-184
BOYD, EBENEZER                          NY-40-E-78
BOYD, ISABELLA S.                       NY-40-S-166
BOYER, ELIZABETH                        NY-40-G-597
BRANIGAN, JOHN                          NY-40-G-111
BRATT, JOHN                             NY-40-Q-1
BRENEST, THOMAS J.                      NY-40-K-80
BRENNEN, SARAH                          NY-40-K-289
BREWER, BETSEY A.                       NY-40-S-465
BREWER, CLARRISSA                       NY-40-Q-149
BREWER, DANIEL ***                      NY-40-I-1
BREWER, FOWLER                          NY-40-0-22
BREWSTER, ABRAHAM                       NY-40-D-103
BREWSTER, CHARLES T.                    NY-40-Q-177
BREWSTER, JOHN                          NY-40-A-105
BREWSTER, JULIA ANNA                    NY-40-P-171
BREWSTER, SAMUEL                        NY-40-J-299
BREWSTER, SAMUEL                        NY-40-J-495
BROOKS, JOSEPH E.                       NY-40-I-242
BROWN, ABRAHAM                          NY-40-H-132
BROWN, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-40-M-230
BROWN, DANIEL                           NY-40-B-236
BROWN, DANIEL                           NY-40-A-562
BROWN, JANE                             NY-40-G-194
BROWN, MORRIS                           NY-40-L-58
BROWN, REOBERT                          NY-40-D-264
BROWN, ZEBEDIAH                         NY-40-B-174
BROWN, ZEBEDIAH                         NY-40-A-448
BRUNDAGE, JOSEPH                        NY-40-D-372
BRUNDAGE, THEODOSIA                     NY-40-0-443
BRUNDIGE, ABIGAIL                       NY-40-K-40
BRUSH, JESSE PLATT                      NY-40-P-69
BRUSH, JOHN                             NY-40-D-37
BRUSH, JOHN P.                          NY-40-J-43
BRUSH, SARAH M.                         NY-40-N-457
BUCKBEE, PHEBE                          NY-40-P-247
BUCKBIE, SALLY                          NY-40-N-161
BUDD, HIRAM                             NY-40-L-285
BUDD, LIZZIE                            NY-40-S-452
BUNNEL, MARY                            NY-40-I-153
BUNNELL, ELIJAH                         NY-40-G-138
BUNNELL, LUCY                           NY-40-G-36
BURCH, MARINDA                          NY-40-S-247
BURGER, TRUMAN                          NY-40-K-313
BURLING, MARTHA                         NY-40-B-111
BUTLER, GEORGE W.                       NY-40-K-452
BUTLER, JOHN                            NY-40-Q-106
BUTLER, RHODA                           NY-40-0-275
BYINGTON, SUMNER                        NY-40-E-51
BYRNE, OLIVER W.                        NY-40-S-68
CABLE, NANCY                            NY-40-M-172
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                     NY-40-E-254
CALDWELL, EVELINE                       NY-40-I-92
CALDWELL, HANNAH                        NY-40-E-45
CALHOUN, JOHN C.                        NY-40-L-530
CALLAN, ANN                             NY-40-P-310
CARGAIN, JOSEPH                         NY-40-S-441
CARGILL, JAMES                          NY-40-L-547
CARMAN, AARON                           NY-40-M-469
CARMAN, HENRY                           NY-40-B-7
CARMAN, HENRY                           NY-40-A-219
CARMICHAEL, JOHN                        NY-40-G-491
CARPENTER, ELIZA A.                     NY-40-R-607
CARPENTER, JOHN W.                      NY-40-Q-82
CARRIGAN, NOAH G.                       NY-40-Q-21
CARVER, BARNABAS                        NY-40-B-380
CARVER, BARNABUS                        NY-40-L-21
CARVER, JAMES                           NY-40-D-47
CASTEL, JAMES                           NY-40-K-64
CATON, ELLEN B.                         NY-40-M-441
CATTRELL, MARY                          NY-40-S-26
CAUX, ALEXANDER F. M.                   NY-40-L-313
CEESNO, GEORGE                          NY-40-R-296
CHAPMAN, HANNAH                         NY-40-K-92
CHAPMAN, JEREMIAH                       NY-40-B-402
CHAPMAN, JEREMIAH (43)                  NY-40-G-235
CHAPMAN, PETER                          NY-40-E-13
CHAPMAN, SILAS                          NY-40-G-444
CHASE, ESTHER                           NY-40-Q-98
CHRISTIAN, PHEBE                        NY-40-M-564
CHRISTIAN, WESLEY                       NY-40-E-135
CHRISTIE, PETER D.                      NY-40-H-110
CHRSITIAN, GABRIEL                      NY-40-G-349
CLAUSON, ALEXANDER C.                   NY-40-H-188
CLEAVLAND, RHODA                        NY-40-A-97
CLIFT, LEMUEL                           NY-40-B-123
COE, ARON                               NY-40-A-7
COE, AUSTIN B.                          NY-40-C-216
COE, BETSEY L.                          NY-40-B-282
COE, JERUSHA                            NY-40-C-281
COE, RUTH ANN                           NY-40-C-262
COLE, ADAH                              NY-40-L-393
COLE, ALANSON                           NY-40-P-24
COLE, ANN                               NY-40-0-165
COLE, ASAHEL                            NY-40-K-456
COLE, BERRY                             NY-40-C-187
COLE, BETSEY                            NY-40-G-376
COLE, DANIEL                            NY-40-C-137
COLE, DANIEL H.                         NY-40-G-221
COLE, EBENEZER                          NY-40-J-250
COLE, EDWIN                             NY-40-K-514
COLE, ELEZER                            NY-40-D-81
COLE, ELISHA                            NY-40-E-264
COLE, FANNY                             NY-40-0-346
COLE, GEORGE                            NY-40-S-566
COLE, HANNAH                            NY-40-R-209
COLE, HANNAH                            NY-40-L-96
COLE, JACOB                             NY-40-N-90
COLE, JAMES                             NY-40-J-486
COLE, JESSE                             NY-40-H-550
COLE, JOHN                              NY-40-I-301
COLE, JOSEPH                            NY-40-D-298
COLE, LABAN                             NY-40-E-67
COLE, LEVI H.                           NY-40-G-572
COLE, LILLOTT                           NY-40-P-255
COLE, MARY                              NY-40-B-312
COLE, MILAN J.                          NY-40-S-356
COLE, REUBEN                            NY-40-D-219
COLE, SARAH                             NY-40-L-39
COLE, SUSAN                             NY-40-S-282
COLE, THOMAS O.                         NY-40-J-325
COLE, TIMOTHY                           NY-40-I-254
COLEGROVE, JOHN                         NY-40-D-246
COLWELL, CHARLES                        NY-40-D-231
COLWELL, EDITHA A.                      NY-40-Q-315
COLWELL, HANNAH C.                      NY-40-M-605
COLWELL, JAMES                          NY-40-D-31
COLWELL, PHEBE                          NY-40-D-52
COLWELL, THOMAS                         NY-40-H-436
COLWELL, WILLIAM                        NY-40-B-199
CONCKLIN, JAMES                         NY-40-B-373
CONKLIN, AMOS                           NY-40-G-310
CONKLIN, JEREMIAH                       NY-40-D-240
CONKLIN, JULIANN                        NY-40-B-408
CONKLIN, MARY                           NY-40-J-288
CONKLIN, STEPHEN                        NY-40-J-55
COOK, BELINDA                           NY-40-K-106
COOLEY, DANIEL                          NY-40-J-383
COOTE, GEORGE                           NY-40-0-122
CORBIN, THOMAS L.                       NY-40-N-141
CORNWALL, SAMUEL M.                     NY-40-I-337
COUCH, JOHNATHAN                        NY-40-D-361
COUL, HENRY                             NY-40-J-378
COYLE, BERNARD                          NY-40-0-551
COZZENS, ANTOINETTE                     NY-40-R-21
COZZINS, JOSEPHINE                      NY-40-P-315
CRAFT, JOHN                             NY-40-L-419
CRAFT, REBECCA                          NY-40-N-132
CRAFT, STEPHEN                          NY-40-E-184
CRAIN, VIRGINIA E.                      NY-40-N-244
CRANE, ANSON                            NY-40-G-553
CRANE, AZOR B.                          NY-40-H-517
CRANE, JOHN                             NY-40-B-248
CRANE, JOHN                             NY-40-A-563
CRANE, JONATHAN                         NY-40-L-369
CRANE, JONATHAN                         NY-40-C-116
CRANE, JOSEPH                           NY-40-A-488
CRANE, JOSEPH                           NY-40-C-210
CRANE, JOSEPH                           NY-40-B-205
CRANE, NATHANIEL                        NY-40-G-164
CRANE, OLIVER                           NY-40-0-400
CRANE, OLIVER                           NY-40-C-205
CRANE, ORRIN B.                         NY-40-H-534
CRASSOUR, MARIA                         NY-40-S-208
CRAWFORD, JOHN                          NY-40-E-73
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-40-B-298
CROFT, JOHN (25)                        NY-40-K-337
CROFT, NELSON                           NY-40-R-72
CROMWELL,R ICHARD                       NY-40-H-562
CRONK, JOHN H.                          NY-40-M-515
CRONK, JOSHUA                           NY-40-M-334
CRONK, SAMUEL                           NY-40-H-483
CRONK, SUSAN E.                         NY-40-J-411
CRONK, WILLIAM                          NY-40-G-53
CROOKSTON, ELEANOR                      NY-40-E-161
CROSBY, ABIAL                           NY-40-C-284
CROSBY, ABNER                           NY-40-A-39
CROSBY, CHESTER                         NY-40-H-165
CROSBY, EBER                            NY-40-C-255
CROSBY, EDWARD                          NY-40-C-277
CROSBY, ELI                             NY-40-D-310
CROSBY, ENOCH                           NY-40-C-181
CROSBY, ESTHER A.                       NY-40-N-151
CROSBY, HERVEY                          NY-40-J-142
CROSBY, HORATIO N.                      NY-40-H-480
CROSBY, JAMES                           NY-40-D-183
CROSBY, JOSHUA                          NY-40-J-9
CROSBY, LEWIS                           NY-40-C-246
CROSBY, RACHEL D.                       NY-40-J-436
CROSBY, THOMAS                          NY-40-D-336
CUNNINGHAM, BARTLETT                    NY-40-N-113
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       NY-40-P-269
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                        NY-40-0-7
CURRY, JAMES W.                         NY-40-H-498
CURRY, LEWIS                            NY-40-D-179
CURRY, PETER B.                         NY-40-0-152
CUSNO, GEORGE                           NY-40-R-296
DAKIN, HANNAH D.                        NY-40-K-486
DAVENPORT, STEPHEN                      NY-40-L-6
DAVIS, EMELINE                          NY-40-H-494
DAVIS, JULIA B.                         NY-40-S-590
DEAN, ALOTSON                           NY-40-P-295
DEAN, AMOS                              NY-40-I-379
DEAN, ANN                               NY-40-J-245
DEAN, CORNELIUS                         NY-40-N-550
DEAN, ELIJAH                            NY-40-C-235
DEAN, ELIZA                             NY-40-S-579
DEAN, GEORGE T.                         NY-40-N-343
DEAN, JONATHAN                          NY-40-0-492
DEAN, MARINDA                           NY-40-S-145
DEAN, RICHARD                           NY-40-G-504
DEAN, SYLVESTER                         NY-40-S-49
DEFOREST, BENJAMIN                      NY-40-C-172
DEFOREST, DAVID L.                      NY-40-B-91
DEGOLEYER, PHEBE                        NY-40-L-429
DELAVAN, MERCY                          NY-40-G-391
DELERIE, JAMES                          NY-40-H-119
DELEVAN, WILLIAM                        NY-40-L-493
DENIKE, EDWARD                          NY-40-S-584
DENIKE, JOHN                            NY-40-K-416
DENNEY, GEORGE D.                       NY-40-0-507
DENNEY, SCHOFIELD                       NY-40-I-472
DENNEY, SUSAN A. (DEAM)                 NY-40-L-409
DENNY, ELIJAH S.                        NY-40-S-304
DENTON, CHARLES                         NY-40-S-294
DEPEYSTER, SARAH                        NY-40-D-261
DERHAU, LAURA F.                        NY-40-S-288
DEUEL, BETHIAL                          NY-40-H-583
DEVENPORT, SAMUEL S.                    NY-40-I-289
DEVOE, SUSAN                            NY-40-J-296
DINGER, DAVID                           NY-40-D-325
DISBROW, MARIA                          NY-40-S-477
DISBROW, SOLOMON                        NY-40-E-261
DOAN, ZENAS                             NY-40-C-50
DOANE, AUGUSTUS S.                      NY-40-R-426
DOANE, BENJAMIN                         NY-40-E-212
DOANE, CAORLINE W.                      NY-40-M-478
DOANE, DEMAS                            NY-40-B-342
DOANE, EDMOND                           NY-40-A-512
DOANE, ELNATHAN ***                     NY-40-E-187
DOANE, LEWIS                            NY-40-E-220
DONE, EDMOND                            NY-40-B-223
DOUGHTY, MARY A.                        NY-40-0-417
DREW, DANIEL                            NY-40-L-512
DREW, THOMAS                            NY-40-K-127
DREW, WILLIAM                           NY-40-D-42
DUDLEY, JOHN                            NY-40-A-110
DUER, DENNING                           NY-40-P-515
DUGGAN, MARY ANN                        NY-40-N-329
DUNNE, ALICE                            NY-40-I-396
DUSENBERRY, CHARLES                     NY-40-D-155
DUSENBURY, ELIZABETH                    NY-40-H-427
DUSENBURY, WILLIAM                      NY-40-A-168
DYKEMAN, ASENNATH                       NY-40-K-148
DYKEMAN, BELINDA                        NY-40-M-484
DYKEMAN, CLOURIDA                       NY-40-J-515
DYKEMAN, ELLEN J.                       NY-40-K-466
DYKEMAN, HEZEKIAH                       NY-40-K-68
DYKEMAN, IVAH JANE                      NY-40-P-450
DYKEMAN, JARVIS                         NY-40-K-318
DYKEMAN, KETURAH                        NY-40-L-388
DYKEMAN, MARY JANE                      NY-40-L-45
DYKEMAN, NATHAN C.                      NY-40-S-604
DYKEMAN, PETER                          NY-40-D-175
DYKEMAN, PHILENA B.                     NY-40-S-623
DYKMAN, AMOS C.                         NY-40-M-427
DYKMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-40-H-490
DYKMAN, EUNICE                          NY-40-G-372
DYKMAN, EZRA                            NY-40-G-345
DYKMAN, ISAAC                           NY-40-J-398
EAMES, AMANDA                           NY-40-D-333
EASTWOOD, GEORGE                        NY-40-P-262
EBELL, SAMUEL                           NY-40-E-159
EDWARDS, ALANSON                        NY-40-H-67
EDWARDS, ATLILINDA                      NY-40-S-310
EDWARDS, THOMAS                         NY-40-N-351
ELLIS, ALANSON                          NY-40-P-30
ELLIS, JANE                             NY-40-N-62
ELLIS, JOHN                             NY-40-D-90
ELLIS, JOSIAH F.                        NY-40-D-281
ELWELL, HULDAH                          NY-40-G-45
ELY, ADDISON                            NY-40-R-524
ENTROTT, WILLIAM C.                     NY-40-R-567
EVERETT, CARHELES                       NY-40-L-153
EVERETT, GEORGIANNA                     NY-40-0-374
EVERETT, JULIA A.                       NY-40-0-264
EVERETT, JULIETTE                       NY-40-R-264
EVERETT, LEONARD K.                     NY-40-I-444
FANNING, NELLIE                         NY-40-0-270
FARMER, MARY H.                         NY-40-S-84
FARREL, KATE                            NY-40-N-34
FERGUSON, AUGUSTA                       NY-40-Q-576
FERGUSON, AUGUSTA W.                    NY-40-Q-264
FERGUSON, ELBERT                        NY-40-0-56
FERRIS, ANNA                            NY-40-A-513
FERRIS, BETSEY                          NY-40-E-89
FERRIS, DARIUS                          NY-40-P-553
FERRIS, ISAAC                           NY-40-N-263
FERRIS, LEONARD                         NY-40-0-357
FERRIS, SAMUEL K.                       NY-40-P-281
FERRIS, SUSAN                           NY-40-G-365
FERRISS, ANNA                           NY-40-B-226
FERRIS,SYLVANUS                         NY-40-K-115
FIELD, ISAAC                            NY-40-D-11
FIELD, JOHN                             NY-40-G-438
FIELD, JOSEPH                           NY-40-G-467
FIELD, MARY                             NY-40-A-231
FIELD, MARY                             NY-40-B-10
FIELD, NATHAN                           NY-40-H-476
FIELD, SARAH A.                         NY-40-P-152
FIELD, SELAH                            NY-40-P-119
FIELD, SOLOMON                          NY-40-B-13
FIELD, SOLOMON                          NY-40-J-118
FIELD, STEPHEN                          NY-40-G-91
FIELD, WILLIAM                          NY-40-D-321
FIELDS, ABRAHAM                         NY-40-G-604
FIMIS, WILLIAM                          NY-40-K-165
FISHER, HIRAM                           NY-40-G-464
FISHER, JOSEPH                          NY-40-Q-232
FISK, EMILY MANN                        NY-40-S-197
FITSPATRIC, JANE                        NY-40-D-341
FITZHUGH, CHARLES C.                    NY-40-R-241
FLYNN, MARGARET                         NY-40-R-344
FORMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-40-K-23
FORMAN, GILBERT                         NY-40-R-596
FOSHAY, ANDREW J.                       NY-40-S-536
FOSHAY, JAMES                           NY-40-E-233
FOSHAY, LEWIS                           NY-40-E-156
FOSHAY, SUSAN                           NY-40-S-329
FOSS, CYRUS                             NY-40-E-127
FOSS, NICHOLAS                          NY-40-Q-247
FOSTER, EBENEZER                        NY-40-J-69
FOSTER, EDMUND                          NY-40-D-364
FOSTER, HANNAH H.                       NY-40-P-523
FOSTER, JAMES                           NY-40-G-178
FOSTER, JAMES                           NY-40-A-331
FOSTER, JAMES                           NY-40-B-82
FOSTER, JAMES                           NY-40-B-203
FOSTER, JAMES                           NY-40-A-491
FOSTER, JOHN B.                         NY-40-C-57
FOSTER, SETH                            NY-40-D-96
FOSTER, THOMAS                          NY-40-D-193
FOSTER, THOMAS                          NY-40-H-23
FOSTER, TILLY                           NY-40-D-258
FOWLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-40-A-93
FOWLER, CHARLOTTE L.                    NY-40-0-287
FOWLER, ELIJAH                          NY-40-A-478
FOWLER, ELIJAH                          NY-40-B-211
FOWLER, HANNAH                          NY-40-E-224
FOWLER, JONATHAN                        NY-40-E-111
FOWLER, MARY                            NY-40-M-199
FOWLER, PHEBE                           NY-40-E-47
FOWLER, SARAH F.                        NY-40-S-388
FOWLER, SOLOMON                         NY-40-B-289
FOWLER, SOLOMON                         NY-40-A-575
FOWLER, SUSAN                           NY-40-E-47
FOWLER, SUSAN                           NY-40-J-361
FOWLER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-40-S-171
FOWLER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-40-P-178
FRASER, ANDREW                          NY-40-C-150
FREER, ALPHEUS D.                       NY-40-Q-8
FROST, GEORGE                           NY-40-A-163
FROST, JOHN                             NY-40-B-377
FROST, SARAH                            NY-40-C-160
FULLER, ELIJAH                          NY-40-B-129
GAGE, ABIGAIL                           NY-40-L-62
GAGE, EPHRAIM                           NY-40-G-590
GAGE, SELAH                             NY-40-D-386
GAHER, HENRY A.                         NY-40-H-387
GAHN, JANE                              NY-40-H-439
GALE, JOSEPH                            NY-40-N-366
GANEEN, ELBERT N.                       NY-40-R-283
GANEEN, FIELD                           NY-40-S-239
GANEEN, THOMAS OWEN                     NY-40-Q-321
GANONG, JANET                           NY-40-0-368
GANONG, JOSEPH                          NY-40-I-88
GANONG, THADDEUS R.                     NY-40-S-59
GANONG, THOMAS F.                       NY-40-R-176
GANONG, WESTON G.                       NY-40-R-457
GANUNG, AARON                           NY-40-N-12
GANUNG, ABEL W.                         NY-40-L-470
GANUNG, ABIGAIL                         NY-40-R-127
GANUNG, BALY                            NY-40-N-401
GANUNG, DANIEL                          NY-40-K-301
GANUNG, NAOMY                           NY-40-N-441
GARDENER, GEORGE                        NY-40-N-69
GARDINER, WILLIAM                       NY-40-N-209
GARRISON, EMMA L.                       NY-40-P-620
GARRISON, HANNAH E.                     NY-40-R-533
GARRISON, HARRY                         NY-40-D-368
GARRISON, JAMES                         NY-40-M-236
GARRISON, JOHN                          NY-40-I-361
GARRISON, MARY JANE                     NY-40-R-235
GARRISON, PHEBE J.                      NY-40-N-518
GARRISON, SARAH N.                      NY-40-N-57
GARRISON, WILLIAM                       NY-40-H-200
GARRISON, WILLIAM D.                    NY-40-Q-379
GAVEEN, THOMAS OWEN                     NY-40-Q-321
GAY, ABNER                              NY-40-E-129
GAY, EBENEZER                           NY-40-I-454
GAY, GERRGHTER                          NY-40-M-168
GIFFARD, POLLY                          NY-40-L-380
GIFFORD, ELISHA                         NY-40-D-27
GILBERT, CAROLINE C.                    NY-40-H-74
GILBERT, JOSEPHUS                       NY-40-N-173
GILBERT, MOSES                          NY-40-K-195
GILDERSLEEVE, FINCH                     NY-40-A-8
GILLOTT, HENRY                          NY-40-G-416
GOMIER, JOHN T.                         NY-40-D-374
GONONG, ALEXANDER                       NY-40-D-286
GONONG, EBENEZER                        NY-40-D-6
GONONG, JACOB                           NY-40-C-144
GONONG, JOHN                            NY-40-D-213
GONONG, REUBEN                          NY-40-D-1
GOODHUE, GEORGE F.                      NY-40-I-119
GOODSELL, MILLEY                        NY-40-J-128
GORE, CLARINDA                          NY-40-E-230
GOSSELIN, EDWARD                        NY-40-K-214
GOUVENEUR, ADOLPHUS N.                  NY-40-G-1
GOUVERNEUR, MARY                        NY-40-E-121
GOUVERNEUR, MARY MARSTON                NY-40-Q-498
GOUVERNEUR, S. M. WARBURTON             NY-40-L-76
GOUVERNIER, SAMUEL                      NY-40-D-418
GRAY, GRACE                             NY-40-D-100
GRAY, NATHANIEL                         NY-40-N-79
GREEN, JOHN C.                          NY-40-R-439
GREGORY, DANIEL                         NY-40-B-44
GREGORY, ESTHER                         NY-40-I-411
GREGORY, SUSANNAH                       NY-40-D-16
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           NY-40-L-251
GRIFFIN, JULIA ANN                      NY-40-H-40
GRIFFIN,HENRY                           NY-40-R-163
GRIFFITH, ZALMON D.                     NY-40-K-368
GROSS, GEORGE W.                        NY-40-G-170
GROUNDWATER, JOHN                       NY-40-R-555
HADDEN, DRUSILLA                        NY-40-0-127
HADDEN, GILBERT                         NY-40-Q-208
HADDEN, ISAAC                           NY-40-G-175
HADDEN, JAMES (M.D.)                    NY-40-Q-359
HAIGHT, CORNELIUS J                     NY-40-S-18
HAIGHT, CORNELIUS J.                    NY-40-S-18
HAIGHT, DANIEL                          NY-40-D-290
HAIGHT, ELEANOR B.                      NY-40-Q-273
HAIGHT, JOHN ***                        NY-40-C-291
HAIGHT, JOSEPH B.                       NY-40-I-99
HAIGHT, JOSHUA                          NY-40-G-420
HAIGHT, NANCY                           NY-40-D-354
HAIGHT, RICHARD S.                      NY-40-S-121
HAIGHT, SYLVANUS                        NY-40-D-236
HAINES, DAVID C.                        NY-40-L-521
HAINES, MARTHA                          NY-40-M-213
HAINES, SALLY                           NY-40-K-472
HAINS, AARON                            NY-40-D-269
HAINS, ELIHU                            NY-40-E-174
HAINS, JOHN                             NY-40-B-86
HALDANE, JAMES H.                       NY-40-0-157
HALL, AMANDA                            NY-40-R-408
HALL, ASA                               NY-40-G-188
HALL, DAVID                             NY-40-B-355
HALL, EDMUND                            NY-40-G-88
HALL, HEZEKIAH                          NY-40-B-158
HALL, JOHN                              NY-40-E-15
HALL, MARTIN                            NY-40-B-54
HALL, MORTEN                            NY-40-A-260
HALL, PATIENCE                          NY-40-B-275
HALL, PATIENCE                          NY-40-A-573
HALL, PETER                             NY-40-0-222
HAMILTON, ADELIA                        NY-40-N-156
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER                     NY-40-N-218
HAMILTON, ISRAEL                        NY-40-G-56
HAMPTON, RICHARD                        NY-40-Q-490
HAMPTON, RICHARD ERNEST                 NY-40-R-333
HAND, ELIZABETH                         NY-40-M-591
HANES, HORACE                           NY-40-E-22
HANKS, ANNA                             NY-40-I-223
HART, GILBERT                           NY-40-G-101
HART, WILLIAM                           NY-40-I-271
HARTING, LOUIS                          NY-40-0-88
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN                      NY-40-0-280
HAVILAND, BENJAMIN V.                   NY-40-M-433
HAVILAND, DANIEL                        NY-40-H-511
HAVILAND, EMMA C.                       NY-40-L-72
HAVILAND, ISAAC                         NY-40-N-105
HAVILAND, LAURANCE                      NY-40-L-224
HAVILAND, MARIA                         NY-40-N-306
HAVILAND, MILLICENT                     NY-40-E-124
HAVILAND, SAMUEL                        NY-40-E-93
HAVILAND, TIMOTHY                       NY-40-D-119
HAVILAND, WILLIAM C.                    NY-40-0-519
HAWKINS, ISABEL                         NY-40-A-45
HAWLEY, ABIGAL                          NY-40-A-98
HAWLEY, ANTOINETT                       NY-40-N-371
HAYNES, DEBORAH                         NY-40-B-70
HAYNES, DEBORAH                         NY-40-A-284
HAYT, JAMES R.                          NY-40-K-407
HAYT, MARY                              NY-40-B-367
HAYT, THANKFUL                          NY-40-M-303
HAZEN, ANSON                            NY-40-L-244
HAZEN, ELIZABETH                        NY-40-M-463
HAZEN, ENOS                             NY-40-K-412
HAZEN, HANNAH                           NY-40-R-229
HAZEN, JEROME B.                        NY-40-I-263
HAZEN, MARY A.                          NY-40-Q-395
HEAD, SAMUEL                            NY-40-M-397
HEALY, DENIS J.                         NY-40-P-604
HEDDEN, CLARK                           NY-40-I-137
HENRY, ALSON                            NY-40-0-341
HEROY, ANN MARIA                        NY-40-M-275
HEROY, MARGARET                         NY-40-I-478
HIDERICK, CAROLINE A.                   NY-40-S-375
HIGGINS, DELAGROUVE P.                  NY-40-G-231
HIGGINS, FRANCIS V.                     NY-40-L-318
HIGGINS, SUSAN                          NY-40-P-578
HILL, CORNELIUS                         NY-40-C-68
HILL, DEBORAH                           NY-40-E-171
HILL, ELIZABETH                         NY-40-G-471
HILL, HANNAH                            NY-40-Q-334
HILL, HEZEKIAH                          NY-40-A-458
HILL, ISAAC L.                          NY-40-N-509
HILL, LORENZO D.                        NY-40-0-497
HILL, NOAH                              NY-40-B-325
HILL, PHEBE                             NY-40-J-449
HILL, SOLOMAN                           NY-40-0-111
HILL, THOMAS                            NY-40-L-297
HINE, COMFRET                           NY-40-N-249
HINMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-E-252
HINMAN, ZACHERIAH                       NY-40-C-1
HITCHCOCK, STEPHEN ****                 NY-40-I-22
HIXSON, JOHN                            NY-40-J-233
HOAG, EZEKIEL                           NY-40-I-284
HOBBY, JOSEPH E. M.                     NY-40-G-210
HOBBY, SARAH F.                         NY-40-P-359
HODGE, GRANVILLE                        NY-40-S-523
HOLDANE, HENRY                          NY-40-H-143
HOLDANE, JOHN H.                        NY-40-K-248
HOLMES, HENRY                           NY-40-G-217
HOLMES, JAMES                           NY-40-P-559
HOLSTED, JOHN                           NY-40-M-207
HOPKINS, ABRAHAM E.                     NY-40-J-219
HOPKINS, ADDISON J.                     NY-40-0-321
HOPKINS, BENJAMIN                       NY-40-D-318
HOPKINS, BERRY                          NY-40-B-303
HOPKINS, HARRISON                       NY-40-K-102
HOPKINS, IRA                            NY-40-L-476
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                         NY-40-R-320
HOPKINS, JOSEPH                         NY-40-I-231
HOPKINS, SARAH                          NY-40-D-315
HOPKINS, SOLOMON                        NY-40-K-376
HOPPER, HANNAH                          NY-40-G-610
HOPPER, SARAH                           NY-40-I-322
HORTON, DANIEL                          NY-40-G-561
HORTON, EBENEZER                        NY-40-H-421
HORTON, ISAAC                           NY-40-H-15
HORTON, ISRAEL                          NY-40-G-586
HORTON, JEFFERSON                       NY-40-0-252
HORTON, JOHN L.                         NY-40-B-320
HORTON, JOSEPH                          NY-40-B-116
HORTON, JOSEPH S.                       NY-40-I-157
HORTON, JSOEPH                          NY-40-A-362
HORTON, LEE                             NY-40-E-18
HORTON, NELSON L.                       NY-40-0-12
HORTON, SAMUEL                          NY-40-I-141
HORTON, SARAH                           NY-40-E-35
HORTON, WILLIAM J.                      NY-40-Q-351
HOSEN, JOHN                             NY-40-A-44
HOWES, EDWARD                           NY-40-N-6
HOWES, JACOB D.                         NY-40-K-536
HOWES, JOB                              NY-40-C-7
HOWES, MINERVA                          NY-40-P-393
HOWES, MOODEY                           NY-40-B-245
HOWES, MOODY                            NY-40-A-556
HOWES, NATHAN A.                        NY-40-M-1
HOWES, NOAH                             NY-40-D-163
HOWES, ROBERT W.                        NY-40-N-576
HOWES, SAMUEL                           NY-40-A-170
HOWLAND, DANIEL                         NY-40-D-305
HOYT, ALFRED                            NY-40-G-124
HOYT, CAROLINE E.                       NY-40-R-100
HOYT, FRANCIS                           NY-40-L-50
HOYT, STEPHEN                           NY-40-D-251
HOYT, THANKFUL                          NY-40-M-303
HUESTES, ROBER                          NY-40-C-22
HUESTIS, DAVID                          NY-40-L-482
HUGHSON, LEGRAND                        NY-40-0-17
HUGHSON, RUSSELL                        NY-40-M-264
HULL, JULIA                             NY-40-B-172
HULL, JULIA                             NY-40-A-458
HULSE, JOHN                             NY-40-G-81
HULSE, PHEBE                            NY-40-0-331
HULTS, JANE                             NY-40-0-179
HULTS, STEPHEN                          NY-40-D-350
HUNT, REBECCA                           NY-40-I-440
HUNTER, ANN ELIZA                       NY-40-M-502
HUNTER, PHEBE A.                        NY-40-M-447
HUSTIS, CALEB                           NY-40-H-539
HUSTIS, CHARITY                         NY-40-I-482
HUSTIS, CHARLES                         NY-40-Q-556
HUSTIS, DAVID                           NY-40-I-330
HUSTIS, EMELINE                         NY-40-Q-294
HUSTIS, MARIA                           NY-40-0-240
HUSTIS, WILLIAM                         NY-40-A-308
HUSTIS, WILLIAM                         NY-40-M-552
HUSTIS, WILLIAM                         NY-40-B-75
HYATT, ANN                              NY-40-H-405
HYATT, CHARLOTTE                        NY-40-B-393
HYATT, ELIZABETH                        NY-40-I-371
HYATT, GEORGE L.                        NY-40-I-357
HYATT, JOHN                             NY-40-E-137
HYATT, SAMUEL                           NY-40-E-227
HYATT, SARAH                            NY-40-E-71
INGERSOLL, ABIGAIL                      NY-40-H-443
IRELAND, ABRAM                          NY-40-D-150
IRELAND, EPHRAIM                        NY-40-H-101
IRELAND, GILBERT                        NY-40-C-123
JACKSON, ANN                            NY-40-G-485
JACKSON, JOHN J. H.                     NY-40-D-377
JACOCKS, DANIEL                         NY-40-B-305
JACOX, DAVID                            NY-40-H-417
JACOX, ISAIAH                           NY-40-D-195
JAMES, FREDERICK                        NY-40-N-232
JAMES, THOMAS N.                        NY-40-0-198
JAYCOX, DAVID P.                        NY-40-Q-437
JAYCOX, ELEANOR                         NY-40-N-598
JAYCOX, EUNICE                          NY-40-G-457
JAYCOX, JAMES E.                        NY-40-Q-406
JEFFORDS, SAMUEL                        NY-40-H-105
JELLIFF, JOHN B.                        NY-40-K-330
JENNINGS, JOHN                          NY-40-J-29
JENNINGS, LYMAN                         NY-40-J-500
JOHNSON, WILL                           NY-40-C-251
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        NY-40-B-182
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-40-A-579
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM H.                    NY-40-B-262
JONES, CHARLES E.                       NY-40-S-446
JONES, THOMAS W.                        NY-40-D-222
JUDD, DANIEL S.                         NY-40-S-13
JUDD, DEBORAH                           NY-40-N-273
JUDD, GARWOOD L.                        NY-40-B-366
KATON, NELLIE                           NY-40-M-441
KEELER, NEHAMIAH                        NY-40-0-529
KEELER, SMITH                           NY-40-P-54
KEENAN, PETER                           NY-40-L-190
KEHLE, PHILIP                           NY-40-M-532
KELLEY, ANTOINETTE                      NY-40-Q-214
KELLEY, ISAAC                           NY-40-N-503
KELLEY, JAMES R.                        NY-40-S-381
KELLEY, JESSE                           NY-40-R-133
KELLEY, JUDAH                           NY-40-M-411
KELLEY, REUBEN                          NY-40-D-405
KELLEY, ROBERT W.                       NY-40-R-550
KELLEY, SETH F.                         NY-40-K-134
KELLEY, WORDEN                          NY-40-J-547
KELLY, ELI                              NY-40-I-227
KEMBLE, GOUVERNEUR                      NY-40-K-430
KENT, DANIEL                            NY-40-G-546
KENT, EMELINE N.                        NY-40-K-461
KENT, PETER S.                          NY-40-G-322
KETCHAM, EZEKIEL                        NY-40-G-20
KETCHAM, JAMES B.                       NY-40-H-70
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-40-B-114
KETCHAM, JOSEPH                         NY-40-A-370
KILMER, JEMIMA A.                       NY-40-G-613
KING, ARCHIBALD G.                      NY-40-S-622
KING, ELIZABETH S.                      NY-40-S-622
KING, PRUDENCE                          NY-40-G-579
KIRKHAM, HENRIETTA                      NY-40-R-105
KIRKUM, SARAH                           NY-40-K-228
KLOPP, ELIZABETH                        NY-40-L-210
KNAPP, ABRAHAM                          NY-40-0-51
KNAPP, CATHARINE                        NY-40-I-419
KNAPP, CORNELIA                         NY-40-0-175
KNAPP, DAVID                            NY-40-E-31
KNAPP, DAVID                            NY-40-B-287
KNAPP, HARRY N.                         NY-40-K-210
KNAPP, HENRY                            NY-40-E-60
KNAPP, HIRAM                            NY-40-J-407
KNAPP, I. KNAPP                         NY-40-H-558
KNAPP, JOHN L.                          NY-40-I-423
KNAPP, JULIA                            NY-40-K-95
KNAPP, MARGARET                         NY-40-S-176
KNAPP, MARY A.                          NY-40-R-415
KNAPP, REUBEN D.                        NY-40-L-551
KNAPP, SARAH                            NY-40-P-352
KNAPP, SYLVANUS                         NY-40-R-602
KNAPP, WALTER                           NY-40-G-306
KNAPP, WRIGHT                           NY-40-G-434
KNIFFEN, CALEB                          NY-40-0-524
KNIFFEN, SAMUEL                         NY-40-B-273
KNIFFEN, SAMUEL                         NY-40-A-582
KNIFFIN, JAMES H.                       NY-40-M-344
KNOX, ABBY JANE                         NY-40-S-393
KNOX, THADDEUS R.                       NY-40-R-432
KREAMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-40-E-249
LADEN, EMELINE                          NY-40-S-134
LADEN, WILLIAM A.                       NY-40-R-288
LADUE, ELIZABETH                        NY-40-L-291
LADUE, JEMIMA                           NY-40-E-268
LADUE, JOHN W.                          NY-40-D-382
LADUE, NATHANIEL                        NY-40-J-185
LADUE, WILLIAM                          NY-40-I-333
LAMB, THOMAS                            NY-40-I-467
LANCASTER, HIRAM                        NY-40-K-442
LANCASTER, WILLIAM                      NY-40-A-332
LANCASTER, WILLIAM                      NY-40-B-79
LANE, NATHAN                            NY-40-B-360
LANE, NATHAN                            NY-40-B-41
LANE, NATHAN                            NY-40-A-258
LATHAM, JAMES                           NY-40-J-482
LAURENCE, JOHN B.                       NY-40-H-547
LAWRENCE, DAVID H.                      NY-40-J-508
LAWRENCE, JESSE                         NY-40-G-431
LAWSON, MARTINA                         NY-40-M-189
LAWTON, LUCY                            NY-40-0-100
LEE, ABIJAH                             NY-40-L-347
LEE, ANN                                NY-40-M-177
LEE, GIDEON                             NY-40-R-28
LEE, JOSEPH                             NY-40-D-397
LEE, OBADIAH                            NY-40-G-167
LEFFERTS, CLARRENCE                     NY-40-R-450
LEMARIE, DOMINICK                       NY-40-M-361
LEMMON, LEONARD                         NY-40-G-339
LENT, ADALINE                           NY-40-J-366
LENT, JAMES                             NY-40-0-513
LENT, ROBINSON                          NY-40-K-425
LENT, SYLVESTER                         NY-40-H-432
LENTE, ANN                              NY-40-K-184
LERITE, FREDERICK D.                    NY-40-N-179
LEVELL, MARY                            NY-40-S-609
LEWIS, CATHERINE                        NY-40-R-277
LICKLY, EBENEZER                        NY-40-S-150
LIFSEY, JOHN                            NY-40-H-54
LIGHT, ALLEN E.                         NY-40-R-248
LIGHT, HENRY                            NY-40-K-243
LIGHT, HENRY C.                         NY-40-P-102
LIGHT, SUSAN JANE                       NY-40-0-68
LIGHT, WOLSEY                           NY-40-0-247
LITTLE, JAMES D.                        NY-40-N-29
LIVINGSTON, FRANCIS A.                  NY-40-R-143
LIVINGSTON, SARA J.                     NY-40-S-517
LOBDELL, WILLIAM                        NY-40-G-134
LOCKWOOD, DAVID                         NY-40-L-91
LOCKWOOD, LEWIS                         NY-40-H-522
LONGFIELD, WILLIAM (28)                 NY-40-G-519
LOSEE, JOSEPH                           NY-40-S-221
LOSEE, PHEBE ANN                        NY-40-S-428
LOUNSBURY, ALFRED                       NY-40-E-85
LOUNSBURY, JAMES                        NY-40-D-228
LOUNSBURY, ROBERT W.                    NY-40-S-421
LOUNTZEN, C. REGINA                     NY-40-S-434
LUDENTON, HENRY                         NY-40-B-15
LUDINGTON, DELIA                        NY-40-P-545
LUDINGTON, EMELINE C.                   NY-40-0-79
LUDINGTON, GEORGE                       NY-40-K-189
LUDINGTON, ROBERT                       NY-40-G-494
LUFF, GEORGE                            NY-40-S-72
LYON, GRACE                             NY-40-B-197
LYON, GRACE                             NY-40-A-492
LYON, JOHN A.                           NY-40-Q-53
LYON, JOSEPH                            NY-40-B-411
MABEE, ABRAHAM                          NY-40-B-34
MABIE, EPTER                            NY-40-B-48
MABIE, HARRISON                         NY-40-G-460
MABIE, SAMUEL (21)                      NY-40-G-278
MABIE, WILLIAM A.                       NY-40-M-290
MAKAINNEY, WILLIAM                      NY-40-M-577
MANNING, PATRICK                        NY-40-0-147
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-40-0-428
MARVIN, AARON B.                        NY-40-K-475
MARVIN, ICHABOD                         NY-40-I-107
MASLIN, CHARLOTTE A.                    NY-40-P-480
MAY, JOHN                               NY-40-K-88
MCANDREW, JOHN                          NY-40-R-376
MCCABE, MATTHEW                         NY-40-A-3
MCCABE, MICHAEL                         NY-40-S-415
MCCARTY, CALLAHAM                       NY-40-L-455
MCCAUL, MARY JANE                       NY-40-Q-565
MCCOLLUM, JAMES                         NY-40-J-491
MCCOLLUM, JOHN                          NY-40-A-41
MCCOLLUM, PHEBE                         NY-40-K-143
MCCORMIC, SAMUEL                        NY-40-I-458
MCCOY, ANGELINE P.                      NY-40-S-458
MCCOY, BENJAMIN                         NY-40-G-500
MCCOY, JAMES                            NY-40-G-145
MCCOY, LEVI H.                          NY-40-I-392
MCCUE, JAMES                            NY-40-S-596
MCDERMOTT, JAMES                        NY-40-Q-525
MCGUIN, BERNARD                         NY-40-N-128
MCGUIN, BRIDGET                         NY-40-N-123
MCGURK, PETER                           NY-40-K-284
MCILRAVY, HUGH                          NY-40-I-375
MCINTYRE, JOHN                          NY-40-0-485
MCLEAN, CORNELIUS                       NY-40-Q-300
MCLEAN, ELIAS                           NY-40-J-190
MCMAHON, STEPHEN T.                     NY-40-P-94
MCMURRAY, PATRICK                       NY-40-J-19
MCPAKE, CATHERINE                       NY-40-N-279
MEAD, ABSALOM                           NY-40-D-391
MEAD, CHARLES G.                        NY-40-0-117
MEAD, DORCUS                            NY-40-N-566
MEAD, ELI                               NY-40-S-503
MEAD, EMELINE                           NY-40-P-471
MEAD, FERRIS D.                         NY-40-R-579
MEAD, GILBERT                           NY-40-D-346
MEAD, GILBERT                           NY-40-M-375
MEAD, HENRY                             NY-40-E-82
MEAD, IRA C.                            NY-40-K-120
MEAD, JOSHUA                            NY-40-B-108
MEAD, LEWIS                             NY-40-D-243
MEAD, PHEBE                             NY-40-C-107
MEAD, PHEBE A.                          NY-40-J-113
MEAD, PHILIP                            NY-40-I-250
MEAD, SALLIE A.                         NY-40-L-445
MEAD, WILILAM                           NY-40-K-324
MEEKS, JAMES                            NY-40-L-384
MEKEEL, AMY                             NY-40-S-560
MENS, CORNELIUS                         NY-40-0-27
MERITT, GILBERT                         NY-40-B-164
MERRICK, CAROLINE                       NY-40-0-558
MERRICK, ELIZA                          NY-40-A-466
MERRICK, JAMES N.                       NY-40-S-115
MERRICK, JANE                           NY-40-N-239
MERRILL, WILLIAM                        NY-40-D-275
MERRITT, DANIEL K.                      NY-40-0-564
MERRITT, DAVID                          NY-40-I-306
MERRITT, DEZRAH                         NY-40-G-387
MERRITT, ELISHA                         NY-40-D-234
MERRITT, EZEKIEL K.                     NY-40-P-444
MERRITT, NAOMI                          NY-40-L-112
MERRITT, NATHAN                         NY-40-J-136
MERRITT, WILLIAM                        NY-40-J-371
MERRITT, WILLIAM J.                     NY-40-0-105
MIKEEL, PETER                           NY-40-N-451
MIKEEL, SYLVANUS                        NY-40-Q-162
MILLER, BENJAMIN W.                     NY-40-D-313
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-M-315
MILLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-L-517
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-40-D-108
MILLER, JOHN A.                         NY-40-N-361
MILLER, JOHN G.                         NY-40-N-376
MILLER, MARIA                           NY-40-C-17
MILLER, SUSAN                           NY-40-N-224
MINOR, JAMES                            NY-40-J-95
MINOR, MARY A.                          NY-40-M-369
MONAHAN, PATRICK                        NY-40-S-487
MONROE, FANNY J.                        NY-40-K-224
MONROE, LEWIS H.                        NY-40-S-512
MOORE, ANN                              NY-40-L-272
MOORE, CORDELIA ANN                     NY-40-K-18
MOORE, GEORGE E.                        NY-40-I-348
MOORE, MARGARET P.                      NY-40-Q-124
MOORE, NATHANIEL F.                     NY-40-J-444
MOORE, SARAH A.                         NY-40-Q-196
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-40-N-386
MORAN, MICHAEL                          NY-40-N-381
MOTT, JAMES T.                          NY-40-D-170
MUNSELL, SARAH B.                       NY-40-N-583
MUNSON, BERTRAND A.                     NY-40-Q-112
MURPHY, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-S-139
MURPHY, FRANCIS                         NY-40-I-387
MURPHY, NICHOLAS                        NY-40-I-218
MURRAY, CATHARINE T.                    NY-40-I-148
MURRAY, JANE                            NY-40-R-338
MYERS, JOHN                             NY-40-M-270
NELSON, ANN                             NY-40-B-270
NELSON, ELIJAH (381- WHOLE VOL)         NY-40-F-1
NELSON, ELISHA C.                       NY-40-S-614
NELSON, JAMES                           NY-40-A-148
NELSON, JOSHUA                          NY-40-L-486
NELSON, JUSTUS                          NY-40?K-495
NELSON, SAMUEL S.                       NY-40-C-85
NELSON, SAMUEL S.                       NY-40-C-85
NELSON, SAMUEL S.                       NY-40-C-85
NELSON, STEPHEN                         NY-40-C-198
NELSON, STEPHEN                         NY-40-C-198
NELSON, STEPHEN                         NY-40-C-198
NELSON, WILLIAM E.                      NY-40-P-464
NEWMAN, ALLEN G.                        NY-40-Q-63
NEWMAN, CHARLES L.                      NY-40-0-143
NEWMAN, EDWARD F.                       NY-40-R-190
NEWMAN, JANE                            NY-40-0-93
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN                       NY-40-E-141
NICHOLS, CORNELIUS B.                   NY-40-R-223
NICHOLS, EPENITUS                       NY-40-N-338
NICHOLS, IRA                            NY-40-Q-189
NICHOLS, LEWIS                          NY-40-0-228
NICKERSON, AMOS                         NY-40-L-106
NICKERSON, AMOS G.                      NY-40-Q-460
NICKERSON, DEMMON C.                    NY-40-0-438
NICKERSON, NATHAN                       NY-40-B-399
NOLAN, JAMES K.                         NY-40-R-306
NOONAN, JOHN                            NY-40-R-350
NORRIS, JANE                            NY-40-S-252
NORTHROP, CHARLES                       NY-40-P-529
NORTHROP, JOSEPH                        NY-40-I-267
NORTHUP, ANN A.                         NY-40-M-540
NOTT, EMELINE C.                        NY-40-P-500
OAKLEY, NEHEMIAH                        NY-40-C-193
OCONNOR, BRIDGET                        NY-40-Q-340
ODELL, ABIJAH                           NY-40-K-438
ODELL, ABRAHAM                          NY-40-I-128
ODELL, ADOLPHUS L.                      NY-40-M-355
ODELL, ANDREW J.                        NY-40-L-214
ODELL, BENJAMIN                         NY-40-H-59
ODELL, CHARLES W.                       NY-40-Q-239
ODELL, FLORENCE                         NY-40-Q-600
ODELL, HARRIET                          NY-40-R-477
ODELL, HARRIET                          NY-40-L-302
ODELL, JOHN JR.                         NY-40-G-150
ODELL, MARY                             NY-40-J-316
ODELL, MOSES                            NY-40-N-558
ODELL, WILLIAM                          NY-40-J-258
OLMSTED, NATHAN                         NY-40-C-241
OLMSTED, SALLY                          NY-40-G-106
ORGAN, CORNELIUS                        NY-40-A-291
ORGAN, CORNELIUS                        NY-40-B-68
ORGAN, CORNELIUS J.                     NY-40-R-215
OSBORN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-40-R-1
OWEN, JASPER                            NY-40-H-412
OWEN, LEVI                              NY-40-E-114
OWEN, SOLOMON                           NY-40-L-84
PADDOCK, ESTHER                         NY-40-N-514
PADDOCK, HIRAM                          NY-40-R-47
PALMER, CHARLES J                       NY-40-Q-254
PALMER, GILBERT F.                      NY-40-G-49
PALMER, NIAS                            NY-40-E-151
PARENT, DAVID                           NY-40-S-44
PARKER, ELSIE                           NY-40-L-503
PARKER, JAMES C.                        NY-40-P-1
PARKER, JOHN R.                         NY-40-L-201
PARROTT, MARY                           NY-40-P-388
PARROTT, ROBERT P.                      NY-40-L-235
PARSONS, WILLIAM M.                     NY-40-R-463
PARTRICK, GEORGE W.                     NY-40-0-192
PATERSON, JAMES                         NY-40-K-31
PATERSON, REBECCA F.                    NY-40-K-49
PATERSON, RICHARD C.                    NY-40-P-380
PATERSON, SARAH                         NY-40-J-422
PATRICK, JOHN                           NY-40-B-137
PATRICK, JOHN                           NY-40-A-423
PATTERSON, MATHEW                       NY-40-B-422
PATTES, GEORGE W.                       NY-40-P-509
PAUL, ADAM                              NY-40-E-143
PAULDING, ELIZABETH P.                  NY-40-R-613
PAULDING, JAMES NATHANIEL               NY-40-S-38
PAULDING, MARY G.                       NY-40-P-129
PAULDING, ROBERT P.                     NY-40-0-478
PAULDING, WILLIAM J.                    NY-40-P-108
PEARCE, ISAAC                           NY-40-C-166
PECK, ALBERT L.                         NY-40-Q-40
PECK, AMANDA H.                         NY-40-N-293
PECK, BETSEY                            NY-40-L-267
PECK, DAVID B.                          NY-40-S-1
PENNY, ALEXANDER                        NY-40-L-450
PENNY, SUSAN                            NY-40-N-136
PENNY, WILLIAM                          NY-40-I-209
PEPPER, WILLIAM                         NY-40-E-244
PERRY, BUGGS                            NY-40-M-280
PERRY, DEMMON R.                        NY-40-G-369
PERRY, EDWARD                           NY-40-B-385
PERRY, MILTON                           NY-40-S-227
PHILIPSE, FREDERICK                     NY-40-K-306
PHILLIPS, EBENEZER                      NY-40-C-89
PICKNEY, STEPHEN                        NY-40-K-45
PIERCE, ARMINDA                         NY-40-N-39
PIERCE, MARY                            NY-40-J-387
PIERCE, WILLIAM                         NY-40-D-279
PIERCE, WILLIAM T.                      NY-40-N-17
PINCKLEY, LEWIS                         NY-40-B-396
PINCKNEY, ISRAEL                        NY-40-P-456
PINCKNEY, IVA                           NY-40-J-146
PLATT, MARY E.                          NY-40-N-50
POLLARD, WILLIAM                        NY-40-Q-413
POST, ALMIRA                            NY-40-D-330
POST, ELIAS                             NY-40-L-129
POST, JACOB                             NY-40-D-327
POST, JOEL                              NY-40-N-318
POST, JOHN W.                           NY-40-L-440
POST, LEVI                              NY-40-L-538
POST, PETER                             NY-40-G-16
POST, ROBERT                            NY-40-I-492
POST, SARAH E.                          NY-40-R-469
POTTER, ADAH Z.                         NY-40-S-403
POTTER, GEORGE W.                       NY-40-P-509
POTTER, SAMUEL                          NY-40-K-240
POTTER, WILLIAM                         NY-40-M-164
PUDNEY, JANE ANN                        NY-40-R-401
PURDY, ABRAHAM                          NY-40-L-30
PURDY, BEULAH A.                        NY-40-Q-401
PURDY, FRANCIS                          NY-40-D-400
PURDY, FRANCIS                          NY-40-0-293
PURDY, GEORGE W.                        NY-40-0-433
PURDY, JOSHUA F.                        NY-40-D-411
RAYMOND, ASA                            NY-40-D-394
RAYMOND, BENJAMIN                       NY-40-G-41
RAYMOND, JANE T.                        NY-40-M-385
RAYMOND, JULIA                          NY-40-P-323
RAYMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-40-C-44
RAYNOR, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-0-304
RAYNOR, MORRIS                          NY-40-P-134
REED, DANIEL                            NY-40-G-298
REED, ELIZABETH                         NY-40-K-382
REED, EMILY                             NY-40-S-316
REED, GEORGE                            NY-40-C-156
REED, JACOB                             NY-40-A-6
REED, JAMES H.                          NY-40-0-454
REED, JANE ANN                          NY-40-L-158
REED, LEWIS                             NY-40-B-309
REED, SHEDRICK                          NY-40-N-100
REED, THEODORE                          NY-40-L-354
REILLEY, PHILIP C.                      NY-40-R-157
REILLY, MARGARET                        NY-40-I-344
REQUE, ISAC                             NY-40-L-323
RESSEQUIE, STEPHEN                      NY-40-H-424
REYNOLDS, MARTHA                        NY-40-K-403
RICE, EDWARD                            NY-40-A-510
RICE, EDWARD                            NY-40-B-231
RICE, SAMUEL                            NY-40-A-217
RICHARDS, EZRA                          NY-40-B-73
RICHARDS, MOSES                         NY-40-B-169
RICHARDS, MOSES                         NY-40-A-450
RIGGS, ISAAC                            NY-40-P-186
RIGGS, MARY EMMA                        NY-40-Q-27
ROBBERTS, BENJAMIN                      NY-40-A-441
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                       NY-40-B-161
ROBERTS, MARY                           NY-40-J-539
ROBINSON, COLEMAN T.                    NY-40-J-431
ROBINSON, DAVID                         NY-40-0-32
ROBINSON, MANSON                        NY-40-J-161
ROBINSON, PETER                         NY-40-E-153
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        NY-40-N-333
ROBINSON, SARAH                         NY-40-M-309
ROBINSON, SUSAN                         NY-40-M-508
ROE, JOHN                               NY-40-B-294
ROGERS, ALANSON F.                      NY-40-K-391
ROGERS, AMOS                            NY-40-A-289
ROGERS, AMOS                            NY-40-B-51
ROGERS, LEWIS                           NY-40-E-100
ROMER, JAMES H.                         NY-40-S-188
ROMER, PETER                            NY-40-H-408
ROSS, HENRY H.                          NY-40-N-356
ROUGHTON, ZERUAH                        NY-40-E-28
RSCO, WILLIAM                           NY-40-S-182
RUDDIMAN, MARTHA                        NY-40-N-23
RUMPF, FREDERICK                        NY-40-L-124
RUNDALL, ABBIE JANE                     NY-40-0-395
RUNDLE, EZRA                            NY-40-K-200
RUNDLE, EZRA                            NY-40-D-186
RUNDLE, HANNAH                          NY-40-J-311
RUNDLE, MARTHA JANE                     NY-40-0-594
RUNDLE, MARY E.                         NY-40-P-494
RUNDLE, NY-40-B-333
RUNDLE, SALLY A.                        NY-40-M-257
RUSCO, JOHANNAH                         NY-40-C-63
RUSH, GILBERT ****                      NY-40-I-160
RUSK, JAMES                             NY-40-J-393
RUSKY, NOAH                             NY-40-N-412
RUSSEL, MORRIS                          NY-40-K-205
RUSSELL, JOHN                           NY-40-C-72
RUSSELL, JOSEPH P.                      NY-40-M-339
RUSSELL, SILAS                          NY-40-R-390
RUSSELL, STEPHEN                        NY-40-B-255
RUSSELL, SUSAN                          NY-40-G-408
RUSSELL, THOMAS                         NY-40-A-96
RYDER, AMBROSE                          NY-40-Q-184
RYDER, EDWARD                           NY-40-P-240
RYDER, ELIZER                           NY-40-D-208
SACKRIDER, GEORGE W.                    NY-40-N-323
SACKRIDER, TEMPERANCE                   NY-40-0-326
SALMONS, SENECA                         NY-40-L-338
SANFORD, HEZEKIAH                       NY-40-C-95
SARLLS, SAMUEL                          NY-40-J-357
SATTERLY, EDWARD                        NY-40-A-5
SCHARFENBERG, LAURENCE                  NY-40-N-417
SCHEDGEL, LEONARD                       NY-40-L-460
SCHEDGEL, WILLIAM                       NY-40-0-61
SCHIMELLER, MARGARET                    NY-40-S-554
SCHOLEFIELD, JAMES                      NY-40-G-549
SCHOLEFIELD, SETH                       NY-40-G-315
SCHUMELLER, PHILIP                      NY-40-R-203
SEAN, BRADLEY                           NY-40-N-422
SEARS, BENJAMIN                         NY-40-A-561
SEARS, BENJAMIN                         NY-40-B-242
SEARS, GEORGE E.                        NY-40-S-369
SEARS, HEMAN                            NY-40-B-29
SEARS, HERMAN                           NY-40-A-257
SEARS, ISAAC                            NY-40-D-141
SEARS, MARY                             NY-40-Q-14
SEARS, SARAH                            NY-40-A-232
SEARS, SETH                             NY-40-B-24
SEARS, SETH                             NY-40-A-256
SECOR, ALEXANDER                        NY-40-B-66
SECORD, TOWNSEND                        NY-40-N-545
SEELEY, JEREMIAH H.                     NY-40-J-1
SEELEY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-40-B-272
SEELEY, WILLIAM H.                      NY-40-A-571
SELLECK, NATHAN                         NY-40-G-453
SERINE, SOLOMON                         NY-40-B-99
SEYMORE, JAMES N.                       NY-40-P-12
SEYMOUR, JESSIE                         NY-40-B-38
SEYMOUR, JESSSE                         NY-40-A-253
SHAW, JACKSON                           NY-40-Q-118
SHAW, JOSHUA                            NY-40-A-451
SHAW, JSOHUA                            NY-40-B-176
SHEAR, HEZEKIAH                         NY-40-C-202
SHEPARD, SARAH B.                       NY-40-P-569
SHERWOOD, CHARLES                       NY-40-H-451
SHERWOOD, LYMAN                         NY-40-L-194
SHERWOOD, OPHELIA                       NY-40-P-18
SHEWOOD, THOMAS                         NY-40-D-255
SILLICK, GOULD J.                       NY-40-K-152
SKENE, THOMAS                           NY-40-L-343
SLAUSON, ABRAHAM                        NY-40-C-38
SLAWSON, ELIZABETH                      NY-40-Q-466
SLAWSON, SILAS                          NY-40-G-488
SLOAN, JOHN                             NY-40-B-121
SLOAN, JOHN                             NY-40-A-410
SLOAN, MARY M.                          NY-40-0-298
SLOAT, EDSON                            NY-40-N-523
SLOAT, ELIZA                            NY-40-J-5
SLOAT, JOHN                             NY-40-H-184
SLOAT, MARCUS                           NY-40-I-486
SLOTE, JOHN                             NY-40-J-214
SLOTE, JOHN JAMES                       NY-40-H-507
SMALLEY, CLARA                          NY-40-0-74
SMALLEY, ELIAZBETH                      NY-40-B-89
SMALLEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-40-A-334
SMALLEY, ISAIAH SR.                     NY-40-G-228
SMALLEY, JAMES                          NY-40-B-142
SMALLEY, JAMES                          NY-40-A-440
SMALLEY, JAMES                          NY-40-I-431
SMALLEY, WARREN                         NY-40-0-390
SMALLEY, ZACHARIAH (25)                 NY-40-J-332
SMITH, ABEL                             NY-40-B-315
SMITH, ABEL                             NY-40-S-78
SMITH, ABEL                             NY-40-I-436
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          NY-40-G-78
SMITH, AHIJAH                           NY-40-I-275
SMITH, ALEXANDER G.                     NY-40-K-399
SMITH, ANDREW J.                        NY-40-R-149
SMITH, ANN                              NY-40-L-276
SMITH, BATHSHEBA                        NY-40-E-182
SMITH, CATHARINE                        NY-40-D-191
SMITH, CHARLES                          NY-40-N-433
SMITH, CHARLES G.                       NY-40-K-385
SMITH, DANIEL                           NY-40-M-242
SMITH, EDWARD                           NY-40-B-106
SMITH, ELISHA                           NY-40-C-222
SMITH, ELIZA                            NY-40-P-287
SMITH, GEORGE                           NY-40-L-1
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        NY-40-R-86
SMITH, J. HOMER                         NY-40-N-284
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-40-0-234
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-40-G-128
SMITH, JANE R.                          NY-40-S-322
SMITH, JEMIMA                           NY-40-R-183
SMITH, JOANNA                           NY-40-P-140
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-40-J-167
SMITH, JONATHAN                         NY-40-B-187
SMITH, JONATHAN                         NY-40-A-493
SMITH, KEZIA                            NY-40-L-398
SMITH, LEMUEL                           NY-40-C-32
SMITH, MARY                             NY-40-K-265
SMITH, MELISSA                          NY-40-S-363
SMITH, NANCY                            NY-40-N-407
SMITH, NICHOLAS C.                      NY-40-S-32
SMITH, PETER N.                         NY-40-G-568
SMITH, PHEBE                            NY-40-J-292
SMITH, PHEBE                            NY-40-I-415
SMITH, PRUDENCE                         NY-40-J-81
SMITH, RICHARD                          NY-40-G-156
SMITH, SAMUEL P.                        NY-40-S-497
SMITH, SARAH A.                         NY-40-S-233
SMITH, SAXTON                           NY-40-P-193
SMITH, WILLIAM C.                       NY-40-H-98
SNOUCK, JOHN                            NY-40-D-123
SNOW, CLARK                             NY-40-N-539
SNOW, JOHN                              NY-40-A-42
SNOW, WILLIAM                           NY-40-A-566
SNOW, WILLIAM                           NY-40-B-268
SOMERVILLE, ARCHIBALD                   NY-40-H-207
SPENCER, JOHN H.                        NY-40-L-162
SPRAGUE, JAMES                          NY-40-N-258
SPRAGUE, PAMELIA                        NY-40-M-570
SPRAGUE, ROBERT                         NY-40-R-518
SPRAGUE, SAMUEL                         NY-40-Q-169
SPRAGUE, SARAH A.                       NY-40-Q-587
SQUIRE, JOHN I.                         NY-40-G-67
SRIARS, JAMES                           NY-40-L-433
STANSBURY, ABRAHAM OGUR                 NY-40-B-318
STARR, SUSAN                            NY-40-G-335
STEINBECK, DANIEL D.                    NY-40-R-112
STERLING, EMILY                         NY-40-N-289
STERLING, WILLIAM J.                    NY-40-N-311
STEVENS, ELIZABETH D. F.                NY-40-E-177
STEVENS, LAURA ANN                      NY-40-S-161
STEVENS, RACHEL                         NY-40-J-273
STEWART, ROEBRT                         NY-40-G-214
STIRLING, JAMES                         NY-40-R-496
STJOHN, WILLIAM                         NY-40-J-523
STORM, EDWIN M.                         NY-40-0-133
STORM, JOHN                             NY-40-I-383
STORM, ZENAS D.                         NY-40-Q-287
STPEHENS, NELLIE B.                     NY-40-P-233
STRANG, JANE                            NY-40-B-331
STRICKLAND, PHEBE A.                    NY-40-R-196
STURDEVANT, DAVID                       NY-40-D-111
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-40-0-411
SULLIVAN, MORRIS                        NY-40-Q-538
SUNDERLIN, DANIEL H.                    NY-40-J-85
SUNDERLIN, HANNAH J.                    NY-40-M-611
SUNDERLIN, JACOB                        NY-40-H-137
SUNDERLIN, JOHN                         NY-40-A-254
SUNDERLIN, JOHN                         NY-40-B-31
SWIFT, JAMES                            NY-40-N-203
SWIFT, JOHN                             NY-40-D-378
TALLMAN, EBENEZER                       NY-40-E-42
TAYLOR, NANCY M.                        NY-40-0-207
TERRY, ELI                              NY-40-G-594
TERRY, IRA                              NY-40-H-392
TERRY, PETER                            NY-40-C-266
TERRY, WILLIAM (21)                     NY-40-L-170
THEALL, HACHALIAH                       NY-40-B-185
THEALL, THACKER H.                      NY-40-N-498
THOMAS, MARY                            NY-40-L-25
THOMPKINS, WILLIAM H.                   NY-40-R-326
THOMPSON, AHNNAH A.                     NY-40-Q-90
THOMPSON, NATHAN L.                     NY-40-N-300
THOMSON, ELIZA A.                       NY-40-R-371
THORN, DANIEL                           NY-40-B-238
THORN, DANIEL                           NY-40-A-559
THORN, MARGARET                         NY-40-H-19
THORN, NANCY                            NY-40-L-465
THORNTON, EDWARD                        NY-40-R-93
THORP, JOHN                             NY-40-D-57
THRALL, ARVAH                           NY-40-0-214
THUMBECKLER, HENRIETTA                  NY-40-N-529
TILFORD, SMITH                          NY-40-I-294
TILLOTSON, DANIEL                       NY-40-N-84
TILLOTSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-40-J-109
TILLOTT, THOMAS O.                      NY-40-B-146
TOLMIE, COLIN                           NY-40-M-521
TOMPKINS, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-40-I-214
TOMPKINS, BARTHOLOMEW                   NY-40-G-25
TOMPKINS, BELDEN                        NY-40-K-14
TOMPKINS, CORNELIUS                     NY-40-B-220
TOMPKINS, DANIEL D.                     NY-40-G-403
TOMPKINS, DAVID S.                      NY-40-0-384
TOMPKINS, ELIJAH E.                     NY-40-S-349
TOMPKINS, ELIZABETH                     NY-40-S-547
TOMPKINS, ELKANAH                       NY-40-E-257
TOMPKINS, FRANCIS JANE                  NY-40-L-231
TOMPKINS, GOULD J. S.                   NY-40-L-256
TOMPKINS, HANNAH                        NY-40-L-80
TOMPKINS, JACOB                         NY-40-A-568
TOMPKINS, JACOB                         NY-40-B-284
TOMPKINS, JAMES                         NY-40-K-27
TOMPKINS, JAMES F.                      NY-40-Q-429
TOMPKINS, JOHN C.                       NY-40-M-392
TOMPKINS, JOSHUA                        NY-40-G-197
TOMPKINS, MARIA                         NY-40-P-48
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-40-0-185
TOMPKINS, MARY                          NY-40-Q-452
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL                     NY-40-M-380
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL C.                  NY-40-J-150
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL M.                  NY-40-J-60
TOMPKINS, PHEBE                         NY-40-I-368
TOUCEY, JOHN M.                         NY-40-S-128
TOWNER, JOHN                            NY-40-I-103
TOWNER, MARY                            NY-40-C-28
TOWNSEND, ABIJAH                        NY-40-D-86
TOWNSEND, BENJAMIN                      NY-40-D-71
TOWNSEND, BETSEY                        NY-40-J-504
TOWNSEND, CATHARINE                     NY-40-Q-47
TOWNSEND, COLEMAN                       NY-40-0-336
TOWNSEND, DANIEL                        NY-40-R-80
TOWNSEND, EDGAR                         NY-40-S-398
TOWNSEND, EMMA                          NY-40-S-343
TOWNSEND, HARRISON                      NY-40-N-473
TOWNSEND, ISAAC                         NY-40-H-126
TOWNSEND, JACOB                         NY-40-K-83
TOWNSEND, JAMES                         NY-40-L-67
TOWNSEND, JANE                          NY-40-L-376
TOWNSEND, JOSEPH                        NY-40-G-119
TOWNSEND, MARY A.                       NY-40-R-486
TOWNSEND, PHEBE                         NY-40-H-302
TOWNSEND, PHEBE ELIZA                   NY-40-I-237
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL A.                     NY-40-0-315
TOWNSEND, SARAH                         NY-40-H-129
TOWNSEND, STEPHEN                       NY-40-Q-519
TOWNSEND, URIAH ***                     NY-40-H-455
TOWNSEND, WARREN                        NY-40-G-449
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                       NY-40-I-450
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM 2ND                   NY-40-J-179
TRAVIS, ADAH                            NY-40-L-12
TRAVIS, BENJAMIN                        NY-40-I-340
TRAVIS, DANIEL                          NY-40-D-344
TRAVIS, DAVID                           NY-40-G-516
TRAVIS, GILBERT                         NY-40-G-85
TRAVIS, GILBERT                         NY-40-A-187
TRAVIS, HARRISON H.                     NY-40-0-503
TRAVIS, HENRY                           NY-40-I-259
TRAVIS, ISAAC                           NY-40-J-268
TRAVIS, JOHNATHAN                       NY-40-D-359
TRAVIS, JOSEPH                          NY-40-D-225
TRAVIS, LUCY ANN                        NY-40-K-420
TRAVIS, OLIVE A.                        NY-40-N-45
TRAVIS, PHEBE                           NY-40-J-22
TRAVIS, PHEBE ANN                       NY-40-K-446
TRAVIS, PHILA A.                        NY-40-Q-606
TRAVIS, SALLY                           NY-40-M-285
TRAVIS, SAMUEL W.                       NY-40-0-405
TRAVIS, TOMPKINS                        NY-40-M-404
TRITSCHLER, CHARLES                     NY-40-H-196
TROWBRIDGE, ALVAH                       NY-40-G-204
TRUESDELL, ASA                          NY-40-K-518
TRUESDELL, DARIUS                       NY-40-N-491
TURK, MARIA                             NY-40-M-224
TURNER, ELIJAH T.                       NY-40-K-261
TURNER, HANNAH                          NY-40-I-462
UPJOHN, ELIZABETH                       NY-40-M-417
UPJOHN, RICHARD                         NY-40-L-328
VAIL, JAMES S.                          NY-40-P-207
VAIL, JOHN                              NY-40-J-279
VAIL, PHEBE ANN                         NY-40-I-279
VALENTINE, FISHER F.                    NY-40-J-64
VALENTINE, HANNAH A.                    NY-40-J-426
VANBUSKIRK, LOUISA                      NY-40-K-193
VANDUZER, SELAH                         NY-40-K-271
VANSCOY, JONATHAN                       NY-40-R-272
VANSCOY, LEWIS                          NY-40-S-7
VANTASSEL, SARAH J.                     NY-40-N-484
VERNOLD, JOHN                           NY-40-A-4
VREDENBURG, ABRAHAM                     NY-40-B-88
VREDENBURGH, ABRAHAM                    NY-40-A-329
VREDENBURGH, ELIZABETH                  NY-40-B-209
VRETENBURGH, ELIZABETH                  NY-40-A-494
WALLACE, HENRY D.                       NY-40-I-353
WALSH, WILLIAM                          NY-40-J-543
WARDELL, ELIAKIM                        NY-40-B-144
WARING, EMMALINDA                       NY-40-L-146
WARREN, CORNELIUS                       NY-40-E-147
WARREN, GOUVERNEUR K.                   NY-40-M-559
WARREN, HANNAH J                        NY-40-S-99
WARREN, HENRY                           NY-40-E-240
WARREN, JOHN                            NY-40-D-63
WARREN, SAMUEL                          NY-40-C-130
WARRING, NOEL E.                        NY-40-G-328
WASHBURN, DANIEL T.                     NY-40-Q-374
WASHBURN, FRANCIS                       NY-40-Q-422
WASHBURN, LEVI                          NY-40-N-95
WASHBURN, ZEBULON                       NY-40-C-77
WATTS, ELIZABETH                        NY-40-C-178
WATTS, JAMES A.                         NY-40-I-96
WATTS, WILLIAM                          NY-40-J-74
WATTS, WILLIAM HENRY                    NY-40-G-441
WAZER, JOSHUA                           NY-40-D-173
WEBB, ALFRED                            NY-40-Q-474
WEED, DEBORAH A.                        NY-40-S-259
WEED, JUSTUS                            NY-40-B-84
WEED, WILLIAM C.                        NY-40-M-496
WEEKS, ADA                              NY-40-R-255
WEEKS, JAMES H.                         NY-40-G-384
WEEKS, JAMES R.                         NY-40-S-409
WEEKS, ROBERT                           NY-40-A-228
WEEKS, ROBERT                           NY-40-B-1
WEEKS, STEPHEN V.                       NY-40-N-571
WEID, SARAH E.                          NY-40-Q-571
WELCH, DAVID                            NY-40-Q-594
WHEELER, ISABEL S.                      NY-40-S-109
WHEELER, NATHAN W.                      NY-40-R-561
WHITE, IRA                              NY-40-G-114
WHITE, SUSAN                            NY-40-L-263
WHITEHEAD, STEPHEN                      NY-40-S-490
WHITLOCK, SAMUEL                        NY-40-Q-613
WHITNEY, JOSHUA                         NY-40-P-146
WHITNEY, JULIA                          NY-40-M-194
WHITNEY, PETER R.                       NY-40-M-249
WIARD, LUCY                             NY-40-M-349
WILCOX, MARY                            NY-40-K-362
WILEY, JOHN                             NY-40-P-538
WILLIAMS, LOVISA                        NY-40-S-335
WILLIAMS, SOLOMON                       NY-40-K-5
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       NY-40-H-115
WILLSON, THOMAS B.                      NY-40-K-60
WILSON, ELIJAH                          NY-40-D-339
WILSON, ELLEN                           NY-40-Q-386
WILSON, KNIFFIN                         NY-40-N-480
WILSON, KNIFFIN                         NY-40-I-326
WILSON, LANA ANN                        NY-40-G-64
WILSON, OAKLEY                          NY-40-L-281
WILSON, SMITH                           NY-40-I-111
WIXOM, ELIJAH                           NY-40-H-151
WIXOM, LAURA                            NY-40-S-471
WIXOM, PELEG                            NY-40-G-342
WIXON, ELIJAH                           NY-40-A-35
WIXSOM, ALPHEUS T.                      NY-40-H-448
WIXSOM, ROBERT                          NY-40-H-31
WIXSON, DRUSILLA                        NY-40-R- 445
WOOD, ABRAHAM                           NY-40-H-399
WOOD, EMELINE                           NY-40-J-123
WOOD, JEDEDIAH                          NY-40-G-318
WOOD, JOHN R.                           NY-40-K-237
WOOD, MARY A.                           NY-40-J-263
WOOD, SYLVANUS                          NY-40-B-337
WOOD, WILLIS                            NY-40-G-207
WOOLSEY, DEBORAH                        NY-40-M-453
WORDEN, SEYMOUR S.                      NY-40-Q-445
WRIGHT, CHARLES                         NY-40-B-346
WRIGHT, DANIEL                          NY-40-H-554
WRIGHT, DAVID S.                        NY-40-R- 584
WRIGHT, ELIJAH                          NY-40-B-135
WRIGHT, ELIJAH                          NY-40-A-164
WRIGHT, GILBERT                         NY-40-J-13
WRIGHT, ISAAC                           NY-40-M-296
WRIGHT, JOB                             NY-40-B-253
WRIGHT, JOB                             NY-40-A-541
WRIGHT, MARTHA                          NY-40-N-268
WRIGHT, MATILDA                         NY-40-R-170
WRIGHT, PETER                           NY-40-J-240
WRIGHT, ROBERT                          NY-40-B-57
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NY-40-G-96
WYATT, JOSIAH                           NY-40-E-57
WYMAN, LEONARD                          NY-40-L-102
YALE, STEPHEN                           NY-40-B-61
YALE, STEPHEN                           NY-40-A-287
YEAMANS, ALMIRA                         NY-40-0-257
YEAMANS, LEONARD                        NY-40-0-1
YEAMANS, SUSAN                          NY-40-L-219
YOUNG, ARCHIBALD                        NY-40-B-139
YOUNG, EZRA                             NY-40-D-413
YOUNG, JAMES                            NY-40-D-389

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