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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1825-1840 | 2=1840-1853 | 11=? |
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ABERS, JOHN                            NJ-19-A-423
ADAMS, OBADIAH                         NJ-19-A-151
ADAMS, SILVANUS                        NJ-19-A-191
ADAMS, URIAH                           NJ-19-A-348
ALBERTSON, CORNELIUS                   NJ-19-A-297
ALBERTSON, NICHOLAS                    NJ-19-A-475
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                       NJ-19-A-414
ALLEN, GEORGE                          NJ-19-A-225
ALLEN, JEREMIAH                        NJ-19-A-362
ALTON, DERICK                          NJ-19-A-183
AMOT, WILLIAM                          NJ-19-A-121
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       NJ-19-A-60
ANDREWS, JACOB                         NJ-19-A-173
ANTHONY, PHILIP                        NJ-19-A-309
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM JR.                 NJ-19-A-469
ARNOLD, JACOB                          NJ-19-A-442
AXFORD, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-181
AXFORD, SAMUEL                         NJ-19-A-246
BARBER, THOMAS                         NJ-19-A-421
BAROW, JOANNA                          NJ-19-A-194
BEDELL, ABRAHAM                        NJ-19-A-77
BEDELL, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-142
BELER, JOHN                            NJ-19-A-290
BELLES, PETER                          NJ-19-A-133
BENNEL, JAMES                          NJ-19-A-234
BEVIER, MARYTIE                        NJ-19-A-115
BIDLEMAN, VALENTINE                    NJ-19-A-36
BIRD, GEORGE                           NJ-19-A-339
BOLDING, EDWARD                        NJ-19-A-220
BONKER, JEEMIAH                        NJ-19-A-81
BOWERS, JACOB                          NJ-19-A-428
BOYD, WILLIAM                          NJ-19-A-316
BRANDS, JACOB                          NJ-19-A-426
BRIDGEN, B. THOMAS                     NJ-19-A-18
BRINK, CORNELIUS                       NJ-19-A-76
BRINK, JAMES                           NJ-19-A-261
BRISTED, WILLIAM                       NJ-19-A-229
BROOK, COOPER                          NJ-19-A-186
BROWN, GEORGE                          NJ-19-A-242
BUHERN, ABRAHAM                        NJ-19-A-165
BURDGE, MARY                           NJ-19-A-460
CAREY, ISAAC                           NJ-19-A-63
CARHART, CORNELIUS SR.                 NJ-19-A-202
CERKLE, MATHIAS                        NJ-19-A-353
CHAMBERS, JOSEPH                       NJ-19-A-65
CLARK, MATTHIAS                        NJ-19-A-252
CLARK, ROGER                           NJ-19-A-400
COLE, ABRAHAM                          NJ-19-A-392
COLE, JOHN                             NJ-19-A-189
COLEMAN, ISRAEL                        NJ-19-A-340
COMER, AMY                             NJ-19-A-350
CONDICT, CYRUS                         NJ-19-A-322
COOL, WILLIAM                          NJ-19-A-385
COTONCH, JOHN                          NJ-19-A-116
COUGH, PHILIP                          NJ-19-A-325
COZAD, JOB                             NJ-19-A-376
COZAD, THOMAS                          NJ-19-A-147
CRAIG, ROBERT                          NJ-19-A-284
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM SR.                  NJ-19-A-380
CREVELING, WILILAM                     NJ-19-A-302
CRUSEN, ALLEN                          NJ-19-A-388
CUMMINS, ROBERT                        NJ-19-A-95
CURSON, ABRAHAM                        NJ-19-A-349
CYMER, GEORGE                          NJ-19-A-427
CYMER, PETER                           NJ-19-A-333
DALRYMPLE, ELINOR                      NJ-19-A-386
DEWITT, ISAAC                          NJ-19-A-289
DEWITT, PETER                          NJ-19-A-424
DILDINE, URIAH                         NJ-19-A-227
DIMAMT, PETER                          NJ-19-A-338
DIXON, MICHAEL                         NJ-19-A-61
DODDERER, JACOB                        NJ-19-A-292
DORMER, PHILIP                         NJ-19-A-462
DOTY, JOSEPH                           NJ-19-A-415
DOUGAN, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-51
DOYLE, JAMES                           NJ-19-A-449
DUKE, DANIEL                           NJ-19-A-295
DUKE, URIAS                            NJ-19-A-343
DUNBERGER, FRIDRICK                    NJ-19-A-468
DUNN, DANIEL                           NJ-19-A-237
EASTMAN, ELIZABETH                     NJ-19-A-233
EDMUNEN, BENJAMIN                      NJ-19-A-453
ENGLE, PAUL                            NJ-19-A-138
ENNIS, WILLIAM                         NJ-19-A-3
FAIRFIELD, JEREMIAH                    NJ-19-A-446
FEITS, DANIEL                          NJ-19-A-39
FENGER, PHILIP                         NJ-19-A-311
FINCH, ISAAC                           NJ-19-A-218
FISHER, MOSES                          NJ-19-A-103
FITS, MARGRETHA                        NJ-19-A-244
FONGER, PHILLIP                        NJ-19-A-143
FREEMAN, ANDREW                        NJ-19-A-367
FREEMAN, ANNA                          NJ-19-A-470
FREESE, CATHERINE                      NJ-19-A-375
GARDNER, WILLIAM JR.                   NJ-19-A-73
GEASSER, GEORGE                        NJ-19-A-130
GOBLE, ANNA                            NJ-19-A-205
GOBLE, ENOS                            NJ-19-A-361
GOBLE, MATTHIAS                        NJ-19-A-474
GOUCHER, JOSEPH                        NJ-19-A-221
GREEN, BENJAMIN                        NJ-19-A-97
GUSTIN, BENAJAH                        NJ-19-A-124
HAGEL, JULIAN ELIZABETH                NJ-19-A-66
HAGERTY, JAMES                         NJ-19-A-317
HANKINSON, AARON (GEN.)                NJ-19-A-101
HARRY, PATRICK                         NJ-19-A-87
HART, MICHAEL                          NJ-19-A-299
HART, NATHANIEL                        NJ-19-A-397
HAVENS, WILLIAM                        NJ-19-A-335
HAYNES, FREDERICK                      NJ-19-A-107
HGERTY, ANNE                           NJ-19-A-217
HILDEBRAND, FREDRICK                   NJ-19-A-443
HILDEBRAND, JOHN                       NJ-19-A-93
HIXON, JOSEPH                          NJ-19-A-112
HOFF, JAMES                            NJ-19-A-21
HOGELAND, AMOS                         NJ-19-A-346
HOLLY, ISAAC                           NJ-19-A-299
HOLMES, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-188
HONNEYWELL, WILLIAM                    NJ-19-A-315
HOUK, DAVID                            NJ-19-A-249
HOURER, NATHANIEL                      NJ-19-A-393
HOWELL, SAMSON                         NJ-19-A-212
HUFFMAN, CHRISTOPHER                   NJ-19-A-26
HUNT, RICHARD                          NJ-19-A-404
HURSH, JOHN                            NJ-19-A-276
HURT, EDWARD                           NJ-19-A-364
HUTCHIS, MORRIS                        NJ-19-A-106
INNIS, ROBERT                          NJ-19-A-313
JOHNSON, DAVID                         NJ-19-A-360
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL                       NJ-19-A-91
JONES, ELIZABETH                       NJ-19-A-176
JONES, SAMUEL                          NJ-19-A-279
KELSEY, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-160
KENNEDY, ACHILLES                      NJ-19-A-2
KENNEDY, ROEBRT                        NJ-19-A-268
KEYSER, ANNA                           NJ-19-A-394
KINKLE, MATTHIAS                       NJ-19-A-353
KOUSE, HENRY                           NJ-19-A-44
KUNCLE, PHILIP                         NJ-19-A-325
KYMER, GEORGE                          NJ-19-A-427
LAING, HANNAH                          NJ-19-A-371
LANDON, SAMUEL                         NJ-19-A-32
LANNING, ISAAC                         NJ-19-A-241
LARUE, JAMES                           NJ-19-A-308
LINN, JOHN SR.                         NJ-19-A-440
LITTLE, LYDIA                          NJ-19-A-459
LITTLE, WILLIAM                        NJ-19-A-49
LODER, JOHN                            NJ-19-A-398
LODER, WILLIAM                         NJ-19-A-432
LONGWELL, DAVID                        NJ-19-A-359
LONGWELL, MATTHEW                      NJ-19-A-441
LUNDY, JACOB                           NJ-19-A-84
LUSE, DAVID                            NJ-19-A-94
MARING, GEORGE                         NJ-19-A-435
MARR, EARNEST                          NJ-19-A-301
MARSH, JOSEPH                          NJ-19-A-310
MARSHALL, CHARLES                      NJ-19-A-146
MARTIN, GARRET                         NJ-19-A-136
MARTIN, HUMPHRY                        NJ-19-A-59
MARTIN, ICHABOD                        NJ-19-A-86
MATTX, SAMUEL                          NJ-19-A-119
MCHENRY, CHARLES                       NJ-19-A-287
MCOLLINS, JACOB                        NJ-19-A-331
MCPEEK, EZEKIEL                        NJ-19-A-137
MEEKER, JEPTHA                         NJ-19-A-262
MEEKER, NATHANIEL                      NJ-19-A-22
MILLER, FREDRICK                       NJ-19-A-300
MILLER, ROBERT                         NJ-19-A-419
MITTY, VALENTINE                       NJ-19-A-209
MOEN, JONATHAN                         NJ-19-A-337
MORRISON, HENRY                        NJ-19-A-447
MOTT, LUDOWICK                         NJ-19-A-169
MOTT, WILILAM                          NJ-19-A-140
MOWRY, JACOB                           NJ-19-A-403
NEARPASS, JACOB                        NJ-19-A-62
NEARPASS, WILLIAM                      NJ-19-A-47
OGDEN, GABRIEL                         NJ-19-A-408
OPDYCK, JOANNA                         NJ-19-A-471
OWENS, ANNY                            NJ-19-A-332
OWENS, ISAAC H.                        NJ-19-A-120
PADDOCK, ZELOTUS                       NJ-19-A-341
PALMER, HENRY                          NJ-19-A-307
PEMBERTON, CHARLES                     NJ-19-A-465
PETERSON, DANIEL                       NJ-19-A-164
PHILLIPS, CONROD                       NJ-19-A-4
PINE, WILLIAM                          NJ-19-A-438
PRALL, AARON                           NJ-19-A-259
PRICE, FRANCIS                         NJ-19-A-8
PRICE, JACOB                           NJ-19-A-80
PRICE, ZACHARIAH                       NJ-19-A-104
PUDMAN, DANIEL                         NJ-19-A-192
PUDMAN, DANIEL                         NJ-19-A-373
REEDS, THOMAS                          NJ-19-A-429
RHODES, CHARLES                        NJ-19-A-457
RHODES, JOSEPH                         NJ-19-A-98
RICHARDS, ABRAHAM                      NJ-19-A-381
RICHARS, JAMES                         NJ-19-A-157
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        NJ-19-A-436
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      NJ-19-A-352
ROBSON, AARON                          NJ-19-A-64
ROHN, JOHN C.                          NJ-19-A-407
ROSECRANTS, CATHERINE                  NJ-19-A-153
ROUB, ANDRW                            NJ-19-A-167
ROY, MARGARET                          NJ-19-A-372
ROYS, BERNARD                          NJ-19-A-277
RYESON, HASSELL                        NJ-19-A-7
SCHOLEY, JOHN                          NJ-19-A-125
SCHOOLY, BENJAMIN                      NJ-19-A-185
SCHOOLY, RICHARD                       NJ-19-A-67
SCHOONOVER, HENRY                      NJ-19-A-30
SEBOLT, MARY                           NJ-19-A-236
SEGLAR, JACOB                          NJ-19-A-155
SEMMAN, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-253
SEXTON, BENJAMIN                       NJ-19-A-88
SHARER, ADAM                           NJ-19-A-411
SHARP, LANGSTAFF                       NJ-19-A-57
SHERRERD, JOHN                         NJ-19-A-199
SHIMER, ABRAHAM                        NJ-19-A-69
SHIPMAN, HERMAN                        NJ-19-A-53
SHIPMAN, MATTHIAS                      NJ-19-A-250
SHUBB, ELIZABETH                       NJ-19-A-314
SHULER, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-389
SICKLE, CORNELIUS                      NJ-19-A-14
SIPPERLEN, JOHN                        NJ-19-A-117
SIPPERLIN, ELIZABETH ANNA              NJ-19-A-145
SMITH, GEORGE                          NJ-19-A-281
SMITH, GILBERT                         NJ-19-A-283
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        NJ-19-A-149
SMITH, PETER                           NJ-19-A-355
SMITH, WILILAM                         NJ-19-A-383
SNYDER, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-365
SNYDER, WILLIAM                        NJ-19-A-239
SOCKMAN, FREDRICK                      NJ-19-A-231
SOUTHWORTH, SILAS                      NJ-19-A-336
STEWART, ROBERT                        NJ-19-A-175
STEWART, WILLIAM                       NJ-19-A-195
STINSON, ARCH                          NJ-19-A-379
STRADER, HENRY                         NJ-19-A-24
STRADER, MATTHIAS                      NJ-19-A-304
STRUBB, PETER SR.                      NJ-19-A-206
TREESBAUGH, SUSANNAH                   NJ-19-A-264
TUTHIL, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-90
VANBENSCHOOTEN, ELIAS                  NJ-19-A-358
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN                       NJ-19-A-122
VANCAMPEN, ABRAHAM                     NJ-19-A-223
VANDYKE, ARTHUR                        NJ-19-A-178
VANGORDEN, JAMES                       NJ-19-A-369
VANHOUTEN, PETER G.                    NJ-19-A-114
VANNESTE, PETER                        NJ-19-A-406
VANWHEY, ANDREW                        NJ-19-A-344
VAUGHAN, DANIEL                        NJ-19-A-197
VAUGHAN, RICHARD                       NJ-19-A-323
VOORHIS, HIRAM                         NJ-19-A-431
WADE, SIMEON                           NJ-19-A-444
WALCHOF, PHILIP                        NJ-19-A-450
WALKER, JOHN                           NJ-19-A-451
WELLS, JOHN                            NJ-19-A-330
WESTBROOK, ABRAHAM                     NJ-19-A-158
WESTBROOK, JOHANNES D.                 NJ-19-A-329
WESTBROOK, JOHANNES B.                 NJ-19-A-34
WESTBROOK, MARTINUS                    NJ-19-A-320
WESTBROOK, RICHARD                     NJ-19-A-109
WESTFALL, DAVID                        NJ-19-A-1
WESTFALL, SOLOMON                      NJ-19-A-357
WHITE, WILLIAM                         NJ-19-A-286
WILLSON, GABRIEL                       NJ-19-A-395
WILLSON, GABRIEL                       NJ-19-A-75
WILSON, PETER                          NJ-19-A-402
WINANS, ISAAC                          NJ-19-A-370
WINANS, MATTHIAS                       NJ-19-A-305
WINTERMUTE, LEONARD                    NJ-19-A-215
WOOLOVER, PETER                        NJ-19-A-265
WYCKOFF, PETER                         NJ-19-A-179
WYKER, PHILIP                          NJ-19-A-129
YOUNGS, JAMES                          NJ-19-A-15

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