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ALLEN, J. G.                            NC-101-2-475
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NC-101-1-1
ANGLIN, JOHN W.                         NC-101-2-436
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         NC-101-1-350
BAKER, DAVID SR.                        NC-101-1-30
BALLEW, DAVID                           NC-101-2-1
BALLEW, ROBERT A.                       NC-101-2-138
BALLEW, THOMAS                          NC-101-2-296
BANKS, W. M.                            NC-101-2-39
BENNET, JOHN                            NC-101-1-5
BENNETT, DAVID A.                       NC-101-2-94
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        NC-101-1-42
BLAKE, EDWARD                           NC-101-2-396
BLUNT, JOHN GRAY                        NC-101-2-142
BOWDITCH, JOHN H.                       NC-101-2-500
BRADFORD, SAMUEL                        NC-101-2-490
BRALOCK, SAMUEL W.                      NC-101-2-324
BRIGGS, THOMAS                          NC-101-1-340
BROWNING, OLLIE H.                      NC-101-2-548
BURLESON, J. E.                         NC-101-2-470
BURTON, A. Z.                           NC-101-2-422
BYRD, HATTIE                            NC-101-2-457
CARPENTER, JACOB                        NC-101-1-111
CHRESSAWN, LYDA                         NC-101-2-302
CLAPP, ALLICE J.                        NC-101-2-147
COLLIS, JOHN                            NC-101-1-334
COX, MARY                               NC-101-1-22
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NC-101-1-353
DEYTON, C. C.                           NC-101-2-483
DEYTON, C. P.                           NC-101-2-402
DEYTON, JACKSON                         NC-101-2-337
DEYTON, NANCY                           NC-101-2-337
DOWELL, MARY                            NC-101-1-385
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          NC-101-2-468
DURYEA, EDGAR E.                        NC-101-2-254
DURYEA, WALTER E.                       NC-101-2-272
EDGE, J. G.                             NC-101-2-74
EDNEY, JAMES                            NC-101-2-487
EFFLER, HENRY                           NC-101-2-90
ELKINS, JOHN                            NC-101-2-55
ENGLISH, S. W.                          NC-101-2-189
ERWIN, MARY ANN                         NC-101-2-229
FULLER, F.                              NC-101-2-364
GARDNER, THOMAS                         NC-101-1A-1
GARLAND, JOHN W.                        NC-101-2-48
GARLAND, JOHN W.                        NC-101-2-180
GIBBS, T. C.                            NC-101-2-288
GIBBS, WILLIAM J.                       NC-101-2-306
GILLISPIE, SILAS                        NC-101-1-373
GOFORTH, CLARA                          NC-101-2-444
GRAGG, WILLIAM                          NC-101-1-348
GRINDSTAFF, HENRY G.                    NC-101-2-553
HAMPTON, C. M. F.                       NC-101-2-80
HAMPTON, D. M.                          NC-101-2-232
HAMPTON, EZEKIEL                        NC-101-1-351
HEMPHILL, WILLIAM MC.                   NC-101-2-240
HENSLEY, B. S.                          NC-101-2-185
HENSLEY, JOSHUA                         NC-101-2-158
HILEMAN, GEORGE                         NC-101-2-479
HISE, R. R.                             NC-101-2-485
HOLCOMBE, TAISSIE                       NC-101-2-492
HONEYCUTT, W. K.                        NC-101-2-542
HOWELL, WWINFRED W.                     NC-101-2-432
INGRAM, JOHN                            NC-101-2-168
JACKSON, ROBERT F.                      NC-101-2-512
JERVIS, JABEZ                           NC-101-1-40, 56
JOHNSTON, ROBERT P.                     NC-101-2-372
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                       NC-101-2-61
KING, MARTHA MATILDA                    NC-101-2-356
LEDFORD, ELIAS                          NC-101-1-110
LEDFORD, FREDERICK                      NC-101-1-8
LETHERMAN, NOAH                         NC-101-2-77
LEWIS, J. H.                            NC-101-2-452
LINDSEY, D. C.                          NC-101-2-174
LINDSEY, D. C.                          NC-101-2-133
MCCOURRY, D. W.                         NC-101-2-323
MCCOURRY, SAMUEL                        NC-101-2-310
MCCURRY, B. M.                          NC-101-2-477
MCDOWELL, SARAH T.                      NC-101-2-152
MCINTOSH, RACHEL                        NC-101-1-344
MCKINEY, SAMUEL                         NC-101-1-64
MCKINEY, WILLIAM                        NC-101-1-27
MCPEETERS, MARGARETT                    NC-101-2-460
MOORE, W. M.                            NC-101-2-101
MORRIS, MARY                            NC-101-2-197
MORRIS, ROBERT                          NC-101-2-192
MURCHISON, KENETH M.                    NC-101-2-161
NIXON, HETTY                            NC-101-2-208
NIXON, MARIA                            NC-101-2-202
PAER, SALVA D.                          NC-101-2-14
PARK, WILLIAM A.                        NC-101-1-365
PARKER, SALLIE E.                       NC-101-2-381
PARSONS, W. C.                          NC-101-2-105
PATTON, JOHN D.                         NC-101-2-525
PENDAND, M. P.                          NC-101-2-408
PENLOND, M. P.                          NC-101-2-108
PETERSON, ANNIE                         NC-101-2-440
PETERSON, OLIER                         NC-101-2-368
PETERSON, SUSANNAH                      NC-101-2-86
PETTY, EIL                              NC-101-2-393
PHILLIPS, SARAH                         NC-101-2-344
PROFFITT, WALTER C.                     NC-101-2-353
PROFFITT, WILLIAM W.                    NC-101-2-120
PURLY, EPHRAIM                          NC-101-2-19
RANDOLPH, ELIZA                         NC-101-2-390
RANDOLPH, PHEBE                         NC-101-2-72
RANDOLPH, W. M.                         NC-101-2-360
RAY, ELIZABETH J.                       NC-101-2-140
RAY, HIRAM                              NC-101-1-51
RAY, JESS                               NC-101-1-397
RAY, JOSEPH B.                          NC-101-1-394
RAY, MARTHA H.                          NC-101-2-136
RAY, THOMAS SR.                         NC-101-1-69
RAY, WILLIAM                            NC-101-2-24
REID, JOSEPH                            NC-101-2-164
REID, JOSEPH                            NC-101-2-224
RENFREW, JAMES                          NC-101-1-320
RIDDLE, SINAI                           NC-101-2-150
ROBERSON, GEORGE                        NC-101-1-65
ROBERTSON, W. B.                        NC-101-2-342
ROBETSON, LUE                           NC-101-2-348
ROBINSON, A. J.                         NC-101-2-448
ROFFITT, JAMES C.                       NC-101-2-4
ROWLAND, JAMES                          NC-101-1-117
SAGE, JOHN C.                           NC-101-2-245
SCOTT, JOSEPH                           NC-101-2-117
SCOTT, T. K.                            NC-101-2-292
SHEPHERD, JOSEPH                        NC-101-1-417
SPARKES, ALLEN                          NC-101-1-352
SPEAR, CRAWFORD                         NC-101-2-330
STROUTHER, JOHN                         NC-101-2-124
THOMPSON, E. ST. CLAIR                  NC-101-2-495
TIPTON, JONATHAN SR.                    NC-101-1-375
VANCE, THOMAS                           NC-101-1-63
WATSON, CORA RAY                        NC-101-2-536
WHITE, M. L.                            NC-101-2-299
WHITSON, J. C.                          NC-101-2-214
WHITSON, NANCY                          NC-101-2-285
WHITSON, W. M.                          NC-101-2-428
WILLIAMS, PHINES                        NC-101-2-36
WILLSON, EDWARD                         NC-101-1A-15
WILSO, WILLIAM                          NC-101-2-11
WILSON, JAMES                           NC-101-2-96
WILSON, JAMES (COLORED)                 NC-101-2-465
WILSON, JOHN GILBERT                    NC-101-2-508
WILSON, R. DAN                          NC-101-2-218
WOODARD, WILLIAM                        NC-101-1-24
WOODWARD, WILLIAM                       NC-101-1-346
WOODY, WYATT                            NC-101-1-377
YOUNG, CREED F.                         NC-101-2-42
YOUNG, JOHN P.                          NC-101-2-47
YOUNG, MANNING WILLOUGHBY               NC-101-2-130

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