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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Volume = Years Covered) | 1A=1851-1868 | 1B=1868-1905 start image #77 | 1C=1905-1922 start image 412 | 2-6? |
Wills Volume "1851-1957" is labeled in error. It ends in 1922.
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ADAMS, DANIEL J.                        NC-100-1B-539
ADAMS, GEORGE                           NC-100-1B-12
ADAMS, JONATHAN                         NC-100-1A-4
ADAMS, MOSES                            NC-100-1A-95
ADAMS, WILLIAM                          NC-100-1B-453
ALLEN, JAMES                            NC-100-1B-423
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NC-100-1C-102
ALLGOOD, N. J.                          NC-100-1C-485
ANDERSON, HENRY                         NC-100-1C-67
ANGEL, HULDA J.                         NC-100-1C-16
ANGEL, MILTON                           NC-100-1C-253
ANSTELL, MOSES                          NC-100-1B-136
APPERSON, THOMAS                        NC-100-1A-24
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         NC-100-1C-209
ARMSTRONG, WESLEY                       NC-100-1B-1
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      NC-100-1C-110
ARNOLD, W. S.                           NC-100-1C-28
ASHLEY, T. M.                           NC-100-1B-311
ATHON, HORATIO G.                       NC-100-1A-31
BAGBY, ABNER                            NC-100-1B-247
BAITY, JANE P.                          NC-100-1C-212
BAITY, W. D.                            NC-100-1B-340
BALDWIN, A. L.                          NC-100-1B-418
BARKER, HOWELL                          NC-100-1A-67
BARNES, JONATHAN                        NC-100-1A-86
BARRON, ELIZABETH C.                    NC-100-1C-470
BARRON, J. N.                           NC-100-1C-470
BENBOW, E.                              NC-100-1B-349
BENBOW, W. E. (DR)                      NC-100-1B-483
BENHAM, E. A.                           NC-100-1B-560
BINKLEY, J. W.                          NC-100-1C-592
BODENHAMMER, J. C.                      NC-100-1C-302
BOHANNON, NEAL                          NC-100-1A-87
BOUNDS, JOHN                            NC-100-1B-7
BOVENDER, GEORGE W.                     NC-100-1A-81
BRANDON, J. C.                          NC-100-1C-131
BRAUN, PAULINA                          NC-100-1B-383
BRAUN, THOMAS                           NC-100-1B-579
BRINEGAR, PAUL                          NC-100-1A-55
BROWN, BETTIE                           NC-100-1C-353
BROWN, DOCK                             NC-100-1C-175
BROWN, ELLEN                            NC-100-1A-109
BROWN, G. W.                            NC-100-1C-146
BROWN, HENRY JAMES                      NC-100-1B-393
BROWN, JACOB                            NC-100-1B-462
BROWN, JAMES                            NC-100-1B-389
BROWN, MARY V.                          NC-100-1B-427
BROWN, REBECCA C.                       NC-100-1C-117
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NC-100-1A-14
BRUCE, JANE                             NC-100-1B-381
BRUCHETT, ANN                           NC-100-1C-290
BRYANT, G. A.                           NC-100-1B-156
BRYANT, J. S.                           NC-100-1C-434
BRYANT, JANE                            NC-100-1B-575
BURTON, DAVID F.                        NC-100-1C-7
BURTON, ELIZABETH                       NC-100-1A-88
CALAWAY, B. C.                          NC-100-1B-401
CALE, JUDITH                            NC-100-1B-168
CALVARD, N. M.                          NC-100-1C-78
CARLTON, ELIZABETH                      NC-100-1B-34
CARLTON, LOUISA                         NC-100-1C-340
CARRENDER, LEWIS                        NC-100-1B-386
CARSTEVENS, M. A.                       NC-100-1C-469
CARSTEVENS, MECAUS                      NC-100-1B-550
CARTER, A. D.                           NC-100-1C-285
CARTER, J. W.                           NC-100-1C-97
CARTER, JAMES C.                        NC-100-1B-194
CARTER, JOSEPH                          NC-100-1C-530
CARTER, MARGARET                        NC-100-1A-88
CARTWRIGHT, L. J.                       NC-100-1B-455
CASEY, J. Y.                            NC-100-1B-113
CASEY, NANCY                            NC-100-1C-115
CASH, MARY                              NC-100-1A-26
CAUDLE, SAMPSON                         NC-100-1B-251
CHAMBERLAIN, L. L.                      NC-100-1B-23
CHAPEL, LEWIS JOSHUA                    NC-100-1C-45
CHAPEL, MAHALY                          NC-100-1B-179
CHAPMAN, ALLEN                          NC-100-1B-541
CHAPPEL, JAMES R.                       NC-100-1A-107
CHAPPEL, RUTH                           NC-100-1A-54
CHAPPEL, SHERREL                        NC-100-1A-83
COCKERHAM, D. J.                        NC-100-1C-439
COCKERHAM, STEPNEY                      NC-100-1C-348
COLE, CHARLEY                           NC-100-1A-78
COLVARD, B. G.                          NC-100-1B-457
COMER, MARTHA C.                        NC-100-1B-566
CONRAD, J. J.                           NC-100-1B-37
CONRAD, JOHN T.                         NC-100-1C-198
COOK, ISAAC                             NC-100-1C-83
COOK, JOSEPH                            NC-100-1C-100
COOK, L. W.                             NC-100-1C-422
COOPER, W. A.                           NC-100-1B-504
CORNELIUS, A. E.                        NC-100-1C-583
COWLES, JOSIAH JR.                      NC-100-1A-64
CRAFT, N. W.                            NC-100-1C-63
CRAUER, LEWIS NATHANIEL                 NC-100-1C-35
CRESON, D. Y.                           NC-100-1C-5
CREWS, ASHLEY                           NC-100-1A-45
CROPPS, H. R.                           NC-100-1C-87
CROPPS, WESLEY                          NC-100-1C-85
CRUMEL, J. W.                           NC-100-1C-387
DALTON, CLOE                            NC-100-1C-598
DAVIS, BETHANA                          NC-100-1A-85
DAVIS, J. E.                            NC-100-1C-431
DAVIS, JANE                             NC-100-1C-283
DAVIS, M. D.                            NC-100-1C-25
DAVIS, T. J.                            NC-100-1B-142
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NC-100-1B-440
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NC-100-1A-40
DENNEY, STEPHEN                         NC-100-1B-104
DENNY, ILEY                             NC-100-1A-18
DENNY, M. E.                            NC-100-1C-236
DEZERN, J. F.                           NC-100-1C-379
DICKERSON, ALPHONSO                     NC-100-1B-405
DICKERSON, WILEY                        NC-100-1A-8
DICKSON, W. J.                          NC-100-1B-492
DIXON, R. E.                            NC-100-1C-466
DOBBINS, ELIZABETH                      NC-100-1B-190
DOBBINS, JACOB                          NC-100-1A-90
DOBBINS, JOHN                           NC-100-1A-77
DOBBINS, WILLIAM T.                     NC-100-1A-108
DOSS, J. M.                             NC-100-1C-562
DOUB, ALOIS C.                          NC-100-1C-292
DOUB, H. N.                             NC-100-1B-512
DOUGLAS, CLARRISA                       NC-100-1B-177
DULIN, WILLIAM                          NC-100-1C-182
EDWARDS, MATILDA                        NC-100-1B-288
EDWARDS, W. W.                          NC-100-1A-74
ELDRIDGE, DRURY                         NC-100-1B-140
EVANS, GEORGE W.                        NC-100-1B-106
EVINS, MARY                             NC-100-1B-419
FELTS, H. C.                            NC-100-1B-118
FLEMING, DAVID J.                       NC-100-1B-100
FLEMING, ELIZABETH                      NC-100-1B-480
FLEMING, F. T.                          NC-100-1B-275
FLEMING, H. W.                          NC-100-1B-552
FLEMING, J. J.                          NC-100-1C-402
FLEMING, J. Q.                          NC-100-1B-183
FLEMING, JAMES M.                       NC-100-1B-502
FLEMING, LITTLETON                      NC-100-1A-63
FLEMING, W. A.                          NC-100-1C-455
FLETCHER, ISAAC                         NC-100-1B-188
FLETCHER, JAMES                         NC-100-1B-35
FOSTER, T. W.                           NC-100-1B-508
GENTRY, SHADRACK                        NC-100-1A-22
GEORGE, J. F.                           NC-100-1C-233
GIBBS, WINNIE                           NC-100-1B-498
GLEN, ELIZABETH GAIL                    NC-100-1B-376
GLEN, THOMAS                            NC-100-1B-73
GLEN, TYRE                              NC-100-1B-51
GLENN, ELIZABETH                        NC-100-1B-292
GLENN, SARAH                            NC-100-1B-198
GODFREY, THOMAS N.                      NC-100-1C-280
GORDON, S. C.                           NC-100-1A-58
GOUGH, EMILY HARRIET                    NC-100-1C-324
GOUGH, J. E.                            NC-100-1C-411
GOUGH, JAMES                            NC-100-1C-205
GOUGH, JAMES                            NC-100-1B-108
GOUGH, THOMAS S.                        NC-100-1A-23
GREEN, MARY                             NC-100-1B-134
GREER, DANIEL                           NC-100-1B-295
GROCE, ISAAC                            NC-100-1A-79
GROOSE, HENRY                           NC-100-1B-31
GROSS, ELIZABETH                        NC-100-1C-216
GROSS, SARAH                            NC-100-1B-28
GROSS, SSARAH                           NC-100-1B-555
HALL, ALEXANDER                         NC-100-1B-116
HALL, JOHN                              NC-100-1B-229
HALL, MARYJ.                            NC-100-1C-392
HALLEMAN, JOHN                          NC-100-1C-56
HAMPTON, ALFRED                         NC-100-1B-325
HAMPTON, F. J.                          NC-100-1B-337
HAMPTON, JOHN                           NC-100-1B-46
HARBIN, JAMES                           NC-100-1C-488
HARDING, S. B.                          NC-100-1B-263
HARRIS, CAROLINE                        NC-100-1C-551
HARRIS, JOHN A.                         NC-100-1C-591
HARRISON, A.                            NC-100-1B-488
HARTGRAVE, WILLIAM                      NC-100-1C-7
HARVILL, TYRE                           NC-100-1B-308
HAUSER, C. S.                           NC-100-1C-519
HAUSER, LOUISA                          NC-100-1C-133
HAUSER, T. C.                           NC-100-1B-226
HAUSER, THOMAS                          NC-100-1C-74
HAYES, ESTHER                           NC-100-1C-37
HAYNES, JOHN                            NC-100-1B-25
HAYNES, MARTHA                          NC-100-1A-69
HELLMAN, BILL                           NC-100-1B-436
HEMERICK, BENJAMIN                      NC-100-1B-43
HICKERSON, CALVIN L.                    NC-100-1C-230
HILL, LEAH                              NC-100-1B-63
HINSHAW, HANNAH                         NC-100-1B-234
HINSHAW, JOHN                           NC-100-1C-239
HINSHAW, JOSEPH                         NC-100-1C-43
HOATS, D. B.                            NC-100-1C-585
HOBSON, DAVID                           NC-100-1A-19
HOBSON, JOHN WILLIAM                    NC-100-1C-459
HOBSON, MARY J.                         NC-100-1C-144
HOLCOMB, ANNA                           NC-100-1B-125
HOLCOMB, P. H.                          NC-100-1C-214
HOLCOMB, SAMUEL                         NC-100-1C-139
HOLT, J. L.                             NC-100-1C-18
HOOTS, D.                               NC-100-1B-527
HOOTS, JOHN SR.                         NC-100-1B-32
HOOTS, W. F.                            NC-100-1B-354
HORN, AZARIAH                           NC-100-1C-89
HOUSER, ADAM                            NC-100-1B-366
HOWARD, LARKIN                          NC-100-1A-99
HOWELL, S. R.                           NC-100-1C-184
HUDSPETH, DAVID                         NC-100-1A-125
HUDSPETH, W. R.                         NC-100-1C-540
HUF, JOSHUA                             NC-100-1B-138
HUFF, E. M.                             NC-100-1C-356
HUNT, N. L.                             NC-100-1B-469
HUNT, NATHAN D.                         NC-100-1A-11
HUNT, PLEASANT                          NC-100-1B-210
HUNT, RICHARD                           NC-100-1B-161
HURT, WILLIAM                           NC-100-1A-82
HUTCHEN, A. SR.                         NC-100-1B-510
HUTCHENS, DAVID                         NC-100-1A-48
HUTCHENS, JENNIE                        NC-100-1C-266
HUTCHENS, JOHN                          NC-100-1A-28
HUTCHINS, HESIKIAH                      NC-100-1C-94
INSCORE, D. W.                          NC-100-1C-52
JARRATT, ISAAC                          NC-100-1B-128
JARVIS, R. M.                           NC-100-1B-429
JENKINGS, HENRY                         NC-100-1B-70
JENNINGS, PETER L.                      NC-100-1C-309
JENNINGS, T. A.                         NC-100-1B-554
JESTER, JOHN MELTON                     NC-100-1C-554
JESTIN, JOHN                            NC-100-1B-68
JOHNSON, A. J.                          NC-100-1B-557
JOHNSON, C. L.                          NC-100-1C-375
JOHNSON, HESEKIAH                       NC-100-1A-15
JOHNSON, JAMES F.                       NC-100-1B-36
JOHNSON, LEVI                           NC-100-1B-120
JOHNSON, S.                             NC-100-1B-5
JONES, J. M.                            NC-100-1C-80
JONES, JANE                             NC-100-1C-405
JONES, JOHN A.                          NC-100-1B-472
JONES, JULIA A.                         NC-100-1B-172
JONES, JULIA A.                         NC-100-1B-150
JONES, L. W.                            NC-100-1B-364
JOYCE, W. A.                            NC-100-1A-118
JOYNER, MARGARET D.                     NC-100-1B-519
JOYNER, ZACHARIAH                       NC-100-1B-192
KELLEY, MARKLIN                         NC-100-1B-314
KELLEY, MARY JANE                       NC-100-1B-320
KERR, J. P.                             NC-100-1B-568
KIRK, JOHN S.                           NC-100-1B-174
KIRKMAN, R. Y.                          NC-100-1C-370
LAIN, W. M.                             NC-100-1C-473
LEONARD, LOUISA                         NC-100-1B-133
LINDSEY, CHARITY                        NC-100-1B-40
LOGAN, MARY ANN                         NC-100-1A-30
LOGAN, WINSTON                          NC-100-1B-373
LONG, ALFRED                            NC-100-1C-244
LONG, ELIZABETH                         NC-100-1C-515
LONG, FREDRICK                          NC-100-1B-181
LONG, GEORGE                            NC-100-1C-53
LONG, H. V.                             NC-100-1C-512
LONG, ISAAC                             NC-100-1C-260
LONG, JAMES F.                          NC-100-1C-189
LONG, THOMAS H.                         NC-100-1C-251
LONG, V. A.                             NC-100-1C-501
LONG, WILLIAM                           NC-100-1B-413
LYNCH, ELIZABETH                        NC-100-1B-110
LYNCH, I. M.                            NC-100-1C-180
MACKIE, JOHN                            NC-100-1B-500
MACKIE, NATHAN                          NC-100-1A-92
MACKIE, R. W.                           NC-100-1B-327
MACKIE, S. E.                           NC-100-1A-94
MADISON, JOHN                           NC-100-1B-460
MARSHALL, HENRY                         NC-100-1C-13
MARTIN, AARON                           NC-100-1B-411
MARTIN, D. A.                           NC-100-1C-444
MARTIN, J. H. SR.                       NC-100-1C-315
MARTIN, SIMON H.                        NC-100-1A-25
MARTIN, V. A.                           NC-100-1C-524
MATHEWS, JAMES                          NC-100-1A-5
MATHIS, A.                              NC-100-1C-104
MATHIS, L. B.                           NC-100-1B-524
MATTHEWS, R. J.                         NC-100-1C-374
MATTHEWS, T. F.                         NC-100-1C-311
MAY, WILLIAM                            NC-100-1B-205
MAYBERRY, E. C.                         NC-100-1C-565
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                        NC-100-1B-352
MELTON, ELIZABETH                       NC-100-1C-10
MELTON, WILLIAM                         NC-100-1B-397
MESSICK, JOHN M.                        NC-100-1A-71
MESSICK, JOHN Q.                        NC-100-1C-299
MESSICK, LEONARD                        NC-100-1B-64
MINESH, THOMAS R.                       NC-100-1C-51
MITCHELL, NANCY                         NC-100-1B-586
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         NC-100-1B-77
MYERS, B. C.                            NC-100-1B-216
MYERS, DAVID C.                         NC-100-1C-186
MYERS, GRANVILLE                        NC-100-1C-203
MYERS, JAMES H.                         NC-100-1C-538
NICHOLSON, EPHRAIM                      NC-100-1A-17
NORMAN, DAVID W.                        NC-100-1B-477
NORMAN, JOHN H.                         NC-100-1C-277
NORMAN, MILLIE                          NC-100-1B-346
NORMAN, THOMAS                          NC-100-1C-345
NORTH, ANN                              NC-100-1B-312
NORTH, JONATHAN                         NC-100-1B-282
PARDUE, BEVELLY                         NC-100-1B-148
PARDUE, MAJOR                           NC-100-1C-528
PARDUE, THOMAS                          NC-100-1C-128
PARKER, GEORGE                          NC-100-1B-144
PASS, JOHN W.                           NC-100-1C-533
PATTERSON, JOHN H.                      NC-100-1C-408
PATTERSON, MARY                         NC-100-1B-237
PATTERSON, MERRIAM                      NC-100-1A-44
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       NC-100-1B-213
PATTERSON, WILLIAM W.                   NC-100-1B-533
PAULIN, WILLIAM T.                      NC-100-1A-43
PEARSON, R. M.                          NC-100-1B-92
PEDDYCORD, W. E.                        NC-100-1C-242
PENDRY, POLLY                           NC-100-1A-65
PERRY, J. J.                            NC-100-1B-298
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       NC-100-1A-38
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                       NC-100-1B-361
PINNIX, OVERTON                         NC-100-1C-54
POINDEXTER, A. D.                       NC-100-1C-399
POINDEXTER, FANNIE                      NC-100-1B-536
POINDEXTER, I. C.                       NC-100-1C-335
POINDEXTER, JOHN H.                     NC-100-1C-171
POINDEXTER, MARIAH                      NC-100-1C-226
POINDEXTER, N. J.                       NC-100-1B-577
POINDEXTER, PETER                       NC-100-1B-304
POINDEXTER, R. A.                       NC-100-1C-40
POINDEXTER, W. A.                       NC-100-1B-158
PRICER, MARY                            NC-100-1B-279
PRIM, ISAAC                             NC-100-1C-384
PRIM, MARY                              NC-100-1C-509
RANDLEMAN, GEORGE W.                    NC-100-1C-224
RASH, W. B.                             NC-100-1A-60
REAVIS, GILES                           NC-100-1C-394
REAVIS, WILLIAM                         NC-100-1A-122
REECE, ABRAHAM                          NC-100-1A-9
REECE, J. R.                            NC-100-1C-593
REECE, JESSE                            NC-100-1A-111
REECE, JOEL D.                          NC-100-1C-218
REECE, NOAH                             NC-100-1A-59
REECE, T. W.                            NC-100-1C-149
REECE, THOMAS H.                        NC-100-1A-89
REED, ABEL N.                           NC-100-1C-572
ROBERSON, HENRY                         NC-100-1B-29
ROBERSON, L. W.                         NC-100-1C-496
ROSE, ELIZABETH                         NC-100-1A-80
ROYALL, WILLIAM                         NC-100-1C-163
SAIN, NANCY JANE                        NC-100-1C-343
SALE, FINLEY                            NC-100-1A-93
SALMONS, ENOCH                          NC-100-1B-45
SAWYERS, JOE                            NC-100-1C-463
SEARS, SALLY ANN                        NC-100-1C-451
SHARE, CALVIN E.                        NC-100-1C-578
SHARE, HENRY                            NC-100-1C-542
SHARE, JAMES                            NC-100-1C-192
SHARES, HENDERSON                       NC-100-1C-327
SHARES, JOHN                            NC-100-1C-124
SHEEK, CHRISTAIN                        NC-100-1B-9
SHEEK, MILLIE                           NC-100-1B-371
SHERMER, DILLARD                        NC-100-1C-306
SHERMER, ELIZABETH                      NC-100-1C-397
SHERMER, P. A.                          NC-100-1B-543
SHERMER, PETER                          NC-100-1B-152
SHERMER, T. A.                          NC-100-1C-267
SHERMER, WILLIAM                        NC-100-1C-160
SHORE, JOHN                             NC-100-1A-114
SHORE, LEAH                             NC-100-1B-186
SHUGART, J. A.                          NC-100-1C-222
SHUGART, R. B.                          NC-100-1A-76
SIMS, ROBERT                            NC-100-1B-21
SIZEMORE, ISHAM                         NC-100-1B-196
SKIDMORE, ALEY                          NC-100-1A-120
SMITH, ELI                              NC-100-1A-62
SMITH, LOTTIE                           NC-100-1C-337
SMITHERMAN, MARY P.                     NC-100-1B-317
SMITHERMAN, P. A.                       NC-100-1C-177
SPARKS, BENJAMIN                        NC-100-1B-81
SPARKS, BENJAMIN                        NC-100-1B-474
SPARKS, M. J.                           NC-100-1C-70
SPARKS, NANCY C.                        NC-100-1B-222
SPARKS, W. R.                           NC-100-1C-426
SPEAKS, O. A.                           NC-100-1C-419
SPEAS, J. L.                            NC-100-1B-255
SPEASE, JULIUS L.                       NC-100-1C-158
SPEER, AQUILA                           NC-100-1B-268
SPEER, SAMUEL                           NC-100-1B-7
SPEERE, LYDIA                           NC-100-1B-448
SPENCER, THOMAS R.                      NC-100-1C-568
SPENCER, WILLIAM D.                     NC-100-1C-262
SPILLMAN, JASPER                        NC-100-1A-106
SPILLMAN, WILLIAM                       NC-100-1C-476
SPILLMAN, WILLIAM H.                    NC-100-1C-545
SPRINKLE, CHARITY                       NC-100-1A-46
SPROUSE, MILLIE                         NC-100-1C-367
STEEL, W. D.                            NC-100-1C-295
STEELE, RENA                            NC-100-1C-113
STEELMAN, ALMEDA                        NC-100-1B-146
STEELMAN, C. H.                         NC-100-1C-536
STEELMAN, CHARLES                       NC-100-1A-34
STEELMAN, GEORGE                        NC-100-1B-332
STEELMAN, M. J.                         NC-100-1C-453
STOKES, SAMUEL                          NC-100-1B-408
STUART, W. A.                           NC-100-1B-345
SWAIM, FRANKLIN                         NC-100-1B-84
SWAIM, R. M.                            NC-100-1B-546
SWAIM, S. D.                            NC-100-1C-274
SWAIM, S. D.                            NC-100-1A-102
SWAIM, S. T.                            NC-100-1C-481
SWAIM, SARAH                            NC-100-1C-318
SWAIM, W. F.                            NC-100-1C-493
SWAIN, JOHN                             NC-100-1B-47
THARINGTON,ALDREAD                      NC-100-1B-49
THOMASSON, A. H.                        NC-100-1B-130
THORINGTON, JESSE                       NC-100-1A-57
TOMLIN, A. N.                           NC-100-1B-398
TULBERT, EMILY                          NC-100-1C-364
TULBURT, HENRY                          NC-100-1B-58
TURNER, ALEXANDER W.                    NC-100-1C-329
TURNER, J. I.                           NC-100-1C-588
TURNER, L. C.                           NC-100-1B-200
VANHOY, CLAYTON                         NC-100-1B-71
VANHOY, NANCY                           NC-100-1B-303
VESTAL, ALEXANDER                       NC-100-1B-450
VESTAL, DANIEL                          NC-100-1B-90
VESTAL, JESSE                           NC-100-1A-66
VESTAL, MARTHA                          NC-100-1B-80
VESTAL, NANCY                           NC-100-1B-564
VESTAL, S. M.                           NC-100-1B-431
VESTAL, SARAH A.                        NC-100-1B-322
VESTAL, SINA                            NC-100-1B-243
VOGLER, MARTHA                          NC-100-1B-95
WADE, C. B.                             NC-100-1B-421
WADE, GHOLSON                           NC-100-1B-438
WAGGONER, MOSES                         NC-100-1C-21
WAGONER, CATHARINE                      NC-100-1B-464
WAGONER, DANIEL                         NC-100-1C-61
WAGONER, FREDRIC                        NC-100-1C-47
WAGONER, HENRY                          NC-100-1C-30
WAGONER, JOHN                           NC-100-1C-165
WAGONER, JOHN                           NC-100-1B-285
WAGONER, NATHAN                         NC-100-1B-394
WAGONER, WILLIAM                        NC-100-1B-358
WALL, MARTHA C.                         NC-100-1C-361
WARDEN, ARAH                            NC-100-1B-572
WARDEN, E. N.                           NC-100-1C-106
WARDEN, J. I.                           NC-100-1C-382
WAUGH, H. M.                            NC-100-1B-163
WEATHERMAN, SAMUEL                      NC-100-1A-13
WEBB, T. P.                             NC-100-1C-248
WEINAND, JOSEPH                         NC-100-1B-522
WHITE, JOHN                             NC-100-1B-19
WHITEHEAD, JOHN                         NC-100-1C-576
WHITLOCK, J. B.                         NC-100-1C-228
WILES, MARTHA                           NC-100-1A-47
WILHELM, P. L.                          NC-100-1C-122
WILKINS, GEORGE                         NC-100-1B-333
WILKINS, H. D.                          NC-100-1C-428
WILLARD, SALLIE                         NC-100-1C-448
WILLARD, W. H.                          NC-100-1C-168
WILLIAMS, C. W.                         NC-100-1B-75
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         NC-100-1A-118
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                         NC-100-1A-70
WILLIAMS, J. B.                         NC-100-1C-548
WILLIAMS, JAMES SR.                     NC-100-1C-136
WILLIAMS, JESSEE                        NC-100-1B-98
WILLIAMS, JOHN L.                       NC-100-1B-496
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NC-100-1B-240
WILLIAMS, N. L. JR.                     NC-100-1A-105
WILLIAMS, P. G.                         NC-100-1B-582
WILLIAMS, RACHEL                        NC-100-1B-223
WILLIAMS, SIBRILIA                      NC-100-1C-141
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NC-100-1A-84
WILLIARD, JOSEPH                        NC-100-1B-516
WILLYARD, OLLIE R.                      NC-100-1C-59
WINDSOR, BENNET                         NC-100-1A-98
WINDSOR, E. A.                          NC-100-1B-466
WINDSOR, J. W.                          NC-100-1C-120
WINDSOR, JAMES R.                       NC-100-1A-91
WINDSOR, JESSE                          NC-100-1A-96
WISHON, CONRAD                          NC-100-1A-21
WOODRUFF, A.                            NC-100-1A-72
WOODRUFF, ALLEN P.                      NC-100-1A-3
WOOTEN, VICY B.                         NC-100-1C-321
WOOTON, THOMAS                          NC-100-1B-127
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NC-100-1A-7

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