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ABSHIRE, JEREMIAH                       NC-98-3-118
ALDRIDGE, ELIJAH                        NC-98-1-203, 206, 234
ALLEN, GEDION                           NC-98-3-71, 77
ALLEN, JESSE                            NC-98-3-226
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           NC-98-3-12
ALLEN, RICHARD                          NC-98-3-80
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           NC-98-2-281
ALLISON, HUGH                           NC-98-3-219
ALLISON, JOHN                           NC-98-3-145
ALLISON, LACEY                          NC-98-3-244
ALLISON, MARY                           NC-98-3-193
ALLISON, R. PEGGY                       NC-98-3-148
ALLISON, S. JAMES                       NC-98-3-313
ALLISON, WILLIAM                        NC-98-3-170, 171, 175
BAGBEY, EDMUND                          NC-98-3-248
BALTRIP, GABRIEL                        NC-98-3-1
BALTRIP, VINEY                          NC-98-3-2
BARNARD, FRANCIS                        NC-98-3-26
BARNES, SOLOMAN                         NC-98-2-193
BARNS, BRINSLEY                         NC-98-3-143
BECKNELL, THOMAS                        NC-98-1-54
BENGE, JAMES                            NC-98-3-174
BENGE, THOMAS                           NC-98-3-72
BENTON, FRANCES                         NC-98-3-210
BENTON, WARREN                          NC-98-3-207, 210
BICKNALL, SAMUEL                        NC-98-3-214, 230
BISHOP, AVIS                            NC-98-1-127
BLANKINSHIP, FRANCES                    NC-98-3-125
BLANKINSHIP, THOMAS                     NC-98-3-124
BOUCHELL, THOMAS                        NC-98-3-164
BRANHAN, BURGAM                         NC-98-2-157
BROOKS, NANCY                           NC-98-3-111
BROWN, AARON                            NC-98-3-123, 134
BROWN, GEORGE                           NC-98-2-146
BROWN, HAMILTON                         NC-98-3-121, 149
BROWN, JAMES                            NC-98-3-88, 99, 119
BROWN, JAMES                            NC-98-2-158
BROWN, JOHN                             NC-98-3-28, 41
BROWN, JOHN                             NC-98-1-159, 163
BROWN, JOHN SR.                         NC-98-2-319
BROWN, REBECCA                          NC-98-3-231
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NC-98-2-182
BRUCE, JOHN                             NC-98-3-127, 132
BRUCE, MARY                             NC-98-3-211
BUMGARNER, CATHARINE                    NC-98-3-188
BUMGARNER, LEONARD                      NC-98-3-187
BUNDAY, DEMSEY                          NC-98-3-32, 43
BYRD, JOHN                              NC-98-3-74, 85
CAMPBELL, PETER                         NC-98-3-159
CARLEE, WILLIAM                         NC-98-3-13
CARTER, NANCY                           NC-98-3-68
CARTER, THENA                           NC-98-3-82, 87
CASS, JOHN                              NC-98-3-73, 83
CASS, SALLEY                            NC-98-3-217
CASS, SAMUEL                            NC-98-3-211, 217
CASTEPHENE, THOMAS                      NC-98-2-101
CAVELEY, WILLIAM                        NC-98-1-452
CHAMBERS, DRURY                         NC-98-3-228
CHANDLER, JOEL                          NC-98-3-156
CLEVELAND, ROBERT                       NC-98-3-35, 44, 69
COCK, JOHN                              NC-98-1-170, 180
COFFERY, JOEL (OR COFFE)                NC-98-1-260, 266
COFFEY, JAMES                           NC-98-1-202
COFFEY, JOHN                            NC-98-3-21
COMBS, GEORGE                           NC-98-3-237
COOK, ABRAM                             NC-98-2-57
COOK, THOMAS                            NC-98-3-195, 223
COX, JOHN                               NC-98-3-68
COX, MATHEW                             NC-98-2-132
CRANE, PHILEMON                         NC-98-1-191, 209
CROSS, AXEL                             NC-98-3-215, 224
CULLUMS, WELLBORN                       NC-98-3-63
CULLUMS, WILKES                         NC-98-3-62
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM                      NC-98-3-218
DENNEY, JAMES                           NC-98-3-20, 71
DENNY, EDMUND                           NC-98-2-39
DINKINS, DAVID                          NC-98-3-64
DOGAN, SAMUEL                           NC-98-3-181
DONATHAN, BENJAMIN                      NC-98-3-177, 187
DURHAM, JAMES                           NC-98-3-186, 192
EDMONSTON, JAMES                        NC-98-1-372, 391
ELLEDGE, JOSEPH                         NC-98-1-467
ELLIS, WILLIAM                          NC-98-3-194
ELMORE, THOMAS                          NC-98-2-289
ELSTON, HANNAH                          NC-98-3-204
FIELDS, THOMAS                          NC-98-2-195
FINLEY, JOHN                            NC-98-3-11, 43
FLETCHER, JAMES                         NC-98-2-154
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                       NC-98-3-18
FOSTER, GEORGE                          NC-98-3-163
FREEMAN, JAMES                          NC-98-1-477
FUGET, JOHN                             NC-98-1-181
GAMBILL, WILLIAM                        NC-98-1-25, 30
GANGER, HENRY                           NC-98-3-130
GARRISON, HANNAH                        NC-98-3-179
GILBERT, JEREMIAH                       NC-98-3-7
GILBERT, WILLIAM                        NC-98-3-6
GOFORTH, THOMAS                         NC-98-3-206
GOODE, RICHARD                          NC-98-3-205
GOODWIN, M. JOHN                        NC-98-3-25
GORDON, CHAPMAN                         NC-98-3-47, 56, 76, 78
GORDON, CHARITY                         NC-98-3-48
GORDON, CHARLES                         NC-98-3-14, 114
GORDON, CHARLES (MAJ.)                  NC-98-1-514
GORDON, GEORGE                          NC-98-2-26
GORDON, NANCY                           NC-98-3-188
GORDON, SARAH                           NC-98-3-184
GORDON, W. JOHN                         NC-98-3-189, 200, 203
GORMAN, JAMES                           NC-98-3-70, 120
GRADY, W. JACOB                         NC-98-3-123, 135
GRAY, JAMES                             NC-98-3-49, 91, 102, 112, 122
GRAYSON, BENJAMIN                       NC-98-3-205, 232
GRAYSON, MARY                           NC-98-3-183
GREEN, THOMAS                           NC-98-3-105, 112
GREEN, WALTER                           NC-98-3-69
GREER, JOSHUA                           NC-98-1-450, 456, 468
GRIER, JOHN SR.                         NC-98-1-78
GRIMSLEY, THOMAS                        NC-98-3-246
GRINTON, POLLEY                         NC-98-3-96
GUIN, PETER                             NC-98-1-543
GULLET, DANEL                           NC-98-3-98, 109
HACKETT, JAMES                          NC-98-3-67, 158, 172, 202, 225
HAGLER, JOHN                            NC-98-3-141
HALBROOK, RALPH                         NC-98-2-238
HAMMAN, WILLIAM                         NC-98-2-11
HAMMON, AMBROSE                         NC-98-1-396
HAMPTON, THOMAS                         NC-98-3-152, 157, 163
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                        NC-98-3-10, 32, 60
HARBIN, JOSHUA                          NC-98-3-49
HARBIN, V. EDWARD                       NC-98-3-65
HARRIS, WILLIAM                         NC-98-3-244
HARTGRVAES, FRANCIS                     NC-98-3-190
HARVELL, ISHAM                          NC-98-3-66
HARVELL, MATILDA                        NC-98-3-66
HAYS, JAMES                             NC-98-3-115, 136
HAYS, JESSE                             NC-98-3-34
HAYS, SUSANNAH                          NC-98-3-133
HENDRIX, MICAJAH                        NC-98-3-191
HICKERSON, MARY                         NC-98-1-386
HICKS, MICAJAH                          NC-98-3-219
HIX, DANIEL                             NC-98-1-365
HODGES, JOANNA                          NC-98-3-128
HOLDAWAY, HENRY                         NC-98-3-235
HOLEMAN, THOMAS                         NC-98-1-487
HOOKER, JAMES                           NC-98-1-249, 338
HORTON, HANNAH                          NC-98-3-75
HORTON, JESSE                           NC-98-3-75
HORTON, JOSHUA                          NC-98-3-148
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                        NC-98-3-160
HOWARD, JOHN                            NC-98-3-8
HOWARD, JOSHUA                          NC-98-3-89, 120
HUBBARD, NATHANIEL                      NC-98-3-126, 132
HULME, WILLIAM                          NC-98-3-19, 167, 176
HUMPHREY, OWEN                          NC-98-3-36, 40
HUMPHRIES, PATSEY                       NC-98-3-83
HUMPHRIES, URIAH                        NC-98-3-83
ISBELL, THOMAS                          NC-98-3-208, 222
JAMES, EZEKIEL                          NC-98-2-96
JOHNSON, CHARLES                        NC-98-3-220
JOHNSON, JEFFERY                        NC-98-1-251
JOHNSON, JEOFFRY                        NC-98-3-42
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NC-98-3-161
JOHNSON, RACHEL                         NC-98-3-166
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         NC-98-1-100,2 05
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NC-98-3-227
JONES, BENJAMIN                         NC-98-3-251
JONES, JOHN                             NC-98-3-55
KEELING, OSBURN                         NC-98-1-301
KILBEY, ABRAHAM                         NC-98-3-126, 169, 193
KILBEY, ELISABETH                       NC-98-3-140
KILBEY, JAMES                           NC-98-3-162, 167
KILBEY, WILLIAM                         NC-98-3-107, 113, 131, 139, 200
KING, ROBERT                            NC-98-1-545
LAWS, WILLIAM                           NC-98-1-38
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NC-98-1-453
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NC-98-3-229, 244
LONDON, JOHN                            NC-98-3-97
LOW, WILLIAM                            NC-98-1-44, 16
LUNSFORD, ELIJAH                        NC-98-3-152, 158
LUNSFORD, MILLEY                        NC-98-3-151
MAIN, HENRY                             NC-98-3-233
MALLORY, WILLIAM                        NC-98-1-20
MARLOW, MANLEY                          NC-98-3-88
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                        NC-98-2-290
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                        NC-98-2-280
MARTIN, ISAAC                           NC-98-1-542
MARTIN, JOHN                            NC-98-3-54, 111, 125, 151, 232
MARTIN, JOHN                            NC-98-3-161
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NC-98-3-254
MARTIN, ROBERT                          NC-98-3-53, 114, 191, 217
MARTIN, SARAH                           NC-98-1-361
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NC-98-3-95, 100
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         NC-98-3-140, 160
MATTHEWS, STEPHEN                       NC-98-3-19
MAYNARD, GIBSON                         NC-98-2-13
MAYNARD, JORDAN                         NC-98-3-54
MCBRIDE, JAMES                          NC-98-2-230
MEGEE, DAVID                            NC-98-3-92
MEHAFFEY, THOMAS                        NC-98-1-484
MILAM, ADAM                             NC-98-3-125, 144
MILAM, FRANCIS                          NC-98-3-145
MILLER, HENRY                           NC-98-3-156
MITCHELL, WILIAM                        NC-98-3-182
MIZE, JOSHUA                            NC-98-1-277
MORGAN, JOSHUA                          NC-98-3-9, 13
MOSELY, ARMSTED                         NC-98-3-3
MOSELY, CINTHA                          NC-98-3-4
NIEL, M. JAMES                          NC-98-3-166
NOLAND, PETER                           NC-98-1-485
NORMAN, ISAAC                           NC-98-3-116, 124, 133
NORTHERN, EDMUND                        NC-98-1-233
ORDON, J. WILEY                         NC-98-3-187
OWEN, WILLIAM                           NC-98-2-37
OWEN, WILLIAM                           NC-98-1-228
PARKER, JOHN                            NC-98-1-318
PARKS, AMBROSE                          NC-98-3-91
PARKS, GEORGE                           NC-98-3-158, 180, 203, 233
PARKS, JOHN JR.                         NC-98-1-126, 129, 460
PARKS, JOHN SR.                         NC-98-1-357
PARKS, THOMAS                           NC-98-3-213, 216, 232
PARSONS, LARRANCE                       NC-98-2-227
PATRICK, SOLOMON                        NC-98-3-50
PAYNE, GEORGE                           NC-98-2-30
PETTY, ELI                              NC-98-3-67, 86, 110, 129
PHILLIPS, REUBEN                        NC-98-3-94
PORTER, JOSEPH                          NC-98-3-242
PROFIT, JOHN                            NC-98-3-72, 84
QUERRY, M. WILLIAM                      NC-98-3-52
RASH, JOSEPH                            NC-98-3-22, 58, 60
RASH, MILRED                            NC-98-3-59
REDDIN, WILLIAM                         NC-98-3-212, 224
REDDING, JOHN                           NC-98-3-249
REEVES, ISAAC                           NC-98-2-229
REEVES, WILLIAM                         NC-98-3-178
REYNOLDS, FRANCIS                       NC-98-2-100
RILEY, DANIEL                           NC-98-3-186, 188
ROBERTS, JAMES                          NC-98-2-4
ROBINETT, JESSE                         NC-98-3-12, 45
ROCLES, JOHN                            NC-98-1-295
ROSE, EMANUEL                           NC-98-1-482
ROSS, JOHN                              NC-98-1-341
ROUSSEAU, WILLIAM                       NC-98-3-80, 150, 226
SALE, CORNELIUS                         NC-98-3-31, 95, 146
SALE, WILLIAM                           NC-98-1-245
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        NC-98-1-493
SCOTT, HUGH                             NC-98-1-226
SEBASTON, BENJAMIN                      NC-98-3-207, 253
SHATTERLY, ANDREW                       NC-98-3-153, 163
SHEPHERD, JOHN SR.                      NC-98-2-300
SHEPPARD, JOHN                          NC-98-3-37, 46
SHEPPARD, ROBERT                        NC-98-3-154, 164, 167
SISK, JAMES                             NC-98-3-50
SLOAN, THOMAS                           NC-98-1-327
SMITH, HUGH                             NC-98-1-70, 76
SMITH, JARVIS                           NC-98-2-272
SMITH, JARVIS                           NC-98-3-26, 66
SMOOT, HIRAM                            NC-98-3-200, 206
SMOOT, JINSEY                           NC-98-3-207
SOLE, CORNELUS                          NC-98-2-320
SPARKS, SOLOMON                         NC-98-3-168, 171
SPARKS, SOLOMON                         NC-98-2-171
SPRADLING, JAMES                        NC-98-2-169
STAMPER, JONATHAN                       NC-98-1-509
STONE, JOHN                             NC-98-2-29
STONECIFER, H. JOHN                     NC-98-3-184, 194
STRANGE, A. ABRAHAM                     NC-98-3-103
STRUTTON, REUBEN                        NC-98-3-84, 90
STURDIE, WILLIAM                        NC-98-1-297
TEAUGE, ISAAC                           NC-98-3-97
TELLEY, EDMUND                          NC-98-2-11
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NC-98-2-174
THURMOND, MERIDITH                      NC-98-3-248
TINDSLEY, ISAAC                         NC-98-2-84
TOMLINSON, ARCHIBALD                    NC-98-3-18
TOMPKINS, MOSES                         NC-98-2-253
TRIPLETT, JOEL                          NC-98-2-396
TUCKER, LUCY                            NC-98-3-17
TYRE, JOHN                              NC-98-1-369
UPCHURCH, WILLIAM                       NC-98-1-221, 227
VANNOY, NATHANIEL                       NC-98-3-86
VIARS, ROBERT                           NC-98-3-250
VIARS, SUSANNAH                         NC-98-3-107, 111
WALKER, HOWARD                          NC-98-2-236
WALLACE, JAMES                          NC-98-3-169
WALSH, THOMAS                           NC-98-3-70
WAUGH, DAVID                            NC-98-3-117
WEBB, JOHN                              NC-98-1-162
WHEATLEY, GEORGE                        NC-98-3-178
WHEATLEY, MASON                         NC-98-2-208
WIANT, PETER                            NC-98-1-460
WILES, ABRAHAM                          NC-98-3-239
WILLBANKS, RICHARD                      NC-98-1-293
WINFREY, JOBE                           NC-98-3-99, 110, 194
WISDOM, ANN                             NC-98-2-49
WITHERSPOON, JAMES                      NC-98-1-279, 285
WITHERSPOON, JOHN                       NC-98-1-16, 23
WITHERSPOON, THOMAS                     NC-98-3-173, 201, 224
WITHERSPOON, THOMAS                     NC-98-1-280, 287, 294, 300, 403
YATES, JESSE                            NC-98-3-23
YATES, JOEL                             NC-98-3-24
YATES, JOHN                             NC-98-3-5
YORK, HENRY                             NC-98-3-147, 157
YOUNGER, JOSEPH                         NC-98-3-51

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