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AINSLEY, MINNIE                        NC-95-A-452
ALEXANDER, A. B.                       NC-95-B-152
ALEXANDER, ARMSTEAD                    NC-95-B-523
ALLEN, GEORGE                          NC-95-A-461
ALLEN, GEORGE W.                       NC-95-A-486
ALLEN, MARGARET M.                     NC-95-B-280
ALLEN, THOMAS E.                       NC-95-B-325
ALLEN, THOMAS E.                       NC-95-B-161
ALLEN, THOMAS R.                       NC-95-A-252
ALLSBROOKS, WILLIAM                    NC-95-A-291
AMBROSE, DAVID B.                      NC-95-B-20
AMBROSE, ELLSBERRY                     NC-95-A-206
AMBROSE, HARRIETT                      NC-95-B-63
AMBROSE, J. H.                         NC-95-B-438
AMBROSE, JAMES I.                      NC-95-B-60
AMBROSE, JAMES M.                      NC-95-B-475
AMBROSE, NEHEMIAH W.                   NC-95-B-385
AMBROSE, WILSON                        NC-95-A-212
ANGE, EMMA E.                          NC-95-B-12
ARMISTEAD, JOHN                        NC-95-A-504
ARMISTEAD, SMITH                       NC-95-B-212
ARMSTEAD, CEATIE                       NC-95-B-197
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                      NC-95-A-228
ASKEW, SARAH J.                        NC-95-B-351
AUMACK, SAMUEL S.                      NC-95-B-305
AUSBON, W. F.                          NC-95-B-447
AYERS, A. M. (MRS)                     NC-95-B-546
AYERS, EDWARD W.                       NC-95-A-243
AYERS, MOLLIE E.                       NC-95-A-40
AYERS, NANNIE                          NC-95-A-158
BAILEY, B. F.                          NC-95-B-396
BARN, SARAH JANE                       NC-95-B-435
BARNES, SYLVESTER                      NC-95-B-495
BASNIGHT, A. V. (MRS)                  NC-95-B-424
BASNIGHT, JOSEPH                       NC-95-A-147
BATEMAN, EMMA B.                       NC-95-B-1
BATEMAN, H . H.                        NC-95-B-501
BATEMAN, ISAAC B.                      NC-95-A-55
BATEMAN, J. I.                         NC-95-B-300
BATEMAN, LEVI                          NC-95-A-226
BATEMAN, LLOYD                         NC-95-A-132
BATEMAN, MARY                          NC-95-A-15
BATEMAN, MARY J.                       NC-95-B-73
BATEMAN, NANCY E.                      NC-95-A-314
BAYNOR, VIRGINIA C.                    NC-95-A-141
BEASLEY, ELIZABETH F.                  NC-95-A-79
BEASLEY, JOHN M.                       NC-95-A-320
BELL, JOHN                             NC-95-A-463
BELL, MARY E.                          NC-95-A-140
BELL, THOMAS B.                        NC-95-B-422
BELL, W. J.                            NC-95-B-592
BESLEY, JOHN E.                        NC-95-A-339
BEST, HILLIARD                         NC-95-B-342
BIGGS, WILLIAM M.                      NC-95-B-51
BLAKE, E. N.                           NC-95-B-482
BLLOUNT, JAMES                         NC-95-A-71
BLOUNT, ANNIE M.                       NC-95-A-494
BLOUNT, IDA                            NC-95-B-578
BLOUNT, JOSEPH W.                      NC-95-A-307
BLOUNT, MARY L.                        NC-95-A-239
BLOUNT, THOMAS W.                      NC-95-A-499
BOOLOC, LOTTIE                         NC-95-A-337
BOWEN, GEORGE H.                       NC-95-B-76
BOWEN, GEORGE L.                       NC-95-B-418
BOWEN, JAMES C.                        NC-95-A-58
BOWEN, LANGLEY B.                      NC-95-A-337
BOWEN, WILLIAM                         NC-95-A-28
BOYD, WILLIS                           NC-95-A-480
BRINKLEY, DAVID O.                     NC-95-B-485
BRINKLEY, SALLIE                       NC-95-B-596
BROPHY, JAMES T.                       NC-95-A-169
BROWN, MARY B.                         NC-95-A-150
BUTTERY, JAMES R.                      NC-95-A-34
CAHOON, EMMA                           NC-95-A-144
CAHOON, W. J.                          NC-95-B-182
CAMPBELL, J. K.                        NC-95-B-147
CAPEHART, HARRY                        NC-95-A-182
CAPEHEART, WILLIAM                     NC-95-A-288
CARSTARPHEN, CLAUDIA C.                NC-95-A-444
CHAPLIN, W. C.                         NC-95-B-488
CHERRY, W. D.                          NC-95-B-57
CHERRY, WILLIAM H.                     NC-95-A-456
CHESSON, A. L.                         NC-95-A-194
CHESSON, CLARA M.                      NC-95-A-369
CHESSON, FRILEY F.                     NC-95-A-292
CHESSON, H. G.                         NC-95-B-544
CHESSON, H. R.                         NC-95-B-441
CHESSON, J. S.                         NC-95-B-191
CHESSON, JAMES                         NC-95-A-125
CHESSON, JAMES A.                      NC-95-A-333
CHESSON, K. B.                         B-345
CHESSON, MARY F.                       NC-95-A-360
CHESSON, MOLLIE                        NC-95-A-199
CHESSON, SARAH F.                      NC-95-A-449
CHESSON, W. J.                         NC-95-B-125
CHESSON, W. M.                         NC-95-A-422
CLAGON, SMITH M.                       NC-95-A-172
CLARK, DAVID                           NC-95-B-104
CLAYTON, EVELINE                       NC-95-A-87
CLIFTON, DANIEL                        NC-95-B-511
CLIFTON, J. A. SR.                     NC-95-B-53
CLIFTON, REUBEN                        NC-95-B-174
CLIFTON, THOMAS                        NC-95-A-330
COBURN, COURTNEY A.                    NC-95-A-323
COLEMAN, JOHN                          NC-95-B-274
COLLINS, JOSIAH                        NC-95-A-224
COLLINS, JOSIAH                        NC-95-A-510
COLLINS, JOSIAH THE ELDER              NC-95-B-83
COLLINS, MARY                          NC-95-A-518
CORDON, DANIEL                         NC-95-A-404
CRADDOCK, C. B.                        NC-95-B-165
CRAFT, JOEL                            NC-95-A-13
DARDEN, D. G.                          NC-95-B-277
DARDEN, ISOM                           NC-95-B-269
DAVENPORT, A. J.                       NC-95-A-374
DAVENPORT, ANN CAROLINE                NC-95-A-74
DAVENPORT, ANN E.                      NC-95-B-401
DAVENPORT, D. I.                       NC-95-B-565
DAVENPORT, E. E.                       NC-95-B-38
DAVENPORT, E. S.                       NC-95-A-9
DAVENPORT, JESTEN                      NC-95-A-159
DAVENPORT, JOSHUA B.                   NC-95-A-203
DAVENPORT, M. L.                       NC-95-B-139
DAVENPORT, MARTHA E.                   NC-95-B-267
DAVENPORT, REDDEN                      NC-95-A-259
DAVENPORT, ROBERS W.                   NC-95-B-225
DAVENPORT, STEPHEN A.                  NC-95-A-154
DAVENPORT, STEVEN                      NC-95-A-478
DAVENPORT, W. S.                       NC-95-B-287
DAVIS, H. H.                           NC-95-A-432
DIXON, GEORGE W.                       NC-95-B-460
DIXON, W. A.                           NC-95-B-357
DOWNING, HENRY                         NC-95-A-3
DOWNING, HENRY A.                      NC-95-A-107
DUNBAR, SOLOMON                        NC-95-A-506
DUNBAR, SOLOMON                        NC-95-A-506
DUSENBURY, DOMINIQUE                   NC-95-A-544
DUSENBURY, MARIE T.                    NC-95-A-550
EDWARDS, CHARLES R. F.                 NC-95-B-18
ESPENSHIED, LAURA                      NC-95-B-193
EVERETT, AMELIA                        NC-95-A-434
EVERETT, JEHU                          NC-95-A-430
EVERETT, ROSE                          NC-95-A-566
FAULK, DANIEL                          NC-95-B-179
FESSENDEN, FRANK                       NC-95-A-316
FESSENDEN, JULIA A.                    NC-95-A-11
FITCHET, WILLIAM H.                    NC-95-A-250
FLOOD, WASHINGTON                      NC-95-B-247
FOLEY, S. W.                           NC-95-B-67
FREEMAN, ELIZABETH P.                  NC-95-B-219
FREEMAN, H. L.                         NC-95-B-318
FREEMAN, JAMES                         NC-95-A-89
FURLAUGH, S. H.                        NC-95-B-468
FURLOUGH, DAVID                        NC-95-A-467
FURLOUGH, DAVID H.                     NC-95-A-347
FURLOUGH, JOHN M.                      NC-95-A-120
GARRETT, A. C.                         NC-95-B-554
GARRETT, A. W.                         NC-95-B-344
GARRETT, ALFRED F.                     NC-95-A-142
GARRETT, C.G.                          NC-95-B-295
GAYLORD, A. O.                         NC-95-B-69
GAYLORD, A. T.                         NC-95-B-34
GAYLORD, ASA O. SR.                    NC-95-A-20
GAYLORD, CHARLES DICKENS               NC-95-B-415
GAYLORD, JOHN W.                       NC-95-A-279
GETHRO, MARTHA                         NC-95-A-304
GILLIAM, CHLOE                         NC-95-A-349
GRAY, H. C.                            NC-95-A-442
GRAY, SARAH A.                         NC-95-B-172
GRAY, T. N.                            NC-95-B-521
GRAY, WILLIAM                          NC-95-B-158
GREGORY, JOHN D.                       NC-95-B-170
GURGANUS, HENRY S.                     NC-95-A-526
GURGANUS, J. C.                        NC-95-B-525
GURGANUS, JOHN M.                      NC-95-A-39
HALL, WILLIAM                          NC-95-A-166
HALSEY, B. F.                          NC-95-B-373
HAMILTON, J. H. SR.                    NC-95-B-426
HAMILTON, SARAH F.                     NC-95-B-473
HAMPTON, W. H.                         NC-95-A-490
HARE, M. H.                            NC-95-B-527
HARRELL, BERRY                         NC-95-B-316
HARRIS, W. J.                          NC-95-B-242
HARRISON, AARON                        NC-95-A-254
HARRISON, ALEXENIA                     NC-95-B-589
HARRISON, ASA H.                       NC-95-A-101
HARRISON, EDMUND                       NC-95-A-116
HARRISON, EMMA S.                      NC-95-A-152
HARRISON, HARMON                       NC-95-A-210
HARRISON, HENRY W.                     NC-95-A-266
HARRISON, JAMES SYLVESTER              NC-95-B-581
HARRISON, MAHETABLE F.                 NC-95-B-208
HARRISON, SABRA E.                     NC-95-A-428
HARRISON, WILLIAM B.                   NC-95-A-33
HARVEY, DAVIDSON                       NC-95-A-556
HARVEY, WILLIAM                        NC-95-A-8
HASKINS, SAMUEL                        NC-95-A-367
HASSELL, B. S.                         NC-95-A-562
HASSELL, CAROLINE                      NC-95-B-493
HASSELL, GEORGE                        NC-95-A-175
HASSELL, HENRY                         NC-95-B-114
HASSELL, J. L.                         NC-95-B-265
HASSELL, REDDIN                        NC-95-B-184
HASSELL, THOMAS S.                     NC-95-A-49
HICKS, FANNIE                          NC-95-A-322
HILL, MARY E.                          NC-95-B-538
HOFF, J. H.                            NC-95-A-318
HOLMES, MARY                           NC-95-B-363
HOLTON, A. D.                          NC-95-B-584
HOPKINS, JOHN R.                       NC-95-A-473
HORNTHAL, L. H.                        NC-95-A-531
IRVIN, ANN N.                          NC-95-A-246
JACKSON, JAMES E.                      NC-95-A-113
JACKSON, RENA A.                       NC-95-B-259
JAMES, MARTHA                          NC-95-B-46
JARRELL, F. M.                         NC-95-B-375
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       NC-95-B-26
JOHNSTON, ASA M.                       NC-95-A-296
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH E.                    NC-95-A-560
JOHNSTON, NANCY                        NC-95-B-177
JOHNSTON, PALLIS V.                    NC-95-B-503
JOHNSTON, S. B.                        NC-95-A-424
KNOWLES, C. R.                         NC-95-B-116
LAMB, ELIZA                            NC-95-A-198
LAMB, MANSON                           NC-95-A-402
LANE, ALEXANDER                        NC-95-A-222
LANGLEY, W. L.                         NC-95-A-534
LATHAM, CHARLES                        NC-95-A-232
LATHAM, JOHN W.                        NC-95-A-122
LATHAM, LOUIS C.                       NC-95-A-276
LATHAM, MARIA                          NC-95-B-298
LATHAM, SAMUEL W.                      NC-95-A-91
LEARY, ENOCH H.                        NC-95-A-558
LEARY, ESTHER                          NC-95-A-110
LEE, HENRIETTA                         NC-95-A-358
LEGGETT, A. J.                         NC-95-A-326
LEWIS, HENRY G.                        NC-95-A-41
LEWIS, WILLIAM W.                      NC-95-A-273
LONG, BASHEBA                          NC-95-A-192
LONG, F. C. SALLIE                     NC-95-A-53
LUCAS, W. F.                           NC-95-B-382
LUDFORD, ENOCH                         NC-95-B-409
LYNOX, MARY E.                         NC-95-B-359
MAGEE, MARYANN                         NC-95-B-371
MANN, GEORGE                           NC-95-B-111
MARRINER, L. C.                        NC-95-B-214
MAYO, L. R.                            NC-95-A-409
MCCLANEY, WILLIAM T.                   NC-95-A-161
MCRAE, WILLIS                          NC-95-B-168
MERCER, CALEDONIA                      NC-95-B-118
MERCER, WILLIAM J.                     NC-95-B-156
MITCHELL, JOSHUA W.                    NC-95-B-206
MITCHELL, LUCINDA                      NC-95-B-326
MIZELL, N. B.                          NC-95-B-187
MIZELL, W. J.                          NC-95-B-569
MIZELLE, JUANITA                       NC-95-B-465
MOORE, J. D.                           NC-95-B-506
MOORE, WILEY                           NC-95-A-118
MORRIS, BENJAMIN A.                    NC-95-A-375
MORRIS, JOHN ALBERT                    NC-95-B-208
NEAL, R. S.                            NC-95-B-194
NELSON, FANNIE O.                      NC-95-A-400
NEWBERRY, ABRAM                        NC-95-B-307
NEWBERRY, JOSEPH D.                    NC-95-A-196
NEWBERY, JEREMIAH P.                   NC-95-A-104
NEWBERY, JOHN                          NC-95-A-68
NICHOLS, JOHN                          NC-95-A-170
NORMAN, BERRICK                        NC-95-A-364
NORMAN, C. J.                          NC-95-B-353
NORMAN, FRANCIS                        NC-95-A-150
NORMAN, ISOLIND                        NC-95-A-396
NORMAN, JAMES F.                       NC-95-A-281
NORMAN, JAMES L.                       NC-95-B-491
NORMAN, JESSIE                         NC-95-A-134
NORMAN, MARY                           NC-95-B-293
NORMAN, NATHAN D.                      NC-95-A-328
NORMAN, W. N.                          NC-95-B-517
OLIVER, JOHN H.                        NC-95-B-231
ORR, WILLIAM                           NC-95-A-331
OVERTON, IRENE                         NC-95-B-142
OWENS, ANNIE L.                        NC-95-A-454
OWENS, LOUIS L.                        NC-95-B-380
OWENS, WILSON                          NC-95-B-44
PADGETT, EMMA E.                       NC-95-A-359
PAILIN, SHADWICK                       NC-95-B-456
PARMELE, HARRIETT M.                   NC-95-A-6
PATRICK, CLAUDE W.                     NC-95-B-333
PATRICK, FEBY ANN                      NC-95-B-229
PATRICK, THOMPSON                      NC-95-B-404
PATRICK, WILLIAM M.                    NC-95-A-185
PEACOCK, E. G.                         A–193
PEACOCK, LLOYD J.                      NC-95-B-530
PEACOCK, ROMULOUS                      NC-95-A-524
PEAL, L. A.                            NC-95-B-314
PEEL, R. J.                            NC-95-B-515
PETTIFORD, REUBEN                      NC-95-B-100
PETTIJOHN, HANNAH F.                   NC-95-A-128
PHELPS, BAILY                          NC-95-A-270
PHELPS, CAROLINE (TODD)                NC-95-A-426
PHELPS, CHARLES W.                     NC-95-A-459
PHELPS, CHARLES W.                     NC-95-A-459
PHELPS, CLAUDIA E.                     NC-95-B-102
PHELPS, DANIEL W.                      NC-95-B-535
PHELPS, FREDERICK                      NC-95-A-368
PHELPS, GEORGE W.                      NC-95-B-336
PHELPS, H. WALTER                      NC-95-A-406
PHELPS, HORACE F.                      NC-95-A-261
PHELPS, JOHN                           NC-95-B-412
PHELPS, JORDAN H.                      NC-95-A-25
PHELPS, JOSEPH J.                      NC-95-A-148
PHELPS, JOSHUA B.                      NC-95-A-362
PHELPS, JUDY                           NC-95-A-520
PHELPS, LEON M.                        NC-95-B-561
PHELPS, MICAGY                         NC-95-A-35
PHELPS, R. M.                          NC-95-B-377
POWERS, JOHN J.                        NC-95-B-483
PRITCHARD, H. L.                       NC-95-A-564
REID, C. P.                            NC-95-A-446
RHODES, JOSEPH ELI                     NC-95-B-282
RHODES, TAMAR                          NC-95-B-392
RICE, ADELBERT E.                      NC-95-B-120
RIDDICK, ISAAC                         NC-95-B-15
RIDDICK, JERRY                         NC-95-A-208
RIDDICK, MILLS                         NC-95-B-89
RIDDICK, WILLIAM S.                    NC-95-B-96
ROBERTSON, WILLIS                      NC-95-B-497
ROBETSON, C.E.                         NC-95-B-250
ROBINSON, W. W.                        NC-95-B-550
ROPER, L. G.                           NC-95-B-65
SATCHWELL, ABRAM                       NC-95-B-253
SAWYER, H. W.                          NC-95-A-357
SAWYER, JERRY A.                       NC-95-B-454
SAWYER, JESSIE                         NC-95-A-263
SAWYER, MARY VICTORIA                  NC-95-A-45
SEGUINE, HENRY S.                      NC-95-A-385
SEGUINE, JAMES S.                      NC-95-A-378
SENATE, P. F.                          NC-95-B-275
SIMPSON, JOSEPH                        NC-95-A-219
SITTERSON, ETHEL LEE                   NC-95-B-321
SITTERSON, MILES                       NC-95-A-98
SKILES, B. F. SR.                      NC-95-B-445
SKITTETHARPE, JOHN H.                  NC-95-A-542
SKITTETHARPE, JOSEPH                   NC-95-A-354
SLEIGHT, PETER                         NC-95-A-81
SMITH, LARKIN                          NC-95-B-262
SMITH, SILVIA                          NC-95-B-71
SMITH, TONEY A.                        NC-95-A-483
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                      NC-95-A-31
SNELL, ASA                             NC-95-A-84
SNELL, ASA D.                          NC-95-B-575
SNELL, C. W.                           NC-95-B-358
SNELL, FLORA E.                        NC-95-B-407
SNELL, JORDAN W.                       NC-95-A-156
SNELL, JOSEPHUS H. SR.                 NC-95-A-370
SPEAR, A. H.                           NC-95-B-542
SPEAR, JACOB                           NC-95-A-95
SPEIGHT, JOHN W.                       NC-95-B-513
SPENCER, NATHAN                        NC-95-A-438
SPRUILL, BENJAMIN M.                   NC-95-A-214
SPRUILL, C. T.                         NC-95-B-129
SPRUILL, D. M.                         NC-95-B-391
SPRUILL, DEMPSY                        NC-95-A-178
SPRUILL, EDWARD                        NC-95-B-361
SPRUILL, ELI D.                        NC-95-B-449
SPRUILL, ELI J.                        NC-95-A-536
SPRUILL, FRANCES E.                    NC-95-A-529
SPRUILL, FREDERICK                     NC-95-A-163
SPRUILL, GILBERT                       NC-95-A-361
SPRUILL, JAMES T.                      NC-95-A-248
SPRUILL, JENNIE                        NC-95-B-532
SPRUILL, L. C.                         NC-95-B-255
SPRUILL, M. F.                         NC-95-A-60
SPRUILL, MARTHA A.                     NC-95-B-303
SPRUILL, MARY                          NC-95-A-1
SPRUILL, W. T.                         NC-95-B-272
SPRUILL, W.A.                          NC-95-A-188
STEWART, SIMON                         NC-95-B-127
STILLMAN, J. C.                        NC-95-B-49
STILLMAN, JEREMIAH M.                  NC-95-B-339
STILLMAN, M. J.                        NC-95-B-270
STOCKS, JOHN                           NC-95-B-24
STUART, J. E. A.                       NC-95-B-499
SUTTON, MACK                           NC-95-B-257
SUTTON, THOMAS J.                      NC-95-A-138
SWAIN, DRUE PINNEY                     NC-95-B-452
SWAIN, NANCY ANN                       NC-95-A-123
SWAIN, P. S.                           NC-95-A-377
SWAIN, T. A.                           NC-95-A-496
SWAIN,R . S.                           NC-95-B-428
SWANNER, U. W.                         NC-95-A-64
SYKES, POLLEY                          NC-95-B-368
TARKENTON, ASA                         NC-95-B-558
TARKENTON, EMMA JANE                   NC-95-B-284
TARKENTON, HELEN H.                    NC-95-B-80
TARKENTON, J. S.                       NC-95-B-240
TARKENTON, JAMES                       NC-95-A-136
TARKENTON, SARAH JANE                  NC-95-A-47
TARKENTON, SUSAN                       NC-95-B-329
TAYLOR, S. P.                          NC-95-B-430
TETTERTON, BENJAMIN                    NC-95-A-92
TETTERTON, LAURA                       NC-95-B-329
TETTETON, CLAUDINE M.                  NC-95-B-433
TOWE, WINDSOR                          NC-95-B-388
TRAVIS, MARY                           NC-95-A-568
TROTTER, LYDIA                         NC-95-B-22
TUCKER, JOSEPH                         NC-95-A-336
TURNER, THOMAS H.                      NC-95-A-570
VAIL, A. N.                            NC-95-A-283
VAIL, HARRIET C.                       NC-95-A-302
VAIL, MARTHA W.                        NC-95-B-189
VAIL, THOMAS O.                        NC-95-A-201
VANNORTHWICK, M. F.                    NC-95-A-354
VEASEY, JAMES                          NC-95-A-325
VINES, THOMSON                         NC-95-A-501
WALKE, ELIZA C.                        NC-95-A-88
WALKER, A. G.                          NC-95-B-462
WALKER, ANTHONY W.                     NC-95-B-199
WALKER, C. W.                          NC-95-A-176
WALKER, PROVIDENCE                     NC-95-A-572
WALLACE, S. L.                         NC-95-B-131
WARD, J. G.                            NC-95-B-547
WARD, JESSIE M.                        NC-95-A-351
WARD, JOHN B.                          NC-95-B-223
WARD, REDDICK                          NC-95-A-286
WARD, STEWART                          NC-95-A-174
WARD, W. H. (M.D.)                     NC-95-B-442
WATERS, ELIZA C.                       NC-95-A-77
WATERS, SAMUEL                         NC-95-A-352
WATSON, HARRIETTE                      NC-95-A-130
WATSON, JAMES                          NC-95-A-37
WENTZ, A. C.                           NC-95-B-260
WHITAKER, W. J.                        NC-95-B-310
WHITE, NELLIE                          NC-95-B-552
WHITE, W. E.                           NC-95-B-365
WHITE, WARREN W.                       NC-95-A-235
WILEY, ALETHIA                         NC-95-B-471
WILEY, WILLIAM                         NC-95-B-540
WILLIAMS, JOSEPHINE                    NC-95-B-478
WILLIAMS, ROSETTA                      NC-95-A-475
WISSENFELD, MOSES                      NC-95-B-30
WOODLEY, BAILY                         NC-95-A-145
WOODLEY, BENJAMIN                      NC-95-B-41
WOODLEY, C. W.                         NC-95-B-144
WOODLEY, SAMUEL P.                     NC-95-A-22
WOODLEY, T. S.                         NC-95-B-289
WYNNE, ISIAH H.                        NC-95-A-18

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