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ALSTON, PHILLIP                        NC-94-4-35
ALSTON, SOLOMON                        NC-94-4-70
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NC-94-2-103
BALFOUR, JAMES                         NC-94-2-61
BALTHROP, JAMES                        NC-94-3-77
BEEKHAM, JOHN                          NC-94-3-40
BELL, THOMAS                           NC-94-3-159
BEST, KEDAR                            NC-94-2-75
BIRD, JOHN                             NC-94-2-265
BLEDSOE, GEORGE                        NC-94-2-107
BREWER, ANN                            NC-94-3-138
BREWER, JOSEPH                         NC-94-3-125
BROWN, JOHN                            NC-94-3-125 ½
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NC-94-3-12
BUSH, JOHN                             NC-94-1-173
CARROLL, MILBROUGH                     NC-94-1-275
CHRISTMAS, JOHN                        NC-94-4-42
CHRISTMAS, JOHN                        NC-94-2-128
CHRISTMAS, THOMAS                      NC-94-1-105
CLANTON, EDWARD                        NC-94-4-19
CLANTON, WILILAM                       NC-94-1-266
COLELUGH, WILLIAM                      NC-94-4-12
COLEMAN, DANIEL                        NC-94-2-164
COOPER, BENJAMIN                       NC-94-2-106
DAWSON, JOSHUA                         NC-94-1-212
DISPAIN, SAMUEL                        NC-94-3-184
DUKE, JOHN                             NC-94-4-256
DUKE, JOSEPH                           NC-94-3-15
DUKE, SHERROD                          NC-94-3-142
EGERTON, JAMES                         NC-94-4-153
ELLIS, EDWARD                          NC-94-4-34
FAIN, JOEL                             NC-94-3-33
FAIN, JOHN                             NC-94-4-219
FANN, WILLIBE                          NC-94-3-157
FOOTE, HENRY                           NC-94-2-82
FOSTER, CHRISTOPHER                    NC-94-2-65
FUSSEL, ARON                           NC-94-4-1
GAFFEY, EPHRAIM                        NC-94-2-215
GIBSON, LUCY                           NC-94-4-8
GRAY, THOMAS                           NC-94-1-265
GREEN, JOSEPH                          NC-94-2-57
HARRIS, JEAN                           NC-94-1-125
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         NC-94-4-84
HARRIS, THOMAS                         NC-94-1-136
HAWKINS, JOSEPH                        NC-94-4-167
HELTON, JOSEPH                         NC-94-4-182
HICKS, JAMES                           NC-94-4-249
HILL, GRACE                            NC-94-1-247
HILL, WILILAM                          NC-94-1-272
HOLLAMON, JOHN                         NC-94-1-118
HOLLIMON, EDWARD                       NC-94-4-187
HORTON, JOSEPH                         NC-94-1-44
HOUSE, THOMAS                          NC-94-4-152
HOWARD, JOHN                           NC-94-1-157
INGRAM, JOSHUA                         NC-94-1-213
JENKINS, PATIENCE                      NC-94-3-73
JOHNSON, SARAH                         NC-94-3-79
JONES, BENJAMIN                        NC-94-2-122
JONES, MARY                            NC-94-4-145
JORDAN, BATRICE                        NC-94-2-17
KENDRICK, WILLIAM                      NC-94-2-119
KIMBALL, PETER                         NC-94-3-25
LANGFORD, GEORGE                       NC-94-3-143
LAWTER, HENRY                          NC-94-1-177
LONG, DRURY                            NC-94-2-246
LYNCH, JOHNJ.                          NC-94-3-8
MABRY, FRANCIS                         NC-94-4-101
MACHENS, THOMAS                        NC-94-3-136
MADORAY, MOSES                         NC-94-2-108
MALONE, JOHN                           NC-94-1-273
MARTIN, GIBSON                         NC-94-2-45
MARTIN, JAMES                          NC-94-4-125
MARTIN, RACHEL                         NC-94-2-131
MASSEY, JOHN SR.                       NC-94-2-124
MEADOWS, JOHN                          NC-94-2-22
MELONE, WOOD                           NC-94-1-274
MERRIAN, PHILLIP                       NC-94-2-148
MERRIT, THOMAS                         NC-94-4-170
MILLER, THOMAS                         NC-94-4-51
MYRICK, FRANCIS                        NC-94-2-100
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       NC-94-2-7
PARK, WILLIAM                          NC-94-3-87
PASCHAL, WILLIAM                       NC-94-2-38
PATTISHALL, JOSHUA                     NC-94-3-169
PEEBLES, NATHANIEL                     NC-94-2-66
PEGRIM, DANIEL                         NC-94-2-170
PERDUE, OJHN                           NC-94-1-52
PERSON, ANN                            NC-94-3-94
PERSON, JOSEPH                         NC-94-1-208
PERSON, WILLIAM                        NC-94-2-224
PERSON, WILLIAM                        NC-94-1-171
PICAREY, WILLIAM SR.                   NC-94-2-80
PROCTOR, CHERRY                        NC-94-4-197
PUCKETT, SHEPPE ALLEN                  NC-94-4-150
RACKLEY, JOHN                          NC-94-1-86
REEVES, WILLIAM                        NC-94-2-188
RIGGINS, WILLIAM                       NC-94-1-123
ROBINS, THOMAS                         NC-94-3-30
ROGERS, JAMES                          NC-94-3-91
ROSE, GEORGE                           NC-94-2-247
SEAWELL, BENJAMIN                      NC-94-2-270
SENSING, JAMES                         NC-94-1-33
SHEARIN, HENRY                         NC-94-3-133
SIMMONS, JOHN                          NC-94-1-256
SMITH, SARAH                           NC-94-4-63
STOKES, MARY                           NC-94-4-46
SUMNER, JETHRO                         NC-94-4-87
TABB, ELIZABETH                        NC-94-1-101
TABB, WILLIAM                          NC-94-2-276
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN                     NC-94-1-182
THOMPSON, SARAH                        NC-94-3-129
TIMMS, JOHN                            NC-94-2-23
TODD, JOHN                             NC-94-3-117
TOWNS, DAVID                           NC-94-2-121
TUCKER, GEORGE                         NC-94-2-186
VANANDINGHAM, JOHN                     NC-94-2-21
WHATLEY, SHIRLEY                       NC-94-3-162
WHEELER, THOMAS                        NC-94-2-83
WHITE, RICHARD                         NC-94-2-73
WILLEFORD, NATHAN                      NC-94-3-39
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                       NC-94-1-241
WINSTON, JOHN                          NC-94-1-46
WRIGHT, JOHN                           NC-94-1-192
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        NC-94-3-100
WYATT, JOHN                            NC-94-1-159

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