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Column One: Name of Testator
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ABBOTT, WILLIAM                        NC-93-1-95
ALLEN, YOUNG                           NC-93-1-52
AMBROSE, WILILAM SR.                   NC-93-2-238
AMBROSE, WILLIAM                       NC-93-5-90
ATKINS, ELIZABETH                      NC-93-6-108
ATKINS, JOHN                           NC-93-2-252
ATKINS, JOHN JR.                       NC-93-1-176
ATKINS, THOMAS                         NC-93-6-87
AYSOCK, JOHN                           NC-93-4-162
BABB, WILLIAM                          NC-93-1-160
BARBEE, CHRISTOPHER                    NC-93-1-97
BARHAM, WILLIAM                        NC-93-7-219
BARKER, JOEL                           NC-93-1-139
BARKER, WILILAM                        NC-93-6-6
BARNES, JACOB                          NC-93-10-1
BAUCOM, JOHN                           NC-93-5-92
BEDDINGFIELD, WILLIAM                  NC-93-1-58
BEESLEY, JOHN                          NC-93-3-40
BELVIN, ROBERT                         NC-93-1-180
BENNETT, JOHN                          NC-93-9-343
BENNETT, JULIUS D.                     NC-93-8-13
BENTON, JOHN                           NC-93-3-270
BETTS, JOSEPH                          NC-93-7-114
BEVES, ZACHARIAH                       NC-93-9-222
BIRD, EDMUND                           NC-93-1-175
BIRD, JOAB                             NC-93-1-156
BLAKE, SAMUEL                          NC-93-7-284
BOTERIGHT, RICHARD                     NC-93-9-180
BRADLEY, GEORGE                        NC-93-6-251
BRASFIELD, ELIJAH                      NC-93-3-216
BRASFIELD, WILIAM                      NC-93-3-271
BRASSFIELD, JOHN                       NC-93-2-66
BRASWELL, VALENTINE                    NC-93-3-67
BROWN, JOHN SR.                        NC-93-7-305
BROWN, JOSIAH                          NC-93-4-253
BROWN, THOMAS                          NC-93-6-115
BROWN, WILILAM                         NC-93-3-151
BUNCH, PAUL                            NC-93-1-1
BUNCH, THOMPSON                        NC-93-6-88
BUTLER, JAMES                          NC-93-4-252
BUTLER, JAMES                          NC-93-2-199
BUTLER, MICAJAH                        NC-93-9-344
CANNADY, WAGSTAFF                      NC-93-10-317
COLE, HENRY                            NC-93-2-160
COLLINS, ANDREW                        NC-93-2-126
COLLINS, DENNIS                        NC-93-2-73
COOK, ARTHUR                           NC-93-3-20
COOPER, HENRY                          NC-93-9-341
COZENS, MARTHA                         NC-93-10-159
CRAVEN, JOHN                           NC-93-8-383
CURTIS, MICHAEL                        NC-93-2-99
DANIEL, WOODSON                        NC-93-2-167
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        NC-93-6-74
DAVIS, HUMPHREY                        NC-93-2-165
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          NC-93-2-110
DAWSON, ISAAC                          NC-93-2-1
DAWSON,W ILLIAM                        NC-93-3-83
DEMPSTON, JOHN                         NC-93-1-154
DENNIS, NATHANIEL                      NC-93-5-67
DENNIS, WILLIAM                        NC-93-3-44
DOCKERY, WILLIAM                       NC-93-2-325
DUDLEY, THOMAS                         NC-93-5-211
DUFFEY, PATRICK                        NC-93-10-232
DUNN, DRURY                            NC-93-5-3
DUNN, JOHN                             NC-93-1-168
EARP, EDWARD                           NC-93-1-170
EMBRY, WILLIAM                         NC-93-6-76
EZELL, JOHN                            NC-93-5-94
FARRER, JOHN                           NC-93-7-320
FELTS, JOHN                            NC-93-6-42
FERRELL, CHRISTIAN                     NC-93-5-354
FITGO, DAVID                           NC-93-3-61
FLEMING, ROBERT S.R                    NC-93-3-112
FLYNT, DAVID                           NC-93-1-66
FOWLER, JOSEPH                         NC-93-2-269
FOWLER, JOSEPH                         NC-93-3-68
FOWLER, WILLIAM ANDESON                NC-93-5-32
FREEMAN, JOHN                          NC-93-5-164
GARDNER, JOSEPH                        NC-93-9-73
GILL, DAVID                            NC-93-2-48
GILLUM, HARRIS                         NC-93-6-170
GOODWIN, JOHN                          NC-93-2-290
GRADY, ROBERT                          NC-93-5-243
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NC-93-2-100
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NC-93-8-15
GRIFFIN, JOSHUA                        NC-93-8-122
HALL, JOHN                             NC-93-1-165
HALL, WILLIAM SR.                      NC-93-9-132
HAMBLETON, KEZIAH                      NC-93-5-272
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      NC-93-2-41
HAMMONS, LEWIS                         NC-93-10-231
HARDY, BENJAMIN                        NC-93-1-75
HARRIS, ELIZAZBETH                     NC-93-7-90
HARRIS, JAMES                          NC-93-3-13
HARRIS, SAMUEL                         NC-93-3-9
HARRISON, LEVENIA                      NC-93-7-256
HARRISS, DANIEL                        NC-93-1-148
HEAD, ALEXANDER SPENCE                 NC-93-4-167
HEAD, HENRY                            NC-93-6-320
HENDON, ISHAM                          NC-93-6-225
HENDON, JAMES                          NC-93-2-203
HENDRICK, WILILAM SR.                  NC-93-2-115
HICKS, MOSES                           NC-93-9-229
HIGH, AMELIA                           NC-93-2-93
HIGH, JOHN                             NC-93-1-110
HILL, ISAAC                            NC-93-2-294
HILL, MARY                             NC-93-2-347
HILL, NATHANIEL                        NC-93-3-117
HILL, SION                             NC-93-1-155
HINTON, HENRY                          NC-93-10-164
HINTON, JOHN SR.                       NC-93-2-16
HINTON, THEOPHILUS                     NC-93-9-317
HINTON, WILLIS                         NC-93-7-161
HOBBS, WILLIAM SR.                     NC-93-2-80
HOBSON, THOMAS                         NC-93-7-5
HOCUTT, EDWARD                         NC-93-2-220
HOLDING, SAMUEL                        NC-93-5-61
HOLLAND, JAMES                         NC-93-4-133
HOLLIFIELD, RALPH                      NC-93-3-120
HOLLINGSWORTH, THOMAS                  NC-93-6-116
HOOD, THOMAS                           NC-93-1-182
HORTON, DAVID SR.                      NC-93-2-18
HUNTER, JESSE                          NC-93-2-105
HUNTER, THEOPHILUS                     NC-93-4-258
HUTCHENS, JOHN SR.                     NC-93-2-82
HUTCHINS, JOHN                         NC-93-6-77
IVEY, HENRY                            NC-93-3-50
JAMES, GEORGE                          NC-93-7-97
JENKINS, SAMUEL                        NC-93-3-306
JOHNSON, AARON                         NC-93-9-190
JOHNSTON, ROBET                        NC-93-4-215
JOINER, PATIENCE                       NC-93-10-60
JONES, ALBRIDGTON                      NC-93-2-15
JONES, JAMES                           NC-93-1-113
JONES, JAMES                           NC-93-7-214
JONES, JAMES SR.                       NC-93-10-6
JONES, JOHN C.                         NC-93-9-224
JONES, NATHANIEL SR.                   NC-93-9-181
JONES, THOMAS                          NC-93-1-141
JONES, TINGNALL                        NC-93-7-295
JONES, WILIAM                          NC-93-5-64
JONES, WILILAM SR.                     NC-93-3-276
JONES, WILLIS                          NC-93-1-143
JORDAN, AMOS                           NC-93-3-264
JORDAN, JAMES                          NC-93-2-79
JORDAN, JAMES                          NC-93-3-253
JORDAN, JOHN SR.                       NC-93-5-5
KEMP, JOHN                             NC-93-7-157
KIMBROUGH, NATHANIEL                   NC-93-1-147
KING, HENRY                            NC-93-2-349
KING, JAMES                            NC-93-4-336
KING, JOHN                             NC-93-3-177
KING, JOHN                             NC-93-5-123
LANE, JAMES                            NC-93-7-3
LANE, JOEL                             NC-93-4-54
LANE, JOSEPH                           NC-93-4-249
LASSITER, JOTHAM                       NC-93-9-232
LASSITER, LUKE                         NC-93-6-321
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                       NC-93-5-328
LEE, WILLIAM                           NC-93-3-31
LOCUS, VALENTINE                       NC-93-10-169
LOWE, STEPHEN                          NC-93-3-259
LOWRY, ARTHUR                          NC-93-4-15
LYNN, JAMES                            NC-93-4-89
LYNN, JOHN                             NC-93-8-19
MANN, RICHARD                          NC-93-5-329
MAOR, WILLIAM                          NC-93-2-9
MARTIN, GEORGE                         NC-93-8-136
MARTIN, JAMES                          NC-93-1-133
MARTIN, JOHN                           NC-93-3-94
MASSENBURG, CARGILL                    NC-93-9-130
MASSEY, RICHARD                        NC-93-6-89
MASSEY, RICHARD SR.                    NC-93-10-167
MATHEWS, REDMOND                       NC-93-3-216
MAYS, JOHN                             NC-93-1-102
MCBRIDE, JOHN                          NC-93-3-24
MIAL, THOMAS                           NC-93-10-161
MITCHELL, GABRIEL                      NC-93-3-170
MOBLEY, DORCAS                         NC-93-7-311
MOBLEY, EDWARD                         NC-93-1-136
MOBLEY, EDWARD                         NC-93-1-92
MOBLEY, MORDECAI                       NC-93-2-247
MONK, ELIZABETH                        NC-93-1-151
MOORE, JOHN                            NC-93-6-3
MOORE, WILLIAM                         NC-93-1-152
MORRIS, THOMAS                         NC-93-7-202
MOSES, JAMES                           NC-93-3-18
NALLIS, RICHARD                        NC-93-3-269
NANCE, GILES SR.                       NC-93-10-9
NEWBY, THOMAS                          NC-93-5-96
NICHOLS, WILLIAM                       NC-93-3-92
NOE, THOMAS                            NC-93-5-91
NUTT, ROBERT                           NC-93-2-41
NUTT, WILLIAM                          NC-93-7-318
ORR, JOHN                              NC-93-1-164
ORR, ROBERT                            NC-93-1-166
PAGE, EDWARD                           NC-93-7-162
PAIN, JOHN                             NC-93-4-87
PARKER, JOHN SR.                       NC-93-7-108
PARKS, JOHN                            NC-93-3-207
PEAK, SAMUEL                           NC-93-5-240
PEARSON, SAMUEL                        NC-93-6-1
PEEBLES, ELISHA                        NC-93-3-335
PEEBLES, JOHN SR.                      NC-93-2-163
PENDERGRASS, JOHN                      NC-93-3-32
PENDREY, AARON READ                    NC-93-2-20
PENNY, JAMES                           NC-93-6-113
PENNY, JAMES                           NC-93-6-113
PHILLIPS, RENCHALL                     NC-93-7-317
POOL, LEWIS                            NC-93-9-69
POPE, JOSIAH                           NC-93-7-158
POWELL, MOSES                          NC-93-5-27
PRIVITT, JACOB                         NC-93-3-145
PRIVITT, MARY                          NC-93-3-220
PRIVITT, MILES                         NC-93-8-437
PRIVITT, WILILAM                       NC-93-3-64
PROCTOR, JOHN                          NC-93-3-286
PROCTOR, THOMAS SR.                    NC-93-3-381
PULLEN, JOHN                           NC-93-8-461
RAND, JOHN                             NC-93-1-160
READ, AARON                            NC-93-2-20
REAVIS, ISAAC                          NC-93-2-96
REDDING, FRANCIS                       NC-93-6-336
RENCH, JOHN                            NC-93-2-33
RHODES, JOHN                           NC-93-5-1
RHODES, RANDOLPH                       NC-93-3-43
RICH, JEREMIAH                         NC-93-1-174
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       NC-93-6-118
ROGERS, ISHAM                          NC-93-6-323
ROGERS, JOB                            NC-93-1-24
ROGERS, JOHN                           NC-93-1-144
ROGERS, JOHN                           NC-93-6-73
ROGES, SION                            NC-93-5-172
RUNNELLS, SHERARD                      NC-93-1-172
SANDERS, BRITAIN                       NC-93-4-255
SANDES, HARDY                          NC-93-10-315
SANDES, HARDY JR.                      NC-93-7-116
SANDY, JERARD                          NC-93-3-60
SCARBRO, SAMUEL                        NC-93-6-325
SEXTON, OBEDIAH                        NC-93-7-282
SHAMBLEE, JOHN                         NC-93-7-201
SIMMONS, DIANAH                        NC-93-2-121
SIMMONS, WILLIS                        NC-93-1-2
SIMMS, ISHAM SR.                       NC-93-2-185
SLIMMON, GEORGE                        NC-93-1-94
SMITH, TURNER                          NC-93-7-316
SORRELL, MICAJAH                       NC-93-8-366
SPANE, FREDERICK                       NC-93-4-136
SPEIGHT, ABIGAIL                       NC-93-1-146
SPEIGHT, WILILAM                       NC-93-9-45
SPEIGHT, WILLIAM                       NC-93-1-40
STEPHENSON, DAVID                      NC-93-8-9
STEVENS, MARY                          NC-93-4-31
STRAIT, DAVID                          NC-93-2-240
STRICKLAND, ELISHA                     NC-93-3-173
STRICKLAND, LOT                        NC-93-2-45
STURDEVANT, HOLLOMAN                   NC-93-3-153
TATE, JAMES                            NC-93-1-184
TATE, JAMES                            NC-93-1-178
TEMPLES, HENRY                         NC-93-5-30
THOMAS, ELIJAH                         NC-93-8-426
THOMPSON, SWAN                         NC-93-5-238
THOMPSON, ZACHARIAS                    NC-93-5-122
THORN, WILLIAM SR.                     NC-93-10-165
TREVEMAN, WINDSOR                      NC-93-8-136
TUCKER, DANIEL                         NC-93-2-250
TUCKER, EDWARD                         NC-93-1-59
TURNER, SIMON                          NC-93-1-161
TURNER, WILILAM                        NC-93-9-116
UTLEY, JACOB                           NC-93-3-261
UTLEY, PHEBE                           NC-93-7-1
UTLEY, WILLIAM                         NC-93-3-62
VINSON, JOSEPH                         NC-93-7-159
WADE, BENJAMIN                         NC-93-6-134
WARD, JOHN                             NC-93-2-127
WARD, WILLIAM                          NC-93-3-412
WARREN, GEORGE                         NC-93-7-216
WARREN, GEORGE                         NC-93-7-309
WARREN, HENRY                          NC-93-10-62
WARREN, HENRY                          NC-93-10-62
WATTS, SPENCER                         NC-93-6-135
WHITE, WILLIAM SR.                     NC-93-10-170
WILLIAMS, ALLEN                        NC-93-9-189
WILLIAMS, MARY                         NC-93-4-88
WOOD, MOSES                            NC-93-6-326
WOODARD, JOHN                          NC-93-1-157
WOODWARD, CHRISTOPHER                  NC-93-2-67
WOODWARD, JOHN                         NC-93-5-6
WRENCH, REBECKAH                       NC-93-6-335
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                         NC-93-3-227
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                         NC-93-7-55
YARBROUGH, JOHN                        NC-93-2-68
YEATES, WILLIAM                        NC-93-7-314
YOUNG, SAMUEL                          NC-93-9-227

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