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ALSOBROOKS, WILLIS                     NC-91-1-272
ANDERSON, SARAH                        NC-91-2-306
ARANT, JOHN                            NC-91-2-354
ASHCRAFT, ALFRED                       NC-91-2-22
AUSTIN, C.                             NC-91-2-456
AUSTIN, J. C.                          NC-91-2-167
AUSTIN, JONATHAN                       NC-91-2-281
AUSTIN, JONATHAN L.                    NC-91-2-307
AUSTIN, M.                             NC-91-2-237
BAKER, GEORGE M.                       NC-91-2-319
BARR, STEPHEN                          NC-91-1-36
BARRIUS, CHARLES                       NC-91-2-15
BASS, JOHN C.                          NC-91-2-345
BASS, RICHARD                          NC-91-1-276
BAUCOM, SANDERS                        NC-91-2-36
BEASLEY, JOHN                          NC-91-1-231
BELK, E. R. (MRS)                      NC-91-2-213
BELK, J. P.                            NC-91-2-16
BENNETT, REDDING                       NC-91-1-110
BIBB, MARGARET                         NC-91-2-256
BIBB, WILLIAM                          NC-91-2-84
BICKETT, THOMAS W. (DR)                NC-91-2-215
BIGGERS, NORRIS                        NC-91-2-429
BILLUE, ROBERT S.                      NC-91-2-261
BIVENS, JAMES                          NC-91-1-251
BLAKENEY, ALBERT                       NC-91-1-130
BOOUNT, JOHN                           NC-91-1-121
BOYTE, MARTHA                          NC-91-2-538
BRASWELL, AQUILLA                      NC-91-2-398
BRASWELL, CULLEN                       NC-91-2-13
BROOM, BURRELL                         NC-91-2-56
BROOM, LEVI E.                         NC-91-2-25
BROOOKS, MARY                          NC-91-1-79
BURLEYSON, JONATHAN                    NC-91-1-140
BURNETT, JOHN                          NC-91-1-71
CARPENTER, W. T.                       NC-91-2-529
CASON, JAMES F.                        NC-91-1-233
CHANEY, HENRY                          NC-91-1-28
CHANEY, NOAH                           NC-91-1-272
CHEARS, VASHAEL T. SR.                 NC-91-1-289
CHERRY, JOEL                           NC-91-1-52
CLARK, BURREL                          NC-91-1-5
CLARK, JOHN B.                         NC-91-1-221
CLOUTS, ADAM                           NC-91-2-567
COLLINS, DAVIS                         NC-91-1-248
COLLINS, WILLIAM                       NC-91-2-152
CONDER, JOHN                           NC-91-2-95
CONDER, LEWIS                          NC-91-2-36
CONDER, PHILIP                         NC-91-1-188
COVINGTON, D. A.                       NC-91-2-31
COVINGTON, DAVID A.                    NC-91-2-532
COVINGTON, S. A.                       NC-91-2-584
CRAIG, H. B.                           NC-91-2-26
CRAIG, MATILDA                         NC-91-2-127
CRAIGE, ELIZABETH                      NC-91-1-134
CRAIGE, JOSIAH                         NC-91-1-220
CRAWFORD, C. P.                        NC-91-1-11
CROWELL, A. S.                         NC-91-2-483
CROWELL, JOHN                          NC-91-1-255
CROWELL, JOHN W.                       NC-91-1-244
CROWELL, MICHAEL                       NC-91-1-250
CURETON, ELIZA R.                      NC-91-2-5
CURETON, M. J.                         NC-91-1-214
CURETON,JEREMIAH                       NC-91-1-44
CURLEE, C. B.                          NC-91-2-271
CURLEE, OBEDIAH                        NC-91-1-143
CURLEE, SARAH M.                       NC-91-2-442
CURLEE, WILLIAM                        NC-91-2-175
CUTHBERTSON, JOSIAH                    NC-91-1-99
CUTHBERTSON, M. W.                     NC-91-1-249
CUTHBERTSON, MARGARET                  NC-91-2-173
DAVIS, A. O.                           NC-91-1-222
DAVIS, JAMES C.                        NC-91-1-258
DAVIS, SIMPSON                         NC-91-2-340
DEES, EDMOND                           NC-91-1-17
DILLON, NANCY S.                       NC-91-2-51
DOSTER, JAMES W.                       NC-91-2-160
DOSTER, MILAS                          NC-91-2-380
DOSTER, SAMPSON                        NC-91-1-132
DUNCAN, W. W.                          NC-91-2-549
DUNLAP, SARAH I.                       NC-91-2-103
DUNN, JAMES A.                         NC-91-1-167
EDWARDS, JOHN                          NC-91-2-129
EDWARDS, M. G.                         NC-91-2-73
ERWIN, ADELAIDE                        NC-91-2-284
EVANS, ALBERT                          NC-91-2-386
EWING, DAVID                           NC-91-1-264
EZZELL, FREDRICK                       NC-91-1-295
FINCHER, LYDIA                         NC-91-1-37
FINCHER, SILAS A.                      NC-91-1-47
GADDY, JANE                            NC-91-1-226
GADDY, PLEASANT                        NC-91-1-94
GARDNER, JESSE                         NC-91-2-60
GARDNER, WILLIAM                       NC-91-2-339
GATHINGS, JANE                         NC-91-2-118
GATTIS, MARY B.                        NC-91-1-21
GILLAM, WILLIAM                        NC-91-1-43
GIVENS, JANE                           NC-91-2-573
GIVENS, SAMUEL                         NC-91-1-26
GLENN, ELIZABETH                       NC-91-2-205
GODFREY, NANCY                         NC-91-1-146
GODFREY, THOMAS                        NC-91-1-15
GODWIN, PATIENCE                       NC-91-2-264
GODWIN, SIMON                          NC-91-2-144
GORDON, REBECCA                        NC-91-2-207
GREEN, BEEDY A.                        NC-91-2-79
GREEN, J. L.                           NC-91-2-464
GREEN, TILMON                          NC-91-2-54
GREENE, J. E. SR.                      NC-91-2-551
GRIFFIN, A. HURLEY                     NC-91-2-428
GRIFFIN, ENOCH                         NC-91-1-153
GRIFFIN, ENOCH H.                      NC-91-1-114
GRIFFIN, JAMES C.                      NC-91-2-302
GRIFFIN, JOHN W.                       NC-91-1-96
GRIFFIN, SARAH                         NC-91-1-112
GRIFFIN, THOMAS                        NC-91-1-267
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                       NC-91-2-502
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM A.                    NC-91-2-383
GRISSOM, JANE                          NC-91-1-2245
GUFFIN, EGBERT                         NC-91-2-276
GUFFIN, JESSE C.                       NC-91-2-148
GUFFIN, THOMAS J.                      NC-91-2-203
GURLEY, EZEKIEL                        NC-91-2-46
HAGLER, CAROLINE                       NC-91-2-578
HAGLER, CHARLES                        NC-91-2-142
HAINEY, WILLIAM S.                     NC-91-2-260
HAMILTON, G. S.                        NC-91-2-400
HAMILTON, J. W.                        NC-91-2-291
HARGETT, A. J.                         NC-91-2-536
HARGETT, DAVID                         NC-91-2-285
HARGETT, ELIZABETH P.                  NC-91-2-337
HARGETT, JAMES C.                      NC-91-2-510
HARGETT, JOHN                          NC-91-2-196
HARGETT, JOSEPH                        NC-91-1-12
HARGETT, REBECCA C.                    NC-91-2-274
HARKEY, DANIEL                         NC-91-1-294
HARKEY, J. F.                          NC-91-2-247
HARKEY, JOHN                           NC-91-2-225
HARRIS, ELIZABETH                      NC-91-2-99
HARRIS, SALATHIEL                      NC-91-2-150
HARTSELL, ANDREW                       NC-91-2-68
HASTY, JAMES                           NC-91-1-105
HASTY, JESSE                           NC-91-2-324
HASTY, PEBLES                          NC-91-1-163
HASTY, RACHEL                          NC-91-2-69
HASTY, STEPHEN                         NC-91-1-57
HASTY, STEPHEN G.                      NC-91-2-102
HAYS, JOHN                             NC-91-2-146
HAYWOOD, JAMES M.                      NC-91-2-496
HEATH, J. J. M.                        NC-91-2-445
HELMS, ASA M.                          NC-91-2-424
HELMS, COPLAND                         NC-91-2-153
HELMS, EMANUEL                         NC-91-2-75
HELMS, GABRIEL B.                      NC-91-1-120
HELMS, GILES                           NC-91-1-235
HELMS, H. J.                           NC-91-2-107
HELMS, HANNAH                          NC-91-1-79
HELMS, ISAAC H.                        NC-91-1-41
HELMS, ISAM                            NC-91-2-141
HELMS, ISRAEL L.                       NC-91-2-186
HELMS, JACOB                           NC-91-1-180
HELMS, JANE D.                         NC-91-2-334
HELMS, MICHAEL                         NC-91-2-426
HELMS, MOSES                           NC-91-1-243
HELMS, OEL                             NC-91-1-191
HELMS, SAMPSON                         NC-91-2-3212
HEMBY, AMOS                            NC-91-2-299
HEMBY, ELI                             NC-91-2-368, 407
HEMBY, ELI                             NC-91-2-407
HEMBY, MARGARET EUGENIA                NC-91-2-554
HEMBY, THOMAS                          NC-91-2-309
HENIGER, JACOB                         NC-91-1-287
HOLLEY, WILLIAM                        NC-91-2-221
HOOD, DAVID                            NC-91-2-258
HOOKS, WHITMILL                        NC-91-1-192
HORN, JAMES A. (DR)                    NC-91-2-245
HOUSTON, B. F.                         NC-91-2-520
HOUSTON, JAMES                         NC-91-1-34
HOUSTON, JAMES N.                      NC-91-1-83
HOUSTON, JOHN                          NC-91-2-135
HOUSTON, WILLIAM                       NC-91-2-39
HOUSTON, WILLIAM W.                    NC-91-2-478
HOWARD, JACOB O.                       NC-91-2-392
HOWARD, R. G.                          NC-91-1-196
HOWARD, WILLIAM                        NC-91-1-3
HOWARD, WILLIAM D.                     NC-91-1-241
HOWEY, ANNA                            NC-91-2-24
HOWEY, DAVID                           NC-91-2-19
HOWEY, GEORGE                          NC-91-2-180
HOWEY, NANCY J.                        NC-91-2-138
HOWIE, AARON H.                        NC-91-1-141
HOWIE, ATHALINDA                       NC-91-1-67
HUDSON, J. R.                          NC-91-2-155
HUNEYCUTT, DEMPSY J.                   NC-91-2-111
HUNTER, JOHN S.                        NC-91-2-323
IVEY, SARAH H.                         NC-91-2-489
JACKSON, WILEY                         NC-91-1-193
KELLY, KISIAH                          NC-91-2-167
KEZIAH, SUSANAH                        NC-91-1-288
KIKER, EDMOND                          NC-91-1-109
KING, ELENOR                           NC-91-2-582
KIZER, WILLIAM                         NC-91-1-201
LANEY, BURTON                          NC-91-2-76
LEONARD, C. D.                         NC-91-1-209
LEONARD, ROBERT                        NC-91-2-163
LEWIS, THOMAS                          NC-91-2-357
LEWIS, W. C.                           NC-91-2-535
LILES, D. N.                           NC-91-2-545
LINDSAY, SHERWOOD C.                   NC-91-2-189
LITTLE, AARON                          NC-91-2-38
LITTLE, G. W.                          NC-91-1-201
LITTLE, GEORGE                         NC-91-1-92
LITTLE, HOSEA                          NC-91-1-70
LITTLE, JAMES H.                       NC-91-2-184
LONG, ADAM                             NC-91-1-63
LONG, HENRY                            NC-91-2-416
LONG, HENRY T.                         NC-91-2-86
LONG, JACOB                            NC-91-1-75
LONG, JOHN W.                          NC-91-1-31
LOVE, JOHN                             NC-91-2-568
LOWERY, FRANCIS S.                     NC-91-2-182
LOWRIE, MARGARET                       NC-91-2-87
LUTHEN, SAMUEL                         NC-91-1-62
MARSH, JOHN S.                         NC-91-1-238
MARSH, SIMEON                          NC-91-1-229
MARSH, SOLOMON                         NC-91-1-51
MARSH, SOLOMON B.                      NC-91-1-210
MARSH, SUSAN E.                        NC-91-2-187
MARSH, THOMAS L.                       NC-91-2-1
MASSEY, MARY E.                        NC-91-2-450
MATTHEWS, ISAAC                        NC-91-1-97
MAY, G. W.                             NC-91-1-186
MCCAIN, ANDREW                         NC-91-1-19
MCCAIN, HUGH                           NC-91-1-20
MCCAIN, HUGH B.                        NC-91-2-70
MCCAIN, WILLIAM E.                     NC-91-1-284
MCCAULEY, THOMAS D.                    NC-91-2-499
MCCLAIN, JANE                          NC-91-2-523
MCCOLLUM, DANIEL                       NC-91-1-259
MCCOLLUM, JAMES                        NC-91-2-26
MCCOMMON, JULIA                        NC-91-1-200
MCCOMMON, WILLIAM                      NC-91-1-47
MCCORKLE, ELIAS                        NC-91-1-172
MCCORKLE, JAMES                        NC-91-1-101
MCCORKLE, JOHN                         NC-91-1-98
MCILWAINE, LAVICY                      NC-91-2-547
MCLARTY, ARCHIBALD                     NC-91-2-97
MCLARTY, ELLEN                         NC-91-2-433
MCMANUS, GEORE                         NC-91-2-199
MCMANUS, JOHN H.                       NC-91-1-223
MEDLEY, NANCY                          NC-91-2-447
MELTON, JESSE B.                       NC-91-2-366
MILLS, A. JACKSON                      NC-91-2-517
MILLS, CORNELIUS                       NC-91-2-242
MILLS, F. M.                           NC-91-1-104
MILLS, JAMES                           NC-91-2-418
MOORE, ANDRWE                          NC-91-2-288
MOORE, CALLUM                          NC-91-1-136
MOORE, ELIJAH                          NC-91-1-25
MOORE, JESSE J.                        NC-91-1-204
MOORE, PLEASANT                        NC-91-2-539
MOORE, WILLIAM G. P.                   NC-91-1-257
MORGAN, JAMES                          NC-91-1-165
MORRIS, PHARABY T.                     NC-91-1-152
MOSER, HENRY                           NC-91-1-212
MULLIS, CALVIN                         NC-91-2-230
MULLIS, FRANCES                        NC-91-2-556
MUSTLEWHITE, LEONARD                   NC-91-1-55
MYRES, JOEL G.                         NC-91-1-232
NANCE, JOHN A.                         NC-91-2-45
NANCE, POLLY                           NC-91-2-34
NASH, NANCY                            NC-91-1-69
NASH, RICHARD                          NC-91-1-144
NESBIT, AMELIA B.                      NC-91-2-531
NESBIT, MILLIE                         NC-91-2-395
NEWSOM, WILLIAM                        NC-91-2-10
NISBETT, SARAH                         NC-91-1-6
NORCOTT, HOSEA                         NC-91-1-236
NORWOOD, WILLIAM E.                    NC-91-1-269
OSBOURN, ALEXANDER                     NC-91-1-1
OSBOURN, SARAH                         NC-91-1-286
PARDUE, ROBERT H.                      NC-91-2-301
PARKER, BRITTON                        NC-91-2-361
PARKER, ELIJAH                         NC-91-2-562
PARKER, PETER                          NC-91-2-201
PARKER, PETER                          NC-91-1-178
PENINGER, JACOB                        NC-91-2-223
PENINGER, JOHN                         NC-91-2-565
PERRY, WILLIAM                         NC-91-2-28
PHIFER, DAVID                          NC-91-1-85
PHIFER, DRUCILLA                       NC-91-1-155
PHIFER, MATTHEW                        NC-91-1-39
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                      NC-91-1-65
POLK, ANDREW                           NC-91-2-449
POLK, SARAH                            NC-91-2-208
POLK, WILLIAM H.                       NC-91-2-243
POPE, WILEY                            NC-91-2-210
PORTER, JOHN SR.                       NC-91-2-58
POTTS, WILLIAM                         NC-91-1-129
PRESLAR, ALVEN                         NC-91-1-131
PRESLAR, ELIAS                         NC-91-1-111
PRESSON, SAMUEL                        NC-91-2-117
PRICE, DANIEL M.                       NC-91-2-67
PRICE, J. ALLISON                      NC-91-2-318
PRICE, JAMES P.                        NC-91-1-279
PRICE, JOHN C.                         NC-91-1-234
PRICE, MARTHA W.                       NC-91-2-420
PRICE, MATILDA                         NC-91-2-246
PRICE, MOSES W. H.                     NC-91-1-232
PRICE, WILLIAM R.                      NC-91-1-280
PUSSER, HUGH                           NC-91-1-247
PYRON, SAMUEL                          NC-91-2-12
PYRON, SARAH A.                        NC-91-2-316
RAE, JOHN                              NC-91-1-9
RAE, MARY                              NC-91-1-224
RAMSAY, W. C.                          NC-91-2-435
RAPE, SUSANAH                          NC-91-2-4
REA, JOHN M.                           NC-91-2-248
RICAHRDSON, JOHN W.                    NC-91-1-247
RICE, CLARINDA                         NC-91-2-396
RICHARDSON, E. W.                      NC-91-2-124
RICHARDSON, ELI D.                     NC-91-2-332
RICHARDSON, JULIET H.                  NC-91-2-305
RICHARDSON, KENDRICK                   NC-91-1-265
RICHARDSON, SARAH                      NC-91-1-78
RITCH, EDMOND                          NC-91-1-162
RITCH, G. W.                           NC-91-2-114
RITCH, JAMES M.                        NC-91-1-195
ROBINSON, JAMES                        NC-91-1-174
ROBINSON, JOHN T.                      NC-91-1-68
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                      NC-91-1-190
ROGERS, RUSSELL                        NC-91-2-403
ROGERS, THOMAS                         NC-91-1-115
ROGES, HUGH                            NC-91-1-166
ROSS, DUGAL                            NC-91-1-24
ROSS, MARTHA M.                        NC-91-1-227
ROSS, SHERWOOD                         NC-91-2-471
ROWLAND, SHEROD                        NC-91-2-72
ROWLAND, THOMAS C.                     NC-91-2-131
RUSHING, ABRAHAM D.                    NC-91-1-271
RUSHING, DARLING                       NC-91-2-525
RUSHING, WILLIAM M.                    NC-91-2-63
RUSSELL, D. G.                         NC-91-2-486
RUSSELL, SAMANTHA                      NC-91-2-560
RUSSELL, SARAH H.                      NC-91-2-467
SECREST, ABRAM J.                      NC-91-2-234
SECREST, ANDREW                        NC-91-1-156
SECREST, ANDREW J.                     NC-91-1-291
SECREST, EPHRAIM W.                    NC-91-2-47
SECREST, J. P.                         NC-91-2-279
SELL, MARY J.                          NC-91-2-414
SHANNON, WILLIAM J.                    NC-91-1-237
SHELL, HENRY                           NC-91-2-374
SHUTE, JOHN                            NC-91-2-505
SIMMS, JOHN THOMAS                     NC-91-2-115
SIMPSON, DAVID                         NC-91-2-422
SIMPSON, IRWIN                         NC-91-1-207
SIMPSON, JACKSON                       NC-91-2-227
SIMPSON, JOHN                          NC-91-1-22
SMITH, CULLEN                          NC-91-1-90
SMITH, J. E. W.                        NC-91-2-500
SNIDER, SOLOMON                        NC-91-2-65
STACK, JACKSON                         NC-91-1-199
STARNES, DANIEL                        NC-91-2-50
STARNES, ELMIRA W.                     NC-91-2-382
STARNES, J. BENSON                     NC-91-2-413
STARNES, VOLENTINE                     NC-91-2-101
STATON, ENNIS                          NC-91-2-265
STATON, TONY                           NC-91-2-236
STEELE, RICHARD W.                     NC-91-2-93
STEELE, W. C.                          NC-91-2-62
STEGALL, GEORGE                        NC-91-1-31
STEGALL, GEORGE L.                     NC-91-1-285
STEVENS, A. F.                         NC-91-2-476
STEVENS, AMOS                          NC-91-1-106
STEVENS, SQUIRE                        NC-91-1-13
STEWART, ELI                           NC-91-1-273
STEWART, ELIZABETH S.                  NC-91-2-109
STEWART, HARRIET E.                    NC-91-2-513
STEWART, HUGH                          NC-91-1-53
STEWART, JOHN A.                       NC-91-1-50
STEWART, JOHN D.                       NC-91-2-250
STEWART, JOSEPH                        NC-91-1-277
STEWART, REUBEN                        NC-91-1-46
STEWART, SILAS P.                      NC-91-1-80
STEWAT, C. P.                          NC-91-2-570
STILWELL, JOHN F.                      NC-91-2-296
STITT, JAMES M.                        NC-91-1-262
STITT, JANE                            NC-91-1-7
STITT, SUSANNAH                        NC-91-1-84
TAYLOR, THOMAS A.                      NC-91-2-343
THOAS, HEADLY                          NC-91-1-194
THOMAS, ANNAIAS                        NC-91-1-200
THOMAS, EBENEZER                       NC-91-2-220
THOMAS, JACOB                          NC-91-2-314
THOMAS, JOHN R.                        NC-91-1-137
THOMAS, OSBORNE                        NC-91-1-205
THOMAS, WINNEY                         NC-91-2-465
THOMPSON, JAMES                        NC-91-2-376
THOMPSON, L. B.                        NC-91-2-82
THREATT, FREDERICK                     NC-91-2-558
VANN, J. J.                            NC-91-2-463
WALKER, ABRAM E.                       NC-91-2-44
WALKER, ELIJAH M.                      NC-91-2-88
WALKUP, E. J.                          NC-91-2-444
WALKUP, ROBERT                         NC-91-1-32
WALKUP, S. H.                          NC-91-2-104
WALKUP, SAMUEL P.                      NC-91-2-273
WALUP, PARMELIA R.                     NC-91-2-178
WEBB, MARY A.                          NC-91-2-165
WENTZ, JEREMIAH                        NC-91-2-481
WHITFIELD, W. R.                       NC-91-2-540
WHITLEY, ANDERSON                      NC-91-1-281
WILLIAMS, ABEL                         NC-91-2-147
WILLIAMS, ERWIN                        NC-91-1-189
WILLIAMS, HERREN                       NC-91-2-29, 53
WILLIAMS, JOSIAH                       NC-91-2-52
WILSON, HUGH                           NC-91-1-225
WILSON, JANE                           NC-91-1-160
WILSON, SARAH                          NC-91-1-18
WINCHESTER, MARY                       NC-91-1-117
WINCHESTER, THOMAS                     NC-91-1-239
WINCHESTER, THOMAS D.                  NC-91-2-492
YANDLE, JESSE                          NC-91-2-212

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