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ADAMS, GEORGE                           NC-86-3-175
ADAMS, JOHN                             NC-86-4-109
ADAMS, JOHN A.                          NC-86-5-60
ADAMS, WILLIAMS                         NC-86-3-122
ADKINS, JOHN                            NC-86-4-81
ADKINS, WILLIAM                         NC-86-3-154
ALBERTY, ELIZABETH                      NC-86-5-48
ALBERTY, NATHAN                         NC-86-6-424
ALDRIDGE, WILLIAM                       NC-86-3-59
ALLEN, JANE                             NC-86-3-70
ALLEN, JOHN                             NC-86-3-41
ALLRED, JAMES B.                        NC-86-6-217
ANGEL, CHARLES                          NC-86-1-68
ANGEL, JOHN                             NC-86-4-202
ANTHONY, JAMES                          NC-86-4-120
ANTHONY, THOMAS                         NC-86-3-126
APPERSON, WILLIAM                       NC-86-3-172
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      NC-86-1-157
ARNOLD, DANIEL                          NC-86-4-159
ARNOLD, SAMUEL                          NC-86-4-34
ARNOLD, THOMAS                          NC-86-3-160
ASBURN, WILLIAM                         NC-86-6-245
ASHBORN, JOHN                           NC-86-5-80
ASHBURN, D. L.                          NC-86-6-7
ASHBY, HALIFAX                          NC-86-3-164
ATKINS, H. T.                           NC-86-6-299
ATKINS, LEWIS                           NC-86-5-67
ATKINS, MARSHALL C.                     NC-86-6-276
AXSOM, SUSAN                            NC-86-6-21
AXSON, ANDREW                           NC-86-6-301
BAKER, CHRISTIAN                        NC-86-2-4
BAKER, HENRY                            NC-86-3-8
BAKER, MICHAEL                          NC-86-1-82
BALL, NICHOLAS                          NC-86-3-56
BALLARD, ANDREW                         NC-86-3-134
BANNER, JOHN                            NC-86-6-283
BARKER, JEREMIAH                        NC-86-4-319
BARKER, LEANDER                         NC-86-6-78
BARR, JOHN                              NC-86-3-20
BARTLEY, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-119
BEAMAN, HENRY                           NC-86-5-40
BEAMER, JACOB                           NC-86-6-411
BEAMER, REBECCA                         NC-86-6-18
BEANER, FRUEST                          NC-86-6-138
BEMIS, SUSAN W.                         NC-86-6-129
BEVERS, ABIGAIL                         NC-86-3-59
BINGMAN, ELI                            NC-86-6-143
BINGMAN, J. A.                          NC-86-6-400
BINKLEY, JOHN                           NC-86-4-218
BINYMAN, JOHN                           NC-86-5-32
BIRD, ANN                               NC-86-4-260
BIRD, JOSEPH                            NC-86-4-44
BIRM, WILLIAM                           NC-86-6-271
BLACKBURN, NEWMAN                       NC-86-1-2
BLACKBURN,M ARY M.                      NC-86-6-73
BLAIR, HUGH                             NC-86-2-13
BLEVINS, NANCY B.                       NC-86-6-555
BOHANNAN, JOHN                          NC-86-2-52
BOND, CHARLES                           NC-86-1-43
BOOHANON, JAMES                         NC-86-1-27
BOOKER, BENJAMIN                        NC-86-6-39
BOON, RATLIFF                           NC-86-2-78
BOWEN, THOMAS                           NC-86-3-38
BOWLES, WILLIAM                         NC-86-4-273
BOYLE, ALEXANDER                        NC-86-6-56
BRADLEY, TERRY                          NC-86-2-60
BRALES, BENJAMIN                        NC-86-1-139
BRAY, ARTHA                             NC-86-5-88
BRAY, HAANAN                            NC-86-4-206
BRAY, JOSEPH                            NC-86-4-268, 275
BRAY, L. W.                             NC-86-6-478
BRAZIER, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-113
BRIGGS, JESSE                           NC-86-6-98
BRINDER, HENRY                          NC-86-6-44
BRINDLE, DANIEL                         NC-86-4-213
BRITTAIN, JOHN                          NC-86-4-305
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        NC-86-5-93
BROWN, JOHN                             NC-86-4-26
BROWN, JOSEPH                           NC-86-3-162
BROWN, THOMAS                           NC-86-3-177
BRUCE, JOHN D.                          NC-86-4-189
BRYANT, PETER                           NC-86-3-64
BRYSON, JOHN                            NC-86-3- 84
BULLEY, WILLIAM                         NC-86-3-143
BULLIN, WILLIAM                         NC-86-6-69
BUMPS, JESSE                            NC-86-3-88
BUNKER, CHANG                           NC-86-6-47
BUNKER, ENG                             NC-86-6-45
BUNKER, N. A.                           NC-86-6-61
BUNTTLE, SALLY                          NC-86-6-125
BURCH, JOHN                             NC-86-3-47
BURCHAM, JOHN                           NC-86-3-105
BURGE, WILLIAM                          NC-86-5-74
BURK, JOHN                              NC-86-3-9
BURKE, JAMES                            NC-86-2-1
BURLINGTON, J. P.                       NC-86-5-70
BURNSIDE, JAMES                         NC-86-3-146
BUTCHER, JAMES                          NC-86-4-184
BUTNER, E. S.                           NC-86-6-168
CALLOWAY, SAMUEL                        NC-86-4-166
CAMRON, JOHN                            NC-86-1-109
CANDLE, CELIA                           NC-86-6-57
CARPENTER, WILLIAM                      NC-86-5-46
CARTER, ISAAC                           NC-86-3-53
CARTER, JOHN                            NC-86-4-258
CARTER, JOSEPH                          NC-86-4-179
CARTER, JOSHUA                          NC-86-4-246
CARTER, SAMUEL                          NC-86-3-115
CASH, ROBERT                            NC-86-1-138
CASTEVENS, JOHN                         NC-86-3-97
CHAMBERLIN, MILLY                       NC-86-4-301
CHANDLER, ISAAC                         NC-86-3-26
CHARLES, JAMES                          NC-86-1-145
CHARY, ABRAHAM                          NC-86-6-146
CHECK, WILLIAM                          NC-86-3-54
CHILDERS, AUSBURN                       NC-86-6-119
CHILDERS, KETTURY                       NC-86-5-52
CHILDRES, WILLIAM                       NC-86-5-54
CHILDRESS, SALLIE                       NC-86-6-332
CHILTON, RALEIGH                        NC-86-6-8
CHILTON, STEPHEN A.                     NC-86-6-564
CHILTON, TABITHA E.                     NC-86-6-291
CHINN, JESSE                            NC-86-4-25
CHINN, PERRY                            NC-86-4-287
CLAYTON, MARY E.                        NC-86-6-379
CLAYTON, PHILLIP                        NC-86-1-163
CLEMENT, JOHN                           NC-86-4-312
CLERK, ELSEY                            NC-86-4-1
CLINGMAN, PETER                         NC-86-4-237
COCKERHAM, DANIEL C.                    NC-86-6-92
COCKERHAM, DAVID                        NC-86-4-188
COCKERHAM, MOSES                        NC-86-3-124
COCKERHAM, P. C.                        NC-86-6-365
COCKERHAM, PLEASANT B.                  NC-86-5-8
COE, ISAAK                              NC-86-4-168
COE, JOHN                               NC-86-3-70
COKER, SOLOMON                          NC-86-1-158
COLLINS, ANTHONY                        NC-86-6-197
COLLINS, OBEDIAH                        NC-86-4-22
CONWAY, EDWARD                          NC-86-2-11
COOK, ELIZABETH                         NC-86-3-159
COOK, JAMES                             NC-86-6-140
COOK, JAMES                             NC-86-4-21
COOK, JOHN                              NC-86-3-62
COOK, JOHN M.                           NC-86-6-278
COOK, PATSY                             NC-86-4-43
COOK, WILLIAM                           NC-86-3-100
COOK, WILLIAM SR.                       NC-86-3-44
COOPER, THOMAS                          NC-86-3-79
COPELAND, ISAAC                         NC-86-4-320
COPELAND, ISAAC                         NC-86-3-89
COPELAND, NANCY                         NC-86-5-47
COPELAND, SARAH                         NC-86-3-111
COSTEVIUS, JOHN                         NC-86-4-167
COX, THOMAS                             NC-86-3-159
CREED, BENNETT                          NC-86-3-125
CREED, ENOCH                            NC-86-6-455
CRESON, ABRAHAM                         NC-86-3-4
CRISSMAN, CHARLES L.                    NC-86-4-112
CRISSMAN, MOSES                         NC-86-4-186
CRISSMAN, SUSANAH                       NC-86-4-336
CRITCHFIELD, NANCY                      NC-86-6-288
CRITCHFIELD, RICHARD                    NC-86-6-163
CRITZ, EVALINE                          NC-86-6-452
CROUSE, J. W.                           NC-86-6-481
CULLER, SOLOMON                         NC-86-6-331
CULLES, DAVID                           NC-86-6-426
CUMMINGS, JESSE W.                      NC-86-6-23
CUNINGHAM, WILLIAM                      NC-86-3-171
CUNINGHAM, WILLIAMS                     NC-86-4-20
DALTON, ARENA                           NC-86-6-480
DASS, WILLIAM                           NC-86-4-230
DAVIS, DAVID                            NC-86-2-12
DAVIS, DAVID                            NC-86-6-65
DAVIS, DAVID                            NC-86-3-72
DAVIS, E. JOHN                          NC-86-3-152
DAVIS, EVAN                             NC-86-6-347
DAVIS, ISAAC                            NC-86-3-172
DAVIS, JACOB                            NC-86-4-155
DAVIS, JESSE                            NC-86-6-41
DAVIS, JOHN                             NC-86-4-332
DAVIS, MATTHEW                          NC-86-4-209
DAVIS, ROBERT                           NC-86-4-264
DAVIS, SAMUEL L.                        NC-86-4-281
DAVIS, SQUIRE B.                        NC-86-3-108
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NC-86-6-264
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NC-86-4-324
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NC-86-6-184
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NC-86-3-58
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NC-86-3-152
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          NC-86-3-19
DEAN, KEZIAH                            NC-86-2-81
DENKINS, JOHN                           NC-86-4-217
DENNIS, JOHN S.                         NC-86-6-490
DENNISON, HUGH                          NC-86-2-94
DENNY, ALLEN                            NC-86-6-115
DENNY, JOEL                             NC-86-6-419
DENNY, MARY M.                          NC-86-6-355
DENNY, WILLIAM                          NC-86-6-342
DICKEN, ALBERT                          NC-86-6-258
DICKENS, ANDREW                         NC-86-6-510
DICKENS, DUDLY                          NC-86-5-63
DICKERSON, GRIFFITH                     NC-86-2-128
DIX, JAMES H.                           NC-86-6-422
DOBBINS, JACOB                          NC-86-3-28
DOBSON, H. H.                           NC-86-5-76
DOBSON, L. H.                           NC-86-6-107
DOBSON, POLLY                           NC-86-6-50
DONATHAN, JACOB                         NC-86-5-45
DOOLING, JOHN                           NC-86-3-27
DOSS, F. J.                             NC-86-6-337
DOSS, SARAH                             NC-86-6-134
DOUGLASS, ALEXANDER                     NC-86-3-77
DOUGLASS, THOMAS                        NC-86-4-157
DOWLIN, SUSANNAH                        NC-86-4-31
DOWLING, WILLIAM                        NC-86-4-18
DROUGHAN, WILLIAM                       NC-86-6-82
DUGAN, THOMAS                           NC-86-2-28
DUNAGAN, A.                             NC-86-6-310
DUNCAN, MARSHAL SR                      NC-86-1-73
DUNNAGAN, REUBIN                        NC-86-5-75
DUNNAGAN, TYRA                          NC-86-5-73
DUNNAHOE, HENRY                         NC-86-1-69
EADS, ANDREW L.                         NC-86-6-162
EADS, WILLIAM                           NC-86-6-287
EASLEY, WILLIAM                         NC-86-4-75
EATON, PETER                            NC-86-3-128
EDDLEMON, PETER                         NC-86-2-88
EDWARDS, ANN                            NC-86-3-146
EDWARDS, GIDEON                         NC-86-2-57
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        NC-86-5-62
ELDER, PETER                            NC-86-3-63
ELDRIDGE, J. B.                         NC-86-6-114
ELIOTT, WILLIAM                         NC-86-3-55
ELLIOTT, ANN                            NC-86-1-82
ELMORE, ATHA                            NC-86-3-150
ESTES, MARTHA                           NC-86-6-289
EVANS, NICHOLAS W                       NC-86-1-23
EVERTON, THOMAS                         NC-86-3-140
FANANDERS, MARY                         NC-86-3-140
FARR, BARNABAS                          NC-86-2-80
FENDER, CHRISTIAN                       NC-86-3-34
FENTRISS, WILLIAM                       NC-86-5-43
FIELDS, PATSY                           NC-86-4-297
FINNEY, JOSEPH                          NC-86-3-35
FISHER, THOMAS                          NC-86-1-121
FISHEUS, FREDERICK                      NC-86-1-3
FLEMING, JOHN                           NC-86-3-15
FLEMING, MORDECAI                       NC-86-6-373
FLETCHER, JOHN                          NC-86-3-54
FLINDRUN, MARY                          NC-86-6-366
FLIPPIN, JOSIAH                         NC-86-4-285
FLITCHER, JAMES                         NC-86-3-159
FOGLER, SAMUEL                          NC-86-1-131
FOOT, WILLIAM                           NC-86-4-98
FORKNER, DEBORAH                        NC-86-6-385
FORKNER, JAMES                          NC-86-5-33
FORKNER, JAMES A.                       NC-86-6-367
FORKNER, JOSEPH                         NC-86-4-105
FORKNER, WILLIAM                        NC-86-6-348
FORKNER, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-80
FORRESTER, JAMES                        NC-86-4-129
FORRESTER, THOMAS                       NC-86-1-89
FRANKLIN, BARNARD                       NC-86-4-10
FRANKLIN, CHARITY C.                    NC-86-6-234
FRANKLIN, JESSE                         NC-86-3-158
FRANKLIN, MEDIAN                        NC-86-5-56
FRANKLIN, MESHACK                       NC-86-4-161
FRANKLIN, MILDRED                       NC-86-4-200
FRANKLN, JAMES                          NC-86-3-138
FREEMAN, ALEXANDER                      NC-86-5-26
FREEMAN, S. A.                          NC-86-6-85
FREEMAN, SAMUEL                         NC-86-3-19
FREEMAN, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-48
FULK, JACOB                             NC-86-5-12
FULK, WILSON                            NC-86-6-441
FULPS, GEORGE                           NC-86-2-71
GALASPY, TYRE R.                        NC-86-6-9
GALLAWAY, A. B.                         NC-86-6-441
GALLAWAY, C. W.                         NC-86-6-194
GALLAWAY, R. R.                         NC-86-6-576
GALLION, JACOB                          NC-86-3-104
GALYEAN, BENNETT                        NC-86-6-357
GALYEAN, ELIZABETH                      NC-86-6-353
GALYEAN, JAMES C.                       NC-86-6-333
GALZEN, SAMUEL                          NC-86-6-149
GARDNER, DANIEL A.                      NC-86-6-277
GARDNER, JACOB                          NC-86-3-135
GARNER, WILLIAM                         NC-86-3-67
GENTRY, AGNES                           NC-86-3-162
GENTRY, JOSEPH                          NC-86-3-107
GENTRY, MILDRED                         NC-86-4-303
GENTRY, RICHARD                         NC-86-3-100
GENTRY, SHELTON                         NC-86-4-68
GERBER, MICHAEL                         NC-86-2-2
GILLASPIE, ELIJAH                       NC-86-5-55
GILLASPIE, ELIZABETH                    NC-86-6-35
GILLASPIE, JAMES                        NC-86-5-64
GILLASPIE, R. J.                        NC-86-6-61
GILLASPIE, WILSON                       NC-86-6-51
GILLINS, RICHARD                        NC-86-2-55
GILMEN, J. C.                           NC-86-6-118
GILMER, E. A. (MISS)                    NC-86-6-516
GILMER, ROBERT S.                       NC-86-6-573
GLAZEBROOKS, JAMES                      NC-86-3-118
GLEN, TYREL                             NC-86-1-36
GLENN, JAMES                            NC-86-1-154
GOLDING, ALGIAS                         NC-86-4-310
GOLDING, REUBEN                         NC-86-5-21
GOLDING, THOMAS                         NC-86-4-49
GOODE, THOMAS                           NC-86-2-93
GORDEN, THOMAS                          NC-86-3-58
GORDON, J. M.                           NC-86-6-432
GORDON, WILLIAM                         NC-86-6-58
GOUGH, CATHARINE ANN                    NC-86-4-205
GOUGH, JAMES                            NC-86-4-123
GRAVES, J. F.                           NC-86-6-404
GRAVES, JOSEPH                          NC-86-1-25
GRAVES, SOLOMON                         NC-86-5-57
GRAY, WILLIAM B.                        NC-86-4-106
GREENWOOD, JAMES                        NC-86-6-173
GREENWOOD, WILLIAM                      NC-86-6-53
GREGORY, THOMAS                         NC-86-3-39
GREIN, JAMES S.                         NC-86-6-369
GROCE, PETER                            NC-86-3-134
GROCE, SIMON                            NC-86-4-208
GROCE, SIMON                            NC-86-3-142
GROELER, JACOB                          NC-86-2-85
GROW, JACOB                             NC-86-4-01
GUGEN, A. C.                            NC-86-6-123
GUIN, JOSEPH                            NC-86-3-116
GUIN, SAMUEL                            NC-86-2-61
GUNN, JOHN                              NC-86-4-308
GUYER, C. H.                            NC-86-6-391
GWYN, R. R.                             NC-86-6-393
GWYN, RICHARD                           NC-86-6-159
HADLEY, BRIDGET                         NC-86-3-85
HADLEY, SIMON                           NC-86-3-57
HADLEY, SIMON                           NC-86-4-37
HADLEY, THOMAS                          NC-86-3-155
HALL, M. A.                             NC-86-6-370
HAMBLN, PETER                           NC-86-3-63
HAMPTON, COLLINS                        NC-86-3-65
HAMPTON, H. C.                          NC-86-6-511
HAMPTON, HENRY                          NC-86-4-40
HANCOCK, JOHN                           NC-86-6-445
HANNA, JOHN                             NC-86-3-13
HANNA, SAMUEL                           NC-86-3-17
HARRIS, ROBERT                          NC-86-3-93
HARRIS, ROBERT                          NC-86-3-120
HARRISON, JOEL                          NC-86-6-261
HARSHAW, WILLIAM                        NC-86-4-48
HAUN, B. MARGARET                       NC-86-2-91
HAUSER, JOHN                            NC-86-6-237
HAUSER, SAMUEL                          NC-86-6-169
HAYMOOR, JON                            NC-86-3-164
HAYMORE, HASTEN                         NC-86-6-533
HAYMORE, JARMON                         NC-86-6-460
HAYMORE, W. E.                          NC-86-6-566
HAYNES, WILLIAMS                        NC-86-4-122
HEAD, WILLIAM                           NC-86-4-164
HECKMAN, JOSEPH                         NC-86-4-8
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-86-4-80
HENDRICKSON, FREDERICK                  NC-86-4-60
HERRING, HARDEN                         NC-86-6-88
HERRING, HENRY                          NC-86-3-33
HERRING, MARY W.                        NC-86-5-17
HIATT, MARTIN P.                        NC-86-6-268
HICKS, JAMES                            NC-86-4-284
HIETT, JESSE                            NC-86-4-89
HILL, CHARLES W.                        NC-86-6-211
HILL, JAMES M.                          NC-86-6-339
HILL, JOEL                              NC-86-6-192
HILL, NOAH                              NC-86-6-262
HILL, RICHARD                           NC-86-4-243
HILL, ROBERT                            NC-86-6-408
HILL, SUSAN R.                          NC-86-6-222
HILL, THOMAS                            NC-86-3-165
HILL, WILLIAM                           NC-86-2-73
HILL, WILLIAM                           NC-86-4-143
HILL, ZEPHANIAH                         NC-86-4-142
HINSHAW, JACOB                          NC-86-3-98
HOBSON, STEPHEN                         NC-86-3-60
HODGES, BARTHOLOMEW                     NC-86-4-39
HODGES, DRURY                           NC-86-6-402
HODGES, JOHN                            NC-86-6-354
HODGES, JOSEPH                          NC-86-4-181
HODGES, MATILDA                         NC-86-6-223
HODGES, THOMAS R.                       NC-86-5-70
HOLBROOK, ROBERT                        NC-86-3-171
HOLCOMB, GEORGE D.                      NC-86-4-231
HOLCOMB, JOHN                           NC-86-4-316
HOLCOMB, LAUNANEE                       NC-86-3-176
HOLCOMB, LEROY                          NC-86-3-146
HOLCOMB, THOMAS                         NC-86-3-82
HOLCOME, JOHN                           NC-86-1-144
HOLDER, D. M.                           NC-86-6-494
HOLDYFIELD, VOLENTINE                   NC-86-3-145
HOLLINSWORTH, ELIZABETH                 NC-86-5-72
HOLLINSWORTH, JAMES                     NC-86-6-252
HOLLINSWORTH, WILLIAM R.                NC-86-6-583
HOLLINSWORTH, WILLIAM R. SR.            NC-86-6-207
HOLYFIELD, NELLY                        NC-86-5-98
HOLYFIELD, PERLINA                      NC-86-6-94
HOLYFIELD, WILLIAM                      NC-86-4-256
HOOTS, DANIEL                           NC-86-4-215
HOOTS, JACOB                            NC-86-3-45
HOPPES, GEORGE                          NC-86-3-39
HORN, THOMAS                            NC-86-3-43
HOUSER, JOHN                            NC-86-2-21
HOUSER, MICHAEL                         NC-86-2-86
HOWARD, JESSE                           NC-86-4-102
HOWARD, PHILIP                          NC-86-3-92
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         NC-86-1-153
HOWELL, JAMES                           NC-86-4-262
HOWELL, THOMAS                          NC-86-2-3
HUDSON, HALL                            NC-86-3-30
HUDSPEATH, JOHN                         NC-86-1-142
HUDSPETH, BENJAMIN                      NC-86-3-8
HUDSPETH, CARTER                        NC-86-4-64
HUDSPETH, ELIZABTH                      NC-86-3-56
HUDSPETH, GILES                         NC-86-3-25
HUDSPETH, RALPH                         NC-86-1-84
HUDSPETH, WILLIAM                       NC-86-1-103
HUMPHREYS, SAMUEL                       NC-86-3-40
HUNT, DANIEL                            NC-86-4-116
HUNT, DAVID                             NC-86-4-16
HURT, DICY                              NC-86-6-199
HUTCHENS, BENJAMIN                      NC-86-3-5
HUTCHENS, BENJAMIN                      NC-86-4-23
HUTCHENS, JOHN                          NC-86-3-162
HUTCHENS, SUSANNA                       NC-86-3-76
HUTCHENS, THOMAS                        NC-86-3-51
HUTCHINS, JOSIAH                        NC-86-4-240
HUTCHINS, STRANGEMAN                    NC-86-4-95
INMAN, HENRY                            NC-86-6-243
INMAN, LUCY                             NC-86-6-226
INMAN, MORRIS                           NC-86-5-97
JACKS, RICHARD                          NC-86-4-38
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         NC-86-3-117
JACKSON, NATHAN                         NC-86-5-4
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NC-86-5-5
JALLES, ROWLER SR.                      NC-86-4-32
JARVICE, STEPHEN                        NC-86-4-9
JARVIS, DANIEL                          NC-86-4-24
JARVIS, JAMES                           NC-86-4-183
JARVIS, JOHN                            NC-86-5-49
JAYNE, NATHANIEL                        NC-86-3-11
JEFFREY, WILLIAM                        NC-86-4-35
JENKINS, MORNING                        NC-86-4-292
JENKINS, W. A.                          NC-86-6-472
JESSOP, JOSEPH                          NC-86-3-22
JESSOP, PRISCILLA                       NC-86-3-137
JESSUP, ELI                             NC-86-6-15
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       NC-86-4-33
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       NC-86-4-201
JOHNSON, ENOCH                          NC-86-6-431
JOHNSON, JIMIMA                         NC-86-4-132
JOHNSON, MARY H.                        NC-86-6-151
JOHNSON, PHIILP                         NC-86-5-95
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NC-86-6-1
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-148
JOHNSON, WRIGHT                         NC-86-5-86
JOINER, DAVID                           NC-86-4-137
JONES, ABRAHAM                          NC-86-1-69
JONES, AMBROSE                          NC-86-6-153
JONES, JAMES                            NC-86-3-114
JONES, JAMES                            NC-86-3-6
JONES, JOHN (REV.)                      NC-86-6-75
JONES, LEVI                             NC-86-3-109
JONES, MARY                             NC-86-4-50
JONES, RUSSEL R.                        NC-86-5-42
JONES, SILAS                            NC-86-4-227
JOYNER, JOHN                            NC-86-3-50
KANNEDY, AARON                          NC-86-4-228
KEETOR, JESSEE                          NC-86-3-160
KELLY, ELIZABETH                        NC-86-5-25
KELLY, WILLIAM D.                       NC-86-4-328
KEMBROUGH, GEORGE                       NC-86-4-251
KENNEDY, JOHN                           NC-86-3-31
KERR, ABRAHAM                           NC-86-4-212
KERR, ABRAHAM                           NC-86-4-222
KERR, HENRY                             NC-86-6-257
KEY, ACHILELS                           NC-86-4-67
KEY, NANCY                              NC-86-5-90
KEY, R. R.                              NC-86-6-454
KEY, RICE                               NC-86-4-44
KEYS, JOSEPH SR.                        NC-86-3-86
KIDD, BENJAMIN                          NC-86-4-267
KIDD, C. L.                             NC-86-6-505
KIMBROUGH, GEORGE                       NC-86-3-155
KYLE, JEMIMA                            NC-86-5-51
LADD, NOBLE                             NC-86-1-172
LAFFOON, MATTHEW                        NC-86-4-293
LANE, WILLIAM                           NC-86-3-4
LANIER, ROBERT                          NC-86-2-67
LANIER, THOMAS                          NC-86-3- 42
LANKFORD, JAMES                         NC-86-1-90
LASH, GEORGE                            NC-86-3-144
LESTER, MARY                            NC-86-4-13
LEWIS, A. G.                            NC-86-6-11
LEWIS, CINDA                            NC-86-4-187
LEWIS, STEPHEN                          NC-86-3-61
LIMBACH, ROSANA S.                      NC-86-6-474
LINDSEY, LABON                          NC-86-4-169
LINVILL, DAVID                          NC-86-2-72
LIVERTON, DANIEL                        NC-86-3-161
LIVERTON, JANE                          NC-86-4-29
LOGAN, HUGH                             NC-86-3-127
LOGAN, PATRICK                          NC-86-2-168
LONDON, AMOS                            NC-86-3-77
LONG, GEORGE                            NC-86-3-66
LONG, ISREAL                            NC-86-3-152
LONGINO, JOHN THOMAS                    NC-86-3-24
LOVE, DANIEL                            NC-86-6-131, 136
LOVE, WILLIAM A.                        NC-86-5-61
LOVELL, HESTER E.                       NC-86-5-6
LYNCH, JOHN                             NC-86-3-38
LYONS, JAMES                            NC-86-6-194
MACKIE, WILLIAM                         NC-86-4-334
MANKINS, JAMES                          NC-86-6-17
MARION, ADAM                            NC-86-6-327
MARION, CHRISTINA                       NC-86-6-346
MARION, JEREMIAH                        NC-86-6-363
MARION, WILLIAM                         NC-86-6-186
MARSH, JOHN                             NC-86-3-90
MARSH, WILLIAM                          NC-86-5-18
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                        NC-86-3-68
MARTIN, JOHN                            NC-86-4-221
MARTIN, OBEDIAH                         NC-86-3-168
MARTIN, THOMAS                          NC-86-6-3
MARTINE, JOHN                           NC-86-4-103
MASTERS, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-11
MAY, JOHN J.                            NC-86-6-492
MCBRIDE, DANIEL                         NC-86-3-151
MCBRIDE, ED                             NC-86-6-525
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           NC-86-4-141, 155
MCBRIDE JOHN                            NC-86-4-63
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-133
MCCARROLL, NATHANIEL                    NC-86-1-137
MCCORMICK, PETER                        NC-86-6-232
MCCRAW, ADAM G.                         NC-86-4-331
MCCRAW, BENJAMIN                        NC-86-3-107
MCCRAW, FRANCIS M.                      NC-86-6-436
MCCRAW, JACOB                           NC-86-3-114
MCCRAW, JACOB W.                        NC-86-6-180
MCDANIEL, H. P.                         NC-86-6-268
MCDANIEL, HENRY                         NC-86-3-166
MCKINNEY, G. E.                         NC-86-6-346
MCKINNEY, JAMES                         NC-86-3-161
MCLIMORE, EPHRAIM                       NC-86-3-31
MCMICKLE, CINCLARE                      NC-86-5-19
MCMICKLE, JOHN                          NC-86-3-75
MCMICKLE, MARY                          NC-86-5-94
MCMICLE, JOHN J.                        NC-86-6-450
MEIRS, THOMAS                           NC-86-3-34
MELTON, AMON                            NC-86-6-113
MELTON, DAVID                           NC-86-2-74
MERIDITH, JAMES                         NC-86-2-165
MERIDITH, MILDRED                       NC-86-3-21
MESSICK, GEORGE                         NC-86-4-248
MIDKIFF, JOHN                           NC-86-6-398
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       NC-86-3-18
MILLER, FRANCIS                         NC-86-6-462
MILLER, JOHN                            NC-86-3-33
MILLER, THOMAS                          NC-86-3-112
MOORE, EDWARD                           NC-86-3-173
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        NC-86-5-53
MOORE, JOHN SR.                         NC-86-6-63
MOORE, THOMAS                           NC-86-6-296
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NC-86-5-2
MOORES, HARDIN F.                       NC-86-6-447
MORBEY, WILLIAM                         NC-86-4-12
MORELAND, JOSEPH                        NC-86-3-137
MORTON, PATRICK                         NC-86-3-117
MOSELY, WEST                            NC-86-3-149
MOSER, ISRAEL                           NC-86-6-470
MOSER, PENOARD                          NC-86-1-166
MOSLEY, HENRY                           NC-86-5-91
MOSLEY, SAMUEL                          NC-86-2-75
MOSS, THOMAS                            NC-86-4-13
MULLICE, GEORGE                         NC-86-4-47
MUNDES, WILLIAM                         NC-86-3-73
MURPHY, JOSEPH                          NC-86-3-121
NATION, THOMAS                          NC-86-5-78
NATIONS, JOHN H.                        NC-86-6-485
NAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        NC-86-4-306
NEEDHAM, JAMES H.                       NC-86-6-523
NELSON, SOLOMON                         NC-86-2-66
NICHOLS, JOHN                           NC-86-6-382
NICHOLSON, MICAJAH                      NC-86-6-213
NIXON, JANE                             NC-86-5-24
NIXON, NATHAN                           NC-86-6-336
NIXON, W. P.                            NC-86-6-468
NOBLET, JOHN                            NC-86-3-2
NORMAN, HENRY                           NC-86-3-87
NORMAN, ISAAC                           NC-86-6-374
NORMAN, JOSEPH                          NC-86-5-1
NORMAN, MARTHA                          NC-86-6-521
NORMAN, MARY                            NC-86-6-491
NORTH, JOHN                             NC-86-4-50
NUTT, R. T. SR.                         NC-86-6-406
OGLESBY, MICAJAH SR.                    NC-86-4-31
OWEN, MURPHY                            NC-86-6-529
OWEN, SIR PAYTON                        NC-86-6-429
PACE, REUBEN                            NC-86-4-256
PADGETT, EPHRAIM                        NC-86-3-167
PANIEL, BENJAMIN                        NC-86-1-122
PARKER, JONATHAN                        NC-86-3-87
PATTERSON, ELIZABETH A.                 NC-86-6-375
PATTERSON, J. R.                        NC-86-6-352
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      NC-86-3-132
PAYNE, MARTIN                           NC-86-6-371
PELL, WILLIAM                           NC-86-6-311
PERKINS, ISAAC                          NC-86-6-189
PERKINS, JAMES W.                       NC-86-6-359
PERKINS, THOMAS                         NC-86-3-138
PERRY, JOHN                             NC-86-4-203
PERSON, JOHN                            NC-86-3-49
PERSONS, RICHARD                        NC-86-3-146
PETTIT, BENJAMIN                        NC-86-2-65
PETTIT, THOMAS                          NC-86-2-87
PETTIT, THOMAS                          NC-86-2-64
PHILIPS, ABNER                          NC-86-3-103
PHILIPS, EPHRAIM                        NC-86-3-177
PHILIPS, JOHN S.                        NC-86-4-226
PHILIPS, PHILIP                         NC-86-4-15
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-170
PHILLIPS, BENNETT                       NC-86-1-81
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH                        NC-86-5-77
PHILLIPS, R. P.                         NC-86-6-427
PHILLIPS, RICHARD                       NC-86-4-73
PILCHER, DANIEL                         NC-86-4-30
PILSON, R. T.                           NC-86-6-487
POEMS, OVERTON                          NC-86-4-147
POINDEXTER, FRANCIS A.                  NC-86-4-220
POWEL, JOHN                             NC-86-3-136
PRATHER, CHARITY                        NC-86-6-466
PRATHER, F. F.                          NC-86-6-308
PRATHER, M. R.                          NC-86-6-413
PRESONETT, JOHN                         NC-86-3-109
PRUETT, BURRELL H                       NC-86-3-110
RAINWATER, JOHN                         NC-86-1-72
RAMY, JOSEPH                            NC-86-5-30
RANDOLPH, WILLIAM                       NC-86-4-283
RAY, C. W.                              NC-86-6-360
RAYNARD, JAMES                          NC-86-4-158
REAVIS, JOSEPH                          NC-86-3-64
REECE, ABRAHAM                          NC-86-3-154
REECE, DANIEL                           NC-86-3-153
REECE, JOEL                             NC-86-3-123
REEVES, J. E.                           NC-86-5-81
REEVES, JAMES S.                        NC-86-6-388
REEVES, MICAJAH                         NC-86-4-290
REID, PUSTON                            NC-86-6-386
RENEGAR, GEORGE                         NC-86-3-14
REYNOLDS, JONAS                         NC-86-3-101
RHODES, HEZEKIAH                        NC-86-4-87
RICHARDSON, NANCY                       NC-86-6-275
RIGGS, LOTT                             NC-86-3-106
RIGGS, MARY J.                          NC-86-6-227
RIGGS, SAMUEL                           NC-86-3-36
RING, LEOPOLD                           NC-86-6-158
RING, WILLIAM J.                        NC-86-6-531
ROBERSON, GEORGE                        NC-86-2-63
ROBERSON, JOHN                          NC-86-4-111
ROBERTS, JAMES                          NC-86-4-71
ROBERTS, JONATHAN                       NC-86-5-9
ROBERTS, LOGAN D.                       NC-86-6-239
ROBERTS, MARY                           NC-86-5-84
ROBERTS, PLEASANT B.                    NC-86-5-15
ROBERTS, S. W.                          NC-86-6-562
ROBERTS, SUSANAH                        NC-86-4-46
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        NC-86-1-83
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       NC-86-3-91
ROBY, ABSALOM                           NC-86-5-23
ROMINGER, DAVID                         NC-86-1-71
ROUGHTON, JOSIAH                        NC-86-4-135
ROYAL, HENRY                            NC-86-4-27
ROYAL, WILLIAM                          NC-86-3-169
ROYALL, JOHN                            NC-86-3-95
RUTLEDGE, ENOS                          NC-86-4-91
RUTLEDGE, WILLIAM                       NC-86-4-253
SAMUL, THORNTON P.                      NC-86-6-229
SANDEFUR, J. B.                         NC-86-6-295
SANDERS, R. T.                          NC-86-6-416
SATER, ISAAK                            NC-86-4-48
SATER, JOHN                             NC-86-3-145
SCHAUB, THOMAS                          NC-86-6-91
SCOTT, ANN R.                           NC-86-4-82
SCOTT, B. F.                            NC-86-6-42
SCOTT, GARRET                           NC-86-5-66
SCOTT, HENRY                            NC-86-6-344
SCOTT, LEONARD                          NC-86-6-285
SCRITCHFIELD, MARY                      NC-86-6-288
SCUDDER, MOSES                          NC-86-3-131
SEAGROVE, JOHN                          NC-86-4-49
SEIDEL, NATHANIEL                       NC-86-1-173
SESSIONS, ISAAC                         NC-86-3-9
SETLIFF, F. R.                          NC-86-6-376
SHALTON, JOHN                           NC-86-6-398
SHELTON, EDWARD                         NC-86-2-23
SHELTON, WILLIAM                        NC-86-2-61
SHEPPERD, JACOB                         NC-86-3-83
SHEPPERD, JAMES SR.                     NC-86-1-150
SHERMAN, PETER                          NC-86-3-14
SHERMON, MARGARET                       NC-86-3-30
SHIN, LEVI                              NC-86-4-130
SHINAULT, D. M.                         NC-86-6-273
SHOEMAKER, ADAM                         NC-86-2-70
SHORE, FREDERICK                        NC-86-1-17
SHORES, FREDERICK                       NC-86-3-135
SHORES, JACOB                           NC-86-3-141
SHORES, JOHN                            NC-86-4-17
SHORE,S SUSANNA                         NC-86-3-74
SIMMONS, BENJAMIN                       NC-86-4-118
SIMMONS, JONAS                          NC-86-6-156
SIMMONS, PRESTON                        NC-86-6-414
SIMMONS, WILLIAM                        NC-86-6-293
SIMPSON, JAMES                          NC-86-6-314
SIMS, MATTHEW                           NC-86-3-24
SKIDMORE, HENRY                         NC-86-1-32
SMALLWOOD, ELIJAH                       NC-86-3-96
SMITH, ALFRED                           NC-86-6-6
SMITH, BENNETT                          NC-86-3-119
SMITH, CATLET                           NC-86-4-302
SMITH, JACOB                            NC-86-4-16
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NC-86-2-4
SMITH, MALARY                           NC-86-4-149
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NC-86-3-136
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NC-86-1-145
SNOW, A. L.                             NC-86-6-443
SNOW, BYRD                              NC-86-5-76
SNOW, FIELDING                          NC-86-4-8
SNOW, FROST                             NC-86-4-325
SNOW, ICE                               NC-86-6-396
SNOW, SARAH                             NC-86-4-323
SOUTHARD, HENRY                         NC-86-3-104
SOUTHARD, ISAAC                         NC-86-3-2
SPARGER, MURLIN                         NC-86-6-100
SPARKS, GEORGE SR.                      NC-86-4-191
SPARKS, MATTHEW                         NC-86-3-140
SPARKS, SAMUEL                          NC-86-3-99
SPARKS, WILLIAM                         NC-86-3-52
SPEER, AARON                            NC-86-3-122
SPEER, JACOB                            NC-86-3-48
SPEER, JACOB JR.                        NC-86-3-20
SPEER, THOMAS                           NC-86-3-26
SPENCE, JOHN                            NC-86-4-164
SPOONHOUR, HENRY                        NC-86-2-81
SPOONHOUR, WARNER                       NC-86-2-76
SPRINKLE, STACY                         NC-86-4-127
STAFFORD, JAMES                         NC-86-6-67
STANLEY, ARCHILUS                       NC-86-3-82
STANLEY, JOHN                           NC-86-3-18
STANLY, ALFRED                          NC-86-4-199
STANLY, J. E.                           NC-86-6-458
STANLY, SUSAN                           NC-86-6-405
STANNY, ALEXANDER                       NC-86-6-364
STEELMAN, GEORGE                        NC-86-3-37
STEELMAN, MATHIAS                       NC-86-3-12
STEELMON, CHARLES                       NC-86-4-243
STEWART, LYDIA                          NC-86-1-121
STOLTZ, DANIEL                          NC-86-6-250
STOLTZ, SALLY                           NC-86-6-514
STONE, ABRAHAM                          NC-86-4-249
STONE, AUGSUTUS                         NC-86-6-341
STONE, ELLEN M.                         NC-86-6-527
STONE, LUCY A.                          NC-86-6-434
STONE, W. A.                            NC-86-6-290
STONE, WILLIAM                          NC-86-3-147
STONE, WILLIAM                          NC-86-5-36
STREET, JOHN                            NC-86-2-90
STRICKLAND, M. W.                       NC-86-6-556
STROUB, L. H.                           NC-86-5-69
STUDARD, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-94
SUMMERS, JOHN                           NC-86-3-94
SUMMERS, JOHN                           NC-86-3-83
SUMMERS, ROBERT                         NC-86-2-62
SWAIN, MICHAEL SR.                      NC-86-4-172
SWEATT, EDWARD                          NC-86-3-102
TALBERT, JAMES                          NC-86-4-107
TALIFAIRO, CHARLES                      NC-86-4-152
TALIFAIRO, DIANNAH                      NC-86-4-261
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN SR.                    NC-86-5-3
TAYLOR, JOHN A.                         NC-86-6-255
TAYLOR, MAJOR                           NC-86-6-568
TAYLOR, SAMUEL H.                       NC-86-6-361
TAYLOR, STARLING                        NC-86-6-4
TEAGUE, WILLIAM                         NC-86-6-306
TERRY, THOMAS                           NC-86-3-111
THOMAS, DAVID                           NC-86-2-30
THOMPSON, A. J.                         NC-86-6-335
THOMPSON, C. H.                         NC-86-5-34
THOMPSON, JAMES SR.                     NC-86-4-265
THOMPSON, JESE                          NC-86-2-36
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NC-86-2-65
THOMPSON, JOSEPH SR.                    NC-86-4-322
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        NC-86-3-7
TICKLE, SOLOMON                         NC-86-6-281
TILLY, HENRY                            NC-86-3-1
TRUETT, SAMUEL                          NC-86-3-42
TUCKER, BRANCH                          NC-86-4-42
TUCKER, DAVID                           NC-86-5-65
TUCKER, DAVID                           NC-86-6-135
TUCKER, FRANCIS                         NC-86-5-89
TUCKER, JOSHUA                          NC-86-6-489
TUCKER, THOMAS B.                       NC-86-5-68
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         NC-86-3-166
TULBRT, JOSHUA                          NC-86-3-174
TURNER, ELIAS                           NC-86-2-59
TURNER, ROGER                           NC-86-1-121
UNDERWOOD, JOHN                         NC-86-3-17
UPTEGROVE, ISAAC                        NC-86-3-130
VANCE, SAMUEL                           NC-86-2-89
VANDERMARK, JACOBUS                     NC-86-1-13
VANDERPOOL, ABRAHAM                     NC-86-3-17
VARNALL, RICHARD                        NC-86-1-143
VAUGHAN, URIAH                          NC-86-6-316
VENABLE, JESSE                          NC-86-6-166
VENABLE, WILLIAM                        NC-86-3-157
VESTAL, JAMES                           NC-86-3-10
WADDLE, HENRY                           NC-86-4-198
WADE, ANDREW                            NC-86-4-144
WAGGONER, ADAM                          NC-86-4-304
WAGGONER, JOHN                          NC-86-4-311
WAGGONER, PHILIP                        NC-86-1-161
WALKER, ERASMUS                         NC-86-6-80
WALKER, ROBERT                          NC-86-2-68
WALKER, SAMUEL                          NC-86-5-39
WALKER, WARREN                          NC-86-1-144
WALKER, WILLIAM                         NC-86-6-144
WALL, ABRAHAM                           NC-86-3-79
WALLER, HENRY                           NC-86-2-11
WALTERS, RICHARD                        NC-86-6-172
WARD, CHARLES                           NC-86-1-140
WARD, ROBERT                            NC-86-1-104
WATTS, PHEBE                            NC-86-6-241
WAUGH, H. M.                            NC-86-6-177
WEATHERMAN, CHRISTIAN                   NC-86-3-46
WELLS, JAMES                            NC-86-3-96
WELLS, MILES                            NC-86-4-298
WHEELBOCK, JOHN                         NC-86-4-61
WHITAKE, AARON                          NC-86-6-343
WHITAKER, AARON                         NC-86-6-111
WHITAKER, ABRAHAM                       NC-86-6-313
WHITAKER, NANCY                         NC-86-6-267
WHITAKER, WILLIAM                       NC-86-6-482
WHITE, RILEY                            NC-86-6-5
WHITEHID, AUGUSTIAN                     NC-86-3-156
WHITIKER, WILLIAM                       NC-86-3-164
WHITLOCK, CHARLES                       NC-86-6-214
WHITTICOR, THOMAS                       NC-86-2-79
WHITTINGTON, MARY                       NC-86-6-395
WICKER, JAMES                           NC-86-6-304
WILBORN, RICHARD                        NC-86-4-276
WILBOURN, EDWARD                        NC-86-3-71
WILCOXEN, THOMAS L.                     NC-86-6-377
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                      NC-86-6-200
WILLIAMS, JESSE                         NC-86-6-20
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NC-86-3-132
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NC-86-3-29
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NC-86-4-1
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NC-86-4-173
WILLIAMS, LEWIS                         NC-86-4-193
WILLIAMS, NANCY                         NC-86-6-209
WILLIAMS, REBECCA                       NC-86-4-43
WILLIAMS, T. J. SR.                     NC-86-6-380
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NC-86-4-28
WILMOTH, T. S.                          NC-86-6-297
WINDSOR, DANIEL                         NC-86-4-223
WINDSOR, ISAAC                          NC-86-3-149
WINFREY, ISAAC                          NC-86-3-149
WITCHER, EPHRAIM                        NC-86-3-145
WITHERMAN, CHRISTIAN                    NC-86-4-288
WOLFE, W. H.                            NC-86-6-475
WOLFF, WILLIAM                          NC-86-6-71
WOOD, H. B.                             NC-86-6-409
WOOD, HENRY J.                          NC-86-6-182
WOODROFFE, THOMAS                       NC-86-6-541
WOODRUFF, GIDEON                        NC-86-3-147
WOODRUFF, JOHN                          NC-86-3-103
WOODRUFF, MOSES                         NC-86-3-130
WOODRUFF, W. B.                         NC-86-6-389
WOOTEN, RICHARD                         NC-86-3-85
WOOTEN, THOMAS                          NC-86-3-21
WOOTON, JEREMIAH                        NC-86-5-29
WORTH, JOB                              NC-86-6-105
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NC-86-2-160
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NC-86-4-175
YORK, C. E.                             NC-86-6-397
YORK, NANCY                             NC-86-3-145
YOUNG, EDWARD                           NC-86-3-3
ZINNS, MARGARETHA                       NC-86-1-22

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