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ABERNATHY, H. CLAY                     NC-55-9-471
ABERNETHY, ALFRED                      NC-55-8-479
ABERNETHY, D. E.                       NC-55-10-420
ABERNETHY, D. F.                       NC-55-5-421
ABERNETHY, ELLA                        NC-55-8-458
ABERNETHY, G. D.                       NC-55-4-357
ABERNETHY, HETTIE                      NC-55-10-238
ABERNETHY, J. A. SR.                   NC-55-8-462
ABERNETHY, JAMES                       NC-55-1-151
ABERNETHY, LESTER                      NC-55-10-379
ABERNETHY, MILES D.                    NC-55-3-97
ABERNETHY, THOMAS F.                   NC-55-11-138
ABERNETHY, TURNER                      NC-55-3-26
ABERNETHY, WILLIAM                     NC-55-2-341
ADAMS, MARY                            NC-55-1-139
ADAMS, SAMUEL                          NC-55-1-182
ADERHOLDT, JACOB                       NC-55-4-170
ADERHOLDT, M. B.                       NC-55-9-581
AKER, SALLIE                           NC-55-1-329
ALEXANDER, A. U.                       NC-55-4-527
ALEXANDER, JAMES T.                    NC-55-3-89
ALEXANDER, MARY W.                     NC-55-4-323
ALLEN,E LIZABETH                       NC-55-2-287
ALLISON, ANTHONY                       NC-55-1-203
ALLISON, ROBERT A.                     NC-55-1-213
ANDERSON, JOHN H.                      NC-55-9-585
ANGEL, JOSIAH                          NC-55-2-142
ANGLE, JOHN P.                         NC-55-10-290
ANTHONY, ANDERSON SR.                  NC-55-5-489
ANTHONY, GEORGE                        NC-55-2-290
ANTHONY, J. W.                         NC-55-9-495
ANTHONY, JOHN P.                       NC-55-4-402
ANTHONY, N. L.                         NC-55-11-39
ANTHONY, PAUL                          NC-55-1-175
ANTHONY, PHILIP                        NC-55-1-86
ARENT, RACHAEL                         NC-55-6-124
ARLICK, MAXWELL                        NC-55-4-533
ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE                   NC-55-8-292
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES B.                  NC-55-10-409
ARMSTRONG, CHARLES M.                  NC-55-11-7
ARMSTRONG, J. MATH                     NC-55-8-144
ARMSTRONG, MARY M.                     NC-55-4-569
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM B.                  NC-55-4-186
ARNEY, CHRISTY                         NC-55-1-319
ARROWOOD, LUTHER C.                    NC-55-9-390
ASBURY, DANIEL                         NC-55-1-21
ASBURY, HENRY                          NC-55-4-118
ASBURY, J. R.                          NC-55-5-87
ASBURY, R. P.                          NC-55-9-535
ASHE, MASON                            NC-55-6-11
ATWATER, ADA SMITH                     NC-55-9-451
AUTREY, W. R.                          NC-55-10-91
AVERY, JOHN G.                         NC-55-9-558
AVERY, JOHNR.                          NC-55-9-357
AVERY, LANDER                          NC-55-10-454
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        NC-55-2-265
BAKER, E. C.                           NC-55-8-212
BAKER, LEVI                            NC-55-5-227
BAKER, WILLIAM L.                      NC-55-8-456
BALLAD, D. V.                          NC-55-10-166
BALLARD, E. T.                         NC-55-10-147
BALLARD, H. H.                         NC-55-9-198
BALLARD, JAMES                         NC-55-1-114
BALLARD, JAMES M.                      NC-55-10-439
BALLARD, JOHN H.                       NC-55-6-165
BALLARD, LEE ANNIE                     NC-55-10-149
BALLARD, M. ANNIE                      NC-55-5-290
BALLARD, R. H.                         NC-55-8-122
BALLARD, ZIPPORAH                      NC-55-8-404
BANDY, CHRISTENA                       NC-55-1-193
BANDY, H. M.                           NC-55-4-308
BANGLE, JOHN H.                        NC-55-10-77
BARBER, SARAH                          NC-55-1-188
BARKER, FRANKLIN WAYNE                 NC-55-11-126
BARKLEY, GEORGE A.                     NC-55-10-353
BARKLEY, J. A. C.                      NC-55-6-26
BARKLEY, J. V.                         NC-55-9-173
BARNES, F. M.                          NC-55-5-407
BARNETT, A. F.                         NC-55-4-409
BARNETT, ABSOLOM                       NC-55-4-107
BARNETT, JOSEPH                        NC-55-5-145
BARNETT, THOMAS                        NC-55-4-306
BARR, JAMES S.                         NC-55-4-90
BARR, SUSAN E.                         NC-55-7-173
BARRY, ANDREW                          NC-55-2-18
BARTLETT, A. J.                        NC-55-11-112
BASS, N. S.                            NC-55-6-355
BAXTER, MAGGIE PEARL                   NC-55-10-76
BAXTER, MINNIE LEE                     NC-55-10-413
BAXTER, P. F.                          NC-55-5-50
BBURTON, FRANCIS C.                    NC-55-5-27
BEAL, A. A.                            NC-55-10-229
BEAL, A. G.                            NC-55-11-86
BEAL, C. L.                            NC-55-10-361
BEAL, CHARLES                          NC-55-4-436
BEAL, DORUS F.                         NC-55-11-140
BEAL, EARL ALONZO                      NC-55-11-94
BEAL, JUNE                             NC-55-10-278
BEAL, PETER S.                         NC-55-5-130
BEAL, R. F.                            NC-55-9-39
BEAL, S. K.                            NC-55-10-342
BEAM, A. A.                            NC-55-10-206
BEAM, ADLPHOUS LORENZO                 NC-55-9-482
BEAM, BUNA HALL                        NC-55-11-37
BEAM, C. FLOYD                         NC-55-11-26
BEAM, CHARLES WILLIAM                  NC-55-8-97
BEAM, CONE                             NC-55-9-352
BEAM, DAVID SR.                        NC-55-1-382
BEAM, G. L.                            NC-55-9-563
BEAM, J. FRANK                         NC-55-10-83
BEAM, J. L.                            NC-55-9-105
BEAM, J. L.                            NC-55-5-390
BEAM, JACOB M.                         NC-55-4-507
BEAM, JOHN SR.                         NC-55-4-68
BEAM, JOSHUA                           NC-55-4-6
BEAM, LOLA HOYLE                       NC-55-9-569
BEAM, SALLIE E.                        NC-55-9-190
BEAM, T. F.                            NC-55-10-259
BEAM, W. R.                            NC-55-6-520
BEATTIE, C. C.                         NC-55-7-65
BEATTIE, J. W.                         NC-55-8-474
BEATTIE, MARY ANN                      NC-55-6-234
BEATTY, ED                             NC-55-5-261
BEATTY, FRANCIS                        NC-55-1-194
BEATTY, ISABELLA                       NC-55-2-160
BEATTY, THOMAS                         NC-55-1-233
BEATTY, THOMAS                         NC-55-1-233
BEAVER, RUFUS L.                       NC-55-9-257
BECK, GOLDIE M.                        NC-55-9-288
BECK, WALTER C.                        NC-55-10-428
BELL, JANE A.                          NC-55-1-370
BELL, ROBERT MC.                       NC-55-3-72
BELL, THOMAS                           NC-55-1-190
BENEDICT, J.                           NC-55-5-253
BENGAL, HENRY                          NC-55-1-123
BENICK, HENRY                          NC-55-3-57
BENNETT, STANLEY W.                    NC-55-8-328
BERRY, JOHN                            NC-55-1-283
BERRY, ROBERT                          NC-55-1-346
BERRY, WILLIAM G.                      NC-55-1-328
BESS, BOSTON                           NC-55-4-44
BESS, GRADY LEE                        NC-55-7-4
BESS, HIRAM                            NC-55-2-284
BESS, J. C.                            NC-55-8-134
BESS, LAWSON                           NC-55-5-198
BES,S P. B.                            NC-55-5-449
BESS, PETER                            NC-55-5-134
BESS, PETER                            NC-55-1-249
BESS, SARAH                            NC-55-6-231
BESS, T. O.                            NC-55-8-91
BESS, WILLIAM CONE                     NC-55-10-227
BINGHAM, ELLIS C.                      NC-55-10-432
BIRD, PRINCE                           NC-55-1-363
BISANER, CATHERINE                     NC-55-2-327
BISANER, JOHNH.                        NC-55-2-289
BIVENS, JOHN B.                        NC-55-9-497
BIVENS, LAURA I.                       NC-55-8-468
BLACK, EPHRIAM                         NC-55-2-184
BLACK, JOSEPH                          NC-55-7-68
BLACK, L.D.                            NC-55-5-292
BLACK, MARY E.                         NC-55-9-550
BLACK, THOMAS P.                       NC-55-4-100
BLACK, W. T.                           NC-55-9-371
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH R.                   NC-55-5-196
BLACKBURN, MARTHA F.                   NC-55-5-162
BLACKBURN, MIRA E.                     NC-55-6-177
BLACKBURN, ROBERT                      NC-55-4-212
BLACKBURN, S. P. P.                    NC-55-9-196
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                     NC-55-4-253
BLACKWOOD, SAMUEL                      NC-55-1-250
BLANTON, ENOCH                         NC-55-9-291
BLANTON, L. H.                         NC-55-9-398
BOGER, JOHN E.                         NC-55-5-108
BOGER, ROEBRT C.                       NC-55-11-130
BOGGS, DAVID                           NC-55-2-145
BOGGS, JAY SHUFORD                     NC-55-11-25
BOGGS, WILLIAM                         NC-55-2-154
BOLICK, JACOB                          NC-55-1-30
BOLLINGER, J. D. M.                    NC-55-4-154
BOOVEY, MATTHIAS                       NC-55-1-139
BOYD, ROBERT                           NC-55-1-357
BOYLES, DAVID F.                       NC-55-8-179
BOYLES, F. A.                          NC-55-7-60
BOYLES, JOSEPH                         NC-55-5-526
BOYLES, M. A.                          NC-55-5-436
BOYLES, MARY                           NC-55-4-267
BOYLES, NOAH                           NC-55-5-188
BOYLES, W. R.                          NC-55-9-453
BRACKET, R. W.                         NC-55-8-206
BRADLEY, WILLIAM D.                    NC-55-1-361
BRADSHAW, ANNIE                        NC-55-8-445
BRADSHAW, JONAS                        NC-55-4-325
BRADSHAW, W. R.                        NC-55-7-125
BRENDLE, ELIZA ANN                     NC-55-6-271
BRENDLE, WILILAM P.                    NC-55-6-478
BREVARD, ALEXANDER                     NC-55-1-166
BREVARD, ALEXANDER F.                  NC-55-5-469
BREVARD, EPHRIAM A.                    NC-55-2-390
BREVARD, JOSEPH M.                     NC-55-2-176
BREVARD, R. A.                         NC-55-4-209
BREVARD, ROBERT J.                     NC-55-8-401
BRIDGES, EDWIN B.                      NC-55-9-293
BRIDGES, JAMES R.                      NC-55-8-379
BRIDGES, NANNIE M.                     NC-55-8-386
BRIMER, SAMUEL                         NC-55-1-70
BRINT, JOHN                            NC-55-3-68
BRISENDINE, HENRY                      NC-55-4-498
BROOKS, HARVY                          NC-55-8-163
BROOME, JAMES M.                       NC-55-11-8
BROTHERTOM, JAMES                      NC-55-3-5
BROTHERTON, T. W.                      NC-55-11-84
BROWN, C. L.                           NC-55-8-448
BROWN, EUNICE BARKLEY                  NC-55-10-59
BROWN, GEORGE M.                       NC-55-9-583
BROWN, KATHERINE E.                    NC-55-6-516
BROWN, M. L.                           NC-55-4-150
BROWN, ROBERT                          NC-55-2-170
BROWN,S USIE                           NC-55-6-146
BRYAN, JAMES                           NC-55-4-236
BRYAN, MARY                            NC-55-10-197
BRYCE, A. G.                           NC-55-6-477
BUFF, WILLIAM C.                       NC-55-10-298
BURCH, R. E.                           NC-55-4-176
BURGIN, MARY C.                        NC-55-6-20
BURGIN, SAM F.                         NC-55-11-88
BURGIN, SAMUEL D.                      NC-55-5-327
BURKE, J. E.                           NC-55-11-20
BURKE, JOHNSON                         NC-55-6-214
BURTON, ALFRED M.                      NC-55-3-10
BURTON, ELIZABETH                      NC-55-4-83
BURTON, ROBERT H.                      NC-55-2-132
BURTON, SARAH C.                       NC-55-5-360
BUTLER, POLLY                          NC-55-1-265
BUTTS, JOHN                            NC-55-3-52
BYERS, DOIE                            NC-55-9-534
BYERS, DOVIE                           NC-55-9-534
BYNUM, AMY S.                          NC-55-5-546
BYNUM, J. F.                           NC-55-4-148
BYNUM, JOHN A.                         NC-55-6-458
BYNUM, JOHN F.                         NC-55-8-86
BYNUM, JOHN F.                         NC-55-10-300
BYNUM, ROBERT R.                       NC-55-11-145
CALDWELL, BIRDIE                       NC-55-9-297
CALDWELL, NEVA D.                      NC-55-9-14
CALDWELL, VIOLET MCBEE                 NC-55-9-183
CALDWELL, W. C.                        NC-55-7-98
CAMP, L. S.                            NC-55-4-250
CAMPBELL, ALICE J.                     NC-55-10-402
CAMPBELL, E. L.                        NC-55-5-484
CAMPBELL, H. A. E.                     NC-55-8-497
CAMPBELL, L. B.                        NC-55-10-218
CAMPBELL, MARY F.                      NC-55-8-435
CAMPBELL, MILTON                       NC-55-5-173
CAMPBELL, P. E.                        NC-55-8-430
CAMPBELL, W. P.                        NC-55-8-341
CANIPE, HENRY                          NC-55-6-410
CANIPE, J. J.                          NC-55-9-143
CANSLER, ALEXANDER J.                  NC-55-4-419
CANSLER, BETSY                         NC-55-5-466
CANSLER, J. E.                         NC-55-9-445
CANSLER, LUCY B.                       NC-55-9-574
CANSLER, MATILDA                       NC-55-4-511
CANSLER, PHILIP                        NC-55-2-377
CANSLER, THOMAS H.                     NC-55-8-208
CANSLER, WILLIAM L.                    NC-55-10-246
CARPENTER, ALEC                        NC-55-8-388
CARPENTER, AMELIA                      NC-55-3-23
CARPENTER, ANNIE WRIGHT                NC-55-10-434
CARPENTER, CALEB                       NC-55-3-74
CARPENTER, CALVIN                      NC-55-8-437
CARPENTER, DANIEL                      NC-55-5-540
CARPENTER, DAVID                       NC-55-2-323
CARPENTER, DULCENIA                    NC-55-8-308
CARPENTER, ED                          NC-55-9-488
CARPENTER, ELISABETH                   NC-55-2-27
CARPENTER, ELIZA                       NC-55-8-235
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH                   NC-55-4-434
CARPENTER, EPHRIAM                     NC-55-8-356
CARPENTER, FREDRICK                    NC-55-2-41
CARPENTER, GEORGE T.                   NC-55-10-271
CARPENTER, HENRY                       NC-55-1-417
CARPENTER, HENRY E.                    NC-55-10-467
CARPENTER, HENRY M.                    NC-55-8-495
CARPENTER, HENRY W.                    NC-55-10-65
CARPENTER, J. WESLEY                   NC-55-4-300
CARPENTER, JACOB                       NC-55-2-31
CARPENTER, JACOB                       NC-55-1-185
CARPENTER, JACOB A.                    NC-55-5-258
CARPENTER, JACOB I.                    NC-55-3-60
CARPENTER, JAMES WILLIAM               NC-55-10-190
CARPENTER, JOHN                        NC-55-4-140
CARPENTER, LAFAYETTE                   NC-55-9-514
CARPENTER, M. L.                       NC-55-6-345
CARPENTER, M. M.                       NC-55-9-28
CARPENTER, MICHAEL                     NC-55-4-233
CARPENTER, MICHAL                      NC-55-4-120
CARPENTER, MOLLIE                      NC-55-8-409
CARPENTER, MOSES                       NC-55-3-19
CARPENTER, PETER                       NC-55-2-235
CARPENTER, RUBY G.                     NC-55-11-144
CARPENTER, SOLOMON                     NC-55-4-553
CARPENTER, SUSANNA                     NC-55-5-506
CARPENTER, THOMAS LEE                  NC-55-10-381
CARPENTER, W. L.                       NC-55-9-265
CARSON, CHARLIE                        NC-55-8-142
CARSWELL, MARGARET J.                  NC-55-10-324
CARTER, A. B.                          NC-55-9-25
CASHION, MARGARET LOU BOGGS            NC-55-10-327
CASHION, MARY                          NC-55-3-68
CASHION, W. A.                         NC-55-6-408
CASKEY, SIDNEY C.                      NC-55-11-97
CATHEY, GEORGE                         NC-55-1-17
CATHEY, JOHN                           NC-55-1-398
CAUBLE, GEORGE W.                      NC-55-8-243
CAUBLE, MARY ANN                       NC-55-6-1
CAUBLE, SALLIE                         NC-55-9-594
CAUBLE, Z. B.                          NC-55-8-492
CHAMBES, ADA ROBINSON                  NC-55-10-346
CHANDLER, TIMOTHY                      NC-55-1-318
CHAPMAN, G. T.                         NC-55-6-561
CHAPMAN, J. L.                         NC-55-9-430
CHAPMAN, P. C.                         NC-55-10-280
CHAPMAN, W. R.                         NC-55-6-465
CHERRY, J. I.                          NC-55-9-427
CHERRY, SARAH D.                       NC-55-9-200
CHERRY, SIDNEY                         NC-55-8-125
CHILDERS, ALFRED                       NC-55-5-81
CHILDERS, GEORGE P.                    NC-55-3-73
CHILDERS, J. J.                        NC-55-8-120
CHILDERS, MARY ANN                     NC-55-7-102
CHILDERS, W. C.                        NC-55-6-438
CHILDS, ALVIRA                         NC-55-4-214
CHILDS, C. E.                          NC-55-8-221
CHILDS, CHARLS E. JR.                  NC-55-9-431
CHILDS, E. T.                          NC-55-9-367
CHILDS, EDWIN THERON                   NC-55-10-56
CHILDS, F. S.                          NC-55-9-120
CHILDS, MARION J.                      NC-55-8-343
CLANTON, BESSIE Y C. R.                NC-55-10-130
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       NC-55-2-136
CLARK, ELIZABETH M.                    NC-55-5-160
CLARK, ELLIS B.                        NC-55-9-344
CLARK, G. MORRIS                       NC-55-6-44
CLARK, G. W.                           NC-55-4-391
CLARK, J. H.                           NC-55-10-138
CLARK, JOHN F.                         NC-55-6-30
CLARK, LOUIE B.                        NC-55-10-81
CLARKE, WILLIAM S.                     NC-55-9-406
CLAY, JOSEPH                           NC-55-2-47
CLINE, HENRY                           NC-55-8-101
CLINE, HENRY F.                        NC-55-5-534
CLINE, JOHN                            NC-55-3-7
CLINE, JOHN SR.                        NC-55-2-415
CLINE, M. H.                           NC-55-9-204
CLINE, MICHAEL                         NC-55-2-33
CLINE, T. F.                           NC-55-9-218
CLOER, T. S.                           NC-55-10-302
CLONINGER, MARY                        NC-55-2-9
CLONINGER, MICHAEL                     NC-55-1-122
COBB, GROVER W.                        NC-55-10-117
COBB, J. C.                            NC-55-4-586
COBB, M. E.                            NC-55-5-46
COBB, WILLIAM GURLEY                   NC-55-10-414
COCHRANE, RALPH SR.                    NC-55-10-329
COCHRANE, THEO E.                      NC-55-10-24
CODY, ELIZABETH                        NC-55-7-184
CODY, MARY ANN                         NC-55-6-531
COFFEY, JAMES T.                       NC-55-11-5
COFFEY, LOUIS M.                       NC-55-10-443
COLLINS, SAMUEL                        NC-55-1-365
COLLINS, SAMUEL                        NC-55-1-204
COON, ADOLPHUS S.                      NC-55-6-105
COON, D. CASS                          NC-55-10-304
COON, DAVID A.                         NC-55-6-541
COON, GEORGE                           NC-55-2-223
COON, GEORGE                           NC-55-4-359
COON, LIZZIE                           NC-55-8-485
COON, WILLIAM                          NC-55-2-141
COOPER, WILL D.                        NC-55-11-16
COSTNER, AMBROSE                       NC-55-5-523
COSTNER, DANIEL                        NC-55-6-392
COSTNER, EMMA J.                       NC-55-6-299
COSTNER, GEORGE HENRY                  NC-55-10-143
COSTNER, JONAS                         NC-55-1-257
COSTNER, LIZZIE M.                     NC-55-5-42
COSTNER, MARY E.                       NC-55-6-321
COSTNER, MARY PARKER                   NC-55-6-218
COSTNER, MARY Z.                       NC-55-6-280
COSTNER, O. A.                         NC-55-10-406
COSTNER, OLIVE H.                      NC-55-10-477
COSTNER, PAUL P.                       NC-55-8-355
COSTNER, RADIANT CASSADY               NC-55-10-387
COSTNER, SALLIE                        NC-55-8-18
COSTNER, W. A.                         NC-55-8-253
COULTER, ELVIRA                        NC-55-4-411
COULTER, JAKE                          NC-55-8-237
COULTER, JOHN                          NC-55-3-78
COULTER, S. M.                         NC-55-5-31
COULTER, SARAH MAUNEY                  NC-55-10-366
CRAFT, A. F.                           NC-55-9-363
CRAFT, DAVID                           NC-55-3-60
CRENSHAW, LENA G.                      NC-55-9-192
CRESSMORE, HENRY                       NC-55-2-103
CRIDER, LAWSON                         NC-55-10-16
CROOKS, CATHERINE                      NC-55-4-425
CROOKS, DAVID                          NC-55-3-21
CROOKS, H. J.                          NC-55-9-164
CROUSE, ANN                            NC-55-2-14
CROUSE, DAVID                          NC-55-4-48
CROUSE, DAVID CLEVELAND                NC-55-10-86
CROUSE, EMMA BROWN                     NC-55-10-275
CROUSE, JOHN                           NC-55-1-332
CROUSE, LEVI R.                        NC-55-5-190
CROUSE, LOTTIE JANE K.                 NC-55-11-100
CROUSE, SARAH                          NC-55-1-349
CROUSE, W. R.                          NC-55-8-411
CROUSE, WILILAM L.                     NC-55-5-150
CROW, PINK                             NC-55-8-200
CROW, THOMAS                           NC-55-2-3
CROWELL, BEATRICE M.                   NC-55-6-296
CROWELL, L. A. SR.                     NC-55-10-10
CROWELL, MARY JANE HULL                NC-55-10-154
CURRY, ELAM A. M.                      NC-55-4-416
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                      NC-55-8-103
CURTIS, KATHERINE                      NC-55-7-46
DAILEY, LAWSON S.                      NC-55-4-348
DAMERON, THOMAS                        NC-55-1-410
DANIEL, JOHN WASHINGTON                NC-55-9-417
DAVENPORT, MARY                        NC-55-2-28
DAVIS, G. C. (MRS)                     NC-55-6-474
DAVIS, JOHN                            NC-55-1-162
DAVIS, JOHN A.                         NC-55-5-217
DAVIS, JOHN R.                         NC-55-6-397
DAVIS, MYRTLE                          NC-55-10-21
DAVIS, ROBERT N.                       NC-55-4-77
DEAL, PETER                            NC-55-1-81
DEATON, LAURA HOKE                     NC-55-7-132
DEITZ, ELIZABETH                       NC-55-2-115
DELANE, J. T.                          NC-55-6-61                               
DELANE, SUSAN A.                       NC-55-8-378
DELLINGER, ANDREW                      NC-55-3-59
DELLINGER, BERNICE                     NC-55-9-388
DELLINGER, CATHERINE                   NC-55-7-82
DELLINGER, DADAM                       NC-55-3-91
DELLINGER, DANIEL                      NC-55-5-458
DELLINGER, DAVID                       NC-55-1-291
DELLINGER, ELLA PUTNAM                 NC-55-10-460
DELLINGER, J. CALVIN                   NC-55-6-543
DELLINGER, J. L.                       NC-55-8-194
DELLINGER, J. T.                       NC-55-9-541
DELLINGER, JHN                         NC-55-1-142
DELLINGER, JOSEPH                      NC-55-1-36
DELLINGER, LAWSON AUDE                 NC-55-10-233
DELLINGER, LEWIS                       NC-55-4-330
DELLINGER, LUTHER A.                   NC-55-8-376
DELLINGER, MALENDA ELLEN               NC-55-10-33
DELLINGER, MARY A.                     NC-55-9-360
DELLINGER, MARY A.                     NC-55-8-210
DELLINGER, MICHAEL                     NC-55-1-15
DELLINGER, PETER                       NC-55-2-315
DELLINGER, SAMUEL                      NC-55-3-82
DELLINGER, TEXANNA                     NC-55-7-30
DELLINGER, W. S.                       NC-55-6-498
DELLINGER, ZENIS M.                    NC-55-9-577
DELLNGER, A. A.                        NC-55-6-222
DELLNGER, SUSAN J.                     NC-55-5-70
DERR, A. J.                            NC-55-5-214
DERR, J. W.                            NC-55-4-243
DERR, MARY A.                          NC-55-3-45
DERR, MOSES A.                         NC-55-2-309
DERR, RUFUS M.                         NC-55-2-301
DERRR, ALBERT S.                       NC-55-6-528
DETTER, ALBERT W.                      NC-55-5-89
DETTER, GEORGE                         NC-55-5-25
DETTER, JOHN                           NC-55-4-62
DETTER, JOHN R.                        NC-55-5-418
DETTER, KARL R.                        NC-55-9-35
DETTER, M. E. (MRS)                    NC-55-8-351
DEVEBAUGH, PHILIP                      NC-55-1-19
DEWS, THOMAS                           NC-55-2-356
DICKSON, JOHN                          NC-55-2-72
DIGH, MARY LOUISE                      NC-55-6-63
DOGGETT, JOHN R.                       NC-55-2-29
DRUM, ZELOTAS H.                       NC-55-10-12
DUFFEY, JOHN                           NC-55-2-270
DUNCAN, ABSOLOM                        NC-55-2-365
DUNCAN, EMMA E.                        NC-55-9-40
DUNCAN, WHITFIELD C.                   NC-55-8-247
DYE, MARY LOUISE                       NC-55-6-63
EAKER, CHRISTIAN SR.                   NC-55-1-223
EAKER, HAWOOD                          NC-55-9-255
EAKER, JESSIE E.                       NC-55-5-498
EAKER, LUTHER                          NC-55-8-132
EAKER, PETER                           NC-55-2-263
EDWARDS, J. S.                         NC-55-4-378
EDWARDS, LEWIS                         NC-55-3-87
EDWARDS, ROBERT                        NC-55-5-124
EDWARDS, WILLIAM R.                    NC-55-5-487
EDWARS, BARBARA                        NC-55-4-143
ELLIOT, W. F.                          NC-55-9-401
ELLIOTT, W. F.                         NC-55-9-401
ELMORE, B. F.                          NC-55-8-214
ELMORE, B. F. (MRS)                    NC-55-8-470
ELMORE, J. R.                          NC-55-6-535
ELMORE, W. K.                          NC-55-4-431
ENDSLEY, JHN                           NC-55-1-75
ENDSLEY, JOHN                          NC-55-1-245
ENSOR, LILY W.                         NC-55-10-41
ENSOR, MILTON                          NC-55-9-171
EPPS, ELLAN                            NC-55-8-314
ERSON, ERIE                            NC-55-4-96
ESPEY, SAMUEL                          NC-55-2-8
FAIR, JOSEPHINE                        NC-55-8-183
FALLS, ANDREW                          NC-55-2-62
FALLS, ELIZABETH                       NC-55-1-262
FALLS, ESTHER                          NC-55-1-406
FALLS, GEORGE                          NC-55-1-364
FALLS, JOHN                            NC-55-1-84
FALLS, MARY                            NC-55-1-263
FALLS, T. B.                           NC-55-10-30
FALLS, WILLIAM                         NC-55-1-97
FARMER, E. C.                          NC-55-10-321
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH A.                 NC-55-2-238
FERGUSON, MARY                         NC-55-1-64
FINER, DANIEL                          NC-55-1-275
FINER, JACOB                           NC-55-1-201
FINGER, ANGIE MAE                      NC-55-11-77
FINGER, J. C.                          NC-55-6-261
FINGER, JONES                          NC-55-1-53
FINGER, MICHEAL                        NC-55-4-162
FINGER, SOLOMON                        NC-55-4-81
FINGER, WILLIAM T.                     NC-55-11-6
FISH, WILLIAM                          NC-55-1-411
FISHER, DAVID                          NC-55-6-224
FISHER, FRANCIS                        NC-55-6-312
FISHER, JOHN                           NC-55-1-385
FISHER, JOHN A.                        NC-55-8-151
FLANNAGAN, JACOB                       NC-55-4-1
FLEMING, ARCHIBALD                     NC-55-1-40
FORD, JANE D.                          NC-55-5-337
FORD, REUBEN LYLE SR.                  NC-55-10-404
FORNEY, A. E.                          NC-55-4-368
FORNEY, H. A.                          NC-55-5-59
FORNEY, PETER                          NC-55-1-307
FORNEY, SIDNEYJ.                       NC-55-5-367
FOSTER, MARVIN A.                      NC-55-10-167
FOSTER, T. M.                          NC-55-7-34
FOSTER, W. H.                          NC-55-10-93
FOSTER, WALTER C.                      NC-55-9-379
FOX, A. C.                             NC-55-8-4
FOX, A. J.                             NC-55-4-291
FOX, LYDIA                             NC-55-6-86
FOX, MINNIE C.                         NC-55-9-249
FRAZIER, CYRUS J.                      NC-55-5-310
FREEMAN, ELIZA                         NC-55-7-105
FRONEBARGER, DAVID                     NC-55-2-174
FRY, JACOB                             NC-55-1-325
FRY, PHILIP                            NC-55-1-29
FRY, W. A.                             NC-55-8-109
FULBRIGHT, DANIEL                      NC-55-4-483
FULENWIDER, JOHN                       NC-55-1-46
GABRIEL, ARCHEY F.                     NC-55-10-282
GAMBLE, J. F.                          NC-55-9-241
GAMBLE, MATTIE                         NC-55-9-519
GAMMEY, JOHN                           NC-55-1-35
GAMMEY, MARY                           NC-55-1-63
GARRISON, WILLIAM L.                   NC-55-9-56
GARRISON,R. J.                         NC-55-8-175
GATES, JOHN LUTHER                     NC-55-10-367
GATES, ROBERT B.                       NC-55-10-335
GATES, WILSON M.                       NC-55-5-452
GAULTNEY, NATHAN                       NC-55-1-57
GHEEN, WARREN                          NC-55-4-270
GIBBS, WILLIAM                         NC-55-1-220
GIBBS,E MMA                            NC-55-9-386
GIBSON, HUGH                           NC-55-2-76
GIBSON, THOMAS                         NC-55-1-246
GILBERT, ANDREW                        NC-55-8-339
GILBERT, W. D.                         NC-55-10-411
GILBERT, W. L.                         NC-55-9-77
GILLELAND, H. A.                       NC-55-5-423
GILLELAND, THOMAS                      NC-55-1-5
GLADEN, MOSES                          NC-55-1-8
GLENN, JOHN                            NC-55-3-17
GLENN, JOHN                            NC-55-1-116
GLENN, MARY                            NC-55-1-402
GOODMAN, W. CLAUDE                     NC-55-11-48
GRAHAM, HILLARD                        NC-55-5-396
GRAHAM, JAMES                          NC-55-2-352
GRAHAM, JOHN                           NC-55-1-206
GRAHAM, JOHN D.                        NC-55-2-275
GRAHAM, JOSEPH                         NC-55-1-395
GRAHAM, JOSEPH                         NC-55-10-284
GRAHAM, WILLIAM A.                     NC-55-9-212
GRAHAM, WILLIAM A.                     NC-55-4-276
GRAHAM, WILLIAM A.                     NC-55-7-114
GRAYSON, J. HENRY                      NC-55-11-17
GREENHILL, PHILIP                      NC-55-3-104
GRESOM, DRURY                          NC-55-1-121
GRIDER, SARAH                          NC-55-2-92
GRIER, I. B.                           NC-55-8-180
GRIFFIN, MICHAEL                       NC-55-4-109
GRIGG, B. F.                           NC-55-6-193
GRIGG, B. T.                           NC-55-5-194
GRIGG, BERRY P.                        NC-55-2-344
GRIGG, BESSIE MOTZ                     NC-55-10-249
GROVES, SAMUEL                         NC-55-1-189
GUESS, C. A.                           NC-55-10-89
GUESS, GEORGE W.                       NC-55-7-137
GUESS, KATIE                           NC-55-10-89
GUEST, LEONARD L.                      NC-55-9-276
GULLICK, JOHNATHAN                     NC-55-1-210
HAEFNER, G. H.                         NC-55-4-550
HAFNER, DANIEL M.                      NC-55-3-44
HAGE, JULIUS P.                        NC-55-8-129
HAGE, SUSAN                            NC-55-4-341
HAGER, A. W. L.                        NC-55-7-91
HAGER, BARBARA B.                      NC-55-4-239
HAGER, BURT                            NC-55-11-147
HAGER, CHRISTOPHER                     NC-55-1-55
HAGER, DAVID F.                        NC-55-5-18
HAGER, JAMES                           NC-55-3-72
HAGER, JOHN B.                         NC-55-3-96
HAGER, JOHN SR.                        NC-55-2-139
HAGER, JONATHAN                        NC-55-1-69
HAGER, M. E.                           NC-55-4-343
HAGER, S. C.                           NC-55-4-365
HAGER, SIMIN S.                        NC-55-4-380
HAGER, SIMON                           NC-55-1-338
HAGER, SOLOMON                         NC-55-2-143
HAGER, WILILAM M.                      NC-55-4-55
HAGER, WILLIAM                         NC-55-2-101
HALL, SALLIE G.                        NC-55-9-126
HALLMAN, ANTHONY                       NC-55-1-286
HALLMAN, BARBARA                       NC-55-4-116
HALLMAN, BESSIE PEARL                  NC-55-10-457
HALLMAN, DANIEL                        NC-55-4-450
HALLMAN, JACOB                         NC-55-2-349
HALLMAN, LEMUEL ELLIS                  NC-55-9-572
HALLMAN, S. A.                         NC-55-6-481
HALLMAN, WILEY                         NC-55-4-58
HALLSELL, ROBERT                       NC-55-4-203
HAMMERSKOLD, MARGARTHA                 NC-55-4-9
HAMPTON, THOMAS                        NC-55-2-339
HANSELL, JAMES                         NC-55-2-312
HARMON, DAVID                          NC-55-1-80
HARMON, RACHAEL                        NC-55-2-75
HARMON, RICHARD                        NC-55-2-11
HARRELSON, GUY                         NC-55-10-145
HARRIL, BARBARA A.                     NC-55-5-320
HARRILL, ABRAM G.                      NC-55-5-147
HARRILL, ABRAM G.                      NC-55-5-320
HARRILL, BARBARA                       NC-55-5-147
HARRILL, D. A.                         NC-55-9-561
HARRILL, ELIZABETH                     NC-55-11-92
HARRILL, H. A.                         NC-55-9-263
HARRILL, J. EDWARD                     NC-55-8-171
HARRILL, KATE                          NC-55-8-381
HARRILL, LOIS G.                       NC-55-10-396
HARRILL, NANNIE                        NC-55-9-531
HARRILL, ROBERT HENRY                  NC-55-10-120
HARRIS, NAN RODWELL                    NC-55-10-400
HARRIS, UNITY                          NC-55-2-372
HAUSE, HENRY                           NC-55-3-35
HAUSS, C. C.                           NC-55-8-113
HAUSS, MARY CATHERINE                  NC-55-11-154
HAUSS, OSCAR V.                        NC-55-10-177
HAUSS, PETER                           NC-55-2-330
HAUSS, SARAH                           NC-55-5-179
HAUSS, WILLIAM T.                      NC-55-8-198
HAVNAER, HATTIE H.                     NC-55-10-111
HAW, DAVID                             NC-55-1-424
HAWKINS, I. R.                         NC-55-4-190
HAWKINS, T. B.                         NC-55-9-347
HAWKINS, ZENUS W.                      NC-55-10-459
HAYES, JOHN                            NC-55-2-271
HAYNES, JAMES                          NC-55-2-232
HAYNES, MARGARET ALICE                 NC-55-9-167
HEAFNER, C. M.                         NC-55-10-230
HEAFNER, J. H.                         NC-55-6-394
HEAFNER, J. M.                         NC-55-8-397
HEAFNER, JACOB                         NC-55-1-324
HEAFNER, JOHN                          NC-55-1-400
HEAFNER, LEVI                          NC-55-3-27
HEAFNER, OLA HINES                     NC-55-11-101
HEAVENER, ABRAHAM                      NC-55-4-157
HEAVNER, A. B.                         NC-55-9-589
HEAVNER, A.J.                          NC-55-10-376
HEAVNER, ADAM A.                       NC-55-8-173
HEAVNER, AIN L. P.                     NC-55-5-502
HEAVNER, BARBARA J.                    NC-55-6-423
HEAVNER, CHARLE P.                     NC-55-10-128
HEAVNER, EDGAR L.                      NC-55-10-224
HEAVNER, ELLEN K.                      NC-55-6-324
HEAVNER, HENRY                         NC-55-4-247
HEAVNER, HENRY J.                      NC-55-8-294
HEAVNER, J. F.                         NC-55-6-394
HEAVNER, JACOB                         NC-55-6-493
HEAVNER, JOHN W.                       NC-55-9-480
HEAVNER, JULIUS A.                     NC-55-6-187
HEAVNER, MAMIE PLONK                   NC-55-10-204
HEAVNER, MARCUS L.                     NC-55-6-8
HEAVNER, MARTIN                        NC-55-2-221
HEAVNER, R. P.                         NC-55-9-301
HEAVNER, SUSAN C.                      NC-55-6-413
HEDRICK, P. C.                         NC-55-9-510
HELDERMAN, JOHN F.                     NC-55-6-372
HELDERMAN, LELIA                       NC-55-6-293
HELDERMAN, MARY M.                     NC-55-5-115
HELDERMAN, SUSIE E.                    NC-55-8-23
HELMS, PINKNEY A.                      NC-55-6-113
HELMS, W. CONLEY                       NC-55-10-19
HENDERSON, C.C .                       NC-55-5-371
HENDERSON, JOHN C.                     NC-55-1-294
HENDERSON, LAWSON                      NC-55-2-196
HENDERSON, LAWSON JR.                  NC-55-2-24
HENDERSON,S ARAH                       NC-55-2-85
HENKLE, CHARLES M.                     NC-55-9-436
HENKLE, W. P.                          NC-55-9-582
HENRY, JAMES                           NC-55-2-88
HENRY, R. F.                           NC-55-2-405
HENRY, THOMAS                          NC-55-1-381
HERNDON, AMANDA                        NC-55-5-222
HERNDON, EDITH                         NC-55-9-460
HERNDON, LILLIE                        NC-55-6-461
HERNDON, SULY                          NC-55-7-211
HICKS, PLATO                           NC-55-11-59
HILL, ELIZABETH                        NC-55-4-199
HILL, J. D.                            NC-55-9-31
HILL, J. LEE                           NC-55-10-333
HILL, JANE                             NC-55-2-4
HILL, RICHARD                          NC-55-7-86
HILLEBRAND, KATE                       NC-55-9-312
HINKLE, CYRUS                          NC-55-4-363
HINKLE, DAVID                          NC-55-1-232
HINKLE, ELIZABETH                      NC-55-4-124
HINSON, CHARLES H.                     NC-55-8-424
HINSON, IDA                            NC-55-8-301
HINSON, P. D.                          NC-55-6-401
HINSON, SARAH                          NC-55-5-209
HINSON, VERA S.                        NC-55-10-226
HINSON, WILLIAM                        NC-55-4-397
HINSON,R . P.                          NC-55-9-383
HITE, ENOCH                            NC-55-8-353
HOKE, ALEXANDER                        NC-55-10-195
HOKE, FANNIE A.                        NC-55-8-261
HOKE, GEORGE                           NC-55-7-72
HOKE, GEORGE M.                        NC-55-3-95
HOKE, HENRY                            NC-55-1-374
HOKE, JOHN                             NC-55-2-241
HOKE, LAURA D.                         NC-55-7-132
HOKE, LEE                              NC-55-9-134
HOKE, M. H.                            NC-55-4-321
HOKE, MARY                             NC-55-6-526
HOKE, MICHAEL                          NC-55-2-230
HOKE, N.C. (MRS)                       NC-55-4-504
HOKE, R. F.                            NC-55-6-33
HOKE, REBECCA                          NC-55-8-360
HOKE, SALLY B.                         NC-55-6-168
HOKE, SARAH                            NC-55-10-61
HOKE, SARAH E.                         NC-55-3-56
HOKE, THOMAS                           NC-55-9-226
HOKE, W. A.                            NC-55-8-47
HOKE, W. J.                            NC-55-4-64
HOLBROOK, CHARLIE                      NC-55-11-56
HOLDBROOKS, HENRY                      NC-55-8-271
HOLDBROOKS, ROSANNA A.                 NC-55-6-184
HOLDBROOKS, SERENA                     NC-55-3-25
HOLDSCLAW, JAMES                       NC-55-2-116
HOLLAND, JAMES                         NC-55-1-44
HOLLAND, MILES T.                      NC-55-10-398
HOLLAR, FANNIE M.                      NC-55-11-85
HOLLAR, L. E.                          NC-55-11-76
HOLLY, C. H.                           NC-55-10-79
HOLLY, CLAUD A.                        NC-55-9-587
HOLLY, MARCUS A.                       NC-55-6-455
HOLLY, MARCUS A.                       NC-55-8-99
HOLMES, SUDIE L.                       NC-55-9-299
HONEYCUT, SAMUEL D.                    NC-55-9-413
HOOVER, ADAM E.                        NC-55-5-3
HOOVER, C. H.                          NC-55-9-538
HOOVER, CLARA E.                       NC-55-6-334
HOOVER, CYNTHIA                        NC-55-5-433
HOOVER, DANIEL                         NC-55-1-420
HOOVER, DAVID D.                       NC-5-5-184
HOOVER, DVID S.                        NC-55-4-128
HOOVER, EARL                           NC-55-10-423
HOOVER, EDNA REINHARDT                 NC-55-9-479
HOOVER, EDNEY                          NC-5-5-440
HOOVER, EMMA F.                        NC-55-9-235
HOOVER, HENRY                          NC-55-1-3
HOOVER, JACOB                          NC-55-3-2
HOOVER, JOHN                           NC-55-4-302
HOOVER, JOHN W.                        NC-55-9-381
HOOVER, JOHNT .                        NC-55-8-165
HOOVER, LEE                            NC-55-8-70
HOOVER, LEVI                           NC-55-4-314
HOOVER, LOUISA C.                      NC-55-6-334
HOOVER, MARY                           NC-55-10-103
HOOVER, MARY                           NC-55-6-334
HOOVER, MAXIE K.                       NC-55-11-34
HOOVER, PHILIP                         NC-55-4-105
HOOVER, R. C.                          NC-55-10-71
HOOVER, SOLOMON                        NC-55-2-281
HOOVER, T. J.                          NC-55-8-369
HOOVER, THOMAS                         NC-55-1-280
HOOVER, WILLIAM THOMAS                 NC-55-10-179
HOPE, THOMAS                           NC-55-6-501
HOPKINS, C. L. (MRS)                   NC-55-8-316
HOPKINS, S. HARRIS                     NC-55-6-251
HORD, LUTHER D.                        NC-55-9-449
HORD, MATTIE R.                        NC-55-9-449
HORD, THOMAS B.                        NC-55-9-408
HOUK, J. J.                            NC-55-9-180
HOUSER, ADELINE                        NC-55-9-147
HOUSER, ANDERSON                       NC-55-9-459
HOUSER, C. O.                          NC-55-11-29
HOUSER, CALVIN C.                      NC-55-11-46
HOUSER, CANDIS HUSS                    NC-55-10-244
HOUSER, D. P.                          NC-55-9-547
HOUSER, DAVID B.                       NC-55-9-324
HOUSER, E. A.                          NC-55-10-6
HOUSER, FRANCES                        NC-55-9-395
HOUSER, H. L.                          NC-55-8-472
HOUSER, ISAAC                          NC-55-3-90
HOUSER, J. P.                          NC-55-9-210
HOUSER, J. S.                          NC-55-7-189
HOUSER, J. T.                          NC-55-9-373
HOUSER, JACOB                          NC-55-3-12
HOUSER, JAMES C.                       NC-55-8-95
HOUSER, JOSEPH                         NC-55-5-22
HOUSER, L. C. (MISS)                   NC-55-9-12
HOUSER, L. C.                          NC-55-9-260
HOUSER, LUCY M.                        NC-55-10-132
HOUSER, MARTHA                         NC-55-3-106
HOUSER, PETER                          NC-55-2-246
HOUSER, SUSAN A.                       NC-55-6-269
HOUSER, TEMPLE E.                      NC-55-9-18
HOUSER, THOMAS                         NC-5-5-192
HOUSER,P. M.                           NC-55-8-84
HOUSTON, F. W.                         NC-55-3-18
HOVIS, ELIZABETH                       NC-55-1-268
HOVIS, H. B.                           NC-55-9-552
HOVIS, H. F.                           NC-55-9-438
HOVIS, H. W.                           NC-5-5-153
HOVIS, LESLIE CONRAD SR.               NC-55-11-102
HOVIS, LILLIE                          NC-55-10-198
HOVIS, MALACHI                         NC-55-8-245
HOVIS, MARCUS L.                       NC-55-8-149
HOVIS, MARIAH A.                       NC-55-8-117
HOVIS, PHILIP                          NC-55-4-262
HOVIS, SOLOMON                         NC-55-2-399
HOVIS, THOMAS E.                       NC-55-11-24
HOWARD, A. M.                          NC-55-11-148
HOWARD, BANKS W.                       NC-55-8-111
HOWARD, E. M.                          NC-55-6-484
HOWARD, FRANKLIN                       NC-5-5-307
HOWARD, JOHN H.                        NC-55-4-376
HOWARD, O. F.                          NC-55-9-358
HOWARD, O. M.                          NC-5-5-531
HOWARD, POLLY                          NC-55-4-98
HOWARD, SALLIE H.                      NC-55-4-561
HOWARD, WILLIAM G.                     NC-55-6-182
HOWARD, WILLIAM H.                     NC-55-4-188
HOWELL, JOHN                           NC-55-1-90
HOYEL, MARGARET                        NC-55-1-66
HOYLE, C. Z.                           NC-55-6-310
HOYLE, D. A.                           NC-55-8-249
HOYLE, DAVID A.                        NC-5-5-265
HOYLE, ELI                             NC-55-2-227
HOYLE, ELIZABETH                       NC-55-2-412
HOYLE, G. LESTER                       NC-55-6-432
HOYLE, IDONA HENDRICKS                 NC-55-10-50
HOYLE, J. W.                           NC-55-8-345
HOYLE, JOHN WILLIAM                    NC-55-9-506
HOYLE, JOHNA.                          NC-55-6-225
HOYLE, L. W.                           NC-55-6-89, 141
HOYLE, M. E. (MRS)                     NC-55-8-390
HOYLE, M. L.                           NC-55-9-140
HOYLE, MARCUS HOKE                     NC-55-9-527
HOYLE, PETE                            NC-55-1-58
HOYLE, ROY C.                          NC-55-10-126
HUDSON, JOHN                           NC-55-11-23
HUDSPETH, J. A.                        NC-55-10-426
HUFFMAN, JOHN                          NC-55-1-258
HUFFMAN, JONAS                         NC-55-9-245
HUFFSTETLER, E. A.                     NC-55-11-80
HUFFSTETLER, LENA A.                   NC-55-10-365
HUFFSTETTLER, SUSAN                    NC-55-6-489
HUITT, LEWIS                           NC-55-1-359
HULL, BENJAMIN                         NC-55-3-76
HULL, F. H.                            NC-55-6-244
HULL, J. T.                            NC-5-5-476
HULL, LOU MILLER                       NC-55-10-370
HULL, M. M.                            NC-55-6-79
HULL, M. M.                            NC-55-6-118
HULL, MAGGIE                           NC-55-9-477
HULL, MAJOR                            NC-55-3-1
HULL, MARY                             NC-55-8-189
HULL, T. S.                            NC-5-5-492
HULL, THOMAS CRAIG                     NC-55-10-323
HULL, W. M.                            NC-55-6-358
HUMPHRIES, W. T.                       NC-55-10-171
HUNTER, H.                             NC-55-1-74
HUNTER, ROSA J.                        NC-55-9-590
HUSS, BATE                             NC-55-10-318
HUSS, CLYDE                            NC-55-10-401
HUSS, ELBERT G.                        NC-55-10-40
HUSS, HENRY                            NC-55-8-33
HUSS, HUGH GRADY                       NC-55-11-99
HUSS, KEMP D.                          NC-55-11-64
HUSS, L. J.                            NC-55-10-325
HUSS, L.M.                             NC-55-9-414
HUSS, WILLIAM H.                       NC-55-11-50
HUSTON, F. W.                          NC-55-3-18
HUSTON, WILLIAM                        NC-55-6-127
ILAR, NICHOLAS                         NC-55-3-112
INGLE, ANDREW                          NC-55-3-49
INGLE, CHARLES                         NC-55-10-108
INGLE, MICHAEL                         NC-55-1-222
INGLE, W. E.                           NC-55-10-445
ISENHOUR, GEORGE                       NC-55-2-23
JACKSON, BERTIE R.                     NC-55-11-55
JAMES, W. P.                           NC-55-8-281
JARRET, JOHN                           NC-55-1-137
JARRET, WILILAM                        NC-55-8-21
JATTOON, HARVY W.                      NC-55-8-392
JENKINS, BARBRA E.                     NC-5-5-235
JENKINS, HUGH                          NC-55-1-354
JENKINS, J. C.                         NC-55-4-228
JENKINS, WILLIAM M.                    NC-55-9-97
JENKS, GEORGE P.                       NC-55-11-111
JETTON, J. M.                          NC-55-9-206
JOHNSON, A. E. ALICE                   NC-55-9-493
JOHNSON, AGGIE                         NC-55-8-298
JOHNSON, J. E.                         NC-55-10-3
JOHNSON, JOSEPH A.                     NC-55-6-54
JOHNSON, METTIE                        NC-55-9-411
JOHNSON, MINA L.                       NC-55-11-135
JOHNSON, REBECCA                       NC-55-10-294
JOHNSON, RICHARD                       NC-55-1-42
JOHNSTON, JENNIE E.                    NC-55-5-20
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         NC-55-8-155
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                       NC-55-1-227
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      NC-55-2-385
JONES, C. C.                           NC-55-6-199
JONES, ELIZABETH L.                    NC-55-9-220
JONES, GEORGE                          NC-55-1-163
JONES, LEVI                            NC-55-7-10
JONES, MAY                             NC-55-9-369
JONES, WILLIAM                         NC-55-4-517
KALE, BALSER                           NC-55-1-255
KEENER, ADAM                           NC-55-2-410
KEENER, AVID                           NC-55-7-203
KEENER, LEWIS                          NC-5-5-283
KEENER, PETER                          NC-5-5-462
KEENER, SALLIE FINGER                  NC-55-9-455
KEENER, WILLIAM S.                     NC-55-9-455
KEEVER, A. A.                          NC-55-8-74
KEEVER, AARON                          NC-55-4-571
KEEVER, DANIEL F.                      NC-55-9-95
KEEVER, HARRIETT                       NC-55-8-62
KEEVER, HENRY                          NC-55-4-327
KEEVER, JACOB                          NC-55-6-506
KEEVER, JANE                           NC-5-5-388
KEEVER, LUTEHR ALONZO                  NC-55-11-125
KEEVER, MARY C.                        NC-55-8-394
KEEVER, NETTIE FRYE                    NC-55-11-151
KEEVER, ROBERT A.                      NC-5-5-324
KEEVER, ROBERT EDWARD                  NC-55-11-156
KEEVER, THOMAS                         NC-55-3-71
KEEVER, W. T.                          NC-55-9-16
KEITH, EDNA                            NC-55-9-517
KELLY, J. F.                           NC-55-10-125
KENAN, SALLIE D.                       NC-55-6-246
KIDD, WILLIAM                          NC-55-2-113
KILLIAN, A. A.                         NC-55-7-13
KILLIAN, ANDREW                        NC-55-3-42
KILLIAN, E. F.                         NC-55-10-340
KILLIAN, H. P.                         NC-55-6-121
KILLIAN, JACOB                         NC-55-3-30
KILLIAN, JACOB                         NC-55-1-196
KILLIAN, JOHN A.                       NC-5-5-166
KILLIAN, L. S.                         NC-55-5-44
KILLIAN, MARY K.                       NC-55-8-446
KILLIAN, RANSOM R.                     NC-55-10-112
KINCAID, ANN                           NC-5-5-552
KINCAID, D.                            NC-5-5-427
KINCAID, DAVID                         NC-55-3-66
KINCAID, JAMES                         NC-55-3-55
KING, J. ALLEN                         NC-55-9-473
KING, JAMES                            NC-55-1-247
KING, MARTHA P.                        NC-5-5-171
KING, PAUL H.                          NC-55-4-319
KING, WILILAM                          NC-55-4-479
KING, WILLIAM                          NC-55-3-88
KISER, D. A.                           NC-55-10-105
KISER, HANNAH                          NC-55-9-44
KISER, J. S.                           NC-55-9-489
KISER, WILLIAM H.                      NC-55-10-384
KISTLER, CLYDE W.                      NC-55-10-273
KISTLER, CORA W.                       NC-55-10-73
KISTLER, ELIZABETH                     NC-55-4-30
KISTLER, HENRY                         NC-55-3-15
KISTLER, JOSEPH                        NC-55-5-92
KISTLER, L. H.                         NC-55-4-27
KISTLER, MARY R.                       NC-55-8-1
KISTLER, PAUL                          NC-55-2-305
KISTLER, SUSANNA E.                    NC-55-4-317
KISTLER, SUSANNAH                      NC-55-4-461
KISTLER, SUSANNAH                      NC-55-2-15
KISTLER, W. L.                         NC-55-8-229
KIZER, ADAM                            NC-55-1-285
KNIGHT, CLYDE L. SR.                   NC-55-11-31
KNOWLES, DAVID                         NC-55-2-94
KNOWLES, T. F.                         NC-55-6-47
KNOX, JOHN                             NC-55-1-187
KNOX, ROBERT                           NC-55-1-288
KNUCKLEY, ROBERT                       NC-55-6-376
LACKEY, BOSTON M.                      NC-55-10-437
LACKEY, DAVID                          NC-5-5-181
LACKEY, J. A.                          NC-5-5-225
LACKEY, JOHN                           NC-55-4-455
LACKEY, T. O.                          NC-5-5-244
LACKEY, W. A.                          NC-55-7-165
LACKEY, W. J.                          NC-55-9-351
LACKEY, W. L.                          NC-55-9-158
LAMBETH, CHARLES E.                    NC-55-9-468
LANDER, LIZZIE MCBEE                   NC-55-9-521
LANDER, SAMUEL                         NC-55-3-83
LARMAN, A. M.                          NC-55-11-27
LARMON, IDA                            NC-55-8-460
LAWING, R. L.                          NC-55-10-418
LAWING, W. L.                          NC-55-9-48
LEATHERMAN, J. B.                      NC-55-9-544
LEATHERMAN, N. F.                      NC-55-8-138
LEATHERMAN, P. R.                      NC-55-7-23
LEATHERMAN, S. C.                      NC-55-6-302
LEDFORD, W. A.                         NC-55-9-222
LEE, JAMES                             NC-55-1-67
LEE, R. E.                             NC-55-8-289
LEE, S. F.                             NC-55-9-285
LEEPER, JAMES                          NC-55-2-49
LEHMAN, FRANCIS J.                     NC-55-3-86
LEHMAN, WILLIAM                        NC-55-4-274
LEONARD, A. P.                         NC-55-8-196
LEONARD, CASS                          NC-55-10-450, 476
LEONARD, CHARLES SR.                   NC-55-10-430
LEONARD, D. S.                         NC-55-8-43
LEONARD, J. F.                         NC-55-8-75
LEONARD, JACOB                         NC-55-4-184
LEONARD, OSCAR O.                      NC-55-10-394
LEONHARDT, ANNIE C.                    NC-55-10-265
LEONHARDT, DANIEL                      NC-55-3-32
LEONHARDT, DORUS G.                    NC-55-10-451
LEONHARDT, ELIZABETH                   NC-55-7-207
LEONHARDT, J. W.                       NC-55-5-96
LEONHARDT, J. W.                       NC-5-5-158
LEONHARDT, JACOB M.                    NC-55-3-65
LEONHARDT, JOSEPH                      NC-55-2-400
LEONHARDT, LAWRENCE SR.                NC-55-1-271
LEONHARDT, MAGGIE                      NC-55-6-52
LEONHARDT, MARGARET S.                 NC-55-9-253
LEONHARDT, SARAH                       NC-55-5-98
LEWIS, B. B.                           NC-55-10-378
LEWIS, DELPHIA                         NC-55-9-498
LEWIS, ELIZABETH MULLER                NC-55-11-108
LEWIS, H. M.                           NC-55-9-498
LILLY, LYMAN B.                        NC-55-8-407
LILLY, W. A.                           NC-55-10-193
LINEBERGER, A. C.                      NC-55-9-101
LINEBERGER, J. H.                      NC-55-9-403
LINEBERGER, J. L.                      NC-55-9-53
LINEBERGER, KATE W.                    NC-55-8-296
LINEBERGER, R. E. (MRS)                NC-55-8-35
LINEFIELD, DANIEL                      NC-55-1-115
LINGERFELT, J. PINK                    NC-55-6-157
LINGERFELT, JOHN                       NC-55-1-78
LINGERFELT, JOHN                       NC-55-2-358
LINK, ANDREW                           NC-55-8-41
LINTON, HARRIET                        NC-55-8-157
LIPPARD, GROVER CLARENCE               NC-55-11-98
LIPSEY, HARRIE LEE HOPKINS             NC-55-10-136
LIPSEY, THOMAS E. L.                   NC-55-10-351
LITTLE, CATHERINE                      NC-5-5-116
LITTLE, CECILLA R.                     NC-55-9-9
LITTLE, ELIZABETH A.                   NC-55-5-75
LITTLE, GEORGE                         NC-55-4-70
LITTLE, HHAUZE NATHAN                  NC-55-11-142
LITTLE, J. G.                          NC-55-8-79
LITTLE, LOUISA                         NC-55-4-422
LITTLE, POLLY                          NC-55-4-41
LITTLE, SARAH                          NC-55-1-1
LITTLE, SHEROD L.                      NC-55-2-367
LITTLE, SHEROD SR.                     NC-55-4-405
LITTLE, T. C.                          NC-55-3-75
LITTLE, WILILAM                        NC-55-1-289
LITTLE, WILILAM                        NC-55-4-219
LLOYD, AGNES                           NC-5-5-402
LLOYD, ANNA M.                         NC-55-10-163
LLOYD, KILLIAN                         NC-55-9-208
LOCKMAN, DAVID                         NC-55-4-268
LOCKMAN, ELIHU                         NC-55-4-93
LOCKMAN, JOHN                          NC-55-1-323
LOCKMAN, JOHN A.                       NC-55-3-61
LOFTIN, ELDRIDGE                       NC-55-2-137
LOFTIN, HENRY W.                       NC-55-6-256
LOFTIN, JAMES                          NC-55-1-393
LOFTIN, M. L.                          NC-5-5-364
LOFTIN, SENA                           NC-5-5-529
LOGAN, A. F.                           NC-55-9-116
LOHR, G. E.                            NC-55-10-319
LOHR, W. H.                            NC-55-9-419
LONG, CALLIE                           NC-55-10-152
LONG, EVA. S.                          NC-55-10-264
LONG, JONATHAN                         NC-55-1-331
LONG, LEONARD                          NC-55-2-91
LONG, M. F. (MRS)                      NC-55-8-399
LONG, ROBERT W.                        NC-55-10-385
LONGHENOUR, PETER                      NC-55-2-134
LORETZ, SALLIE                         NC-55-9-58
LOVE, KATHERINE MCLEAN                 NC-55-11-61
LOWE, BASIL DETWILDER                  NC-55-11-70
LOWE, D. A.                            NC-5-5-202
LOWE, E. B.                            NC-55-11-127
LOWE, E. M.                            NC-55-8-312
LOWE, HARRY MCLAIN                     NC-55-11-32
LOWE, I. C.                            NC-55-9-333
LOWE, ISAAC                            NC-55-4-197
LOWE, J. W.                            NC-55-4-259
LOWE, M. L.                            NC-5-5-202
LOWE, MARY NEIL                        NC-55-9-338
LOWE, MATTIE                           NC-55-6-155
LOWE, ROSA ANNE                        NC-55-8-241
LOWE, RUFUS L.                         NC-5-5-399
LOWE, S. H.                            NC-55-4-467
LOWE, THOMAS                           NC-55-1-154
LOWE, WILLIAM                          NC-5-5-103
LOWRANCE, ALICE WAGSTAFF               NC-55-10-52
LOWRANCE, ISAAC                        NC-55-1-397
LUCKEY, DAVID                          NC-55-3-93
LUCKEY, JAMES                          NC-55-3-39
LUCKEY, SARAH M.                       NC-55-4-577
LUCKEY, WILLIAM                        NC-55-4-582
LUTZ, A. F.                            NC-55-9-111
LUTZ, DANIEL                           NC-55-3-36
LUTZ, DANIEL A.                        NC-55-3-84
LUTZ, E. E.                            NC-55-6-220
LUTZ, E. JANE                          NC-55-8-428
LUTZ, R. P.                            NC-55-8-161
LUTZ, SAMUEL                           NC-55-4-346
LYNCH, ANNA                            NC-55-1-6
LYNCH, CANDACE                         NC-55-8-303
LYNCH, E. M.                           NC-55-6-307
LYNCH, J. F.                           NC-55-9-443
LYNCH, LILLIE                          NC-55-9-283
LYNCH, LOULA L.                        NC-55-9-71
LYNCH, MAMIE                           NC-55-10-74
LYNN, JANE                             NC-55-11-18
LYNN, JOHN                             NC-55-1-143
LYNN, LEOLA                            NC-55-9-407
LYNN, WILLIAM P.                       NC-55-6-171
MACE, EZRA                             NC-55-11-66
MALLARD, CECIL MURRAY (MRS)            NC-55-9-429
MARSH, SARAH R.                        NC-5-5-345
MARTIN, EDWARD F.                      NC-5-5-354
MARTIN, MARTHA                         NC-55-1-192
MARTIN, MONROE                         NC-55-10-349
MARTIN, P. S.                          NC-55-8-147
MARTIN, SALLIE BESS                    NC-55-11-57
MARTIN, SUSANNAH                       NC-55-1-141
MARTIN, T. W.                          NC-55-8-6
MASON, THOMAS                          NC-55-1-2
MASSEY, W. LATTA                       NC-55-7-41
MAUNEY, CATHARINE                      NC-55-2-225
MAUNEY, CHRISTIAN                      NC-55-2-186
MAUNEY, G. W.                          NC-55-6-340
MAUNEY, GEORGE SR.                     NC-55-2-147
MAUNEY, J. LEE                         NC-55-10-452
MAUNEY, JAMES A.                       NC-55-10-54
MAUNEY, MARSHALL H.                    NC-55-11-133
MAUNEY, N. H.                          NC-5-5-537
MAUNEY, PETER                          NC-55-2-135
MAUNEY, W. J.                          NC-55-9-515
MAUNEY, W. M.                          NC-55-8-169
MCALISTER, JULIUS H.                   NC-55-9-588
MCALISTER, W. T.                       NC-55-11-3
MCBEE, V. A.                           NC-5-5-270
MCBRYAR, WILLIAM                       NC-55-9-107
MCCARVER, JOHN                         NC-55-1-178
MCCAUL, ZANIE BALLARD                  NC-55-9-188
MCCLURE, J. H.                         NC-55-4-174
MCCLURE, RACHEL                        NC-55-2-50
MCCLURG, NATHANIEL                     NC-55-1-111
MCCONNELL, J. A.                       NC-55-9-239
MCCONNELL, LAURA                       NC-55-9-486
MCCORKLE, R. L.                        NC-55-10-141
MCCOWENS, JAMES                        NC-55-3-51
MCCOY, ABNER                           NC-55-4-152
MCCULLOCK, JAMES                       NC-55-2-167
MCDANIEL, ELIZABETH T.                 NC-55-6-315
MCDANIEL, ELIZABETH TIBBS              NC-55-6-211
MCDANIEL, MARY MARTHA                  NC-55-6-211
MCDOWELL, HENRY                        NC-55-4-574
MCGEE, LOIS                            NC-55-8-490
MCGEE, N. L.                           NC-55-8-233
MCGEE, THOMAS E.                       NC-55-8-452
MCGEE, W. S.                           NC-5-5-515
MCGINNIS, BROADUS R.                   NC-55-9-280
MCGINNIS, DAN                          NC-55-9-549
MCGINNIS, EDWARD                       NC-55-2-364
MCGINNIS, KATIE C.                     NC-55-6-564
MCGINTY, LUTHER                        NC-55-10-82
MCGINTY, MAUDE JACKSON                 NC-55-10-391
MCINNIS, RACHAEL                       NC-55-1-124
MCINTOSH, LAURA H.                     NC-55-6-277
MCKEE, JAMES                           NC-55-1-261
MCKINNIS, BETTY                        NC-55-8-426
MCKINNIS, J. F.                        NC-55-8-266
MCLEAN, CREASY                         NC-55-6-274
MCLEAN, J. L.                          NC-55-4-310
MCLEAN, J. THOMAS SR.                  NC-55-7-19
MCLEAN, JENNIE R.                      NC-55-6-240
MCLEAN, M. A.                          NC-55-11-19
MCLEAN, ROBERT A.                      NC-5-5-275
MCLEAN, WILLIAM                        NC-55-1-127
MCLEARG, ELIZABETH                     NC-55-2-304
MCMILLAN, EDWARD E.                    NC-55-10-200
MCMINN, DANIEL                         NC-55-4-73
MCNEELY, R. A.                         NC-55-9-36
MCREE, JAMES P.                        NC-55-8-275
MEHAFFY, JOSEPH                        NC-55-1-371
MELLON, EDWARD                         NC-55-1-79
MICHAEL, FLORENCE V.                   NC-55-8-153
MICHAEL, KATE                          NC-55-6-549
MICHAEL, SALLIE                        NC-5-5-446
MICHAEL, WILLIAM H.                    NC-55-4-539
MICHUM, J. S.                          NC-55-9-353
MILEN, WILLIAM                         NC-55-1-317
MILLER, CALLIE MUNDY                   NC-55-9-365
MILLER, D. HERBERT                     NC-55-9-543
MILLER, JACOB A.                       NC-55-6-70
MILLER, JOHN                           NC-55-1-341
MILLER, JOHN                           NC-55-1-179
MILLER, LOUISA                         NC-55-8-279
MILLER, PINK                           NC-55-9-5
MILLER, PLATO                          NC-55-10-114
MILLER, SALLIE                         NC-55-5-1
MITCHEL, MARY                          NC-55-1-89
MODLIN, N. M.                          NC-55-9-82
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      NC-55-1-159
MONTGOMERY, JOSEPH                     NC-55-2-158
MOODY, JOHN                            NC-55-1-239
MOORE, ALEXANDER                       NC-55-1-426
MOORE, ELIZABETH                       NC-55-2-10
MOORE, JAMES                           NC-55-3-71
MOORE, JOHN                            NC-55-1-369
MOORE, MARTHA                          NC-55-4-231
MOORE, MARTHA C.                       NC-55-3-50
MOORE, W. R.                           NC-55-8-116
MOORE, WILLIAM R.                      NC-55-1-413
MOORMAN, LEMUEL                        NC-55-1-117
MORETZ, J. A.                          NC-55-9-267
MORGAN, CHARLIE D.                     NC-55-10-363
MORRIS, JOSEPH                         NC-55-2-273
MORRISON, J. G.                        NC-5-5-347
MORRISON, JENNIE D.                    NC-55-8-372
MORRISON, JOHN                         NC-55-6-533
MORRISON, MAGGIE                       NC-55-10-72
MORRISON, R. H.                        NC-55-4-399
MORRISON, VIRGIL                       NC-55-9-308
MORRISON, WILLIAM                      NC-55-1-200
MORROW, GEORGE W.                      NC-55-1-353
MOSTELLER, JONAS                       NC-55-4-207
MOTZ, CALDWELL                         NC-55-8-465
MOTZ, CALEB                            NC-55-5-14
MOTZ, IDA B.                           NC-55-9-99
MOTZ, JOHN                             NC-55-2-52
MULL, JCOB                             NC-55-6-283
MULL, JOHN                             NC-55-1-214
MULL, JOHN                             NC-55-2-217
MULL, MARY                             NC-55-2-93
MULLEN, E. W.                          NC-55-10-123
MULLEN, EDWIN                          NC-55-3-40
MULLEN, EFFIE C.                       NC-55-10-286
MULLEN, G. W.                          NC-55-7-177
MULLEN, GEORGE S.                      NC-55-6-152
MULLEN, JOHN F.                        NC-55-4-383
MULLEN, JOHN M.                        NC-55-10-315
MULLEN, MAUDE R.                       NC-55-10-338
MULLEN, ROBERT L.                      NC-55-8-140
MULLEN, S. E.                          NC-5-5-297
MULLEN, W. B.                          NC-55-9-138
MULLEN, WILLIAM                        NC-55-4-280
MULLEN,HENRY                           NC-55-3-69
MULLER, ALFRED EVERETT                 NC-55-11-67
MULLINAUX, J. A.                       NC-55-9-559
MULLINAX, ANNA D.                      NC-55-8-187
MUNDY, ELIZA                           NC-55-4-126
MUNDY, FRANKLIN M.                     NC-55-9-526
MUNDY, JERMIAH                         NC-55-1-352
MUNDY, JERRY                           NC-55-10-320
MUNDY, JULIA                           NC-55-8-326
MUNDY, O. W.                           NC-55-9-75
MUNDY, RUSSELL                         NC-55-11-15
NANCE, ALBERT C.                       NC-5-5-316
NANCE, WILLIAM                         NC-55-2-375
NANTZ, CLAUD SHERIDAN                  NC-55-10-222
NAVY, C. P.                            NC-55-10-425
NEAGLE, JOHN                           NC-55-1-150
NEAGLE, JOHN                           NC-55-1-296
NEIL, ADAM                             NC-55-1-321
NEIL, WILLIAM                          NC-55-1-156
NEWTON, ALICE                          NC-55-10-67
NEWTON, GEORGE                         NC-55-8-77
NEWTON, W. A.                          NC-55-9-508
NEWTON, W. M.                          NC-55-11-95
NIXON, A.                              NC-55-8-37
NIXON, BARTLETT                        NC-55-6-16
NIXON, CATE                            NC-55-9-65
NIXON, DORCAS L.                       NC-55-6-39
NIXON, EVA                             NC-55-11-79
NIXON, JAMES                           NC-55-3-40
NIXON, JAMES                           NC-55-1-92
NIXON, JOHN                            NC-55-3-77
NIXON, JOHN                            NC-55-3-64
NIXON, JOHN H.                         NC-55-7-94
NIXON, JOSHUA                          NC-55-1-328
NIXON, MATILDA                         NC-55-4-165
NIXON, MILLIE                          NC-55-9-174
NIXON, ROBERT A.                       NC-55-1-350
NIXON, SAMUEL C.                       NC-55-9-421
NIXON, SARAH B.                        NC-55-8-385
NIXON, STELLA B.                       NC-55-10-417
NIXON, TINER EUGENE                    NC-55-10-331
NOLL, JOHN                             NC-55-1-241
NORMAN, D. M.                          NC-55-9-80
NORWOOD, JAMES BEVERLY                 NC-55-11-69
NORWOOD, R. M.                         NC-55-8-83
OATS, JOHN                             NC-55-1-183
OATS, MARY                             NC-55-2-416
OATS, ROBERT                           NC-55-2-267
ODELL,C . H.                           NC-55-10-269
ODUM, BRITTAN                          NC-5-5-164
OLDRAGE, HANNAH                        NC-55-1-199
ORMAND, BENJAMIN                       NC-55-1-157
PAGE, HARRY SR.                        NC-55-9-7
PAINE, EUGENIA B.                      NC-55-6-264
PAINE, ISAAC E.                        NC-55-4-544
PAINE, J. W.                           NC-55-4-501
PAOG, LOUIS M.                         NC-55-8-88
PARKER, D. M.                          NC-55-8-433
PARKER, JOSEPH                         NC-55-4-131
PATTERSON, JAMES                       NC-55-2-38
PEARSON, JOHN                          NC-55-1-236
PEELER, A. P. SR.                      NC-55-9-185
PEELER, EULA D.                        NC-55-11-106
PEELER, GEORGE M.                      NC-55-10-161
PELT, S. V.                            NC-55-4-66
PENDLETON, JAMES WARD                  NC-55-11-82
PENDLETON, PINK                        NC-55-9-295
PENELTON, HIRAM                        NC-55-1-291
PERKINS, JOHN TILDEN                   NC-55-10-101
PETRIE,R . M.                          NC-55-6-236
PHIFER, JOHNF.                         NC-55-4-350
PHILLIPS, MARY                         NC-55-2-234
PHILLIPS, SOLOMOM                      NC-55-1-384
PLAXCO, R. F. SR.                      NC-55-11-105
PLONK, DAVID                           NC-5-5-120
PLONK, MARY BLANCH                     NC-55-9-326
PLUNK, MARY BLANCH                     NC-55-9-326
POOLE, AUBREY "ALBY"                   NC-55-10-173
POOLE, W. S.                           NC-55-8-30
POOLE, WILLIAM                         NC-55-4-235
POOVEY, EMMA                           NC-55-8-12
POOVEY, JOHN W.                        NC-55-9-60
POPE, SUSAN                            NC-55-5-7
POTTER, WILLIAM                        NC-55-1-348
POTTS, WALTER A.                       NC-55-10-202
POWELL, GEORGE H.                      NC-55-10-119
POWELL, R. I.                          NC-55-9-118
PRESSLEY, JOHN M.                      NC-55-9-504
PRESSLEY, JOHN M.                      NC-55-9-504
PRICE, THOMAS W.                       NC-55-1-209
PRICE, WILLIAM                         NC-55-1-333
PROCTOR, BENJAMIN                      NC-55-2-114
PROCTOR, H. S.                         NC-55-4-520
PROCTOR, LUCY CONNOR                   NC-55-10-45
PROCTOR, R. E.                         NC-55-8-305
PROCTOR, RICHARD S.                    NC-5-5-474
PROCTOR, T. H.                         NC-55-6-50
PROCTOR, VASSIE L.                     NC-55-6-310
PUTNAM, J. L.                          NC-55-9-434
PUTNAM, LILLIE G.                      NC-55-9-568
QUICKEL, A. L.                         NC-55-10-95
QUICKEL, GEORGIE RHODES                NC-55-11-113
QUICKEL, MICHAEL CARROLL               NC-55-11-41
QUICKLE, ELIZABETH                     NC-55-3-28
QUICKLE, J. C.                         NC-5-5-334
QUICKLE, JACOB L.                      NC-55-10-23
QUICKLE, JOSEPHINE                     NC-55-7-1
QUICKLE, MICHAEL                       NC-55-2-333
QUINN, ADA                             NC-55-9-328
QUINTON, WILLIAM FRAZIER               NC-55-11-74
RABB, JUDITH                           NC-55-2-59
RAFIELD, FRESVAN                       NC-55-4-80
RAMSAUR, A. A.                         NC-55-3-63
RAMSAUR, B. J.                         NC-55-10-127
RAMSAUR, C. H.                         NC-55-3-62
RAMSAUR, DAVID                         NC-55-2-162
RAMSAUR, E. G.                         NC-55-4-332
RAMSAUR, FRANKLIN                      NC-55-4-289
RAMSAUR, GEORGE                        NC-55-2-411
RAMSAUR, HENRY                         NC-55-1-99
RAMSAUR, JACOB                         NC-55-3-48
RAMSAUR, JOHN                          NC-55-2-151
RAMSAUR, JOHN                          NC-55-3-66
RAMSAUR, JUDITH                        NC-5-5-288
RAMSAUR, MALVINA A.                    NC-55-4-440
RAMSAUR, MARY A.                       NC-55-11-75
RAMSAUR, RHODES B.                     NC-55-8-93
RAMSAUR, S. D.                         NC-55-3-85
RAMSAUR, SARAH ALICE                   NC-55-9-113
RAMSAUR, THOMAS J.                     NC-55-8-10
RAMSAUR, VIRGIL                        NC-5-5-430
RAMSAUR, WILLIAM                       NC-5-5-168
RAMSEY, ETTA H.                        NC-55-10-214
RAMSEY, JAMES                          NC-55-2-45
RAMSEY, JAMES EARL SR.                 NC-55-10-231
RAMSEY, JANE                           NC-55-7-109
RAMSEY, R. M.                          NC-5-5-500
RAMSEY, ROBERT                         NC-55-1-314
RAMSEY, ROBERT G.                      NC-55-4-17
RAMSEY, T. S.                          NC-55-9-570
RAMSEY, W. W.                          NC-55-7-155
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                        NC-55-1-93
RAMSOUR, A. A.                         NC-55-3-81
RAMSUR, DAVID                          NC-55-2-124
RANKIN, DORCAS C.                      NC-55-7-37
RANKIN, ELIZABETH                      NC-5-5-455
RANKIN, JAMES                          NC-55-1-273
RANKIN, JOHN M.                        NC-55-4-298
RANKIN, SAMUEL                         NC-55-1-37
RATCHFORD, MARY                        NC-55-1-161
RAWSON, JOHN                           NC-55-1-111
RAYBURN, WILLIAM GRANT                 NC-55-9-529
REEDY, A. W.                           NC-55-5-55
REEDY, ANDRWE                          NC-55-1-68
REEL, D. R.                            NC-55-10-151
REEL, J. M.                            NC-55-9-462
REEL, WILLIAM A.                       NC-55-10-303
REEP, ADAM                             NC-55-1-403
REEP, DAVID                            NC-55-4-265
REEP, J. M.                            NC-55-5-40
REEP, JANE                             NC-55-8-405
REEP, JONAS                            NC-55-4-473
REEP, JULIA R.                         NC-55-8-81
REEP, MICHAL                           NC-55-2-361
REEP, PETER                            NC-55-2-373
REEP, SADIE C.                         NC-5-5-201
REEP, SUSANNAH                         NC-55-2-188
REGAN, P. G.                           NC-55-4-389
REINHARDT, ALLIE                       NC-55-9-331
REINHARDT, F. M.                       NC-55-4-22
REINHARDT, FANNIE A.                   NC-55-9-500
REINHARDT, J. E.                       NC-55-8-64
REINHARDT, J. F.                       NC-55-6-67
REINHARDT, JACOB                       NC-55-1-266
REINHARDT, JACOB                       NC-55-4-371
REINHARDT, JOHN ROBERT                 NC-55-9-50
REINHARDT, LAURA P.                    NC-55-8-45
REINHARDT, NANCY                       NC-55-10-263
REINHARDT, P. A.                       NC-55-8-219
REINHARDT, ROBERT S.                   NC-55-8-28
REINHARDT, SARAH                       NC-55-4-205
REINHARDT, WADE H.                     NC-55-10-242
RENDLEMAN, ADDIE                       NC-55-10-43
RENDLEMAN, ANN A.                      NC-55-6-208
RENDLEMAN, HENRY                       NC-55-3-24
RENDLEMAN, JOHN M.                     NC-55-6-202
RENDLEMAN, MARY J.                     NC-55-7-193
REYNOLDS, C. W.                        NC-55-9-319
REYNOLDS, C. W.                        NC-55-9-319
RHEA, RUTH W.                          NC-55-10-435
RHEA, RUTH W.                          NC-55-10-435
RHODES, BESSIE                         NC-55-9-342
RHODES, DAVID F.                       NC-55-6-387
RHODES, HENRY                          NC-55-4-255
RHODES, J. M.                          NC-55-6-537
RHODES, JACOB H.                       NC-5-5-442
RHODES, MARGARET S.                    NC-55-6-327
RHODES, NANCY C.                       NC-55-8-26
RHODES, PEARL DAVIDSON                 NC-55-10-221
RHODES, RHUDOLPH                       NC-55-4-78
RHODES, WILLIAM C.                     NC-55-6-337
RHYNE, ANNA                            NC-55-10-36
RHYNE, D. E.                           NC-55-8-256
RHYNE, E. I.                           NC-55-8-441
RHYNE, EDGAR S.                        NC-55-11-12
RHYNE, JONAS                           NC-55-3-16
RHYNE, L. C.                           NC-55-7-54
RHYNE, LAWSON                          NC-55-4-524
RHYNE, LUTHER M.                       NC-55-10-255
RHYNE, MARY S.                         NC-5-5-313
RHYNE, MILES J.                        NC-55-6-75
RHYNE, PETER                           NC-55-1-96
RHYNE, SARAH                           NC-5-5-304
RHYNE, THOMAS                          NC-55-1-405
RHYNE, W. H.                           NC-55-8-54
RHYNE, WILL T.                         NC-55-9-600
RHYNE, WILLIAM L.                      NC-55-11-14
RICHAD, D. C.                          NC-55-10-257
RICHARD, GUS DAVIS                     NC-55-10-17
RICHARDSON, CATHERINE                  NC-55-1-351
RICHARDSON, J. M.                      NC-55-4-344
RIDDICK, RICHARD N.                    NC-55-3-51
RIKE, ROELLAH                          NC-55-9-439
RINCK, CARRIE L.                       NC-55-10-191
RINCK, DANIEL                          NC-5-5-438
RINCK, W. GUY                          NC-55-10-252
RITCHIE, MARCUS J.                     NC-55-8-287
RITCHIE, ZEB B.                        NC-55-10-216
RITZERT, JOHN                          NC-55-10-470
ROBERSON, SARAH                        NC-55-1-316
ROBERTS, LOUISA                        NC-5-5-369
ROBINSON, C. C.                        NC-55-8-15
ROBINSON, CATHERINE E.                 NC-5-5-140
ROBINSON, CHARLES E.                   NC-55-8-127
ROBINSON, DAVID H.                     NC-55-6-546
ROBINSON, DIMPLE                       NC-55-9-362
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                    NC-55-1-144
ROBINSON, HENRY S.                     NC-55-8-107
ROBINSON, ISAAC V.                     NC-55-3-34
ROBINSON, J. A.                        NC-5-5-100
ROBINSON, JAMES A.                     NC-55-2-268
ROBINSON, JOHN EDWARD                  NC-55-11-22
ROBINSON, JOHN MARVIN                  NC-55-10-247
ROBINSON, M. W.                        NC-5-5-251
ROBINSON, NANCY F.                     NC-5-5-272
ROBINSON, R. P.                        NC-55-9-475
ROBINSON, R. S.                        NC-55-9-546
ROBINSON, ROBERT B.                    NC-5-5-232
ROGERS, LILLIE L.                      NC-55-9-404
ROOF, CORRIE PRICE                     NC-55-10-8
ROOF, W. H.                            NC-55-10-8
ROPER, JOHN CASWELL                    NC-55-10-332
ROSEMAN, CHARLES                       NC-55-7-16
ROSEMAN, ELLA F.                       NC-55-4-488
ROSEMAN, JOHN MELZA SITTON             NC-55-10-80
ROSEMAN, R. M. SR.                     NC-55-8-330
ROSSER, SIDNEY R.                      NC-55-10-374
ROYSTER, C. A.                         NC-55-9-424
ROYSTER, J. H.                         NC-55-8-310
ROYSTER, THOMAS ALVIN                  NC-55-11-109
ROZZEL, RICHARD                        NC-55-1-38
RUCKER, G. W.                          NC-55-9-556
RUDISILL, CARRIE JENKINS               NC-55-10-441
RUDISILL, E. N.                        NC-55-10-466
RUDISILL, EMANEAL A.                   NC-55-8-481
RUDISILL, EVAN L.                      NC-55-9-233
RUDISILL, HENRY W.                     NC-55-9-457
RUDISILL, J. H.                        NC-55-8-362
RUDISILL, JOHN M.                      NC-55-10-463
RUDISILL, LEILA HAFNER                 NC-55-11-10
RUDISILL, M. M.                        NC-55-9-484
RUDISILL, MARGARET S.                  NC-55-3-24
RUDISILL, MICHAEL                      NC-55-1-72
RUDISILL, SALLIE                       NC-55-4-393
RUDISILL, SILAS P.                     NC-55-9-464
RUDISILL, SOLOMON                      NC-55-5-36
RUDISILL, W. A.                        NC-55-8-58
RUDISILL, WILLIAM                      NC-55-2-77
RUTLEDGE, BELINA T.                    NC-5-5-383
RUTLEDGE, JAMES                        NC-5-5-380
RUTLEDGE, R. G.                        NC-55-8-216
RUTLEDGE, SALLIE                       NC-55-1-150
SADLER, HENRY                          NC-55-1-4
SADLER, J. A.                          NC-5-5-126
SAIN, C. E.                            NC-55-11-137
SAIN, G. B.                            NC-55-9-400
SAIN, RALPH AUGUSTUS                   NC-55-10-422
SAIN, S. A.                            NC-55-10-102
SAIN, SALLIE MAE LUTZ                  NC-55-10-461
SAIN, W. M.                            NC-55-9-152
SAINE, AMOS A.                         NC-55-8-263
SAINE, BARNA M.                        NC-5-5-331
SAINE, EMANUEL                         NC-5-5-241
SAINE, IDA                             NC-55-8-263
SAINE, J. A.                           NC-55-6-83
SAINE, J. R.                           NC-55-9-161
SAINE, JACOB                           NC-55-1-378
SAINE, JACOB                           NC-55-8-202
SAINE, JOHN                            NC-55-4-145
SAINE, LOGAN                           NC-55-9-159
SAINE, MARY A.                         NC-55-8-364
SAINE, MARY ANN                        NC-55-6-486
SAINE, O. W.                           NC-55-11-103
SAINE, PETER                           NC-55-2-247
SAINE, SAMUEL                          NC-55-5-48
SAINE, SARAH                           NC-5-5-425
SAINE, ZEB R.                          NC-55-8-204
SALLEY, J. M.                          NC-55-9-447
SANFORD, L. W.                         NC-55-10-313
SCHENCK, DAVID W.                      NC-55-3-41
SCHENCK, ELIZABETH                     NC-55-3-46
SCHENCK, HENRY                         NC-55-1-390
SCHENCK, MICHAEL                       NC-55-2-318
SCOTT, ROSANNA                         NC-55-1-415
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         NC-55-1-119
SCOTT, WILLIAM A.                      NC-55-2-7
SCRONCE, A. S.                         NC-55-6-567
SCRONCE, THOMAS                        NC-55-8-319
SEABOCK, MARGARET                      NC-55-2-295
SEABOCK, PETER                         NC-55-3-77
SEAGLE, ABLE J.                        NC-55-7-26
SEAGLE, ADAM                           NC-55-1-305
SEAGLE, CALEB                          NC-55-10-63
SEAGLE, DANIEL                         NC-55-4-335
SEAGLE, GARLAND L.                     NC-55-9-202
SEAGLE, GEORGE W.                      NC-55-9-303
SEAGLE, HENRY L.                       NC-55-9-180
SEAGLE, J. F.                          NC-55-9-93
SEAGLE, JOHN J.                        NC-55-4-52
SEAGLE, JOHN P.                        NC-55-8-443
SEAGLE, MARY L.                        NC-55-8-478
SEAGLE, MARY MAE GRACE                 NC-55-10-134
SECHECK, MICHAEL                       NC-55-3-113
SELF, H. A.                            NC-55-6-553
SELF, ISAAC R.                         NC-55-6-330
SELF, J. E.                            NC-55-11-90
SENTER, TORRENCE                       NC-55-10-316
SETTLEMIRE, DAVID                      NC-55-2-56
SETZER, C. A.                          NC-55-10-1
SETZER, H. E.                          NC-55-6-491
SETZER, JOHN                           NC-55-6-160
SHANNON, JAMES                         NC-55-1-23
SHELL, DAVID                           NC-55-4-180
SHELL, N. C.                           NC-55-8-269
SHELTON, FREEMAN                       NC-55-4-15
SHELTON, FREEMAN MC.                   NC-5-5-359
SHELTON, JOSEPH B.                     NC-55-4-557
SHELTON, M. J.                         NC-55-6-363
SHELTON, MARTHA J.                     NC-55-6-399
SHELTON, MECAN                         NC-55-4-13
SHELTON, NELSON                        NC-55-1-260
SHERRILL, AARON                        NC-55-1-125
SHERRILL, ALEXANDER                    NC-55-2-6
SHERRILL, BARBARA P.                   NC-55-9-136
SHERRILL, ELISHA                       NC-55-1-238
SHERRILL, ENOS                         NC-55-2-96
SHERRILL, IDA WOMACK                   NC-55-9-322
SHERRILL, JOSEPH                       NC-55-1-234
SHERRILL, LOGAN W.                     NC-55-2-144
SHERRILL, M. A.                        NC-55-4-123
SHERRILL, MARION M.                    NC-55-10-69
SHERRILL, MARTHA                       NC-55-2-121
SHERRILL, MOSES                        NC-55-1-146
SHERRILL, SUSAN E.                     NC-5-5-387
SHERRILL, THEOPHILUS                   NC-55-4-103
SHIDAL, MARTIN BEVERLY                 NC-55-10-359
SHIDLE, ADOLPHUS                       NC-55-7-121
SHIELDS, D. H.                         NC-55-8-450
SHIPP, BARTLETT                        NC-55-4-34
SHIPP, SUSAN F.                        NC-55-4-223
SHITTLE, ADLPHUS                       NC-55-7-121
SHITTLE, JOHN                          NC-55-4-167
SHITTLE, MARTIN                        NC-55-4-492
SHIVES, W. R.                          NC-55-10-347
SHRONCE, B. M.                         NC-55-10-472
SHRONCE, D. C.                         NC-55-9-377
SHRUM, DANIEL                          NC-55-4-135
SHRUM, HENRY                           NC-55-5-33
SHRUM, J. P.                           NC-55-9-85
SHRUM, JOHN                            NC-5-5-521
SHRUM, JULIUS                          NC-55-6-557
SHRUM, LEVI                            NC-5-5-511
SHRUM, LUTHER A.                       NC-55-9-532
SHRUM, MARY L.                         NC-5-5-481
SHRUM, N. W.                           NC-55-8-273
SHRUM, PETER                           NC-55-1-389
SHRUM, SOLOMON                         NC-55-4-565
SHUFORD, ALONZO R.                     NC-55-10-305
SHUFORD, DANIEL                        NC-55-1-312
SHUFORD, DAVID                         NC-55-1-107
SHUFORD, KATE E.                       NC-55-6-504
SHUFORD, LOY                           NC-55-10-446
SHUFORD, MARY OLLIE                    NC-55-9-511
SHUFORD, VICTORIA                      NC-55-9-124
SHULL, ANTHONY I.                      NC-5-5-299
SHULL, C. W.                           NC-55-6-149
SHULL, CHARLES                         NC-55-2-346
SHULL, CHARLS                          NC-55-2-65
SHULL, MARCUS ODELL                    NC-55-10-38
SHULL, MOSES H.                        NC-5-5-299
SHULL, N. C.                           NC-55-8-269
SIDES, H. M.                           NC-55-9-224
SIFFORD, WILLIAM A.                    NC-55-4-195
SIGMON, CHRISTOPHOR                    NC-55-2-86
SIGMON, GEORGE                         NC-55-1-303
SIGMON, GEORGE                         NC-55-1-211
SIGMON, GEORGE HENRY                   NC-55-11-153
SIGMON, J. R.                          NC-55-9-537
SIGMON, JAMES W.                       NC-55-7-146
SIGMON, JULIUS                         NC-5-5-414
SIGMON, LOYD CRAIG                     NC-55-11-36
SIGMON, M. L.                          NC-55-10-307
SIGMON, PINK L.                        NC-55-10-448
SIGMON, W. B.                          NC-55-8-455
SIMS, R. E.                            NC-5-5-132
SISOM, B. F.                           NC-55-9-554
SLADE, MAGGIE                          NC-55-6-4
SLAYTON, IDA LAURA JONES               NC-55-11-63
SMITH, CHARLES P.                      NC-55-8-225
SMITH, CLYDE                           NC-55-11-129
SMITH, D. F.                           NC-5-5-166
SMITH, D. M.                           NC-55-8-349
SMITH, HENRY                           NC-55-1-34
SMITH, HETTY                           NC-55-4-458
SMITH, J. M.                           NC-55-4-114
SMITH, JACOB PHIFER                    NC-55-8-185
SMITH, JOHN B.                         NC-5-5-340
SMITH, LESTER M.                       NC-55-9-349
SMITH, MARCY C.                        NC-55-6-368
SMITH, N. L.                           NC-55-9-571
SMITH, R. A.                           NC-5-5-267
SMITH, R. M.                           NC-55-8-439
SMITH, ROBERT W.                       NC-55-11-65
SMITH, SALLIE J.                       NC-55-6-73
SMITH, SARAH ANN                       NC-55-10-140
SMITH, W. O.                           NC-55-10-212
SOWES, ROBERT                          NC-55-6-14
SPAIN, SUSANNA                         NC-55-2-237
SPRATT, HUGH                           NC-55-3-109
SPRATT, JOSEPH L.                      NC-55-6-108
SPRATT, THOMAS                         NC-55-3-107
SPRINGS, ADAM A.                       NC-55-2-192
STAMEY, CHARLIE                        NC-55-11-68
STAMEY, JOHNL.                         NC-55-10-243
STAMEY, JOHNR.                         NC-55-2-226
STAMEY, JOSEPH                         NC-55-4-442
STAMEY, LOU CLINE                      NC-55-10-98
STANFORD, A. L.                        NC-55-9-20
STARNES, E.                            NC-5-5-518
STARR, JACOB                           NC-55-1-292
STOWE, ABRAM                           NC-55-2-107
STOWE, JCOB                            NC-55-1-207
STOWE, LEMUEL                          NC-55-2-79
STRONG, JOSETTA                        NC-55-10-372
STROUP, BARTLETT                       NC-5-5-478
STROUP, E. A.                          NC-55-9-597
STROUP, M. P.                          NC-55-6-288
STROUP, MOSER                          NC-55-4-160
STROUP, PHILLIP                        NC-55-1-408
STROUPE, DANIEL                        NC-55-1-12
STRUTT, GEORGE                         NC-55-4-133
SUGAR, JACOB                           NC-55-9-68
SULLIVAN, A. L.                        NC-55-8-17
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                       NC-55-1-237
SULLIVAN, IRVAN J.                     NC-55-8-258
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        NC-55-1-27
SULLIVAN, R. B.                        NC-55-6-365
SUMMER, E. E.                          NC-55-4-296
SUMMEROW, DANIEL                       NC-55-3-87
SUMMEROW, DANIEL                       NC-55-2-403
SUMMEROW, EMALINE                      NC-5-5-356
SUMMEROW, HENRY                        NC-55-1-367
SUMMEROW, MICHAEL                      NC-55-2-296
SUMMEROW, PETER                        NC-55-2-110
SUMMEY, GROER S.                       NC-55-9-426
SUMMEY, J. E.                          NC-55-9-575
SUMMEY, MARGARET                       NC-55-1-11
SUMMEY, MINNIE                         NC-55-9-441
SUMMEY, PETER SR.                      NC-55-3-73
SUMMEY, WILLIAM N.                     NC-55-8-231
TALLENT, S. T.                         NC-55-7-197
TAYLOR, W. C.                          NC-5-5-247
TELEFOSKY, ETTA HELMS                  NC-55-11-123
THOMAS, ROBERT                         NC-55-2-157
THOMPSON, A. A.                        NC-55-8-159
THOMPSON, ANN                          NC-55-2-286
THOMPSON, CHARLES                      NC-55-1-386
THOMPSON, FRANK C.                     NC-55-10-109
THOMPSON, IDA C.                       NC-55-9-314
THOMPSON, MADORA POSTON                NC-55-10-261
THOMPSON, P. A.                        NC-55-8-374
THOMPSON, R. B.                        NC-55-11-21
THOMPSON, T. H.                        NC-55-10-292
THORNBURG, JACOB                       NC-55-2-222
THORTON, MALINDA                       NC-55-3-98
TILLMAN, R. A.                         NC-55-10-235
TIPPONG, CONRAD                        NC-55-2-2
TITMAN, PHILIP                         NC-55-2-112
TOBEY, F. A.                           NC-55-7-199
TODD, C. W.                            NC-55-10-27
TOMPKINS, D. A.                        NC-55-8-459
TOWERY, J. CEPHAS                      NC-55-8-89
TOWERY, M. H.                          NC-55-7-76
TROUTMAN, J. L.                        NC-55-9-576
TROUTMAN, MINNIE                       NC-55-9-38
TUCKER, WILSON                         NC-55-4-354
TURNER, NOAH THEODORE                  NC-55-10-186
TUTHEROW, GEORGE                       NC-55-4-111
TUTHEROW, MARY                         NC-5-5-220
TUTHEROW, SUSAN                        NC-5-5-118
UPTON, S. H.                           NC-55-8-322
URICH, ELIZABETH                       NC-55-1-94
VANDRESSER, WILLIAM M.                 NC-55-11-53
VANDYKE, MARGARET                      NC-55-1-387
VICKERS, WILLIAM                       NC-55-1-217
WAHAB, CAROLINE GRAHAM                 NC-55-10-22
WALKER, ANNA R.                        NC-55-6-468
WARD, CHARLES A.                       NC-55-6-23
WARD, E. W.                            NC-55-5-66
WARD, MARY E.                          NC-55-6-41
WARD, POLSER                           NC-55-2-74
WARLICK, C. L.                         NC-55-10-369
WARLICK, ELIZABETH A.                  NC-55-6-405
WARLICK, H. D.                         NC-55-9-46
WARLICK, J. FRANK                      NC-55-9-243
WARLICK, JCOBR .                       NC-55-8-333
WARLICK, JOHN SUMMIE                   NC-55-11-51
WARLICK, MARGARET                      NC-55-4-87W
WARLICK, MINNE A.                      NC-55-10-121
WARLICK, S. R.                         NC-55-9-103
WARLICK, ZIMIRI Z.                     NC-55-10-211
WATERS, IDA SMITH                      NC-55-9-592
WEATHERS, ELISHA                       NC-55-2-80
WEATHE,S, JULIA ANN                    NC-55-8-8
WEAVER, COLUMBUS D.                    NC-55-9-74
WEAVER, CONRAD                         NC-55-2-82
WEAVER, NANCY                          NC-55-2-370
WEAVER, ROXANNA                        NC-55-9-231
WEBB, MARY H.                          NC-55-10-250
WEHUNT, CALEB                          NC-55-3-72
WEHUNT, JOHN                           NC-55-4-338
WEHUNT, W. SCOTT                       NC-55-7-150
WEIDNER, H. W.                         NC-55-7-181
WEIDNER, HENRY                         NC-55-2-414
WELLS, BURWELL                         NC-55-1-82
WELLS, JAMES                           NC-55-1-26
WEST, BARNEY                           NC-55-1-117
WEST, ROBERT                           NC-55-1-302
WETMORE, L. B.                         NC-55-6-360
WHISANANT, GEORGE W.                   NC-55-8-336
WHITE, C. M.                           NC-55-9-178
WHITE, JAMES H.                        NC-55-4-285
WHITENER, BOYCE EDWIN                  NC-55-11-96
WHITENER, DANIEL                       NC-55-1-269
WHITENER, PHILLIP                      NC-55-1-278
WHITESIDES, EDWARD                     NC-55-1-243
WHITNER, HENRY                         NC-55-2-414
WILFONG, GEORGE                        NC-55-1-148
WILFONG, JOHN                          NC-55-2-1
WILFONG, PETER                         NC-55-2-118
WILKIE, JOHANNAH                       NC-55-8-177
WILKIE, L. T.                          NC-55-4-514
WILKINSON, H. R.                       NC-55-8-413
WILKINSON, HENRY H.                    NC-55-1-295
WILKINSON, JOHN                        NC-55-1-342
WILLIAMS, A. R.                        NC-55-8-136
WILLIAMS, ADA SHULL                    NC-55-10-416
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                      NC-55-3-15
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        NC-55-3-473
WILLIAMS, DORAS                        NC-55-11-45
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         NC-55-3-94
WILLIAMS, LAWSON P.                    NC-55-6-471
WILLIAMS, LIGHTFOOT                    NC-55-1-252
WILLIAMS, MARY                         NC-55-6-58
WILLIAMS, MARY                         NC-55-2-13
WILLIAMS, N. P.                        NC-55-10-31
WILLIAMS, NORMAN CAIN                  NC-55-11-150
WILLIAMS, S. MC BEE                    NC-5-5-394
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        NC-55-3-92
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       NC-55-3-20
WILLIAMS, WESLEY                       NC-55-4-407
WILLIAMSON, NANNIE DELLA               NC-55-10-4
WILLIAMSON, ROBERT                     NC-55-2-394
WILLIS, F. E.                          NC-55-8-383
WILLIS, F. G.                          NC-5-5-509
WILLIS, R. H.                          NC-55-6-508
WILSON, ALICE                          NC-55-9-229
WILSON, BARBARA MARY                   NC-55-4-193
WILSON, BEVERLY                        NC-55-9-505
WILSON, COLUMBUS C.                    NC-55-9-398
WILSON, DALLAS                         NC-5-5-280
WILSON, DELIA M.                       NC-55-4-216
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      NC-55-1-181
WILSON, J. A.                          NC-55-10-209
WILSON, JAMES A.                       NC-55-4-241
WILSON, JENNIE W.                      NC-55-9-466
WILSON, JOHN                           NC-55-1-229
WILSON, JOHN A.                        NC-55-4-352
WILSON, LAFAYETTE                      NC-55-3-85
WILSON, LEROY S.                       NC-55-4-272
WILSON, MARY V.                        NC-55-4-470
WILSON, R. A.                          NC-55-5-85
WILSON, SALLIE                         NC-5-5-278
WILSON, SAMUEL                         NC-55-2-379
WILSON, SARAH                          NC-55-1-416
WILSON, SARAH L.                       NC-55-6-348
WILSON, SYLVANIUS                      NC-55-4-428
WILSON, THOMAS                         NC-55-1-254
WILSON, WILLIAM                        NC-55-1-391
WINGATE, CORA J.                       NC-55-10-389
WINSTEAD, MELDRUM B.                   NC-55-10-357
WISE, BARBARA                          NC-55-5-61
WISE, C. L.                            NC-55-8-251
WISE, GEORGE T.                        NC-55-10-25
WISE, I. L.                            NC-55-4-530
WISE, J. A.                            NC-55-9-62
WISE, JACOB                            NC-55-1-377
WISE, JACOB                            NC-55-4-476
WISE, JOHN                             NC-55-3-3
WISE, MARY                             NC-55-4-193
WISE, MINNIE L.                        NC-55-10-267
WISE, ROBERT GUY                       NC-55-10-344
WISE, SALLIE H.                        NC-55-10-474
WISE, SARAH A.                         NC-55-6-205
WISE, W. A.                            NC-55-10-311
WITHERS, CLEATUS BRAXTON               NC-55-10-181
WITHERSPOON, JAMES                     NC-55-2-5
WOOD, AUSTIN F.                        NC-55-9-491
WOOD, BELLE WOOD                       NC-55-9-512
WOOD, J. H.                            NC-55-4-464
WOOD, J. P.                            NC-55-8-239
WOOD, MARY ISABEL HOUSER               NC-55-9-512
WOOD, SARAH                            NC-55-2-417
WOOD, T. C.                            NC-55-6-495
WOOD, VINCENT                          NC-55-3-38
WOODCOCK, JULIA A.                     NC-55-8-415
WOODCOCK, JULIA E.                     NC-55-6-443
WOODRING, DANIEL                       NC-55-1-14
WOOLLEY, OCHIA PENDLETON               NC-55-11-40
WORKMAN, W. P.                         NC-55-8-299
WRENSHALL, C.C.                        NC-5-5-495
WRIGHT, L. S.                          NC-55-8-66
WYANT, KATHRYN PAULINE                 NC-55-10-355
WYANT, ROBERT SIDNEY                   NC-55-11-93
WYKE, JACOB                            NC-55-1-336
YARBOROUGH, JEROME                     NC-5-5-285
YARBOROUGH, JOHN H.                    NC-55-10-309
YARBOROUGH, S. O.                      NC-55-6-383
YODER, DANIEL A.                       NC-55-8-72
YODER, KATIE                           NC-55-10-392
YORK, HOLDEN E.                        NC-55-9-354
YOUNG, SOLOMON                         NC-55-4-495
YOUNT, CATHERINE                       NC-55-4-38
YOUNT, J. H.                           NC-55-4-387
YOUNT, J. L.                           NC-55-11-1
YOUNT, LOUISE GLENDMEYER               NC-55-10-48
YOUNT, SAMUEL                          NC-55-6-511
ZIMMERON, JOHN                         NC-55-1-205

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