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ADAIR, CHARLES                          NC-41-A-5
AKIN, WILLIAM                           NC-41-A-9
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                       NC-41-A-7
ALLEN, JOHN                             NC-41-A-7
ALLISON, MARTHA                         NC-41-A-6
ANDERSON, JAMES                         NC-41-A-12
ANDREWS, JEREMIAH                       NC-41-A-8
ANTHONY, JAMES                          NC-41-A-2
ARCHER, JAMES                           NC-41-A-1
ARMFIELD, ISAAC                         NC-41-A-3
ARMFIELD, JONATHAN                      NC-41-A-4
ARMFIELD, WILLIAM                       NC-41-A-10
AYDLOTT, BENJAMIN                       NC-41-A-11
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-34
BARNARD, BENJAMIN                       NC-41-A-16
BARNES, JOHN                            NC-41-A-33
BARNETT, JEAN                           NC-41-A-33
BARNHILL, WILLIAM                       NC-41-A-19
BEALS, JESSE                            NC-41-A-18
BEALS, JOHN                             NC-41-A-15
BEARD, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-20
BEESON, ISAAC                           NC-41-A-32
BENSON, JOHN                            NC-41-A-22
BILLINGSLEY, JAMES                      NC-41-A-27
BLAIR, JAMES                            NC-41-A-28
BLAIR, JOHN                             NC-41-A-13
BLAIR, JOHN                             NC-41-A-27
BOON, JACOB                             NC-41-A-25
BORTON, RICHARD                         NC-41-A-23
BOYD, CATHARINE                         NC-41-A-24
BREDEN, ALEXANDER                       NC-41-A-14
BREDEN, ROBERT                          NC-41-A-17
BRITTAIN, WILLIAM                       NC-41-A-30
BROGDON, JAMES                          NC-41-A-35
BROWN, MATTHEW                          NC-41-A-31
BROWN, NATHANIEL                        NC-41-A-22
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-29
BULLOCK, EDWARD                         NC-41-A-35
BURNET, JOHN                            NC-41-A-19
BURNEY, JOHN                            NC-41-A-26
BYFORD, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-28
CAFFEE, JOHN                            NC-41-A-41
CALHOON, JAMES                          NC-41-A-48
CALHOON, JANE                           NC-41-A-78
CAMPBELL, MARY                          NC-41-A-65
CAMPBELL, MOSES                         NC-41-A-38
CAMPLIN, HENRY                          NC-41-A-63
CHAMBERS, ELENOR                        NC-41-A-39
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          NC-41-A-76
CHARLES, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-50
CHIPMAN, PARIS                          NC-41-A-71
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                        NC-41-A-40
CHRISTOPHER, SIMON                      NC-41-A-80
CLAPP, JOHN PHILIP                      NC-41-A-51
CLAPP, TOBIAS                           NC-41-A-64
CLARK, JOHN                             NC-41-A-55
CLARK, NATHANIEL                        NC-41-A-61
CLARKE, HANCE                           NC-41-A-50
COBLE, ANTHONY                          NC-41-A-44
COBLE, JOHN                             NC-41-A-84
COBLE, LUDWICK                          NC-41-A-60
COE, JOHN                               NC-41-A-73
COFFEE, JOSHUA                          NC-41-A-59
COFFIN, ABIJAH                          NC-41-A-46
COFFIN, BARNABAS                        NC-41-A-78
COFFIN, BENJAMIN                        NC-41-A-47
COFFIN, SAMUEL                          NC-41-A-57
COFFIN, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-71
COFFIN, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-52
COOK, ABRAHAM                           NC-41-A-56
COOK, THOMAS                            NC-41-A-66
COOPER, DAVID                           NC-41-A-49
COPP, HENRY                             NC-41-A-82
COVEY, MARY                             NC-41-A-76
COX, THOMAS                             NC-41-A-37
CRAFT, THOMAS CHARLES                   NC-41-A-45
CRANOR, MARY                            NC-41-A-68
CRANOR, THOMAS                          NC-41-A-54
CRAWLEY, THOMAS                         NC-41-A-38
CRISWELL, JANE                          NC-41-A-67
CROWDER, JEREMIAH                       NC-41-A-42
CUMINS, THOMAS                          NC-41-A-81
CUMMINS, GEORGE                         NC-41-A-75
CUMMINS,FRANCIS                         NC-41-A-69
CUMMONS, THOMAS                         NC-41-A-62
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       NC-41-A-43
CURTIS, CHARLES                         NC-41-A-41
CURTIS, CLAIBOURN                       NC-41-A-73
DAUGHERTY, DANIEL                       NC-41-A-91
DAUGHERTY, ROBERT                       NC-41-A-103
DAVIS, THOMAS                           NC-41-A-89
DEAN, FREDRICK                          NC-41-A-95
DEATHERAGE, PHILEMON                    NC-41-A-88
DEER, CHARLES                           NC-41-A-106
DENNIS, THOMAS                          NC-41-A-90
DENNIS, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-100
DENNY, GEORGE                           NC-41-A-110
DENNY, JAMES                            NC-41-A-87
DENNY, JAMES                            NC-41-A-94
DICK, WILLIAM                           NC-41-A-109
DICKS, PETER                            NC-41-A-98
DILLON, CHARITY                         NC-41-A-110
DILLON, DANIEL                          NC-41-A-105
DILLON, PETER                           NC-41-A-97
DIMOND, PATRICK                         NC-41-A-101
DOAK, JAMES                             NC-41-A-108
DOAK, ROBERT                            NC-41-A-99
DOAK, WILLIAM                           NC-41-A-103
DONNELL, ELIZABETH                      NC-41-A-106
DUFF, ABRAM                             NC-41-A-96
DUNLAP, JOHN                            NC-41-A-104
DWIGGINS, ROBERT                        NC-41-A-92
ENDSLEY, ABRAHAM                        NC-41-A-112
ERWIN, ROBERT                           NC-41-A-111
EUBANKS, JOHN                           NC-41-A-113
FAIRBANKS, WILLIAM                      NC-41-A-118
FIELD, JOHN                             NC-41-A-116
FIELD, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-126
FINLEY, JOSIAH                          NC-41-A-125
FISHER, DANIEL                          NC-41-A-119
FLACK, ELISHA                           NC-41-A-121
FLACK, JANE                             NC-41-A-122
FLEMNG, ROBERT                          NC-41-A-123
FLUE, THOMAS                            NC-41-A-115
FORBIS, ARTHUR                          NC-41-A-115
FORBIS, ARTHUR                          NC-41-A-117
FORBIS, JOHN                            NC-41-A-124
FORBIS, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-114
FOREHAND, DAVID                         NC-41-A-121
GALES, MATTHEW                          NC-41-A-145
GIFFORD, JONATHAN                       NC-41-A-129
GILCHRIST, SAMUEL                       NC-41-A-146
GILLASPIE, JOHN                         NC-41-A-135
GLADSON, NATHAN                         NC-41-A-137
GLESS, ARISLEY                          NC-41-A-146
GLESS, PHILIP                           NC-41-A-140
GORDY, MOSES                            NC-41-A-144
GORRELL, RALPH                          NC-41-A-141
GOUDY, JAMES                            NC-41-A-136
GOUDY, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-128
GOUGH, STEPHEN                          NC-41-A-133
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NC-41-A-131
GREEN, CHARLES                          NC-41-A-133
GUITHIST, EDWARD                        NC-41-A-128
GULLET, GEORGE                          NC-41-A-132
GWIN, ROBERT                            NC-41-A-138
GWYN, ROBERT                            NC-41-A-134
HALL, JOHN                              NC-41-A-187
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       NC-41-A-156
HARDIN, CHARLES                         NC-41-A-172
HARGRAVE, NAOMI                         NC-41-A-165
HARRIS, DAVID                           NC-41-A-168
HARRIS, PETER                           NC-41-A-158
HARRIS, THOMPSON                        NC-41-A-152
HARRY, JOHN                             NC-41-A-175
HARTLEY, FRANCIS                        NC-41-A-158
HAWORTH, STEPHANUS                      NC-41-A-169
HAYS, PATRICK                           NC-41-A-159
HEALY, JOHN                             NC-41-A-179
HEATH, JACOB                            NC-41-A-189
HEATH, JOHN                             NC-41-A-188
HEATH, SAMUEL                           NC-41-A-189
HEATH, SMITH                            NC-41-A-182
HEATH, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-183
HENDERSON, JOHN                         NC-41-A-168
HIATT, CHRISTOPHER                      NC-41-A-160
HIATT, GEORGE                           NC-41-A-184
HIATT, NATHAN                           NC-41-A-157
HIATT, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-180
HILL, ISAAC                             NC-41-A-154
HINDS, JOSEPH                           NC-41-A-150
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM                      NC-41-A-176
HITTON, JAMES                           NC-41-A-164
HIXON, PHILIP                           NC-41-A-180
HODGSON, GEORGE                         NC-41-A-148
HODGSON, JOHN                           NC-41-A-170
HODSON, DAVID                           NC-41-A-186
HODSON, GEORGE                          NC-41-A-178
HODSON, ROBERT                          NC-41-A-185
HOFHAINS, JACOB                         NC-41-A-161
HOGGATT, JOSEPH                         NC-41-A-181
HOGGATT, PHILIP                         NC-41-A-155
HOGGATT, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-153
HOKINS, JOSEPH                          NC-41-A-165
HOLTON, LEWIS                           NC-41-A-171
HOSKINS, ARNOLD                         NC-41-A-167
HOULSTON, THOMAS                        NC-41-A-160
HOUSE, JOSHUA                           NC-41-A-184
HUDDLESTONE, SETH                       NC-41-A-163
HUNT, JABEZ                             NC-41-A-177
HUNT, JOHN                              NC-41-A-173
HUNTER, JOHN                            NC-41-A-147
HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER                     NC-41-A-151
HUTTON, GEORGE                          NC-41-A-174
INGLE, GEORGE                           NC-41-A-191
ISLEY, LUDWICK                          NC-41-A-190
JACKSON, DAVID                          NC-41-A-201
JACKSON, JAMES                          NC-41-A-197
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-202
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-198
JAMISON, GEORGE                         NC-41-A-200
JENKINS, EPHRAIM                        NC-41-A-204
JENKINS, THOMAS                         NC-41-A-193
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER                      NC-41-A-199
JOHNSON, JAMES                          NC-41-A-203
JOHNSON, PLEASANT                       NC-41-A-197
JORDAN, MICHAEL                         NC-41-A-194
JOYCE, ALEXANDER                        NC-41-A-195
KELLAM, JOHN                            NC-41-A-209
KERR, CATHARINE                         NC-41-A-211
KERR, DANIEL                            NC-41-A-207
KERR, ELIZABETH                         NC-41-A-210
KIRKMAN, JAMES                          NC-41-A-205
KIRKMAN, PETER                          NC-41-A-207
KNIGHT, ABEL                            NC-41-A-210
LACKEY, ADAM                            NC-41-A-219
LAKEY, JOHN                             NC-41-A-215
LAMB, ROBERT                            NC-41-A-224
LAW, ANDREW                             NC-41-A-221
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          NC-41-A-220
LEE, HENRY                              NC-41-A-222
LEWIS, PHILIP                           NC-41-A-214
LINDSAY, ROBERT                         NC-41-A-427
LOMAN, ADAM                             NC-41-A-223
LOMAX, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-212
LONEY, EDWARD                           NC-41-A-216
LORIMER, SAMUEL                         NC-41-A-213
LOW, DAVID                              NC-41-A-215
LUNDWETH, THOMAS                        NC-41-A-218
MACY, DIANAH                            NC-41-A-227
MACY, ENOCH                             NC-41-A-239
MACY, MATTHEW                           NC-41-A-235
MAJOR, THOMAS                           NC-41-A-234
MARONEY, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-233
MARTIN, JAMES                           NC-41-A-232
MASON, ABRAHAM                          NC-41-A-244
MCADOW, JAMES                           NC-41-A-267
MCADOW, JAMES                           NC-41-A-260
MCALL, TIMOTHY                          NC-41-A-252
MCBRIDE, JOHN                           NC-41-A-268
MCCALL, JOHN                            NC-41-A-255
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN                        NC-41-A-269
MCCONNELL, MARY                         NC-41-A-256
MCCUISTON, MOSES                        NC-41-A-261
MCDARMON, CHARLES                       NC-41-A-259
MCDILL, SAMUEL                          NC-41-A-273
MCDOWELL, JOSEPH                        NC-41-A-257
MCGIBBONEY, PATRICK                     NC-41-A-263
MCGREADY, JAMES                         NC-41-A-262
MCKEMMA, GIDEON                         NC-41-A-272
MCKENEY, GEORGE                         NC-41-A-274
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          NC-41-A-250
MCKNIGHT, TIMOTHY                       NC-41-A-253
MCLEAN, JOHN                            NC-41-A-270
MCMURRY, JAMES                          NC-41-A-265
MCMURRY, JOHN                           NC-41-A-254
MCMURRY, JOHN                           NC-41-A-258
MCNAUGHT, WILLIAM                       NC-41-A-251
MEARS, ZEDOCK                           NC-41-A-232
MEDAVIS, CHARLES                        NC-41-A-227
MENDENHALL, AARON                       NC-41-A-230
MENDENHALL, GEORGE                      NC-41-A-242
MENDENHALL, JAMES                       NC-41-A-245
MENDENHALL, JOHN                        NC-41-A-236
MENDENHALL, MORDECAI                    NC-41-A-239
MENDENHALL, MOSES                       NC-41-A-244
MENDENHALL, THOMAS                      NC-41-A-233
MILEHAM, SAMUEL                         NC-41-A-225
MILEHAM, WALTER                         NC-41-A-238
MILLS, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-241
MITCHEL, ROBERT                         NC-41-A-229
MONGOMERY, JAMES                        NC-41-A-226
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     NC-41-A-246
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     NC-41-A-229
MORELAND, THOMAS                        NC-41-A-275
MORGAN, HABIKKUK                        NC-41-A-248
MULLOY, EDWARD                          NC-41-A-236
NATION, JOHN                            NC-41-A-277
NEELEY, ROBERT                          NC-41-A-278
NELSON, ALEXANDER                       NC-41-A-280
NELSON, GEORGE                          NC-41-A-282
NEWMAN, MARY                            NC-41-A-281
NOTS, JOHN                              NC-41-A-278
OWEN, SAMUEL                            NC-41-A-284
PAISLEY, JOHN                           NC-41-A-296
PARKHILL, WILLIAM                       NC-41-A-290
PARSONS, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-301
PEEPLES, JEHU                           NC-41-A-299
PEGRAM, EDWARD                          NC-41-A-293
PERKINS, CALEB                          NC-41-A-289
PERKINS, JOSEPH                         NC-41-A-295
PHILPOTT, DAVID                         NC-41-A-288
PLUNKET, CATHARIEN                      NC-41-A-292
PLUNKET, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-292
POE, JAMES                              NC-41-A-298
PORTER, HENRY                           NC-41-A-301
PORTER, JAMES                           NC-41-A-287
PORTER, JAMES                           NC-41-A-298
PORTER, SAMUEL                          NC-41-A-294
POTTER, EPHRAIM                         NC-41-A-286
PRIOR, ELEANOR                          NC-41-A-294
PRITCHETT, EZEKIEL                      NC-41-A-291
QUAIL, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-304
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          NC-41-A-317
RANKIN, HANNAH                          NC-41-A-325
RANKIN, JOHN                            NC-41-A-324
RANKIN, ROBERT                          NC-41-A-316
RANKIN, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-318
REA, WILLIAM                            NC-41-A-306
RECORDS, ANANIAS                        NC-41-A-321
REED, HENRY                             NC-41-A-307
REEVES, JAMES                           NC-41-A-306
REITZEL, ADAM                           NC-41-A-311
REYNOLDS, DAVID                         NC-41-A-326
RHODES, JOHN                            NC-41-A-310
ROBERTSON, LUCA                         NC-41-A-327
ROSS, JOHN                              NC-41-A-318
ROSS, JOHN                              NC-41-A-309
RUCKMAN, JOSEPH                         NC-41-A-327
RUDDUCK, JOHN                           NC-41-A-308
RUDDUCK, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-320
RUPES, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-313
RUSSELL, JAMES                          NC-41-A-323
RUSSELL, ROEBRT                         NC-41-A-321
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-322
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-314
RYAN, JOHN                              NC-41-A-312
SANDERS, HEZEKIAH                       NC-41-A-378
SANDERS, JOEL                           NC-41-A-374
SANDERS, JOHN                           NC-41-A-364
SANDERS, JOHN                           NC-41-A-344
SAPP, ROBERT                            NC-41-A-368
SCLAES, JOSEPH                          NC-41-A-337
SCOTT, JOHN                             NC-41-A-332
SCOTT, REBECCA                          NC-41-A-360
SCOTT, ROBERT                           NC-41-A-340
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-352
SEARCY, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-333
SHANNON, WILLIAM                        NC-41-A-361
SHARBOUGH, JOSEPH                       NC-41-A-351
SHARP, JOHN                             NC-41-A-335
SHAVER, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-355
SHAW, PATRICK                           NC-41-A-357
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NC-41-A-345
SHELLY, JAMES                           NC-41-A-349
SHELLY, JOHN                            NC-41-A-340
SHOEMAKER, SUSANNAH                     NC-41-A-369
SIGFRED, HENRICH                        NC-41-A-357
SIMPSON, RICHARD                        NC-41-A-347
SIMPSON, RICHARD SR.                    NC-41-A-379
SMITH, JOHN                             NC-41-A-339
SMITH, JOSEPH                           NC-41-A-371
SMITH, PETER                            NC-41-A-371
SMITH, ROBERT                           NC-41-A-336
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NC-41-A-358
SOCKMENT, CHRISTOPHER                   NC-41-A-356A
SOUTS, JACOB                            NC-41-A-354
SPENCE, WILLIAM                         NC-41-A-362
SPINKS, ENOCH                           NC-41-A-330
STACK, ELIJAH                           NC-41-A-343
STALKER, GEORGE                         NC-41-A-350
STANLEY, SHADRACK                       NC-41-A-346
STARBUCK, GAYES                         NC-41-A-373
STARBUCK, MATTHEW                       NC-41-A-376
STARRAT, JAMES                          NC-41-A-359
STARRATT, BENJAMIN                      NC-41-A-334
STEARNS, SHUBAL                         NC-41-A-329
STEPHENSON, MATTHEW                     NC-41-A-341
STEVENSON, ANN                          NC-41-A-348
STEWART, FINLEY                         NC-41-A-363
STONE, JOHN                             NC-41-A-369
SULLEN, JOHN                            NC-41-A-365
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        NC-41-A-366
SWING, LUDOVICK                         NC-41-A-342
TALLEY, NICHOLAS                        NC-41-A-386
TATUM, EDWARD                           NC-41-A-390
TAYLOR, MARY                            NC-41-A-389
TAYLOR, SIMEON                          NC-41-A-381
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NC-41-A-388
THOMAS, JAMES                           NC-41-A-382
THOMPSON, HENRY                         NC-41-A-380
THOMPSON, JOHN                          NC-41-A-385
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        NC-41-A-394
THORNBURGH, THOMAS                      NC-41-A-382
THORNBURGH, THOMAS JR.                  NC-41-A-383
THORNBURY, JAMES                        NC-41-A-391
THORNBURY, JOSEPH                       NC-41-A-387
TILLAY, GEORGE                          NC-41-A-388
TOUCHTONE, JONAS                        NC-41-A-392
TUCKER, LEVI                            NC-41-A-395
UNTHANK, JOHN                           NC-41-A-398
UNTHANK, JOSEPH                         NC-41-A-397
WADDELL, JAMES                          NC-41-A-406
WALKER, RICHARD                         NC-41-A-408
WALTON, ALSE                            NC-41-A-405
WEATHERBY, EDWARD                       NC-41-A-415
WEATHERBY, WILLIAM                      NC-41-A-411
WELBORN, THOMAS                         NC-41-A-400
WHARTON, WATSON                         NC-41-A-419
WHITE, ISAAC                            NC-41-A-416
WHITE, JOHN                             NC-41-A-412
WHITE, JOHN                             NC-41-A-418
WHITE, JOHN                             NC-41-A-403
WILEY, DAVID                            NC-41-A-422
WILEY, THOMAS                           NC-41-A-417
WILLEY, EDARD W.                        NC-41-A-406
WILSON, ALLEN                           NC-41-A-405
WILSON, JONATHAN                        NC-41-A-410
WITT, MICHAEL                           NC-41-A-399
WODOSIDE, JOHN                          NC-41-A-407
WOODBURN, ARTHUR                        NC-41-A-425
WOODBURN, WILLIAM                       NC-41-A-414
WORK, JOHN                              NC-41-A-421
WORK, JOHN                              NC-41-A-409
WORTH, FRANCIS                          NC-41-A-413
WRIGHT, JAMES JR.                       NC-41-A-403
WRIGHT, JOHN                            NC-41-A-402
WRIGHT, THOMAS                          NC-41-A-424
ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE                       NC-41-A-426

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