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Column One: Name of Testator
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ADAMS, JOHN P.                          NC-27-2-115
ADDISON, ELIJAH                         NC-27-2-336
ALCOCK, SOLOMON                         NC-27-2-286
ALLEN, JAMES                            NC-27-2-133
ALLEN, MARY                             NC-27-2-135
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       NC-27-3-172
ANSELL, JOHN                            NC-27-2-68
ASHBEE, MARY                            NC-27-2-354
ASHBEE, SOLOMON                         NC-27-3-33
AUSTIN, MARY                            NC-27-2-290
AUSTIN, THOMAS SR.                      NC-27-2-275
AUSTIN, WILLIAM                         NC-27-3-172
AYDELOTT, JOHN                          NC-27-3-73
AYLOR, THOMAS                           NC-27-3-100
BALL, HOSEA                             NC-27-3-329
BALL, REUBEN                            NC-27-2-17
BALLANCE, BARBARA                       NC-27-2-276
BALLANCE, DANIEL                        NC-27-2-158
BALLANCE, JOSEPH                        NC-27-2-198
BALLANCE, MARY                          NC-27-3-249
BALLANCE, POLLY                         NC-27-3-329
BALLANCE, WILLIAM                       NC-27-2-90
BALLANCE,JEHU                           NC-27-3-198
BALLANTINE, DAVIS                       NC-27-3-120
BALLANTINE, HENRY                       NC-27-3-38
BALLANTINE, JOSEPH JR.                  NC-27-3-89
BALLANTINE, JOSEPH SR.                  NC-27-3-20
BALLANTINE, LOVY                        NC-27-3-71
BALLENTINE, HENRY                       NC-27-2-26
BALLENTINE, JAMES                       NC-27-2-330
BARNARD, EDMUND                         NC-27-3-221
BARNARD, JESSEE                         NC-27-3-244
BARNARD, LUKE                           NC-27-3-2
BARNARD, SAMUEL                         NC-27-2-199
BARNES, JONATHAN                        NC-27-2-67
BARNES, RABBARD                         NC-27-2-7
BARNETT, ROBERT                         NC-27-2-289
BARRATT, JOHN                           NC-27-2-53
BARRATT, RICHARD                        NC-27-2-16
BARRIAT, JOHN                           NC-27-2-183
BASNET, WILLOUGHBY                      NC-27-3-134
BATES, ANDREW                           NC-27-3-162
BATTEN, JORG                            NC-27-2-159
BAUM, MAURICE                           NC-27-2-263
BAXTER, JOSEPH SR.                      NC-27-3-130
BEACHAM, JOHN                           NC-27-3-312
BEASLEY, HENRY                          NC-27-3-174
BEASLEY, JOACUM                         NC-27-2-294
BEASLEY, WILLIAM                        NC-27-3-126
BEASLEY, WILLIAM                        NC-27-3-315
BEASLY, EDNEY                           NC-27-3-108
BELL, DUKE                              NC-27-3-199
BELL, EDEY                              NC-27-2-163
BELL, JOHN                              NC-27-3-21
BELL, JOHN                              NC-27-2-284
BELL, JOSEPH                            NC-27-3-263
BELL, JOSIAH                            NC-27-3-83
BELL, RANSOM                            NC-27-3-77
BELL, ROBERT                            NC-27-3-63
BELL, WILL                              NC-27-2-281
BENNETT, CARTER                         NC-27-2-144
BENNETT, EUPHAN                         NC-27-2-328
BENNETT, JOHN                           NC-27-2-35
BERNARD, ROBERT                         NC-27-2-188
BERNARD, WILLIAM                        NC-27-2-212
BERRY, JOHN                             NC-27-3-23
BERRY, MARY                             NC-27-2-203
BERRY, WILLIAM                          NC-27-3-326
BEST, THOMAS                            NC-27-3-48
BEST, THOMAS                            NC-27-3-102
BEST, WILLIAM (SAILOR)                  NC-27-3-2
BILL, LITITIA                           NC-27-2-223
BITCHAM, THOMAS                         NC-27-2-13
BONNY, JONATHAN                         NC-27-2-10
BONNY, WILLIAM                          NC-27-3-268
BOWDEN, ARTHUR                          NC-27-3-326
BRABBELL, TATEM                         NC-27-3-233
BRABBLE, JOHN                           NC-27-2-320
BRADLEY, CHARLES                        NC-27-2-357
BRAY, ANDREW                            NC-27-3-208
BRAY, JAMES                             NC-27-2-140
BRAY, JAMES                             NC-27-3-137
BRAY, LENNER                            NC-27-3-50
BRAY, NANCY                             NC-27-2-355
BRAY, WALLIS                            NC-27-3-81
BRICKHOUSE, BENJAMIN SR.                NC-27-3-76
BRIGHT, AARON                           NC-27-3-78
BRIGHT, HARRISON                        NC-27-2-305
BRIGHT, HENRY                           NC-27-2-178
BRIGHT, ISAAC                           NC-27-3-14
BRIGHT, SARAH                           NC-27-2-355
BRIGHT, SILAS                           NC-27-2-74
BRIGHT, SOLOMON                         NC-27-3-57
BRIGHT, WILLIS                          NC-27-2-171
BROOKS, WILLOUGHBY                      NC-27-2-37
BROWN, LETITIA                          NC-27-2-306
BROWN, LUKE                             NC-27-3-291
BROWN, LUKE                             NC-27-3-222
BROWN, THOMAS                           NC-27-3-39
BRUNT, RICHARD                          NC-27-2-22
BRYANT, JOHN                            NC-27-2-222
BUNNEL, EDWAN                           NC-27-3-181
BUNNELL, EMBLEY                         NC-27-2-211
BUNNILL, JOHN B.                        NC-27-3-243
BURNHAM, SAMUEL                         NC-27-2-138
BURNS, JOHN                             NC-27-2-149
BURROUGHS, SARAH H.                     NC-27-3-196
BURRUS, ROBERT                          NC-27-3-82
BURRUS, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-358
BURTON, JOHN                            NC-27-2-157
BUSLEY, MORDICIA                        NC-27-2-186
BUTT, CHAINELIUS                        NC-27-2-172
CANE, JOHN                              NC-27-2-11
CANES, CORNELIES                        NC-27-2-166
CAPPS, CALEB                            NC-27-3-155
CAPPS, CALEB                            NC-27-3-158
CAPPS, DENNIS                           NC-27-2-220
CAPPS, JESSEE                           NC-27-3-115
CAPPS, JOEL                             NC-27-3-266
CAPPS, JOHN                             NC-27-2-39
CAPPS, MALACHI                          NC-27-2-232
CAPPS, MOSES                            NC-27-3-61
CAPPS, POLLY                            NC-27-3-266
CARD, ELIZABETH                         NC-27-2-1
CARROL, MARY                            NC-27-3-269
CASEY, DEMPSEY                          NC-27-3-39
CASON, ELIJAH                           NC-27-3-25
CAVENDER, SALLY                         NC-27-3-62
CHANDLER, WILLIAM                       NC-27-2-192
CHAPLIN, CALEB                          NC-27-3-118
CHAPLIN, JAMES                          NC-27-2-54
CHAPLIN, JOHN                           NC-27-3-279
CHAPLIN, SPENCE                         NC-27-3-225
CHAPLIN, WILLIAM                        NC-27-3-271
CHAPPEL, GEORGE                         NC-27-3-60
CHAPPEL, MARY                           NC-27-3-204
CHERRY, ISIAH                           NC-27-2-271
CHERRY, JAMES                           NC-27-2-181
CHERRY, SARAH                           NC-27-2-302
CHESNEL, PETER                          NC-27-3-9
CHETTUM, MARY                           NC-27-3-116
CHITTUM, JOHN                           NC-27-3-246
CHITTUM, PETER                          NC-27-3-166
CHITTUM, WINNEY                         NC-27-3-290
CHURCH, JOHN                            NC-27-3-109
CLELAND, REBECCA                        NC-27-2-120
COCHRAN, DOLLY                          NC-27-3-116
COFFEE, JESSE                           NC-27-3-197
COFFEY, GEORGE                          NC-27-2-141
COOPER, BENJAMIN                        NC-27-3-51
COX, MIRANADUKE                         NC-27-2-292
COX, THOMAS SR.                         NC-27-3-190
CRANK, JOHN                             NC-27-3-193
CREEKMOR, SAMUEL                        NC-27-3-98
CRUD, HENRY                             NC-27-2-105
CUDWORTH, JOHN                          NC-27-2-327
CULPEPPER, HENRY                        NC-27-3-70
DAILEY, FREDERICK                       NC-27-2-348
DANIEL, GIDEON                          NC-27-2-235
DANIEL, JOHN                            NC-27-3-248
DANIEL, JOSEPH                          NC-27-3-295
DANIEL, NICHOLAS                        NC-27-2-312
DAUGH, THOMAS                           NC-27-2-174
DAUZE, GRIFFITH                         NC-27-2-201
DAUZE, TULLEY                           NC-27-2-150
DAUZE, WILLIS                           NC-27-2-295
DAVIS, JAMES                            NC-27-3-141
DAVIS, JOHN                             NC-27-3-31
DEAN, JOHN                              NC-27-2-164
DOUDGE, DORY                            NC-27-3-276
DOUDGE, EVEN                            NC-27-3-49
DOUDGE, JAMES                           NC-27-3-12
DOUDGE, PETER                           NC-27-3-175
DOUDGE, WILLIS                          NC-27-3-165
DOUGH, BENJAMIN                         NC-27-3-87
DOUGH, PETER                            NC-27-2-153
DOUGH, RICHARD                          NC-27-3-186
DOUGLASS, JAMES                         NC-27-3-324
DOWDIE, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-246
DOWDY, CALEB                            NC-27-2-14
DOWDY, JACOB                            NC-27-2-322
DOWDY, JOHN                             NC-27-3-178
DOWDY, JOSIAH                           NC-27-3-238
DOWDY, JOSIAH                           NC-27-3-105
DOXEY, JOHN                             NC-27-3-173
DOXEY, WILLIAM                          NC-27-3-333
DOZIER, CYNTHA                          NC-27-3-311
DOZIER, EDMMUND S.                      NC-27-3-287
DOZIER, ELIAS                           NC-27-3-232
DOZIER, WILLOUGHBY                      NC-27-3-104
DRING, PERCIVAL                         NC-27-3-37
DUDLEY, MALECHI                         NC-27-3-309
DUDLEY, MALECHI                         NC-27-3-117
DUKE, ANDREW                            NC-27-3-182
DUNTON, LEVEN                           NC-27-3-319
DUNTON, POLLY                           NC-27-3-310
DURKIN, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-197
DY, SAMUEL                              NC-27-2-350
EADY, SAMUEL                            NC-27-3-318
ELLIS, MATTHEW                          NC-27-2-282
ETHERD, ROBINSON                        NC-27-3-18
ETHERIDGE, JAMES                        NC-27-2-353
ETHERIDGE, MATHIAS                      NC-27-2-121
ETHERIDGE, RICHARD                      NC-27-2-27
ETHERIDGE, SAMPSON                      NC-27-2-19
ETHERIDGE, TIMOTHY                      NC-27-2-117
ETHERIGE, FRANCES                       NC-27-2-228
ETHREIDGE, DEMPSEY                      NC-27-3-22
ETHREIDGE, MARGARET                     NC-27-3-282
ETHREIDGE, ROBERT                       NC-27-3-240
ETHREIDGE, RUBEN                        NC-27-3-294
ETHREIDGE, SAMPSON                      NC-27-3-71
ETHREIDGE, SAMPSON JR.                  NC-27-3-169
ETHREIDGE, TART                         NC-27-3-195
ETHREIDGE, WILLIS                       NC-27-3-8
ETHRREIDGE, ADAM                        NC-27-3-24
EVANS, HENRY                            NC-27-3-259
EVANS, JOSEPH                           NC-27-2-96
FARROW, CHRISTOPHER                     NC-27-2-311
FARROW, HEZEKIAH                        NC-27-3-4
FARROW, HEZEKIAH                        NC-27-2-128
FARROW, JOHN                            NC-27-3-292
FARROW, THOMAS                          NC-27-3-64
FENTRESS, WILLIAM                       NC-27-2-350
FEREBEE, ELIZABETH                      NC-27-2-70
FEREBEE, JOSEPH                         NC-27-3-303
FEREBEE, ROBERT                         NC-27-2-15
FEREBEE, THOMAS                         NC-27-2-207
FISHER, GEORGE                          NC-27-2-212
FISHER, JOHN SR.                        NC-27-3-322
FLETCHER, PEGGY                         NC-27-2-30
FLORY, ARON                             NC-27-3-51
FLORY, JOHN                             NC-27-3-223
FLORY, WILLIAM                          NC-27-3-9
FORBES, DEMPSEY                         NC-27-3-88
FORBES, ENOCH                           NC-27-3-160
FORBES, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-205
GALLOP, SHADRACK                        NC-27-2-204
GAMEL, JOSHUA                           NC-27-3-119
GAMEVLL, BRIDGETT                       NC-27-2-283
GARREL, JOHN                            NC-27-3-88
GARROT, ELIZABETH                       NC-27-3-237
GARROT, THOMAS                          NC-27-3-75
GAYLOR, STEPHEN                         NC-27-3-111
GIBBINS, JOSHUA                         NC-27-3-170
GIBBS, GILES                            NC-27-2-180
GIBSON, HENRY                           NC-27-3-3
GIBSON, ROBERT                          NC-27-2-34
GIVENS, WILLIS                          NC-27-2-206
GLASGOW, THOMAS                         NC-27-2-222
GLASGOW, WILLIAM                        NC-27-2-279
GRAY, GRIFFITH                          NC-27-2-269
GRAY, MARY                              NC-27-3-11
GRAY, STEPHEN                           NC-27-2-254
GRAY, THOMAS                            NC-27-3-210
GREEN, BOWEN                            NC-27-3-69
GREEN, JAMES                            NC-27-3-12
GREGORY, CORNELIUS                      NC-27-2-313
GREGORY, ENOCH                          NC-27-2-291
GREGORY, FRANCES                        NC-27-3-145
GREGORY, JESSE                          NC-27-2-123
GREGORY, JOSEPH                         NC-27-2-288
GREGORY, JUDITH                         NC-27-2-204
GREGORY, LUKE                           NC-27-3-220
GREGORY, RACHEL                         NC-27-3-19
GREGORY, TULLY                          NC-27-3-101
GREY, JOSEPH                            NC-27-2-296
GRIFFITH, GREGORY                       NC-27-2-106
GRIGGS, GEORGE                          NC-27-3-288
GRIGGS, LYDIA                           NC-27-3-252
GRIVES, ABSALOM                         NC-27-2-308
GUNTER, CHARLES                         NC-27-2-320
HALL, DIRECTOR                          NC-27-2-89
HALL, NATHAN                            NC-27-2-195
HALL, SPENCE                            NC-27-2-5
HALL, SPENCE                            NC-27-2-330
HALLOWAY, WILLIAM                       NC-27-2-338
HALSTAD, UNICE                          NC-27-3-258
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          NC-27-2-20
HALSTEAD, SETH                          NC-27-2-143
HALSTED, MALACHI                        NC-27-3-45
HAMMOND, JOHN                           NC-27-2-240
HAMPTON, JOHN T.                        NC-27-3-273
HANES, WILLIAM                          NC-27-2-9
HARRIS, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-244
HARRISON, JOHN                          NC-27-3-312
HARRISON, JOSIAH                        NC-27-2-1
HARRISON, ZORABABLE                     NC-27-3-15
HAVARD, JOSEPH                          NC-27-3-8
HAVEWELL, HENRY                         NC-27-2-168
HAYNES, AMEY                            NC-27-3-224
HEARGOLD, TULLY                         NC-27-2-112
HEATH, JULIAN                           NC-27-2-356
HEATH, ROBERT                           NC-27-2-40
HEATH, THOMAS                           NC-27-2-209
HEATH, THOMAS                           NC-27-3-29
HILL, JOHN                              NC-27-3-31
HILL, ZACHARIAH                         NC-27-3-308
HOBBS, AUGUSTUS                         NC-27-3-1
HOLLOWAY, EDWARD                        NC-27-3-128
HOLMES, JOHN                            NC-27-2-269
HOLSTED, WILLIAM                        NC-27-3-80
HOWARD, GEORGE                          NC-27-3-101
HUET, EPHRAIM                           NC-27-3-62
HUMPHRIES, JOHN                         NC-27-2-80
HUMPHRIES, MARY                         NC-27-2-110
HUNNINGS, WILLIAM                       NC-27-3-102
HUNT, CHARLES                           NC-27-2-247
HUTCHINS, ANNIS                         NC-27-3-323
HUTCHINS, NATHANIEL                     NC-27-3-167
HUTCHINS, SALLY                         NC-27-3- 205
JARIUS, ELIZABETH                       NC-27-2-340
JARIUS, GRACE                           NC-27-2-287
JARIUS, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-59
JARREL, RACHEL                          NC-27-3-327
JARVIS, ALLEN                           NC-27-3-111
JARVIS, EPHRIAM                         NC-27-3-77
JARVIS, JOHN                            NC-27-3-82
JARVIS, SOLOMON                         NC-27-3-43
JARVIS, WILLIAM                         NC-27-3-131
JASPER, DORCAS                          NC-27-3-159
JASPER, SAMUEL                          NC-27-2-189
JENKINS, ELISHA                         NC-27-2-33
JENNETT, JESSE                          NC-27-2-78
JONES, CATHARINE                        NC-27-2-173
JONES, DAVID (DR.)                      NC-27-3-139
JONES, JOSEPH                           NC-27-2-137
JONES, LYDIA                            NC-27-3-215
JONES, MALECHI                          NC-27-3-121
JONES, MARY                             NC-27-3-156
JONES, RANDAL                           NC-27-2-136
JONES, RANDOLPH                         NC-27-2-154
KALLAN, THEOPHILUS                      NC-27-2-255
KALLU, JAMES                            NC-27-3-332
KALLUM, BENJAMIN F.                     NC-27-3-331
KALLUM, NANCEY                          NC-27-3-332
KENNION, LUSANNA                        NC-27-2-251
KENNRION, ELIZABETH                     NC-27-2-258
KINEY, SALOMON                          NC-27-2-325
KINNEY, HENRY                           NC-27-2-319
LAZARUS, LINTON                         NC-27-2-169
LEE, ASA                                NC-27-2-152
LEE, DANIEL                             NC-27-3-153
LEE, DEMSEY                             NC-27-3-134
LEE, ELIZABETH                          NC-27-3-74
LEE, JAMES                              NC-27-2-341
LEE, JANE                               NC-27-2-167
LEE, PHILIP                             NC-27-2-363
LEE, SALLY                              NC-27-3-174
LEE, SAMUEL                             NC-27-2-241
LEMOUNT, ARTHUR                         NC-27-2-147
LINDSEY, CHARLES                        NC-27-3-54
LINDSEY, JOHN                           NC-27-2-148
LINTON, AUGUSTUS                        NC-27-3-245
LIRTON, BENJAMIN                        NC-27-2-124
LITCHFIELD, ABRAHAM                     NC-27-2-47
LITCHFIELD, JACOB                       NC-27-2-267
LITCHFIELD, JOHN                        NC-27-2-46
LITCHFIELD, PETER                       NC-27-2-156
LUPMAN, JONATHAN                        NC-27-2-76
LURRY, WILLIAM                          NC-27-3-91
MACKEY, JOHN                            NC-27-3-142
MACLARNEN, JAMES                        NC-27-2-114
MACLARNEN, MARY                         NC-27-2-126
MACOY, JOHN                             NC-27-3-22
MANCRIEF, THOMAS                        NC-27-2-24
MANN, JOHN                              NC-27-2-231
MATHIAS, BURROUGHS                      NC-27-3-109
MATHIAS, CLOE                           NC-27-3-133
MATHIAS, ELIZABETH                      NC-27-3-314
MATHIAS, SIMON                          NC-27-3-67
MATTHIAS, MATTHEW                       NC-27-2-43
MAY, JOSEPH                             NC-27-2-53
MCCOY, WILLIAM                          NC-27-2-63
MCHORNEY, JOHN                          NC-27-2-268
MCHORNEY, THOMAS                        NC-27-3-316
MCLAIN, JAMES                           NC-27-2-109
MCPHERSON, DANIEL                       NC-27-2-113
MERCER, JEREMIAH                        NC-27-2-104
MERCER, JEREMIAH SR.                    NC-27-3-44
MERCER, MALACHI                         NC-27-2-344
MERCER, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-347
MERCHANT, CATHARINE                     NC-27-2-107
MIDGETT, BETHANY                        NC-27-2-50
MIDGETT, DANIEL                         NC-27-2-352
MIDGETT, SAMUEL                         NC-27-2-326
MIDGETT, WILLIAM                        NC-27-3-28
MILLER, MAXIMILLIAN                     NC-27-3-168
MILLER, SOLOMON                         NC-27-3-59
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-45
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-277
MITCHEL, THOMAS                         NC-27-3-89
MOONEY, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-198
MORRIS, DANIEL                          NC-27-3-74
MORRISSETTE, PETER                      NC-27-2-230
MORSE, ARCHIBALD                        NC-27-2-29
MORSE, CALEB                            NC-27-2-29
MORSE, FRANCES                          NC-27-3-151
MORSE, FRANCIS                          NC-27-2-293
MORSE, REUBEN                           NC-27-2-250
MORSE, THOMAS                           NC-27-3-166
MORSE, ZACHARIAH                        NC-27-3-90
MOUND, WILL                             NC-27-2-221
MULDER, GRIFFITH                        NC-27-3-293
MUNDER, STEPHEN                         NC-27-2-165
MURREL, JOHN                            NC-27-3-85
NEWALL, SULLIVAN                        NC-27-3-99
NICHOLAS, FRANKEY                       NC-27-2-99
NICHOLAS, JAMES                         NC-27-2-98
NICHOLSON, JOSIAH                       NC-27-2-298
NICHOLSON,JOSIAH                        NC-27-3-106
NORTHERN, JOHN                          NC-27-2-13
NOTHEN, DORATHA                         NC-27-3-114
ODANIEL, WILLIAM                        NC-27-2-246
ONEAL, CHRISTOPHER                      NC-27-3-96
ONEAL, EDWARD                           NC-27-3-262
ONEAL, MICHAEL                          NC-27-2-111
ONEAL, NATHAN                           NC-27-3-119
ONEAL, WILLIAM                          NC-27-2-146
PADER, JAMES                            NC-27-2-77
PADRIC, SARAH                           NC-27-3-55
PADRICK, PETER                          NC-27-2-160
PAINE, ENOCH                            NC-27-2-323
PAINE, THOMAS                           NC-27-2-242
PARKER, PETER SR.                       NC-27-3-218
PARKER, SARAH                           NC-27-3-328
PARKER, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-62
PARR, CALEB                             NC-27-2-319
PARR, DANIEL                            NC-27-2-196
PARR, JESSE                             NC-27-3-26
PARR, RICHARD                           NC-27-3-184
PARR, THANEY                            NC-27-3-321
PARR, WILLIAM                           NC-27-2-343
PASTWOOD, BENJAMIN                      NC-27-2-182
PATRIDGE, JESSE                         NC-27-3-3
PELL, JOHN                              NC-27-2-225
PERKINS, EDNEY                          NC-27-3-168
PERKINS, HENRY                          NC-27-2-64
PERKINS, JACOB                          NC-27-3-99
POWERS, CURIFF                          NC-27-2-95
POWERS, GEORGE                          NC-27-2-42
POWERS, J. S. D.                        NC-27-3-189
POWERS, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-65
POYNER, ADAM                            NC-27-2-125
POYNER, DINAH                           NC-27-3-255
POYNER, ISABLE                          NC-27-2-339
POYNER, ISIAH                           NC-27-3-235
POYNER, JAD                             NC-27-2-252
POYNER, JAMES                           NC-27-3-192
POYNER, JONATHAN                        NC-27-2-18
POYNER, JOSEPH                          NC-27-2-130
POYNER, LEVI                            NC-27-3-283
POYNER, MARY                            NC-27-3-83
POYNER, PETER                           NC-27-2-92
POYNER, ROBERT                          NC-27-2-237
POYNER, ROBERT                          NC-27-3-58
POYNER, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-126
POYNER, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-341
PURDEY, MARY                            NC-27-3-216
PYNER, GEORGE                           NC-27-3-92
QUDLEY, NATHANIEL                       NC-27-3-104
QUIDLEY, THOMAS                         NC-27-2-132
QUIDLEY, WILLIAM                        NC-27-2-310
RALINSON, WILLIAM                       NC-27-2-309
RALLINSON, FRANCIS                      NC-27-2-274
RAY, JOSHUA                             NC-27-2-30
READ, MALACHI                           NC-27-2-272
ROBINSON, NATHAN                        NC-27-3-281
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        NC-27-3-176
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                       NC-27-2-138
RODGERS, JOHN                           NC-27-3-277
RODGERS, WILLIAM                        NC-27-3-40
ROLLINSON,C HRISTOPHER                  NC-27-3-110
ROWLAND, GEORGE                         NC-27-3-69
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN                       NC-27-3-42
RUSSELL, LEMUEL                         NC-27-2-300
SALYER, SAMUEL SR.                      NC-27-3-122
SANDERSON, DANIEL                       NC-27-3-136
SANDERSON, JOHN                         NC-27-3-206
SANDERSON, JULIA                        NC-27-3-203
SANDERSON, THOMAS                       NC-27-3-147
SANDERSON, THOMAS                       NC-27-3-80
SAUNDERSON, JOHN                        NC-27-2-176
SAUNDERSON, JOHN                        NC-27-2-216
SAUNDERSON, LEMUEL                      NC-27-2-329
SAVAGE, LUTHER                          NC-27-2-13
SAWYER, JACOB                           NC-27-3-228
SAWYER, JEREMIAH                        NC-27-3-236
SAWYER, RICHARD                         NC-27-2-359
SAWYER, SIMEON                          NC-27-3-56
SAWYER, WILLOUGHBY                      NC-27-3-306
SCARBOROUGH, AUSTIN                     NC-27-2-226
SCARSBOROUGH, EDWARD                    NC-27-2-193
SCARSBOROUGH, IGNATIOUS                 NC-27-2-184
SCARSBOROUGH, NANCEY                    NC-27-2-145
SCOTT, JAMES                            NC-27-3-227
SCOTT, MITCHAEL                         NC-27-3-307
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NC-27-2-260
SEARS, CALEB                            NC-27-3-335
SEARS, JOHN                             NC-27-2-194
SHANNON, JOYACE                         NC-27-2-318
SHAW, POLLY                             NC-27-3-317
SIKES, BENJAMIN                         NC-27-2-358
SIMMON, JOSEPH                          NC-27-3-177
SIMMON, RABECCA                         NC-27-3-231
SIMMONS, CALEB                          NC-27-2-256
SIMMONS, DARCUS                         NC-27-2-103
SIMMONS, HILLARY                        NC-27-2-273
SIMMONS, JOHN                           NC-27-2-161
SIMMONS, JOHN                           NC-27-3-4
SIMMONS, JOHN                           NC-27-2-51
SIMMONS, MARY                           NC-27-2-245
SIMMONS, MITCHEL                        NC-27-3-313
SIMMONS, MITCHEL                        NC-27-3-171
SIMMONS, THOMAS                         NC-27-3-106
SIMMONS, WILL                           NC-27-2-278
SIMMONS,ANTONY                          NC-27-3-65
SIMPSON, JOHN                           NC-27-2-257
SIMPSON, JOSHUA                         NC-27-2-323
SIMPSON, JOSIAH                         NC-27-2-187
SLAUGHTER, SARAH                        NC-27-2-170
SLIGHT, HENRY                           NC-27-2-28
SMITH, LABEN                            NC-27-2-72
SMITH, SARAH                            NC-27-2-8
SOALS, ARMSTED                          NC-27-3-95
SOREY, DINAH                            NC-27-3-305
SOREY, JOAB                             NC-27-3-265
SPAN, THOMAS                            NC-27-3-191
SPENCE, PRISCILLA                       NC-27-2-165
SPRY, GEMIMA                            NC-27-3-330
STACK, NANCEY                           NC-27-3-239
STANLEY, RICHARD                        NC-27-2-19
STEPHENS, BENJAMIN                      NC-27-3-52
STEPHENS, JOHN                          NC-27-3-86
STEPHENS, LYDIA                         NC-27-3-92
STEWART, AFFIAH                         NC-27-2-239
STEWART, JOHN                           NC-27-2-338
STOW, JOSEPH                            NC-27-2-48
TALER, MATHIAS                          NC-27-2-317
TATUM, JOHN                             NC-27-2-32
TATUM, JOHN                             NC-27-3-53
TATUM, JOSEPH                           NC-27-3-315
TATUM, WILLIAM                          NC-27-3-93
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        NC-27-2-361
TAYLOR, DAVID                           NC-27-3-15
TAYLOR, EBENEZER                        NC-27-2-116
TAYLOR, EDWARD                          NC-27-2-342
TAYLOR, FRANCES                         NC-27-3-325
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NC-27-2-261
TAYLOR, JONATHAN                        NC-27-2-314
TAYLOR, RUBEN                           NC-27-3-1
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-119
TAYLOR, ZACHARIAH                       NC-27-3-84
THOMAS, JAMES                           NC-27-3-17
THOMPSON, ANDY                          NC-27-2-262
THOMPSON, EVEN                          NC-27-2-11
TILLETT, THOMAS                         NC-27-2-100
TILLOTT, SAMUEL                         NC-27-3-13
TOLAR, SARAH                            NC-27-3-67
TOLER, CALEB SR.                        NC-27-3-303
TOLER, MATHIAS                          NC-27-3-17
TOLSON, DANIEL                          NC-27-3-107
TURNER, SAMPSON                         NC-27-2-2
TWIFORD, WILLIAM                        NC-27-3-55
TWITNE, ARCHELUS                        NC-27-2-202
WAHAB, JAMES                            NC-27-2-127
WALKER, CALEB                           NC-27-2-12
WALKER, EDWARD                          NC-27-3-10
WALKER, JOHN                            NC-27-2-16
WALKER, NANCEY                          NC-27-3-162
WALKER, ONEIL                           NC-27-2-122
WALKER, PRISCILLA                       NC-27-2-200
WALKER, SAMUEL                          NC-27-2-58
WALKER, SAMUEL                          NC-27-3-7
WALKER, THOMAS                          NC-27-2-307
WALKER, WILLIAM                         NC-27-3-251
WALKER, WILLIS                          NC-27-2-185
WALLACE, MARY                           NC-27-3-328
WALMSLEY, JOHN                          NC-27-2-221
WATERFIELD, ABRAHAM                     NC-27-3-256
WATERFIELD, JOHN                        NC-27-2-224
WATERFIELD, MARY                        NC-27-3-36
WATERFIELD, MICHAEL                     NC-27-2-87
WATERFIELD, SOUTHWARD                   NC-27-3-84
WESKITT, STEPHEN                        NC-27-2-316
WEST, EDWARD                            NC-27-2-345
WEST, JOSHUA                            NC-27-2-229
WEST, OBEDIAH                           NC-27-2-299
WEST, ROBERT                            NC-27-3-27
WEST, SARAH                             NC-27-3-35
WHEATLY, JOHN                           NC-27-2-218
WHEATLY, WILLIAM                        NC-27-2-360
WHITE, HENRY                            NC-27-2-25
WHITE, HENRY                            NC-27-2-235
WHITE, JAMES                            NC-27-3-284
WHITE, JOHN JASPER                      NC-27-2-266
WHITE, MARY                             NC-27-2-270
WHITE, MARY ANN                         NC-27-2-38
WHITE, THOMAS                           NC-27-3-164
WHITE, THOMAS SR.                       NC-27-3-113
WHITE, WILLOUGHBY                       NC-27-3-179
WHITEHALL, THOMAS                       NC-27-3-241
WHITEHOUSE, GRACEY                      NC-27-2-343
WHITEHURST, KEZUR                       NC-27-3-185
WHITEHURST, MARY                        NC-27-3-261
WHITEHUST, SAMUEL SR.                   NC-27-3-41
WICKER, WILLIAM                         NC-27-2-142
WILLIAMS, AMY                           NC-27-3-132
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       NC-27-2-155
WILLIAMS, ELIAS                         NC-27-2-303
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                     NC-27-2-86
WILLIAMS, FAWRIE                        NC-27-2-227
WILLIAMS, HALOWELL                      NC-27-2-31
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         NC-27-2-21
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NC-27-3-20
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          NC-27-2-118
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        NC-27-3-255
WILLIAMS, LUCIAS                        NC-27-2-23
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       NC-27-2-219
WILLIAMS, SALLY                         NC-27-3-214
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        NC-27-2-190
WILLIAMS, THOMAS POOL                   NC-27-2-233
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       NC-27-3-96
WILLIAMSON, FRANCIS                     NC-27-2-208
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     NC-27-2-259
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     NC-27-3-320
WILLOUGHBY, HANCEY                      NC-27-3-185
WOODHOUSE, HADEY                        NC-27-3-46
WOODHOUSE, HEZEKIAH                     NC-27-3-252
WOODHOUSE, MARY                         NC-27-3-72
WOODHOUSE, WILSON                       NC-27-3-97
WRIGHT, GAMEWELL                        NC-27-2-131
YOUNGHUSBOND, THOMAS                    NC-27-2-3

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