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ABSTON, T. J.                           MS-5-1-137
AKIN, ANNIE                             MS-5-2-294
AKINS, HENRIETTA                        MS-5-2-14
AKINS, JOSEPH S.                        MS-5-2-261
AKINS, W. T.                            MS-5-2-265
ALDRICH, C. H. (MRS.)                   MS-5-1-116
ALDRICH, J. M.                          MS-5-1-368
ALDRICH, RICHARD P.                     MS-5-1-6
ALLEN, ANNE CARSON                      MS-5-2-313
ALLISON, WILLIAM W.                     MS-5-1-241
ANDERSON, W. D. (MRS)                   MS-5-1-336
AUTRY, JACOB M.                         MS-5-2-229
AYRES, A. M.                            MS-5-1-56
AYRES, S. N. SR.                        MS-5-1-244
AYRES, S. R. (MRS)                      MS-5-2-10
BAILEY, ORANGE                          MS-5-1-260
BALFOUR, WAVERLEY S.                    MS-5-2-110
BEAN, WILLIAM                           MS-5-2-66
BEASLEY, A. RAY                         MS-5-2-236
BECK, O. A.                             MS-5-1-12
BENNETT, C. M.                          MS-5-2-454
BENNETT, DORA B.                        MS-5-2-224
BENSLEY, ROSE B.                        MS-5-2-139
BERTA, SUE GRACE WHITE                  MS-5-2-383
BEX, WILLIAM                            MS-5-2-12
BLACK, J. T.                            MS-5-1-154
BLAIR, ISABELLA                         MS-5-1-222
BOGA, BEN                               MS-5-1-337
BOGARD, SARAH                           MS-5-1-59
BOND, ROBERT UNDERWOOD                  MS-5-2-452
BOUTON, L. G.                           MS-5-2-1
BOUTON, N. W.                           MS-5-1-90
BOUTON, R. L.                           MS-5-1-83
BOWDEN, WESLEY                          MS-5-1-157
BOX, WILLIAM                            MS-5-1-129
BREADY, J. A.                           MS-5-1-134
BRENTS, C. J.                           MS-5-1-331
BRIGET, CHARLES BUREN SR.               MS-5-2-288
BRIGHT, I. (MRS.)                       MS-5-1-257
BRITT, GUY                              MS-5-2-456
BRODY, JAMES PAT                        MS-5-2-245
BROWN, FREELAND                         MS-5-1-316
BROWN, J. T.                            MS-5-1-99
BROWN, M. B.                            MS-5-2-208
BROWN, MAMIE L.                         MS-5-2-83
BROWN, OLLIE LEE                        MS-5-2-309
BUMPUS, DODE                            MS-5-2-397
BURGE, E. D.                            MS-5-1-97
BURGE, FRANCIS W.                       MS-5-1-98
BURROUGHS, ELIZA S.                     MS-5-2-58
BURTON, RUTH E.                         MS-5-2-238
CALLICUTT, T. J.                        MS-5-2-81
CARRUTH, JOHN                           MS-5-1-18
CASEY, M. L.                            MS-5-1-33
CATHEY, ELSIE                           MS-5-2-342
CAVINESS, R. E.                         MS-5-2-251
CELTHARP, J. P.                         MS-5-2-76
CHILDRESS, THOMAS                       MS-5-1-70
CLARK, JESSIS PIOUS                     MS-5-2-437
CLAYTON, ALEX M.                        MS-5-1-43
CLEMMER, ELI                            MS-5-1-26
COBB, JOE T.                            MS-5-2-412
COLTHARP, J. C.                         MS-5-1-88
COOPER, J. J.                           MS-5-1-39
CORLEY, C. C.                           MS-5-1-204
COWAN, WINBOW                           MS-5-2-276
COWTHON, R. T.                          MS-5-1-187
COX, BOOTH                              MS-5-2-125
COX, D. B. F.                           MS-5-1-169
COX, J.                                 MS-5-1-145
COX, J. J.                              MS-5-1-70
COX, J. T.                              MS-5-2-48
COX, J. W.                              MS-5-2-52
COX, JASPER J.                          MS-5-1-343
COX, W. R.                              MS-5-2-53
CRAWFORD, ANNA P.                       MS-5-2-321
CROOK, ELICK                            MS-5-1-284
CROUCH, SOLOMON                         MS-5-1-1
CRUMP, ANDREW J.                        MS-5-2-283
CRUMP, J. W.                            MS-5-2-38
CRUTCHER, JOSEPH WESLEY                 MS-5-2-279
DANIEL, W. H.                           MS-5-1-235
DAVIS, E. A. C.                         MS-5-2-28
DAVIS, EMMA M.                          MS-5-2-25
DAVIS, M. A. A.                         MS-5-1-360
DEATON, MILDRED                         MS-5-2-416
DEATON, W. JERRY                        MS-5-2-464
DEATON, WENDELL P.                      MS-5-2-408
DICKERSON, . E. (MRS.)                  MS-5-1-158
DICKERSON, F. L.                        MS-5-1-287
DICKERSON, W. T. SR.                    MS-5-1-66
DIXON, W . T.                           MS-5-1-266
DOUGLAS, WILLIE HAUER                   MS-5-1-181
DOWDY, BEFORD WINCHESTER                MS-5-2-246
DRENNAN, FANNIE                         MS-5-2-68
DRENNAN, J. D.                          MS-5-2-68
DUNN, T. A.                             MS-5-1-200
EDWARDS, C. H.                          MS-5-2-2125
ELLIS, S. M.                            MS-5-1-299
ESTES, ESAU                             MS-5-2-67
EVANS, M. C.                            MS-5-1-317
FANT, ELIZABETH H.                      MS-5-2-108
FERRELL, FRANK (DR)                     MS-5-2-49
FERRELL, Z. C.                          MS-5-1-345
FERTNER, CHARLES ALLEN                  MS-5-2-325
FINTON, MARIE C.                        MS-5-2-374
FORBES, MAMIE L.                        MS-5-2-148
FORD, W. A.                             1-243
FORD, W. L.                             MS-5-2-50
FOURNEY, CARROLL                        MS-5-2-327
FOUST, D. C.                            MS-5-1-232
FRANKIN, TOM                            MS-5-1-246
FRANKLIN, M.                            MS-5-1-226
FRYER, M. M.                            MS-5-1-17
GADD, M. W.                             MS-5-1-229
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM JAMES SR.            MS-5-2-353
GERMAN, MARY                            MS-5-1-49
GLOVER, JAMES                           MS-5-1-19
GORMAN, LAURA                           MS-5-1-64
GRAES, JAMES E.                         MS-5-1-38
GRAHAM, A. A.                           MS-5-2-31
GRAVES, JACOB                           MS-5-1-16
GREEN, JOHN H.                          MS-5-1-353
GREER, SUSIE                            MS-5-2-282
GRESHAM, J. R.                          MS-5-2-172
GRESHAM, MARVIN                         MS-5-2-306
GRESHAM, W. J.                          MS-5-1-122
HAINES, W. T.                           MS-5-1-75
HALL, ROY W.                            MS-5-2-426
HAMER, HERNDON H.                       MS-5-2-70
HAMER, JAMES G.                         MS-5-1-103
HAMER, JOE L.                           MS-5-1-81
HAMER, S. C. (MRS)                      MS-5-1-78
HAMER, THOMAS                           MS-5-1-11
HARDAWAY, ANNA E.                       MS-5-1-95
HARDAWAY, F. S.                         MS-5-1-4
HARDAWAY, H. W.                         MS-5-1-191
HARDAWAY, JENNIE                        MS-5-2-127
HARDAWAY, JOSEPH W.                     MS-5-2-159
HARRIS, J. S.                           MS-5-1-147
HARRISON, SUSAN CATHERINE               MS-5-1-248
HARRISON,G. P.                          MS-5-1-120
HASHER, GRANVILLE H.                    MS-5-1-82
HASHER, SEWOTAN (MISS)                  MS-5-1-221
HAYNES, MARY                            MS-5-2-365
HEATON, WINNIE                          MS-5-1-268
HENINGTON, NELLIE F.                    MS-5-2-233
HENRICH, ANNIE                          MS-5-1-25
HICKS, J. J.                            MS-5-1-136
HILL, BERRY                             MS-5-1-210
HILL, LILLIE                            MS-5-2-275
HILL, MARIA                             MS-5-1-233
HILL, MARTIN ELTON                      MS-5-2-356
HINER, F. L.                            MS-5-2-104
HOLT, MAURINE BROWN                     MS-5-2-226
HOOVER, RUTH G.                         MS-5-1-212
HOPSON, GARRETT A.                      MS-5-2-195
HOWARD, ROACH                           MS-5-1-253
HOWELL, B. O.                           MS-5-1-138
HOWELL, LEE H.                          MS-5-2-231
HOWELL, ROSA W.                         MS-5-2-388
HOWER, W. P.                            MS-5-1-139
HOWERY, FLORENCE                        MS-5-2-173
HOYLE, MAHALIA                          MS-5-2-286
HUDSON, AMOS SR.                        MS-5-2-199
HUDSON, THOMAS J.                       MS-5-1-31
HUDSPETH, J. J.                         MS-5-2-64
HUDSPETH, MATTIE ETTA COX               MS-5-2-74
HUDSPETH, W. L.                         MS-5-1-315
HUGHEY, DEE                             MS-5-2-336
HUGHEY, LUCY OZELLA                     MS-5-2-339
HULL, MARY L.                           MS-5-1-325
HULL, WILIAM                            MS-5-1-51
HUMPHREY, EMMA R.                       MS-5-2-4
HUNSUCKER, JOHN M.                      MS-5-2-152
HUNT, ALTA MAE                          MS-5-2-392
HUNT, ALTA MAE                          MS-5-2-392
HUNT, VOID E.                           MS-5-2-441
HUNTER, CYNTHIA ANN                     MS-5-2-55
JAMIERSON, M. N.                        MS-5-1-165
JANES, JOHN B.                          MS-5-1-152
JIMMERSON, T. E.                        MS-5-2-240
JOHNSON, VIOLA MAE                      MS-5-2-369
JONES, A. D.                            MS-5-1-107
JONES, C. T.                            MS-5-1-177
JONES, EARL E.                          MS-5-1-288
JONES, ELLEN F.                         MS-5-1-30
JONES, EMMA A.                          MS-5-2-45
JONES, EUGENE HOMER                     MS-5-2-378
JONES, GEORGE                           MS-5-2-361
JORDAN, J. A.                           MS-5-2-174
JORDAN, J. H.                           MS-5-1-115
KELLY, BETTIE C.                        MS-5-1-206
KIMERY, M. J.                           MS-5-2-26
KIMERY, SOLOMON                         MS-5-1-62
LAMBERT, SAMUEL                         MS-5-1-32
LANNING, JULIA MCKENZIE                 MS-5-2-219
LAURA, THOMAS JEFFERSON                 MS-5-2-67
LAWS, GEORGE TILLET                     MS-5-1-291
LEAK, KENNETH D.                        MS-5-2-46
LEAKE, M. J. (MRS)                      MS-5-1-13
LEATH, D. E.                            MS-5-2-209
LEATH, DREW E.                          MS-5-2-135
LEATH, DREW E.                          MS-5-2-70
LINEBORGES, J. T.                       MS-5-2-304
LIPFORD, H. F.                          MS-5-1-160
LONG, A. A.                             MS-5-1-285
LONG, BELL M.                           MS-5-2-335
LONG, FRANK P.                          MS-5-1-216
LONG, G. O.                             MS-5-1-285
LOVE, A. E. (MRS)                       MS-5-1-340
LUELLEN, LEVY                           MS-5-1-109
LUNA, L. L.                             MS-5-1-73
MABANE, SARAH E.                        MS-5-2-178
MABRY, T. O.                            MS-5-2-129
MACGORDON, JANE S.                      MS-5-1-278
MACGOWAN, JOSEPH J.                     MS-5-2-86
MACLIN, EARL M.                         MS-5-2-461
MANGUM, WILEY P.                        MS-5-2-406
MANGUM, WYATT H.                        MS-5-2-420
MANN, T. J.                             MS-5-2-140
MANN, THOMAS OLIVER                     MS-5-2-214
MAOSN, T. J.                            MS-5-2-63
MARTIN, ELISHA                          MS-5-1-60
MASON, A. F.                            MS-5-1-68
MASON, E. W.                            MS-5-1-334
MASON, SUSAN ELIZABETH                  MS-5-1-202
MASSENGILL, WILLIE BLAKE                MS-5-2-443
MATTHEWS, WIL M.                        MS-5-2-263
MAXWELL, FAY                            MS-5-1-347
MAXWELL, H. P.                          MS-5-1-118
MAXWELL, JOHN ALEXANDER                 MS-5-2-157
MCBRIDE, LOU                            MS-5-2-446
MCBROWN, MARY                           MS-5-1-305
MCCAULEY, S. J.                         MS-5-2-72
MCDONALD, MARY A.                       MS-5-1-127
MCDONALD, MATTIE E.                     MS-5-1-313
MCGAUGHY, R. B.                         MS-5-2-3
MCGILL, C. A.                           MS-5-2-457
MCGILL, LILLIE GILMORE M.               MS-5-2-344
MCGIRNEY, TEST                          MS-5-1-7
MCKENZIE, ANDREW                        MS-5-1-220
MCKENZIE, DANIEL BOONE                  MS-5-2-141
MCKENZIE, HOMER                         MS-5-1-267
MCKENZIE, HOMER                         MS-5-2-164
MCKENZIE, KATE                          MS-5-2-73
MCKENZIE, L. F.                         MS-5-1-42
MCKENZIE, LENA JANET HESEY              MS-5-2-136
MCKINZIE, LARKIN T.                     MS-5-1-306
MCNINCH, THOMAS STONEWALL               MS-5-1-292
MEGNESS, JAMES Q.                       MS-5-2-371
MICHIE, JAMES                           MS-5-1-149
MILLER, C. J.                           MS-5-1-23
MILLER, LUTHER                          MS-5-2-259
MILLER, LUTHER                          MS-5-2-259
MILLER, MOLLIE W.                       MS-5-2-41
MILLS, GRACE D.                         MS-5-2-300
MILLS, GRAE D.                          MS-5-2-300
MITCHELL, WILLIAM JOHN                  MS-5-2-450
MONTGOMERY, R. N.                       MS-5-2-322
MOORE, EDMOND                           MS-5-1-173
MOORE, IRBY                             MS-5-2-122
MOORE, J. W.                            MS-5-1-220
MOORE, LENORA                           MS-5-2-272
MOORE, SUSIE E.                         MS-5-1-250
MOORMAN, EMILY (COLORED)                MS-5-1-186
MORGAN, B. G.                           MS-5-1-65
MORGAN, J. H.                           MS-5-1-35
MORON, LILLIAN ROBERTS                  MS-5-2-357
NANCE, LUCY B.                          MS-5-2-54
NEISWORTHY, W. O.                       MS-5-2-201
NORRIS, FELIX BOONE                     MS-5-2-297
NORTON, J. N.                           MS-5-1-307
NORTON, LOUISA V.                       MS-5-2-12
OSBORN, LORAN INMAN                     MS-5-2-253
OWEN, DONNA                             MS-5-2-162
OWENS, DONNIE M. (MRS)                  MS-5-1-295
PARKHAM, CLARA A.                       MS-5-1-87
PERKINS, JOE (MRS)                      MS-5-1-333
PULLIAN, W. S.                          MS-5-1-321
RACKER, ALBERT MANY                     MS-5-2-395
RARO, W. H.                             MS-5-2-176
RAY, CELESTE M.                         MS-5-2-106
RAY, J. E. R.                           MS-5-2-20
REDFERN, S. B.                          MS-5-1-10
REES, J. V.                             MS-5-1-358
REES, OPHELIA                           MS-5-2-27
REES, RHODA                             MS-5-2-367
RENFRO, AUTRY C.                        MS-5-2-223
REONE, CHARLIE                          MS-5-2-349
RICH, ELZINA E.                         MS-5-1-179
RIDINGS, M. G.                          MS-5-2-13
ROBINSON, SALLIE J.                     MS-5-1-131, 151
ROBISON, R. S.                          MS-5-1-84
ROSS, F. M.                             MS-5-1-275
ROSS, HARDIE                            MS-5-2-61
ROSS, VIOLET GALLAGHER                  MS-5-2-433
ROYSTON, AARON                          MS-5-1-194
ROYSTON, J. L.                          MS-5-1-107
ROYSTON, MATTIE L.                      MS-5-2-76
RYLEE, THOMAS                           MS-5-1-262
SANDERS, F. L.                          MS-5-2-77
SCOTT, ROBERT                           MS-5-1-8
SHIELDS, MARY C.                        MS-5-1-37
SHOFFNER, HENRY                         MS-5-1-63
SHOUP, ELIZABETH RUMSEY                 MS-5-2-95
SHOUP, RICHARD C.                       MS-5-2-112
SHOUP, RICHARD C.                       MS-5-2-97
SHOUP, SAMUEL R.                        MS-5-2-96
SIMPSON, JOHN                           MS-5-1-50
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         MS-5-1-239
SIMPSON, W. M.                          MS-5-1-124
SKELTON, BELLE A.                       MS-5-2-249
SMITH, C. B.                            MS-5-2-220
SMITH, FARRAR                           MS-5-2-179
SMITH, IDA                              MS-5-2-80
SMITH, JOHN                             MS-5-1-9
SMITH, JORDAN                           MS-5-1-141
SMITH, M. L.                            MS-5-1-112
SMITH, MATTIE                           MS-5-1-351
SMITH, NANCY C.                         MS-5-1-79
SMITH, NANCY C.                         MS-5-2-56
SMITH, NANNIE B.                        MS-5-1-297
SMITH, ROSA                             MS-5-2-40
SMITH, S. D.                            MS-5-1-171
SMITH, W. T.                            MS-5-1-214
SMITH, WILLIAM B.                       MS-5-1-21
SPENCER, ELIZA E.                       MS-5-1-41
STEPHENSON, JAMES WARREN                MS-5-2-99
STEPHENSON, MARY B.                     MS-5-2-101
STEWART, C. L.                          MS-5-1-3
STRICKLAND, JANIE L.                    MS-5-1-272
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM M.                  MS-5-1-265
STRICKLIN, W. L.                        MS-5-1-298
SWAN, ELIZABETH A.                      MS-5-1-175
TAPP, JULIA A.                          MS-5-2-309
TAYLOR, ALICE LEWIS                     MS-5-2-126
THOMPSON, ADA                           MS-5-2-420
THOMPSON, FLORENCE W.                   MS-5-2-217
THOMPSON, ORA TIDWELL                   MS-5-2-462
TOMLINSON, WILLIAM E.                   MS-5-1-28
TREADWELL, ELIZABETH E.                 MS-5-1-44
TUCKER, J. W.                           MS-5-1-271
TUCKER, SARAH AMANDA                    MS-5-1-276
TUCKER, WILLIAM V.                      MS-5-2-36
UMBARGER, A. W.                         MS-5-1-294
UMBARGER, ARTHUR BRYANT                 MS-5-2-151
UMBARGER, CHARLES                       MS-5-1-61
VAUGHAN, M. M. (MRS)                    MS-5-1-53
WALKER, ANNA SPARKS                     MS-5-2-143
WALKER, E. H.                           MS-5-2-94
WALL, JOEL T.                           MS-5-2-33
WATTS, CLARENCE E.                      MS-5-2-269
WATTS, J. T.                            MS-5-2-184
WATTS, WILLIAM E.                       MS-5-2-401
WEBB, S. A.                             MS-5-1-126
WEIS, DAVID J.                          MS-5-2-429
WELLS, A. A.                            MS-5-1-94
WELLS, M. H.                            MS-5-2-78
WEST, ADER                              MS-5-2-53
WHITEHORN, J. W.                        MS-5-1-218
WILBURN, FANNIE THOMASIA                MS-5-2-149
WILDER, JOHN H. SR.                     MS-5-1-319
WILKERSON, JOANNA                       MS-5-2-79
WILKERSON, W. B.                        MS-5-1-129
WILLIAMS, ED                            MS-5-2-65
WILLIAMSON, E. C.                       MS-5-2-105
WILLINGHAM, MAIE TUCKER                 MS-5-2-121
WINHAM, LYDA OWEN PORTER                MS-5-2-161
WITHERS, LUCY T.                        MS-5-2-90
WITHERS, WILLIAM H.                     MS-5-1-322
WORK, S.A.                              MS-5-1-258
WYATT, N. S.                            MS-5-1-237
WYNN, H. E.                             MS-5-2-182
YANCEY, B. H.                           MS-5-2-138
YANCEY, CARRIE M.                       MS-5-2-138

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