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ANDERSON, ISMENA                        MD-1-A-120
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      MD-1-A-650
ARNETT, WILLIAM W.                      MD-1-B-158A
ARNOLD, ANTHONY                         MD-1-A-118
ARNOLD, ARCHIBALD                       MD-1-A-333
ARNOLD, JOHN                            MD-1-A-3
ARNOLD, JOHN SR.                        MD-1-A-119
ARNOLD, JONATHAN                        MD-1-B-53A
ASHBY, WILLIAM                          MD-1-A-80
AYERS, MOORE                            MD-1-A-58
BARCUS, EBENEZER                        MD-1-A-67
BARCUS, THOMAS                          MD-1-A-134
BARE, JACOB                             MD-1-A-209
BARKDOLL, JACOB                         MD-1-A-639
BARKER, JOHN                            MD-1-A-190
BARKER, LEVI H.                         MD-1-B-140A
BARNES, WILLIAM                         MD-1-A-197
BAUMWARD, PETER                         MD-1-A-294
BAYARD, JOHN HODGE                      MD-1-A-338
BEALL, AZA                              MD-1-B-59
BEALL, JOHN                             MD-1-B-184
BEALL, JOSIAH                           MD-1-A-70
BEALL, LUCY                             MD-1-A-40
BEALL, LUCY                             MD-1-A-253
BEALL, REZIN                            MD-1-B-119A
BEALL, RICHARD                          MD-1-A-405
BEALL, THEOPHILUS                       MD-1-B-167A
BEALL, THOMAS OF SAMUEL                 MD-1-A-222
BEALL, THOMAS D.                        MD-1-B-120A
BEATTY, JOHN CONRAD                     MD-1-A-107
BEEGLEY, JOSEPH                         MD-1-B-51
BEEL, JACOB                             MD-1-A-26
BERRY, AMELIA                           MD-1-A-600
BEVANS, WALTER                          MD-1-A-466
BIDDINGER, PETER                        MD-1-B-127A
BLAGDEN, ANN CATHARINE                  MD-1-B-130A
BLOCHER, ANDREW                         MD-1-A-414
BOLTON, FANNY                           MD-1-B-200
BORGER, JACOB                           MD-1-B-97
BOWDEN, SAMUEL H. O.                    MD-1-B-201A
BOWDEN, SAMUEL                          MD-1-B-74
BOXWELL, JOSEPH                         MD-1-A-423
BOYD, ANNE MARY                         MD-1-A-168
BOYD, EDMUND                            MD-1-A-159
BRAND, GEORGE N.                        MD-1-B-116A
BRANT, ELIZABETH                        MD-1-B-95
BRAY, PHILIP H.                         MD-1-A-540
BRISCOE, HANSON                         MD-1-A-161
BROADWATER, CHARLES                     MD-1-B-162A
BROBST, JOHN                            MD-1-B-195A
BROMLEY, ELIZABETH                      MD-1-A-305
BROOKE, THOMAS F.                       MD-1-B-55
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         MD-1-B-76A
BROWN, GEORGE                           MD-1-A-270
BROWN, SAMUEL                           MD-1-A-285
BROWNING, MESHACK                       MD-1-B-169A
BRUCE, ANDREW                           MD-1-A-430
BRUCE, ANDREW                           MD-1-A-125
BRUCE, FRANCIS                          MD-1-A-340
BRUCE, HELEN                            MD-1-A-484
BRYAN, NAHANIEL                         MD-1-B-191
BUCEY, PAUL SR.                         MD-1-A-300
BUCEY, SAMUEL                           MD-1-A-458
BURK, JAMES                             MD-1-A-10
BURY, PRISCILLA L.                      MD-1-B-91
BUTLER, JOHN GEORGE                     MD-1-A-155
BUTT, HAZELL S.                         MD-1-B-172A
CALLAN, JOHN                            MD-1-B-189A
CALMES, CATHERINE                       MD-1-B-131A
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                       MD-1-A-632
CHAPMAN, COLIMORE                       MD-1-B-146A
CHAPMAN, COLLEMORE                      MD-1-B-92A
CHAPMAN, NATHANIEL                      MD-1-B-145A
CHENEY, MARY                            MD-1-A-342
CHENEY, THOMAS                          MD-1-A-518
CHENEY, THOMAS OF JOHN                  MD-1-A-432
CLARK, JEANET                           MD-1-A-633
CLARKE, ROBERT                          MD-1-A-12
CLINTON, THOMAS                         MD-1-A-612
CODDINGTON, BENJAMIN                    MD-1-A-463
CODDINGTON, ISABELLA                    MD-1-A-497
CODDINGTON, SAMUEL                      MD-1-A-527
COMBS, JOHN                             MD-1-B-160
COMPTON, PHINEAS                        MD-1-B-141
CON, JOHN                               MD-1-A-271
CORBUS, ANN                             MD-1-B-178A
CRABTREE, JAMES                         MD-1-A-556
CRABTREE, LEWIS                         MD-1-A-359
CREIGHBAUM, CONRAD                      MD-1-A-193
CRESAP, ABIGAIL                         MD-1-A-510
CRESAP, DANIEL                          MD-1-A-36
CRESAP, DANIEL                          MD-1-B-144A
CRESAP, JAMES D.                        MD-1-A-392
CRESAP, MARGARET "PEGGY"                MD-1-A-316
CRESAP, MARY                            MD-1-A-581
CRESAP, SUSANNAH                        MD-1-B-33A
CRESAP, THOMAS                          MD-1-A-7
CULP, GEORGE                            MD-1-A-644
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       MD-1-B-65
CUSTER, EMANUEL                         MD-1-A-288
DANIELS, ISAAC                          MD-1-B-157A
DAVIDSON, LEWIS                         MD-1-A-123
DAVIDSON, LEWIS                         MD-1-B-151A
DAVIDSON, MARGARET                      MD-1-B-164
DAVIS, EBENEZER                         MD-1-A-10
DAVIS, JOSEPH                           MD-1-A-234
DAVIS, MARY                             MD-1-A-111
DAVIS, SOLOMON                          MD-1-A-256
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          MD-1-A-517
DAWSON, JAMES                           MD-1-A-186
DAWSON, WILLIAM                         MD-1-A-50
DEAN, FRANCIS                           MD-1-B-49
DEETZ, CHRISIAN                         MD-1-A-94
DEETZ, SAMUEL                           MD-1-A-192
DENEEN, GEORGE                          MD-1-B-170A
DEVECMON, THOMAS J.                     MD-1-A-267
DONALDSON, MARGARET                     MD-1-A-614
DOOLY, HESTER                           MD-1-B-181A
DRANE, PRISCILLA                        MD-1-A-388
DUCKWORTH, JOHN                         MD-1-A-601
DURBIN, COMFORT                         MD-1-A-206
DURST, JOHN                             MD-1-A-454
DURST, WILLIAM                          MD-1-B-134A
DUTCHMAN, CHRISTMAN                     MD-1-A-51
DUVALL, BENJAMIN SR.                    MD-1-A-188
EASTER, JACOB                           MD-1-B-182
EBERS, SOPHIA                           MD-1-B-83
ECARD, MARY                             MD-1-A-113
ECHARD, GEORGE ADAM                     MD-1-A-83
EMERICK, ANDREW                         MD-1-A-621
ERVINE, JAMES                           MD-1-A-116
EUTLER, HANNAH                          MD-1-A-195
FARR, FRANCES                           MD-1-B-82A
FAZENBAKER, GEORGE                      MD-1-A-102
FEARER, JOHN SR.                        MD-1-A-298
FENALL, PATRICK                         MD-1-A-237
FESLER, MICHAEL                         MD-1-A-25
FIKE, JOHN SR.                          MD-1-A-290
FISHER, ELEANOR                         MD-1-A-496
FISHER, MICHAEL                         MD-1-A-666
FOSHE, OBADIAH                          MD-1-A-262
FOUTY, JACOB                            MD-1-A-278
FOUTY, STEPHEN                          MD-1-A-344
FRANTZ, CATHARINE                       MD-1-B-31A
FRANTZ, JOHN                            MD-1-A-603
FRANTZ, JONATHAN                        MD-1-B-77A
FRENCH, GEORGE                          MD-1-A-322
FRENCH, JAMES                           MD-1-A-129
FRIEND, JACOB B.                        MD-1-B-191A
FRIEND, JOHN                            MD-1-A-694
FROST, JACOB SR.                        MD-1-A-672
FROST, JOSIAH SR.                       MD-1-A-180
FRYE, CONRAD                            MD-1-A-113
GAREY, JOHN                             MD-1-A-390
GEBHART, PETER                          MD-1-A-247
GLASS, JOHN                             MD-1-A-551
GORMAN, JOHN                            MD-1-B-187
GREENWELL, THOMAS                       MD-1-A-307
GRIMES, EDWARD                          MD-1-A-88
GROSS, JOHN                             MD-1-A-68
GWYNNE, EVAN                            MD-1-A-171
HALDERMAN, MIRA B.                      MD-1-B-67
HALL, RICHARD                           MD-1-A-5
HAMILTON, JOHN                          MD-1-A-375
HAMMER, CASPER                          MD-1-A-104
HAMMOND, ROZEN                          MD-1-A-500
HANN, DAVID W.                          MD-1-B-139A
HARDEN, ABRAHAM                         MD-1-A-428
HARE, JACOB                             MD-1-A-535
HARNES, WILLIAM                         MD-1-B-87A
HARTWICK, NATHAN                        MD-1-B-102A
HARTWICK, NATHAN                        MD-1-B-102A
HAYS, JOHN                              MD-1-B-43A
HAYS, MICHAEL                           MD-1-A-273
HAZLIT, SAMUEL                          MD-1-A-536
HEATH, JESSE                            MD-1-B-173A
HECK, CHARLES                           MD-1-A-483
HENDREXSON, JAMES                       MD-1-A-366
HENRY, JAMES N.                         MD-1-B-201
HENRY, JULIA                            MD-1-B-201
HERPICH, JOHN M.                        MD-1-B-173A
HILKER, HENRY                           MD-1-B-196A
HILLEARY, LEVI                          MD-1-B-139
HILLEARY, LEVI                          MD-1-B-99A
HILLEARY, MARGARET                      MD-1-A-275
HILLEARY, RALPH                         MD-1-A-219
HILLEARY, WILLIAM J.                    MD-1-B-138A
HINKLE, ALPHEUS B.                      MD-1-B-188
HINKLE, GEORGE P.                       MD-1-A-411
HOBLITZELL, WILLIAM                     MD-1-A-251
HODEL, NICHOLAS                         MD-1-B-193A
HOFF, MORGAN                            MD-1-A-324
HOFFMAN, DAVID SR.                      MD-1-A-660
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH                      MD-1-B-142
HOFFMAN, GEORGE                         MD-1-A-592
HOFFMAN, GEORGE                         MD-1-A-52
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          MD-1-A-225
HOFFMAN, VALENTINE                      MD-1-A-486
HOLMES, JOANNA                          MD-1-B-117
HOOK, JAMES                             MD-1-A-566
HOOK, JOHN S.                           MD-1-A-258
HOOK, JOHN SNODEN                       MD-1-A-355
HOUSE, ENOCH                            MD-1-A-708
HOUSER, CHRISTIAN                       MD-1-A-99
HOWARD, BRICE W.                        MD-1-A-358
HOWELL, WILLIAM                         MD-1-A-109
HOYE, ANN                               MD-1-A-242
HOYE, JOHN                              MD-1-A-697
HOYE, WILLIAM W.                        MD-1-A-385
HUMBERTSON, THOMAS                      MD-1-A-65
IIAMS, AMOS                             MD-1-B-39A
IIAMS, HIRAM                            MD-1-B-92
IIAMS, WILLIAM                          MD-1-A-313
INSKEEP, WILLIAM V.                     MD-1-B-154
JACKSON, ANN                            MD-1-A-284
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         MD-1-A-337
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         MD-1-A-606
JACOB, HANNAH                           MD-1-A-136
JACOB, JOHN I.                          MD-1-A-442
JACOBS, GABRIEL                         MD-1-A-670
JACOBS, RICHARD                         MD-1-A-226
JADWIN, BARTHOLOMEW                     MD-1-A-184
JAMIESON, PRISCILLA                     MD-1-A-386
JAMIESON, SAMUEL                        MD-1-A-312
JAMISON, RICHARD B.                     MD-1-B-57A
JEFFRIES, ROBERT                        MD-1-A-82
JEWELL, LEAR                            MD-1-A-93
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                        MD-1-A-47
JOHNSON, JOSHUA                         MD-1-B-84
KELLEY, DAVID                           MD-1-B-126A
KENNEDY, ROBERT                         MD-1-A-531
KERSHNER, MICHAEL                       MD-1-A-254
KESSLER, JOHN                           MD-1-B-94A
KEWIES, JOHN                            MD-1-A-100
KIEBOH, PHILIP                          MD-1-A-97
KING, ALEXANDER                         MD-1-A-415
KING, ALEXANDER                         MD-1-B-172
KING, GEORE                             MD-1-A-659
KING, HESTER M.                         MD-1-A-456
KING, JOSEPH                            MD-1-B-54
KOOK, GEORE SR.                         MD-1-A-48
KOONTZ, JACOB                           MD-1-B-126
KOONTZ, JACOB                           MD-1-A-524
KOONTZ, NICHOLAS                        MD-1-A-137
LAMAR, RICHARD                          MD-1-A-490
LAMAR, SARAH                            MD-1-A-448
LANCASTER, JOHN                         MD-1-A-421
LAPP, ANTHONY                           MD-1-B-159
LARMEN, WILLIAM                         MD-1-B-135
LAYMAN, JOHN                            MD-1-A-572
LEWMAN, MOSES                           MD-1-A-89
LLOYD, EDWARD                           MD-1-B-197A
LOAR, JACOB                             MD-1-A-264
LOGSDON, JOHN                           MD-1-A-164
LOGSDON, RAPHAEL                        MD-1-A-166
LOYSTER, MICHAEL                        MD-1-A-472
LYNN, ANNA W.                           MD-1-B-129
LYNN, DAVID                             MD-1-A-372
LYNN, DAVID                             MD-1-B-169
LYNN, GEORGE                            MD-1-B-128
MACKELFISH, THOMAS                      MD-1-A-79
MAGERS, NATHAN                          MD-1-A-238
MAGRUDER, SARAH                         MD-1-A-73
MAGRUDER, ZACHARIAH                     MD-1-A-21
MAHER, WILLIAM                          MD-1-B-80A
MAJORS, AMBROSE                         MD-1-A-424
MARGROFF, JOHN H.                       MD-1-B-115
MARTIN, LENOX                           MD-1-A-584
MATTHEWS, JAMES                         MD-1-A-23
MATTHEWS, WILLIAM                       MD-1-A-169
MATTINGLY, ELLEN                        MD-1-B-122A
MATTINGLY, HENRY                        MD-1-A-598
MATTINGLY, HENRY                        MD-1-A-212
MATTINGLY, JOHN                         MD-1-A-576
MATTINGLY, LUCY                         MD-1-A-391
MATTINGLY, MARY                         MD-1-A-474
MCATEE, WALTER                          MD-1-A-370
MCCLERY, ANDREW                         MD-1-A-205
MCCRACKEN, OVID                         MD-1-A-130
MCCULLEY, WILLIAM A.                    MD-1-B-40A
MCCULLOCK, GEORGE                       MD-1-B-89A
MCELFISH, DAVID                         MD-1-A-543
MCENALLY, PHILIP                        MD-1-B-185A
MCGETTEGAN, JOHN                        MD-1-B-166
MCGIN, JAMES                            MD-1-B-71
MCGUIGAN, MICHAEL                       MD-1-A-447
MCKINLY, JAMES                          MD-1-B-32A
MCKINSIE, RICHARD                       MD-1-B-114
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                     MD-1-A-343
MCMAHON, PETER                          MD-1-A-579
MCMIN, ROBERT                           MD-1-A-20
MCNEILL, JOHN                           MD-1-A-409
MENIKEN, JOSEPH                         MD-1-A-681
MICHAELS, GEORGE                        MD-1-B-180
MICHAELS, JOHN                          MD-1-B-96
MILELR, ELIZABETH M.                    MD-1-B-156A
MILER, JACOB                            MD-1-A-617
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     MD-1-A-589
MILLER, HENRY                           MD-1-B-163
MILLER, ISAAC                           MD-1-A-533
MILLER, JACOB                           MD-1-B-178
MILLER, JOHN DANIEL                     MD-1-A-95
MINOR, MARY                             MD-1-A-138
MOORE, GEORGE                           MD-1-A-227
MOORE, JOHN SR.                         MD-1-A-309
MOORE, WILLIAM                          MD-1-A-71
MORRISON, JAMES                         MD-1-A-231
MOUNTZ, JOSEPH                          MD-1-A-31
MURDOCK, PATRICK                        MD-1-A-122
MURRELL, JOHN JR.                       MD-1-A-280
MURROW, BENJAMIN                        MD-1-A-152
MUSSELMAN, ELIZABETH                    MD-1-A-520
MUSSELMAN, JOHN                         MD-1-A-519
MYER, JOHN                              MD-1-B-186
MYER, PETER                             MD-1-A-60
MYERS, JACOB                            MD-1-A-114
NEFF, MARGARET                          MD-1-A-268
NEFF, PETER                             MD-1-A-481
NEID, JOHN                              MD-1-A-368
NEWINS, MARY                            MD-1-A-477
NINE, CONRAD                            MD-1-A-507
NORRIS, JOHN                            MD-1-A-451
NORTH, BENJAMIN                         MD-1-A-638
OBLE, ADAM                              MD-1-B-102
OBRIEN, DANIEL                          MD-1-A-608
OFFUTT, JAMES W.                        MD-1-B-81A
OSCIUS, WILLIAM                         MD-1-A-523
OSMAN, SAMUEL                           MD-1-A-201
PARKER, ROBERT                          MD-1-A-158
PARKISON, JOHN                          MD-1-A-28
PAYNE, GEORGE                           MD-1-A-15
PERCEY, DAVID                           MD-1-B-135A
PETERS, HENRY                           MD-1-A-173
PIGMAN, BANE S.                         MD-1-A-561
PIGMAN, HANSON B.                       MD-1-A-629
PITSER, ELIZABETH                       MD-1-A-34
PLUMMER, JEROME                         MD-1-A-24
PORTER, JOHN BARNES                     MD-1-B-56
PORTER, MOSES                           MD-1-A-13
POTTER, DAVID                           MD-1-B-149A
POTTER, KELIA                           MD-1-B-105
POTTS, AARON                            MD-1-B-30
PRATHER, JAMES                          MD-1-A-175
PRATHER, SARAH                          MD-1-A-229
PRESTON, GEORGE                         MD-1-A-236
PURSLEY, JOHN                           MD-1-A-5
RAVESNCRAFT, ABNER                      MD-1-B-161A
REID, CHARITY                           MD-1-A-207
REID, FRANCIS                           MD-1-A-398
REID, JOHN M.                           MD-1-A-203
REID, THOMAS                            MD-1-A-177
REID, WILLIAM                           MD-1-A-502
RICE, ANDREW                            MD-1-A-154
RICE, FREDERICK                         MD-1-A-494
RICE, GEORGE                            MD-1-B-79A
RICE, JOHN                              MD-1-A-217
RIDGELY, CATHARINE                      MD-1-A-680
RIDGELY, NANCY                          MD-1-B-122
RIDGELY, WILLIAM                        MD-1-A-626
RILEY, TOBIAS                           MD-1-A-515
RINEHART, GEORGE                        MD-1-A-461
RIVER, CATHARINE                        MD-1-A-511
RIZER, MARY MAGDALENA                   MD-1-A-293
ROBINETT, ANN                           MD-1-A-335
ROBINETT, ANN                           MD-1-A-395
ROBINETT, CASSANDRA                     MD-1-B-34A
ROBINETT, GEORGE SR.                    MD-1-A-56
ROBINETT, GEORGE                        MD-1-A-318
ROBINETT, JASPER                        MD-1-B-41A
ROBINETT, JOSEPH SR.                    MD-1-A-356
ROBINETT, MOSES                         MD-1-A-106
ROBINETT, NATHAN                        MD-1-A-377
ROBOSSON, THOMAS                        MD-1-A-419
ROBY, WILLIAM                           MD-1-A-362
ROBY, WILLIAM                           MD-1-B-137A
ROHRBACK, HARMON                        MD-1-B-194A
ROSS, HENRY                             MD-1-B-143
RUSH, JOHN                              MD-1-A-500
RUSSELL, ELNATHAN                       MD-1-A-353
RUTAN, JOHN                             MD-1-A-434
SANFORD, WILLIAM                        MD-1-A-246
SAPP, FREDERICK                         MD-1-A-163
SAPP, JACOB                             MD-1-A-77
SAVAGE, J. ROBINSON                     MD-1-A-441
SCOTT, ANN                              MD-1-A-529
SCOTT, JOHN                             MD-1-A-330
SCOTT, JOHN                             MD-1-A-347
SEARIGHT, JAMES                         MD-1-A-512
SELBY, ARTHUR                           MD-1-B-150A
SELBY, WALTER                           MD-1-A-710
SEMMES, S. M.                           MD-1-A-652
SHAFER, PETER                           MD-1-B-90A
SHAW, WILLIAM                           MD-1-A-133
SHELHORN, BALSER                        MD-1-A-29
SHELHORN, JOHN                          MD-1-A-43
SHIMER, JAMES                           MD-1-A-491
SHIPLEY, ELIZA A.                       MD-1-A-505
SHIPLEY, LEVEN                          MD-1-A-503
SHIRCLIFF, JOHN B.                      MD-1-A-459
SHOENBERG, JACOB                        MD-1-B-124A
SHRIVER, DAVID                          MD-1-B-53
SHRIVER, THOMAS WILHELM                 MD-1-B-97A
SHRYER, MARY CATHARINE                  MD-1-B-177
SHUCK, GEORGE SR.                       MD-1-A-215
SIDES, AARON                            MD-1-A-655
SIGLER, JACOB                           MD-1-A-479
SIMKINS, DICKERSON                      MD-1-A-296
SKIMMINGS, BARBARA                      MD-1-B-168
SLAGLE, JACOB                           MD-1-A-63
SLICER, JAMES                           MD-1-A-90
SLICER, MARY                            MD-1-A-223
SLICER, NATHANIEL                       MD-1-A-179
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        MD-1-A-436
SMITH, CHRISTIAN                        MD-1-A-610
SMITH, JACOB                            MD-1-A-105
SMITH, PETER                            MD-1-B-88A
SMITH, YOST                             MD-1-B-136
SMOUSE, CATHERINE                       MD-1-B-133A
SMOUSE, DANIEL                          MD-1-B-125A
SMOUSE, HENRY                           MD-1-A-685
SNOOK, MATTHIAS                         MD-1-A-1
SPANGLER, REBECCA                       MD-1-B-153
SPEELMAN, LAWRENCE                      MD-1-A-328
SPIKER, JOHN                            MD-1-A-400
SQUIRE, CATHERINE                       MD-1-A-151
STANTON, THOMAS                         MD-1-A-55
STARTZMAN, PETER                        MD-1-B-134
STEPHENS, THOMAS                        MD-1-B-103A
STERMER, SOLOMON                        MD-1-B-42
STEUART, SARAH                          MD-1-A-582
STOTLER, CHRISTIAN                      MD-1-B-154A
STOTLER, MARIA                          MD-1-B-50
STREET, JONAS L.                        MD-1-A-402
STREET, JONAS L.                        MD-1-A-552
SWAN, LOUISA C.                         MD-1-B-190A
SWAN, ROBERT                            MD-1-A-378
SWEARENGEN, ELI                         MD-1-A-558
TAYLOR, JAMES                           MD-1-B-156
TAYLOR, REUBEN SR.                      MD-1-A-211
TOBAN, ELIZABETH                        MD-1-B-185
TOMLINSON, BENJAMIN                     MD-1-A-425
TOMLINSON, HANNAH                       MD-1-A-440
TOWNSEND, SINGLETON                     MD-1-A-401
TRAIL, DAVID                            MD-1-B-68
TRAIL, THOMAS B.                        MD-1-A-453
TRENT, SAMUEL                           MD-1-B-72A
TRIMBLE, JOHN                           MD-1-A-220
TURVEY, JOHN                            MD-1-A-16
TWIGG, ELI                              MD-1-B-86A
TWIGG, FRANCIS                          MD-1-A-287
TWIGG, JAMES                            MD-1-B-85A
TWIGG, JOHN                             MD-1-A-198
TWIGG, REBECCA                          MD-1-A-249
TWIGG, ROBERT                           MD-1-A-75
TWIGG, RUTH                             MD-1-A-417
TWIGG, SARAH                            MD-1-B-35A
UHL, CHARLES                            MD-1-A-259
UHL, DANIEL                             MD-1-A-705
UPHOLD, RUTH                            MD-1-A-346
VALENTINE, CATHARINE                    MD-1-A-555
VALENTINE, FREDERICK                    MD-1-A-240
VALENTINE, JOHN                         MD-1-B-175
VAUGHN, BENJAMIN G.                     MD-1-A-539
WALKER, WILLIAM                         MD-1-A-647
WALL, JOHN                              MD-1-A-19
WALTZ, JOHN                             MD-1-A-542
WARD, ISAAC                             MD-1-A-468
WARD, WILLIAM                           MD-1-A-438
WARNICK, JOSEPH                         MD-1-A-282
WATT, DERVANNER                         MD-1-B-70
WAUGH, JOSEPH                           MD-1-A-303
WELCH, JACOB                            MD-1-A-548
WELLESLEY, ANNE (CARROLL)               MD-1-B-106B
WHEATLEY, THOMAS                        MD-1-B-160A
WHITE, DAVID                            MD-1-B-200A
WHITE, JAMES                            MD-1-A-471
WHITE, SUSAN                            MD-1-B-200A
WILAND, WILLIAM                         MD-1-B-76
WILEY, BENJAMIN                         MD-1-A-326
WILEY, ZAIL                             MD-1-B-118
WILLIAMS, E. H.                         MD-1-A-683
WILLISON, CORNELIUS                     MD-1-A-42
WILLISON, JEREMIAH                      MD-1-A-108
WILLISON, JOHN                          MD-1-A-664
WILLSON, JOHN                           MD-1-A-202
WILSON, ALLE                            MD-1-B-45
WILSON, EDWARD                          MD-1-A-85
WILSON, ISAAC OF EDWARD                 MD-1-A-86
WILSON, JONATHAN                        MD-1-B-99
WILSON, MICHAEL                         MD-1-B-104
WILSON, THOMAS A.                       MD-1-B-174
WILT, MICHAEL                           MD-1-B-73A
WITT, JOHN                              MD-1-A-397
WOODEN, WILLIAM                         MD-1-A-364
WORKMAN, ANDREW                         MD-1-A-112
WORKMAN, SALLY                          MD-1-A-506
WRIGHT, JOHN B.                         MD-1-A-315
WRIGHT, JOHN                            MD-1-B-45A
WRIGHT, RACHEL                          MD-1-A-546
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         MD-1-B-123A
YALDWIN, JOHN                           MD-1-A-570
YEART, PETER                            MD-1-B-37
YODER, ELIZABETH                        MD-1-B-93A
YOUNG, GEORGE                           MD-1-A-469
YOUNG, NANCY                            MD-1-A-514

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