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(NO NAME), CHARLES (COLORED)           KY-120-C-20
ABBOTT, BIVION                         KY-120-L-186
ABERDEEN, ELEANOR                      KY-120-X-213
ADAMS, ANNIE                           KY-120-4-243
ADAMS, ROBERT                          KY-120-N-174
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         KY-120-E-24
ADGER, SAMUEL                          KY-120-C-113
AGUN, WILLIAM SR.                      KY-120-K-71
AKIN, SARAH                            KY-120-#1-470
ALEXANDER, CHARLES                     KY-120-7-350
ALEXANDER, DAVID                       KY-120-H-452
ALEXANDER, JAMES                       KY-120-K-636
ALEXANDER, JOHN ALEXANDER              KY-120-5-509
ALEXANDER, LEONARD                     KY-120-T-605
ALEXANDER, LUCY F.                     KY-120-7-288
ALEXANDER, MOLLIE                      KY-120-6-589
ALEXANDER, NEWTON                      KY-120-Q-194
ALEXANDER, PETER                       KY-120-M-23
ALEXANDER, R. S. C. A.                 KY-120-T-127
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      KY-120-H-481
ALEXANDER, ROBERT                      KY-120-N-242
ALLEN, JAMES                           KY-120-U-277
ALLEN, LEWIS                           KY-120-K-636
ALLEN, LOUISA JUNE                     KY-120-7-226
ALLEN, WILLIAM L.                      KY-120-S-612
ALLISON, JOHN                          KY-120-A-42
AMSDEN, J. L.                          KY-120-8-343
AMSDEN, JAMES P.                       KY-120-6-439
AMSDEN, JOHN SR.                       KY-120-2-331
ANDERSON, LUCY                         KY-120-8-415
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       KY-120-P-564
ARMSTRONG, JAMES A.                    KY-120-6-221
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        KY-120-N-1
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        KY-120-N-282
ARMSTRONG, PHIL C.                     KY-120-10-54
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     KY-120-M-436
ARNETT, JAMES                          KY-120-F-196
ARNETT, WILLIAM CLARK                  KY-120-8-185
ARNOLD, DUDLY (COLORED)                KY-120-6-103
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-N-255
ARNOLD, JAMES (COLORED)                KY-120-K-530
ARNOLD, JOHN                           KY-120-F-41
ARNOLD, JOHN W.                        KY-120-7-343
ARNOLD, NANCY                          KY-120-H-130
ARNOLD, WOODFORD                       KY-120-K-297
ASHFORD, JOHN                          KY-120-H-239
ASHMORE, LUCY                          KY-120-11-412
ASHMORE, MARY                          KY-120-11-452
ASHMORE, WALTER E.                     KY-120-H-318
ATKINS, WILLIAM N.                     KY-120-10-446
AYERS, WALTER                          KY-120-K-603
AYRES, JOHN W.                         KY-120-#1-195                            
BAER, THEO.                            KY-120-2-599
BAILEY, BENJAMIN                       KY-120-R-543
BAILEY, JAMES T.                       KY-120-9-411
BAILEY, JOSEPH C.                      KY-120-5-68
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        KY-120-K-211
BAIN, GEORGE                           KY-120-G-148
BALL, AUSTIN                           KY-120-M-136
BALL, JO ANNA                          KY-120-9-319
BALL, JOHN                             KY-120-I-162
BARBEE, JOHN T.                        KY-120-5-64
BARBOUR, W. S.                         KY-120-3-231
BARKLEY, JENNY HARRIS                  KY-120-11-534
BARNES, CATISBY                        KY-120-U-73
BARNES, CHARLES L.                     KY-120-R-132
BARNES, MILDRED A.                     KY-120-5-525
BARTON, HUGH                           KY-120-10-442
BASYE, NANCY M.                        KY-120-M-486
BATTALIA, MARK                         KY-120-6-3
BEADLES, MARTHA                        KY-120-V-108
BEARD, SARAH THORNTON                  KY-120-8-419
BEASLEY, BENJAMIN                      KY-120-A-172
BEAUCHAMP, JULIA D.                    KY-120-11-451
BEAZLEY, EDMUND                        KY-120-D-124
BECKLEY, IRA                           KY-120-12-386
BELL, CHARLES                          KY-120-#1-430
BELL, THOMAS                           KY-120-A-45
BERRY, BENJAMIN                        KY-120-L-33
BERRY, BENJAMIN J.                     KY-120-M-226
BERRY, LEWIS A. SR.                    KY-120-X-559
BERRY, LIZZIE W.                       KY-120-10-469
BERRY, R. Y.                           KY-120-Z-24, 26
BERRY, SAMUEL                          KY-120-F-39
BERRY, SAMUEL                          KY-120-O-297
BERRY, SUSAN                           KY-120-T-455
BERRY, W. S.                           KY-120-11-198
BERRY, YOUNGER                         KY-120-T-335
BERRYMAN, CARY M                       KY-120-12-155
BERRYMAN, JOHN H.                      KY-120-V-172
BINNS, CHARLES                         KY-120-C-405
BLACK, ASMUEL                          KY-120-7-18
BLACK, DAVID                           KY-120-4-401
BLACK, JAMES                           KY-120-R-591
BLACK, JOSEPH                          KY-120-B-1
BLACK, MARTHA                          KY-120-N-8
BLACK, REBECCA                         KY-120-P-339
BLACK, ROBERT W.                       KY-120-7-83
BLACK, SUSAN M.                        KY-120-8-404
BLACKBURN, EDWARD M.                   KY-120-T-48
BLACKBURN, GEORGE                      KY-120-E-202
BLACKBURN, J. C. S.                    KY-120-10-197
BLACKBURN, L. P. (COLORED)             KY-120-2-625
BLACKBURN, PEARL V.                    KY-120-11-18
BLACKBURN, PRUDENCE SR.                KY-120-K-327
BLACKBURN, SARAH                       KY-120-4-511
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM B.                  KY-120-M-124
BLAIR, HENRY                           KY-120-O-444
BLAIR, JANE                            KY-120-12-270
BLANTON, LEWIS (COLORED)               KY-120-10-326
BLANTON, NANCY                         KY-120-I-89
BLUNT, BETSEY                          KY-120-K-388
BLUNT, SARAH                           KY-120-F-295
BOBBITT, W. M.                         KY-120-10-12
BOHANNON, ELLIOTT                      KY-120-G-181
BOHANNON, ELLIOTT JR.                  KY-120-F-24
BOHANNON, HENRY                        KY-120-10-67
BOHANNON, RICHARD B.                   KY-120-P-581
BOHANNON, SALLIE                       KY-120-R-559
BOOKER, MOSES                          KY-120-V-559
BOONE, ELIZABETH                       KY-120-Q-18
BOONE, ELMIRA                          KY-120-4-464
BOONE, MARY SUE                        KY-120-7-290
BOONE, MOSES                           KY-120-R-391
BOOTH, JAMES                           KY-120-K-8
BOOTH, SYDNORS                         KY-120-F-151
BOSTON, R. B.                          KY-120-10-337
BOSTON, WILLIS                         KY-120-#1-513
BOTELY, MARY J.                        KY-120-6-492
BOWDRY, LEWIS                          KY-120-G-132
BOWLAND, WILLIAM                       KY-120-I-25
BOWMAN, ROBET                          KY-120-H-167
BOWMAR, CHARLOTTE                      KY-120-9-375
BOWMAR, DAN M.                         KY-120-#1-306
BOWMAR, JOSEPH M.                      KY-120-#1-200
BOWMAR, MARGARET (COLORED)             KY-120-5-375
BOWMAR, MAUDE                          KY-120-11-192
BOYD, JOSHUA (COLORED)                 KY-120-8-64
BOYETTE, SALLIE JUNE                   KY-120-7-360
BRANCH, ANDERSON (COLORED)             KY-120-W-529
BRANDENBURG, STEVE                     120-240
BRANHAM, DUDLEY                        KY-120-Z-443
BRANHAM, HARRIET (COLORED)             KY-120-5-113
BRANHAM, LUCY A.                       KY-120-8-493
BRANHAM, MILTON C.                     KY-120-Z-275
BRANHAM, RACHEL S.                     KY-120-8-353
BRASHEAR, DORA                         KY-120-#1-371
BRAXTON, EDWARD                        KY-120-#1-140
BRIDGEFORD, WILLIAM                    KY-120-C-249
BRIGHT, CHARLES D.                     KY-120-R-544
BRIGHT, EMILY J.                       KY-120-K-629
BROCK, DORA                            KY-120-8-558
BRODHEAD, LUCAS                        KY-120-9-127
BROMLEY, DANIEL                        KY-120-B-20
BROOKIE, JAMES W.                      KY-120-6-161
BROOKING, MARY                         KY-120-F-346
BROOKING, SAMUEL                       KY-120-E-38
BROOKS, JAMES A.                       KY-120-I-422
BROWN, AGNES C.                        KY-120-8-213
BROWN, CAROLINE                        KY-120-11-638
BROWN, CINTHY BASON                    KY-120-9-425
BROWN, H.                              KY-120-Z-163
BROWN, HELEN (COLORED)                 KY-120-6-327
BROWN, JACOB                           KY-120-N-380
BROWN, JAMES D.                        KY-120-Q-14
BROWN, JOE (COLORED)                   KY-120-8-144
BROWN, JOHN                            KY-120-F-385
BROWN, LAWSON                          KY-120-M-56
BROWN, MACK                            KY-120-4-244
BROWN, MARTHA J.                       KY-120-7-141
BROWN, RICHARD (COLORED)               KY-120-4-493
BROWN, SARAH                           KY-120-Q-484
BROWN, THOMAS                          KY-120-12-604
BROWN, WILLIAM (COLORED)               KY-120-3-171
BROWN, WILSON                          KY-120-D-160
BROWNING, CHARLES M.                   KY-120-12-632
BROWNING, LAURA P.                     KY-120-8-411
BRYANT, LUCY G.                        KY-120-10-324
BRYANT, THOMAS T.                      KY-120-#1-199
BRYSON, JOSEPH W.                      KY-120-G-80
BUCK, JOHN                             KY-120-E-98
BUFORD, AMADNA                         KY-120-W-485
BUFORD, FRANCIS W.                     KY-120-S-611
BUFORD, GEN. A.                        KY-120-K-527
BUFORD, MARGARET E.                    KY-120-W-428
BUFORD, MARTHA                         KY-120-N-311
BUFORD, SINCLAIR J.                    KY-120-O-555
BUFORD, WILLIAM J.                     KY-120-N-256
BUFORD, WILLIAM S.                     KY-120-T-98
BUFORD, WILLIAM SR.                    KY-120-N-283
BULLOCK, THOMAS                        KY-120-L-523
BUNTON, MARGARET                       KY-120-F-73
BURBRIDGE, BENJAMIN                    KY-120-C-385
BURGIN, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-10-334
BURTON, REBECCA W.                     KY-120-U-75
BUTLER, JOHN                           KY-120-10-610
BUTLER, THOMPSON                       KY-120-N-72
CABLE, FREDERICK                       KY-120-O-263
CABLE, L. D.                           KY-120-Z-188
CALDWELL, AMANDA                       KY-120-12-239
CALDWELL, GEORGE D.                    KY-120-N-1
CALDWELL, JAMES                        KY-120-F-346
CALMES, MARQUIS                        KY-120-I-474
CAMPBELL, ARTHUR                       KY-120-E-7
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                       KY-120-D-303
CAMPBELL, JOANNA                       KY-120-H-106
CAMPBELL, MARY (COLORED)               KY-120-4-166
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      KY-120-G-370
CANNON, FLORENCE B.                    KY-120-11-190
CANTY, PATRICK                         KY-120-8-246
CARLYLE, ELIZA W.                      KY-120-K-380
CARLYLE, GEORGE                        KY-120-H-43
CARLYLE, GEORGE L.                     KY-120-K-35
CARLYLE, JOHN                          KY-120-H-178
CARLYLE, MARGARET                      KY-120-K-330
CARPENTER, ALBERT B.                   KY-120-S-446
CARPENTER, DUDLEY D.                   KY-120-X-411
CARPENTER, JAMES D.                    KY-120-R-452
CARR, BERRY E.                         KY-120-K-182
CARR, MASTIN (COLORED)                 KY-120-4-335
CARR, MATTIE SEA                       KY-120-11-197
CARR, THOMAS                           KY-120-I-161
CARROLL, MAT                           KY-120-12-361
CARTER, ANNIE C.                       KY-120-12-404
CARTER, D. D. (DR)                     KY-120-Z-238
CARTER, GOODLOE                        KY-120-N-248
CARTER, JENNY                          KY-120-M-463
CARTER, JOHN B.                        KY-120-L-140
CARTER, JOSEPH C.                      KY-120-V-516
CARTER, MARGARET T.                    KY-120-3-11
CARTER, MARY                           KY-120-S-553
CARTER, PATRICK                        KY-120-4-267
CARTER, SAMUEL                         KY-120-5-273
CARTER, THOMAS F.                      KY-120-8-237
CASSELL, MARGARET TERRELL              KY-120-12-389
CASSELL, WILLIAM                       KY-120-P-247
CASSIDY, CHARLES                       KY-120-4-385
CASTLEMAN, LEWIS                       KY-120-H-170
CASTLEMAN, LEWIS                       KY-120-H-170
CAVE, RICHARD                          KY-120-E-105
CAVENDER, DOZIER                       KY-120-A-139
CHAPMAN, G. I.                         KY-120-3-563
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH G.                     KY-120-L-136
CHASE, WILLIAM                         KY-120-11-571
CHEANEY, ELIZABETH                     KY-120-T-454
CHEEK, ELLEN                           KY-120-3-513
CHELTON, GEORE                         KY-120-R-128
CHELTON, GEORGE                        KY-120-L-146
CHELTON, URIEL G.                      KY-120-M-241
CHENAULT, DELIA                        KY-120-9-586
CHILDERS, A. L.                        KY-120-4-353
CHILDERS, H. M.                        KY-120-10-18
CHILDERS, HENRY JR.                    KY-120-10-509
CHILTON, DUDLEY                        KY-120-Z-276
CHILTON, JOHN                          KY-120-N-112
CHILTON, JULE                          KY-120-11-268
CHILTON, STEPHEN SR.                   KY-120-O-379
CHILTON, WILLIAM A.                    KY-120-O-378
CHRISMAN, PAULINA                      KY-120-V-261
CHRISTOPHER, JOHN W.                   KY-120-H-131
CHRISTOPHER, JULIAN E.                 KY-120-H-357
CHRISTOPHER, WARREN S.                 KY-120-P-338
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM                   KY-120-R-373
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM SR.               KY-120-M-152
CHURCH, ANNE                           KY-120-12-281
CLARK, AMERICA                         KY-120-7-41
CLARK, BENJAMIN                        KY-120-H-181
CLARK, MILLDRED                        KY-120-C-120
CLARK, TOM R.                          KY-120-5-466
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        KY-120-G-78
CLAY, AGGIE (COLORED)                  KY-120-6-4
CLELLAND, JOHN W.                      KY-120-Q-42
CLEVELAND, EMMA                        KY-120-9-559
CLEVELAND, JOHN                        KY-120-O-407
CLEVELAND, JOHN G. F.                  KY-120-M-93
CLEVELAND, W. H.                       KY-120-6-50
CLEVELAND, WILLIAM S.                  KY-120-S-388
CLOAK, EVELINE                         KY-120-6-496
CLOAK, SAMUEL                          KY-120-P-427
COIT, ELIZABETH                        KY-120-#1-401
COLE, JULIA                            KY-120-9-500
COLE, RICHARD                          KY-120-D-275
COLEMAN, ALBERT (COLORED)              KY-120-6-105
COLEMAN, JAMES                         KY-120-G-312
COLEMAN, RICHARD                       KY-120-L-171
COLEMAN, RICHARD (COLORED)             KY-120-5-192
COLEMAN, ROBERT                        KY-120-7-174
COLEMAN, SARAH                         KY-120-H-99
COLEMAN, SUSANNAH                      KY-120-K-11
COLEMAN, THOMAS                        KY-120-H-180
COLEMAN, WOOD SR.                      KY-120-9-628
COLLETTE, WILLIAM THOMAS (DR)          KY-120-12-405
COLLINS, DUDLEY (COLORED)              KY-120-4-168
COLLINS, ERNEST                        KY-120-11-131
COLLINS, JOHN                          KY-120-N-1
COLLINS, JOSEPH                        KY-120-I-88
COLLINS, MARY E. HARRIS                KY-120-9-81
COLLINS, MICHAEL                       KY-120-2-53
COLLINS, T. C.                         KY-120-4-336
COLLINS, W. P.                         KY-120-9-627
COLTIN, JOHN D.                        KY-120-V-367
COMBS, ANDREW                          KY-120-N-8
COOPER, W. S.                          KY-120-12-582
COPPAGE, JAMES                         KY-120-F-49
COPPAGE, POLLY                         KY-120-L-59
CORCORAN, MARY ALICE                   KY-120-12-64
COSBY, EDWARD                          KY-120-4-71
COTTON, EMMA M.                        KY-120-6-168
COTTON, GEORGE T.                      KY-120-G-44
COX, CHARLES T.                        KY-120-4-4
COX, JAMES                             KY-120-R-541
COYLE, J. R.                           KY-120-12-587
CRAIG, E. S. (JUDGE)                   KY-120-K-106
CRAIG, EUGENE                          KY-120-8-246
CRAIG, GEORGE                          KY-120-7-214
CRAIG, GEORGE SR. (COLORED)            KY-120-#1-95
CRAIG, GEORGE W.                       KY-120-10-552
CRAIG, HUNTER THORNTON (MRS)           KY-120-5-301
CRAIG, JAMES                           KY-120-O-398
CRAIG, JOHN P.                         KY-120-O-284
CRAIG, JOHN W. (DR)                    KY-120-Q-15
CRAIG, LIZZIE J.                       KY-120-2-523
CRAIG, MARGARET J.                     KY-120-5-20
CRAIG, MARY A.                         KY-120-10-472
CRAIG, NANIE R.                        KY-120-6-280
CRAIG, TOLIER                          KY-120-B-79
CRAIG, WILLIAM M.                      KY-120-I-268
CRAIG, WILLIAM WARD                    KY-120-5-21
CRASK, A. J.                           KY-120-6-432
CRASK, LOUISA A.                       KY-120-12-324
CRAWFORD, ELIZBETH F.                  KY-120-12-242
CRENSHAW, JANE E.                      KY-120-5-120
CRENSHAW, T. A.                        KY-120-K-20
CRENSHAW, W. PERCY                     KY-120-6-505
CRIM, LEWIS                            KY-120-V-16
CRISTOPHER, WILLIAM JR.                KY-120-N-307
CRITTENDEN, RACHAEL                    KY-120-10-539
CROXTON, THOMAS                        KY-120-10-597
CRUTCHER, FANNIE                       KY-120-U-136
CRUTCHER, H. H.                        KY-120-2-39
CRUTCHER, ISAAC                        KY-120-K-522
CRUTCHER, JEFFERSON B.                 KY-120-T-456
CRUTCHER, LAFAYETTE                    KY-120-#1-70
CRUTCHER, PERCY                        KY-120-10-614
CRUTCHER, RICHARD                      KY-120-W-357
CULBERTSON, SUSAN                      KY-120-4-513
CUNNINGHAM, ELEANOR                    KY-120-F-257
CUNNINGHAM, GIBSON                     KY-120-9-621
CUNNINGHAM, HUGH                       KY-120-F-234
CUNNINGHAM, SUSAN                      KY-120-6-491
CUNNINGHAM, WOODY                      KY-120-9-561
CURD, L. T.                            KY-120-11-395
DAILEY, DNAIEL                         KY-120-4-449
DALE, ABRAHAM                          KY-120-I-114
DALE, ABRAM N.                         KY-120-K-352
DALE, ALICE AKA ALSEY                  KY-120-B-174
DALE, C. T. (DR)                       KY-120-2-276
DALE, GEORGE                           KY-120-K-271
DALE, WILLIAM                          KY-120-F-378
DALE, WILLIAM                          KY-120-K-271
DANIEL, WILLIAM P.                     KY-120-U-484
DARNEAL, J. SHREWSBERRY                KY-120-W-180
DARNEAL, JOSEPHINE                     KY-120-3-191
DARNEAL, SAM S.                        KY-120-6-101
DARNEAL, SWIFT                         KY-120-5-50
DARNELL, AARON                         KY-120-E-192
DARNELL, JOHN R. L.                    KY-120-Z-588
DARNELL, JOSEPH                        KY-120-H-130
DAUGHERTY, SARAH J.                    KY-120-K-520
DAVENPORT, JOHN F.                     KY-120-T-396
DAVENPORT, MARY                        KY-120-O-482
DAVENPORT, SALLIE                      KY-120-K-526
DAVIS, AMERICA                         KY-120-O-29
DAVIS, H. O.                           KY-120-Z-161, 173
DAVIS, HARRIET R.                      KY-120-S-498
DAVIS, HIRAM                           KY-120-L-191
DAVIS, JOHN                            KY-120-D-102
DAVIS, JOHN W.                         KY-120-M-222
DAVIS, JOSEPH                          KY-120-G-256
DAVIS, JOSEPH H.                       KY-120-O-450
DAVIS, LAURA M.                        KY-120-12-130
DAVIS, MILTON                          KY-120-4-400
DAVIS, ROBERT H.                       KY-120-N-413
DAVIS, SAMIE A. (MRS)                  KY-120-11-327
DAVIS, THOMAS                          KY-120-L-249
DAVIS, THOMAS W.                       KY-120-H-423
DAVIS, THOMPSON P.                     KY-120-4-403
DAVIS, W. O.                           KY-120-11-483
DAVIS, WILLIAM G.                      KY-120-W-533
DAVIS,JOHN A.                          KY-120-10-607
DAWSON, E. R.                          KY-120-6-7
DAWSON, JOHN C.                        KY-120-11-162
DEAN, F. L.                            KY-120-7-339
DEAN, HELEN                            KY-120-12-89
DEAN, THOMAS                           KY-120-S-368
DEAN, THOMAS H.                        KY-120-W-21
DEARINGER, DANIEL                      KY-120-Q-66
DEARINGER, MARGAET                     KY-120-O-64
DEARINGER, MICHAEL                     KY-120-D-198
DEDMAN, SARAH J.                       KY-120-11-273
DEERING, WALKER                        KY-120-M-244
DEES, WILLIAM (COLORED)                KY-120-5-382
DERROUGH, WILLIAM                      KY-120-P-409
DEY, MARY B. H.                        KY-120-Z-165
DICKERSON, WILLIAM                     KY-120-B-46
DICKEY, JAMES                          KY-120-C-315
DICKEY, MICHAEL                        KY-120-G-370
DICKEY, WILLIAM M.                     KY-120-V-500
DITTO, SUE BROOKIE                     KY-120-12-470
DIVINE, SALLY                          KY-120-N-501
DIXON, MERRITT W.                      KY-120-K-193
DOGGINS, FRANCES                       KY-120-7-217
DORETY, MARY                           KY-120-10-334
DORSEY, PATRICK                        KY-120-N-379
DOUGLASS, HEZEKIAH                     KY-120-O-207
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM                      KY-120-U-388
DOZIER, SIDNEY                         KY-120-V-498
DRAKE, HARRIET                         KY-120-K-275
DRAKE, ROBERT (COLORED)                KY-120-#1-127
DRISKILL, TIMOTHY                      KY-120-A-156
DUCKER, MARY                           KY-120-Z-589
DUDLEY, NELSON                         KY-120-Z-277
DUDLEY, RICHARD                        KY-120-K-300
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER                      KY-120-7-363
DUNLAP, ALEXANDER                      KY-120-M-269
DUNLAP, AMANDA B.                      KY-120-7-270
DUNLAP, THOMAS F.                      KY-120-12-199
DUNLAP, WILLIAM A.                     KY-120-W-530
DUNN, ANTHONY                          KY-120-4-400
DUPUY, BARTHOLOMEW                     KY-120-B-14
DUPUY, EDWARD (COLORED)                KY-120-O-212
DUPUY, JOEL M.                         KY-120-K-561
DUPUY, JOSEPH (COLORED)                KY-120-P-41
DUPUY, MARY J.                         KY-120-U-259
DUVALL, CHARLES                        KY-120-10-328
DUVALL, JOHN                           KY-120-F-215
DUVALL, PAULINA                        KY-120-K-274
EASTIN, MARY WITHROWS                  KY-120-5-266
EATON, MARY ELIZABETH                  KY-120-11-453
EATON, NANCY                           KY-120-V-140
EDDINGS, ABE                           KY-120-10-512
EDGER, EDWARD                          KY-120-2-469
EDWARDS, A. M. (MRS)                   KY-120-12-151
EDWARDS, BENJAMIN                      KY-120-D-188
EDWARDS, D. T.                         KY-120-8-232
EDWARDS, D. W.                         KY-120-4-267
EDWARDS, GEORGE                        KY-120-7-40
EDWARDS, J. W.                         KY-120-9-629
EDWARDS, JENNIE L.                     KY-120-12-497
EDWARDS, JOHN                          KY-120-D-245
EDWARDS, JOHN G.                       KY-120-6-104
EDWARDS, LIZZIE                        KY-120-5-111
EDWARDS, MARY E.                       KY-120-11-163
EDWARDS, MARY H.                       KY-120-10-609
EDWARDS, REBECCA                       KY-120-Q-43
EDWARDS, SUSAN                         KY-120-O-291
EDWARDS, SUSAN A.                      KY-120-4-495
EDWARDS, SUSAN S.                      KY-120-2-437
EDWARDS, T. WILEY                      KY-120-12-387
EDWARDS, THOMAS S.                     KY-120-6-403
ELAM, JOHN                             KY-120-A-129
ELGIN, JAMES H.                        KY-120-2-523
ELKIN, ISAIAH                          KY-120-L-23
ELLIOTT, CORDELIA                      KY-120-K-467
ELLIOTT, JAMES H.                      KY-120-R-83
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          KY-120-H-245
ELLIOTT, JOHN K.                       KY-120-I-348
ELLIOTT, MARTHA                        KY-120-K-1
ELLIOTT, MARY T.                       KY-120-L-385
ELLIOTT, PATSEY                        KY-120-K-490
ELLIOTT, SALLIE M.                     KY-120-T-492
ELLIOTT, SARAH J.                      KY-120-I-361
ELLIS, JESSE                           KY-120-F-67
ELLIS, JOHN                            KY-120-F-88
ELLISTON, NEWTON S.                    KY-120-K-507, 509
ELLISTON, ROBERT                       KY-120-C-201
ELMORE, SAMUEL D.                      KY-120-11-236
ELMORE, THOMAS D.                      KY-120-K-420
EMACK, GEORGE M.                       KY-120-Z-104
EPLER, BOONE R. AND SALLY A.           KY-120-2-140
EPLER, JOHN C.                         KY-120-5-638
EPLER, SALLY A. AND BOONE R.           KY-120-2-140
EPPERSON, GEORGE W.                    KY-120-O-77
ETHERINGTON, WILLIAM                   KY-120-10-333
ETHINGTON, JAMES HIRAM                 KY-120-12-583
EVANS, SAMUEL                          KY-120-M-132
EVANS, SIDNEY H.                       KY-120-5-121
FALCONER, J. A.                        KY-120-12-291
FARRA, AAARON                          KY-120-11-329
FELIX, JOSIAH                          KY-120-T-177
FERGUSON, L. L. (DR)                   KY-120-V-621
FERGUSON, WILLIAM G.                   KY-120-P-383
FIELD, HARDIN                          KY-120-11-254
FIELD, HENRY W.                        KY-120-B-86
FIELD, ISABELLA M.                     KY-120-N-216, 266
FIELD, WILLIS                          KY-120-K-390
FIELD, WILLIS W.                       KY-120-10-541
FINCH, JOHN                            KY-120-K-19
FINCH, WILLIAM                         KY-120-I-311
FINN, JOHN                             KY-120-F-25
FIRMAN, LEWIS                          KY-120-Z-506
FISHBACK, G. MCELROY                   KY-120-7-113
FISHBACK, KATE R.                      KY-120-11-265
FISHER, BERNHARDINE                    KY-120-Z-187
FISHER, LEWIS                          KY-120-X-371
FLEMING, CATHARINE                     KY-120-5-377
FLEMING, LEONARD I.                    KY-120-L-378
FLEMING, LEONARD I.                    KY-120-M-462
FLOURNOY, DAVID B.                     KY-120-N-382
FOGG, ELIJAH                           KY-120-X-243
FORD, ABSALAM SR.                      KY-120-L-375
FORD, JAMES                            KY-120-W-573
FORD, JAMES P.                         KY-120-#1-399
FORD, JAMES SR.                        KY-120-M-424
FORD, JAMES W.                         KY-120-U-402
FORD, ROBERT                           KY-120-4-165
FORD, TENA B.                          KY-120-8-59
FORD, ZACHARIAH                        KY-120-W-232, 233
FORSON, FREDERICK                      KY-120-H-188
FORSTONE, CHARLES                      KY-120-E-240
FOUNTAIN, HENRY                        KY-120-X-558
FOX, RICHARD                           KY-120-I-159
FRANCISCO, GEORE                       KY-120-C-27
FRANKLIN, JAMES M.                     KY-120-8-244
FRASER, JOHN                           KY-120-M-109
FRAZE, JOSEPH                          KY-120-S-177
FRAZIER, AP (COLORED)                  KY-120-8-309
FRAZIER, CHARLES C.                    KY-120-N-78
FRAZIER, JOHN H.                       KY-120-9-270
FREEMAN, C. T.                         KY-120-11-306
FREEMAN, REBECCA W.                    KY-120-8-348
FREMO, JOHN D.                         KY-120-9-115
FROMAN, SUSANNA                        KY-120-H-106
FULLER, JAMES (MRS)                    KY-120-8-229
GAINES, BERNARD                        KY-120-L-169
GAINES, DANIEL .                       KY-120-6-296
GAINES, ROBERT                         KY-120-I-144
GAINES, SARAH F.                       KY-120-T-108
GAINES, WILLIAM SR.                    KY-120-F-141
GARDNER, FRANCES                       KY-120-8-241
GARNER, SARAH ANN                      KY-120-F-232
GARNETT, JAMES                         KY-120-C-130
GARNETT, MARY ELIZA                    KY-120-8-350
GARRETT, ELIZABETH                     KY-120-L-139
GARRETT, JAMES                         KY-120-5-390
GARRETT, WILLIAM                       KY-120-F-217
GATEWOOD, CHARLES S.                   KY-120-C-159
GATEWOOD, JAMES                        KY-120-F-45
GAY, FLORENCE B.                       KY-120-6-614
GAY, JAMES                             KY-120-L-408
GAY, JAMES L.                          KY-120-11-388
GAY, JOHN                              KY-120-H-1
GAY, ROBERT H.                         KY-120-12-610
GEORGE, DAVIDETTA HAMILTON             KY-120-10-445
GEORGE, FRANK M.                       KY-120-5-471
GEORGE, WILLIAM W. SR.                 KY-120-W-629
GERRALD, JANE                          KY-120-C-332
GERREL, MARY                           KY-120-C-269
GIBSON, EVA B.                         KY-120-10-66
GIBSON, WILLIAM                        KY-120-G-258
GILL, SPENCER                          KY-120-E-108
GILTNER, BERNARD                       KY-120-U-95
GILTNER, SALLIE A.                     KY-120-U-547
GILTNER, WILLIAM R.                    KY-120-R-121
GLENN, TYRE                            KY-120-C-77
GOODLEE, VIVION                        KY-120-F-116
GOODLOE, HENRY                         KY-120-S-565
GORBUT, JOSEPH                         KY-120-T-584
GORDON, WILLIAM                        KY-120-H-407
GOSSER, DOMINI                         KY-120-7-312
GOUGH, FRANCIS                         KY-120-N-477
GOUGH, JAMES                           KY-120-H-169
GOUGH, JAMES W.                        KY-120-M-274
GOUGH, SARAH M.                        KY-120-N-477
GRADDY, JESSE                          KY-120-7-177
GRADDY, JESSE                          KY-120-O-89, 91
GRADDY, JOE C.                         KY-120-9-623
GRADDY, LIZZIE T.                      KY-120-10-332
GRADDY, SALLIE B.                      KY-120-7-118
GRADDY, SUSAN                          KY-120-W-474
GRADDY, W. HENRY                       KY-120-3-329
GRADDY, WILLIAM L.                     KY-120-R-307
GRAES, KATE SCOTT                      KY-120-12-44
GRAHAM, JAMES H.                       KY-120-9-287
GRANDUCCI, SANINTA                     KY-120-9-273
GRANDUCCI, SANTI                       KY-120-W-585
GRANDUCCI, THOMAS                      KY-120-7-341
GRANT, SAMUEL                          KY-120-A-5
GRATZ, HYMAN C.                        KY-120-S-526
GRATZ, MICHAEL BERNARD                 KY-120-#1-139
GRATZ, ROSE                            KY-120-12-325
GRAVES, ELIZABETH C.                   KY-120-U-208
GRAVES, J. M.                          KY-120-9-624
GRAVES, J. T. (DR.)                    KY-120-4-490
GRAVES, NELSON                         KY-120-O-417
GRAVES, W. H.                          KY-120-7-176
GRAVS, CHARLOTTE                       KY-120-#1-434
GRAY, BEN P.                           KY-120-P-272
GRAY, CAROLINE                         KY-120-11-78
GRAY, FANNIE                           KY-120-W-479
GRAY, ISAAC N.                         KY-120-#1-363
GRAY, JOEL H.                          KY-120-S-81
GRAY, JONATHAN                         KY-120-G-384
GRAY, LEONORA                          KY-120-11-454
GRAY, LIZZIE (COLORED)                 KY-120-8-559
GRAY, MILTON                           KY-120-V-254
GRAY, S. N.                            KY-120-7-54
GRAY, SAMUEL                           KY-120-#1-66
GRAY, WALTER                           KY-120-10-615
GREATHOUSE, MARY E.                    KY-120-6-434
GREATHOUSE, RIDGLEY                    KY-120-O-271
GREEN, JAMES                           KY-120-C-318
GREEN, VIOLET                          KY-120-6-281
GREENBAUM, SIMON J.                    KY-120-4-116
GREGORY, ABRAHAM                       KY-120-D-277
GREGORY, JOHN M.                       KY-120-M-271
GREGORY, MILDRED                       KY-120-F-165
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                       KY-120-C-158
GROOMS, JENNIE B.                      KY-120-12-405
GRUNBY, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-C-52
GUIN, JOHN                             KY-120-C-68
GUINN, ROBERT                          KY-120-F-5
GUYN, JANE                             KY-120-F-393
GUYN, JOSEPH                           KY-120-Q-125
HACKETT, M. F.                         KY-120-10-582
HACKETT, W. H.                         KY-120-10-38
HAGER, SARAH                           KY-120-2-211
HAGGIN, E. G.                          KY-120-10-324
HAINES, GEORGE                         KY-120-X-314
HALE, LEWIS D.                         KY-120-I-362
HALE, SMITH                            KY-120-E-155
HALE, WILLIAM                          KY-120-H-56
HALEY, JOHN P.                         KY-120-12-578
HALL, M. C.                            KY-120-11-271
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER                    KY-120-P-105
HAMILTON, ANDREW                       KY-120-F-205
HAMILTON, JOHN                         KY-120-E-220
HAMILTON, MARY                         KY-120-M-248
HAMILTON, SAMUEL                       KY-120-B-63
HAMMOND, GEORGE                        KY-120-P-98
HAMMOND, JOHN                          KY-120-K-163
HAMPTON, ELIZABETH J.                  KY-120-9-316
HAMPTON, S. T.                         KY-120-8-574
HANCOCK, WILLIAM SR.                   KY-120-G-399
HANLEY, GEORGE                         KY-120-11-100
HARPER, ADAM                           KY-120-S-150
HARPER, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-U-288
HARPER, FRANK B.                       KY-120-6-170
HARPER, JACOB                          KY-120-U-287
HARPER, JOHN                           KY-120-V-194
HARPER, W. W.                          KY-120-X-389
HARPER, WILLIAM D.                     KY-120-S-13
HARRIS, A. T.                          KY-120-11-447
HARRIS, C. A.                          KY-120-8-94
HARRIS, DAVID                          KY-120-H-404
HARRIS, ELZAY                          KY-120-12-166
HARRIS, EMELINE                        KY-120-8-347
HARRIS, HARRISON                       KY-120-A-141
HARRIS, JOSIE BALL                     KY-120-10-57
HARRIS, MARY                           KY-120-K-408
HARRIS, MARY B. S.                     KY-120-12-253
HARRIS, MARY H.                        KY-120-6-493
HARRIS, NANCY                          KY-120-O-77
HARRIS, NAT (MRS)                      KY-120-9-170
HARRIS, NATHANIEL                      KY-120-N-385
HARRIS, PRUDENCE E.                    KY-120-Z-163
HARRIS, THEODORE                       KY-120-11-629
HARRIS, WILLIAM S.                     KY-120-K-301
HARRISS, NATHANIEL                     KY-120-5-472
HART, NATHANIEL                        KY-120-M-241
HART, NATHANIEL                        KY-120-O-478
HART, ROBERT S. (DR)                   KY-120-9-45
HAWKINS, ALICE                         KY-120-U-89
HAWKINS, ALICE                         KY-120-U-89
HAWKINS, ALLEN W.                      KY-120-P-149
HAWKINS, EDMONIS                       KY-120-Z-465
HAWKINS, I. K.                         KY-120-2-37
HAWKINS, J. W.                         KY-120-11-55
HAWKINS, JOSEPH                        KY-120-I-351
HAWKINS, LIZZIE OWSLEY                 KY-120-12-150
HAWKINS, MOSES                         KY-120-R-392
HAWKINS, SARAH (COLORED)               KY-120-7-359
HAWKINS, WILLIAM S. SR.                KY-120-Q-264
HAWKINS, WILLIAM W.                    KY-120-R-241
HAYNES, ELIJAH                         KY-120-A-138
HAYS, KATE L.                          KY-120-4-496
HAZARD, JOHN                           KY-120-F-387
HEATH, G. A.                           KY-120-11-125
HEDGER, WILLIAM SR.                    KY-120-S-80
HELM, J. D.                            KY-120-U-445
HELM, MARY MARGARET                    KY-120-5-612
HELM, THOMAS                           KY-120-N-411
HELM, THOMAS LOGAN                     KY-120-5-454
HENDERSON, KITTY                       KY-120-11-138
HENDRIX, CATHERINE                     KY-120-K-409
HENRY, BETTIE J.                       KY-120-11-328
HENRY, JOEL                            KY-120-K-139
HENRY, JOSEPHINE K.                    KY-120-12-517
HENRY, WILLIAM                         KY-120-6-400
HENTON, JAMES                          KY-120-11-524
HENTON, NANCY E.                       KY-120-K-184
HENTON, SAMUEL H.                      KY-120-10-325
HENTON, THOMAS                         KY-120-T-426
HENTON, THOMAS E.                      KY-120-W-151
HIBLER, A. S.                          KY-120-W-516
HICKS, HARRIS                          KY-120-C-42
HIEATT, ALLEN                          KY-120-T-562
HIEATT, H. L.                          KY-120-4-338
HIFNER, BETTIE                         KY-120-7-289
HIFNER, GEORGE                         KY-120-3-463
HIFNER, MARTHA                         KY-120-7-250
HIFNER, MARY                           KY-120-7-250
HIGBEE, A. C.                          KY-120-2-384
HINTON, THOMAS SR.                     KY-120-H-300
HITER, ABBIE TWYMAN                    KY-120-11-544
HITER, CHARLES W.                      KY-120-L-366
HITER, JAMES SR.                       KY-120-B-133
HITER, W. H.                           KY-120-8-235
HITT, W. H. SR.                        KY-120-6-166
HMPHRYES, DAVID C.                     KY-120-S-128
HOFFMAN, ERNEST                        KY-120-11-275
HOGAN, HELEN SCOTT                     KY-120-12-537
HOLBERT, JAMES                         KY-120-P-314
HOLEMAN, EDWARD                        KY-120-F-95
HOLEMAN, HENRY                         KY-120-A-3
HOLLOWAY, GEORGE                       KY-120-K-538
HOLLOWAY, GEORGE B.                    KY-120-S-457
HOLLOWAY, HENRIETTA                    KY-120-V-337
HOLLOWAY, LUCYJ.                       KY-120-4-139
HOLLOWAY, S. F.                        KY-120-4-372
HOOVER, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-N-497
HOOVER, ROBERT J.                      KY-120-8-326
HORD, GEORGE T.                        KY-120-5-115
HORD, JANE A.                          KY-120-10-64
HOUSTON, LOU                           KY-120-12-638
HOWARD, DAVID V.                       KY-120-7-348
HOWARD, ISAAC                          KY-120-O-75
HOWARD, J. D.                          KY-120-8-226
HOWARD, JAMES                          KY-120-F-50
HOWARD, JOHN                           KY-120-B-95
HOWARD, LEROY                          KY-120-K-524
HOWARD, LOUISA F.                      KY-120-8-228
HOWARD, MARTHA M.                      KY-120-8-227
HOWE, EDWARD                           KY-120-G-77
HUDSON, JOHN                           KY-120-D-162
HUDSON, RAWLEIGH                       KY-120-H-232
HUGHES, JOSEPH S.                      KY-120-12-191
HUGHES, TIMOTHY                        KY-120-K-128
HULL, MARY A.                          KY-120-12-471
HUMPHREY, SAMUEL P.                    KY-120-P-586
HUMPHREYS, SARAH                       KY-120-K-487
HUMPHREYS,S ARAH GILSON                KY-120-7-56
HUMPHRIES, SAMUEL P.                   KY-120-Q-253
HUNNICUTT, JOHN                        KY-120-I-360
HUNT, ELEANOR                          KY-120-E-180
HUNTER, AB C.                          KY-120-K-356
HUNTER, C. M.                          KY-120-W-358
HUNTER, EDITH S.                       KY-120-9-277
HUNTER, FRANCES NUCKOLS                KY-120-8-238
HUNTER, JAMES                          KY-120-G-116, 153
HUNTER, MARY                           KY-120-G-310
HUNTER, S. B.                          KY-120-8-230
HUNTER, WILLIAM S.                     KY-120-8-351
HURST, A. T. (MRS)                     KY-120-10-372
HURST, ALFRED                          KY-120-#1-72
HURST, ANN                             KY-120-N-212
HURST, JAMES                           KY-120-Z-525
HURST, PETER                           KY-120-N-56
HUTCHINSON, ANDREW                     KY-120-P-300
HUTCHINSON, SARAH                      KY-120-P-299
IRELAND, JOHN T.                       KY-120-7-359
JACK, FRANCIS                          KY-120-A-7
JACKSON, ANDREW (COLORED)              KY-120-4-269
JACKSON, EVELINE                       KY-120-11-449
JACKSON, HENRY (COLORED)               KY-120-#1-257
JACKSON, JOHN (COLORED)                KY-120-V-498
JACKSON, JOHN (COLORED)                KY-120-X-163
JACKSON, JOHN C.                       KY-120-H-282
JACKSON, JOHN SR.                      KY-120-8-530
JACKSON, LYDIA                         KY-120-U-458
JACKSON, RICHARD G.                    KY-120-O-173
JACKSON, SARAH (COLORED)               KY-120-6-108
JACKSON, WILLIAM                       KY-120-A-153
JACKSON,IKE                            KY-120-11-280
JACOBSTEIN, JOSEPH                     KY-120-11-35
JAMESON, JAMES                         KY-120-A-40
JANUARY, PETER                         KY-120-A-1
JEFFRIES, ISAAC                        KY-120-G-424
JENKINS, EASTER                        KY-120-3-288
JENKINS, EZEKIEL                       KY-120-D-282
JENNINGS, ISAAC M.                     KY-120-M-353
JESSE, ANNE                            KY-120-O-39
JESSE, ANNIE                           KY-120-7-112
JESSE, ROBERT V.                       KY-120-12-163
JESSE, SALLIE E.                       KY-120-12-30
JOHNSON, AMANDA                        KY-120-9-454
JOHNSON, ANDREW G.                     KY-120-Z-49
JOHNSON, CORNELIA                      KY-120-11-237
JOHNSON, ELIZA                         KY-120-6-107
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                     KY-120-L-354
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                     KY-120-T-392
JOHNSON, ENNIS                         KY-120-12-165
JOHNSON, HARRISON                      KY-120-10-36
JOHNSON, HENRY                         KY-120-2-97
JOHNSON, ISAAC                         G426
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                        KY-120-A-13
JOHNSON, MANUEL                        KY-120-#1-457
JOHNSON, R. F.                         KY-120-Z-67
JOHNSON, REUBEN                        KY-120-8-353
JOHNSON, RICHARD                       KY-120-R-108
JOHNSON, THOMAS                        KY-120-A-75
JOHNSTON, HARRIS H.                    KY-120-W-139
JOHNSTON, THOMAS H.                    KY-120-M-413
JONES, AMERICA B.                      KY-120-10-374
JONES, LEWIS P.                        KY-120-R-218
JONES, OPHELIA                         KY-120-Z-103
KANES, EMILY                           KY-120-11-413
KASSELMAN, HARRY CHRISTIAN             KY-120-6-400
KEILY, KATHERINE H.                    KY-120-11-448
KELLEY, SAMUEL                         KY-120-C-122
KENNEDY, LITTLEBERRY                   KY-120-P-244
KERCHEVAL, WILLIAM                     KY-120-O-233
KINEAD, WILLIAM                        KY-120-F-256
KING, ARCHIBALD                        KY-120-P-363
KINKEAD, ELEANOR                       KY-120-G-317
KINKEAD, F. P.                         KY-120-V-256
KINKEAD, JOHN                          KY-120-F-216
KINKEAD, JOHN                          KY-120-P-133
KINKEAD, JOHN Y.                       KY-120-Z-236
KINKEAD, JOSEPH B.                     KY-120-5-45
KINKEAD, LOUISA                        KY-120-4-606
KINKEAD, ROBERT                        KY-120-O-172
KINNAIRD, R. H.                        KY-120-#1-17, 156
LAFON, NICHOLAS                        KY-120-I-54
LAMPKIN, JAMES                         KY-120-D-28
LAMPKIN, P. T.                         KY-120-K-106
LAMPKKIN, LEWIS SR.                    KY-120-K-19
LANE, MARY J.                          KY-120-#1-198
LEAVY, MARY                            KY-120-9-169
LEDRIDGE, EDMON                        KY-120-11-270
LEDRIDGE, W. S.                        KY-120-2-427
LEE, HENRY                             KY-120-C-95
LEE, JOHN                              KY-120-B-143
LEE, THOMAS S.                         KY-120-V-517
LEGGETT, JAMES                         KY-120-C-16
LEHMAN, D.                             KY-120-8-151
LELAND, LEONARD R.                     KY-120-C-181
LEWIS, ELIZA                           KY-120-2-232
LEWIS, ELIZA                           KY-120-K-108
LEWIS, G. B.                           KY-120-4-118
LEWIS, JAMES                           KY-120-N-589
LEWIS, JAMES H.                        KY-120-I-287
LEWIS, LINZA                           KY-120-10-41
LILLARD, FANNY                         KY-120-12-131
LILLARD, MARY                          KY-120-K-297
LILLARD, MARY                          KY-120-K-297
LISLE, J. L.                           KY-120-9-618
LITLE, THOMAS                          KY-120-F-231
LITTRELL, WALTER                       KY-120-6-344
LIZENBY, WILLIAM                       KY-120-H-106
LOCKRIDGE, ROBERT                      KY-120-C-246
LOGAN, MARGARET C.                     KY-120-5-573
LOGAN, SPENCER (COLORED)               KY-120-6-102
LONG, ARMSTEAD                         KY-120-K-139
LONG, JOHN                             KY-120-B-209
LONG, JOHN                             KY-120-I-148
LOUGHERY, ALEXANDER                    KY-120-E-61
LOWREY, JOHN C. (DR)                   KY-120-8-236
LUCAS, JOSEPH                          KY-120-10-369
LUKE, MARTHA W.                        KY-120-K-606
LYNE, JUDGE SANFORD                    KY-120-K-295
LYNE, SANFORD                          KY-120-K-295
LYNE, WILLIAM                          KY-120-#1-36
MACBRIDE, ROBERT W.                    KY-120-12-561
MACEY, (PLAT OF LOTS)                  KY-120-5-462
MACEY, R. WARD                         KY-120-10-55
MACK, JANE                             KY-120-10-585
MADDOX, THOMAS                         KY-120-L-339
MADEIRA, KEMP G.                       KY-120-3-630
MADEIRA, MAGGIE C.                     KY-120-12-255
MAHIN, WILLIAM SR.                     KY-120-R-109
MAJOR, THOMAS                          KY-120-N-135
MAJOR, WILLIAM                         KY-120-A-133
MALONE, JOHN                           KY-120-K-317
MANLEY, W. M.                          KY-120-10-538
MARKHAM, M. B. (MISS)                  KY-120-6-379, 380
MARKS, N. M.                           KY-120-6-109
MARSHALL, ELEANOR                      KY-120-7-115, 12-183
MARSHALL, JOHN                         KY-120-C-283
MARTIN, ANN COMELIA                    KY-120-8-265
MARTIN, ANN D.                         KY-120-V-337
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-2-87
MARTIN, GEORGE F.                      KY-120-Z-441
MARTIN, JAMES                          KY-120-K-499
MARTIN, JAMES                          KY-120-S-12
MARTIN, JOHN                           KY-120-I-280
MARTIN, JUDITH                         KY-120-H-328
MARTIN, LEONORA                        KY-120-X-410
MARTIN, LETTY                          KY-120-I-204
MARTIN, MARY F.                        KY-120-7-37
MARTIN, OBEDIAH                        KY-120-6-162
MARTIN, SAMUEL                         KY-120-G-384
MARTIN, WILLIAM JR.                    KY-120-5-376
MASTIN, JOHN G.                        KY-120-T-152
MASTIN, TOMSON ANN                     KY-120-7-85
MASTIN, W. HENRY                       KY-120-6-490
MATTINGLY, ALEX S.                     KY-120-Z-165
MAXBERRY, BERRY                        KY-120-8-494
MCALLISTER, SARAH J.                   KY-120-10-39
MCAMPBELL, ELIZA                       KY-120-7-455
MCBRIDE, JAMES                         KY-120-A-15
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                       KY-120-M-335
MCCABE, J. L.                          KY-120-8-572
MCCABE, RENNA B.                       KY-120-8-573
MCCABE, WILLIAM H.                     KY-120-O-380
MCCARTY, JAMES                         KY-120-2-295
MCCAULEY, C. G.                        KY-120-10-548
MCCAULEY, JOHN                         KY-120-4-448
MCCAULEY,W . P.                        KY-120-4-425
MCCLANAHAN, MARSHALL                   KY-120-H-480
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER                     KY-120-M-63
MCCLURE, NATHANIEL                     KY-120-N-185
MCCLURE, WILLIAM                       KY-120-I-354
MCCONNELL, G. W.                       KY-120-8-269
MCCONNELL, JAMES (GENERAL)             KY-120-Q-178
MCCONNELL, KATE H.                     KY-120-11-573
MCCONNELL, LIZZIE A.                   KY-120-8-65
MCCONNELL, M. J. (MRS)                 KY-120-10-60
MCCONNELL, ROBERT                      KY-120-Z-459
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM C.                  KY-120-P-122
MCCOY, DANIEL                          KY-120-M-150
MCCOY, TRAVIS                          KY-120-P-382
MCCRACKEN, CYRUS                       KY-120-A-136
MCCRACKEN, CYRUS                       KY-120-E-95
MCCRACKEN, CYRUS H.                    KY-120-H-230
MCCRACKEN, GEORGE C.                   KY-120-H-376
MCCRACKIN, VIRGIL                      KY-120-D-65, 128
MCCUDDY, WILLIAM                       KY-120-F-295
MCDANIEL, JAMES                        KY-120-V-558, 611
MCDONALD, GEORGE                       KY-120-S-573
MCDONALD, JOHN                         KY-120-5-516
MCDOWELL, MARGARET                     KY-120-E-65
MCDOWELL, MOSES                        KY-120-E-42
MCFARLAND, MARY                        KY-120-M-220
MCGARVEY, P. T.                        KY-120-7-58
MCGEE, SAMUEL                          KY-120-K-126
MCGEE, WILLEY (COLORED)                KY-120-K-126
MCGINNIS, JOHN L.                      KY-120-12-43
MCGRATH, PHILIP                        KY-120-X-189
MCHATTON, HARVEY                       KY-120-11-102
MCHATTON, WILSON                       KY-120-K-216
MCILVAIN, MARY A.                      KY-120-12-186
MCKEE, FRANK                           KY-120-12-575
MCKEE, HUGH P.                         KY-120-U-636
MCKEE, JAMES                           KY-120-U-189
MCKEE, JOHN R.                         KY-120-10-629
MCKEE, ROBERT                          KY-120-D-1
MCKEEHAN, SARAH                        KY-120-K-582
MCKINLEY, ANNIE B.                     KY-120-10-447
MCKINNEY, JOHN SR.                     KY-120-K-521
MCKINNEY, SUSAN                        KY-120-M-507
MCKINNEY, WILLIAM                      KY-120-F-51
MCKNIGHT, ANDREW R.                    KY-120-K-1
MCKNIGHT, MELISSA                      KY-120-I-354
MCLEOD, ALICE T.                       KY-120-8-214
MCNEILS, THOMAS                        KY-120-A-23
MCQUIDDY, JOHN                         KY-120-L-624
MCWILLIAM, HENRY                       KY-120-10-510
MCWILLIAMS, JAMES                      KY-120-11-264
MEEK, JAMES                            KY-120-G-245
MEHRING, HENRY                         KY-120-4-550
MENIZIES, HANNAH                       KY-120-P-456
MENIZIES, SAMUEL P.                    KY-120-I-321
MENZIES, CYRUS                         KY-120-8-88
MERRIT, LETTISIA                       KY-120-Z-96
MILLER, CAROLINE (COLORED)             KY-120-4-66
MILLER, E.                             KY-120-#1-125
MILLER, ISABEL                         KY-120-9-376
MILLER, JAMES A.                       KY-120-Z-235, 513
MILLER, JAMES W.                       KY-120-12-50
MILLER, JOHN                           KY-120-K-125
MILLER, LUCINDA                        KY-120-4-399
MILLER, WILLIAM (COLORED)              KY-120-7-182
MILLION, IRA                           KY-120-11-43
MINARY, JOHN S.                        KY-120-4-637
MINTER, ANN                            KY-120-P-19
MITCHELL, CHARLES P.                   KY-120-5-341
MITCHELL, EDMUND                       KY-120-G-4
MITCHELL, FREDERICK                    KY-120-N-156
MITCHELL, JOHN                         KY-120-O-25
MITCHELL, ROBERT                       KY-120-C-242
MITCHELL, ROSANNA                      KY-120-B-254
MITCHELL, Z. T.                        KY-120-7-78
MITCHUM, DUDLEY                        KY-120-I-69
MITCHUM, MARY                          KY-120-S-499
MITCHUM, SUSAN                         KY-120-I-364
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                       KY-120-12-241
MOORE, GREENBERRY                      KY-120-O-145
MOORE, JAMES                           KY-120-K-334
MOORE, LOU A.                          KY-120-6-498
MOORE, MARY J.                         KY-120-5-298
MOORE, MARY J.                         KY-120-6-51
MOORE, MARY J.                         KY-120-Z-466
MOORE, MINNIE                          KY-120-5-380
MOORE, SAMUEL                          KY-120-P-130
MOORE, VINCENT L.                      KY-120-V-233
MOORE, WILLIAM                         KY-120-G-82
MOORE, WILLIAM                         KY-120-K-189
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                      KY-120-K-554
MORANCY E. W.                          KY-120-6-432
MORANCY, H. P.                         KY-120-10-376
MOROE, JOSEPH A.                       KY-120-H-177
MORRIS, MARY B.                        KY-120-K-561
MORRIS, SAMUEL C.                      KY-120-3-169
MORRIS, WILLIAM                        KY-120-H-327
MORRIS, WILLIAM M.                     KY-120-K-298
MORRISON, ARCHIBALD                    KY-120-H-214
MORROW, PRESTON B.                     KY-120-V-281
MORROW, SAMUEL                         KY-120-I-337
MORTON, EQUILLA                        KY-120-P-505
MORTON, JEREMIAH                       KY-120-H-21
MORTON, JOHN                           KY-120-C-282
MORTON, JOSEPH                         KY-120-Q-194
MORTON, SARAH                          KY-120-G-401
MORTON, WILLIAM                        KY-120-G-400
MORTON, WILLIAM                        KY-120-Q-40
MOSBY, ALBERT                          KY-120-2-425
MOSBY, ELIZABETH                       KY-120-K-107
MOSBY, JESSE                           KY-120-#1-16
MOSBY, JOHN N.                         KY-120-N-417
MOSBY, L. BERRY                        KY-120-V-548
MOSBY, NICHOLAS                        KY-120-F-89
MOSBY, SUSAN M.                        KY-120-N-476
MOSBY, WILLIAM L.                      KY-120-N-544
MOSEBY, HANNAH                         KY-120-I-304
MOSEBY, JANE                           KY-120-N-20
MOSS, JOHN                             KY-120-C-195
MOSS, JOHN                             KY-120-H-268
MOSS, JOHN S.                          KY-120-8-531
MOSS, PHILIP                           KY-120-3-140
MOSS, PHILIP                           KY-120-H-127
MOSS, THOMAS                           KY-120-I-353
MOUNTJOY, ALLY                         KY-120-12-326
MOUNTJOY, ALLY                         KY-120-12-326
MOUNTJOY, GEORGE L.                    KY-120-11-543
MUCAHY, EDMOND                         KY-120-11-289
MULCAHY, LOU                           KY-120-#1-126
MULDROW, ANDREW                        KY-120-H-301
MULDROW, RACHAEL                       KY-120-I-205
MUNDAY, AFFIAH J.                      KY-120-7-216
MUNDAY, J. V.                          KY-120-V-486, 604
MUNDAY, REUBEN P.                      KY-120-7-195
MUNDAY, SALLIE E.                      KY-120-V-174
MUNDAY, THOMAS                         KY-120-I-I352
MUTER, GEORGE                          KY-120-C-342
NALL, ELEANOR                          KY-120-N-401
NALL, WILLIAM HENRY                    KY-120-D-83
NASH, DAVID                            KY-120-5-520
NASH, GEORGE W.                        KY-120-R-223
NASH, JEREMIAH                         KY-120-O-337
NASH, MILDRED A.                       KY-120-4-443
NEAL, MARY                             KY-120-9-540
NEET, JOHN (CAPT.)                     KY-120-Q-12
NEET, KATIE MACEY                      KY-120-12-126
NEW, A. L.                             KY-120-T-395
NEWMAN, ALICE A.                       KY-120-7-55
NEWMAN, ANNIE MILLER                   KY-120-8-113
NEWMAN, CATHERINE                      KY-120-T-427
NEWMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    KY-120-N-522
NICHOLS, MARY E.                       KY-120-11-450
NORRIS, ELIZABETH ANNA                 KY-120-W-628
NORWOOD, CHARLES                       KY-120-O-214
NUCIOLS, CHARLES                       KY-120-9-534
NUCIOLS, JANE D.                       KY-120-#1-196
NUCKOLS, CLAIBORNE W.                  KY-120-W-234
NUCKOLS, MARY C.                       KY-120-U-134
NUCKOLS, S. C.                         KY-120-11-194
NUCKOLS, SAM                           KY-120-U-132, 134
NUGENT, JAMES S.                       KY-120-5-110
OBANNON, JOHN                          KY-120-D-51
OFFUTT, CLARISSA                       KY-120-M-353
OFFUTT, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-M-96
OFFUTT, GEORGE H.                      KY-120-G-280
OFFUTT, MILFORD                        KY-120-F-268
OLDENOG, CATHARINA                     KY-120-2-456
OLIVER, JOHN                           KY-120-V-499
OLIVER, MARY E.                        KY-120-5-523
OLIVER, TAYLOR                         KY-120-W-261
OLSON, PETER                           KY-120-12-323
ONEAL, G. YOUNGER                      KY-120-4-638
ONEAL, MERIT S.                        KY-120-6-381
ONEAL, W. S.                           KY-120-9-289
OUTTEN, LAURA F.                       KY-120-Z-578
OVERSTREET, MARY A.                    KY-120-O-210
OWSLEY, HENRY E.                       KY-120-#1-294
PAGE, MANDY                            KY-120-6-106
PARKER, JOHN                           KY-120-Q-571
PARKER, LEVI (COLORED)                 KY-120-X-382
PARKER, MARY                           KY-120-I-193
PARKER, SARAH                          KY-120-R-31
PARKER, W. C.                          KY-120-9-145
PARRISH, JAMES                         KY-120-H-373
PARRISH, JAMES                         KY-120-Q-195
PARRISH, JAMES WARE                    KY-120-P-415
PARRISH, L. H.                         KY-120-6-113
PARRISH, MARGARET                      KY-120-2-318
PARRISH, P. P.                         KY-120-9-396
PARRISH, RICHARD                       KY-120-Q-61
PARRISH, T. M.                         KY-120-5-453
PARRISH, THOMPSON M.                   KY-120-P-587
PATES, JAMES C.                        KY-120-10-451
PATES, ROBERT K.                       KY-120-7-385
PAUL, ISAAC                            KY-120-3-616
PAUL, JOHN                             KY-120-F-74
PAUL, THOMAS W.                        KY-120-11-45
PAUL,S AMUEL J.                        KY-120-10-20
PAXTON, HUGH F.                        KY-120-F-348
PAYNE, CHARLES (COLORED)               KY-120-4-167
PAYNE, EDWARD                          KY-120-T-273
PAYNE, ELIZABETH                       KY-120-O-4
PAYNE, LEONID F.                       KY-120-10-40
PAYNE, NELSON                          KY-120-U-631
PAYNE, PRISCILLA                       KY-120-T-110
PAYNE, V. B.                           KY-120-10-59
PAYNTER, MARCUS E.                     KY-120-#1-195
PEART, FRANCIS                         KY-120-D-310
PELOSI, SALVATORE                      KY-120-12-388
PEMBERTON, CHARLES                     KY-120-A-47
PEPPER, ELIJAH                         KY-120-I-224
PERRY, ELIZABETH J.                    KY-120-T-370
PERRY, RODERICK                        KY-120-F-269
PERRY, SOPHIA                          KY-120-12-132
PERRY, WILLIAM (COLORED)               KY-120-#1-556
PETERS, JOHN                           KY-120-I-320
PETERS, LIZZIE (COLORED)               KY-120-3-552
PETERS, WILLIAM                        KY-120-M-112
PEW, JAMES                             KY-120-D-103
PHELPS, ANTHON                         KY-120-V-31
PICE, JAMES (COLORED)                  KY-120-8-144
PLEASANTS, PAULINA                     KY-120-N-22
POLK, CARRIE                           KY-120-7-1
POLK, J. K.                            KY-120-10-53
POLK, JEHOSAPHAT                       KY-120-S-266
POLLITT, ELIZABETH                     KY-120-R-103
POOR, THOMAS                           KY-120-C-334
PORTER, SUE V.                         KY-120-6-378
POSTLEWAITE, I. V.                     KY-120-2-274
POTTER, SANFORD                        KY-120-I-363
POWELL, GEORGE                         KY-120-K-17
POWELL, HARVEY                         KY-120-11-624
POWELL, PETER G.                       KY-120-8-344
POWELL, WILLIAM                        KY-120-L-474
POYNTER, KATE BUFORD                   KY-120-11-276
POYNTER, MARY E.                       KY-120-10-608
PRATHER, PETER A.                      KY-120-6-228
PREWITT, ANNA (COLORED)                KY-120-8-52
PRICE, CATHERINE                       KY-120-I-70
PRICE, DANIEL                          KY-120-H-259
PRICE, JOSEPH SR.                      KY-120-H-407
PRICE, MARY W.                         KY-120-L-139
PRICE, ROSE (COLORED)                  KY-120-4-268
PRICE, SAMUEL                          KY-120-G-177
PRICE, WILLIAM H.                      KY-120-G-291
PROCTOR, JOHN                          KY-120-A-11
PRYOR, LUKE                            KY-120-B-99
PULLEN, WILLIAM                        KY-120-I-495
PURNELL, WILLIAM                       KY-120-I-443
PURVIS, ALFRED                         KY-120-10-605
QUARLES, JAMES E.                      KY-120-M-271
QUARLES, SUSANNAH                      KY-120-I-489
QUARLES, TUNSTAL                       KY-120-F-13
RAILEY, CHARLES                        KY-120-K-514
RAILEY, CHARLES (COLORED)              KY-120-6-404
RAILEY, EZRA S.                        KY-120-10-470
RAILEY, IRVIN                          KY-120-10-444
RAILEY, ISHAM                          KY-120-6-500
RAILEY, ISHAM                          KY-120-M-438
RAILEY, PETER I.                       KY-120-I-214
RAILEY, R. W.                          KY-120-12-69
RAILEY, RANDOLPH                       KY-120-V-15
RAILEY, THOMAS                         KY-120-E-169
RAILEY, VICTOIRE MORANCY               KY-120-11-622
RAMSEY, E. J. (MRS)                    KY-120-2-275
RAN, A. CAROLINE                       KY-120-6-640
RANDOLPH, AMERICA                      KY-120-2-152
RANKIN, MARTHA                         KY-120-L-345
RANKIN, THOMAS                         KY-120-C-154
RANSDELL, FELIX T.                     KY-120-X-381
RATCLIFF, ALEXANDER                    KY-120-M-130
RATCLIFF, MARTHA                       KY-120-N-385
RATLIFF, THOMAS                        KY-120-B-32
RAZOR, A. N.                           KY-120-12-385
READ, H. SR.                           KY-120-C-401
REARDIN, NANCY                         KY-120-N-509
REARDON, DERMIS                        KY-120-G-249
REDD, JAMES W.                         KY-120-Q-19
REDD, MORDECAI                         KY-120-L-393
REDD, MORDICAI                         KY-120-C-50
REDD, SUSAN (COLORED)                  KY-120-5-43
REDD, THOMAS                           KY-120-D-6
REDMAN, JAMES                          KY-120-F-92
REDMOND, C. J.                         KY-120-10-53
REED, C. A.                            KY-120-10-443
REED, LOGAN                            KY-120-6-7
RENNICK, ELIZABETH                     KY-120-6-228
RENNICK, JAMES                         KY-120-D-4
RENNICK, JANE C.                       KY-120-5-143
RENNICK, MARGARET                      KY-120-N-218
RENNICK, ROBERT                        KY-120-D-331
RICE, GEORGE                           KY-120-A-72
RICE, JAMES                            KY-120-O-520
RICE, JOHN T.                          KY-120-9-560
RICHARDS, PHILEMON                     KY-120-A-123
RIDDLE, JAMES (COLORED)                KY-120-N-34
RILEY, JOHN F.                         KY-120-P-222
ROBARDS, LEVI A.                       KY-120-V-612
ROBARDS, POLLY A.                      KY-120-6-167
ROBB, A. W.                            KY-120-X-65
ROBERTS, ISAAC                         KY-120-K-558
ROBERTSON, MARY R.                     KY-120-U-510
ROBERTSON, ROSA W.                     KY-120-3-39
ROBERTSON, SIDNEY H.                   KY-120-#1-430
ROBINSON, MARY                         KY-120-V-461
RODGERS, TURNER                        KY-120-C-392
ROGERS, GEORGE                         KY-120-W-180
ROGERS, JOHN                           KY-120-N-370
ROGERS, LINA M.                        KY-120-11-189
ROGERS, SAMUEL                         KY-120-12-10
ROGES, J. W.                           KY-120-12-282
ROGES, JAMES                           KY-120-X-546
ROGES, WILLIAM G.                      KY-120-6-280
ROSE, WILSON                           KY-120-5-304
ROSE, WILSON                           KY-120-5-304
ROSSELL, ELI                           KY-120-K-342
ROSSELL, NELSON                        KY-120-2-87
ROUT, GELON H.                         KY-120-8-621
ROUT, MARY Y.                          KY-120-10-329
ROUTT, RHODAM                          KY-120-K-588
ROWLAND, HARRISON                      KY-120-K-522
ROWLAND, HENRY                         KY-120-L-58
ROWLAND, HENRY                         KY-120-R-395
ROWLAND, JEEMIAH                       KY-120-T-493
ROWLAND, REBECCA A.                    KY-120-2-468
ROWLAND, RICHARD                       KY-120-G-58
ROWLAND, RUTH                          KY-120-N-401
RUCKER, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-I-90
RUCKER, JOHN                           KY-120-C-324
RUCKER, NANCY JANE                     KY-120-O-355
RUDDELL, STEPHEN                       KY-120-B-104
RUE, JOSEPH                            KY-120-T-179
RUMSEY, ELIJAH                         KY-120-L-135
RUMSEY, JOEL H.                        KY-120-K-397
RUTHERFORD, JANE Y.                    KY-120-9-206
RYLEY, SAMUEL E.                       KY-120-K-323
SAMPLES, BAILER                        KY-120-K-182
SAMUEL, ANTHONY                        KY-120-D-93
SAMUEL, BENJAMIN                       KY-120-P-299
SAMUEL, JAMES                          KY-120-L-117
SARGENT, ROBERT                        KY-120-U-508
SCEARCE, HENRY                         KY-120-O-83
SCEARCE, JOHN C.                       KY-120-X-67
SCEARCE, LABURN                        KY-120-K-229
SCEARCE, LUCY C.                       KY-120-#1-97
SCEARCE, ROBERT                        KY-120-L-5
SCEARCE, WILLIAM                       KY-120-H-438
SCHOBERTH, ANTHONY                     KY-120-11-539
SCHOOLER, THOMAS W.                    KY-120-2-624
SCOTT, ANNA D.                         KY-120-5-384
SCOTT, ELIZA B.                        KY-120-V-29
SCOTT, FANNY                           KY-120-E-79
SCOTT, FRANCIS                         KY-120-C-79
SCOTT, JOEL                            KY-120-Q-437
SCOTT, JOHN                            KY-120-8-422
SCOTT, MARGARET M.                     KY-120-4-212
SCOTT, MARIA                           KY-120-8-239
SCOTT, MARY (COLORED)                  KY-120-5-373
SCOTT, WILLIAM (COLORED)               KY-120-5-501
SCROGGIN, SARAH                        KY-120-M-170
SEA, GEORGE W.                         KY-120-10-61
SEA, PATALINA                          KY-120-9-378
SEARCY, BARTHLETT                      KY-120-E-62
SEARCY, BARTLETT                       KY-120-A-16
SEARCY, JUDY (COLORED)                 KY-120-X-525
SEARCY, RICHARD                        KY-120-G-219
SEELEY, B. W. D.                       KY-120-3-10
SEELEY, POLLY                          KY-120-S-525
SELELRS, JOHN                          KY-120-C-381
SELLERS, JOHN B.                       KY-120-12-584
SELLERS, T. W.                         KY-120-T-463
SELLERS, THOMAS                        KY-120-7-179
SHAW, LIZZIE                           KY-120-8-278
SHAW, THOMAS R.                        KY-120-7-347
SHELTON, JULIA A.                      KY-120-4-190
SHELTON, STEVENS SR.                   KY-120-O-379
SHERMAN, GEORGE                        KY-120-N-130
SHIPP, D. R.                           KY-120-5-381
SHIPP, H. T.                           KY-120-11-393
SHIPP, JOHN G.                         KY-120-W-18
SHIPP, RICHARD D.                      KY-120-U-190
SHIPP, RICHARD D. SR.                  KY-120-O-404
SHIPP, THOMAS H.                       KY-120-W-397
SHOUSE, HENRY                          KY-120-G-309
SHOUSE, SAMUEL H.                      KY-120-6-163
SHOUSE, THOMAS                         KY-120-F-177
SHOUSE, WILILAM                        KY-120-S-576
SHRYOCK, ROSSEAU                       KY-120-11-269
SHUCKELFORD, MARY A.                   KY-120-5-458
SILVERS, JANE                          KY-120-F-255
SIMPSON, SOPHIA                        KY-120-10-37
SINGLETON, JACONIAS                    KY-120-K-335
SINGLETON, JANE                        KY-120-L-555
SINGLETON, JOHN R.                     KY-120-P-548
SLACK, J. T. SR.                       KY-120-5-459
SLADE, MOLLIE C.                       KY-120-11-193
SLATTEN, THOMAS                        KY-120-2-29
SLAUGHTER, MILILE                      KY-120-#1-67
SLEET, W. E.                           KY-120-11-97
SMITH, ADELIA T.                       KY-120-7-215
SMITH, ANNIE M.                        KY-120-8-231
SMITH, BEVERLY (COLORED)               KY-120-5-51
SMITH, C. C. (MISS)                    KY-120-10-583, 584
SMITH, ELIJAH                          KY-120-B-115
SMITH, ELVIRA                          KY-120-W-309
SMITH, FRANCIS                         KY-120-E-137
SMITH, HANNAH (COLORED)                KY-120-9-63
SMITH, HARVE BRONSON                   KY-120-8-206
SMITH, HENRY                           KY-120-L-176
SMITH, HENRY (COLORED)                 KY-120-4-509
SMITH, HENRY MILTON                    KY-120-12-586
SMITH, HIRAM                           KY-120-V-634
SMITH, JACOB (COLORED)                 KY-120-7-342
SMITH, JAMES W.                        KY-120-5-300
SMITH, JOEL                            KY-120-L-346
SMITH, JOHN                            KY-120-P-533
SMITH, JOHN M.                         KY-120-#1-434
SMITH, JOHN W.                         KY-120-G-154
SMITH, KITTY                           KY-120-X-164
SMITH, LOU                             KY-120-8-611
SMITH, MILCAH                          KY-120-Z-530
SMITH, PEARL W.                        KY-120-12-153
SMITH, REBECCA COYLE                   KY-120-9-413
SMITH, THADDEUS                        KY-120-5-475
SMITHER, CLARK O.                      KY-120-U-422
SMITHER, MARGARET E.                   KY-120-Z-116
SMITHER, WILLIAM                       KY-120-N-545
SMITHER, ZEB (COLORED)                 KY-120-8-494
SMITHEY, WILLIAM                       KY-120-K-57
SMITHY, PHOEBE                         KY-120-L-29
SNEED, FIELDING                        KY-120-A-131
SOPER, J. W.                           KY-120-2-111
SOPER, ROBERT S.                       KY-120-11-159
SPAULDING, JANE                        KY-120-6-49
SPAULDING, WILILAM                     KY-120-F-250
STAFFORD, SUSAN                        KY-120-9-449
STANSBURG, THOMAS                      KY-120-D-125
STARKS, R. S.                          KY-120-9-164
STEELE, A. F.                          KY-120-4-315
STEELE, AMERICA                        KY-120-12-639
STEELE, ANN                            KY-120-Q-43
STEELE, BRICE                          KY-120-P-367
STEELE, JOHN                           KY-120-F-342
STEELE, JOHN                           KY-120-P-356
STEELE, JOHN A.                        KY-120-11-19
STEELE, MARGARET D.                    KY-120-10-631
STEELE, THEOPHILUS                     KY-120-3-170
STEELE, WILIAM J.                      KY-120-8-149
STEELE, WILLIAM                        KY-120-G-425
STEENSON, LUCY H.                      KY-120-R-19
STEENSON, SALLY                        KY-120-O-261
STEVENSON, ALEXANDER D.                KY-120-P-34
STEVENSON, BENJAMIN C.                 KY-120-4-531
STEVENSON, CLARINDA E.                 KY-120-5-389
STEVENSON, DANIEL                      KY-120-G-79
STEVENSON, EMMA                        KY-120-4-270
STEVENSON, ISAAC                       KY-120-F-48
STEVENSON, JAMES                       KY-120-C-193
STEVENSON, JAMES                       KY-120-M-436
STEVENSON, JANE                        KY-120-M-412
STEVENSON, JOHN                        KY-120-B-156
STEVENSON, MARY                        KY-120-P-377
STEVENSON, ROBERT                      KY-120-N-585
STEVENSON, ROBERT L.                   KY-120-T-393
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                      KY-120-G-336
STEVENSON, WILILAM                     KY-120-C-149
STEVENSON, WILLIAM                     KY-120-W-475
STEVENSON, WILLIAM H.                  KY-120-N-422
STEVENSON, WILLIAM TEAGUE              KY-120-#1-144
STEWART, FLARRILA E. C.                KY-120-3-37
STEWART, MARY H.                       KY-120-#1-429
STILWELL, N. D.                        KY-120-11-70
STILWELL, W. A.                        KY-120-11-70
STOCKDELL, AGNES H.                    KY-120-Z-621
STONE, EDWARD                          KY-120-Q-78
STONE, GEORGE F.                       KY-120-O-3
STONE, GEORGE P.                       KY-120-X-579
STONE, HENRY                           KY-120-O-481
STONE, NANNIE                          KY-120-11-103
STOUT, GERMAN B.                       KY-120-5-42
STOUT, JOHN                            KY-120-K-421
STRANGE, GEORGIA BELL                  KY-120-4-508
STRANGE, JOHN A.                       KY-120-B-97
STRAUS, KATE                           KY-120-3-147
STRAUS, LEWELLYN                       KY-120-12-172
STREET, RICHMOND                       KY-120-Z-50, 80
STROTHER, WILLIAM                      KY-120-C-165
STUART, WALTER                         KY-120-12-588
SUBLETT, JOHN T.                       KY-120-D-22
SUBLETT, LEWIS                         KY-120-W-306
SUBLETT, SAMUEL (COLORED)              KY-120-X-138
SUBLETTE, ARTHUR                       KY-120-10-51
SUBLETTE, INEZ Y.                      KY-120-10-373
SULLINGER, ELIZA K.                    KY-120-8-141
SULLINGER, THOMAS                      KY-120-A-159
SULLIVAN, C. B.                        KY-120-12-577
SULLIVAN, LEAH M.                      KY-120-12-52
SULLIVAN, LEWIS                        KY-120-H-421
SULLIVAN, SUSAN M.                     KY-120-I-475
SUTAR, ANDREW                          KY-120-C-124
SUTHERLAND, REBECCA                    KY-120-5-144
SUTTON, JOHN (DR)                      KY-120-3-223
TAYLOR, A. P.                          KY-120-11-34
TAYLOR, ALLIE J.                       KY-120-11-33
TAYLOR, CHAPMAN                        KY-120-H-299
TAYLOR, E. H. JR.                      KY-120-11-445
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      KY-120-T-428
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH J.                   KY-120-11-157
TAYLOR, FRANCIS                        KY-120-H-423
TAYLOR, JOHN                           KY-120-G-1
TAYLOR, JOHN M.                        KY-120-S-567
TAYLOR, RICHARD                        KY-120-F-389
TAYLOR, RICHARD                        KY-120-T-629
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         KY-120-H-361
TAYLOR, SARAH                          KY-120-T-255
TAYLOR, SUE (COLORED)                  KY-120-8-349
TERRELL, AGATHA                        KY-120-L-143
TERRELL, PRESLEY JR.                   KY-120-K-299
TERRELL, PRESLY SR.                    KY-120-K-188
TERRELL, WILLIAM H. SR.                KY-120-S-82
TEVIS, KIZZIE                          KY-120-9-499
TEVIS, SAMUEL (COLORED)                KY-120-10-471
THOMAS, ALBERT                         KY-120-10-377
THOMAS, HARRY (COLORED)                KY-120-K-357
THOMAS, RICHARD M.                     KY-120-G-316
THOMAS, ROBERT                         KY-120-10-369
THOMAS, SOLOMON                        KY-120-Z-442
THOMAS, TAPLEY                         KY-120-K-539
THOMPKINS, GEORGE (COLORED)            KY-120-5-112
THOMPSON, ANTHONY                      KY-120-A-120
THOMPSON, B. W. (DR)                   KY-120-3-74
THOMPSON, BETTIE F.                    KY-120-10-511
THOMPSON, H. C.                        KY-120-7-38
THOMPSON, H. R. (MISS)                 KY-120-12-470
THOMPSON, L. P.                        KY-120-2-579
THOMPSON, MARGARET J.                  KY-120-5-465
THOMPSON, R. T.                        KY-120-X-600
THOMPSON, ROBERT J.                    KY-120-#1-141
THOMPSON, SARAH                        KY-120-B-123
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      KY-120-M-417
THOMSON, DAVID                         KY-120-H-99
THORNTON, ALEXANDER L.                 KY-120-W-310
THORNTON, CHARLOTTE                    KY-120-X-578
THORNTON, D. L.                        KY-120-11-305
THORNTON, DAVID                        KY-120-U-606
THORNTON, JAMES                        KY-120-L-565
THORNTON, JAMES                        KY-120-M-153
THORNTON, JAMES                        KY-120-U-95
THORNTON, JEANNETTE                    KY-120-5-518
THORNTON, THOMAS F.                    KY-120-N-381
THRAELKELD, WILLIAM H.                 KY-120-L-28
THURMAN, MARY B.                       KY-120-11-574
THURMAN, PERRY                         KY-120-11-193
TILLERY, FORTUNATUS                    KY-120-C-144
TODD, ROBERT                           KY-120-A-57
TODD, WILLIAM                          KY-120-D-308
TODD, WILLIAM M.                       KY-120-S-384
TOLER, HENRY                           KY-120-G-97
TOLER, MARGARET                        KY-120-L-522
TORBITT, JAMES                         KY-120-G-277
TOWLES, PRICE C.                       KY-120-M-111
TRABUE, EDWARD                         KY-120-D-237
TRABUE, W. W.                          KY-120-5-41
TROTLER, GEORGETTE                     KY-120-X-605
TROUTMAN, M. F.                        KY-120-11-235
TUNNELL, JOHN                          KY-120-G-180
TURLEY, HARVEY                         KY-120-11-521
TURLEY, LOTTIE C.                      KY-120-12-282
TURNER, ALEXANDER                      KY-120-F-299
TURNER, BETTIE T.                      KY-120-3-75
TURNER, HONTAS                         KY-120-11-269
TURNER, JAMES C.                       KY-120-11-274
TURNER, MARY M.                        KY-120-6-325
TURNER, W. J.                          KY-120-5-467
TUTT, HETTIE E.                        KY-120-11-572
TUTT, MOURNING                         KY-120-P-168
TWYMAN, BUFORD                         KY-120-K-145
TWYMAN, HARRY (COLORED)                KY-120-4-5
TWYMAN, JOHN (COLORED)                 KY-120-5-114
TWYMAN, LEWIS (COLORED)                KY-120-W-578
TWYMAN, MARGARET C.                    KY-120-6-505
TWYMAN, REDD                           KY-120-V-571
TWYMAN, REUBEN                         KY-120-L-120
TWYMAN, T. W. (DR)                     KY-120-Z-25
TWYMAN, WILFORD                        KY-120-V-260
URMSTON, ANN G.                        KY-120-10-453
USSLETON, JOHN                         KY-120-D-163
UTTERBACK, JOHN B.                     KY-120-Z-91
UTTERBACK, LEWIS                       KY-120-I-254
UTTERBACK, SAMUEL B.                   KY-120-#1-305
UTTERBACK, WILLIAM                     KY-120-Z-93
VALANDINGHAM, GEORGE                   KY-120-M-422
VANARSDELL, T. E.                      KY-120-N-394
VANCE, SARAH                           KY-120-F-64
VANSANT, RUFUS HUMPHREY                KY-120-11-158
VARNON, H. W.                          KY-120-U-548
VAUGHAN, ALPHEUS                       KY-120-H-150
VEATCH, CHRISTOPHER W.                 KY-120-U-254
VEATCH, DAVID                          KY-120-W-346
VEATCH, FRANCES                        KY-120-10-339
VEATCH, JAMES                          KY-120-Z-96
VICKERS, J. S.                         KY-120-10-69
VILEY, BRECKINRIDGE                    KY-120-11-238
VILEY, MARY C.                         KY-120-2-113
VILEY, WARREN WILL                     KY-120-5-456
VINCENT, JAMES                         KY-120-N-78
VINEGAR, AMERICA BROWN                 KY-120-9-585
VIOLET, THOMAS                         KY-120-C-285
WADE, WILLIAM                          KY-120-8-248
WAKER, DANIEL B.                       KY-120-U-457
WALALCE, EDMUND MARTIN                 KY-120-11-536
WALKER, HENRY                          KY-120-H-273
WALKER, HENRY                          KY-120-L-3
WALKER, JOHN                           KY-120-N-388
WALKER, RASANAH                        KY-120-K-602
WALKER, S. T.                          KY-120-2-587
WALKER, TRAVIS                         KY-120-K-504
WALLACE, ANDREW                        KY-120-10-625
WALLACE, EUGENE                        KY-120-12-202
WALLACE, MARTHA C.                     KY-120-O-387
WALLACE, RACHAEL                       KY-120-X-338
WALLACE, WILLIAM L.                    KY-120-O-114
WALLAE, CALEB                          KY-120-D-171
WALLCE, MARY                           KY-120-K-352
WARD, L. U.                            KY-120-T-486
WARD, NAOMI                            KY-120-7-11
WARD, SALLIE E.                        KY-120-12-538
WARD, SUSAN                            KY-120-X-599
WARE, CHARLES                          KY-120-L-347
WARE, FANNY                            KY-120-N-587
WARE, MATTIE A.                        KY-120-7-95
WARREN, ISAAC                          KY-120-U-44
WARREN, MARGARET                       KY-120-O-290
WARREN, MARTHA (COLORED)               KY-120-6-180
WARSHAM, ROBERT                        KY-120-C-402
WASON, MARGARET                        KY-120-4-21
WASSON, D. EDGAR                       KY-120-10-63
WASSON, FAYETTE (MRS)                  KY-120-10-484
WASSON, JOHN M.                        KY-120-8-270, 276
WASSON, WILLIAM (DR)                   KY-120-10-611
WATERS, ALBERT                         KY-120-4-21
WATKINS, BENJAMIN                      KY-120-H-411
WATKINS, HENRY                         KY-120-H-327
WATKINS, JOHN                          KY-120-C-44
WATSON, ALICE B.                       KY-120-8-47
WATTS, D. E. JR.                       KY-120-10-540
WEATHERS, WILLIAM                      KY-120-U-135
WEAVER, CHARLES S.                     KY-120-8-495
WEAVER, MOSES                          KY-120-N-545
WEBSTER, B. H.                         KY-120-11-4
WEISENBERGER, A.                       KY-120-5-469
WEISENBERGER, A. H.                    KY-120-4-507
WELLS, ABSALOM                         KY-120-I-268
WEST, ADAM                             KY-120-10-520
WEST, EDWARD                           KY-120-A-51
WHEAT, JOSEPH (COLORED)                KY-120-7-39
WHITE, E.                              KY-120-Z-143
WHITE, GEORGE R.                       KY-120-R-394
WHITE, H. C.                           KY-120-11-455
WHITE, JAMES                           KY-120-T-369
WHITE, JOHN                            KY-120-8-636
WHITE, NATHAN                          KY-120-K-21
WHITE, WARREN                          KY-120-X-66
WHITE, ZACK                            KY-120-W-396
WHITHINGTON, HENRY M.                  KY-120-M-417
WHITINGTON, HENRY H.                   KY-120-K-72
WHITTAKER, WILLIAM B.                  KY-120-N-210
WHITTINGTON, HANNAH M.                 KY-120-K-589
WHITTINGTON, ISAAC                     KY-120-O-85, 113
WHITTINGTON, JENNIE                    KY-120-12-164
WHITTINGTON, LITTLETON                 KY-120-N-121
WHITTINGTON, MARY E.                   KY-120-11-326
WHITTINGTON, SOUTHEY                   KY-120-K-189
WHITTINGTON, WILLIAM W.                KY-120-K-519
WIER, GEORGE                           KY-120-L-350
WILHITE, ELIJAH                        KY-120-D-382
WILHOIT, ABRAHAM                       KY-120-L-27
WILHOIT, HIRAM                         KY-120-V-610
WILHOIT, J. T.                         KY-120-11-351
WILHOIT, JESSIE HENTON                 KY-120-11-279
WILHOITE, MAHALA                       KY-120-3-564
WILHOITE, ROBERT L.                    KY-120-4-336
WILILAMS, NATHAN                       KY-120-11-196
WILKINS, MAHALA                        KY-120-#1-295
WILLIAM, CHARLIE                       KY-120-11-426
WILLIAM, PHOEBE                        KY-120-9-324
WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER                    KY-120-12-630
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN                     KY-120-Z-241
WILLIAMS, DANIEL J.                    KY-120-5-480
WILLIAMS, DANIEL J. JR.                KY-120-X-547
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                    KY-120-U-208
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                       KY-120-#1-219
WILLIAMS, HATTIE B.                    KY-120-#1-456
WILLIAMS, J. H.                        KY-120-U-388, 527
WILLIAMS, JERRY                        KY-120-9-414
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         KY-120-C-305
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         KY-120-C-72
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         KY-120-G-308
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         KY-120-K-337
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         KY-120-O-195
WILLIAMS, MARY                         KY-120-11-452
WILLIAMS, MARY JANE                    KY-120-M-193
WILLIAMS, NATHAN                       KY-120-9-80
WILLIAMS, SARAH                        KY-120-O-236
WILLIAMS, SUSAN MCCLURE                KY-120-6-501
WILLIAMS, VIRGIL M.                    KY-120-M-376
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      KY-120-C-98
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      KY-120-D-194
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      KY-120-L-625
WILLIAMS, WILLIS                       KY-120-2-318
WILLIAMSON, SUSANNA                    KY-120-N-470
WILLIS, RUTH A.                        KY-120-4-639
WILLS, MARY A.                         KY-120-5-573
WILSON, ANNIE                          KY-120-12-154
WILSON, BELINDA                        KY-120-Q-263
WILSON, BENJAMIN                       KY-120-L-185
WILSON, BENJAMIN                       KY-120-O-302
WILSON, ELIAS (100 YEARS AGE)          KY-120-8-417
WILSON, GEORGE W.                      KY-120-X-423
WILSON, H. D.                          KY-120-8-245
WILSON, HENRY (COLORED)                KY-120-4-82
WILSON, HULDA F.                       KY-120-12-300
WILSON, J. D.                          KY-120-7-369, KY-120-8-8
WILSON, JANE                           KY-120-P-42
WILSON, JOHN                           KY-120-I-161
WILSON, JOSEPH                         KY-120-B-108
WILSON, LAWRENCE                       KY-120-P-315
WILSON, LEWIS (COLORED)                KY-120-5-297
WILSON, LUE (MISS)                     KY-120-10-336
WILSON, MARGARET                       KY-120-S-221
WILSON, MARTHA                         KY-120-7-361
WILSON, MARTHA A.                      KY-120-W-576
WILSON, NATHAN                         KY-120-8-416
WILSON, PATSY                          KY-120-8-234
WINGATE, CANNON                        KY-120-N-339
WINKFIELD, THOMAS (COLORED)            KY-120-6-379
WINN, HERBERT (COLORED)                KY-120-8-225
WINN, LEWIS (COLORED)                  KY-120-2-457
WINN, WILLIEMAY ARNOLD (MRS)           KY-120-11-635
WISE, CHARLES B.                       KY-120-10-375
WITHERS, S. M.                         KY-120-L-227
WITHERS, THOMAS                        KY-120-H-363
WITHERSPOON, LISTER                    KY-120-12-18
WITHERSPOON, NETTIE V.                 KY-120-11-444
WITHROPW, ERNIE D.                     KY-120-8-344
WITHROW, JOHN S.                       KY-120-5-42
WITHROW, W. H.                         KY-120-7-291
WITT, THEO W.                          KY-120-10-68
WOILSON, WILLIAM                       KY-120-L-338
WOODLEY, MALINDA                       KY-120-11-74
WOODROW, MARGARET T.                   KY-120-9-451
WOODS, WILLIAM                         KY-120-M-452
WOODSON, ESTER                         KY-120-6-160
WOODSON, JOHN                          KY-120-3-617
WOODSON, MARY (COLORED)                KY-120-5-272
WOOLDRIDGE, BETTIE M.                  KY-120-#1-68
WOOLDRIDGE, E.                         KY-120-W-584
WOOLDRIDGE, EDMUND                     KY-120-A-34
WOOLDRIDGE, GREEN                      KY-120-F-214
WOOLDRIDGE, S. L.                      KY-120-5-115
WOOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM H.                 KY-120-K-524
WOOLFOLK, JOHN H.                      KY-120-D-86
WOOLFOLK, SOWELL                       KY-120-H-478
WOOLFOLK, SOWELL                       KY-120-I-280
WORTHINGTON, S. M.                     KY-120-7-276
WORTHUN, JOHN                          KY-120-11-44
WRIGHT, ALEX L.                        KY-120-5-464
WRIGHT, ANN E.                         KY-120-7-279
WRIGHT, FENDALL                        KY-120-Z-162
WRIGHT, PAULINA                        KY-120-2-316
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        KY-120-3-152
YAKER, JANE                            KY-120-S-623
YARD, SADIE                            KY-120-12-49
YOUNG, FRED F.                         KY-120-H-424
YOUNG, JOHN R.                         KY-120-C-263
YOUNG, LEWIS M. N.                     KY-120-I-17
YOUNG, NANCY                           KY-120-F-233
YOUNG, REUBEN                          KY-120-T-518
YOUNG, RICHARD                         KY-120-D-251
YOUNG, WILILAM D.                      KY-120-U-71
YOWELL, MARGARET ELIZABETH             KY-120-12-98
YOWELL, NANCY                          KY-120-7-175
YOWELL, SARAH                          KY-120-S-454
ZEIGLER, MATTIE E.                     KY-120-8-408
ZEIGLER, V. F.                         KY-120-8-152

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