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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County # (Webster), Volume #, Page # | 1=1860-1886 | 2=1886-1916 |
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ABELL, PETER                            KY-117-2-16
ABLE, MARY A.                           KY-117-1-464
ADAMS, J. C.                            KY-117-2-174
ADAMS, MATILDA NANCY                    KY-117-2-363
ADAMS, S. E. (MRS)                      KY-117-2-296
ALDRIDGE, J. A.                         KY-117-2-325
ALDRIDGE, WILLIAM R.                    KY-117-2-352
ARFLACK, W. H.                          KY-117-2-292
ASHBY, PETER                            KY-117-1-341
ASHBY, T. H.                            KY-117-2-10
ASHER, H. F.                            KY-117-2-424
ASHER, MARTHA J.                        KY-117-2-327
ASHER, W. H.                            KY-117-2-82
ASHLEY, JEREMIRAH                       KY-117-2-239
AVERITT, WILLIAM                        KY-117-2-2
BAILEY, J. P.                           KY-117-2-107
BAILEY, JOHN G.                         KY-117-2-168
BAKER, C. C.                            KY-117-2-227
BAKER, D. B.                            KY-117-2-430
BAKER, F. M.                            KY-117-2-383
BAKER, F. M. JR.                        KY-117-2-388
BAKER, IRVING                           KY-117-2-278
BAKER, ISAAC                            KY-117-1-413
BAKER, ROY                              KY-117-2-412
BARNETT, JAMES E.                       KY-117-2-458
BARNHILL, J. B.                         KY-117-1-430
BASSETT, F. A.                          KY-117-2-67
BASSETT, J. A. (DR)                     KY-117-2-310, 322
BASSETT, JAMES                          KY-117-1-454
BIGGS, WILLIAM H.                       KY-117-1-342
BLACK, H. D.                            KY-117-2-225
BLACKWELL, J. O.                        KY-117-2-288
BLACKWELL, JOEL                         KY-117-2-38
BLACKWELL, M. L. (MRS)                  KY-117-2-455
BLACKWELL, THOMAS                       KY-117-2-187, 199
BLACKWELL, W. S.                        KY-117-2-222, 223
BOSS, JOHN G. (COLORED)                 KY-117-2-95
BOWLES, LUCY                            KY-117-2-71
BOYD, BERT                              KY-117-2-433
BRACKETT, JOHN                          KY-117-2-240
BRADEN, POLLEY                          KY-117-2-472
BRADLEY, HENRY                          KY-117-2-98
BRAME, SARAH                            KY-117-1-201
BRANTLEY, B. P.                         KY-117-2-393
BRIDWELL, TRAVIS                        KY-117-2-407
BRILL, GREGOR                           KY-117-2-166
BROOKS, H. H.                           KY-117-2-23
BROOKS, H. H.                           KY-117-2-115, 117
BROOKS, J. W.                           KY-117-1-473, 475
BROOKS, J. W.                           KY-117-2-129
BROOKS, MATILDA                         KY-117-2-235
BROOKS, R. F.                           KY-117-2-421
BROOKS, W. C.                           KY-117-2-243, 381
BROWDER, JOHN                           KY-117-1-409
BROWN, D. W.                            KY-117-1-275, 280
BROWN, ELIZABETH C.                     KY-117-2-83
BROWN, ELLEN                            KY-117-2-315
BROWN, HENRY C.                         KY-117-2-96
BROWN, JOHN P.                          KY-117-2-417
BROWN, MARTHA W.                        KY-117-1-350
BRYANT, WINNIE                          KY-117-2-441
BUCHANAN, JOHN P.                       KY-117-1-377
BUCHANAN, W. S.                         KY-117-2-440
BURTON, J. M.                           KY-117-2-301, 313
BYRUM, GEORGE T.                        KY-117-2-270
CALLIS, R. H.                           KY-117-2-431
CAMPBELL, G. W.                         KY-117-2-90
CAMPBELL, H. W.                         KY-117-2-153
CAMPBELL, J. P.                         KY-117-2-413
CANNADAY, JAMES                         KY-117-2-195
CARENTZLER, PETER                       KY-117-2-169
CARLUTT, ESTHER E.                      KY-117-2-380
CARNAHAN, D. B.                         KY-117-2-390
CARVER, L. J.                           KY-117-2-193
CASON, H. L.                            KY-117-2-159
CATES, RICHARD                          KY-117-1-330
CATES, RICHARD H.                       KY-117-2-464
CATES, S. C.                            KY-117-2-345
CATON, O. L.                            KY-117-2-463
CATON, T. W.                            KY-117-2-231
CAVANAH, ARTHUR                         KY-117-1-397
CHANDLER, B. F.                         KY-117-2-264
CHANDLER, QUEEN                         KY-117-2-308
CLARK, G. M.                            KY-117-2-160
CLAY, CORNELIA                          KY-117-2-45
CLAYTON, C. D.                          KY-117-2-152
CLAYTON, JOHN T.                        KY-117-2-456
COBB, THOMAS G.                         KY-117-2-202
COFFMAN, BARBA                          KY-117-2-390
COLE, R. P.                             KY-117-2-59
COLLINS, THOMAS                         KY-117-2-339
COOK, JOSEPH                            KY-117-1-357
COSBY, D. H.                            KY-117-2-422
COSBY, FORREST G.                       KY-117-2-379
COSBY, G. P.                            KY-117-1-456
COSBY, H. C.                            KY-117-2-175
COSBY, W. C.                            KY-117-2-356
COSBY, W. Y.                            KY-117-2-34
COUCH, A. J.                            KY-117-2-317
COUCH, JAMES D.                         KY-117-1-336
COX, CHARLES G.                         KY-117-2-343
COX, CHARLES M.                         KY-117-2-467
CRABTREE, ROSA A.                       KY-117-2-78
CRABTREE, ROSEY A.                      KY-117-2-78
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       KY-117-1-371, 380
CREWS, WILLIAMSON                       KY-117-1-434
CROMWELL, R. A.                         KY-117-1-437
CROWE, M. E. (MRS)                      KY-117-2-90
CROWLEY, ALMEDIA                        KY-117-2-333
CROWLEY, BENJAMIN                       KY-117-1-394
CROWLEY, C. E.                          KY-117-2-392
CROWLEY, E. G.                          KY-117-2-364
CROWLEY, ESQUIRE                        KY-117-2-110
CROWLEY, HENRY SR.                      KY-117-1-436
CROWLEY, PRICE                          KY-117-1-356
CURLEE, J. B.                           KY-117-2-65
CUTSINGER, ALFRED                       KY-117-2-443
DARIS, MARY A.                          KY-117-2-109
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          KY-117-1-94
DENTON, VIRGINIA                        KY-117-2-357
DERRICK, LOUISA J.                      KY-117-2-289
DICKERSON, D. W.                        KY-117-2-461
DRENNAN, W. F.                          KY-117-2-176
DUNCAN, ELIJAH                          KY-117-1-359
EDDINGS, J. D.                          KY-117-2-449
EDENS, A. B.                            KY-117-2-329
EDMONDSON, JOHN                         KY-117-1-170
EDMONSON, MARY ANN                      KY-117-2-420
EDMONSON, W. B.                         KY-117-2-319, 321
EDWARDS, C. L. (DR)                     KY-117-2-349
EZELL, WILLIAM                          KY-117-1-468
FANQUIER, JOSEPH                        KY-117-1-355
FARMER, I. W.                           KY-117-2-453
FATMAN, JOSEPH                          KY-117-1-363
FEDRICK, THOMAS M.                      KY-117-1-405
FIKE, WILLIAM H.                        KY-117-2-219
FINCH, HENRY                            KY-117-2-481
FOWLER, JAMES                           KY-117-2-26
FOWLER, OLLY                            KY-117-2-196
FRANKLIN, J. W.                         KY-117-2-68
FREDERICK, M. G.                        KY-117-2-248,2 52
FREER, R. D.                            KY-117-2-403
FUQUAY, HENRY J.                        KY-117-2-7
GAINES, G. C.                           KY-117-1-346
GARDNER, HARVERY                        KY-117-2-29
GENTRY, GARLAND C.                      KY-117-2-87
GIBSON, EVALINE                         KY-117-2-69
GIBSON, JOEL                            KY-117-1-328
GIBSON, R. A.                           KY-117-2-483
GIVENS, J. E.                           KY-117-2-4
GIVENS, J. T.                           KY-117-2-378
GIVENS, J. W.                           KY-117-2-144
GIVENS, JUDITH N. R. W.                 KY-117-1-340
GIVENS, LOUISE                          KY-117-2-477
GIVENS, ROBERT                          KY-117-1-121
GIVENS, THOMAS K.                       KY-117-2-121
GOOCH, C. I.                            KY-117-2-179
GRAHAM, J. R. SR.                       KY-117-2-162
GRAHAM, J. W.                           KY-117-2-144
GRAHAM, JOHN R.                         KY-117-2-286
GRAHAM, WILLIAM H.                      KY-117-1-358
HAGGARD, SOLOMON                        KY-117-2-48
HAGGARD, WILLIAM                        KY-117-2-57
HALL, L. B.                             KY-117-2-179
HALLOMAN, H. B.                         KY-117-2-245
HAMILTON, MARTHA P.                     KY-117-2-185
HAMMACK, JOHN W.                        KY-117-2-473
HAMMACK, M. B.                          KY-117-2-359
HANLEY, J. T.                           KY-117-2-3
HARDWICK, C. C.                         KY-117-2-155
HARMON, LOUIS GREEN                     KY-117-2-362
HARRIS, A. J.                           KY-117-2-181
HAWKINS, JOHN S.                        KY-117-2-261
HAWKINS, W. B.                          KY-117-2-85
HAZEL, ELIZABETH                        KY-117-1-392
HEAD, THORNT                            KY-117-2-104
HEADLEY, M. E. (MRS)                    KY-117-2-212
HEADLEY, PHILL                          KY-117-2-299
HEARIN, C. ELLIS                        KY-117-2-305
HERRIN, WILLIAM T.                      KY-117-2-52
HERRON, SALLIE                          KY-117-2-75
HICKS, JAMES J.                         KY-117-2-31
HIGDON, T. J.                           KY-117-2-438
HIGGINSON, BENJAMIN                     KY-117-1-465
HILL, ELBERT                            KY-117-1-388
HILL, J. L.                             KY-117-2-46
HILL, JOHN B.                           KY-117-1-343
HILL, SIDNEY                            KY-117-2-382
HOBGOOD, L. P.                          KY-117-1-425
HOBGOOD, SOLOMON                        KY-117-2-48
HOBGOOD, THOMAS E.                      KY-117-2-211
HOLEMAN, JEFF                           KY-117-1-452
HOLT, HENRY C.                          KY-117-2-254
HONLEY, J. F                            KY-117-2-3
HOWARD, ARTENECY                        KY-117-1-396
HUDSON, W. A.                           KY-117-2-1
HUMPHRY, J. M.                          KY-117-2-323
HUMPHRY, THEELA                         KY-117-2-346, 349
HUMPHRY, W. B.                          KY-117-2-377
HUNTER, JAMES M.                        KY-117-1-345
HUTCHINSON, THOMAS M.                   KY-117-2-91
JACKSON, T. J.                          KY-117-2-7
JAMES, B. F.                            KY-117-2-60
JENKINS, C. E. (MRS)                    KY-117-2-28
JENNINGS, BEN                           KY-117-1-477
JEWELL, BARNETT                         KY-117-1-378
JOHNSON, JAMES                          KY-117-1-427
JOHNSON, M. L.                          KY-117-2-355, 360
JONES, ELIJAH W.                        KY-117-2-35
JONES, H. G.                            KY-117-2-18
JONES, HENRY                            KY-117-2-43
JONES, J. R.                            KY-117-2-11
JONES, WILEY                            KY-117-1-441
JUSTICE, J. A.                          KY-117-2-206
KELLOUGH, JOHN                          KY-117-1-349
KENNEDY, JAMES                          KY-117-2-220
KING, THOMAS                            KY-117-2-262
LAMBERT, JOSEPH H.                      KY-117-2-331
LANGLEY, BEN                            KY-117-2-402
LANGSTON, SIBBIE                        KY-117-2-80
LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                       KY-117-1-360
LAWSON, JOHN F.                         KY-117-2-254
LAX, J. R.                              KY-117-2-140, 141
LEDBETTER, WILEY                        KY-117-1-351
LEE, JOHN                               KY-117-2-20
LEGATT, W. B.                           KY-117-2-283
LISMAN, JAMES E.                        KY-117-2-62
LISMAN, W. C.                           KY-117-2-55
LITTLEPAGE, WILLIAMSON                  KY-117-1-433
LLEWELLYN, A.                           KY-117-1-20
LOCK, GEORGE                            KY-117-1-440
LONG, B. H.                             KY-117-2-410
LYNN, E. B.                             KY-117-1-401
LYNN, ELIZABETH                         KY-117-1-429
LYNN, JAMES A.                          KY-117-2-58
MAJORS, EASTER I.                       KY-117-2-204
MAJORS, F. M.                           KY-117-2-294, 295
MAJORS, R. L.                           KY-117-2-400
MAJORS, RUBIN                           KY-117-1-396
MARKS, JOHN                             KY-117-2-114
MARLIN, LOUIS                           KY-117-1-448
MARLIN, SYNTHIA                         KY-117-1-439
MARTIN, JAMES                           KY-117-2-42, 44
MARTIN, JAMES                           KY-117-2-105
MATTHEWS, J. P.                         KY-117-2-201
MCCURRY, K. J.                          KY-117-2-73
MCCURRY, MARTHA A.                      KY-117-2-365
MCGEARY, W. H.                          KY-117-2-470
MCKEARY, SAMUEL                         KY-117-1-261
MCKINSTRY, S. A.                        KY-117-2-138
MCLENDON, JOEL                          KY-117-1-450
MCMULLIN, ABY                           KY-117-2-439
MEDLOCK, SARAH                          KY-117-2-88
MELTON, J. WESLEY                       KY-117-2-479
MELTON, JOHN K.                         KY-117-2-425
MELTON, MARSHAL D.                      KY-117-2-344
MILLER, EVALINE                         KY-117-2-125
MILTON, W. W.                           KY-117-2-271
MONROE, L. G.                           KY-117-2-450
MOONEY, A. W.                           KY-117-2-218
MOONEY, E.                              KY-117-1-112
MOONEY, ELENOR                          KY-117-2-127
MOORE, H. M.                            KY-117-2-54
MOORE, MARY M.                          KY-117-2-448
MOORE, W. I. (DR)                       KY-117-2-142, 149
MORRILL, MARGARET S.                    KY-117-1-432
MORRIS, WILLIAM S.                      KY-117-1-461
MORTON, MAT                             KY-117-2-418
NALL, G. W.                             KY-117-2-128
NALL, H. U.                             KY-117-2-146, 151
NALL, HENRY J.                          KY-117-2-47, 48
NALL, JACOB L.                          KY-117-2-99
NALL, R. R.                             KY-117-1-454
NANCE, C. C.                            KY-117-2-421
NANCE, W. L.                            KY-117-2-416
NASBET, HESTER A.                       KY-117-2-200
NEWCOMB, E. E. (DR)                     KY-117-2-466
NEWMAN, J. W.                           KY-117-2-376
NICHOLS, MARY J.                        KY-117-2-9
NORTHERN, J. A.                         KY-117-1-151
NORTHERN, PETER                         KY-117-1-390
OGDEN, E. F.                            KY-117-2-86
OGDEN, M. S. (MRS)                      KY-117-2-6
ORSBURN, R. M.                          KY-117-2-24
OSBORN, JAMES S.                        KY-117-1-415
OVERBY, C. T.                           KY-117-2-268
OVERBY, JAMES                           KY-117-2-256
OVERBY, W. L.                           KY-117-2-17
OWEN, J. B.                             KY-117-1-350
OWEN, MINERVA                           KY-117-2-304
PAGE, JAMES W.                          KY-117-2-173
PARKER, BENJAMIN                        KY-117-1-339
PARKER, HARRY                           KY-117-2-54
PARKER, JOSIAH                          KY-117-1-14
PAYNE, J. O.                            KY-117-2-451
PAYNE, JAMES M.                         KY-117-2-287
PHILLIPS, ESTHER                        KY-117-1-407
PINKSTON, THOMAS                        KY-117-1-421
POWELL, ELIZABETH                       KY-117-2-341
POWELL, J. A.                           KY-117-2-374
POWERS, L. W.                           KY-117-2-51
PRICE, IRVIN                            KY-117-1-334
PRICE, JOHN D.                          KY-117-2-266
PRICE, NANCY                            KY-117-1-332
PRICE, PRISSIE                          KY-117-2-410
PRICE, RICHEN                           KY-117-2-334
PRICE, RUSSELL G.                       KY-117-1-335
PRICE, THOMAS W.                        KY-117-1-462
PRICE, WILLIAM KERNERY                  KY-117-2-367
PRIDE, C. H.                            KY-117-2-314
PRIDE, D. T.                            KY-117-2-487
PRITCHETT, C. A.                        KY-117-2-165
QUINN, S. F.                            KY-117-2-31
QUIREY, C. W.                           KY-117-2-468
RACKES, JAMES D.                        KY-117-2-370
RAMSEY, A. P.                           KY-117-2-34
RAMSEY, ISIAH                           KY-117-2-158
RAMSEY, JENNIE                          KY-117-2-23
RAMSEY, R. H.                           KY-117-2-28
RAYBORN, D. D.                          KY-117-2-139
RAYBORN, E. P.                          KY-117-2-70
RICE, EDWARD                            KY-117-1-423
RICE, F. M.                             KY-117-1-76
RICE, K. G.                             KY-117-2-30
RICHARDS, AMERICA                       KY-117-2-348
ROBERTS, W. A.                          KY-117-2-205
ROLAND, ELIZA A.                        KY-117-2-92
RUDD, ALONZO                            KY-117-2-178
RUDD, WILLIAM H. C.                     KY-117-1-379
SAMMONS, R. J. C. (MRS)                 KY-117-2-405
SANDERS, W. F.                          KY-117-2-358, 361
SELLERS, O. C.                          KY-117-2-435
SEMPLER, THOMAS                         KY-117-2-150
SHELTON, CATHBOURNE                     KY-117-2-328
SHELTON, ELIJAH                         KY-117-1-215
SHELTON, JOSIAH                         KY-117-1-267
SIGLER, DAVID H.                        KY-117-2-237
SIGLER, EMELINE                         KY-117-2-282
SIGLER, GEORGE W.                       KY-117-1-348
SIGLER, JESSIE                          KY-117-1-404
SIGLER, LEVI                            KY-117-1-444
SIGLER, SAM                             KY-117-2-267
SIGLER, WILLIAM W.                      KY-117-2-401
SKINNER, ANNIE                          KY-117-2-233
SKINNER, JAMES T.                       KY-117-2-213
SMITH, H. H.                            KY-117-2-33
SMITH, JOHN Y.                          KY-117-2-182
SMITH, N. R.                            KY-117-2-126
SNIPES, RATHBURN                        KY-117-2-101
SPINNER, J. W.                          KY-117-2-210
SPRINGFIELD,                            KY-117-2-76
SPRINGFIELD, JOHN W.                    KY-117-2-189
STANDLEY, JOHNATHAN                     KY-117-1-387
STEMAN, F. W.                           KY-117-2-318
STONE, EDMOND                           KY-117-2-41
STONE, ISAAC M.                         KY-117-2-19
STRAS, G. F.                            KY-117-1-442
STRUM, E. G.                            KY-117-2-12
STULL, CAROLINE                         KY-117-1-447
STULL, J. S.                            KY-117-2-14
TAPP, NANNIE                            KY-117-2-3
TAPP, NOAH                              KY-117-2-255
TAPP, W. L.                             KY-117-2-394
TAYLOR, JAMES A.                        KY-117-1-412
TAYLOR, JOHN W.                         KY-117-2-153
THOMAS, BARON DE KALB                   KY-117-2-432
THOMAS, MARY ALICE                      KY-117-2-61
THOMAS, RHODA E.                        KY-117-2-428
THOMAS, SARAH                           KY-117-1-438
THOMPSON, D. H. SR.                     KY-117-1-152
THOMSPON, JOHN                          KY-117-1-402
THRELKELD, W. A.                        KY-117-2-399
THRELKELD, WILLIAM                      KY-117-1-354
TIMMONS, JOHN T.                        KY-117-1-333
TODD, ELISHA                            KY-117-1-395
TODD, HENRY EMERSON                     KY-117-2-209
TODD, M. E.                             KY-117-2-37
TOWNSEND, J. D.                         KY-117-1-471
TOWNSEND, JOHN L.                       KY-117-1-361
TOWNSEND, M. M.                         KY-117-1-476
TOWNSEND, THOMAS S.                     KY-117-2-442
TOWNSEND, WILSON                        KY-117-1-101
TRADER, A. W.                           KY-117-2-366, 373
TRICE, ELIZABETH M.                     KY-117-2-183
TRICE, SAMUEL D.                        KY-117-2-108
TRICE, W. T.                            KY-117-2-135
TRIGG, B. W.                            KY-117-2-65
TRUSTY, W. E.                           KY-117-2-119
VANCE, W. E.                            KY-117-2-444, 446
VAUGHN, BENJAMIN D.                     KY-117-1-386
VAUGHN, JOHN W.                         KY-117-1-281
VAUGHN, R. B.                           KY-117-2-423
VAUGHN, R. M.                           KY-117-2-197
VAUGHN, R. M.                           KY-117-2-434
VELLINES, PAULINA                       KY-117-2-427
WADDLINGTON, EDWIN                      KY-117-2-457
WALKER, F. M.                           KY-117-2-6
WALKER, JAMES A.                        KY-117-2-353
WALKER, MARTHA F.                       KY-117-2-354
WALKER, REUBEN                          KY-117-2-408
WALLACE, JAMES W.                       KY-117-2-27
WALLACE, S. B.                          KY-117-2-5
WALLACE, S. S.                          KY-117-2-97
WARE, SADIE                             KY-117-2-234
WATKINS, THOMAS M.                      KY-117-1-393
WATSON, A. C.                           KY-117-2-280
WATSON, BASIL                           KY-117-2-395, 409
WATSON, JOHN                            KY-117-2-21
WEDDING, J. T.                          KY-117-2-258
WHITE, WILLIAM                          KY-117-2-79
WHITLEDGE, HENRY                        KY-117-2-372
WHITLEDGE, J. T.                        KY-117-1-418
WHITSELL, SARAH                         KY-117-1-400
WILEY, JAMES                            KY-117-2-246
WILILAMS, S. H.                         KY-117-2-163
WILKEY, W. J.                           KY-117-2-311
WILLIAMS, ED                            KY-117-2-229, 230
WILLIAMS, JAMES C.                      KY-117-2-50
WILLIAMS, NANCY K.                      KY-117-2-56
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM L.                    KY-117-1-327
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                      KY-117-2-49
WILLIAMSON, J. S.                       KY-117-2-379
WILLINGHAM, P. M.                       KY-117-2-297
WILSON, GEORGE                          KY-117-2-177
WILSON, JOHN L.                         KY-117-2-277
WILSON, ROBERT T.                       KY-117-2-194
WINSTEAD, MARGARET J.                   KY-117-2-244
WINSTEAD, W. T.                         KY-117-1-478
WODORING, G. R.                         KY-117-2-447
WOODRING, WILLIAM                       KY-117-2-171, 172
WRIGHT, C. H.                           KY-117-2-291
WRIGHT, J. L.                           KY-117-2-368
WRIGHT, S. A. (MRS)                     KY-117-2-326
WYNN, W. C.                             KY-117-1-446
WYNNS, GEORGE W.                        KY-117-2-426
YARBROUGH, GEORGE                       KY-117-1-200
YARBROUGH, WILLIAM                      KY-117-1-265
YATES, MARGARY                          KY-117-2-112
YOUNG, JAMES F.                         KY-117-2-478
YOUNG, ROBERT M.                        KY-117-2-85

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