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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County # (Martin), Volume #, Page # | 1=1861-1941 |
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ALLEN, M. R.                            KY-77-1-336
AMRON, WILLIAM B.                       KY-77-1-191
BALDRIDGE, A. J.                        KY-77-1-332
BANISTER, MARGRET                       KY-77-1-64
BARRET, HELEN L.                        KY-77-1-66
BARRET, LETITIA                         KY-77-1-62
BERGER, THOMAS CARSON                   KY-77-1-264
BLANKENSHIP, W. H.                      KY-77-1-325
BOOTH, CATHERINE                        KY-77-1-143
BOOTH, HARRISON                         KY-77-1-364
BOOTH, JAMES                            KY-77-1-381
BOOTH, MARTHA                           KY-77-1-292
BOOTH, TOOK                             KY-77-1-259
BRIGEL, CATHERINE                       KY-77-1-214
BROWN, GEORGE                           KY-77-1-44
CALDWELL, JAMES HENRY                   KY-77-1-130
CARTER, PRESLEY                         KY-77-1-551
CARTER, SUSAN                           KY-77-1-352
CASSADY, B. F.                          KY-77-1-144
CASSADY, J. E.                          KY-77-1-297
CHANKO, MARY ALBECZ GROSS               KY-77-1-230
CHAPMAN, G. W. F.                       KY-77-1-225
CHAPMAN, GEORGE SR.                     KY-77-1-57
CLINE, C. C.                            KY-77-1-302
CLINE, WILLIAM T.                       KY-77-1-25
COLLIER, NORA                           KY-77-1-341
COPLEY, WILLIAM B.                      KY-77-1-103
CRUM, JANE                              KY-77-1-267
CRUM, ROBERT                            KY-77-1-385
DAMRON, POLLY                           KY-77-1-373
DAVIS, JAMES                            KY-77-1-37
DAVIS, JEFF                             KY-77-1-105
DAVIS, JOHN SR.                         KY-77-1-4
DAVIS, JOHN W.                          KY-77-1-244
DAVIS, WILLIAM                          KY-77-1-177
DELONG, DAVID V.                        KY-77-1-310
DELONG, GEORGE SR.                      KY-77-1-36
DELONG, H. J.                           KY-77-1-75
DELONG, HARVEY                          KY-77-1-52
DELONG, JOHN                            KY-77-1-239
DELONG, JOHN P.                         KY-77-1-240
DELONG, SAMUEL                          KY-77-1-36
DEMPSEY, JOHN                           KY-77-1-109
DEMPSEY, JOSEPH B.                      KY-77-1-22
EVANS, ADDIE R.                         KY-77-1-195
EVANS, WILSON                           KY-77-1-290
FAIRCHILD, JOHN R.                      KY-77-1-383
FANNIN, MIKE                            KY-77-1-343
FLOYD, JOHN                             KY-77-1-23
GOBLE, ELBA                             KY-77-1-182
GOBLE, LUCRETIA                         KY-77-1-193
GOFF, I. W.                             KY-77-1-47
GOFF, TIBB NEWBERRY                     KY-77-1-354
GURLEY, WILLIAM H.                      KY-77-1-125
HALE, J. W.                             KY-77-1-377
HALE, W. M.                             KY-77-1-208
HALE, W. M. (MRS)                       KY-77-1-409
HARMAN, DANIEL                          KY-77-1-10
HATFIELD, RHODA                         KY-77-1-387
HOBBS, MARY                             KY-77-1-366
HOUSTON, THOMAS EDGAR                   KY-77-1-268
JAMES, JOSEPH                           KY-77-1-183
KIRK, ALICE M.                          KY-77-1-284
KIRK, J. L.                             KY-77-1-77
LOCKWOOD, TED                           KY-77-1-316
LUSTER, JENNIE                          KY-77-1-318
MARCU, RICHARD                          KY-77-1-263
MARCUM, A. J.                           KY-77-1-262
MASLEY, JOHN                            KY-77-1-194
MATANESI, KATIE                         KY-77-1-258
MAYNARD, CHARITY                        KY-77-1-205
MAYNARD, S. G.                          KY-77-1-349
MAYNARD, S. M.                          KY-77-1-415
MAYO, M. S.                             KY-77-1-232
MCCLURE, A. M.                          KY-77-1-81
MCCOY, JOHN J.                          KY-77-1-181
MCGEE, WILLIAM                          KY-77-1-111
MCKEE, JOHN                             KY-77-1-146
MEADE, JOHN                             KY-77-1-140
MEADOWS, EPHERAM                        KY-77-1-1
MILLS, L. T.                            KY-77-1-139
MOORE, JENNIE                           KY-77-1-318
MOORE, JOHN J.                          KY-77-1-174
MOSS, C. S.                             KY-77-1-260
NEWBERRY, JEFF                          KY-77-1-326
NEWBERRY, S. W.                         KY-77-1-294
NEWMAN, JAMES L.                        KY-77-1-48
PACK, NOAH                              KY-77-1-11
PARK, MARGARET G.                       KY-77-1-106
PAYNE, VASHTI                           KY-77-1-121
PEARSON, ANNA                           KY-77-1-247
PERRY, GEORGE W.                        KY-77-1-175
PREAST, A. B.                           KY-77-1-4
PREECE, C. W. J.                        KY-77-1-261
PREECE, C. W.                           KY-77-1-102
RATCLIFF, WILLIAM                       KY-77-1-53
REED, WILLIAM                           KY-77-1-28
RICHARDS, ALFRED                        KY-77-1-228
RICHEY, DAVID                           KY-77-1-32
RICHMOND, LEWIS CASS                    KY-77-1-286
RIFE, DEANIEL                           KY-77-1-110
ROBISON, JAMES W.                       KY-77-1-45
RUMSEY, GEORGE A.                       KY-77-1-184
SIMPKINS, CHARLES RITCHIE               KY-77-1-273
SIMPKINS, NATHANIEL S. JR.              KY-77-1-12
SITSER, VICY                            KY-77-1-201
SITSER, W. M.                           KY-77-1-179
SMALL, JOHN                             KY-77-1-192
STEPP, JOHN                             KY-77-1-134
STEPP, JOHN                             KY-77-1-71
STEPP, MOSES                            KY-77-1-60
STRATTON, SOLOMON                       KY-77-1-233
SUMNER, JULIETTE C.                     KY-77-1-94
SUMNER, WILLIAM                         KY-77-1-46
SZEKELY, GEORGE                         KY-77-1-180
TAULMIN, JULIA                          KY-77-1-87
TAYLOR, JAMES                           KY-77-1-38
THAYER, RUTH S.                         KY-77-1-389
THOMPSON, MARTHA                        KY-77-1-312
TRENT, EDWARD                           KY-77-1-9 ?
VINSON, L. B.                           KY-77-1-338
WARD, ALTA                              KY-77-1-346
WARD, H. B.                             KY-77-1-203
WARD, JOHN C                            KY-77-1-178
WARD, MONTERVILLE                       KY-77-1-319
WARD, S. A. D.                          KY-77-1-256
WARD, WILLIAM S.                        KY-77-1-272
WEBB, THOMAS SR.                        KY-77-1-69
WELLS, JAMES W.                         KY-77-1-117
WHITE, W. J.                            KY-77-1-375
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                       KY-77-1-176
WILLIAMSON, WILDA                       KY-77-1-323
WORKMAN, COLUMBIA                       KY-77-1-242

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