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ABRAHAMS, FRANCIS                       KY-69-R-84
ADAMS, CHARLES                          KY-69-M-76
ADAMS, DANIEL                           KY-69-Q-386
ADAMSON, WILLIAM                        KY-69-N-217
ALCORN, NANCY                           KY-69-M-78
ALFORD, JOHN                            KY-69-Q-12
ALLEN, GABRIEL R.                       KY-69-M-88
ALLEN, JAMES                            KY-69-B-255
ANDERSON, JASON                         KY-69-I-65
AUSTIN, NIEA                            KY-69-Q-39
BAILEY, BENJAMIN                        KY-69-S-445
BAILEY, EDWARD                          KY-69-T-594
BAILEY, ELIZA                           KY-69-R-468
BAILEY, JAMES                           KY-69-Q-6
BAILEY, JOHN                            KY-69-G-27
BAILEY, JOSEPH                          KY-69-G-15
BAILEY, THOMAS                          KY-69-M-22
BAILEY, WILLIAM                         KY-69-T-262
BAKER, THOMAS                           KY-69-S-594
BAKER, WILLIAM                          KY-69-C-39
BALDOCK, SUVY                           KY-69-D-89
BALGER, EDWARD                          KY-69-A-99
BALIN, JOHN                             KY-69-G-40
BALIN, JOHN                             KY-69-I-66
BALL, EDWARD                            KY-69-A-159
BALL, LEWIS                             KY-69-Q-16
BALL, THOMAS                            KY-69-G-99
BALLENGER, JANE                         KY-69-O-240
BANTON, SAMUEL C.                       KY-69-M-147
BARNETT, ANN                            KY-69-S-292
BARNETT, HANNAH                         KY-69-S-292
BARNETT, JOHN                           KY-69-M-68
BARNETT, JOHN                           KY-69-B-272
BARNETT, WILLIAM                        KY-69-D-380
BASTIN, THOMAS                          KY-69-S-270
BENEDICT, JOHN                          KY-69-D-385
BENNINGTON, MARY                        KY-69-T-541
BERRY, JAMES                            KY-69-A-9
BERRY, JOHN                             KY-69-A-189
BIXTER, DAVID                           KY-69-H-152
BIXTER, MARY A.                         KY-69-O-149
BLAIN, ISAAC                            KY-69-C-126
BLAIN, NANCY M.                         KY-69-G-101
BLAIN, SAMUEL                           KY-69-M-33
BLANE, ALEXANDER                        KY-69-C-54
BOWDERY, SAMUEL                         KY-69-A-191
BOWMAN, JOHN                            KY-69-A-72
BRASFIELD, ROY                          KY-69-B-163
BRIDGES, JAMES                          KY-69-M-113
BRIGGS, ALFRED                          KY-69-O-43
BRIGGS, ELIZABETH                       KY-69-S-49
BRIGGS, JOHN                            KY-69-D-352
BRIGGS, SAMUEL                          KY-69-B-52
BRIGHT, DRASILLA                        KY-69-Q-23
BRIGHT, HENRY                           KY-69-S-513
BROCK, EVAN                             KY-69-E-97
BRONAUGH, WILLIAM                       KY-69-M-89
BROWN, CALEB                            KY-69-M-65
BROWN, ELIZABETH                        KY-69-O-225
BRYAN, JAMES                            KY-69-G-27
BRYAN, LUCY                             KY-69-M-149
BRYAN, WILLIAM                          KY-69-G-102
BRYANT, REUBEN A.                       KY-69-R-256
BUCHANAN, JOHN                          KY-69-I-67
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                       KY-69-C-106
BUGG, JOHN                              KY-69-N-220
BURCH, BENJAMIN                         KY-69-B-90
BURCH, THOMAS                           KY-69-R-625
BURCH, ULIZA                            KY-69-I-286
BURK, ROBERT P.                         KY-69-Q-11
BURNAM, ELIZABETH                       KY-69-N-215
BURTON, GOERGE M.                       KY-69-Q-42
CALDWELL, JOHN                          KY-69-B-111
CALDWELL, JOSIAH                        KY-69-O-230
CALDWELL, POLLY                         KY-69-T-309
CALMES, ELIZA                           KY-69-O-107
CAMDEN, WILLIAM                         KY-69-O-44
CAMPBELL, AURELIUS                      KY-69-T-287
CAMPBELL, ISAAC                         KY-69-B-60
CAMPBELL, JOSPEH                        KY-69-E-1
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        KY-69-O-152
CARPENTER, COONROD                      KY-69-M-21
CARPENTER, HENRY                        KY-69-Q-36
CARPENTER, JOHN                         KY-69-A-83
CARR, GEORGE                            KY-69-R-260
CARTER, JESSE SR.                       KY-69-M-59
CARTER, RICHARD E.                      KY-69-T-383
CASSEY, JUOHN                           KY-69-A-189
CHANDLER, TIMOTHY                       KY-69-S-404
CHAPMAN, EDWARD                         KY-69-A-158
CHILDS, NELSON                          KY-69-U-587
CHRONICK, CHRISTOPHER                   KY-69-H-154
CHRONICK, JOHN                          KY-69-M-30
CLARK, HENRY                            KY-69-R-2
CLARK, JOHN                             KY-69-I-77
CLOYD, JAMES                            KY-69-B-242
CLOYD, JOHN                             KY-69-I-64
CLOYD, WILLIAM                          KY-69-U-101
COLLIER, ELIZABETH                      KY-69-M-80
COLLIER, MOSSES                         KY-69-G-15
CONWELL, WILLIAM                        KY-69-C-42
COOK, DAVID                             KY-69-I-60
COOK, HENRY                             KY-69-I-73
COOK, JOHN                              KY-69-M-45
COOK, PEGGY                             KY-69-M-70
COOK, SUSAN                             KY-69-C-120
COOPER, GEORGE B. SR.                   KY-69-T-511
COWAN, ANN                              KY-69-M-14
CRAIG, ELIZABETH                        KY-69-T-494
CRAIG, JAMES                            KY-69-M-62
CRAIG, JAMES T.                         KY-69-R-246
CRAIG, JOHN                             KY-69-N-184
CRAIG, JOHN                             KY-69-C-60
CRAIG, JOHN                             KY-69-C-129
CROW, JOHN                              KY-69-C-27
CROW, WILLIAM                           KY-69-H-140
CRUTCHER, SAMUEL                        KY-69-M-28
CUNROD, CILLY                           KY-69-U-265
CURRY, SARAH                            KY-69-G-30
CURTIS, SUSAN                           KY-69-R-25
DAUGHERTY, JOHN                         KY-69-M-64
DAUGHERTY, WILLIAM                      KY-69-M-79
DAVIDSON, GEORGE H.                     KY-69-I-79
DAVIDSON, POLLY                         KY-69-M-37
DAVIES, WILLIAM                         KY-69-D-470
DAVIS, JAMES                            KY-69-G-24
DAWSON, ELIZA                           KY-69-S-271
DEVANPORT, SARAH                        KY-69-T-585
DICKERSON, WILLIAM                      KY-69-D-362
DINWIDDIE, SARAH                        KY-69-O-43
DINWIDDIE, WILLIAM                      KY-69-M-152
DIVENS, JAMES                           KY-69-M-75
DODDS, ANDREW                           KY-69-B-232
DONELLY, CHARLES                        KY-69-B-153
DOOLEY, GEORGE                          KY-69-H-144
DUDGEON, ALEXANDER                      KY-69-H-139
DUDGEON, JOHN                           KY-69-B-274
DUNAWAY, WILLIAM                        KY-69-S-286
DUNCAN, ANDREW                          KY-69-A-130
DUNCAN, BENJAMIN                        KY-69-O-221
DUNCAN, HAWSON                          KY-69-G-16
DUNCAN, SAMUEL                          KY-69-O-224
DUNLAP, GEORGE                          KY-69-R-1
EAST, NEAL                              KY-69-H-135
EDMONSON, TABITHA                       KY-69-O-222
ELCH, JOSEPH                            KY-69-G-34
ELDER, JACOB                            KY-69-G-33
ELDER, ROBERT                           KY-69-O-239
ELDER, ROBERT                           KY-69-N-184
ELGIN, GEORGE                           KY-69-M-71
ELY, JAMES                              KY-69-I-82
EMBRY, MARY                             KY-69-U-248
EMMERSON, JOHN                          KY-69-H-138
EMMERSON, SAMUEL                        KY-69-G-7
ENGLEMAN, SIMON                         KY-69-M-17
ESTES, ABRAHAM                          KY-69-O-216
ESTES, THOMAS                           KY-69-M-154
ESTILL, JAMES                           KY-69-B-242
EUBRER, ELIJAH                          KY-69-G-21
EUBRER, JOHN                            KY-69-G-38
FARRAN, DABNEY                          KY-69-T-101
FARRIS, POLLY                           KY-69-O-217
FELAND, HANNAH                          KY-69-R-160
FELAND, JOHN                            KY-69-N-187
FELAND, ROBERT                          KY-69-Q-43
FISHER, STEPHEN                         KY-69-M-60
FISHER, SUSAN                           KY-69-N-214
FISHER, WILLIAM                         KY-69-O-145
FLAND, NANCY                            KY-69-I-74
FLOYD, BENJAMIN                         KY-69-M-113
FLOYD, DAVID                            KY-69-A-165
FORBIS, H.                              KY-69-G-34
FORBIS, MARY                            KY-69-H-153
FORSIE, ISAAC                           KY-69-B-22, 87
FRESH, BENJAMIN                         KY-69-M-26
FROMAN, PAUL                            KY-69-A-46
GABBARD, GEORGE                         KY-69-H-131
GAINES, WILLIAM                         KY-69-G-6
GATES, JOHN                             KY-69-M-15
GAY, THOMAS                             KY-69-C-52
GENTRY, JOSEPH                          KY-69-M-381
GENTRY, O. H.                           KY-69-Q-49
GIBSON, JOHN                            KY-69-D-389
GILBERT, JOHN W.                        KY-69-D-377
GILES, WILLIAM                          KY-69-C-43
GILLIS, WILLIAM                         KY-69-A-64
GILLMORE, JAMES                         KY-69-C-47
GIVENS, GEORGE JR.                      KY-69-O-234
GIVENS, GEORGE SR.                      KY-69-I-63
GIVENS, JAMES                           KY-69-C-33
GIVENS, JAMES                           KY-69-M-43
GIVENS, JOHN                            KY-69-B-95
GIVENS, MARTHA                          KY-69-M-112
GIVENS, MARTHA                          KY-69-C-76
GIVENS, ROBERT                          KY-69-M-62
GIVENS, SAMUEL                          KY-69-G-8
GLAZEBROOKS, JAMES                      KY-69-C-128
GOFF, JOHN                              KY-69-M-138
GOOCH, JOHN                             KY-69-M-113
GOOCH, LINEN                            KY-69-I-77
GOODE, JOHN                             KY-69-C-23
GOODNIGHT, JACOB                        KY-69-O-147
GORDON, JAMES                           KY-69-A-104
GREEN, JOHN                             KY-69-M-151
GREEN, SARAH                            KY-69-G-101
GREEN, WILLIS                           KY-69-G-5
GREENLEA, DAVID                         KY-69-N-218
GREENLEA, JAMES H.                      KY-69-O-236
GREENWOOD, WILLIAM                      KY-69-H-151
GRESHAM, JOB                            KY-69-H-133
HACKLEY, NANCY                          KY-69-O-219
HALL, CATHARINE                         KY-69-O-237
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       KY-69-I-58
HAMM, DRARY                             KY-69-M-84
HANNA, ALEXANDER                        KY-69-A-191
HANSFORD, THOMAS                        KY-69-Q-18
HANSFORD, WILLIAM                       KY-69-O-243
HARLAN, GEORGE                          KY-69-M-111
HARLAN, SILAS                           KY-69-A-2
HART, NATHANIEL                         KY-69-A-4
HAVER, CHRISTOPHER                      KY-69-D-370
HAZLEWOOD, CATHARINE                    KY-69-G-34
HAZLEWOOD, LUKE                         KY-69-M-69
HAZLEWOOD, NANCY                        KY-69-R-333
HELM, FRANCIS                           KY-69-R-133
HELM, FRANKLIN                          KY-69-O-40
HELM, JAMES M.                          KY-69-M-116
HELM, MARQUIS                           KY-69-G-100
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      KY-69-B-255
HENRY, JOHN                             KY-69-A-66
HERRING, WASHINGTON                     KY-69-D-383
HIATT, BENJAMIN                         KY-69-S-597
HIATT, LUCY                             KY-69-M-117
HIATT, WILLIAM                          KY-69-M-110
HICKMAN, JAMES                          KY-69-M-4
HICKS, WILLIAM                          KY-69-A-10
HOCKER, JOHN                            KY-69-Q-21
HOCKER, JOSEPH                          KY-69-R-81
HOCKER, NICHOLAS                        KY-69-E-78
HOCKER, PHILIP L.                       KY-69-T-2
HOCKER, PHILIP S.                       KY-69-S-367
HOCKER, R. W.                           KY-69-S-333
HOCKER, SAMUEL                          KY-69-G-17
HOLTZCLAW, BENJAMIN                     KY-69-I-75
HOLTZCLAW, TEZIAH                       KY-69-S-496
HUGHES, WILLIAM JR.                     KY-69-O-232
HUNT, JAMES                             KY-69-O-237
HUNT, RICHARD                           KY-69-M-150
HUNT, WILLIAM                           KY-69-O-219
HUNT, WINEY                             KY-69-O-236
HUSTON, JANE                            KY-69-M-56
HUSTON, JANE E.                         KY-69-S-166
HUSTON, STEPHEN                         KY-69-M-31
HUTCHISON, THOMAS                       KY-69-G-1
HUTSMAN, GEORGE                         KY-69-G-25
JACKMAN, WILLIAM                        KY-69-U-397
JACKSON, EUNICA                         KY-69-O-238
JACKSON, HIRAM M.                       KY-69-S-21
JACKSON, JOHN                           KY-69-H-129
JACKSON, JOSEPH                         KY-69-B-188
JEFFREYS, JOHN                          KY-69-U-69
JENKINS, JAMES                          KY-69-Q-14
JOHNSON, EPHRAIM                        KY-69-M-82
JOHNSON, MARGRETT A.                    KY-69-U-635
JOHNSON, NOEL                           KY-69-C-37
JONES, EVAN                             KY-69-I-61
JONES, JACOB                            KY-69-B-146
JORAS, ROBERT                           KY-69-O-147
JOSLIN, JOHN                            KY-69-B-92
KARR, WILLIAM B.                        KY-69-T-521
KELLY, SUSANNAH                         KY-69-R-135
KENLEY, FELAND                          KY-69-U-117
KING, GEORGE D.                         KY-69-S-207
KING, HARBERT SR.                       KY-69-Q-28
KING, ROBERT                            KY-69-M-153
KIRKPATRICK, JAMES                      KY-69-C-115
KISSINGER, JOHN                         KY-69-G-10
LACKEY, ALEXANDER                       KY-69-R-623
LAIR, ANDREW                            KY-69-I-76
LANKFORD, JOSEPH                        KY-69-A-106
LAWRENCE, ANNIE                         KY-69-R-628
LAWRENCE, JANE                          KY-69-R-121
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                        KY-69-Q-38
LEE, AMBROSE                            KY-69-M-12
LEE, GEORGE SR.                         KY-69-I-69
LEWIS, J. T. P.                         KY-69-M-111
LEWIS, ROBERT F.                        KY-69-U-436
LILLIARD, R. R.                         KY-69-Q-40
LINDSEY, JOSEPH                         KY-69-A-6
LINN, NATHAN                            KY-69-A-82
LOE, JESSE                              KY-69-G-9
LOGAN, BENJAMIN                         KY-69-N-189
LOGAN, CYRUS                            KY-69-Q-25
LOGAN, DAVID                            KY-69-D-360
LOGAN, HUGH                             KY-69-G-29
LOGAN, HUGH                             KY-69-Q-35
LOGAN, JAMES                            KY-69-A-156
LOGAN, MARGARET                         KY-69-D-346
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          KY-69-B-154
LOGAN,MAHALA D.                         KY-69-R-257
LONG, WILLIAM                           KY-69-G-39
LUCAS, CALEB                            KY-69-N-191
LUCAS, WILLIAM                          KY-69-M-57
LUNSFORD, RODHAM                        KY-69-N-216
LYNEBERRY, CATHARINE                    KY-69-T-232
LYTLE, C. T. (MISS)                     KY-69-S-295
MADDOX, EDWARD                          KY-69-G-23
MAGILL, JAMES                           KY-69-I-73
MAGILL, JOHN                            KY-69-R-390
MAGILL, JOHN                            KY-69-G-26
MAGILL, WILLIAM                         KY-69-G-4
MALLORY, HENRY H.                       KY-69-G-21
MALLORY, SIDNEY                         KY-69-G-29
MANNER, ALEXANDER                       KY-69-B-11
MANZEY, JOHN                            KY-69-E-76
MARNELL, GEORGE                         KY-69-G-8
MARRS, DABNEY                           KY-69-M-36
MARSHALL, MARKHAM                       KY-69-C-25
MARTIN, NANCY                           KY-69-I-64
MARTIN, OBADIAH                         KY-69-O-45
MAY, ROWLAND                            KY-69-H-143
MAYFIELD, ISAAC                         KY-69-B-129
MCBRIDE, WILLIAM                        KY-69-A-7
MCCORMACK, DANIEL                       KY-69-G-10
MCCORMACK, DANIEL                       KY-69-D-378
MCCORMACK, JOHN                         KY-69-G-42
MCCORMACK, JOSEPH                       KY-69-R-306
MCELWEE, WILILAM                        KY-69-G-12
MCFERRAN, JAMES                         KY-69-M-85
MCKINNEY, DANIEL SR.                    KY-69-D-367
MCKINNEY, EBENEZER                      KY-69-G-3
MCMULLIN, DAVID R.                      KY-69-R-472
MCMURTRY, JOHN                          KY-69-A-35
MCPHERSON, MARK                         KY-69-P-109
MCROBERT, ANDREW                        KY-69-R-621
MCROBERTS, JOHN                         KY-69-M-55
MCROBERTS, NEWEL                        KY-69-O-218
MENEFEE, JAMES                          KY-69-Q-390
MENEFEE, JAMIMA                         KY-69-Q-388
MENEFEE, REUBIN                         KY-69-O-223
MIDDLETON, HENRY                        KY-69-M-29
MILER, WILLIAM                          KY-69-B-169
MILLER, ARMSTEAD                        KY-69-Q-30
MILLER, JACOB                           KY-69-M-116
MILLER, MARY H.                         KY-69-O-235
MILLER, WILLIAM                         KY-69-B-168
MILLNER, JOHN                           KY-69-B-231
MOBLEY, JAMES                           KY-69-D-77
MONTGOMERY, JANE                        KY-69-C-127
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      KY-69-A-183
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                      KY-69-M-1
MOODY, WILLIAM                          KY-69-B-172
MOORE, EDWARD                           KY-69-B-49
MOORE, ELEANOR                          KY-69-M-16
MOORE, JAMES JOSEPH                     KY-69-E-3
MOORE, ROBERT                           KY-69-B-280
MOREHEAD, ELIZABETH                     KY-69-S-499
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         KY-69-B-190
MORRISON, EZRA                          KY-69-O-226
MORRISON, SARAH                         KY-69-S-297
MYERS, JACOB                            KY-69-B-287
MYERS, JOSHUA                           KY-69-M-153
NASH, ARTHUR                            KY-69-G-4
NELSON, DAVID Y.                        KY-69-T-495
NEWLAND, A. H.                          KY-69-T-41
NEWLAND, JOHN                           KY-69-U-611
NICHOLSON, JAMES                        KY-69-C-32
NOEL, JOEL                              KY-69-G-22
OBANNON, BENJAMIN                       KY-69-M-152
ORTHKEIS, ADAM                          KY-69-T-617
ORTKEIS, HENRY                          KY-69-H-136
OVERTON, CLAUGH                         KY-69-D-392
OWSLEY, ANTHONY                         KY-69-H-199
OWSLEY, DANIEL                          KY-69-M-81
OWSLEY, HENRY                           KY-69-E-4
OWSLEY, JOHOTHAN                        KY-69-M-51
OWSLEY, SAMUEL                          KY-69-R-80
OWSLEY, THOMAS                          KY-69-N-183
PADGETT, THOMAS                         KY-69-Q-47
PAGE, DILLARD                           KY-69-N-215
PAINE, REUBEN                           KY-69-G-103
PAINTERS, WILLIAM                       KY-69-S-58
PANKEY, MARY                            KY-69-N-192
PANTEN, GEORGE                          KY-69-M-55
PATTON, WILLIAM                         KY-69-E-6
PAXTON, ISAAC                           KY-69-Q-63
PAXTON, JOHN                            KY-69-G-11
PAXTON, PHEBE                           KY-69-O-237
PEACH, ELIZBETH                         KY-69-Q-393
PEARL, HENRY                            KY-69-R-352
PEARL, VILETTER                         KY-69-H-150
PEARL, WILLIAM                          KY-69-M-91
PEAYTON, VALENTINE                      KY-69-M-37
PEMBERTON, THOMAS                       KY-69-O-146
PENICKS, WILLIAM                        KY-69-G-30
PENNINGTON, E.                          KY-69-U-8
PERRIN, JOSEPHUS                        KY-69-H-128
PERSYTH, DANIEL                         KY-69-D-387
PERSYTH, M. A.                          KY-69-E-63
PETTUS, JOSEPH                          KY-69-R-334
PHILLIPS, MARY                          KY-69-E-80
PHILLIPS, POLLY                         KY-69-E-9
PIERDOM, THOMAS                         KY-69-M-64
PLEASANTS, EDWARD                       KY-69-N-177
POPE, CHRISTINA                         KY-69-G-40
POPE, GEORGE                            KY-69-G-13
POPE, JEREMIAH                          KY-69-M-114
POPE, THOMAS                            KY-69-S-43
POTTS, JOHN                             KY-69-A-98
PRASTON, JOHN                           KY-69-C-24
PRICE, ABRAHAM                          KY-69-B-225
PROCTOR, MICAJAH                        KY-69-C-44
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                         KY-69-B-136
RATCLIFFE, CHARLES                      KY-69-A-9
REED, ELIZA                             KY-69-G-20
REED, JOHN                              KY-69-C-104
REID, JOHN W.                           KY-69-T-614
RENNICK, JAMES                          KY-69-M-150
RENTFROW, S.                            KY-69-E-5
REYNOLDS, ROBERT                        KY-69-G-18
RICE, ANDERSON                          KY-69-E-66
RICHARDS, JOHN                          KY-69-S-40
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                       KY-69-E-8
RIGHT, SAMUEL                           KY-69-G-36
RILEY, HUGH                             KY-69-G-3
ROBINSON, HANNAH                        KY-69-B-67
ROBINSON, HOSEA                         KY-69-H-132
ROBINSON, JOHN                          KY-69-Q-391
ROWTON, ELIZABETH                       KY-69-M-73
RUCKER, BERRY C.                        KY-69-S-1
RUFFNER, REUBEN                         KY-69-H-148
SANDIDGE, JOHN                          KY-69-U-183
SANDIDGE, LARKIN                        KY-69-I-188
SEULER, JAMES H.                        KY-69-S-54
SHACKLEFORD, RACHEL                     KY-69-O-233
SHANKS, DAVID                           KY-69-O-41
SHANKS, WILLIAM                         KY-69-G-32
SHANNON, LEANA                          KY-69-S-516
SHANNON, THOMAS                         KY-69-E-79
SHEIL, HUGH                             KY-69-A-121
SHELBY, ALFRED                          KY-69-M-50
SHELBY, ISAAC                           KY-69-I-84
SHELBY, SUSANAH                         KY-69-M-53
SHIPLEY, SAMUEL                         KY-69-E-9
SHY, J. C.                              KY-69-Q-385
SINGLETON, POLLY                        KY-69-U-186
SINGLETON, RICHARD                      KY-69-T-373
SKEDMORE, JOSEPH                        KY-69-P-106
SLATTE, STEPHEN                         KY-69-A-170
SLOAN, JOHN                             KY-69-B-255
SLOAN, MARGARET                         KY-69-B-15
SMITH, HENRY                            KY-69-A-178
SMITH, REUBEN                           KY-69-G-20
SMITH, W. C.                            KY-69-E-2
SNOW, LEONARD                           KY-69-G-9
SOUTHERLAND, U.                         KY-69-B-253
SOUTHERLAND, W.                         KY-69-B-251
SPENCER, THOMAS                         KY-69-B-101
SPOONAMORE, ADAM                        KY-69-H-130
SPOONAMORE, PHIL                        KY-69-C-46
STEPHENSON, GEORGE                      KY-69-M-41
STEWART, JOHN                           KY-69-C-35
STEWART, JOSEPH                         KY-69-O-145
STEWART, WILLIAM                        KY-69-A-19
STRINGER, JESSEE                        KY-69-Q-265
SUTTON, CHRISTOPHER                     KY-69-B-83
SWEENEY, MOSES                          KY-69-G-3
SWOOPE, MARGARET                        KY-69-U-164
TATE, WILLIAM                           KY-69-M-2
TAYLOR, WALTER                          KY-69-G-25
TEMPLIN, JOHN                           KY-69-D-355
TERRY, HONOR                            KY-69-N-190
THOMAS, JOHN                            KY-69-I-62
THOMAS, SAMUEL                          KY-69-I-67
THOMPSON, A. H.                         KY-69-R-22
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        KY-69-G-2
THURMAN, JOHN                           KY-69-D-79
TIBBS, FOUSHE                           KY-69-C-132
TINSLEY, JAMES                          KY-69-I-59
TOMBS, AMBROSE                          KY-69-M-27
TUCKER, JOHN                            KY-69-B-74
TUCKER, SALLIE                          KY-69-Q-1
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         KY-69-O-152
TURNER, ANN                             KY-69-M-87
TURNER, JOHN                            KY-69-O-214
TYLER, DAVID                            KY-69-M-39
VARDEMAN, MORGAN                        KY-69-Q-3
VAUGHN, ELISHA                          KY-69-Q-9
VAUGHT, THOMAS                          KY-69-M-171
WADE, DAVID                             KY-69-E-65
WADE, PEARCE                            KY-69-G-37
WALDEN, ELIZABETH                       KY-69-R-630
WALKER, DAVID                           KY-69-B-63
WALKER, JESSE                           KY-69-G-6
WALLACE, ANDREW                         KY-69-M-19
WALLACE, RICHARD E.                     KY-69-E-24
WALLACE, SAMUEL                         KY-69-B-127
WARREN, JAMES                           KY-69-M-10
WARREN, S. W.                           KY-69-N-180
WARREN, WILLIAM                         KY-69-G-41
WELCH, JOHN                             KY-69-Q-45
WELCH, LYDIA                            KY-69-S-351
WELLS, ELIJAH                           KY-69-O-149
WHITE, WILLIAM                          KY-69-M-49
WHITLEY, ANDREW                         KY-69-O-150
WHITLEY, E. C.                          KY-69-Q-62
WHITLEY, ESTHER                         KY-69-M-67
WHITLEY, FULLER H.                      KY-69-S-396
WHITLEY, WILLIAM                        KY-69-Q-55
WHITLEY, WILLIAM                        KY-69-G-14
WILEY, JOHN                             KY-69-B-18
WILKERSON, JOHN                         KY-69-G-35
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         KY-69-Q-52
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         KY-69-G-18
WILLIAMS, FINDLY                        KY-69-O-225
WILLIAMS, GILES                         KY-69-A-152
WILLIAMS, MARY A.                       KY-69-O-244
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        KY-69-T-466
WILSHER, LEVI                           KY-69-Q-20
WILSON, ABRAHAM                         KY-69-G-104
WILSON, GEORGE                          KY-69-C-49
WILSON, JAMES                           KY-69-T-166
WILSON, MATTHEW                         KY-69-H-153
WILSON, THOMAS                          KY-69-N-227
WITHERS, GARLAND                        KY-69-M-77
WITHERS, JAMES                          KY-69-Q-64
WITHERS, JOHN                           KY-69-N-217
WITHERS, MARY                           KY-69-T-296
WITHERS, SANFORD B.                     KY-69-O-154
WITHERS, SUSANNAH                       KY-69-M-86
WOOD, JOHN S.                           KY-69-Q-68
WOOD, W. C.                             KY-69-R-40
WRIGHT, JAMES                           KY-69-I-83
WRIGHT, JOHN                            KY-69-C-9
WRIGHT, JOHN E.                         KY-69-R-481
WRIGHT, S.                              KY-69-G-36
YANTES, JACOB                           KY-69-B-275
YOKUM, MATTHEW                          KY-69-A-148
YOUNG, GODFREY                          KY-69-S-31
YOUNG, JOHN                             KY-69-H-134
YOUNG, PETER                            KY-69-D-359
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.                       KY-69-O-253

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