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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County # (Boone), Volume #, Page # | A=1800-1821 | B=1820-1831 | C=1818-1839 | D=1839-1846 | E=1846-1852 | F=1851-1856 | G=185-1862 | H=1861-1866 | I=1866-1870 | J=do not exist | K=1869-1873 | L=1873-1876 | 13=1876-1897 | 14=1882-1915 |
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ACRA, FRANCES                           KY-8-D-81
ACRA, POLLY                             KY-8-D-325
ADAMS, MILDRED                          KY-8-F-118
ADAMS, ROBERT SR.                       KY-8-F-308
ALEXANDER, JERUSIA                      KY-8-D-392
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                        KY-8-D-481
ALLEN, FRANCIS                          KY-8-B-59
ALLEN, JAMES                            KY-8-F-493
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          KY-8-C-20
ANDERSON, THOMAS                        KY-8-C-246
ARNOLD, POLLY M.                        KY-8-E-570
AWLEY, CALEB                            KY-8-C-2245
AYLOR, BENJAMIN                         KY-8-E-587
AYLOR, JOHN C.                          KY-8-F-103
AYLOR, MICHAEL                          KY-8-C-3
BARLOW, AARON                           KY-8-C-29
BARLOW, CHRISTOPHER                     KY-8-C-334
BARLOW, CHRISTOPHER                     KY-8-A-82
BARLOW, JOSEPH                          KY-8-E-270
BATES, PEGGY                            KY-8-D-528
BATES, WILIAM                           KY-8-B-422
BENDINGER, BEN F. JR.                   KY-8-B-599
BENT, THOMAS                            KY-8-B-145
BENTZ, THEOBALD                         KY-8-F-65
BERKSHIRE, BELFIELD                     KY-8-F-500
BERKSHIRE, JOEL                         KY-8-B-171
BERKSHIRE, ROBERT K.                    KY-8-F-229
BLACK, MAGDALEAN H.                     KY-8-E-263
BLACK, MARGARET P.                      KY-8-E-195
BOTTS, JOSHUA                           KY-8-C-549
BOYLE, ANDREW                           KY-8-F-64
BRADLEY, JOHNSON                        KY-8-C-400
BRASHER, JANE                           KY-8-F-63
BRAUN, JOSEPH                           KY-8-A-94
BRISTO, STEPHEN                         KY-8-F-102
BRISTT, THOMAS                          KY-8-B-145
BROWN, JOHN                             KY-8-B-156
BROWN, JOSEPH                           KY-8-E-91
BROWN, NANCY                            KY-8-B-451
BROWN, THOMAS                           KY-8-A-165
BURNS, JAMES                            KY-8-C-26
BURTON, N. O.                           KY-8-F-347
BURTON, WILLIAMSON                      KY-8-E-18
CAMPBELL, GILBERT                       KY-8-B-326
CAPRENTER, WILLIAM                      KY-8-C-14
CARPENTER, CORNELIUS                    KY-8-F-460
CAVE, BELFIELD                          KY-8-E-283
CAVE, WILLIAM                           KY-8-B-186
CHAMBERS, R. S.                         KY-8-C-23
CHRISTY, URIEL                          KY-8-C-352
CLARKSON, R. L.                         KY-8-E-223
CLEEK, JOHN                             KY-8-C-336
CLORE, LEVI                             KY-8-D-391
CLORE, MICHAEL                          KY-8-D-607
CLOUD, JANE                             KY-8-C-27
COLEMAN, CHILES                         KY-8-F-138
CONNELLY, THOMAS                        KY-8-C-243
COOPER, JAMES                           KY-8-E-157
CRAIG, ELIJAH                           KY-8-E-485
CRAIG, ZERAH T.                         KY-8-E-189
CRAVEN, JEREMIAH                        KY-8-B-173
CRIGLER, JACOB                          KY-8-E-87
CRUTCHFIELD, BEN F.                     KY-8-F-547
CURRIE, CAROLINE R.                     KY-8-C-259
CUSENBERRY, D. B.                       KY-8-E-226
CUSENBERRY, WILLIAM                     KY-8-B-298
DENISON, GEORGE                         KY-8-D-441
DICKEN, RICHARD                         KY-8-A-48
DICKERSON, THOMAS J.                    KY-8-C-12
DINSMORE, SILAS                         KY-8-E-79
DOBBIN, MATHEW                          KY-8-C-592
DORMAN, THOMAS                          KY-8-D-517
DRAPER, WILLIAM                         KY-8-D-324
DUDGEON, JAMES                          KY-8-B-141
DULANEY, FANNEY                         KY-8-B-3
DULANEY, JOHN JR.                       KY-8-A-107
FINNELL, ROBERT                         KY-8-D-188
FOWLER, EDWARD                          KY-8-A-91
FRAY, MOSES                             KY-8-B-399
FULLILOVE, JOHN                         KY-8-F-8
GAINES, ABNER                           KY-8-D-31
GAINES, CHURCHILL                       KY-8-C-20
GAINES, JAMES M.                        KY-8-E-588
GAINES, WILLIAM T.                      KY-8-F-458
GARNETT, EDMUND                         KY-8-B-276
GARNETT, WILLIAM                        KY-8-D-492
GILPIN, ISRAEL                          KY-8-C-26
GOODRIDGE, GEORGE                       KY-8-A-233
GOODRIDGE, WILLIAM                      KY-8-E-372
GRANT, BENJAMIN W.                      KY-8-E-265
GRANT, KETTURAH                         KY-8-E-270
GRAVES, ABSALOM SR.                     KY-8-B-233
GRAVES, EDWARD                          KY-8-F-89
GRAVES, JAMES                           KY-8-C-261
GRAVES, JOHN                            KY-8-B-214
GRAVES, PHILIP                          KY-8-D-527
GREEN, THOMAS SR.                       KY-8-A-176
GRUBBS, JAMES                           KY-8-F-536
HALL, A. W.                             KY-8-D-440
HALL, EVALINA A. C.                     KY-8-E-59
HAMILTON, ELIZABETH                     KY-8-F-549
HAMILTON, JOHN                          KY-8-D-320
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       KY-8-C-25
HAWKINS, GABRIEL                        KY-8-C-366
HAWKINS, JOSEPH                         KY-8-A-425
HAWKINS, JOSEPH                         KY-8-C-336
HAWKINS, THOMAS                         KY-8-B-322
HAYDON, WILLIAM                         KY-8-E-129
HOARD, JOHN                             KY-8-E-132
HOGAN, ELIJAH                           KY-8-E-178
HOGAN, WILLIAM                          KY-8-B-397
HOLSCLAW, FRANCES                       KY-8-F-360
HOLSCLAW, JACOB                         KY-8-E-586
HUGHES, ANDREW                          KY-8-A-98
HUME, ELZAPHAN                          KY-8-C-4
HUME, GEORGE W.                         KY-8-E-93
HUSTON, ARCHIBALD                       KY-8-B-235
JAMES, DANIEL                           KY-8-D-557
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        KY-8-B-440
JOHNSON, CAVE JR.                       KY-8-C-7
JOHNSON, EZEKIAH                        KY-8-E-351
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         KY-8-D-609
KAY, JAMES                              KY-8-C-19
KEARNS, JOHN                            KY-8-D-602
KIRTLEY, JEREMIAH                       KY-8-A-31
KITE, GEORGE                            KY-8-B-277
LANGDON, POLLY                          KY-8-F-288
LATIMER, JACOB                          KY-8-C-21
LAYTON, THOMAS                          KY-8-B-317
LEDGER, JOHN                            KY-8-B-26
MARCUS, MATHEW                          KY-8-C-13
MARKLAND, J.                            KY-8-A-1
MARSHALL, ALEXANDER                     KY-8-D-419
MARSHALL, SUSANAH                       KY-8-F-527
MASON, JOHN S.                          KY-8-F-272
MASTERS, WILLIAM                        KY-8-E-263
MATHEWS, CHICHESTER                     KY-8-B-395
MCCLAY, THOMAS                          KY-8-B-140
MCCLEAL, B. M.                          KY-8-D-615
MCCLURE, JOHN                           KY-8-D-587
MCCLURE, MOSES                          KY-8-D-441
MCCOY, WILLIAM N.                       KY-8-C-550
MCDANIEL, ALEXANDER                     KY-8-D-450
MCDANIEL, KITTY                         KY-8-F-88
MCGINNIS, PATSY                         KY-8-B-148
MCGLASSON, WILLIAM                      KY-8-B-323
MCGRUDER, RICHARD                       KY-8-B-147
MCINTOSH, JAMES                         KY-8-A-124
MCINTOSH, JAMES SR.                     KY-8-A-134
MCMANAMA, JAMES                         KY-8-C-496
MCNEAL, A. B.                           KY-8-D-34
MCNEAL, REBECCA                         KY-8-F-363
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER                    KY-8-C-6
MCPHERSON, THOMAS                       KY-8-C-3
MILLER, JOHN                            KY-8-A-202
MITCHELL, GARNETT                       KY-8-B-432
MONTAGUE, CAVE                          KY-8-D-529
MOSBY, DANIEL                           KY-8-C-8
MOXLEY, PENELOPE                        KY-8-C-553
MOXLEY, WILLIAM                         KY-8-E-466
MURCHIE, JOHN                           KY-8-F-282, 285
NEAL, JOHN                              KY-8-C-2
NEWMAN, ALEXANDER                       KY-8-B-1
NOBLE, THOMAS                           KY-8-A-302
NOEL, ARCHIBALD                         KY-8-F-93
NORMAN, BEN H.                          KY-8-B-434
NORRIS, JOHN                            KY-8-A-133
PARKER, POLLY                           KY-8-E-205
PARKER, REBECCA                         KY-8-E-625
PARKER, RICHARD                         KY-8-A-61
PEAK, HARVEY                            KY-8-B-396
PEEK, ELIZABETH                         KY-8-E-67
PEEK, JAMES                             KY-8-A-117
PENINGTON, JAMES                        KY-8-A-152
PERKINS, WILLIAM                        KY-8-E-326
PHILIPS, JACOB                          KY-8-E-175
PIKE, CLARA H.                          KY-8-E-58
PINER, ELIZABETH                        KY-8-C-18
PINER, THOMAS                           KY-8-B-398
POINTS, JOHN                            KY-8-A-337
PORTER, RACHEL                          KY-8-D-204
POWELL, THOMAS B.                       KY-8-F-133
PRATT, JACOB                            KY-8-C-27
PRICE, WILLIAMSON                       KY-8-C-527
RANNELLS, DAVID V.                      KY-8-E-39
REED, ZACHARIAH                         KY-8-A-431
RICE, BENAJAH                           KY-8-A-388
RICE, JOSHUA                            KY-8-F-337
RIDDELL, JAMES                          KY-8-B-231
RIDDELL, JAMES                          KY-8-D-33
RIDDELL, LEWIS                          KY-8-B-319
RIDDELL, MADISON                        KY-8-D-225
RIDDELL, WILLIAM                        KY-8-B-216
ROBERTS, ANNA M. S.                     KY-8-E-325
ROBISON, MARCELLUS M.                   KY-8-D-165
ROBISON, STEPHEN                        KY-8-B-299
ROGERS, BARNET                          KY-8-C-1
ROSS, SALLY                             KY-8-D-418
RUSE, JACOB                             KY-8-C-11
RYAN, JOHN                              KY-8-C-23
RYLE, ELIJAH                            KY-8-F-99
RYLE, JAMES SR.                         KY-8-C-548
RYLE, JOHN                              KY-8-C-28
RYLE, JOHNW.                            KY-8-D-131
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        KY-8-A-301
SANDFORD, LAWRENCE                      KY-8-B-311
SANDFORD, PAMELIA                       KY-8-C-5
SANDFORD, TEMPLEMAN                     KY-8-C-522
SANDFORD, THOMAS                        KY-8-F-550
SEBREE, REUBEN                          KY-8-E-158
SHAVER, JOHN                            KY-8-E-513
SHELDON, IRA                            KY-8-D-196
SLEET, WEDEN                            KY-8-A-315
SMITH, ANN                              KY-8-D-229
SMITH, GEORGE P.                        KY-8-F-536
SMITH, NATHAN                           KY-8-B-27
SMITH, NATHAN                           KY-8-E-457
SMITH, WILL I.                          KY-8-A-190
SOUTHER, ABRAHAM                        KY-8-D-346
SPRIGG, ANN                             KY-8-A-277
STEERS, HUGH                            KY-8-D-558
STEPHENS, BENJAMIN                      KY-8-F-528
STEPHENS, JOHN                          KY-8-B-2
STEWART, HUGH                           KY-8-B-144
STUCK, HENRY S.                         KY-8-E-570
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM                       KY-8-C-18
SULLIVAN, WILLIS                        KY-8-F-299
TANNER, ELIZABETH                       KY-8-F-502
TANNER, JOHN                            KY-8-A-122
TERRILL, HANNAH E.                      KY-8-E-495
TERRILL, REUBEN                         KY-8-E-128
TERRILL, RICHARD                        KY-8-E-530
TOMLINSON, JOHN                         KY-8-D-473
TOMPKINS, JOSIAH                        KY-8-D-31
TOUSEY, THOMAS                          KY-8-D-16
TOUSEY, ZERAH                           KY-8-B-452
UTZ, A. W.                              KY-8-E-299
VAUGHN, ABRAHAM                         KY-8-E-568
VAUTER, THOMAS L.                       KY-8-B-424
VAUTER, VIRGINIA                        KY-8-D-15
VEST, GEORGE                            KY-8-D-527
VEST, SQUIRE                            KY-8-E-531
WALKER, MERRY                           KY-8-E-267
WALLACE, PATRICK                        KY-8-D-105
WALTON, ROBERT                          KY-8-F-19
WATTS, JOHNSON                          KY-8-A-103
WEBSTER, DANIEL                         KY-8-C-17
WHITE, BEN W.                           KY-8-E-629
WHITE, JAMES                            KY-8-B-325
WHITE, RICHARD                          KY-8-C-263
WHITE, WOODFORD A.                      KY-8-E-106
WILLIAMS, JESSE P.                      KY-8-B-402
WILLIS, ROBERT                          KY-8-D-444
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       KY-8-E-164
WILSON, MARGARET                        KY-8-F-332
WINGATE, WILLIAM                        KY-8-F-468
WORRELL, WILLIAM                        KY-8-A-331
YONELL, KIRTLEY                         KY-8-E-92
ZIMMERMAN, CHRISTOPHER                  KY-8-C-9
ZIMMERMAN, JOSHUA                       KY-8-F-61

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