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AARON, JAMES PORTER                     KY-1-N-350
AARON, ZACK                             KY-1-N-430
ABELL, T. M.                            KY-1-L-551
ABRELL, JACOB                           KY-1-B-12
ABSHER, ELIZABETH B.                    KY-1-N-51
ABSHER, S. W.                           KY-1-N-328
ABSHER, SARAH L.                        KY-1-N-51
ABSHER, W. H.                           KY-1-N-191
ABSHER, WALKER                          KY-1-M-246
ACRE, JOHN                              KY-1-D-158
ACREE, WILLIAM T.                       KY-1-M-224
AILSHIE, J. W.                          KY-1-L-484
AKIN, GEORGE R.                         KY-1-N-23
AKIN, GEORGE R.                         KY-1-N-23
AKIN, LAFFAYETTE                        KY-1-N-346
AKIN, NANCY                             KY-1-M-339
AKIN, R. F.                             KY-1-M-284
ALLEN, JAMES                            KY-1-D-246
ALLEN, JOHN                             KY-1-G-192
ALLEN, JON                              KY-1-D-139
ALLEN, LUCY                             KY-1-I-17
ALLEN, SAM                              KY-1-N-206
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          KY-1-A-205
ALLISON, WILLIS FRANK                   KY-1-N-382
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       KY-1-A-107
ANDREW, I. F.                           KY-1-N-25
ANTLE, W. L.                            KY-1-N-163
ARNOLD, JOHN                            KY-1-M-379
ARNOLD, SCILICIA                        KY-1-M-81
ARNOLD, WILLIAM H.                      KY-1-I-120
ASHBROOK, WILLIAM L.                    KY-1-L-524
ATCHLEY, J. E.                          KY-1-N-63
ATKINS, G. W.                           KY-1-L-588
ATKINS, JOSEPH G.                       KY-1-I-399
ATKINSON, ABSOLEM                       KY-1-C-76
ATKINSON, JOSHUA                        KY-1-D-63
BACKS, S. L.                            KY-1-N-288
BAILEY, BENJAMIN B.                     KY-1-L-229
BAILEY, BENJAMINE                       KY-1-C-40
BAILEY, ELISHA                          KY-1-D-330
BAILEY, N. A.                           KY-1-M-93
BAILEY, NIMROD                          KY-1-H-553
BAILEY, ROBERT J.                       KY-1-N-378
BAILEY, THOMAS T.                       KY-1-G-206
BAILEY, WILLIAM S.                      KY-1-C-500
BAKER, DOLLIE M.                        KY-1-M-134
BAKER, H. C.                            KY-1-N-45
BAKER, SALLIE A.                        KY-1-N-357
BAKER, SAMUEL M.                        KY-1-I-541
BAKER, SUE H.                           KY-1-N-222
BALLARD, A. H.                          KY-1-N-213
BANKS, CLEMENT P.                       KY-1-F-191
BANKS, J. W.                            KY-1-N-143
BANKS, JACOB W.                         KY-1-D-289
BANKS, JOHN J.                          KY-1-M-231
BANKS, NANCY ELLAR                      KY-1-N-259
BANKS, SAMUEL G.                        KY-1-M-356
BARBEE, A. R.                           KY-1-M-70
BARBEE, J. B.                           KY-1-N-27
BARDIN, H. C.                           KY-1-N-4
BARDIN, Z. W.                           KY-1-N-96
BARGER, CRES                            KY-1-N-237
BARGER, Z. E. (MRS)                     KY-1-M-478
BARNES, A. G.                           KY-1-N-248
BARNES, THOMAS J.                       KY-1-M-35
BARNETT, OWEN RAY                       KY-1-N-277
BARR, J. M.                             KY-1-M-468
BARTON, SCEPTA                          KY-1-C-422
BAULT, CALVIN                           KY-1-N-365
BAULT, R. W.                            KY-1-M-229
BEARD, J. P.                            KY-1-N-192
BEATS, ADAM                             KY-1-B-183
BEETS, FRED BLAINE                      KY-1-N-312
BELL, C. A.                             KY-1-N-379
BELL, JOHN                              KY-1-M-410
BENNETT, ALVER D.                       KY-1-N-444
BENNETT, E. J.                          KY-1-N-166
BENNETT, ELISHA                         KY-1-M-196
BENNETT, EZRA                           KY-1-N-389
BENNETT, G. R.                          KY-1-M-190
BENNETT, H. C.                          KY-1-N-54
BENNETT, JOE HENRY                      KY-1-N-407
BENNETT, JOHN                           KY-1-D-634
BENNETT, L. W.                          KY-1-N-393
BENNETT, L. W. (MRS.)                   KY-1-N-333
BENNETT, M. W.                          KY-1-B-138
BENNETT, ROY T.                         KY-1-N-79
BENNETT, RUFUS                          KY-1-N-454
BENNETT, T. M.                          KY-1-M-99
BIBEE, S. K.                            KY-1-N-11
BIGGS, CHESTER R.                       KY-1-N-213
BIGGS, JOHN J.                          KY-1-M-185
BIGGS, WILLIAM                          KY-1-M-287
BIRD, GEORGE                            KY-1-I-326
BLAIN, ELIZABETH                        KY-1-F-556
BLAIR, GEORGE L.                        KY-1-N-493
BLAIR, J. W.                            KY-1-M-308
BLAIR, JOHN M.                          KY-1-N-86
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          KY-1-L-542
BLAIR, WILLIAM                          KY-1-M-231
BLAYDES, R. J.                          KY-1-N-239
BLOYD, MARY J.                          KY-1-N-130
BOTTOM, E. B.                           KY-1-L-363
BOTTS, THOMPSON                         KY-1-I-163
BOWEN, E. R.                            KY-1-N-88
BOWMER, BENJAMIN                        KY-1-G-342
BOWMER, WINNIE                          KY-1-M-44
BOYD, MARTHA C.                         KY-1-L-547
BRADLEY, EMILY                          KY-1-N-19
BRADSHAW, ALBAN                         KY-1-L-593
BRADSHAW, ANGELINE                      KY-1-N-167
BRADSHAW, ASURE                         KY-1-L-543
BRADSHAW, CATTIE                        KY-1-N-87
BRADSHAW, DOCK                          KY-1-N-485
BRADSHAW, SARAH J.                      KY-1-M-250
BRADSHAW, SETH                          KY-1-C-388
BRADSHAW, THYERS J.                     KY-1-M-120
BRADSHAW, W. W.                         KY-1-M-221
BRADSHAW, WILLIAM                       KY-1-I-393
BRAGG, JIM MILT                         KY-1-M-380
BRAGG, TILFORD                          KY-1-N-68
BRANHAM, J. H.                          KY-1-N-193
BRAWNER, JOHN                           KY-1-D-442
BREEDEN, E. T.                          KY-1-N-82
BREEDING, GEORGE                        KY-1-G-417
BREEDING, GEORGE                        KY-1-B-57
BREEDING, I. C.                         KY-1-N-50
BREEDING, J. H.                         KY-1-N-434
BREEDING, J. T.                         KY-1-L-634
BREEDING, JAMES                         KY-1-L-623
BREEDING, JAMES                         KY-1-C-396
BREEDING, JOHN                          KY-1-D-166
BREEDING, JOHN                          KY-1-E-57
BREEDING, JOHN A.                       KY-1-M-68
BREEDING, MARY F.                       KY-1-N-115
BREEDING, R. P.                         KY-1-M-215
BRIDGEWATER, JOHN                       KY-1-M-58
BROCKMAN, ANNIE B.                      KY-1-M-326
BROCKMAN, ED                            KY-1-N-198
BROCKMAN, JOSEPHINE                     KY-1-N-7
BROCKMAN, REBECKY                       KY-1-L-553
BROCKMAN, W. L.                         KY-1-M-263
BROWN, ANNIE S.                         KY-1-N-529
BROWN, J. A.                            KY-1-N-250
BROWN, MARY E.                          KY-1-M-72
BROWNING, ALVIN                         KY-1-M-168
BROWNING, CHARLES T.                    KY-1-N-267
BROWNING, J. A.                         KY-1-M-26
BROWNING, JAMES G.                      KY-1-M-53
BROWNING, JAMES Y.                      KY-1-L-554
BROWNING, JOHN                          KY-1-D-595
BRYANT, D. C.                           KY-1-N-301
BRYANT, DANIEL                          KY-1-L-621
BRYANT, GEORGE A.                       KY-1-N-94
BRYANT, GUY LESLIE                      KY-1-N-555
BRYANT, HANNAH                          KY-1-L-548
BRYANT, SARAH E.                        KY-1-M-64
BRYANT, SARAH E.                        KY-1-M-64
BRYANT, W. J.                           KY-1-M-241
BRYSON, J. T.                           KY-1-N-322
BRYSON, NETTIE                          KY-1-N-100
BUNDERANT, JOHN P.                      KY-1-A-224
BURBRIDGE, ARON                         KY-1-B-123
BURBRIDGE, JOHN                         KY-1-C-53
BURBRIDGE, ROBERT                       KY-1-L-562
BURBRIDGE, THOMAS                       KY-1-A-120
BURBRIDGE, WILLIAM                      KY-1-D-60
BURTON, BENJAMIN                        KY-1-L-601
BURTON, CHRISLEY                        KY-1-N-105
BURTON, CYRENUS                         KY-1-M-242, 249
BURTON, E. W.                           KY-1-M-100
BURTON, EMILY                           KY-1-M-388
BURTON, JULIA A.                        KY-1-M-285
BURTON, LAURENA E.                      KY-1-N-102
BURTON, MARY J.                         KY-1-M-90
BURTON, NANCY V.                        KY-1-N-114
BURTON, RICHARD                         KY-1-M-259
BURTON, W. B.                           KY-1-N-240
BURTON, WILLIAM                         KY-1-B-131
BURTON, WILLIAM F.                      KY-1-K-43
BUTLER, GEORGE                          KY-1-N-53
BUTLER, JAMES                           KY-1-E-121
BUTLER, JOHN W.                         KY-1-M-128
BUTLER, JOHN W.                         KY-1-M-135
BUTLER, JOSHUA                          KY-1-M-343
BUTLER, MYRA                            KY-1-N-287
BUTLER, OLEVIA S.                       KY-1-M-39
BUTLER, SUSIE KATE                      KY-1-N-513
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         KY-1-M-245
CABBELL, R. O.                          KY-1-M-334
CABELL, AMELIA C. M.                    KY-1-L-503
CALDWELL, GEORGE MEDFORD                KY-1-M-6
CALDWELL, J. D.                         KY-1-M-108
CALDWELL, MARY E.                       KY-1-N-115
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       KY-1-C-251
CALLISON, SALLIE                        KY-1-M-444
CAMPBELL, C. H.                         KY-1-N-432
CAMPBELL, J. S.                         KY-1-N-141
CAMPBELL, R. R.                         KY-1-N-300
CARPETNER, WILLIAM                      KY-1-C-761
CARR, AUSTIN                            KY-1-M-154
CASEY, WILLIAM                          KY-1-B-235
CASKEY, R. A.                           KY-1-L-607
CAVE, , MINERVA R.                      KY-1-M-254
CAVE, JOHN B.                           KY-1-N-459
CAVE, MELVIN                            KY-1-N-163
CAVE, THOMAS                            KY-1-M-59
CHAMBERS, GEORGE                        KY-1-C-602
CHAPMAN, JOHN A.                        KY-1-M-239
CHEATHAM, EDMUND                        KY-1-E-103
CHEATHAM, GEORGE B.                     KY-1-N-417
CHEATHAM, O. E.                         KY-1-N-370
CHEATHAM, SHEDRICK                      KY-1-L-591
CHEATHAM, WILLIAM MARTIN                KY-1-N-557
CHEEK, AARON W.                         KY-1-N-468
CHELF, AMSTEAD B.                       KY-1-M-16
CHELF, G. W.                            KY-1-N-200
CHELF, L. R.                            KY-1-N-104
CHELF, T. J.                            KY-1-M-258
CHEWNING, A. S.                         KY-1-N-256
CHRISTIE, ALTA T. BRAGG                 KY-1-N-109
CHRISTIE, F. E.                         KY-1-M-189
CHRISTIE, JAMES WESLEY                  KY-1-N-351
CLARK, A. H.                            KY-1-N-136
CLARK, SOLOMON                          KY-1-B-223
CLARK, WILLIAM                          KY-1-C-94
CLARKE, SALLEY                          KY-1-C-695
CLAYCOMB, HERBERT R.                    KY-1-N-420
COFER, HIRAM M.                         KY-1-L-573
COFER, R. H.                            KY-1-M-296
COFFEY, EMMA                            KY-1-N-401
COFFEY, FANNIE                          KY-1-N-221
COFFEY, FRED W.                         KY-1-N-275
COFFEY, H. F.                           KY-1-M-358
COFFEY, JOEL                            KY-1-M-209
COFFEY, MARY J.                         KY-1-M-409
COFFEY, S. M.                           KY-1-N-521
COFFEY, T. G.                           KY-1-M-367
COFFEY, ZIDNEY                          KY-1-I-492
COLEMAN, G. B. (MRS)                    KY-1-N-276
COLEMAN, THOMAS                         KY-1-C-77
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        KY-1-D-639
COLLINS, MARTHA ELLEN                   KY-1-N-361
COLLINS, T. F.                          KY-1-M-257
COMBEST, JOHN                           KY-1-M-271
COMPTON, JOHN                           KY-1-M-69
CONELY, JOHN                            KY-1-C-119
CONNER, F. L.                           KY-1-H-279
CONOVER, ELIZA W.                       KY-1-M-341
CONOVER, ETHEL                          KY-1-N-450
CONOVER, HUDSON                         KY-1-N-153
CONOVER, LEVI                           KY-1-K-384
CONOVER, LOUISE                         KY-1-N-478
CONOVER, MARY A.                        KY-1-M-247
CONOVER, MONT                           KY-1-N-236
CONOVER, NELLIE N.                      KY-1-M-298
CONOVER, ROBERT                         KY-1-M-143
CONOVER, S. B.                          KY-1-M-51
CONOVER, SALLIE F.                      KY-1-M-336
CONOVER, W. J.                          KY-1-M-249
CONOVER, WILLIAM JR.                    KY-1-N-27
COOK, ELIZA E.                          KY-1-M-133
COOK, JAMES                             KY-1-M-7
COOMER, D. J.                           KY-1-M-403
COOMER, ED                              KY-1-N-123
COOMER, EORGE C.                        KY-1-M-375
COOMER, F. M.                           KY-1-N-429
COOMER, J. C.                           KY-1-N-549
COOMER, LONNIE                          KY-1-N-472
COOMER, S. A.                           KY-1-N-123
CORBIN, AMBROSE                         KY-1-M-89
CORBIN, J. H.                           KY-1-M-424
CORBIN, KATE                            KY-1-N-139
CORBIN, MARY ETTE                       KY-1-M-113
CORBIN, ROBERT L.                       KY-1-N-447
CORNEAL, NANCY P.                       KY-1-N-16
CORNEAL, S G.                           KY-1-N-326
CORNISH, C. C.                          KY-1-N-554
COWNOVER, ELIZABETH                     KY-1-G-169
COWNOVER, GARRET                        KY-1-C-379
COWNOVER, GEORGE A.                     KY-1-K-15
COWNOVER, PETER T.                      KY-1-F-477
COX, HARRIET E.                         KY-1-M-22
COX, JAMES T.                           KY-1-L-583, 592
COY, ANNIE                              KY-1-N-129
COY, J. W.                              KY-1-N-135
CRAIG, JAMES B.                         KY-1-G-498
CRAIG, ROBERT                           KY-1-E-56
CRAVENS, G. H.                          KY-1-N-377
CRAVENS, JERRY                          KY-1-N-132
CRAVENS, MARY B.                        KY-1-N-160
CRAWLEY, WASHINGTON M.                  KY-1-F-520
CREEL, CAGER                            KY-1-C-42
CREEL, CAGER                            KY-1-H-258
CREEL, SIMEON                           KY-1-C-624
CRENSHAW, S. D.                         KY-1-M-202
CUFFEY, W. A.                           KY-1-N-104
CUMPTON, BARNER                         KY-1-C-14
CUNDIFF, ELIZABETH                      KY-1-M-294
CUNDIFF, FINIS                          KY-1-N-431
CUNDIFF, FRAIL                          KY-1-C-250
CUNDIFF, M. E.                          KY-1-N-532
CUNDIFF, RANE                           KY-1-N-318
CUNDIFF, ROLLIN                         KY-1-N-299
CUNDIFF, WILLIAM R.                     KY-1-N-205
CURD, I. S.                             KY-1-N-144
CURD, JAMES H.                          KY-1-M-45
CURRY, G. W.                            KY-1-M-370, 372
CURRY, JOSIAH T.                        KY-1-K-323
CURRY, MARGARET                         KY-1-H-286
CURRY, THOMAS                           KY-1-E-444
CURRY, THOMAS B.                        KY-1-M-431
CURRY, W. B.                            KY-1-N-283
DAMRON, W. N.                           KY-1-F-310
DAVENPORT, MARTIN                       KY-1-B-208
DAVIS, C. H.                            KY-1-N-535
DAVIS, S. T.                            KY-1-N-353
DAVIS, W. A.                            KY-1-M-18
DAY, ANNA CUNDIFF                       KY-1-N-253
DAY, ELISHA J.                          KY-1-N-502
DICE, BENJAMIN                          KY-1-H-285
DICE, RHODA                             KY-1-K-240
DIDDLE, WILLIAM                         KY-1-C-570
DILLARD, MALLISSIE                      KY-1-M-440
DIXON, W. F.                            KY-1-N-494
DOHONEY, ATTOSA                         KY-1-N-133
DOHONEY, C.                             KY-1-F-425B
DOHONEY, F. P.                          KY-1-M-277
DOHONEY, J. PIERCE                      KY-1-M-81
DOHONEY, KATE                           KY-1-N-10
DOHONEY, MARY C.                        KY-1-M-332
DOHONEY, PRISCILLA W.                   KY-1-M-472
DOHONEY, W. R.                          KY-1-N-543
DOHONEY, WILLIAM R.                     KY-1-M-76
DRAKE, EDWARD                           KY-1-G-316
DRAKE, JOEL                             KY-1-B-105
DUDLEY, J. E.                           KY-1-N-522
DUDLEY, J. T.                           KY-1-N-103
DUDLEY, LONNIE                          KY-1-N-484
DUDLEY, NONIE                           KY-1-N-383
DUNBAR, G. A.                           KY-1-L-143
DUNBAR, JOHN C.                         KY-1-M-240
DUNBAR, T. P.                           KY-1-M-369
DURHAM, DOUGLAS                         KY-1-N-403
DUVALL, NANCY J.                        KY-1-M-187
EAST, ELIZABETH                         KY-1-M-218
EASTRIDGE, ELIHU                        KY-1-N-142
EDIFORD, WILLIAM WESLEY                 KY-1-N-270
EDWARDS, LAURA FRANCES                  KY-1-N-47
EDWARDS, MATTIE MOORE                   KY-1-N-427
EDWINGTON, JUDIETH                      KY-1-G-17
ELLIOT, G. C.                           KY-1-G-632
ELLIS, WELBY G.                         KY-1-N-298
ENGLAND, NANCY J.                       KY-1-M-281
ENGLISH, GERTIE                         KY-1-N-544
EPPERSON, BERT                          KY-1-M-436
EPPERSON, BET                           KY-1-M-436
EPPERSON, DAVID                         KY-1-L-598
EPPERSON, WILLIAM                       KY-1-F-169
ESTES, LILLIE                           KY-1-N-462
ESTES, YELVERTON                        KY-1-G-85
EUBANK, ED                              KY-1-N-176
EUBANK, JOHN                            KY-1-M-238
EUBANK, R. C.                           KY-1-M-110
EUBANK, S. E. (MRS.)                    KY-1-N-340
EUBANK, SALLIE                          KY-1-N-176
EVANS, B. T.                            KY-1-N-416
EVANS, BENJAMINE                        KY-1-C-519
EVANS, HENRY                            KY-1-N-149
EVANS, S. T.                            KY-1-N-449
EWERS, WILLIAM                          KY-1-D-514
EWING, GEORGE                           KY-1-N-156
EWING, IDA                              KY-1-N-90
FARRIS, W. L.                           KY-1-N-517
FEESE, MYRA                             KY-1-N-89
FENTON, JOHN                            KY-1-C-451
FERGUSON, W. H.                         KY-1-M-467
FLATT, WILLIE F.                        KY-1-N-344
FLETCHER, CHRISTIANAH                   KY-1-A-104
FLETCHER, ELIZABETH                     KY-1-H-120
FLETCHER, MARTHA                        KY-1-I-441
FLETCHER, MICAGER                       KY-1-L-324
FLETCHER, ROBERT                        KY-1-E-375
FOLDEN, JOHN                            KY-1-B-64
FORTH, MARY J.                          KY-1-M-232
FRALICK, ANDREW                         KY-1-B-108
FRANKUM, M. L.                          KY-1-M-55
FRANKUM, WILLIAM                        KY-1-G-499
FRASER, W. I.                           KY-1-M-476
FRASIER, GEORGE                         KY-1-M-38
FRAZER, KITTY ANN                       KY-1-I-394
FRAZER, WILLIAM E.                      KY-1-G-404
FROEDGE, A. C.                          KY-1-N-272
FUDGE, JAMES R.                         KY-1-M-444
FUDGE, M. S.                            KY-1-N-442
FURKIN, T. A.                           KY-1-N-229
FURKIN, WOODSON                         KY-1-L-235
GADBERRY, FRANK                         KY-1-N-296
GAITHER, NATHAN SR.                     KY-1-H-78
GARMON, JOHN F.                         KY-1-N-452
GARNETT, J. R.                          KY-1-M-456
GARNETT, JENNIE W.                      KY-1-N-394
GARRISON, LOU ELLA                      KY-1-N-75
GARRISON, T. T.                         KY-1-N-412
GASTON, HENRY F.                        KY-1-N-436
GENTRY, FLORA                           KY-1-N-541
GENTRY, RICHARD                         KY-1-C-540
GIBBONS, SALLIE M.                      KY-1-N-5
GIBSON, JOB                             KY-1-F-252
GIBSON, T. S.                           KY-1-N-426
GIFFORD, SUSIE                          KY-1-M-393
GILMER, ALEXANDER                       KY-1-C-756
GILMER, ALEXANDER                       KY-1-E-365
GILMER, JAMES                           KY-1-B-110
GILMER, MARTHA                          KY-1-I-274
GILMER, THOMAS                          KY-1-D-425
GILMORE, CALVIN                         KY-1-M-302
GILPIN, CHARLE D.                       KY-1-N-467
GILPIN, EFFIE                           KY-1-N-466
GILPIN, J. F.                           KY-1-N-177
GILPIN, SALLIE E.                       KY-1-N-465
GOFF, MATTIE                            KY-1-N-36
GOFF, T. C.                             KY-1-M-312
GOODE, ELIZA A.                         KY-1-N-35
GOODIN, DEROY                           KY-1-N-441
GOODIN, J. C.                           KY-1-N-520
GOODIN, JOHN A.                         KY-1-N-511
GOODIN, W. P.                           KY-1-N-321
GOWEN, A. J.                            KY-1-M-337
GOWEN, CORNELIUS                        KY-1-N-294
GRADY, CURT                             KY-1-N-77
GRADY, LINCEFIELD                       KY-1-B-7
GRANT, EADY                             KY-1-L-630
GRANT, J. H.                            KY-1-N-131
GRANT, J. M.                            KY-1-K-446
GRANT, JOHN B.                          KY-1-M-348
GRASHAM, EFFIE CONOVER                  KY-1-N-492
GRASHAM, JAMES W.                       KY-1-N-501
GREEN, OBED                             KY-1-B-162
GRESHAM, OTIS R.                        KY-1-N-497
GRIDER, FREDRICK G.                     KY-1-H-260
GRIFEN, SALLIE                          KY-1-L-615
GRIFFITH, ALEXANDER                     KY-1-M-78
GRISSOM, JOHN                           KY-1-G-488
GRISSOM, M. L.                          KY-1-N-345
GRISSOM, MARTHA SUSAN                   KY-1-M-374
GRISSOM, RACHEL E.                      KY-1-N-39
GRISSOM, ROBERT BRUCE                   KY-1-N-180
GRISSOM, THOMAS                         KY-1-F-184
GRISSOM, W. R.                          KY-1-M-235
GRISSOM, WILLIAM T.                     KY-1-M-194
GROVES, R. W.                           KY-1-M-222
GRYDER, M. B.                           KY-1-M-419
GUY, NANCY                              KY-1-L-544
HADLEY, DOSHA                           KY-1-N-106
HADLEY, ERNEST F.                       KY-1-N-81
HADLEY, MYRTIE PATTERSON                KY-1-N-483
HALSALL, THOMAS                         KY-1-A-186
HAMLETT, DAISEY CRUME                   KY-1-N-273
HAMLETT, MADGE FORGEY                   KY-1-N-280
HANCOCK, HIRAM                          KY-1-D-25
HANCOCK, JOHN HENRY                     KY-1-N-219
HANCOCK, JOHN P.                        KY-1-M-150
HANCOCK, JUNIUS                         KY-1-M-394
HANCOCK, N. E.                          KY-1-M-463
HANCOCK, N. M.                          KY-1-M-314
HANCOCK, SIMON                          KY-1-C-24
HARDEN, A. H.                           KY-1-N-41
HARDEN, DAVID                           KY-1-M-345
HARDEN, DOMINICUS                       KY-1-M-291
HARDEN, EDMON                           KY-1-M-17
HARDIN, CAROLINE J.                     KY-1-L-617
HARDIN, MATTIE M.                       KY-1-N-487
HARDIN, P. C.                           KY-1-L-168
HARDING, ELEXIOUS                       KY-1-B-61
HARDWICK, FRANK                         KY-1-N-22
HARDWICK, THOMAS SR.                    KY-1-A-109
HARMON, EDWIN M.                        KY-1-N-175
HARMON, JOHN                            KY-1-C-482
HARRELL, CLEVER C.                      KY-1-C-423
HARRISON, SOLOMON                       KY-1-A-117
HARVEY, ABNER                           KY-1-N-504
HARVEY, MARY T.                         KY-1-M-272
HARVEY, PERRY                           KY-1-H-14
HARVEY, ROBERT                          KY-1-M-195
HASKINS, ROBERT                         KY-1-A-1
HASKINS, ZORA                           KY-1-N-285
HASTON, DANIEL                          KY-1-C-75
HATCHER, S. A.                          KY-1-M-382
HAYES, ALVIN                            KY-1-N-302
HAYNES, MARY C.                         KY-1-N-73
HAYNES, PARTHENA                        KY-1-N-14
HAYS, CHARLES                           KY-1-A-211
HENDRICKSON, FELIX                      KY-1-L-618
HENDRICKSON, ISAAC                      KY-1-C-675
HENDRICKSON, WILLIAM                    KY-1-M-166
HENDRIXON, ISAAC JR.                    KY-1-C-230
HENSON, J. S.                           KY-1-M-127
HENSON, JOSEPH M.                       KY-1-N-488
HERON, --                               KY-1-C-806
HICKS, JOSEPH                           KY-1-D-423
HILL, GILBERT                           KY-1-N-473
HILL, J. A.                             KY-1-N-199
HILL, MILLIE F.                         KY-1-N-99
HILLS, ZADOCK                           KY-1-C-420
HINDMAN, ALEXANDER                      KY-1-A-25
HINDMAN, C. M.                          KY-1-N-190
HINDMAN, FANNY MARK                     KY-1-M-180
HINDMAN, LOU W.                         KY-1-N-268
HINDMAN, W. S.                          KY-1-N-93
HOLLADAY, FANNYE                        KY-1-N-260
HOLLADAY, JOSEPH                        KY-1-L-604
HOLLADAY, WILL G.                       KY-1-N-265
HOLLADAY, WILLIAM GARNETT               KY-1-N-225
HOLLIDAY, ZACHARIAS                     KY-1-E-200
HOLT, OTIS LLOYD                        KY-1-N-546
HOLT, W. N.                             KY-1-N-314
HOOD, CASSIUS                           KY-1-M-310
HOOD, CREED                             KY-1-M-309
HOOD, MARY E.                           KY-1-N-207
HOPKINS, ROBERT                         KY-1-A-141
HOVIOUS,MARTHA S.                       KY-1-L-575
HUDDLE, O. E.                           KY-1-N-127
HUDDLESTON, MARY E.                     KY-1-N-83
HUDDLESTON, W. E.                       KY-1-N-174
HUDGINS, JOHN                           KY-1-C-255
HUDSON, CELESTINE                       KY-1-M-111
HUDSON, R. H.                           KY-1-M-330
HUFF, HENRY A.                          KY-1-N-197
HUGHES, ELIZA E.                        KY-1-N-330
HUGHES, H. Q.                           KY-1-L-416
HUGHES, J. M.                           KY-1-L-613
HUGHES, J. M.                           KY-1-L-613
HUGHES, JOHN C.                         KY-1-M-149
HUGHS, DUDLEY                           KY-1-D-39
HUMPHREY, ZELLA                         KY-1-N-258
HUNTER, JOSIAH SR.                      KY-1-L-564
HUNTER, WILL H.                         KY-1-N-458
HURT, FELIX G.                          KY-1-D-250
HURT, HALLIE B.                         KY-1-N-44
HURT, HENRY A.                          KY-1-M-325
HURT, ISAAC                             KY-1-N-107
HURT, L. P.                             KY-1-M-280
HURT, MATTIE D.                         KY-1-M-328
HURT, NATHAN                            KY-1-B-70
HURT, SANFORD                           KY-1-N-496
HURT, U. D.                             KY-1-M-176
HURT, VIOLA R.                          KY-1-N-428
HURT, W. B.                             KY-1-M-102
HURT, WILLIAM SR.                       KY-1-D-408
HURT, Y. E.                             KY-1-N-398
HUTCHINSON, GEORGE                      KY-1-M-54
HUTCHISON, A. F.                        KY-1-N-545
HUTCHISON, W. R.                        KY-1-N-201
INGRAM, BURRELL                         KY-1-D-422
INGRAM, H. B.                           KY-1-M-352
INGRAM, H. B. (MRS)                     KY-1-N-92
INGRAM, I. W.                           KY-1-M-184
INGRAM, ISAAC                           KY-1-C-711
INGRAM, M. M.                           KY-1-M-373
INGRAM, SUSAN M.                        KY-1-M-75
INGRAM, W. M.                           KY-1-N-170
JACKMAN, HIRAM J.                       KY-1-M-458
JACOB, LILLIE                           KY-1-N-316
JAMES, WILLIAM                          KY-1-E-127
JANES, C. C.                            KY-1-N-282
JANES, HIBERNIA V.                      KY-1-M-282
JANES, JULIA                            KY-1-N-161
JANES, L. E.                            KY-1-N-281
JANES, LITTLEBERRY                      KY-1-F-309
JANES, MILTON                           KY-1-M-282
JANES, RETTER PEARL                     KY-1-N-538
JEFFRIES, C. G.                         KY-1-N-469
JEFFRIES, MARY E.                       KY-1-N-67
JEFFRIES, T. E.                         KY-1-N-455
JEFFRIES, T. P.                         KY-1-M-83
JOHNSON, MARTHA                         KY-1-G-454
JOHNSON, NANCY                          KY-1-F-467
JOHNSON, W. R.                          KY-1-M-428
JOHNSTON, BELL                          KY-1-N-13
JOHNSTON, GEORGE M.                     KY-1-N-385
JOHNSTON, J. T.                         KY-1-M-305
JOHNSTON, JOHN W.                       KY-1-I-457, 522
JOHNSTON, SUSSIE V.                     KY-1-N-128
JOHNSTON, THOMAS B.                     KY-1-F-223
JOHNSTON, W. H.                         KY-1-N-18
JONES, ALICE STOTTS                     KY-1-N-20
JONES, CHARLES                          KY-1-D-283
JONES, HATTIE M.                        KY-1-N-476
JONES, J. B.                            KY-1-M-359
JONES, JOHN                             KY-1-M-321
JONES, MAHALA V.                        KY-1-N-39
JONES, MALINDA J.                       KY-1-M-146
JONES, ROBERT L.                        KY-1-K-501
JONES, S. H.                            KY-1-M-253
JONES, W. D.                            KY-1-N-347
JONES, W. H.                            KY-1-N-341
JONES, W. H.                            KY-1-N-55
JONES, WILLIAM H.                       KY-1-E-230
JUDD, LUTHER                            KY-1-C-161
JUDD, ROWLAND                           KY-1-C-174
JUDD, SARAH                             KY-1-L-550
JUDD, WARNER                            KY-1-F-39
KELSAY, ADA J.                          KY-1-M-407
KELSAY, NATHAN B.                       KY-1-N-203
KELTNER, DANIAL CLARENCE                KY-1-N-534
KELTNER, HENRY S.                       KY-1-N-201
KELTNER, MYRTLE S.                      KY-1-M-261
KELTNER, THOMAS J.                      KY-1-M-115
KEMP, JOHN M.                           KY-1-G-395
KEMP, JOSEPH H.                         KY-1-M-8
KEMP, ROBERT W.                         KY-1-L-606
KERBOW, T. M.                           KY-1-N-180
KERNS, ABRAHAM                          KY-1-C-65
KERNS, J. H.                            KY-1-N-324
KIMBLER, ELISHA L.                      KY-1-N-386
KING, ELIJAH                            KY-1-C-609
KING, JAMES I.                          KY-1-C-221
KIRK, ROBISON                           KY-1-D-76
KNIFLEY, D. S.                          KY-1-N-313
KNIFLEY, JOSEPH                         KY-1-L-596
KNIFLEY, PHILLIP                        KY-1-H-557
LACY, ALTON                             KY-1-N-269
LACY, GEORGE H.                         KY-1-N-471
LACY, HENRY                             KY-1-F-139
LARD, CURTIS                            KY-1-L-587
LASEY, AUGUSTUS                         KY-1-N-537
LASLEY, J. T.                           KY-1-N-524
LAWHORN, L. K.                          KY-1-N-297
LAWHORN, MIRAH C.                       KY-1-N-6
LEACH, A. F.                            KY-1-N-284
LEACH, ELIJAH                           KY-1-H-39
LEACH, ERMINE                           KY-1-N-78
LEACH, ERMINE                           KY-1-N-78
LEACH, JEREMIAH                         KY-1-D-424
LEE, LEONA A.                           KY-1-N-31
LESTER, SIMON                           KY-1-M-147
LEWIS, BERRY                            KY-1-H-436
LEWIS, C. C.                            KY-1-N-371
LEWIS, JULIA ANN                        KY-1-N-216
LEWIS, SAM                              KY-1-N-74
LLOYD, JOHN T.                          KY-1-M-376, 391
LOY, ANTHUS SR.                         KY-1-N-470
LOY, AUSTIN                             KY-1-M-464
LOY, H. E.                              KY-1-N-286
LOY, J. B.                              KY-1-N-516
LOY, J. B.                              KY-1-L-626
LOY, LANNES                             KY-1-M-450
LOY, MARTIN SR.                         KY-1-D-28
LOY, R. G.                              KY-1-N-116
LOY, WILLIAM C.                         KY-1-M-94
LOYD, EDNA                              KY-1-N-264
LOYD, LOU F.                            KY-1-N-241
LUNY, JAMES                             KY-1-L-624
LYON, JOHN                              KY-1-E-231
LYON, THOMAS B.                         KY-1-N-24
MALONE, NATHANIEL                       KY-1-C-138
MANN, MARY A.                           KY-1-M-217
MARTIN, ANNIE                           KY-1-N-474
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                       KY-1-E-136
MARTIN, R. A. C.                        KY-1-K-152
MASON, THOMPSON                         KY-1-M-153, 161
MASSIE, BRACTON                         KY-1-N-170
MASSIE, JOHN                            KY-1-E-50
MASSIE, JOHN P.                         KY-1-I-522
MASSIE, THOMAS SR.                      KY-1-C-565
MAUPIN, BETTY                           KY-1-N-145
MCALLISTER, MARY K.                     KY-1-K-317
MCCAFFREE, E. T.                        KY-1-N-37
MCCLISTER, JOHN W.                      KY-1-M-224
MCCLISTER, R. L.                        KY-1-N-375
MCFARLAND, S.                           KY-1-N-464
MCGLASSON, JACOB N.                     KY-1-E-363
MCKINEY, WILLIAM                        KY-1-C-626
MCKINNY, ROBERSON                       KY-1-C-95
MCLEAN, GEORGE W.                       KY-1-N-424
MCLEAN, JOSEPH L.                       KY-1-N-291
MCLEAN, SALLIE F.                       KY-1-M-390
MCLERRY, ROBERT                         KY-1-C-517
MCNEELY, WILLIAM                        KY-1-F-277
MCWHORTER, MARY                         KY-1-M-228
MEDARIS, CHARLES                        KY-1-E-35
MELSON, HASKINS                         KY-1-N-332
MERCAR, J. T.                           KY-1-N-335
MERCER, N. A.                           KY-1-N-387
MERIDETH, WILLIAM                       KY-1-C-228
MERKLEY, F. X.                          KY-1-N-373
MILLER, ADAM                            KY-1-E-326
MILLER, ALBERT A.                       KY-1-N-405
MILLER, ALLEN                           KY-1-G-326
MILLER, ANN                             KY-1-I-187
MILLER, CLAYTON                         KY-1-L-533
MILLER, E. G.                           KY-1-L-635
MILLER, F. W.                           KY-1-N-203
MILLER, FRANCES                         KY-1-I-398
MILLER, H. N.                           KY-1-N-147
MILLER, J. P.                           KY-1-M-126
MILLER, JAMES                           KY-1-G-602
MILLER, JAMES A.                        KY-1-L-576
MILLER, JOSEPH                          KY-1-E-70
MILLER, LEWIS                           KY-1-F-495
MILLER, SARAH A.                        KY-1-M-272
MILLS, J. F.                            KY-1-M-331
MILLS, JOHN W.                          KY-1-L-559
MITCHELL, MARTIN L.                     KY-1-M-383
MITCHELL, S. H.                         KY-1-N-8
MITCHELL, SARAH                         KY-1-N-140
MITCHUM, C. R.                          KY-1-N-481
MONDAY, MARY J.                         KY-1-L-560
MONTGOMERY, ANN                         KY-1-N-63
MONTGOMERY, BYRON                       KY-1-N-339
MONTGOMERY, CYRUS                       KY-1-L-438
MONTGOMERY, FRANCIS                     KY-1-C-455
MONTGOMERY, GORDON                      KY-1-N-342
MONTGOMERY, H. V.                       KY-1-N-307
MONTGOMERY, J. F.                       KY-1-N-84
MONTGOMERY, JAMES A.                    KY-1-K-626
MONTGOMERY, JOE FRANK                   KY-1-N-231
MONTGOMERY, JOEL S.                     KY-1-L-319
MONTGOMERY, LOCIE B.                    KY-1-M-469
MONTGOMERY, MALINDA F.                  KY-1-M-358
MONTGOMERY, MATTIE S.                   KY-1-N-187
MONTGOMERY, R. H.                       KY-1-M-192
MONTGOMERY, RAY                         KY-1-N-396
MONTGOMERY, SUSAN                       KY-1-M-245
MONTGOMERY, T. M.                       KY-1-N-31
MOORE, CHARITY                          KY-1-N-400
MOORE, CHARLES                          KY-1-D-7
MOORE, CHARLES D.                       KY-1-M-191
MOORE, ELIZA JANE                       KY-1-M-166
MOORE, JAMES                            KY-1-K-593
MOORE, MYRA H.                          KY-1-M-177
MOORE, SALLY                            KY-1-E-455
MOORE, TANDY                            KY-1-C-763
MORGAN, HENRY R.                        KY-1-N-423
MORGAN, MARY                            KY-1-L-603
MORGAN, NELL                            KY-1-N-422
MORGAN, THOMAS                          KY-1-C-9
MORGAN, WILLIE                          KY-1-N-366
MORRIS, J. W.                           KY-1-N-17
MORRIS, MARY                            KY-1-N-189
MORRIS, SAMUEL                          KY-1-F-37
MORRISON, ANN P.                        KY-1-M-91
MORRISON, ELISIA                        KY-1-M-144
MORRISON, JOHN                          KY-1-K-191
MORRISON, JOHN                          KY-1-B-25
MORRISON, JOHNK.                        KY-1-D-265
MORRISON, JOSEPH A.                     KY-1-D-441
MORRISON, LULIE                         KY-1-N-98
MORRISON, W. P.                         KY-1-N-508
MORRISON, WALLER                        KY-1-M-333
MOSS, DAVID T.                          KY-1-D-188
MOSS, FRANCIS C.                        KY-1-F-15
MOSS, G. W.                             KY-1-N-108
MOSS, MARTHA                            KY-1-I-164
MOSS, THOMAS G.                         KY-1-L-545
MOTLEY, CHARLIE                         KY-1-N-477
MOURNING, JOHN D.                       KY-1-L-615
MULLINIX, THURSA                        KY-1-M-286
MURRAH, J. VIE                          KY-1-N-421
MURRAH, JOSHUA                          KY-1-I-165
MURRAH, LORETTA MARGARET                KY-1-M-447
MURRAY, ALBIN                           KY-1-N-124, 126
MURRAY, E. L.                           KY-1-M-300
MURRAY, HATTIE A.                       KY-1-M-178
MURRAY, JOE                             KY-1-N-204
MURRAY, JOHN                            KY-1-L-101, 115
MURRAY, LORA                            KY-1-N-317
MURRAY, U. T.                           KY-1-N-95
MURRELL, C. A.                          KY-1-N-38
MURRELL, GEORGIE                        KY-1-N-72
MURRELL, J. E.                          KY-1-M-426
MURRELL, J. N.                          KY-1-N-43
MURRELL, JESSE G.                       KY-1-K-619
MURRELL, JESSE SR.                      KY-1-D-364
MURRELL, MILTON J.                      KY-1-M-145
MURRELL, NATHAN                         KY-1-D-516
MURRELL, RIAH J.                        KY-1-M-349
NANKIVEL, MARY L.                       KY-1-N-155
NAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        KY-1-D-209
NEAT, J. F.                             KY-1-N-83
NEAT, MARY D.                           KY-1-N-548
NELL, GEORGE                            KY-1-N-225
NELL, GEORGE                            KY-1-F-518
NELL, L. C.                             KY-1-N-121
NEWBY, SALLIE                           KY-1-N-34
NORRIS, DORRIS                          KY-1-N-15
NORRIS, HILY                            KY-1-N-274
NORRIS, JOSEPH A.                       KY-1-L-638
ODD, JASHUA                             KY-1-N-162
ONEIL, REDMON                           KY-1-L-570
OVERSTREET, MATHEW                      KY-1-N-437
PAGE, ELBRIGE                           KY-1-M-313
PAGE, G. B.                             KY-1-N-145
PAGE, J. N.                             KY-1-M-441
PAGE, JAMES C.                          KY-1-N-43
PAGE, JAMES M.                          KY-1-M-121
PAGE, JORDAN                            KY-1-M-48
PAGE, LAFAYETTE                         KY-1-N-1
PAGE, MARGRET                           KY-1-M-79
PAGE, NANCY                             KY-1-G-13
PAGE, OTIS                              KY-1-N-547
PAGE, ROBERT                            KY-1-F-524
PAGE, ROBERT SR.                        KY-1-C-5
PAGE, SOPHIA                            KY-1-K-594
PAGE, STELLA                            KY-1-N-446
PAGE, SUSAN                             KY-1-M-385
PAGE, W. B.                             KY-1-N-99
PAGE, WILLIS                            KY-1-M-248
PARISH, JIM                             KY-1-L-629
PARNELL, CANDIS                         KY-1-M-132
PARSONS, J. A.                          KY-1-N-331
PARSONS, WILLIAM                        KY-1-M-155
PATTERSON, BARNEY T.                    KY-1-M-96
PATTERSON, CHARLOTT T.                  KY-1-M-151
PATTERSON, E. J.                        KY-1-L-631
PATTERSON, G. B.                        KY-1-M-420
PATTERSON, JOHN                         KY-1-K-116
PATTERSON, JOHN                         KY-1-D-118
PATTERSON, MARTICIA                     KY-1-H-483
PATTERSON, RICHARD                      KY-1-C-664
PATTESON, J. F.                         KY-1-N-425
PAULL, H. J.                            KY-1-L-612
PAULL, J. A.                            KY-1-M-11
PAULL, R. F.                            KY-1-M-264
PAULL, RENA W.                          KY-1-N-194
PAULL, THOMAS E.                        KY-1-M-163
PELLEY, D. O.                           KY-1-N-101
PELLY, GERTRUDE                         KY-1-N-266
PELLY, HICKMAN                          KY-1-M-41
PELLY, J. H.                            KY-1-N-21
PEMBERTON, THOMAS                       KY-1-D-19
PENDLETON, BENJAMIN I.                  KY-1-N-490
PENINGTON, LIZZIE M.                    KY-1-N-35
PENNINGTON, JOHN                        KY-1-M-129
PERRY, EDWARD                           KY-1-F-431
PERRY, GEORGE                           KY-1-C-725
PERRYMAN, JOE                           KY-1-N-406
PERRYMAN, RICHARD                       KY-1-I-324
PETTEY, NANNIE E.                       KY-1-N-399
PETTEY, S. W.                           KY-1-M-156
PETTY, J. N.                            KY-1-M-422
PETTY, MARY B.                          KY-1-M-57
PHELPS, WILLIAM P.                      KY-1-M-228
PHILLIPS, E. D.                         KY-1-M-66
PHILLIPS, HALLIE SMITH                  KY-1-M-340
PHIPPS, MARGARET                        KY-1-M-473, 475
PICKETT, CHARLES                        KY-1-I-630
PICKETT, R. K.                          KY-1-N-160
PICKETT, SAKLLIE                        KY-1-N-247
PICKETT, W. S.                          KY-1-M-429
PIERCE, FANNIE R.                       KY-1-M-434
PIERCE, FANNIE R.                       KY-1-M-358
PIKE, WILLIAM C.                        KY-1-L-557
PILE, OSCAR                             KY-1-M-85
POINTER, G. W.                          KY-1-M-414
POLLARD, C. M.                          KY-1-N-62
POSEY, ELEANDER                         KY-1-L-639
POTTS, SCHUYLER                         KY-1-L-1
POTTS, WILLIS                           KY-1-M-159
POWELL, EFFIE                           KY-1-N-290
POWELL, J. B.                           KY-1-N-119
POWELL, SARAH                           KY-1-N-120
POWELL, WILLIAM                         KY-1-B-207
PRESTON, J. H.                          KY-1-N-46
PRICE, OPAL J.                          KY-1-N-550
PRICE, ROBET H.                         KY-1-N-309
PRICE, ROSA A.                          KY-1-N-310
PROCK, LEONARD O.                       KY-1-N-533
RAGAN, SYNTHIA                          KY-1-M-400
RAINWATER, JOHN                         KY-1-M-315
RAMSEY, W. P.                           KY-1-N-292
RECKETTS, CALEB H.                      KY-1-E-379
REECE, BARBRA ALLEN                     KY-1-N-186
REECE, C A.                             KY-1-N-169
REECE, J. W.                            KY-1-N-68
REED, CLYDE HERRIFORD                   KY-1-N-374
REED, EDGAR W.                          KY-1-N-293
REED, GEORGE J.                         KY-1-M-1
REED, GEORGE R.                         KY-1-N-165
REED, MADGE R.                          KY-1-N-408
REED, MANUEL                            KY-1-K-576
REYNOLDS, ALICE                         KY-1-N-279
REYNOLDS, G. G.                         KY-1-M-418
REYNOLDS, S. E.                         KY-1-N-509
RIALL, EVA M.                           KY-1-N-552
RIALL, J. A.                            KY-1-N-285
RIALL, WELBY A.                         KY-1-N-271
RICE, D. U.                             KY-1-N-451
RICE, E. S.                             KY-1-N-461
RICE, JOSEPH R. (DOCK)                  KY-1-M-79
RICH, ELIZA                             KY-1-N-41
RICH, J. M.                             KY-1-N-41
RICH, ROBERT                            KY-1-N-244
RICHARDS, AARON                         KY-1-C-3
RICHARDS, J. A.                         KY-1-N-435
RICHARDS, J. W.                         KY-1-N-47
RICHARDS, VICTORIA E.                   KY-1-N-255
ROACH, N. R.                            KY-1-N-125
ROACH, SALLIE                           KY-1-N-33
ROBERTS, C. W.                          KY-1-N-319
ROBERTSON, L. B.                        KY-1-M-12
ROBINSON, ANTHA                         KY-1-N-486
ROBINSON, J. J.                         KY-1-M-32
ROBINSON, W. G.                         KY-1-N-486
ROCH, FINIS                             KY-1-N-499
RODGERS, GEORGE M.                      KY-1-M-292
RODGERS, PEACHY                         KY-1-M-98
RODGERS, SHREVE                         KY-1-N-220
ROE, R. L.                              KY-1-M-417
ROGERS, HELEN SMITH                     KY-1-N-507
ROGERS, JOHN B.                         KY-1-G-491
ROSCH, NANNIE                           KY-1-N-308
ROSCH, THOMAS                           KY-1-N-402
ROSE, HATTIE G.                         KY-1-N-500
ROSE, HULDA                             KY-1-M-477
ROSE, JEFF TAYLOR                       KY-1-N-235
ROSE, WILLIE H.                         KY-1-N-514
ROSENBAUM, G. L.                        KY-1-N-178
ROSENBAUM, OLIN                         KY-1-N-384
ROSENFIELD, CORDIE                      KY-1-N-158
ROSS, GEORGE                            KY-1-D-39
ROSS, JOHN                              KY-1-C-727
ROSSON, J. E.                           KY-1-N-182
ROSSON, T. J.                           KY-1-M-244
ROWE, IRA C.                            KY-1-N-246
ROWE, JOHN M.                           KY-1-M-206
ROWE, LENA                              KY-1-N-327
ROWE, MARY ANNE                         KY-1-L-546
ROWE, MARY W.                           KY-1-N-257
ROWE, R. F.                             KY-1-M-361
ROWE, SALLY                             KY-1-H-328
ROWE, THOMAS                            KY-1-G-65
ROY, ASA M.                             KY-1-M-221
ROY, W. G.                              KY-1-N-463
ROYSE, ALBERT W.                        KY-1-M-14
ROYSE, C. R.                            KY-1-N-112
ROYSE, MARY                             KY-1-M-446
ROYSE, NANNIE A.                        KY-1-M-303
ROYSE, SAMUEL A.                        KY-1-N-392
RUMSTAY, SUSAN                          KY-1-M-210
RUPARTS, MARGARET WADE                  KY-1-M-401
RUPE, A. K.                             KY-1-M-216
RUSSELL, CHARLES N.                     KY-1-N-209
RUSSELL, GRANVILLE C.                   KY-1-N-40
RUSSELL, HARVEY                         KY-1-L-563
RUSSELL, HOWARD                         KY-1-N-404
RUSSELL, JAMES M.                       KY-1-M-307
RUSSELL, JOHN O.                        KY-1-M-448
RUSSELL, KATE                           KY-1-M-218
RUSSELL, KIZZIE W.                      KY-1-M-256
RUSSELL, T. J.                          KY-1-M-158
RUSSELL, W. H.                          KY-1-M-406
RUSSELL, W. T.                          KY-1-N-228
RUTLEDGE, E. J.                         KY-1-N-76
RUTTER, BONNIE                          KY-1-N-343
SALLEE, E. T.                           KY-1-M-351
SALLEE, W. H.                           KY-1-M-160
SALLEE, W. S.                           KY-1-M-389
SANDERS, ALICE ROUSE                    KY-1-N-9
SANDERS, JOHN F.                        KY-1-L-574
SANDES, J. HICK                         KY-1-M-252
SANDUSKY, C. H.                         KY-1-N-495
SANDUSKY, J. M.                         KY-1-N-356
SANFLEY, MARIAM                         KY-1-K-464
SCHULER, J. A.                          KY-1-N-181
SCRUGGS, FANNE GARNETT                  KY-1-N-531
SENTER, MATTIE                          KY-1-M-25
SETTLE, WILLIAM W.                      KY-1-E-171
SEXTON, JOHN W.                         KY-1-M-223
SEXTON, SALLIE M.                       KY-1-M-50
SHARP, M. E.                            KY-1-N-352
SHARP, PARKER                           KY-1-N-224
SHARPE, CHARLES LEONARD                 KY-1-N-553
SHEARER, ELIZA                          KY-1-M-350
SHEARER, F. C. (MRS)                    KY-1-L-627
SHEPHARD, STEPHEN                       KY-1-C-240
SHEPHERD, F. W.                         KY-1-N-65
SHEPHERD, F. W. (MRS)                   KY-1-N-304
SHERER, MATTHEW                         KY-1-N-168
SHERRILL, ELIZABETH                     KY-1-L-597
SHERRILL, GRANDERSON SR.                KY-1-L-571
SHIPP, GENE KENNETH                     KY-1-N-214
SHIRLEY, J. R.                          KY-1-M-255
SHIRLEY, JAMES C.                       KY-1-N-475
SHIRLEY, JOHN                           KY-1-D-256
SHIRLEY, MARY                           KY-1-L-274
SHIRLEY, R. W.                          KY-1-N-243
SHIRLEY, THOMAS                         KY-1-C-62
SHRADER, WALTER F.                      KY-1-N-363
SIMMONS, J. B.                          KY-1-M-101
SIMPSON, CLAUDIE W.                     KY-1-N-360
SIMPSON, FRED                           KY-1-M-416
SIMPSON, G. T.                          KY-1-M-415
SIMPSON, J. J.                          KY-1-M-329
SIMPSON, JOHN                           KY-1-D-597
SIMPSON, JOHN M.                        KY-1-M-347
SIMPSON, MILTON                         KY-1-L-417
SIMPSON, ROBERT                         KY-1-B-42
SIMPSON, SAMUEL                         KY-1-K-355
SINCLAIR, FRANK                         KY-1-M-233, 235
SINCLAIR, OSCAR                         KY-1-N-515
SINCLAIR, W. S.                         KY-1-N-320
SKAGGS, ARCHIBALD SR.                   KY-1-C-654
SKAGGS, G. H.                           KY-1-N-252
SKEEN, JOHN                             KY-1-C-544
SMITH, E. H.                            KY-1-N-271
SMITH, ELIZA J.                         KY-1-M-37
SMITH, HENRY W.                         KY-1-M-9
SMITH, J. R.                            KY-1-N-153
SMITH, JOEL                             KY-1-M-23
SMITH, JOHN                             KY-1-C-527
SMITH, JOHN SR.                         KY-1-D-154
SMITH, MAMIE                            KY-1-N-69
SMITH, MILLIE                           KY-1-N-137
SMITH, MINNIE                           KY-1-N-527
SMITH, PENICK                           KY-1-M-288
SMITH, POLLY                            KY-1-E-364
SMITH, PUSS                             KY-1-N-72
SMITH, T. J.                            KY-1-I-208
SMITH, W. C.                            KY-1-N-217, 233
SMITH, WYATT                            KY-1-F-392
SMYTHE, LAURA                           KY-1-N-151
SNEED, J. J.                            KY-1-N-367
SNOW, ADA B.                            KY-1-N-52
SPARKS, BIRDIE ROSSON                   KY-1-N-479
SPARKS, JOSIAH A.                       KY-1-L-380
SPRADLING, RACHAL L.                    KY-1-L-230
SQUIRES, JAMES                          KY-1-M-63
SQUIRES, JOHN C.                        KY-1-E-228
SQUIRES, JOHN N.                        KY-1-N-208
SQUIRES, LEVI                           KY-1-C-373
SQUIRES, SALLIE L.                      KY-1-N-32
SQUIRES, WINFIELD                       KY-1-K-490
STAPLES, JAMES GWYNN                    KY-1-N-185
STAPP, J. S.                            KY-1-M-169
STAPP, JOHN                             KY-1-B-128
STATON, JOHN                            KY-1-C-54
STAYTON, E. T.                          KY-1-M-118
STEEL, ROBERT                           KY-1-B-88
STEPHEN, JAMES                          KY-1-B-105
STEPHENSON, T. P.                       KY-1-N-480
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      KY-1-M-13, 15
STEWART, SALLIE                         KY-1-M-392
STEWART, WILLIAM                        KY-1-M-109
STILTS, ADDIE                           KY-1-N-150
STILWELL, DANIEL                        KY-1-B-122
STINTSON, JOSEPH C.                     KY-1-M-255
STONE, G. N.                            KY-1-N-132
STONE, GEORGE N.                        KY-1-N-134
STONE, JOSIAH L.                        KY-1-D-514
STONE, MANOAH                           KY-1-I-397
STONE, WILLIAM                          KY-1-C-566
STOTTS, A. J.                           KY-1-N-93
STOTTS, ALEXANDER                       KY-1-M-119
STOTTS, EMMA                            KY-1-M-301
STOTTS, JOHN                            KY-1-E-408
STOTTS, OLIVER                          KY-1-H-257
STOTTS, THOMAS                          KY-1-D-616
STOTTS, THOMAS                          KY-1-L-599
STRANGE, BESS ROWE                      KY-1-N-210
STRANGE, CLARENCE                       KY-1-N-419
STRANGE, W. A.                          KY-1-M-60
STREET, JOHN                            KY-1-K-437
STREEVAL, T. A.                         KY-1-N-226
STRONG, ARTHUR                          KY-1-N-433
SUBLETTE, J. W.                         KY-1-N-315
SUBLETTE, JOHN GREEN                    KY-1-N-218
SUBLETT,W. B.                           KY-1-M-216
SULLIVAN, M. L.                         KY-1-N-111
SULLIVAN, TAYLOR                        KY-1-N-51
TACKETT, JAMES                          KY-1-A-213
TARTER, BELLE                           KY-1-N-190
TARTER, SHELBY                          KY-1-M-124
TATE, LEWIS F.                          KY-1-L-570
TAYLOR, BEN                             KY-1-N-306
TAYLOR, JAMES G.                        KY-1-L-610
TAYLOR, JOHN H.                         KY-1-E-325
TAYLOR, L. O.                           KY-1-N-415
TAYLOR, LULA ALLEN                      KY-1-N-525
TAYLOR, LULA ALLEN                      KY-1-N-523
TAYLOR, MATTHEW                         KY-1-M-354
TAYLOR, S. P.                           KY-1-M-33
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          KY-1-E-311
TAYLOR, THERON C.                       KY-1-N-440
TAYLOR, ZACHARIAH                       KY-1-C-655
TEDDER, H. H.                           KY-1-M-454
TELFORD, ROBERT                         KY-1-C-160
THOMAS, BEN F.                          KY-1-N-135
THOMAS, JOHN D.                         KY-1-A-113
THOMAS, MARY ELLEN                      KY-1-M-30
THOMAS, NICHOLAS R.                     KY-1-I-351
THOMAS, ROBERT                          KY-1-C-547
THOMAS, T. G.                           KY-1-N-91
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     KY-1-A-209
THOMPSON, FRANK J.                      KY-1-N-49
THOMPSON, HENRY L.                      KY-1-M-366
THOMPSON, IVA L.                        KY-1-N-146
THOMPSON, IVA LEE                       KY-1-N-49
THOMPSON, J. M.                         KY-1-N-295
THURMAN, JOHN                           KY-1-M-435
TILLMAN, JOHN R.                        KY-1-G-95
TODD, A. G.                             KY-1-N-15
TODD, CARLTON RUSSELL                   KY-1-N-519
TODD, ELIZA                             KY-1-M-304
TODD, JANE                              KY-1-M-123
TODD, MARY LOU                          KY-1-N-529
TODD, ROBERT                            KY-1-C-464
TODD, ROBERT S.                         KY-1-N-184
TOWNSEND, J. W.                         KY-1-M-261
TOWNSEND, J. W.                         KY-1-M-261
TOWNSEND, PARTHENA                      KY-1-M-299
TRABUE, EDWARD H.                       KY-1-L-605
TRABUE, ELIZABETH H.                    KY-1-L-580
TRABUE, LU E.                           KY-1-M-230
TRABUE, MARY A.                         KY-1-M-293
TRABUE, MATILDA JUNIUS                  KY-1-M-471
TRABUE, WILLIAM                         KY-1-G-213
TRAYLOR, MILTON                         KY-1-E-378
TRAYLOR, NANCY                          KY-1-K-210
TRIPLETT, JAMES                         KY-1-M-442
TROUTMAN, JOHN                          KY-1-M-268
TUCKER, MARGARET                        KY-1-M-247
TUCKER, WILLIAM                         KY-1-C-361
TUPMAN, B. F.                           KY-1-M-197
TUPMAN, JOEL                            KY-1-N-7
TUPMAN, WILLIAM                         KY-1-G-193
TURK, CALEB P.                          KY-1-F-517
TURK, GEORGE                            KY-1-L-556
TURK, HIRAM K.                          KY-1-L-548
TURK, NANCY                             KY-1-L-608
TURK, THOMAS                            KY-1-C-366
TURK, W. C.                             KY-1-M-87
TURNER, J. M.                           KY-1-M-213
TURNER, JOSEPH                          KY-1-L-68
TURNER, JOSEPH W.                       KY-1-M-42
TURNER, THOMAS                          KY-1-F-262
TUTT, J. R. SR.                         KY-1-M-396
VANCE, A. L.                            KY-1-M-36
VANCE, G. D.                            KY-1-N-48
VAUGHAN, JAMES                          KY-1-B-125
VAUGHN, J. W.                           KY-1-N-390
VIRE, S. H.                             KY-1-L-616
WADE, J. R.                             KY-1-M-219
WAGGANER, JOSIE C.                      KY-1-N-372
WAGGENER, EDMUND P.                     KY-1-N-526
WAGGENER, FANNY                         KY-1-M-117
WAGGENER, RUBEN                         KY-1-C-1
WAGGENER, T. E.                         KY-1-N-354
WALBERT, JAMES B.                       KY-1-F-433
WALKER, ALEXANDER SR.                   KY-1-C-196
WALKER, ANN ELIZA                       KY-1-K-325
WALKER, DAVID                           KY-1-C-445
WALKER, DAVID                           KY-1-C-445
WALKER, FANNIE                          KY-1-M-227
WALKER, H. E.                           KY-1-L-555
WALKER, IDA WHITE                       KY-1-N-540
WALKER, J. W.                           KY-1-N-542
WALKER, JOSEPH                          KY-1-D-202
WALKER, LEONARD                         KY-1-N-491
WALKER, MOREAU                          KY-1-G-268
WALKER, RACHEL                          KY-1-L-558
WALKER, W. H.                           KY-1-M-138
WALKUP, MATHEW                          KY-1-K-268
WALKUP, ROBERT M.                       KY-1-F-432
WALLACE, B. N.                          KY-1-G-568
WALLS, CLEMMIE E.                       KY-1-N-251
WAMOCK, JESSE                           KY-1-H-204
WARD, MALISSA F.                        KY-1-K-13
WASON, JESSE                            KY-1-F-550
WATKINS, E. D.                          KY-1-M-165
WATKINS, ELIZABETH J.                   KY-1-M-200
WATSON, ELLIOTT B.                      KY-1-N-64
WATSON, J. B.                           KY-1-N-191
WATSON, JOHNSON                         KY-1-D-309
WATSON, MATTIE MAY                      KY-1-N-505
WEBB, FRANKLIN                          KY-1-G-518
WELCH, MARY MILLER                      KY-1-N-460
WETHERFORD, ELISABETH                   KY-1-B-108
WETHINGTON, PHIIP M.                    KY-1-M-86
WHEAT, B. F.                            KY-1-N-381
WHEAT, CYRUS                            KY-1-M-46
WHEAT, JOSEPH SR.                       KY-1-C-121
WHEAT, LUCY A.                          KY-1-N-51
WHEAT, MILTON P.                        KY-1-H-59
WHEAT, SARAH B.                         KY-1-N-254
WHEAT, SINCLAIR                         KY-1-L-595
WHEAT, WILLIS                           KY-1-H-161
WHEELER, ARCHILLES                      KY-1-C-545
WHEELER, F. C.                          KY-1-N-234
WHEELER, J. A.                          KY-1-M-437
WHEELER, THOMAS JEFFERSON               KY-1-M-461
WHITE, AARON PANCOAST                   KY-1-N-151
WHITE, HENRY                            KY-1-C-50
WHITE, J. D.                            KY-1-M-427
WHITE, JESSE V.                         KY-1-M-322
WHITE, JOHN C.                          KY-1-N-303
WHITE, JOHN WILL                        KY-1-M-213
WHITE, LINDY JANE                       KY-1-N-215
WHITE, SETH                             KY-1-N-262
WHITLOCK, EMMA SUSAN                    KY-1-N-528
WILBORN, L. M.                          KY-1-M-346
WILKERSON, NEWTON                       KY-1-C-665
WILKERSON, S. V.                        KY-1-N-25
WILKERSON, THOMAS                       KY-1-L-325
WILKESON, JEMIMAH                       KY-1-A-70
WILKINSON, L.                           KY-1-N-130
WILLEN, MATTIE                          KY-1-N-506
WILLIAMS, C. R.                         KY-1-M-236
WILLIAMS, MARANDA                       KY-1-N-413
WILLIAMS, MARTHA                        KY-1-N-418
WILLIAMS, S. S.                         KY-1-N-368
WILLIAMS, W. P.                         KY-1-L-585
WILLIAMS, Z. T.                         KY-1-M-342
WILLIS, C. E.                           KY-1-N-325
WILLIS, EDMUND SR.                      KY-1-C-69
WILLIS, H. C.                           KY-1-N-245
WILMORE, ELLA Y.                        KY-1-N-57
WILMORE, JAMES H.                       KY-1-M-10
WILSON, ANDREW                          KY-1-L-479
WILSON, BETTIE A.                       KY-1-M-269
WILSON, BILL                            KY-1-N-289
WILSON, DAVID                           KY-1-E-201
WILSON, ELMER                           KY-1-N-263
WILSON, H. W.                           KY-1-M-28
WILSON, HARRY                           KY-1-N-489
WILSON, J. H.                           KY-1-N-110
WILSON, J. S.                           KY-1-N-57
WILSON, JOHN                            KY-1-D-70
WILSON, LUCINDA C.                      KY-1-M-92
WILSON, NATHANIEL                       KY-1-E-277
WINFREY, ISORA W.                       KY-1-M-317
WINFREY, LOGAN C.                       KY-1-N-232
WINFREY, T. C.                          KY-1-L-582
WINFREY, VIRGINIA C.                    KY-1-M-31
WOLFORD, G. L.                          KY-1-N-249
WOOTEN, CASSIE C.                       KY-1-N-397
WOOTEN, J. C.                           KY-1-N-187
WORKMAN, H. C.                          KY-1-N-311
WORKMAN, PETER                          KY-1-M-4
YARBERRY, CURT                          KY-1-N-438
YARBERRY, ELMER                         KY-1-N-21
YARBERRY, INIS DOUGHTY                  KY-1-N-510
YARBERRY, M. REY                        KY-1-N-380
YATES, C. H.                            KY-1-M-404
YATES, CARRIE C.                        KY-1-N-355
YATES, FRANCIS G.                       KY-1-D-536
YATES, JOHN                             KY-1-C-237
YORK, ARMSTEAD                          KY-1-G-423
YOUNG, DELLA                            KY-1-N-457
YOUNG, J. H.                            KY-1-N-164
YOUNG, L. M.                            KY-1-M-430
YOUNG, R. O.                            KY-1-N-42
YOUNG, W. H.                            KY-1-M-262

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