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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1871-1900 |B-E=? |
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ALRED, PATSY                           KS-103-A-80
ANDERSON, J. W.                        KS-103-A-465
BAITY, JOSEPH                          KS-103-A-179
BAUGHMAN, PHILIP                       KS-103-A-55
BEATY, CHRISTIE                        KS-103-A-117
BECK, PETER                            KS-103-A-336
BRILES, BRANSON                        KS-103-A-347
BROWN, MARY JANE                       KS-103-A-342
BURRELL, JOSEPH                        KS-103-A-322
BUSHFIELD, HENRY                       KS-103-A-420
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         KS-103-A-144
CLEGG, OGDEN                           KS-103-A-311
CLOUD, HANNAH ANN                      KS-103-A-235
COATS, SIALS                           KS-103-A-153
COCKRELL, FELIX                        KS-103-A-456
COLEMAN, CHARLES F.                    KS-103-A-262
CONNELL, ALICE                         KS-103-A-266
CONNELL, HUGH                          KS-103-A-1
CONNELL, JAMES                         KS-103-A-174
COOPER, JOHN S.                        KS-103-A-352
CRAMER, HENRY                          KS-103-A-284
DART, FRED                             KS-103-A-328
DAVENPORT, JOHN                        KS-103-A-430
DAVIDSON, MARTHA V.                    KS-103-A-254
DELANEY, E. F.                         KS-103-A-289, 291
DIXON, ALEXANDER H.                    KS-103-A-333
DRAKE, JOSEPH L.                       KS-103-A-50
ELY, J. D. F.                          KS-103-A-201
EVANS, JOHN R.                         KS-103-A-460
FERGUSON, JOHN G.                      KS-103-A-484
FISKE, SAMUEL P.                       KS-103-A-92
FLEMING, CHARLES A.                    KS-103-A-257
FROST, BENJAMIN                        KS-103-A-243
GABRELSON, JOHN                        KS-103-A-469
GARDINER, REBECCA                      KS-103-A-488
GEORGE, JEREMIAH                       KS-103-A-89
GILDART, JAMES                         KS-103-A-356
GIMMEL, JOHN                           KS-103-A-111
GLOVER, WILLIAM H.                     KS-103-A-100
GOULD, GEORGE                          KS-103-A-8
GREERUNG, EDWARD H.                    KS-103-A-165
HAINS, BENJAMIN                        KS-103-A-24
HALL, MARY A.                          KS-103-A-197
HANCOCK, JOHN                          KS-103-A-308
HARPER, SAMUEL                         KS-103-A-72
HARRINGTON,S ARAH                      KS-103-A-472
HARRIS, ANN J.                         KS-103-A-478
HARTMAN, W. M.                         KS-103-A-222
HAYDEN, DAVID T.                       KS-103-A-299
HEATH, JOHN                            KS-103-A-17
HENDRY, WILILAM                        KS-103-A-76
HODGES, THOMAS                         KS-103-A-119
HOLBERT, DIA A.                        KS-103-A-501
HOLLY, LEWIS                           KS-103-A-281
HOMAN, DEBORAH                         KS-103-A-205
HOOVER, JOSEPH                         KS-103-A-84
HUFF, SARAH                            KS-103-A-314
INGLE, WILILAM                         KS-103-A-350
JAMES, JOHN                            KS-103-A-22
JONES, JOHN E.                         KS-103-A-113
KELLEY, JOSEPH                         KS-103-A-131
KELLY, PHEBE                           KS-103-A-274
KING, JOHN E.                          KS-103-A-137
KIRKPATRICK, ISAAC                     KS-103-A-412
KOCH, ERNST                            KS-103-A-486
KRONE, SARAH A.                        KS-103-A-340
KUHNKE, JOHN                           KS-103-A-162
LEACH, THOMAS S.                       KS-103-A-78
LILLE, ANN C.                          KS-103-A-194
LITTLEPAGE, A. J.                      KS-103-A-219
LONG, ABRAM                            KS-103-A-270
LONG, ASENATH                          KS-103-A-216
LONG, WENTIL                           KS-103-A-159
LUELLEN, JOHN                          KS-103-A-4
LUGH, ABRAHAM D.                       KS-103-A-182
MAGILL, CYRUS T.                       KS-103-A-34
MAHAN, THOMAS G.                       KS-103-A-306
MAYO, WALTER S.                        KS-103-A-213
MENCAR, POLLY                          KS-103-A-184
MESSICK, SAMUEL H.                     KS-103-A-168
MILLER, WILLIAM F.                     KS-103-A-249
MOORE, SIDWELL                         KS-103-A-36
NATTIER, VICTORINE                     KS-103-A-317
NELSON, JOHN                           KS-103-A-150
NICHOLS, O. P.                         KS-103-A-126
NICHOLSON, GEORGE                      KS-103-A-385
NOGGLE, SARAH A.                       KS-103-A-3
NUTT, CHARLES H.                       KS-103-A-369
NUTT, MARYP.                           KS-103-A-359
PARKS, HIRAM                           KS-103-A-122
PARMELEE, LOUISA M.                    KS-103-A-498
PEPPLE, AUSTIN                         KS-103-A-425
PIERSON, ROBERT                        KS-103-A-320
PIERSON, SAMUEL                        KS-103-A-107
POST, LEWIS H. C.                      KS-103-A-293
RANEY, JAMES                           KS-103-A-251
RAUSCH, PETER                          KS-103-A-382
REED, MARY ANN                         KS-103-A-45
REESE, THOMAS W.                       KS-103-A-58
RIDENOUR,G. B.                         KS-103-A-10
ROGERS, ROBERT P.                      KS-103-A-12
ROSS, PHEBE                            KS-103-A-103
ROSS, REBECCA L.                       KS-103-A-115
RUSSELL, HENRY E.                      KS-103-A-392
SCHAEFFLER, GODFREY                    KS-103-A-231
SCHENCK, WILLIAM B.                    KS-103-A-325
SHARP, B. P.                           KS-103-A-27
SHARP, HESTER O.                       KS-103-A-14
SHERMAN, OLIVER D.                     KS-103-A-85
SHURLEY, SARAH A.                      KS-103-A-41
SKAGGS, MARY A.                        KS-103-A-134
SMITH, AUGUST                          KS-103-A-407
SPENCER, GEORGE M.                     KS-103-A-69
SPONG, MAGNUS                          KS-103-A-452
STALLINGS, JAMES                       KS-103-A-7
STEBBINS, JARVIS                       KS-103-A-47
STOUP, WILILAM M.                      KS-103-A-171
STURGEON,E.S. F.                       KS-103-A-304
SULT, JACOB                            KS-103-A-32
SWAIN, ALVEY                           KS-103-A-30
SWILER, DAVID C.                       KS-103-A-389
THOMPSON, BENAJAR                      KS-103-A-38
TOW, JAMES                             KS-103-A-278
WAGGONER, MARIA E.                     KS-103-A-415
WAIT, GEORGE L.                        KS-103-A-239
WALKER, AARON                          KS-103-A-189
WHITE, GEORGE M.                       KS-103-A-450
WHITESIDE, GREENZIEL                   KS-103-A-494
WILBUR, MARY                           KS-103-A-65
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                       KS-103-A-302

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