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ABRAHAM, WILLIAM M.                    KS-16-3-91
ADAMS, MARY A.                         KS-16-2-215
ALBERT, ELIZABETH                      KS-16-6-240
ALEXANDER, MARY A.                     KS-16-2-217
ALLEN, JOHN H.                         KS-16-3-282
ALLEN, JOHN R.                         KS-16-2-225
AMY, GEORGE W.                         KS-16-4-380
ANTHONY, R. B .                        KS-16-5-281
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     KS-16-6-156
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     KS-16-6-155
ARNOLD, LOUISA                         KS-16-3-203
AVERILL, CLINTON S.                    KS-16-4-38
BAER,AARON C.                          KS-16-2-40
BAILEY, ISAAC                          KS-16-4-158
BAILEY, SAMUEL                         KS-16-4-68
BAILEY, THOMAS H.                      KS-16-5-117
BAIR, JAMES H.                         KS-16-6-159
BAKER, ARIEL A.                        KS-16-4-201
BAKER, CAROLINE C.                     KS-16-5-82
BAKER, HARLOW W.                       KS-16-5-78
BAKER, TIM                             KS-16-4-337
BAKER, W. F.                           KS-16-3-103
BALDWIN, JAMS M.                       KS-16-5-339
BALLARD, WILLIAM W.                    KS-16-2-133
BALMEAR, THOMAS                        KS-16-1-60
BARBER, M. L.                          KS-16-5-301
BARBER, M. L.                          KS-16-5-291
BARNES, LODEMA A.                      KS-16-6-265
BARRINGER, WALTER                      KS-16-4-141
BEALL, REBECCA                         KS-16-4-146
BEAR, W. H.                            KS-16-3-13
BEATTY, H. G.                          KS-16-5-352
BECK, MARTIN                           KS-16-5-414
BEDELL, SETH                           KS-16-2-221
BELL, CHARLES H.                       KS-16-6-148
BELL, ELIZABETH                        KS-16-1-25
BEMENT, JOHN                           KS-16-3-371
BEMENT, JOHN                           KS-16-2-443
BENNETT, BARSHIA J.                    KS-16-4-366
BENNETT, GEORGE S.                     KS-16-6-296
BENNETT, JESSE H.                      KS-16-5-354
BENNETT, JOSEPH                        KS-16-3-166
BENNETT, JOSHUA                        KS-16-5-309
BERGEN, PETER A.                       KS-16-5-172
BEWIS, MARK A.                         KS-16-5-311
BEYER, CHRISTINE                       KS-16-5-419
BEYER, MARTIN                          KS-16-5-398
BLACKISTON, W. P.                      KS-16-3-54
BLOW, WILSON                           KS-16-6-398
BORING, HARRIET P.                     KS-16-5-186
BORING, HARRIET P.                     KS-16-3-330
BOSCHE, JOHN F.                        KS-16-2-56
BOUSE, JOHN R.                         KS-16-6-364
BRAND, HENRY H.                        KS-16-2-9
BRANDON, PETER                         KS-16-6-187
BRANNER, BENJAMIN                      KS-16-2-367
BRANNER, BENJAMIN                      KS-16-3-299
BRANNON, JAMES                         KS-16-5-139
BRASCHLER, CASPER                      KS-16-4-310
BRECK, WILLIAM                         KS-16-3-206
BREWER, WILLIAM J.                     KS-16-2-129
BRIGHAM, M. E. MRS.                    KS-16-5-296
BROOKS, ALEXANDER BOYD                 KS-16-3-311
BROOKS, ISABELLA GRIMES                KS-16-6-62
BROOKS, WALTER B.                      KS-16-4-55
BROWN, M ARY J.                        KS-16-5-264
BROWN, THOMAS J.                       KS-16-2-455
BROWN, WILLIAM W.                      KS-16-2-308
BRUCE, ROBERT W.                       KS-16-5-260
BUCKINGHAM, ALVA                       KS-16-2-101
BUCKINGHAM, ALVAH                      KS-16-1-78
BUNGE, LEWIS                           KS-16-6-48
BURGER, AMALIE                         KS-16-5-213
BURK, ROBERT                           KS-16-2-430
BURNETT, JOHN W. SR.                   KS-16-2-380
BURNHAM, GEORGE G.                     KS-16-6-143
BURNS, ELLEN                           KS-16-3-106
BURR, ANGELINE                         KS-16-3-126
BURR, RICHARD                          KS-16-2-95
BUSH, HENRY                            KS-16-3-407
BUTLER, CHARLES B.                     KS-16-2-27
BUTLER, JOHN W.                        KS-16-3-424
CAHILL, MARY A.                        KS-16-2-453
CAIN, PLEASANT                         KS-16-2-184
CALLOWAY, JAMES                        KS-16-2-63
CALLOWAY, JAMES                        KS-16-2-347
CALLOWAY, JAMES                        KS-16-3-33
CANN, WILLIAM M.                       KS-16-6-6
CARPENTER, ABIGAIL M.                  KS-16-5-47
CARPENTER, DAVID                       KS-16-5-40
CASTLE, SAMUEL                         KS-16-2-428
CHALFANT, WILLIAM                      KS-16-4-327
CHAPMAN, CHANDLER B.                   KS-16-4-32
CHAPMAN, CHANDLER B.                   KS-16-2-50
CHILCOTE, HETHCOTE                     KS-16-3-271
CHRISTOPHER, GEORGE K.                 KS-16-3-394
CHRISTY, JOSEPH W.                     KS-16-3-97
CHURCH, HENRY                          KS-16-2-22
CLARK, ABSALOM                         KS-16-4-65
CLARK, CHARLES EVERETT                 KS-16-3-396
CLAUSEN, ERICH                         KS-16-3-280
CLEMENTS, JAMES                        KS-16-2-202
CLEVELAND, LAVINIA BISHOP              KS-16-6-214
CLIFT, MYRON                           KS-16-5-161
CLIFTS, ELISHA                         KS-16-3-41
CLINE, JACOB H.                        KS-16-5-289
CLINE, JOHN                            KS-16-4-155
CLINE, JOHN H.                         KS-16-3-14
COFFMAN, J. W.                         KS-16-5-135
COLBY, LYMAN W.                        KS-16-4-15
COLLINS, THOMAS J.                     KS-16-5-250
COLVIN, CHRISTIAN                      KS-16-3-224
COMBS, EDWIN                           KS-16-2-361
CONDIT, ALBERT B.                      KS-16-3-204
CONDIT, ALTA ELIZABETH                 KS-16-2-320
CONDIT, ELVIRA                         KS-16-4-186
CONKLING, CAROLINE N.                  KS-16-3-423
CONRAD, CHARLES                        KS-16-5-167
COOK, JOHN                             KS-16-4-41
COX, EVOLINE                           KS-16-1-84
CRANDALL, WARREN                       KS-16-5-377
CRAWFORD, DAVID                        KS-16-4-58
CREE, GEORGE W.                        KS-16-6-174
CROCKER, SARAH A.                      KS-16-5-37
CROTTY, WILLIAM                        KS-16-6-339
CROUSE, MARCUS A.                      KS-16-5-104
CROWL, CHARLES H.                      KS-16-5-401
CUNEFF, JOHN H.                        KS-16-6-33
CURRY, DANIEL                          KS-16-4-126
CUTTING, ADOLPHUS                      KS-16-3-431
DANNER, MICHAEL                        KS-16-2-145
DARNALL, CALVIN                        KS-16-5-256
DAVENPORT, JOHN                        KS-16-3-381
DAVIDSON, ISAAC                        KS-16-6-255
DAVIS, BENJAMIN STEWART                KS-16-2-13
DAVIS, G. W.                           KS-16-6-371
DAVIS, JOSEPH J.                       KS-16-2-55
DAVIS, THOMAS H. B.                    KS-16-4-12
DENSLOW, JOHN W.                       KS-16-3-5
DEVERELL, W. W.                        KS-16-5-11
DEWITT, LEWIS                          KS-16-3-99
DEWOLFE, EMILY                         KS-16-5-307
DIBBLE, D. J.                          KS-16-2-126
DIESTELHORST, LENA                     KS-16-4-89
DILLON, MARY                           KS-16-6-271
DIXON, SALLIE S.                       KS-16-5-238
DODGE, JOHN                            KS-16-3-220
DOLE, ALBERT G.                        KS-16-4-1
DONNELL, THOMAS                        KS-16-4-207
DRUM, EDWARD                           KS-16-6-235
DRUM, FRANK                            KS-16-2-291
DUDLEY, JACOB                          KS-16-3-353
DUNN, ALEXANDER                        KS-16-1-82
DURST, JOHN                            KS-16-3-63
DYCKMAN, JOHN G.                       KS-16-2-343
DYER, JOHN M.                          KS-16-6-410
EDIE, MARIA                            KS-16-6-277
EDMOND, PATSIE                         KS-16-5-24
EDWARDS, ELISHA                        KS-16-2-357
EDWARDS, ELISHA                        KS-16-2-314
EDWARDS, OWEN                          KS-16-5-326
EUBANKS, J. W.                         KS-16-3-95
EVANS, J. R.                           KS-16-5-74
EVANS, JOSEPH                          KS-16-4-226
FANNING, WILLIAM J.                    KS-16-6-231
FAULKNER, LEVI                         KS-16-3-10
FIELD,S HENRY J.                       KS-16-5-54
FINK, LOUIS M.                         KS-16-4-170
FINLEY, ELIZABETH A.                   KS-16-1-45
FISHER, CATHERINE ANN                  KS-16-4-122
FISHER, R. E.                          KS-16-5-28
FISHER, SARAH                          KS-16-1-19
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       KS-16-4-85
FLAHERTY, HENRY                        KS-16-4-390
FLINT, LYMAN B.                        KS-16-5-217
FORSYTH, JOHN H.                       KS-16-4-387
FORSYTHE, PERSIS M.                    KS-16-3-168
FOSTER, LEWIS                          KS-16-2-470
FOSTER, THOMAS W.                      KS-16-6-73
FOXWORTHY, D. B.                       KS-16-2-295
FRANKLIN, ANDREW                       KS-16-3-66
FULLENWIDER, ELEAZER                   KS-16-2-5
GABRIELSON, N.                         KS-16-2-31
GARRISON, JAMES R.                     KS-16-2-338
GARRISON, SUSAN J.                     KS-16-3-366
GAVIN, FRANK                           KS-16-6-42
GEORGE, ROBERT J.                      KS-16-4-342
GEPHART, HENRIETTA                     KS-16-4-25
GIBBON, JANE                           KS-16-6-34
GIBBON, JOSEPH SR.                     KS-16-3-70
GIESY, JOHN                            KS-16-6-56
GILLETT, THOMAS                        KS-16-2-460
GILLITT, JACOB                         KS-16-5-242
GILPATRICK, FRED R. M.                 KS-16-2-207
GOOCH, MAURICE                         KS-16-4-299
GORDON, JOHN I.                        KS-16-4-402
GOUDY, JOHN M.                         KS-16-5-405
GRAHAM, THOMAS A.                      KS-16-3-429
GRAHAM, THOMAS ANDREW                  KS-16-5-89
GRANDSTAFF, ELISHA J.                  KS-16-6-233
GRAY, CHARLES C.                       KS-16-4-129
GREEN, ALFRED                          KS-16-6-4
GREGORY, NANCY                         KS-16-4-151
GRENNAN, JAMES                         KS-16-5-285
GRIFFIN, PATRICK                       KS-16-1-69
GRIMES, JAMES A.                       KS-16-1-10
GRUBB, DOUGLAS                         KS-16-4-107
HAAN, SUSAN                            KS-16-6-98
HAIGHT, CLARANCE R.                    KS-16-5-151
HALBERT, W. C.                         KS-16-2-108
HALE, FRANK E.                         KS-16-4-97
HALL, MARY FRANCES                     KS-16-3-59
HAMBLETON, LYDIA A.                    KS-16-6-274
HAMILTON, JOHN P. SR.                  KS-16-2-16
HAMMAN, FRANK                          KS-16-2-61
HAMMOND, JUSTIN                        KS-16-6-321
HAPPY, ROBERT H.                       KS-16-4-22
HARRIGAN, CORNELIOUS                   KS-16-3-315
HARRIGAN, FLORENCE D.                  KS-16-3-441
HARRIS, JOHN H.                        KS-16-4-196
HARRIS, RODERICK                       KS-16-3-276
HART, JOHN P.                          KS-16-4-137
HATCH, M. T.                           KS-16-5-375
HAUGHEY, CARRIE                        KS-16-5-344
HAUGHEY, JOHN C.                       KS-16-6-3
HAYMAKER, JOHN W.                      KS-16-4-248
HEFFRON, MARGARET                      KS-16-2-469
HEMPY, ANN                             KS-16-5-142
HEMPY, ANN E.                          KS-16-5-195
HEMPY, ISAAC                           KS-16-5-142
HENKLE, JOHN W.                        KS-16-5-362
HENNIG, KATE A.                        KS-16-6-196
HENNIG, KATE A.                        KS-16-6-129
HENNIS, HENRY                          KS-16-3-121
HERDMAN, THOMAS M.                     KS-16-2-112
HETRICK, ESTHER                        KS-16-2-24
HEWITT, JOHN J.                        KS-16-3-318
HICKEY, JOSEPHINE                      KS-16-5-392
HICKEY, PATRICK                        KS-16-5-407
HILBISH, TILMAN                        KS-16-5-390
HINDE, GEORGE                          KS-16-3-84
HITCHCOCK, ALFRED A.                   KS-16-4-256
HITCHCOCK, ALFRED A.                   KS-16-3-137
HITCHCOCK, MARY M.                     KS-16-4-263
HOFFMAN, HENRY                         KS-16-2-169
HOFFMAN, JOSEPH                        KS-16-2-165
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM                       KS-16-2-155
HOFLER, LORENZ                         KS-16-2-398
HOLDEN, HESTER A.                      KS-16-2-103
HOLLOPETER, SUSANNAH                   KS-16-3-445
HOLLOPETER, SUSANNAH                   KS-16-4-7
HOLLYWOOD, JOHN                        KS-16-4-75
HOOSE, JACOB                           KS-16-2-394
HOOVER, GEORGE                         KS-16-4-114
HOPKINS, ROBERT                        KS-16-2-123
HOPPE, JOHN J.                         KS-16-2-301
HORRELL, THOMAS L.                     KS-16-6-315
HOWARD, ANREW A.                       KS-16-3-291
HOWARD, CYRUS                          KS-16-3-289
HOWE, JAMES H.                         KS-16-3-144
HOWE, SAMUEL G.                        KS-16-2-35
HOWE, SAMUEL G.                        KS-16-2-70
HOWELL, WILLIAM DAVID                  KS-16-2-385
HOWER, SUSAN                           KS-16-3-278
HUBER, JOSEPH                          KS-16-6-288
HUBER, THEODORA                        KS-16-4-405
HUGHES, EDWARD W.                      KS-16-6-9
HULSE, JOB                             KS-16-3-187
HUMPHREYS, LEWIS                       KS-16-5-181
HUNT, JACOB                            KS-16-3-201
HUNT, SAMSON                           KS-16-6-222
HUTCHINSON, MARGARET A.                KS-16-3-7
HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM E.                 KS-16-3-301
HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM E.                 KS-16-3-287
ILLINGSWORTH, RHODES                   KS-16-2-124
INGLE, WILLIAM                         KS-16-4-355
ISCH, NIKOLUS                          KS-16-6-140
JACKSON, ANDREW                        KS-16-4-92
JAFFRAY, EDWARD T.                     KS-16-3-20
JARDON, ARSENE                         KS-16-3-238
JENNINGS, R. D.                        KS-16-6-177
JOHNSON, ALBERT G.                     KS-16-3-53
JOHNSON, JULIA A.                      KS-16-4-116
JOHNSON, THOMAS                        KS-16-3-368
JOHNSON, W. H.                         KS-16-6-21
JONES, ABIJAH                          KS-16-2-318
JONES, DAVID M.                        KS-16-3-68
JONES, ELIZA B.                        KS-16-5-156
JONES, ELIZABETH D.                    KS-16-6-180
JONES, HAROLD L.                       KS-16-6-40
JONES, HUGH F.                         KS-16-6-1
JONES, JOHN F.                         KS-16-2-33
JONS, WILLIAM R.                       KS-16-1-15
JORDAN, KATE                           KS-16-4-110
JORDAN, Q. A.                          KS-16-2-105
KAHUT, CHARLES                         KS-16-3-173
KAHUT, SOPHIE                          KS-16-4-295
KAUFMANN, EDWARD                       KS-16-5-409
KAUFMANN, JOHN                         KS-16-6-13
KELLEY, HARRISON                       KS-16-3-147
KELLY, ADALINE                         KS-16-5-232
KELLY, CHARLES                         KS-16-2-396
KELLY, TIMOTHY                         KS-16-4-149
KENDERDINE, CHARLES S.                 KS-16-4-10
KENT, KATE SIMSON                      KS-16-3-402
KENT, ORSON                            KS-16-4-94
KERNS, MILTON W.                       KS-16-5-185
KILBON, HIRAM                          KS-16-4-153
KIMBAL, JOHN WESLEY                    KS-16-5-384
KIMBALL, CHARLES                       KS-16-2-283
KING, CYRENE W.                        KS-16-6-345
KING, ISAAC                            KS-16-4-132
KINGSBURY, BURTON                      KS-16-2-437
KINGSBURY, BURTON L.                   KS-16-4-143
KINNEY, B. F.                          KS-16-6-67
KINNEY, NANCY M.                       KS-16-6-350
KIRKHAM, ELIZABETH M.                  KS-16-5-202
KIRKHAM, F. C.                         KS-16-2-440
KIRKPATRICK, THOMAS B.                 KS-16-3-194
KLEIN, D. B.                           KS-16-6-212
KLINE, JACOB                           KS-16-5-289
KNIGHT, JOHN                           KS-16-2-195
KRAMER, CHARLES H.                     KS-16-4-61
KRUGER, J. SR.                         KS-16-6-310
KURTZ, FRED                            KS-16-4-314
LANE, AUGUSTUS W.                      KS-16-6-244
LANG, FANNIE E.                        KS-16-3-123
LAPHAM, MARTHA C.                      KS-16-3-159
LARUE, W. J. SR.                       KS-16-3-209
LAWRENCE, GEORGE E.                    KS-16-5-1
LAWRENCE, RICHARD C.                   KS-16-3-155
LAWSON, W. J. DR.                      KS-16-6-216
LEARNARD, HARLEY                       KS-16-1-50
LEINBAUGH, MARY S.                     KS-16-6-107
LEMCKE, EUGENE C.                      KS-16-5-123
LEONARD, JOHN                          KS-16-5-222
LEVERING, WILLIAM A.                   KS-16-2-11
LOGSDON, WILLIAM D.                    KS-16-3-284
LONGACRE, MISSOURI ANN                 KS-16-4-284
LOWE, A. J.                            KS-16-2-465
LYLE, ALEXANDER                        KS-16-3-413
MAGRUDER, WILLIAM W.                   KS-16-3-265
MAHAFFEY, SARAH A.                     KS-16-5-171
MAHONEY, BRIDGET                       KS-16-6-50
MAHONEY, CORNELIUS                     KS-16-5-403
MAJORS, ELIZABETH                      KS-16-2-267
MALLANNY, CORNELIUS                    KS-16-2-86
MANSON, WILLIAM                        KS-16-5-348
MARKHAM, CHANCY R.                     KS-16-2-389
MATHER, ADELIA                         KS-16-5-320
MATHER, ADELIA                         KS-16-5-332
MATHER, SARAH                          KS-16-3-405
MCBLAIN, ELLA T. SOVERHILL             KS-16-3-325
MCCARTNEY, JOSEPH                      KS-16-2-79
MCCLINTOCK, JAMES                      KS-16-2-12
MCCOMBS, ELIZA                         KS-16-2-38
MCCOMBS, JOHN                          KS-16-5-363
MCCONNELL, G. W.                       KS-16-4-236
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM L.                  KS-16-2-43
MCCORMICK, DAVID                       KS-16-2-199
MCCULLOUGH, JETHRO J.                  KS-16-2-243
MCDANIEL, DELOPLAINE                   KS-16-2-250
MCGINNIS, CYNTHIA                      KS-16-2-345
MCGINNIS, THOMAS S.                    KS-16-2-270
MCGLAUFLIN, THOMAS J.                  KS-16-5-346
MCINTIRE, J. T.                        KS-16-6-279
MCKEE, JAMES ALEXANDER                 KS-16-6-104
MCLEAN, WILLIAM                        KS-16-2-115
MCMAHON, NANCY                         KS-16-5-268
MCMILLAN, URIAH G.                     KS-16-2-152
MCMULLEN, DANIEL                       KS-16-6-36
MCMURPHY, J. C.                        KS-16-2-474
MCPROUD, JAMES                         KS-16-6-229
MCQURSTON, ROBERT                      KS-16-1-34
MCWILLIAMS, SUSAN                      KS-16-5-94
MELLOR, ANN E.                         KS-16-6-267
MENTZER, JAPHETH                       KS-16-6-261
MENZIE, JACOB                          KS-16-3-114
METZLER, P. S.                         KS-16-3-419
MEYERS, MAGGIE A.                      KS-16-6-26
MICKENS, JOHN                          KS-16-6-302
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      KS-16-4-80
MILLER, JAMES W.                       KS-16-5-270
MILLER, JOHN C.                        KS-16-5-356
MILLER, LEVI                           KS-16-4-352
MILLER, MARY                           KS-16-4-134
MILLER, SAMUEL W.                      KS-16-5-313
MILLIKEN, CHARLES                      KS-16-5-113
MINICH, JESSE S.                       KS-16-5-274
MITCHELL, GARRY                        KS-16-4-242
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       KS-16-2-425
MITCHELL, THOMAS                       KS-16-3-88
MOORE, ALLEN M.                        KS-16-3-47
MOORE, CATHARINE                       KS-16-5-148
MOORE, JOHN                            KS-16-3-180
MOORE, JOHN B.                         KS-16-4-28
MOORE, MARY A.                         KS-16-3-248
MORRIS, EDWARD                         KS-16-6-388
MORRISON, SUSAN J.                     KS-16-4-14
MORTIMER, JOHN                         KS-16-5-173
MORTON, E. F.                          KS-16-5-380
MOSIER, PHILIP C.                      KS-16-6-114
MURDEN, THOMAS BOLIN                   KS-16-1-4
MYERS, BASSET A.                       KS-16-3-393
MYERS, FRANK                           KS-16-4-270
MYERS, WILLIAM H.                      KS-16-6-22
NANERTS, M. J.                         KS-16-5-184
NEELY, JOHN H.                         KS-16-5-15
NESBIT, J. H.                          KS-16-6-246
NEWLAN, ELIZABETH                      KS-16-3-119
NEWLAND, FORREST E.                    KS-16-6-333
NEYHART, A. T.                         KS-16-6-92
NOBLE, JOHN S.                         KS-16-5-98
NOE, PHEBE                             KS-16-6-146
NUTT, ROBERT SR.                       KS-16-3-367
NUTT, ROBERT SR.                       KS-16-4-15
OAKLEY, PETER                          KS-16-3-334
ODONNELL, WILLIAM                      KS-16-3-81
OGDEN, STEPHEN                         KS-16-4-318
ONEAL, MAHONY                          KS-16-1-12
OSBORN, JOANE                          KS-16-4-275
OWENS, DAVID O.                        KS-16-4-191
OWENS, O. L.                           KS-16-6-403
OWENS, THOMAS                          KS-16-2-139
PAINE, MORGAN H.                       KS-16-2-175
PARKER, JAMES H.                       KS-16-4-409
PARSON, JACOB                          KS-16-3-264
PARSONS, SILAS                         KS-16-4-220
PARTRIDGE, FRANKLIN                    KS-16-4-375
PATE, MARTHA A.                        KS-16-5-319
PEARCE, GEORGE                         KS-16-5-200
PEARCE, GEORGE                         KS-16-2-335
PEARCE, LAURA                          KS-16-2-446
PENNYBAKER, ISAAC S.                   KS-16-4-29
PERES, C. A.                           KS-16-5-266
PERRY, W. R.                           KS-16-5-204
PETERS, DON F. C.                      KS-16-2-76
PIERSON, DAVID A.                      KS-16-2-92
PINNOCK, GEORGE M.                     KS-16-3-16
POIRE, JOSEPH                          KS-16-4-140
POVENMIRE, J. A.                       KS-16-5-188
PRESTON, AARON SR.                     KS-16-2-1
PUGH, MILLIE                           KS-16-6-15
PUGH, WESLEY                           KS-16-2-337
PYLES, JACOB B.                        KS-16-6-203
QUIGGLE, J. M.                         KS-16-6-283
QUIGLLE, JOHN G.                       KS-16-3-409
RALSTON, JOSEPH                        KS-16-5-65
RANDALL, DANIEL B.                     KS-16-6-252
RANNEY, OSCAR M.                       KS-16-4-371
RAPIER, H. E.                          KS-16-6-88
RAPIER, MARIE                          KS-16-2-371
RATHMELL, MARY E.                      KS-16-6-162
REED, FREDERICK B.                     KS-16-5-62
REED, REBECCA A.                       KS-16-6-198
REYNOLDS, THOMAS B.                    KS-16-4-160
RICE, JOHN                             KS-16-6-249
RICHMOND, ROLLIN                       KS-16-5-189
RIDENOUR, PETER D.                     KS-16-5-177
RILEY, GLENN SHERMAN                   KS-16-6-328
ROBBINS, JOHN                          KS-16-3-74
ROBBINS, LILLIE T.                     KS-16-5-272
ROBERDS, WILLIAM                       KS-16-6-151
ROBERTS, DAVID                         KS-16-4-82
ROBERTS, JOHN                          KS-16-4-19
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                       KS-16-6-151
ROBEY, HULDAH                          KS-16-3-313
ROBEY, HULDAH                          KS-16-3-241
ROCKWELL, SARAH E.                     KS-16-5-387
ROMARY, ANN                            KS-16-2-463
ROMARY, WILLIAM                        KS-16-1-42
ROONEY, ROBERT W.                      KS-16-1-88
ROSE, O. W.                            KS-16-2-309
ROSS, GEORGE W.                        KS-16-5-170
ROTCH, BENJAMIN S.                     KS-16-2-322
RUCKER, FANNIE S.                      KS-16-4-145
RULLIER, J. J.                         KS-16-3-162
RUSSELL, ADALINE                       KS-16-4-303
RUSSELL, PRINTON                       KS-16-2-451
RUSSELL, THOMAS P.                     KS-16-4-77
RYAN, JOHN                             KS-16-2-137
RYAN, SARAH C.                         KS-16-3-196
SALING, WILLIAM                        KS-16-2-83
SANDELL, LEVENE J.                     KS-16-5-20
SANFORD, BENJAMIN                      KS-16-2-90
SAUERESSIG, J. V.                      KS-16-6-394
SAUERESSIG, JOHN PETER R.              KS-16-3-244
SAVAGE, WILLIAM                        KS-16-4-211
SAVAGE, WILLIAM P.                     KS-16-2-97
SCHAAF, MILO                           KS-16-5-365
SCHLICHTER, LORENZ                     KS-16-4-360
SCHNECK, SEBASTIAN                     KS-16-4-73
SCOTT, ALBERT. L.                      KS-16-3-109
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         KS-16-2-277
SCOTTEN, JOHN P.                       KS-16-5-58
SEARS, WARREN C.                       KS-16-6-11
SHAFFER, JESSE                         KS-16-5-70
SHAWBELL, JOHN G.                      KS-16-4-112
SHEAFOR, L. S.                         KS-16-2-421
SHEEHAN, JOHN                          KS-16-3-233
SHEELEY, R. S.NTL                      KS-16-4-174
SHEMBERGER, SAMUEL                     KS-16-5-334
SHIPLEY, C. B.                         KS-16-5-208
SHORT, SAVILLA A.                      KS-16-6-191
SHRODER, IDA B.                        KS-16-6-82
SHULTZ, JACOB F.                       KS-16-5-396
SKILES, HENRY HAMILTON                 KS-16-2-414
SMART, WILLIAM J.                      KS-16-2-364
SMITH, ISAAC S.                        KS-16-3-207
SMITH, PERSONS H.                      KS-16-2-52
SMITH, PHILLIP H.                      KS-16-5-358
SMITH, THOMAS                          KS-16-4-105
SNODGRASS, HANNAH                      KS-16-2-10
SNYDER, MICHAEL                        KS-16-2-312
SOUTH, S. C.                           KS-16-5-373
SPURGEON, MARY A.                      KS-16-3-426
STANLEY, MARIAH L.                     KS-16-5-367
STEEL, JOHN A.                         KS-16-1-29
STEEL, LAWSON                          KS-16-2-81
STEVENS, ROBERT S.                     KS-16-4-232
STEVENSON, DANIEL                      KS-16-3-213
STEWART, SAMUEL                        KS-16-3-112
STICE, DAVID                           KS-16-2-25
STINSON, TONY                          KS-16-5-176
STOFFELS, ETA                          KS-16-3-51
STONEMAN, HANNAH                       KS-16-4-289
STOUTEMYER, ISAAC                      KS-16-3-150
STRAWN, ENOS                           KS-16-3-129
STRAWN, SARAH                S         KS-16-3-129
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM                    KS-16-3-222
STRUBLE, JOHN S.                       KS-16-5-207
STUBBLEFIELD, LAVINIA                  KS-16-1-22
STUDEBAKER, JACOB W.                   KS-16-2-419
SUPERNAW, A. G.                        KS-16-3-46
SUTER, A. G.                           KS-16-3-215
SWARTZ, DAVID G.                       KS-16-4-51
SWINDLER, W. W.                        KS-16-6-358
SWOPE, CORNELIUS E.                    KS-16-2-401
TAMBLIN, LEONARD                       KS-16-1-1
TATMAN, ELIZABETH                      KS-16-4-118
TAYLOR, MARY J.                        KS-16-6-377
TELFORD, ROBERT                        KS-16-3-377
THAYER, CHAUNCEY R.                    KS-16-3-184
THAYER, CHAUNCY R.                     KS-16-3-176
THAYER, JOSHUA B.                      KS-16-2-448
THOMAS, ADAM S.                        KS-16-6-171
THOMAS, ANN                            KS-16-4-103
THOMAS, CORNELIUS W.                   KS-16-1-70
THOMAS, EDWARD                         KS-16-1-17
THOMAS, T. J.                          KS-16-2-449
THOMPSON, CLARA                        KS-16-4-100
THOMPSON, JOSEPH H.                    KS-16-2-300
THOMPSON, MARY E.                      KS-16-3-29
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                       KS-16-2-276
THURBER, NATHANIEL                     KS-16-2-19
TILLOTSON, A. E.                       KS-16-6-308
TILTON, ELIJAH                         KS-16-5-198
TROXEL, DAVID                          KS-16-4-120
TRUE, MARY E.                          KS-16-4-216
TULEY, CHARLES B.                      KS-16-2-434
TURPIN, ROBERT                         KS-16-3-142
VANSLYCK, ESTHER                       KS-16-2-476
VEACH, ARTHUR                          KS-16-3-350
VEACH, ARTHUR                          KS-16-3-357
VENABLE, E. MARY                       KS-16-3-217
VETITO, JOHN                           KS-16-2-45
WAGNER, PAULINE                        KS-16-4-382
WALKER, MARION                         KS-16-2-472
WALKER, VIRGINIA                       KS-16-6-18
WALLAHAN, FRANK                        KS-16-2-213
WARD, EPHRIAM                          KS-16-2-187
WARD, HENRY                            KS-16-5-35
WATKINS, GEORGE E.                     KS-16-6-208
WATROUS, JOHN E.                       KS-16-5-328
WEBB, DELILA                           KS-16-2-477
WEBBER, ALBERT J.                      KS-16-6-134
WEIGAND, FRANCIS L.                    KS-16-5-211
WEIGAND, MARY                          KS-16-6-258
WEIPPERT, CHRISTIAN J.                 KS-16-3-164
WELKE, EDWARD                          KS-16-2-178
WELLS, AUGUSTA                         KS-16-6-383
WERTS, ELIZABETH J.                    KS-16-5-276
WETHERBEE, GEORGE E.                   KS-16-2-148
WHARTON, ELENAOR J.                    KS-16-3-268
WHARTON, JOSEPH                        KS-16-2-201
WHETSTONE, ABRAHAM                     KS-16-5-7
WHILDIN, JACOB E.                      KS-16-3-443
WHISTLER, JOHN H.                      KS-16-2-15
WIGSTON, JANE                          KS-16-3-3
WIGSTON, WILLIAM                       KS-16-3-1
WILKINSON, CICERO                      KS-16-2-8
WILKINSON, THOMAS                      KS-16-4-396
WILKINSON, THOMAS SPARROW              KS-16-3-357
WILKINSON, THOMAS SPARROW              KS-16-3-338
WILLETT, PHILLIP S.                    KS-16-2-297
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         KS-16-2-47
WILLIAMS, MALINDA BALDWIN              KS-16-6-225
WILLIAMS, O. T.                        KS-16-2-467
WILLIAMS, POLLY                        KS-16-5-193
WILLIAMS, TILLY                        KS-16-5-228
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM H.                   KS-16-5-337
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM L.                   KS-16-4-164
WILLIS, REBECCA MOORE                  KS-16-3-101
WILSON, CLABOURN                       KS-16-4-346
WILSON, ELIZA                          KS-16-6-201
WILSON, JOHN T.                        KS-16-2-410
WILSON, LEAH                           KS-16-4-179
WILSON, THOMAS                         KS-16-2-74
WISE, JOHN M.                          KS-16-6-166
WISE, LOUISA V.                        KS-16-4-323
WISEMAN, ELLEN                         KS-16-6-53
WONSER, ELANSON                        KS-16-2-391
WOOD, CHARLES H.                       KS-16-1-53
WOOD, GUILFORD AWOOD                   KS-16-5-323
WOODARD, PHILANDER H.                  KS-16-2-236
WOODCOCK, AMOS                         KS-16-2-479
WOODFORD, ALANSON                      KS-16-2-204
WOODFORD, MARY E.                      KS-16-2-293
WOOLINGTON, HARRISON                   KS-16-6-183
WOOSTER, JOHN M.                       KS-16-4-280
WORRELL, WILLIAM                       KS-16-1-39
WRIGHT, ANDREW R.                      KS-16-3-302
YATES, CATHARINE                       KS-16-6-31
YOULE, WILLIAM                         KS-16-4-413
YOUNG, JOSHUA B.                       KS-16-5-132
ZEIGLER, JACOB                         KS-16-3-72

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