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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1839-1869 | 2-6= ? |
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ADAMS, ROBERT                           IN-92-1-63
ANDREWS, WAVILAH                        IN-92-1-17
AVEY, LOUERA                            IN-92-1-70
BAKER, PETER                            IN-92-1-370
BAKER, SARAH                            IN-92-1-378
BLAIN, ALEX M.                          IN-92-1-360
BLAIR, JAMES                            IN-92-1-68
BOGGS, WILLIAM                          IN-92-1-15
BONDAY, GREGORY                         IN-92-1-14
BONNER, PHILIP D.                       IN-92-1-89
BRIGGEMAN, HENRY                        IN-92-1-387
BURCH,Z EBULON                          IN-92-1-7
BURKHOLDER, JOSEPH                      IN-92-1-163
CARPENTER, UNIAH F.                     IN-92-1-393
CARRAGER, ABRAHAM                       IN-92-1-126
CLARK, PATRICK                          IN-92-1-111
CLUSTON, ASHER                          IN-92-1-336
COLLINS, NANCY                          IN-92-1-78
COLLNS, JOHN                            IN-92-1-25
COMPTON, JAMES                          IN-92-1-342
COOLMAN, ADAM                           IN-92-1-177
COPPER, SAMUEL G.                       IN-92-1-350
CRAIG, DAVID                            IN-92-1-67
CREAGER, PETER                          IN-92-1-23
CUMMONS, NICHOLES                       IN-92-1-226
CUPPY, JOHN                             IN-92-1-57
CUYKENDALL, JAMES D.                    IN-92-1-411
DARMER, JOHN                            IN-92-1-56
DAUGHERTY, CHRISTOPHER                  IN-92-1-348
DAVIS, EVEN                             IN-92-1-30
DAVIS, JACOB                            IN-92-1-85
DEPOY, NICHOLAS                         IN-92-1-331
DEVILLE, JOHN                           IN-92-1-353
EGOLF, JOSEPH                           IN-92-1-59
ESCOTT, SARAH ELLEN                     IN-92-1-124
ESSIG, GEORGE                           IN-92-1-355
ESSINGER, JACOB                         IN-92-1-340
FLORA, PETER                            IN-92-1-28
FORSYTH, JANE                           IN-92-1-141
FOSTER, GEORGE H.                       IN-92-1-196
GELZLICHTER, JOHN                       IN-92-1-373
GODFREY, LARRISSY                       IN-92-1-95
GOLDSMITH, WALTER                       IN-92-1-204
GRAVES, JAMES                           IN-92-1-151
HAMILTON, MARY                          IN-92-1-407
HARMAH, HENRY                           IN-92-1-31
HEDGES, JAMES                           IN-92-1-74
HELFRICK, NIHCOLAS                      IN-92-1-358
HOOPER, JACOB                           IN-92-1-83
JEFFRIES, HARBERT                       IN-92-1-102
JEFFRIES, WYATT                         IN-92-1-419
JONES, CURTIS                           IN-92-1-61
KEENOLD, CHRISTIAN                      IN-92-1-403
KEPLER, CHRISTOPHER                     IN-92-1-81
KINSEY, CHRISTIAN                       IN-92-1-121
KIRTZ, ELIZA                            IN-92-1-413
KOPLIN, WILLIAM P.                      IN-92-1-167
KRIDER, MARY                            IN-92-1-183
KUERHEAM, JUSTIN                        IN-92-1-429
LATIMER, SAMUEL                         IN-92-1-365
LATNER, FANNY                           IN-92-1-189
LONG, JESSE WITT                        IN-92-1-145
MAIRES, JOHN R.                         IN-92-1-363
MAIRES, JOHN R.                         IN-92-1-416
MAIRES, LENNIE                          IN-92-1-363
MALONEY, PATRICK                        IN-92-1-149
MARTIN, BENJAMIN I.                     IN-92-1-3
MARTIN, STEPHEN                         IN-92-1-104
MAYNARD, JOHN                           IN-92-1-96
MCCURDY, JOHN                           IN-92-1-132
MCNAMARA, MALISSA C.                    IN-92-1-400
MEEK, LORENZO D.                        IN-92-1-100
MEISER, ELI                             IN-92-1-98
MILES, ENOS                             IN-92-1-130
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-92-1-134
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-92-1-18
MILLER, SAMUEL                          IN-92-1-208
MINER, MARTHA EMMA                      IN-92-1-119
MOSHER, BENONA                          IN-92-1-5
MOSSMAN, JOSEPH L.                      IN-92-1-223
NIX, NICHOLAS                           IN-92-1-383
OWENS, OWEN T.                          IN-92-1-2
PAGE, RUFUS W. A.                       IN-92-1-192
PAKE, ISCIAC                            IN-92-1-106
PALMER, SAMUEL                          IN-92-1-87
PERIN, JESSE                            IN-92-1-137
PERKINS, JAMES                          IN-92-1-1
PIERCE, JOSEPH                          IN-92-1-72
PLATNER, JACOB                          IN-92-1-175
POND, CHARLES                           IN-92-1-228
POUIPEY, CLABOURN                       IN-92-1-65
POWELL, SAMUEL                          IN-92-1-4
RADCLIFF, JESSE                         IN-92-1-179
RAMP, PHILIP                            IN-92-1-165
REASE, LEWIS                            IN-92-1-10
REISER, JACOB                           IN-92-1-169
RINDERMANN, CHARLES                     IN-92-1-171
RITTENHOUSE, GEORGE D.                  IN-92-1-33
ROBISON, HENRY                          IN-92-1-52
RYAN, CATHERINE                         IN-92-1-381
SCHERMERHOUR, JOHN S.                   IN-92-1-42
SHAFFER, JACOB W.                       IN-92-1-159
SHEFFER, JOHN                           IN-92-1-186
SHRINER, PETER                          IN-92-1-12
SHULER, EMANUEL                         IN-92-1-54
SICKAFOOSE, ELIZABETH                   IN-92-1-199
STEELE, ADAM                            IN-92-1-116
STEINER, ALBERT                         IN-92-1-367
STEWART, LEWIS                          IN-92-1-375
TINKHERM, JOSEPH                        IN-92-1-128
TOUSLEY,D AVID                          IN-92-1-93
TOWNSEND, JOHN                          IN-92-1-37
VANWOERT, HARMON                        IN-92-1-211
WAGERLY, JOHN                           IN-92-1-21
WALKER, GEORGE                          IN-92-1-390
WEBB, OTTO M.                           IN-92-1-113
WERRICK, EDWARD C.                      IN-92-1-154
WILSON, ROBERT                          IN-92-1-109
WINDLE, PETER                           IN-92-1-143
WOBAN, JOHN                             IN-92-1-201
WORTH, DAVID                            IN-92-1-35
WYSLOP, ROBERT                          IN-92-1-213

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