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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1835-1855 | 2=1855-1880 | 3-5= ? |
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ADAMS, SILAS                 IN-91-2-3
ALKIRE, HARNESS              IN-91-2-409
AMICK, JONATHAN              IN-91-2-382
ANDERSON, JOHN R.            IN-91-2-67
BALL, BARBARA H.             IN-91-2-75
BARE, HENRY                  IN-91-1-94
BARNES, ALLEN                IN-91-2-405
BARR, JOHN SR.               IN-91-1-44
BARTLETT, GEORGE R.          IN-91-2-193
BATES, ANN                   IN-91-2-341
BEARD, THOMAS                IN-91-1-91
BERKEY, DAVID                IN-91-2-241
BERKEY, JOHN                 IN-91-2-222
BEST, ADAM                   IN-91-1-17
BISHOP, DAVID                IN-91-1-7
BLAKE, JOHN                  IN-91-2-112
BOLLES, D. C.                IN-91-2-279
BRADFORD, WILLIAM            IN-91-2-83
BRITTON, JOSEPH              IN-91-1-29
BROCKUS, NANCY A.            IN-91-2-400
BROWN, ELIZABETH             IN-91-2-73
BROWN, OBADIAH B.            IN-91-2-3
BRUSH, DANIEL                IN-91-2-158
BULLER, JOHN V.              IN-91-2-81
BUNNELL, NATHANIEL           IN-91-1-63
BUNNELL, THOMAS              IN-91-2-172
BURNS, HUGH                  IN-91-1-21
BURNS, LIBORER M.            IN-91-2-370
BURR, JAMES                  IN-91-2-321
BYRKIL, SIMON                IN-91-2-198
CARNAHAN, JAMES A.           IN-91-2-365
CARNAHAN, PETER              IN-91-2-359
CARSON, JAMES A.             IN-91-2-102
CHRISTY, ELLEN               IN-91-2-253
COCHELL, JOHN                IN-91-2-202
COMPTON, DAVID               IN-91-2-418
COON, RUBEN S.               IN-91-2-8
CORDER, SARAH                IN-91-2-35
COURTRIGHT, SAMUEL           IN-91-2-390
CRICHFIELD, WILLIAM          IN-91-2-42
CRISWELL, ROBERT             IN-91-2-354
CROSE, JAMES N.              IN-91-2-109
DALE, DANIEL                 IN-91-2-185
DAVIS, ABEL                  IN-91-1-37
DAVIS, ISAAC                 IN-91-2-361
DIBRA, JACOB                 IN-91-2-114
DIVINPORT, JOHN              IN-91-1-10
DOUGLAS, JAMES H.            IN-91-2-329
EASTWOOD, PETER              IN-91-2-37
ELLIOTT, GEORGE W.           IN-91-1-108
ELLIOTT, JAMES B.            IN-91-1-5
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM             IN-91-1-31
ELSTON, LEWIS                IN-91-2-15
EWING, GEORGE W.             IN-91-2-94
FISHER, ALFRED               IN-91-2-196
FISHER, BENJAMIN R.          IN-91-2-103
FISHER, ELIZABETH            IN-91-2-386
FISHER, SAMUEL               IN-91-2-14
FRASER, ELIZABETH            IN-91-2-134
FRASER, MAHLON               IN-91-1-11
FRASER, WILLIAM              IN-91-2-372
FRAZEE, STEPHEN              IN-91-2-339
FURGUSON, JOHN               IN-91-2-10
GARDINER, ARCHIBALD          IN-91-2-343
GATES, RODRICK               IN-91-1-52
GATES, WILLIAM               IN-91-1-14
GLASFORD, HENRY              IN-91-2-47
GLAZE, JOSHUA                IN-91-1-84
GOBLE, ANDREW                IN-91-2-420
GUNTRIP, JOHN                IN-91-2-224
HACKETT, JOHN                IN-91-2-210
HALL, ESTHER M.              IN-91-2-346
HALL, JOHN 2ND               IN-91-2-351
HARBOLT, JONATHAN            IN-91-2-217
HARDY, CHRISTOPHER           IN-91-2-231
HARVEY, HENRY L.             IN-91-2-248
HASKINS, ELIZABTH            IN-91-2-29
HERMAN, FRANKLIN J.          IN-91-2-25
HERSHE, ABRAHAM              IN-91-2-130
HIGH, SARAH E.               IN-91-2-407
HILLER, WILLIAM              IN-91-2-128
HIORTH, H. E.                IN-91-1-26
HIORTH, HANS ERASMUS         IN-91-1-1
HORNBACK, MARGARET           IN-91-2-61
HORNE, GUSTAVUS H.           IN-91-2-375
HUGHES, ELLIS                IN-91-2-229
HUGHES, JOHN C.              IN-91-2-200
HULL, PHOEBE                 IN-91-2-307
JACKS, ISAAC                 IN-91-2-86
JOHNSON, CATHARINE           IN-91-2-16
JOHNSON, JAMES S.            IN-91-2-146
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.          IN-91-2-328
KAHLER, CHARLES              IN-91-2-77
KAHLER, HENRY                IN-91-2-153
KENMAN, ADAM                 IN-91-2-330
KISTLER, JAMES               IN-91-2-276
KNIGHT, JOHN W.              IN-91-2-237
KYSER, MARTIN                IN-91-2-239
LAWRIS, ALEXANDER            IN-91-2-213
LAYMAN, GAVIN M.             IN-91-2-136
LAYMAN, JOHN                 IN-91-1-73
LOFLAND, HENRY C.            IN-91-2-144
LOGAN, JOHN                  IN-91-2-27
LONENECKER, JACOB            IN-91-2-314
LUCY, EDWARD                 IN-91-2-39
LUSE, JOHN                   IN-91-2-337
LUSE, MARY JANE              IN-91-2-394
MAGEE, EMPIRE A.             IN-91-2-257
MATLOCK, JOSEPH H.           IN-91-2-330
MATTIX, CHRISTOPHER          IN-91-2-413
MCBETH, WILLIAM              IN-91-1-105
MCCLOUD, WALLACE             IN-91-2-15
MCCLURE, THOMAS              IN-91-2-300
MCCOLLUM, THOMAS M.          IN-91-2-415
MCINTIRE, SAMUEL D.          IN-91-2-44
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS           IN-91-1-24
MILLER, ELIZABETH F.         IN-91-2-384
MORECRAFT, JOHN              IN-91-2-175
MUNDY, FANNY                 IN-91-2-120
NEEL, SAMUEL                 IN-91-2-65
NEWELL, CHARLOTTE            IN-91-2-132
PATTERSON, JAMES M.          IN-91-1-110
PAUGH, GEORGE                IN-91-2-111
PAUGH, JOSEPH                IN-91-2-319
PERRY, OLIVER                IN-91-2-350
POMEROY, BENJAMIN            IN-91-2-31
POOL, DANIEL G.              IN-91-2-99
PRICE, PETER                 IN-91-2-334
PRIDE, MARTHA S.             IN-91-2-12
RAMEY, MARY                  IN-91-2-63
REAMS, JONATHAN              IN-91-2-49
REAMS, TAVNER W.             IN-91-2-19
REDDISH, ROBERT              IN-91-1-47
RENWICK, ANDREW              IN-91-1-19
REYNOLDS, ISAAC SR.          IN-91-1-8
REYNOLDS, JOHN               IN-91-2-71
REYNOLDS, LEVI SR.           IN-91-2-188
RINTOUL, JOHN A.             IN-91-2-205
ROBY, HENRY                  IN-91-2-70
RODGERS, MATHEW H.           IN-91-2-317
ROLLINS, TRUMAN              IN-91-1-116
ROSS, BENJAMIN R.            IN-91-2-7
ROTHROCK, JOHN               IN-91-2-21
ROTHROCK, JOSEPH             IN-91-2-124
SAUNDERSON, W. E.            IN-91-2-243
SCOTT, ALEXANDER             IN-91-2-378
SEYMOUR, EDWARD B.           IN-91-2-348
SHAFER, ANDREW               IN-91-2-312
SHAFER, SAMUEL               IN-91-2-264
SHORTRIDGE, ELISHA           IN-91-1-96
SHOUP, HARRIET               IN-91-2-139
SHULL, JONATHAN              IN-91-1-100
SLAUGTER, JONATHAN           IN-91-2-234
SMITH, ABEL T.               IN-91-2-259
SMITH, ABRHAAM               IN-91-2-59
SMITH, JAMES                 IN-91-2-100
SMITH, JOHN W.               IN-91-1-58
SMITH, PETER B.              IN-91-1-55
SMITH, PETER BAGGE           IN-91-1-3
SPENCER, GEORGE A.           IN-91-2-105
SPENCER, ROBERT              IN-91-2-69
SPENCER, THOMAS              IN-91-2-327
STEPHENS, EDITH              IN-91-2-215
SULLENBERGER, DANIEL         IN-91-2-191
SUMMERS, JOHN                IN-91-2-166
TAYLOR, AUSTIN B.            IN-91-2-88
TEDFORD, HENRY P.            IN-91-2-250
THOMAS, EVAN                 IN-91-1-33
THORNTON, ELIZA C.           IN-91-2-182
TILDEN, BENJAMIN F.          IN-91-1-104
TILTON, ELIJAH               IN-91-2-1
VANHENTEN, JOSEPH R.         IN-91-2-357
VANNATTI, MARIA              IN-91-2-268
VANVOORST, CATHARINE         IN-91-2-122
VANVOORST, JOHN              IN-91-2-92
VANVOORST, SYLVANUS          IN-91-2-273
VINNEDGE, JOHN D.            IN-91-1-23
WALL, DANIEL                 IN-91-2-169
WALL, PHILURZ                IN-91-2-363
WARD, HENRY                  IN-91-2-126
WARDEN, NIMROD               IN-91-1-69
WARNICK, JOHN                IN-91-2-151
WELCH, JOSEPH                IN-91-1-77
WHEATON, SILAS               IN-91-2-79
WHITLOW, ISAAC               IN-91-2-23
WIESA, FERDINAND             IN-91-2-3235
WILBER, MARY ANN             IN-91-2-177
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH          IN-91-2-226
WILLIAMS, PHILIP             IN-91-1-40
WILSON, ISAAC                IN-91-2-397
WILSON, JOHN P.              IN-91-2-116
WILSON, LUTHER H.            IN-91-1-88
WILSON, MARTHA               IN-91-2-323
WILSON, WILLIAM              IN-91-1-113
WIRTZ, FREDERICK             IN-91-2-220
WORTHINGTON, RICHARD         IN-91-2-107
WRIGHT, MARY                 IN-91-2-332
WRIGHT, STEPHEN P.           IN-91-2-411
YORK, JEPTHA M.              IN-91-2-148
YUILL, ANDREW                IN-91-2-118

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