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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1838-1856 | 2-6 ?
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ANDESON, ISAAC                          IN-90-1-89
ARCHBOLD, PATRICK                       IN-90-1-102
BARBER, HALLET                          IN-90-1-45
BAYMAN, ANDREW                          IN-90-1-22
BENDER, JOHN                            IN-90-1-104
BLACKLEDGE, JOSEPH                      IN-90-1-71
BLOUNT, THOMAS                          IN-90-1-25
BOWERMASTER, MARY ANN                   IN-90-1-6
CLARK, WILLIAM                          IN-90-1-48
FERGUSON, THOMAS                        IN-90-1-28
GILBERT, WILLIAM                        IN-90-1-52
HARRIS, JONATHAN                        IN-90-1-40
HARVEY, JAMES                           IN-90-1-16
HENLINE, DAVID                          IN-90-1-97
JARRETT, JONAS                          IN-90-1-82
JENNINGS, JAMES                         IN-90-1-91
JONES, THOMAS J.                        IN-90-1-55
KEHR, JACOB                             IN-90-1-100
KEMP, SOLOMON                           IN-90-1-50
KING, JOHNSON                           IN-90-1-11
KING, MARTIN                            IN-90-1-35
LINDSEY, ALBERT                         IN-90-1-33
LINN, JOSHUA                            IN-90-1-74
MARQUIS, JAMES C.                       IN-90-1-18
MILLER, EDWARD Z.                       IN-90-1-69
MILLER, SARAH                           IN-90-1-43
MORGAN, JOHN                            IN-90-1-94
MOSSBURG, HENRY                         IN-90-1-9
MOSURE, JOHN                            IN-90-1-60
MYERS, SAMUEL                           IN-90-1-3
SCOTTON, JOHN                           IN-90-1-62
SPARKS, SOLOMON                         IN-90-1-64
TOBEY, ANNA                             IN-90-1-14
TOBEY, NOAH                             IN-90-1-1
VANELMON, JOHN                          IN-90-1-77
WALTZ, ELEPHALET                        IN-90-1-58
WASSON, GEORGE                          IN-90-1-86
WELCH, JAMES                            IN-90-1-37
WHITMAN, DAVID                          IN-90-1-30
YORK, JOSEPH                            IN-90-1-19

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