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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1821-1830 | 2=lost | A-L= 18 |
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ALBERTSON, CHALKLY                      IN-88-1-9, 213
ALLEN, ELISHA                           IN-88-1-300
BARNARD, SAMUEL                         IN-88-1-71
BOGUE, JESSE                            IN-88-1-296
BREWER, HENRY                           IN-88-1-137, 197
BUNDY, MOSES                            IN-88-1-169, 294
BUSH, JOHN                              IN-88-1-39
CARNS, LEONARD                          IN-88-1-44
CARR, ELISHA                            IN-88-1-59, 241
CARR, ELISHA                            IN-88-1-166, 242
CASE, WILLIAM                           IN-88-1-237, 258
COLGLASURE, JACOB                       IN-88-1-34
COOLEY, EDWARD                          IN-88-1-36
CRAIG, JOHN                             IN-88-1-24
DRAPER, THOMAS                          IN-88-1-1, 211
DURHAM, JOHN                            IN-88-1-17
EVANS, ROBERT                           IN-88-1-132, 200
EVANS, THOMAS                           IN-88-1-267
FISCUS, FREDERICK                       IN-88-1-282
GRANTHAM, JOSEPH                        IN-88-1-32
GRIMES, DANIEL                          IN-88-1-288
HATTABAUGH, GEORGE                      IN-88-1-26
HODGINS, WILLIAM                        IN-88-1-193, 291
JOHNSON, ARCHIBALD                      IN-88-1-16, 232
JORDAN, NAOMI                           IN-88-1-141, 184, 220
LIND, JAMES                             IN-88-1-65
LITTLE, ADONIJAH                        IN-88-1-190
LONG, JOSEPH                            IN-88-1-67, 241
MAHONEY, B. JAMES                       IN-88-1-4
MANNING, JOHN                           IN-88-1-107, 112
MCCOY, MALACHI                          IN-88-1-226
MCCOY, WILLIS                           IN-88-1-61
MCKINNEY, ARCHIBALD                     IN-88-1-47
MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM                       IN-88-1-82
MEGARVIN, PATRICK                       IN-88-1-30, 218
MITCHEL, ROBERT                         IN-88-1-83
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        IN-88-1-177
MOORE, ELIZABETH                        IN-88-1-41, 196
MOORE, JOSEPH                           IN-88-1-150, 196
MORRIS, RICHARD                         IN-88-1-117
MUNDEN, LEVI                            IN-88-1-105, 183
POWERS, JOSHUA                          IN-88-1-74, 236
PURSELL, WILLIAM                        IN-88-1-262
REEDER, JAMES                           IN-88-1-13
ROYSE, FREDERICK                        IN-88-1-102
SANDER, CHRISTLEY                       IN-88-1-51, 270
SANDY, WILLIAM                          IN-88-1-119, 184, 272
SELLERS, ROBERT                         IN-88-1-180, 232
STRAIN, JOHN                            IN-88-1-52, 272
TELFORD, JOHN SCOTT                     IN-88-1-265
THOMPSON, JOSHUA                        IN-88-1-76, 236
TRINKLE, CHRISTOPHER                    IN-88-1-252
VAUGHN, ISAAC                           IN-88-1-57, 216
WEBSTER, B. RICHARD                     IN-88-1-46
WHITE, MARY                             IN-88-1-127, 203, 220
WOODS, WILLIAM                          IN-88-1-189
YOUNG, JAMES                            IN-88-1-246

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