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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1831-1851 | 2-5= ? |
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ADAMS, JOSEPH                           IN-87-1-2
ARMER, ROBERT                           IN-87-1-192
ARNOLD, WILLIAM M.                      IN-87-1-46
BAKER, JOHN MCCOY                       IN-87-1-26
BAKER, SEBREN                           IN-87-1-65
BALDWIN, JOSEPH                         IN-87-1-3
BEITZ, SIMON                            IN-87-1-176
BETHE, FERDINAND                        IN-87-1-131
BOSTWICK, RIA                           IN-87-1-3
BOYD, ABRAHAM                           IN-87-1-107
BRACKENRIDGE, EMELINE R.                IN-87-1-102
BRACKENRIDGE, JOHN                      IN-87-1-32
BRADENCOMP, GOTTLIEB                    IN-87-1-190
BRIGHT, WILLIAM                         IN-87-1-42
BROONER, HIRAM                          IN-87-1-168
BROSHEARS, SAMUEL SR.                   IN-87-1-27
BROSHEARS, WILLIAM                      IN-87-1-71
BRYANT, WILLIAM                         IN-87-1-22
BURNS, EDWARD                           IN-87-1-26
CAMP, JOSEPH W.                         IN-87-1-199
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       IN-87-1-20
CASTLE, DAVID N.                        IN-87-1-44
CLINTON, JONATHAN                       IN-87-1-115
CLITEMAN, GEORGE                        IN-87-1-90
CONDICT, PHILIP L.                      IN-87-1-23
COX, JOHN                               IN-87-1-67
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID                       IN-87-1-105
DICKERSON, TRISTAN                      IN-87-1-160A
DIMICK, ELIZABETH                       IN-87-1-178
DIMICK, WILLIAM B.                      IN-87-1-109
DORSEY, MR.                             IN-87-1-25
DRAKE, JAMES                            IN-87-1-6
EARDMANN, CHRISTIAN                     IN-87-1-139
ELLIS, ROLAND                           IN-87-1-24
ELLIS, ROLLAND S.                       IN-87-1-163
ELLISON, JOHN                           IN-87-1-36
FRAME, DANIEL                           IN-87-1-16
FRAME, JAMES                            IN-87-1-18
FULLER, NANCY AND THOMAS                IN-87-1-181
FULLER, THOMAS AND NANCY                IN-87-1-181
GENTRY, SHELTON                         IN-87-1-5
GERMAN WILL, ---                        IN-87-1-41
GRAY, BENJAMIN                          IN-87-1-151
HARGER, JOHN                            IN-87-1-120
HARGRAVE, SETH                          IN-87-1-19
HARNED, JONATHAN                        IN-87-1-5
HART, WILLIAM                           IN-87-1-159
HEDGES, JOSEPH                          IN-87-1-99
HERRINGTON, ANGEL S.                    IN-87-1-158
HOLBROOK, DAVID                         IN-87-1-93
HOLBROOK, MABEL                         IN-87-1-51
HUDSON, ISAAC                           IN-87-1-7
INGLEHART, LEVI                         IN-87-1-146
JAMES, LEWIS                            IN-87-1-59
JOHNSON, JACOB SR.                      IN-87-1-13
JONES, JAMES                            IN-87-1-142
KARR, JOHN                              IN-87-1-50
LANKFORD, JOSEPH                        IN-87-1-197
LENN, THOMAS                            IN-87-1-166
MARTIN, DANIEL V.                       IN-87-1-38
MARTZ, JAMES                            IN-87-1-76
MAXEY, JOHN                             IN-87-1-96
MCCORD, JOHN                            IN-87-1-69
MCCORD, JOSEPH                          IN-87-1-78
MCGILL, MARY                            IN-87-1-74
MERIT, STEPHEN                          IN-87-1-135
MILLER, HIRAM S.                        IN-87-1-172
MILLER, PHILLIP HENRY                   IN-87-1-10
MILLER, PHILLIP HENRY                   IN-87-1-186
MOORE, THOMAS                           IN-87-1-85
MORAN, UNICE                            IN-87-1-138
MORGAN, ANTHONY                         IN-87-1-47
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         IN-87-1-30
PEARSON, HENRY                          IN-87-1-62
PEARSON, JOSEPH                         IN-87-1-39
PELM, HENRY                             IN-87-1-62
PHELPS, CADWELL                         IN-87-1-71A
PHELPS, EMELINE                         IN-87-1-87
REED, SAMUEL                            IN-87-1-149
RICE, FRANCIS                           IN-87-1-154
RICE, JOHN                              IN-87-1-53
RICE, JOSEPH                            IN-87-1-55
ROBERTS, WILLIAM H.                     IN-87-1-1
SCOTT, JAMES C.                         IN-87-1-4
SEVERS, SOLOMON                         IN-87-1-156
SHELTON, JAMES                          IN-87-1-127
SKELTON, ZACHARAIAH                     IN-87-1-164
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          IN-87-1-21
TEVAULT, ANDREW J.                      IN-87-1-144
VANADA, SOLOMON                         IN-87-1-57
VOLLE, ERNEST H.                        IN-87-1-81
WARNER, GARRITT                         IN-87-1-133
WERRY, PHILLIP                          IN-87-1-122
WEYERBACHER, JACOB                      IN-87-1-113
WILLIAMS, EDWARD C.                     IN-87-1-195
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       IN-87-1-49
WOOD, JOHN                              IN-87-1-124
WOOD, THOMAS                            IN-87-1-118

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