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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 & 2 =1830-1859 | 3-6= ? |
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ARMSTRONG, JOHN D.                      IN-86-1-282
BAILEY, GIDEON                          IN-86-1-40
BARKSHIRE, WILLIAM SR.                  IN-86-1-106
BECKET, HUMPHREY                        IN-86-1-3
BENSON, CLARK                           IN-86-1-373
BESWICK, GEORGE M.                      IN-86-1-393
BIGGS, JOSIAH JR.                       IN-86-1-85
BIGGS, JOSIAH SR.                       IN-86-1-42
BRIER, DAVID                            IN-86-1-74
BROMLEY, JOHN                           IN-86-1-334
BROWN, JOEL                             IN-86-1-287
BROWN, O. B.                            IN-86-1-356
BUSH, WILLIAM                           IN-86-1-79
CARMICHAEL, RALPH E.                    IN-86-1-412
CARSWELL, JOHN                          IN-86-1-164
COATES, EDWARD                          IN-86-1-220
COX, JOHN SR.                           IN-86-1-13
CRAWFORD, JAMES                         IN-86-1-11
CRONKHITE, LEVI SR.                     IN-86-1-380
CROY, BENJAMIN                          IN-86-1-18
CUMPTON, ED MACE                        IN-86-1-369
DAVIS, JEREMIAH                         IN-86-1-173
DAWSON, EDWARD                          IN-86-1-160
DOWNING, ARMILLA                        IN-86-1-269
DOWNING, DENNIS                         IN-86-1-102
FINCHER, WILLIAM                        IN-86-1-56
FOREMAN, THOMAS                         IN-86-1-98
FORSMAN, ROBERT                         IN-86-1-297
FOSTER, DAVID                           IN-86-1-153
FRAZIER, DAVID                          IN-86-1-45
GARRISON, SOLOMON                       IN-86-1-137
GILBERT, SOPHIA                         IN-86-1-309
GOODWIN, JAMES SR.                      IN-86-1-181
GREEN, SAMUEL                           IN-86-1-167
HALSTEAD, JACOB                         IN-86-1-170
HARRIS, JOHN                            IN-86-1-143
HARRIS, SAMUEL M.                       IN-86-1-25
HARRISON, ALEXANDER                     IN-86-1-205
HENDERSON, JAMES                        IN-86-1-208
HENRY, CHRISTIAN                        IN-86-1-305
HIGH, JOHN SR.                          IN-86-1-48, 192
HIGH, PHILIP                            IN-86-1-365
HUGH, JOHN SR.                          IN-86-1-48, 192
IRWIN, HARRIET                          IN-86-1-140
IRWIN, JOHN C.                          IN-86-1-94
ISLER, NATHANIEL                        IN-86-1-353
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         IN-86-1-277
LEWIS, JOHN                             IN-86-1-71
LITTRELL, ALBERT G.                     IN-86-1-23
MCALILLY, JAMES J.                      IN-86-1-209
MCCHAN, THOMAS                          IN-86-1-35
MCGAHAN, DEBORAH                        IN-86-1-149
MCINTOSH, DANIEL                        IN-86-1-178
MILLER, JACOB                           IN-86-1-31
MILTON, STEPHEN                         IN-86-1-377
MITCHELL, MARY                          IN-86-1-317
MOON, WILLIAM                           IN-86-1-331
MOORE, WILLIAM                          IN-86-1-120
MORRISON, MARY ANN                      IN-86-1-16
MURPHEY, ELIJAH                         IN-86-1-203
MYERS, WILLIAM A.                       IN-86-1-389
NICHOLS, DAVID SR.                      IN-86-1-341
NICHOLS, GEORGE                         IN-86-1-20
OXFORD, JAMES                           IN-86-1-9
PARRENT, MARY                           IN-86-1-409
PAYNE, BAYLOR                           IN-86-1-132
PITZER, SOLOMON                         IN-86-1-7
PYLE, WILLIAM                           IN-86-1-396
RHOADS, PHILIP                          IN-86-1-61
RIDENOUR, MATHIAS                       IN-86-1-385
ROMINE, JOHN                            IN-86-1-328
ROSEBRAUGH, ROBERT                      IN-86-1-90
SALTS, THOMAS                           IN-86-1-125
SCHERMERHORN, P. S.                     IN-86-1-238
SHEPHERD, ADAM                          IN-86-1-111
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM                       IN-86-1-129
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        IN-86-1-65
SLOSS, FRANCIS                          IN-86-1-146
SMALL, JOHN KNIGHT                      IN-86-1-5
SMITH, ASA                              IN-86-1-314
SMITH, EBENEZER A.                      IN-86-1-382
SMITH, ISAAC W.                         IN-86-1-272
SMITH, ISAAC W.                         IN-86-1-272
SMITH, WILLIAM                          IN-86-1-1
SPENCER, ASA                            IN-86-1-344
SPICKARD, JOHN                          IN-86-1-53
STAMFORD, JAMES                         IN-86-1-82
STEELEY, JOSEPH                         IN-86-1-216
STEWART, ALEANDER                       IN-86-1-67
STONER, JACOB                           IN-86-1-337
STONER, LEVI                            IN-86-1-326
SWARTS, JOHN                            IN-86-1-156
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         IN-86-1-58
THOMAS, EDWARD                          IN-86-1-116
THOMAS, ERASMUS M.D.                    IN-86-1-300
TILLOTSON, LUTHER SR.                   IN-86-1-322
TIMMONS, PETER R.                       IN-86-1-77
TOMLINSON, JESSE                        IN-86-1-223
TOMLINSON, JOHN                         IN-86-1-189
WAMSLEY, JEHU                           IN-86-1-405
WEST, JOHN A.                           IN-86-1-349
WOOD, ELISHA                            IN-86-1-28

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