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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1829-1855 | 2-5= ? |
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ABLATT, MARGARET H.                     IN-84-1-472
ADAMS, ANNIE                            IN-84-1-185
ADAMS, JOEL JACKSON                     IN-84-1-308
ALL, GRAYSON                            IN-84-1-356
ANDERSON, NANCY ANN                     IN-84-1-280
ARLETH, FREDERICK                       IN-84-1-540
ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH                    IN-84-1-41
ASPINWALL, ELEASAR                      IN-84-A-9
AULBACH, JACOB                          IN-84-1-359
AXTELL, SILAS D.                        IN-84-1-180
BAIRD, JOHN D.                          IN-84-1-403
BAIRDSDORF, FREDERICK                   IN-84-1-543
BALL, EDWARD                            IN-84-1-531
BARGETT, HANNAH                         IN-84-1-442
BARNES, JAMES                           IN-84-1-167
BARR, JOHN H.                           IN-84-1-450
BARRETT, JOHN                           IN-84-1-560
BATH, ROBERT M.                         IN-84-1-275
BIRDSEYE, EZEKIEL                       IN-84-1-191
BISHOP, ELDRIDGE                        IN-84-1-260
BLACK, WILLIAM                          IN-84-1-532
BLAKE, GLORVINA                         IN-84-1-4
BLOCKSON, WILLIAM                       IN-84-1-562
BOND, SARAH                             IN-84-1-141
BOUDINOT, CATHERINE                     IN-84-1-123
BOUNSE, GEORGE                          IN-84-1-111
BOYD, LINN                              IN-84-1-255
BOYLE, ALEXANDER C.                     IN-84-1-103
BRADY, JOHN                             IN-84-1-344
BRENNAN, DENIS                          IN-84-1-569
BRITTON, CATHARINE ANN                  IN-84-1-43
BROCKLEBANK, JOHN                       IN-84-A-24
BULEY, WILLIAM B.                       IN-84-1-264
BURNETT, STEPHEN G.                     IN-84-1-139
BURNETT, VIRGIL J.                      IN-84-1-86
BURTON, THOMAS                          IN-84-1-242
BUSH, JAPHET                            IN-84-A-33
CAMPBELL, CYRUS                         IN-84-1-440
CANNER, ALEXANDER                       IN-84-1-362
CARR, MOSES C.                          IN-84-1-104
CARTER, GEORGE W.                       IN-84-1-337
CARTER, JOHN                            IN-84-1-38
CARTER, THOMAS                          IN-84-1-25
CASE, JOSEPH H.                         IN-84-1-165
CASSADAY, JOHN B.                       IN-84-1-319
CHAMBERLAIN, MOODY                      IN-84-1-148
CHAMBERLIN, AUGUSTUS L.                 IN-84-1-372
CHEEK, RHODA                            IN-84-1-401
CHILD, ADRIAN                           IN-84-1-19
CHURCH, HANSON                          IN-84-A-1
CLARK, WILLIAM E.                       IN-84-1-34
CLAYTON, THOMAS C.                      IN-84-1-520
COLLINS, GUSTAVIS                       IN-84-1-13
COMPTON, JOB                            IN-84-1-416
CONWELL, ISAAC                          IN-84-1-325
COOK, JAMES                             IN-84-1-512, 573
COOPER, JOSEPH                          IN-84-1-189
CORBEN, WILLIAM                         IN-84-1-334
CORNELL, JESSE                          IN-84-1-305
CORNWELL, BURRELL H.                    IN-84-1-380
COTTEM, OLIVER                          IN-84-1-456
COX, RICHARD                            IN-84-A-10
CRABB, OLIVER P.                        IN-84-1-285
CRAWFORD, PHEBE E.                      IN-84-1-11
CREAL, ANTHONY                          IN-84-1-548
CRWFORD, GEORGE W.                      IN-84-1-93
CUNNIFF, HONOR                          IN-84-1-529
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZA                       IN-84-1-413
DAILEY, WILLIAM R.                      IN-84-1-245
DARISON, BENJAMIN                       IN-84-1-246
DEAN, VACHAEL                           IN-84-1-287
DECK, PETER P.                          IN-84-1-573
DEMING, DEMAS                           IN-84-1-240
DENNING, JOHN                           IN-84-1-292, 294
DENNODY, THOMAS                         IN-84-1-574
DENNY, DAVID O.                         IN-84-1-448
DENNY, SAMUEL                           IN-84-1-17
DICKERSON, RACHEL                       IN-84-1-135
DICKERSON, SAMUEL                       IN-84-1-36
DIETZ, JOHN                             IN-84-1-69
DIGNEM, ELLEN                           IN-84-1-470
DODSON, ANGELINE                        IN-84-1-446
DODSON, MICHAEL                         IN-84-1-408
DONALDSON, DAVID S.                     IN-84-1-322
DONHAM, HENRY                           IN-84-1-1
DONHAM, JONATHAN I.                     IN-84-1-94
DUCK, SARAH                             IN-84-1-542
DUFFICY, JOHN P.                        IN-84-1-212
DUNHAM, THOMAS                          IN-84-1-576
EARLY, JOHNG.                           IN-84-1-364
EDMONSON, WILLIAM                       IN-84-1-145
ELLIOTT, ABRAHAM                        IN-84-A-11
FAIRBROTHER, CHARLES R.                 IN-84-1-295
FALLOWFIELD, MARTHA ANN                 IN-84-1-244
FARMER, WILLIAM                         IN-84-1-395
FERREL, JAMES                           IN-84-1-187
FIELD, JAMES                            IN-84-1-351
FISCHER, CAROLINE                       IN-84-1-210
FISHER, CHRISTOPHER                     IN-84-1-170
FOREMAN, SAMUEL                         IN-84-1-75
FRAASE, HENRY                           IN-84-1-508
FREDERICKS, ILAB                        IN-84-1-273
FUNKHOUSER, WILLIAM                     IN-84-1-282
FURROW, ABEL C.                         IN-84-1-510
GAPEW, JAMES LEE                        IN-84-1-50
GAY, CATHARINE B.                       IN-84-1-353
GLAHN, HENRY VON                        IN-84-1-97
GOETZ, JOHN H.                          IN-84-1-409
GOODMAN, MICAJAH                        IN-84-1-558
GRAY, ELIZABETH                         IN-84-1-539
GROVER, JOSEPH                          IN-84-1-405
GROVES, FREDERICK                       IN-84-1-48
GUINTHER, DANIEL                        IN-84-1-315
HABERMEIER, JOHN G.                     IN-84-1-556
HALE, SARAH                             IN-84-1-368
HARRINGTON, THOMAS                      IN-84-1-10
HASHER, MARY L.                         IN-84-1-293
HAWKINS, WILLIAM S.                     IN-84-1-551
HAYS, JAMES                             IN-84-1-67
HEDGES, SIMSON                          IN-84-1-468
HEIBERMEYER, GEORGE                     IN-84-1-393
HELLMOLD, FREDERICK                     IN-84-1-218
HERRINGTON, SARAH                       IN-84-1-424
HESS, NANCY C.                          IN-84-1-417
HICE, JOHN                              IN-84-1-127
HUDSON, B. (MAJ.)                       IN-84-1-533
HUDSON, JOSEPH                          IN-84-1-537
HULL, SAMUEL                            IN-84-1-65
HULMAN, F. T. B.                        IN-84-1-80
HULSE, FANNY JANE                       IN-84-1-360
HUNT, THOMAS                            IN-84-1-345
HUNTINGTON, E. M.                       IN-84-1-150
JENCKES, HANNAH B.                      IN-84-1-311
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS                      IN-84-1-143
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      IN-84-1-327
JOHNSON, MELINDA                        IN-84-1-277
JOHNSTON, DAVID                         IN-84-1-216
JOHNSTON, JAMES                         IN-84-A-19
JONES, ELIZBETH                         IN-84-1-346
JUDD, SELAH M.                          IN-84-1-178
KADEL, ADAM                             IN-84-1-571
KEEFE, JOHN                             IN-84-1-397
KELLY, DAVID                            IN-84-1-106
KENDALL, JOSEPH R.                      IN-84-1-250
KINNEY, AMORY                           IN-84-1-100
KOONCE, PETER                           IN-84-1-331
LALUMIER, SIMON T.                      IN-84-1-38
LAMBERT, DAVID                          IN-84-1-506
LANEY, ABRAM                            IN-84-1-52
LANGE, ALBERT                           IN-84-1-370
LEE, HENRY D.                           IN-84-1-463
LEE, JAMES                              IN-84-A-7
LEEHMAN, IGNOTZ                         IN-84-1-203
LEFORGE, EPHRAIM                        IN-84-1-458
LEWIS, ELISH                            IN-84-1-24
LINDERMAN, J. G.                        IN-84-1-452
LOCKRIDGE, CATEY                        IN-84-1-155
LYONS, HESTER ANN                       IN-84-1-159
MALLAROY, PETER                         IN-84-1-198
MARKLE, FREDERICK                       IN-84-1-289
MARKLE, WILLIAM                         IN-84-A-28
MARSH, HANNAH                           IN-84-1-252
MAWHINNEY, WILLIAM B.                   IN-84-1-343
MCCLUNE, RADNAL C.                      IN-84-1-422
MCEWEN, ROBERT                          IN-84-1-314
MCGEE, BLACKBURN                        IN-84-1-374
MCKENNA, PATRICK                        IN-84-1-133
MCKENZIE, JAMES H.                      IN-84-1-352
MCPHERSON, ANDREW                       IN-84-1-431
MEWHINNEY, THOMAS                       IN-84-1-7
MILLER, CATHARINE                       IN-84-1-497
MOBLEY, LEVI                            IN-84-1-307
MOREHEAD, JAMES                         IN-84-1-92
MORRINGER, ACQUELINA M.                 IN-84-1-426
MYERS, JOHN F.                          IN-84-1-182
NEET, JACOB                             IN-84-1-99
NELSON, LIZZIE K.                       IN-84-1-567
NEVINS, WILLIAM                         IN-84-1-82
NOEL, ELI                               IN-84-1-46
NORRIS, JOHN                            IN-84-A-30
ODONNELL, JAMES                         IN-84-1-283
ODONNELL, MARY                          IN-84-1-399
OGLE, JACOB                             IN-84-1-303
OGLE, SARAH                             IN-84-1-479
PADDOCK, LEWIS                          IN-84-1-502
PATTERSON, JAMES                        IN-84-1-131
PATTERSON, MARGARET                     IN-84-1-328
PERKINS, JAMES                          IN-84-1-138
PHIPPS, JANE                            IN-84-1-500
POINTER, ISAAC                          IN-84-1-317
POINTER, SUSANNAH                       IN-84-1-347
PORTERFIELD, DIXON                      IN-84-1-522
POWER, NARCISSA                         IN-84-1-90
PRITCHARD, AMOS D.                      IN-84-1-125
RAY, WILLIAM                            IN-84-1-137, 545
RAY, WILLIAM SR.                        IN-84-1-84
REYNERSON, HENRY                        IN-84-1-74
RICHARDSON, JANE                        IN-84-1-302
RICHARDSON, JOHN B.                     IN-84-1-389
RILEY, CATHARINE                        IN-84-1-15
RILEY, OWEN                             IN-84-1-223
ROBBINS, E. R.                          IN-84-1-482
ROBERTS, KINCHIN                        IN-84-1-412
ROBINSON, MALINDA                       IN-84-1-429
ROGERS, JOHN                            IN-84-1-214
ROGERS, JONATHAN                        IN-84-1-172
ROSS, BATEMAN                           IN-84-1-55
ROTHERMAND, JOHN A.                     IN-84-1-129
ROUTLEDGE, JOHN                         IN-84-1-498
RUNCIN, JAMES                           IN-84-1-30
RYAN, WILLIAM                           IN-84-1-220
RYCKMAN, ADELINE ISABELLA               IN-84-1-162
SACKRIDER, ALLEN                        IN-84-1-554
SAGE, REBECCA                           IN-84-1-427
SANKEY, THOMAS                          IN-84-1-88
SCHOOL, G. FREDERICK                    IN-84-1-262
SCOTT, FRANCIS                          IN-84-1-54
SELLMAN, ELIZABETH                      IN-84-1-552
SHANNON, OLIVER N.                      IN-84-1-384
SHEEM, JAMES                            IN-84-1-61
SHEETS, LEANDER M.                      IN-84-1-376
SHEPHERD, ANDREW J.                     IN-84-1-524
SIEVERS, FRITZ                          IN-84-1-366
SIMMONS, BARBARA                        IN-84-1-115
SLAVIN, SAMUEL                          IN-84-1-120
SMITH, BALLARD                          IN-84-1-301
SMITH, CONRAD                           IN-84-1-28
SMITH, D. K.                            IN-84-1-276
SMITH, HIRAM                            IN-84-1-270
SMITH, HIRAM                            IN-84-1-460
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-84-1-320
SMITH, JOHN M.                          IN-84-1-278
SOMAFELA, FRANCIS                       IN-84-1-323
SOULS, WILLIAM                          IN-84-A-13
SPARKS, SMITH                           IN-84-1-101
SPENCE, MARY F.                         IN-84-1-474
SPLAN, DANIEL                           IN-84-1-226
SPRING, JOHNL.                          IN-84-1-484
STAGGS, ELIJAH                          IN-84-1-454
STARK, JOHN                             IN-84-1-570
STARK, SIMPSON                          IN-84-1-410
STARKE, BENJAMIN                        IN-84-A-34
STEINMEHL, WILLIAM                      IN-84-1-222
STEPHENSON, NICHOLAS SR.                IN-84-A-15
STOGSDILL, VACHEL                       IN-84-1-157
STOUT, AARON                            IN-84-1-174
STRANGE, JAMES                          IN-84-1-205
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          IN-84-1-224
SUTTON, JANE                            IN-84-1-536
SWINHART, DANIEL                        IN-84-1-527
TAYLOR, MATTHEW                         IN-84-1-228
THARP, JOSEPH                           IN-84-1-63
THOMAS, ELIJAH                          IN-84-1-488
THOMAS, LIZA B.                         IN-84-1-300
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     IN-84-1-444
THOMPSON, JOHN F.                       IN-84-A-16
THRALLS, JOSEPH                         IN-84-1-236
TICHENOR, IRA C.                        IN-84-1-382
TILLOTSON, E.                           IN-84-1-208
TOBEY,S YLVANUS C.                      IN-84-1-153
TOTTEN, MARY                            IN-84-1-60
TRYNON, GARDNER                         IN-84-1-391
TUCKER, JOEL                            IN-84-1-113
TUTTLE, GERSHAM                         IN-84-A-21
VONGLAHN, HENRY                         IN-84-1-97
WALDRON, HENRY                          IN-84-1-378
WALLACE, ISAIAH                         IN-84-A-25
WARD, ELIJAH M.                         IN-84-1-71
WARREN, CHAUNCEY                        IN-84-1-339
WARREN, LEVI                            IN-84-1-9
WARREN, WILLIAM WOOD                    IN-84-1-3
WASSON, CHARLOTTE A.                    IN-84-1-109
WATSON, JOHN H.                         IN-84-1-117
WATTS, THOMAS                           IN-84-1-491
WEIMAN, GEORGE                          IN-84-1-336
WELCH, JAMES A.                         IN-84-1-349
WELLS, THOMAS F.                        IN-84-1-357
WHITE, JOHN A.                          IN-84-1-77
WHITWORTH, MATHEW SR.                   IN-84-1-433
WILSON, JEREMIAH                        IN-84-A-32
WILSON, JOHN                            IN-84-1-477
WILSON, JOSEPH                          IN-84-1-201
WINTER, JAMES B.                        IN-84-A-23
WISE, JAMES                             IN-84-1-297
WISEMAN, SARAH A.                       IN-84-1-486
WITTENBERG, WILHELMINE                  IN-84-1-504
WOLFE, E. S.                            IN-84-1-268
WOOD, WILLIAM D.                        IN-84-1-229
WOOLLEN, ISAAC                          IN-84-1-32
WRIGHT, SALMON                          IN-84-1-57
WYETH, ELISHA                           IN-84-1-22
YOUNG, SAMUEL M.                        IN-84-1-494

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