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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Early to 1849 = Lost | A=1849-1865 | B-L= ? |
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ACKERMANN, HARTMAN                      IN-82-A-116
ALMS, HENRICH                           IN-82-A-114
ANGERMEYER, HENRY                       IN-82-A-161
ANTHONY, BENJAMIN F.                    IN-82-A-154
ANTHONY, JAMES W.                       IN-82-A-415
ANY, MARGARETHA                         IN-82-A-382
ARCHELE, JOHN M.                        IN-82-A-324
ASHFORD, SALLY                          IN-82-A-143
BAKER, SUSANNA                          IN-82-A-52
BANMEIER, JOHN CHRISTOPH                IN-82-A-135
BARNARD, GRACE                          IN-82-A-505
BARNETT, THOMAS                         IN-82-A-540
BASSEMIER, CASPER                       IN-82-A-369
BATTLES, MARGE                          IN-82-A-209
BAUER, JOHN JACOB                       IN-82-A-192
BAYER, JACOB                            IN-82-A-140
BECK, ANTONY                            IN-82-A-19
BECKER, CATHERINA                       IN-82-A-213
BECKER, LUDWIG                          IN-82-A-433
BEESLEY, ALFRED                         IN-82-A-417
BELLANY, EDWARD                         IN-82-A-532
BENNETT, ROBERT                         IN-82-A-78
BERENDES, WILHELM                       IN-82-A-106
BERNHARDT, JEREMIAS                     IN-82-A-96
BINGHAM, WILLIAM H.                     IN-82-A-466
BLACKBURN, BRYON                        IN-82-A-119
BLYTHE, JAMES E.                        IN-82-A-432
BOLUSS, THOMAS SR.                      IN-82-A-406
BOYD, JAMES                             IN-82-A-231
BREDENKAMP, CHRISTIAN SR.               IN-82-A-235
BREDENKAMP, HEINRICH                    IN-82-A-440
BREGER, JOHN                            IN-82-A-439
BRICKLEY, THOMAS E.                     IN-82-A-355
BROEER, ANTEN                           IN-82-A-283
BROOMFIELD, MOSES                       IN-82-A-543
BROSE, DANIEL                           IN-82-A-427
BUECHELE, PETER                         IN-82-A-391
BUNGE, DANIEL                           IN-82-A-404
BURKHARDT, GEORGE                       IN-82-A-111
BURNS, JESSE                            IN-82-A-254
BYERS, JAMES A.                         IN-82-A-173
CALDWELL, JULIA C.                      IN-82-A-393
CASH, ARNOLD                            IN-82-A-314
CASSET, JEAN J.                         IN-82-A-368
CAWSON, JAMES                           IN-82-A-507
CLARVSON, ESTHER SARAH                  IN-82-A-165
CLAUDER, JOHANNES                       IN-82-A-152
COLVIN, GILES                           IN-82-A-148
COMBS, RICHARD B.                       IN-82-A-109
CONOWAY, JACOB                          IN-82-A-260
COSBY, ROBERT T.                        IN-82-A-65
COWLES, THOMA                           IN-82-A-82
CUPPLES, LANS                           IN-82-A-30
DEASNER, JACOB                          IN-82-A-310
DOBSON, WILLIAM H.                      IN-82-A-534
DOHRENBUSH, CHARLES                     IN-82-A-299
DOUGLAS, JOHN                           IN-82-A-351
DUNHAM, HORACE                          IN-82-A-248
DUNK, CHARLES                           IN-82-A-28
DUNK, JOHN                              IN-82-A-7
EARHART, GEORGE                         IN-82-A-536
EGLER, JOHN SR.                         IN-82-A-442
ELKINS, JOSHUA                          IN-82-A-308
ELLERMEYER, CHARLES H.                  IN-82-A-104
ENGLE, WENDEL                           IN-82-A-259
ERSKINE, ANDREW                         IN-82-A-449
EULER, HENRY                            IN-82-A-287
EVANS, ROBERT M.                        IN-82-A-217
FAND, CLEMENTA ANN                      IN-82-A-277
FARENBACHER, XAVIER                     IN-82-A-493
FAULKER, DAVID EVANS                    IN-82-A-528
FHRENBACKER, HANNINIUS                  IN-82-A-120
FICKAS, JOHN                            IN-82-A-336
FINNERIN, MICHAEL                       IN-82-A-58
FISCHER, GEORGE                         IN-82-A-87
FIX, JACOB                              IN-82-A-240
FOLMER, ANDREW                          IN-82-A-123
FOSTER, M. W.                           IN-82-A-366
FOSTER, NANCY                           IN-82-A-232
FRANK, JACOB                            IN-82-A-305
FREIDRICH, HEINRICH                     IN-82-A-49
GANTNER, CLEMENTY                       IN-82-A-72
GARETT, JOHN S.                         IN-82-A-312
GARRETT, MARY                           IN-82-A-69
GAVISK, MICHAEL                         IN-82-A-251C
GEGGINS, JOHN                           IN-82-A-459
GEISLER, JACOB                          IN-82-A-54
GELHAUS, JOHN                           IN-82-A-470
GERARD, ELVERA LEVINA                   IN-82-A-340
GERHART, SAPHREY                        IN-82-A-515
GIVENS, RUSSEL                          IN-82-A-169
GOESTINGSMIER, ADOLPH                   IN-82-A-122
GOLDSMITH, DANIEL F.                    IN-82-A-138
GOSLINGMEIER, FREDERICK                 IN-82-A-253C
GRABHORN, JOHN HEINRICH                 IN-82-A-215
GREATHOUSE, ELIZABETH                   IN-82-A-92
GREBB, GEORGE V.                        IN-82-A-464
GREBE, CARL                             IN-82-A-273
GREER, WILLIAM C.                       IN-82-A-267
GREGG, MARTHA                           IN-82-A-341
GRESE, WILLIAM                          IN-82-A-461
GRETAHOUSE, WILLIAM                     IN-82-A-495
GRIMM, PETER                            IN-82-A-250
GROENINGER, ANDREW                      IN-82-A-175
GROERING, CONRAD                        IN-82-A-381
GROLL, WILLIAM                          IN-82-A-278
HAAK, JOHN                              IN-82-A-378
HAHN, CHRISTIAN                         IN-82-A-168
HAMPTON, DAVID                          IN-82-A-338
HAMPTON, WILLIAM                        IN-82-A-139
HARMON, HENRY                           IN-82-A-83
HARN, JOHN M.                           IN-82-A-546
HARVEY, EDWARD                          IN-82-A-97
HELMERICH, CONRAD                       IN-82-A-276
HENMINGS, JOHN B.                       IN-82-A-210
HEYDEN, CHRISTOPH                       IN-82-A-358
HEYDON, CARL                            IN-82-A-358
HOFFMAN, JACOB                          IN-82-A-413
HOKE, PHILP H.                          IN-82-A-126
HOLT, EDWIN                             IN-82-A-85
HOLYHAUER, HENRY                        IN-82-A-327
HORNBROOK, MARY                         IN-82-A-517
HORNBROOK, SAUNDERS                     IN-82-A-552
HORNBY, SARAH KILLAWAY                  IN-82-A-207
HUBER, JOHN                             IN-82-A-179
HULL, EMANUEL                           IN-82-A-29, 68, 287
IMORDE, HEINRICH                        IN-82-A-146
JACKSON, SEPSEE                         IN-82-A-41
JAMES, JOHN W.                          IN-82-A-445
JANY, JOHN                              IN-82-A-280
JEWITT, J. B.                           IN-82-A-271
JOESTINGSMEIER, ADOLPH                  IN-82-A-122
JONES, CATHERINE G.                     IN-82-A-345
JONES, M. P.                            IN-82-A-363
JONES, MISSOURI A. P.                   IN-82-A-147
JONES, W. T. T.                         IN-82-A-487
KAFER, JOHN                             IN-82-A-523
KALLENBERG, GOTTLIEB                    IN-82-A-22
KAPPLER, HENRY                          IN-82-A-103
KARGER, NELSON                          IN-82-A-11
KEATS, CLARENCE G.                      IN-82-A-290
KELLY, MALACHI                          IN-82-A-51
KELSEY, AMBROSE                         IN-82-A-535
KELSEY, HIRAM H.                        IN-82-A-127
KELSEY, MARIA                           IN-82-A-8
KERN, WENDEL                            IN-82-A-537
KERTH, JACOB                            IN-82-A-21
KIEGER, ANDREW                          IN-82-A-130
KIGHTLY, FRANCIS                        IN-82-A-31
KINGSBURY, BENJAMIN                     IN-82-A-514
KIPINGER, MAGDELENA                     IN-82-A-304
KISSLER, SIVENTRAN                      IN-82-A-356
KLINTWERT, ANDREW                       IN-82-A-270
KNIGHT, ABRAM                           IN-82-A-504
KNIGHT, ISAAC                           IN-82-A-136
KRAMYLE, FRANCIS                        IN-82-A-142
KRIEG, FIDEL                            IN-82-A-437
KRON, HENRY                             IN-82-A-155
KUENKEL, HENRY                          IN-82-A-197
KUMMIRMEHR, JOSEPH                      IN-82-A-339
KURBY, ADAM                             IN-82-A-234
LAIGHT, WILLIAM E.                      IN-82-A-417
LANG, SIMION                            IN-82-A-402
LASE, WILLIAM                           IN-82-A-375
LEALING, KATE                           IN-82-A-33
LEWALTER, WILEY                         IN-82-A-530
LEWIS, JAMES                            IN-82-A-559
LINCK, CATHERINE                        IN-82-A-343
LINCK, FRANCIS                          IN-82-A-386
LINCK, FRANCIS A.                       IN-82-A-88
LOCKHART, JAMES                         IN-82-A-158
LONG, LEVI                              IN-82-A-522
LONG, REUBEN                            IN-82-A-503
LUKENHEIMER, FREDERICK SR.              IN-82-A-237
LUTTENBACK, MICHAEL PETER               IN-82-A-134
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          IN-82-A-501
MAEDLOW, EDWARD                         IN-82-A-321
MAGHEE, JOHN W.                         IN-82-A-396
MAGHEL, JOHN H.                         IN-82-A-396
MAHR, JOSEPH                            IN-82-A-435
MAIDLOW, EDMUDN                         IN-82-A-184
MAILA, FREDERICK                        IN-82-A-320
MARTIN, ADAM                            IN-82-A-256
MATHES, CHRISTIAN                       IN-82-A-202
MAYER, JOHANN                           IN-82-A-188
MCALPIN, JAMES                          IN-82-A-548
MCAPEE, MARGARET                        IN-82-A-33
MCCUTHAN, WILLIAM                       IN-82-A-494
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM A.                    IN-82-A-74
MCMANN, PATSEY                          IN-82-A-159
MCPHERSON, JOSEPH J.                    IN-82-A-293
MELLEN, STUART                          IN-82-A-481
MENI, FRANKLIN                          IN-82-A-226
MENI, THERESIA                          IN-82-A-212
MERTINS, ELIZABETH                      IN-82-A-176
MEYER, FREDERICK                        IN-82-A-443
MEYER, WILHELM                          IN-82-A-295
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-82-A-125
MILLS, BRACKET                          IN-82-A-379
MILLS, ISAAC R.                         IN-82-A-334
MINDON, HENRY                           IN-82-A-492
MINTZER, LEWIS                          IN-82-A-81
MITZ, JACOB                             IN-82-A-284
MOHLENCAMP, ANTON                       IN-82-A-384
MORENHOLZ, HENRY                        IN-82-A-198
MUEHLTHATER, JOHANNES                   IN-82-A-316
MUELLER, MARIA G.                       IN-82-A-151
NEALE, MARY                             IN-82-A-194
NEGLEY, WILLIAM P.                      IN-82-A-353
NEIL, JOHN B.                           IN-82-A-430
NEUMEISTER, EDWARD                      IN-82-A-110
NEWKIRK, GARRETT                        IN-82-A-45
NOLAN, WILLIAM J.                       IN-82-A-394
ONYETT, JOHN                            IN-82-A-24
PABICH, MARY                            IN-82-A-409
PACK, JAMES                             IN-82-A-373
PAULI, FRANZ HEINRICH                   IN-82-A-191
PECK, WILLIAM                           IN-82-A-510
POEHLUES, JOHN B.                       IN-82-A-200
POLOCK, WILLIAM                         IN-82-A-447
RAAB, FREDERICK                         IN-82-A-133
RABER, JACOB FEDERICK                   IN-82-A-68
RACKETT, SUSAN                          IN-82-A-436
REILLY, JAMES                           IN-82-A-90
REISINGER, MAGDALINE                    IN-82-A-203
REITZ, CLEMENTS                         IN-82-A-371
RHEINLANDER, GOTTFRIED                  IN-82-A-317
RIEHL, FERDINAND                        IN-82-A-206
RIGGS, POLLY                            IN-82-A-34
RITTER, JOHN D.                         IN-82-A-390
RITTER, PHILIP                          IN-82-A-102
RITZEL, JOSEPH                          IN-82-A-296
ROBERTSON, JAMES                        IN-82-A-500
ROCKET, SARAH                           IN-82-A-457
ROESLER, BARBARA                        IN-82-A-186
ROESSLER, JOHN                          IN-82-A-349
ROGERS, RANDOLPH                        IN-82-A-489
ROHNER, JOHN                            IN-82-A-150
ROQUST, JAMES                           IN-82-A-118
RUBRECHT, WILLIAM                       IN-82-A-425
RUNCIE, ANN                             IN-82-A-178
RUNGE, DANIEL                           IN-82-A-404
SALMEN, ANTON                           IN-82-A-181
SASSE, SIMON                            IN-82-A-162
SATTERLEE, VARNE                        IN-82-A-238
SAUER, CHRISTIAN                        IN-82-A-26
SAUNDERS, JEFFRIES                      IN-82-A-539
SAUNDERS, JOSEPH                        IN-82-A-36
SCALES, JAMES H.                        IN-82-A-519
SCALES, KENN W.                         IN-82-A-261
SCHAEFER, BENEDICT                      IN-82-A-289
SCHAEFER, ELIZABETH                     IN-82-A-361
SCHAFER, HENRY                          IN-82-A-100
SCHINOLL, MARTIN                        IN-82-A-401
SCHITTLER, DAVID                        IN-82-A-145
SCHLAG, JOHN                            IN-82-A-121
SCHLOTTER, MARG                         IN-82-A-292
SCHMODEL, LOUIS                         IN-82-A-329
SCHNEIDER, NICHOLAS                     IN-82-A-77
SCHROEDER, CHARLES                      IN-82-A-98
SCHULER, ANTHONY                        IN-82-A-80
SCHULTER, FREDERICK                     IN-82-A-307
SCHWARZ, ANNA MARIA                     IN-82-A-376
SCHWARZ, GEORGE                         IN-82-A-64
SEDDELMEY, JOHN H.                      IN-82-A-408
SENANTS, JOSEPH                         IN-82-A-170
SHARPE, PETER                           IN-82-A-245
SHELTON, JOHN                           IN-82-A-163
SIRKLE, ANDREW                          IN-82-A-347
SKELHELM, THOMAS                        IN-82-A-508
SMITH, HENRY                            IN-82-A-183
SPINDLER, ANDREAS                       IN-82-A-359
SPINDLER, JOHN A.                       IN-82-A-264
STACER, ANNA                            IN-82-A-172
STAIGER, JOHANN FREDERICK               IN-82-A-107
STASER, ADAM                            IN-82-A-282
STASER, CONRAD                          IN-82-A-9
STEINKUHL, HERMAN                       IN-82-A-128
STEINMETZ, PHILIP                       IN-82-A-411
STINCHFIELD,D ANIEL                     IN-82-A-37
STINSON, J. B.                          IN-82-A-12
STINSON, JAMES                          IN-82-A-541
STINSON, RACHEL                         IN-82-A-17
STOCKWELL, JOHN M.                      IN-82-A-84
STONE, HENRY B.                         IN-82-A-473
STONE, HENRY B.                         IN-82-A-1
STRAND, JOSHUA                          IN-82-A-550
STROHEN, CARL                           IN-82-A-279
SYNALL, WILLIAM                         IN-82-A-509
THAYER, IRA                             IN-82-A-196
THUERE, FREDERICK                       IN-82-A-228
TRASLER, GEORGE SR.                     IN-82-A-18
TREISER, CHRISTIAN                      IN-82-A-62
TRUFTEN, WILLIAM                        IN-82-A-332
UPHOUSE, BERNARD                        IN-82-A-428C
VAUGHN, JOHN                            IN-82-A-364
VOELKER, JOHN                           IN-82-A-39
WAGNER, FREDERICK                       IN-82-A-301
WAHL, GEORGE ADAM                       IN-82-A-166
WALSH, JOHN                             IN-82-A-331
WARNER, ALANSON                         IN-82-A-66
WEIFSER, VENCENZ                        IN-82-A-389
WEIGAND, CHARLES                        IN-82-A-524
WELBORN, J. C.                          IN-82-A-187
WELTA, JOHN                             IN-82-A-400
WHEATEN, WILLIAM                        IN-82-A-262
WHITE, THOMAS J.                        IN-82-A-229
WIGGERS, GERHARD                        IN-82-A-412
WIGGINGHAUS, JOHN PETER                 IN-82-A-92
WILIAMS, SHERMAN                        IN-82-A-60
WITHERSPOON, JAMES                      IN-82-A-326
WOLF, CATHERINE BARBARA                 IN-82-A-335
WOLF, JOHN                              IN-82-A-527
WOLF, JOHN                              IN-82-A-317
WYATT, JEREMIAH                         IN-82-A-95
YOKEL, REINHARDT                        IN-82-A-157
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          IN-82-A-529

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