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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1821-1827 | 2 = 1827-1845 Lost | A = 1845=1872 | B-E = ? |
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ABERNATHY, HUGH                         IN-81-1-24
ADNEY, DANIEL                           IN-81-A-223
ALEXANDER, MARGARETE                    IN-81-A-11
ALLEN, JOHN                             IN-81-A-175
AMPHLET, WILLIAM                        IN-81-A-36
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                         IN-81-A-363
AYRES, AMSEY                            IN-81-1-55
BARNARD, TRISTRAM                       IN-81-A-105
BELL, CINTHA                            IN-81-A-48
BELL, HUGH                              IN-81-A-31
BENNETT, SARAH                          IN-81-A-76
BENNETT, WILLIAM H.                     IN-81-A-257
BERRY, DAVID                            IN-81-A-267
BLAIR, JOHN                             IN-81-A-320
BLOYD, JACOB                            IN-81-A-12
BOGUE, DELEVEN                          IN-81-1-68
BOROUGHS, ISAAC                         IN-81-A-289
BORROUGHS, BARTHEMY                     IN-81-A-49
BOWERS, PHINEAS                         IN-81-A-16
BOYCE, DAVID                            IN-81-1-53
BOYD, JAMES                             IN-81-A-232
BRANCH, ZEBULON                         IN-81-A-40
BROOKBANK, THOMAS                       IN-81-A-164
BROWN, HENRY                            IN-81-A-35
BROWN, JOHN                             IN-81-1-31
BRYSON, JAMES                           IN-81-A-207
BURT, JOSEPH H.                         IN-81-A-238
BURT, ZENAS                             IN-81-A-292
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          IN-81-A-84
CAMPBELL, MARY                          IN-81-A-95
CARR, WILLIAM                           IN-81-A-357
CARTER, JOSHUA                          IN-81-A-24
CASADAY, MARY                           IN-81-A-242
CASON, WILLIAM                          IN-81-A-69
CASON, WILLIAM                          IN-81-1-1
CHAPPELL, GRIFFIN A.                    IN-81-A-236
CLARK, GEORGE                           IN-81-A-305
CLARK, MARY                             IN-81-A-184
CLARK, WILLIAM                          IN-81-A-18
CLOASE, DINAH                           IN-81-A-15
COLSON, WILLIAM                         IN-81-A-204
CREEK, JOHN                             IN-81-A-77
CREEK, JOHN                             IN-81-A-307
CRIST, GEORGE W.                        IN-81-A-2
CULLY, JOSEPH                           IN-81-A-173
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       IN-81-A-129
DARRELSON, JAMES H.                     IN-81-A-309
DAVIS, ABRAHAM                          IN-81-1-37
DAVIS, BARTHOLOMEW                      IN-81-A-39
DAVIS, HENRY                            IN-81-A-155
DAVIS, ISRIEL                           IN-81-A-262
DAVIS, JAMES                            IN-81-1-50
DAVIS, JOHN                             IN-81-1-66
DAVIS, JOHN                             IN-81-A-367
DAVIS, SAMUEL                           IN-81-A-330
DAVIS, STEPHEN                          IN-81-A-6
DAVIS, TRISTRAM                         IN-81-A-92
DEWEY, RICHARD                          IN-81-1-19
DILL, JOSEPH                            IN-81-A-142
DORTON, EPHRAIM                         IN-81-A-85
DORTON, EPHRAIM JR.                     IN-81-A-136
DUBOIS, ANN                             IN-81-A-189
DUBOIS, ISAAC                           IN-81-A-278
DUBOIS, ISAAC                           IN-81-A-128
DUBOIS, JACOB                           IN-81-A-66
DUNBAR, JOHN S.                         IN-81-A-234
DUNBAR, WILLIAM                         IN-81-A-248
DUNHAM, JOHN B.                         IN-81-A-314
DUNLAP, JAMES SR.                       IN-81-A-276
ELLIOT, JOHN S.                         IN-81-A-353
ESTEP, ABRAHAM                          IN-81-A-41
ESTEP, ARCHIBALD                        IN-81-A-45
ESTEP, NANCY                            IN-81-A-218
ESTEP, QUINCE                           IN-81-A-79
EWING, JOHN                             IN-81-1-59
EWING, WILLIAM                          IN-81-1-72
FARLOW, JOHN                            IN-81-A-158
FARLOW, WILLIAM L.                      IN-81-A-152
FLINT, JOHN                             IN-81-A-250
FOSHER, DANIEL                          IN-81-A-55
FOSTER, SAMUEL                          IN-81-A-21
FRAZEE, R. S.                           IN-81-A-214
GARD, LOT                               IN-81-1-63
GARDNER, PAUL                           IN-81-A-220
GARDNER, ROBERT M.                      IN-81-A-35
GARDNER, THOMAS                         IN-81-A-324
GARRISON, BENJAMIN                      IN-81-A-178
GARY, ANDREW J.                         IN-81-A-218
GATE,S JACOB                            IN-81-A-191
GATES, RICHARD                          IN-81-A-171
GIBBONS, THOMAS                         IN-81-A-298
HAND, JOHN                              IN-81-1-46
HANORTH, JOEL                           IN-81-A-124
HARPER, ELIZABETH                       IN-81-1-39
HARPER, THOMAS                          IN-81-A-253
HARTER, JOSEPH                          IN-81-A-244
HAYDE, JOSEPH                           IN-81-A-341
HAYDEN, STEPHEN                         IN-81-A-209
HEAVENRIDGE, GEORGE                     IN-81-A-334
HEAVENRIDGE, JOHN                       IN-81-A-118
HEAVENRIDGE, JOHN A.                    IN-81-A-365
HEWETT, WILLIAM                         IN-81-A-264
HEWITT, JOHN                            IN-81-A-169
HOLLINGSWORTH, JONATHAN                 IN-81-A-74
HOLLINGWORTH, DAVID                     IN-81-1-21
HUFF, JOHN                              IN-81-1-27
HUNT, NANCY                             IN-81-A-120
HUNT, STEPHEN                           IN-81-A-47
HUSTON, GEORGE O.                       IN-81-A-296
HUTSON, CHARLOTTE                       IN-81-A-383
IDE, THOMAS G.                          IN-81-A-370
IMEL, JOHN                              IN-81-A-148
IMMEL, JOSEPH                           IN-81-A-193
JOHN, MARTHA                            IN-81-A-129
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                      IN-81-A-345
JOHNSON, GARLAND                        IN-81-A-115
JOHNSON, JEDIAH                         IN-81-1-61
JONES, ANDREW                           IN-81-A-176
KAUFMAN, ELIAS                          IN-81-A-280
KEFFER, GEORGE                          IN-81-A-351
KELLY, CELIA                            IN-81-A-274
KELLY, WILLIS                           IN-81-1-29
KELTNER, JACOB                          IN-81-A-338
KERCHNER, JONATHAN                      IN-81-A-64
KINGERY, JOSEPH                         IN-81-A-187
KINGERY, MARTIN                         IN-81-A-300
KINGRY, JACOB                           IN-81-1-15
LAFUZE, SAMUEL                          IN-81-A-230
LAINGE, SARAH                           IN-81-A-343
LANGSTON, BENNETT                       IN-81-A-179
LEONARD, JOHN                           IN-81-A-282
LYBROOK, HANNAH                         IN-81-A-14
LYBROOK, JACOB                          IN-81-A-371
MABBETT, ANTHONY                        IN-81-A-37
MACY, NATHANIEL                         IN-81-1-70
MACY, WILLIAM                           IN-81-A-132
MARELOCK, JAMES                         IN-81-A-272
MARSHALL, JOHN                          IN-81-A-375
MASON, ROBERT                           IN-81-A-111
MASON, ROBERT                           IN-81-A-157
MATTOX, EDMUND                          IN-81-A-72
MAXWELL, ENOS                           IN-81-A-130
MCCOMAS, TAYLOR                         IN-81-A-355
MCDILL, SAMUEL                          IN-81-A-81
MCMAHAN, MORGAN                         IN-81-1-13
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-81-1-5
MOOR, JOEL                              IN-81-A-97
MORGAN, ISAAC                           IN-81-A-212
MORRIS, DAVID                           IN-81-A-75
MOSS, EDMON                             IN-81-1-11
MOSS, NANCY                             IN-81-A-246
MUNSON, SARAH ANN                       IN-81-A-153
NELSON, JOHN                            IN-81-A-160
NICKELS, JAMES                          IN-81-A-51
NIXON, ANDREW                           IN-81-A-349
NORRIS, JOHN                            IN-81-A-166
OGDEN, AMELIA                           IN-81-A-134
OGDEN, NERI                             IN-81-A-1
ORR, DAVID                              IN-81-A-96
PADDOCK, CHARLES                        IN-81-A-255
PADDOCK, HENRY                          IN-81-A-1531
PADDOCK, SAMUEL                         IN-81-A-53
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                      IN-81-A-62
PAXTON, ELIZABETH                       IN-81-A-149
PENTECOST, JOHN                         IN-81-A-25
PIGMAN, JESSE                           IN-81-A-90
PRITCHET, CLEMENS                       IN-81-A-196
PROCTOR, LUCRETIA                       IN-81-A-240
PUBBLE, JOB                             IN-81-A-117
PULLEN, JOSEPH                          IN-81-A-39
QUINN, JOHN                             IN-81-A-164
REEDS, THOMAS                           IN-81-A-9
RICHEY, THOMAS                          IN-81-A-162
ROBY, CLARK                             IN-81-A-286
ROBY, MICHAEL H.                        IN-81-A-60
ROSE, ERASMUS                           IN-81-A-139
ROSE, WILLIAM                           IN-81-1-47
ROUSH, JACOB                            IN-81-A-303
SANDFORD, EDWARD                        IN-81-A-181
SANDFORD, MINERVA                       IN-81-A-225
SHELLY, JOHN                            IN-81-A-19
SHROYER, GEORGE                         IN-81-A-107
SKILLMAN, HIRAM                         IN-81-A-135
SMITH, JAMES                            IN-81-A-99
SMITH, JAMES R.                         IN-81-A-71
SNIDER, SARAH R.                        IN-81-A-183
SNOWDEN, JAMES                          IN-81-A-113
STANLEY, JOHN                           IN-81-1-41
STANTON, ZACHEUS                        IN-81-A-360
STARBUCK, URIAH                         IN-81-A-22
SUTTON, JAMES                           IN-81-A-109
SWAFORD, ISAAC                          IN-81-A-353
SWAIN, JONATHAN                         IN-81-A-380
SWANN, ROBERT                           IN-81-A-316
TALBERT, WILLIAM                        IN-81-A-119
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       IN-81-A-65
TGORDON, CHARLES                        IN-81-A-100
TONER, SUSANA                           IN-81-1-10
TRIMBLY, PETER                          IN-81-A-227
VANDEGRIFT, CYNTHIA P.                  IN-81-A-373
VANDEGRIFT, ISAAC                       IN-81-A-203
WADDLE, CHARLES                         IN-81-A-43
WALES, JAMES                            IN-81-A-137
WALKER, SAMUEL                          IN-81-1-7
WARD, JANE                              IN-81-1-3
WARD, USUAL                             IN-81-1-42
WEBSTER, ISAAC                          IN-81-A-285
WERES, JAMES                            IN-81-A-377
WEST, GEORGE S.                         IN-81-A-146
WEST, THOMAS                            IN-81-A-108
WETSEL, DANIEL                          IN-81-A-144
WETSEL, JANE                            IN-81-A-151
WHITE, JOSIAH                           IN-81-A-37
WHITINGER, HENRY                        IN-81-A-94
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH                      IN-81-1-36
WILLIS, WILLIAM                         IN-81-1-33
WILSON, GARRETT                         IN-81-A-347
WILSON, JOHN                            IN-81-A-122
WITT, ANDREW                            IN-81-A-332
WITTER, CHRISTOPHER                     IN-81-1-17
WITTER, GEORGE                          IN-81-A-57
WITWORTH, MARGARET                      IN-81-A-103
WOOD, WILLIAM                           IN-81-A-269
YOUNG, DAVID                            IN-81-A-259

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