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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1847-1870 | 2 = 1870-1899 | 3-4 = ? |
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ALEXANDER, JESSE                        IN-80-2-447
ALLEY, ELIJAH                           IN-80-2-508
ARMSTRONG, W. K.                        IN-80-2-292
ASKREW, JOSEPH M.                       IN-80-2-243
AUGUSTADT, ADAM                         IN-80-2-280
AYERS, ALFRED                           IN-80-2-36
BALDWIN, G. W.                          IN-80-2-284
BARNETT, REBECCA                        IN-80-A-13
BAUER, JOHN                             IN-80-2-290
BAUMGARDEN, GEORGE                      IN-80-A-36
BEESON, JAMES                           IN-80-A-121
BENNETT, REUBEN                         IN-80-2-99
BESS, WILLIAM                           IN-80-2-26
BISHOP, CONDE                           IN-80-A-132
BISHOP, GEORGE                          IN-80-A-135
BISHOP, JOHN Q. A.                      IN-80-2-378
BLOUNT, SILAS                           IN-80-2-332
BOZELL, ISAAC                           IN-80-2-96
BRANKLE, JOHN                           IN-80-2-138
BREITWEISER, JOHN C.                    IN-80-2-370
BRICELIN, HUGH                          IN-80-2-82
BROWN, B. S. W.                         IN-80-A-217
BROWN, FRANCIS A.                       IN-80-2-415
BROWN, JOHNK.                           IN-80-A-30
BUCHANAN, JAMES E.                      IN-80-2-306
BURNS, WILLIAM                          IN-80-2-14
CALDWELL, MARY                          IN-80-2-178
CALLOW, JOHN J.                         IN-80-A-256
CAMPBELL, JAMES M.                      IN-80-A-27
CAMPBELL, THOMAS W.                     IN-80-A-42
CANE, EPHRAIM W.                        IN-80-A-248
CARDER, SAMUEL                          IN-80-2-412
CARR, ELIZABETH                         IN-80-2-173
CASLER, JAMES SR.                       IN-80-A-3
CASTER, WILLIAM H.                      IN-80-2-258
CHILDERS, BENJAMIN                      IN-80-A-150
CLAPSADDLE, WILLIAM                     IN-80-2-386
CLARK, ROBERT S.                        IN-80-2-94
CLAWSON, WILLIAM T.                     IN-80-2-296
CLEM, GEORGE                            IN-80-2-499
CLOUD, JAMES JR.                        IN-80-2-390
CLOUD, JAMES SR.                        IN-80-2-238
COBB, HENRY                             IN-80-2-50
COCHRAN, JOHN                           IN-80-2-245
COFFMAN, AARON A.                       IN-80-2-462
COLCLAZIER, SARAH A.                    IN-80-2-451
COLE, OLIVER PERY                       IN-80-2-490
COLE, THOMAS                            IN-80-2-298
COONS, WILLIAM                          IN-80-2-130
COOPER, DAVEAS                          IN-80-2-20
COOPER, MARGARET L.                     IN-80-A-79
COPPOCK, JOHN                           IN-80-2-241
COVERT, CATHARINE L.                    IN-80-2-248
COWGILL, JOHN M.                        IN-80-2-252
COX, JAMES V.                           IN-80-2-31
CRANE, JUSTICE B.                       IN-80-A-167
CRAWFORD, E. P.                         IN-80-2-442
CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH A.                  IN-80-2-520
CUMLEY, RICHARD                         IN-80-A-220
CUMUTT, JAMES M.                        IN-80-2-336
CURRIE, ADAM H.                         IN-80-2-468
CURRY, WILLIAM A.                       IN-80-2-472
DAVISON, BARSHEBA                       IN-80-A-56
DAY, AMBERS                             IN-80-2-150
DAY, BOSTON                             IN-80-2-228
DECKER, ELIAS B.                        IN-80-2-200D
DEGOLYER, GILBERT                       IN-80-2-124
DELONG, DAVID                           IN-80-2-444
DOBSON, RICHARD                         IN-80-2-288
DOLLINS, IDA A.                         IN-80-2-485
DOUTHIT, C. C.                          IN-80-2-434
DRAPER, JANE                            IN-80-A-236
DUNCAN, PETER                           IN-80-2-328
DUNGAN, REBECCA                         IN-80-2-4
DUNGAN, ROBERT                          IN-80-2-367
EDWARDS, JAMES M.                       IN-80-2-276
EGLER, JAMES                            IN-80-2-189
EHAMAN, CHRISTIAN S.                    IN-80-2-324
ELLIS, SOLOMON                          IN-80-A-153
ENDICOTT, JONATHAN                      IN-80-2-28
EPPERSON, SAMUEL P.                     IN-80-2-278
FEATHERSTON, EMILY                      IN-80-2-186
FERGUSON, JAMES H.                      IN-80-A-127
FERGUSON, MILTON J.                     IN-80-A-260
FIELDING, ROBERT                        IN-80-A-11
FLOYD, ISABELL                          IN-80-2-362
FOSTER, THOMAS H.                       IN-80-2-156
FOSTER, WILLIAM L.                      IN-80-2-1
FREEMAN, JANE                           IN-80-A-239
FYFFE, MATILDA                          IN-80-A-177
GAISER, JACOB SR.                       IN-80-2-220
GARDNER, ELISHA                         IN-80-A-170
GIFFORD, MELISSA H.                     IN-80-A-173
GLEASON, JOSEPH                         IN-80-2-197
GOAR, JAMES                             IN-80-A-24
GOMMEL, JOHN G.                         IN-80-2-158
GOODNIGHT, CHRISTIAN                    IN-80-2-274
GOODNIGHT, DAVID                        IN-80-2-264
GOODYKOONTZ, HARVEY                     IN-80-2-184
GREEN, JOHN                             IN-80-2-268
GRIFFITH, A. L.                         IN-80-A-264
GRISHAW, AMERICA A.                     IN-80-2-511
GRISHAW, JOHN W.                        IN-80-2-322
GRISHAW, MILLEY J.                      IN-80-2-474
GROOVER, WILLIAM E.                     IN-80-2-148
HADLEY, MILTON                          IN-80-2-440
HAM, WILLIAM J.                         IN-80-2-167
HAMILTON, MARTHA                        IN-80-2-18
HARBIT, HENRY                           IN-80-A-66
HARDING, NANCY J.                       IN-80-2-286
HARMON, MARY B.                         IN-80-2-294
HARMON, WILLIAM H.                      IN-80-2-488
HARTER, JOHN T.                         IN-80-2-232
HAZEL, LEAH                             IN-80-2-230
HEINGERLING, HENRY                      IN-80-A-267
HENRY, SAMUEL S.                        IN-80-A-107
HERRON, DAVID J.                        IN-80-2-63
HIGH, HENRY                             IN-80-A-156
HIGH, HENRY                             IN-80-A-165
HINKLE, ENOS                            IN-80-2-316
HOBBS, MARY A.                          IN-80-2-398
HONSER, ISAAC                           IN-80-A-82
HOOVER, ISAAC                           IN-80-2-234
HOYT, LYMAN                             IN-80-2-212
HUFFMAN, BERT E.                        IN-80-2-504
HUNT, MARTHIA                           IN-80-2-118
HYSMAN, HENRY                           IN-80-2-365
JACKSON, HANNAH C.                      IN-80-2-345
JENNINGS, JONATHAN                      IN-80-2-56
JOHNSON, LANKSTON                       IN-80-A-253
JOHNSON, PAUL S.                        IN-80-2-395
JONES, CHARLES G.                       IN-80-2-136
JONES, CYNTHA A.                        IN-80-2-358
JONES, LEWIS                            IN-80-A-202
JONES, THOMAS                           IN-80-A-102
JORDAN, MILLIGAN                        IN-80-A-70
JORDON, ABRAHAM                         IN-80-A-37
KATON, JOAN                             IN-80-2-205
KENTON,MARY E.                          IN-80-2-194
KIGIN, MICHAEL                          IN-80-2-402
KIMMEL, GEORGE W.                       IN-80-2-453
KLEYLA, MARY A. (HOBBS)                 IN-80-2-398
KLEYLA, PETER M.                        IN-80-2-422
LADEN, INGERSOLL                        IN-80-2-432
LAVELL, BENJAMIN                        IN-80-A-227
LAVELL, SARAH                           IN-80-A-53
LAYDEN, ELIZABTH J.                     IN-80-2-236
LEATHERBERRY, SANFORD P. B.             IN-80-2-208
LEBO, FRANK J.                          IN-80-2-266
LEE, JOHN D.                            IN-80-A-110
LEE, SAMUEL                             IN-80-2-171
LEENARD, JEMIMA                         IN-80-2-80
LESTER, PHILLIP                         IN-80-A-188
LIGHT, HENRY M.                         IN-80-A-185
LIGHT, MARY                             IN-80-2-384
LISTER, DANIEL                          IN-80-A-182
LITTLE, JOSEPH                          IN-80-2-114
LOOSE, ROBERT F.                        IN-80-A-214
LOWLY, STEPHEN                          IN-80-2-353
LYON, MASON                             IN-80-A-49
LYTES, DANIEL                           IN-80-A-181
MALLERY, JOSIAH M.                      IN-80-2-339
MALSON, THOMAS                          IN-80-A-211
MAZINGO, JOSIAH                         IN-80-A-157
MCCHESNEY, EDWARD A.                    IN-80-2-260
MCCLEARY, JAMES                         IN-80-2-282
MCDONALD, RACHEL J.                     IN-80-2-319
MCKAY, RACHAEL                          IN-80-A-175
MCKINZIE, WILLIAM                       IN-80-A-21
MCNABB, BARNEY                          IN-80-2-438
MEYER, JUSTUS                           IN-80-2-54
MIDDLETON, ALLEN                        IN-80-2-140
MILES, JAMES                            IN-80-2-66
MITCHELL, HOLCOM                        IN-80-2-436
MOON, RUBEN T.                          IN-80-2-108
MOZINGO, MILTON                         IN-80-2-165
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                       IN-80-2-408
MYRELEY, SUSAN M.                       IN-80-2-225
NASH, GEORGE                            IN-80-2-134
NASH, RICHARD                           IN-80-2-501
NELSON, WILLIAM H.                      IN-80-A-16
NEWKIRK, SARAH                          IN-80-2-111
OREM, JOSIAH                            IN-80-2-410
ORR, JOHN                               IN-80-2-120
ORTON, JOHN                             IN-80-A-205
PAPE, CHRISTIAN WILLIAM                 IN-80-2-346
PATEN, SAMUEL                           IN-80-2-169
PAUL, SOPHIA                            IN-80-2-476
PENNOCK, ALEXANDER                      IN-80-2-515
PERKINS, WILLIAM J.                     IN-80-2-404
PHILIPOT, MARTIN                        IN-80-A-129
PIERCE, JESSE                           IN-80-2-38
PLOUGH, PRESTON H.                      IN-80-2-70
PLUMMER, HIRAM                          IN-80-A-208
PLUMMER, LYDIA                          IN-80-2-312
PLUMMER, MARTIN                         IN-80-2-86
PRESSLEY, SAMUEL                        IN-80-A-140
PUNTENNEY, MARTHA E.                    IN-80-2-368
RAFTIS, THOMAS                          IN-80-2-494
RALLER, MARGREAT A.                     IN-80-2-162
REEDER, GREEN P.                        IN-80-2-330
REEDMON, ELIJAH                         IN-80-A-123
RENFROW, ELENDER                        IN-80-2-22
RESSLER, ABRAHAM                        IN-80-2-180
RESSLER, SAMUEL                         IN-80-A-143
RICHARDS, REBECCA J.                    IN-80-2-326
RICHARDSON, CALEB                       IN-80-2-10
RIDGLEY, NANCY                          IN-80-2-402
ROMACK, ROBERT                          IN-80-2-176
RUMSEY, SARAH                           IN-80-2-152
RUSSELL, MARY ANN                       IN-80-2-396
RYAN, CATHERINE D.                      IN-80-2-492
SAILORS, ANDERSON J.                    IN-80-2-309
SALTER, NANCY                           IN-80-2-304
SCHWIER, CAROLINA P.                    IN-80-2-300
SCOTT, JAMES                            IN-80-2-374
SEARCY, ANDERSON                        IN-80-2-88
SEILER, JOHN                            IN-80-2-473
SEILER, MICHAEL                         IN-80-2-154
SHAFER, SALOMA                          IN-80-2-393
SHANK, CALEB B.                         IN-80-2-314
SHAW, JAMES                             IN-80-A-91
SHIPLEY, HENRY                          IN-80-2-104
SHORT, LYDIA A.                         IN-80-A-137
SIDENER, JOHN                           IN-80-2-202
SIPPY, ISAAC                            IN-80-A-232
SMELTZER, FREDERICK                     IN-80-2-302
SMITH, ABRAHAM                          IN-80-2-60
SMITH, ALEXANDER                        IN-80-2-74
SMITH, CHARLES F.                       IN-80-2-254
SMITH, CHRISTIANA                       IN-80-2-192
SMITH, DANIEL                           IN-80-A-117
SMITH, DORA S.                          IN-80-2-361
SMITH, JACOB                            IN-80-2-210
SMITH, JOHN D. SR.                      IN-80-2-424
SMITH, NANCY J.                         IN-80-2-146
SMITH, ROLEY                            IN-80-2-470
SMOCK, MOSES                            IN-80-2-143
SNOVELAND, ABIDAH A.                    IN-80-2-418
SNOW, REBECCA                           IN-80-2-182
SPAULDING, MARY                         IN-80-2-416
SPURGEN, JOHN                           IN-80-2-308
STEELE, SOLOMON P.                      IN-80-A-104
STEELE, T. A.                           IN-80-2-388
STEWART, RAY                            IN-80-A-223
STRALEY, GEORGE                         IN-80-A-271
SUMMERS, JOHN                           IN-80-2-222
SUMNER, JOSEPH                          IN-80-2-341
SWAIN, ABIGAIL JANE                     IN-80-A-86
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                       IN-80-2-160
TODD, MARY C.                           IN-80-2-355
TUCKER, JAMES R.                        IN-80-2-380
TUDER, JOHN B.                          IN-80-A-161
TUDER, SAMUEL D.                        IN-80-2-256
TURNER, JOHNH.                          IN-80-2-348
TYLER, JAMES SR.                        IN-80-A-6
VANBUSKIRK, JOSEPH                      IN-80-A-198
VANKIRK, AARON                          IN-80-A-193
VARNER, JACOB                           IN-80-A-9
VAWTERS, JAMES M.                       IN-80-2-46
VERNON, GRANVILLE                       IN-80-2-407
WALLACE, WILLIAM G.                     IN-80-2-262
WALSH, TIMOTHY                          IN-80-2-382
WARNER, CHARLES                         IN-80-A-33
WEBB, ISAAC A.                          IN-80-2-478
WEED, ANDREW F.                         IN-80-2-76
WEED, GEORGE M.                         IN-80-2-218
WELSHHOUS, GEORGE W.                    IN-80-2-126
WESTERVELT, MARY A.                     IN-80-2-122
WHISLER, JACOB T.                       IN-80-2-372
WHISMAN, PETER                          IN-80-A-114
WHITE, CLARISSA                         IN-80-A-46
WHITE, JAMES B.                         IN-80-2-42
WHITESEL, SUSANNAH                      IN-80-A-98
WILLCOX, TIMOTHY                        IN-80-A-275
WILLIAMS, JOHN C.                       IN-80-A-146
WILLIAMS, MARTHA A.                     IN-80-2-272
WILSHHOUS, WILLIAM                      IN-80-A-64
WISE, HANNAH                            IN-80-A-244
WISMAN, ISAAC                           IN-80-2-217
WOOD, JOHN T.                           IN-80-2-350
WOOLDRIDGE, GEORGE W.                   IN-80-2-144
WRIGHT, IREDILL                         IN-80-2-90
WRIGHT, JOSEPH A.                       IN-80-A-94

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