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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1828-1834 | 2 = 1834-1892 | 3 = 1864-1880 |
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ALLEN, JOSEPH                           IN-79-1-24
ASH, JOHN                               IN-79-1-215
BAKER, WILLIAM                          IN-79-1-205
BARTMESS, ADAM                          IN-79-1-27
BILDERBACK, GABRIEL                     IN-79-1-182
BROWN, ROBERT                           IN-79-1-164
BROWNING, SAMUEL                        IN-79-1-199
BUSICKS, GEORGE                         IN-79-1-43
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          IN-79-1-190
CLARK, SAMUEL O.                        IN-79-1-175
COCHRAN, JAMES                          IN-79-1-54
COLE, DUMMIT                            IN-79-1-114
COLE, JAMES                             IN-79-1-127
COOPER, JOSEPH                          IN-79-1-103
CORAN, JOHN                             IN-79-1-32
CORAN, JOHN (2ND WILL)                  IN-79-1-82
DOYER, SIMEON                           IN-79-1-46
DOYLE, SIMON                            IN-79-1-106
DOYLE, SIMON P.                         IN-79-1-209
ELLIS, WILLIAM                          IN-79-1-22
ELMORE, DAVID                           IN-79-1-143
FERGUSON, NIMROD                        IN-79-1-94
FISHER, JOHN                            IN-79-1-196
FRANKLIN JOSEPH                         IN-79-1-29
FRANKLIN, THOMAS P.                     IN-79-1-85
GAY, ZEBULON                            IN-79-1-52
GEORGE, GERMAN                          IN-79-1-111
GLADDERY, JOSEPH                        IN-79-1-211
GOODMAN, SAMUEL                         IN-79-1-146
HAIGH, JOB                              IN-79-1-152
HARRIS, BENJAMIN T.                     IN-79-1-88
HARVEY, RAMSEY                          IN-79-1-134
HARVY, ROBERT                           IN-79-1-35
HAYNES, JOHN                            IN-79-1-6
HEATH, RALPH                            IN-79-1-3
HILL, JOHN                              IN-79-1-78
HILTT, HENRY                            IN-79-1-178
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM                       IN-79-1-170
HUTTON, ISAAC                           IN-79-1-137
JENNINGS, HENRY                         IN-79-1-120
JENNINGS, LEVI                          IN-79-1-67
JOB, THOMAS                             IN-79-1-52
KEEN, JAMES                             IN-79-1-160
KERN, DANIEL                            IN-79-1-156
KYLE, JAMES                             IN-79-1-60
LANE, JAMES                             IN-79-1-51
LOVEJOY, JOHN                           IN-79-1-100
MCCAHAN, SAMUEL                         IN-79-1-149
MCGEORGE, MARY ANN                      IN-79-1-221
MCNOUGHTON, ALEXANDER                   IN-79-1-9
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-79-1-125
MILLER, JAMES                           IN-79-1-1
MOORE, HENRY                            IN-79-1-224
OBRIEN, MARTIN                          IN-79-1-202
ORR, JOHN                               IN-79-1-185
PARKER, THORNTON                        IN-79-1-48
PARSON, MATTHIAS                        IN-79-1-19
RISER, JOSEPH                           IN-79-1-187
SHAFER, JAMES                           IN-79-1-166
SLEEPER, JACOB                          IN-79-1-140
SLEEPER, SAMUEL                         IN-79-1-117
SPRING, WEATTBY                         IN-79-1-50
STALEY, MARTIN                          IN-79-1-173
STEWART, WILLIAM                        IN-79-1-130
STINGLEY, GEORGE                        IN-79-1-97
STRITCH, THOMAS                         IN-79-1-193
SUTLEFF, DEBORAH                        IN-79-1-11
SWAINGIN, RAWLEIGH                      IN-79-1-72
SWATS, MORDAICA                         IN-79-1-6
TALBERT, JOSEPH SR.                     IN-79-1-90
TIMMONS, STEPHEN                        IN-79-1-168
ULLERY, SAMUEL                          IN-79-1-17
WEED, JAMES                             IN-79-1-15

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