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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1823-1847 | 2-6 = ? |
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ANDERSON, JOHN                          IN-78-1-256
ANDREWS, ROBERT R.                      IN-78-1-41
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                       IN-78-1-271
BANTA, HENRY ESQ.                       IN-78-1-120
BEAL, SAMUEL ESQ.                       IN-78-1-153
BONNELL, MOSES                          IN-78-1-209
BOWMAN, DAVID                           IN-78-1-135
BRAY, JOHN                              IN-78-1-51
BRISSEAUX, JOHN                         IN-78-1-232
BROWN, JANE                             IN-78-1-148
BROWN, JOHN                             IN-78-1-36
BUCHAHAN, JOHN                          IN-78-1-299
CARLOW, JACOB S                         IN-78-1-91
COLE, MARTIN                            IN-78-1-287
COMBS, BENJAMIN                         IN-78-1-22
COPHER, JOEL                            IN-78-1-223
COTTON, WILLIAM                         IN-78-1-151
CRAIG, GEORGE M.                        IN-78-1-277
CRAIG, JANE B.                          IN-78-1-161
CULBERTSON, JENNETT                     IN-78-1-81
DEWITT, WILLIAM                         IN-78-1-130
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH C.                    IN-78-1-284
FENTON, JOHN                            IN-78-1-113
FISHER, WILLIAM                         IN-78-1-159
FULTON, DAVID                           IN-78-1-75
GEORGEL, FRANCIS J.                     IN-78-1-288
GILBERT, AMOS SR.                       IN-78-1-213
GOLAY, LEWIS F.                         IN-78-1-79
GORSLENE, SAMUEL                        IN-78-1-57
GOUDEN, DAVID                           IN-78-1-303
GREENLEE, WILLIAM                       IN-78-1-166
HAGAN, NATHEN                           IN-78-1-88
HALL, GABRIEL                           IN-78-1-198
HARWOOD, MARY                           IN-78-1-227
HATTON, THOMAS                          IN-78-1-54
HEATH, DANIEL                           IN-78-1-184
HOAG, STEPHEN                           IN-78-1-245
HOWES, ZACHARIAH                        IN-78-1-117
HUNTER, JAMES                           IN-78-1-220
HUTCHISON, JEREMIAH                     IN-78-1-252
JESSUP, WALTER                          IN-78-1-236
JOHNSTON, CHARLES                       IN-78-1-63
KARR, JOHN                              IN-78-1-137
KELLY, HENRY                            IN-78-1-222
KELLY, PATRICK                          IN-78-1-111
KELLY, WILLIAM                          IN-78-1-71
KERN, JACOB                             IN-78-1-170
LANDON, KIMBROW                         IN-78-1-33
LEATHERBERY, THOMA                      IN-78-1-282
LEE, DAVID                              IN-78-1-101
LESUER, WILLIAM                         IN-78-1-264
LEWIS, ISAAC                            IN-78-1-274
LEWIS, MARTHA                           IN-78-1-164
LOCK, BENJAMIN                          IN-78-1-176
LOCK, WILLIAM                           IN-78-1-145
MAGRUDER, NORMAN B.                     IN-78-1-93
MANFORD, JAMES                          IN-78-1-46
MARTIN, MARY                            IN-78-1-105
MCADAMS, JAMES                          IN-78-1-249
MCCLINTICK, SAMUEL SR.                  IN-78-1-216
MCCORMICK, DAVID                        IN-78-1-204
MCDOWELL, JOHN                          IN-78-1-20
MCGINNIS, SILAS                         IN-78-1-211
MCGREGOR, THOMAS                        IN-78-1-266
MCNUTT, RUTH                            IN-78-1-207
MENDENHALL, JOHN                        IN-78-1-261
MITCHEL, ALANSON                        IN-78-1-95
MONROE, HENRY                           IN-78-1-296
MORE, CHANCY                            IN-78-1-234
MORIS, WALTER                           IN-78-1-73
MOUROD, DANIEL JR.                      IN-78-1-139
MYERS, JOHN                             IN-78-1-156
NELSON, JOHN                            IN-78-1-180
NORTH, THOMAS                           IN-78-1-29
PALMER, WILLIAM                         IN-78-1-25
PEAK, NATHAN                            IN-78-1-4
PEELMAN, CHRISTOPHER                    IN-78-1-229
PHILIPS, WILLIAM                        IN-78-1-14
PLACE, JOSEPH                           IN-78-1-188
POCOCK, EDWARD                          IN-78-1-125
POTTER, DAVID                           IN-78-1-133
POTTER, DAVID                           IN-78-1-201
POWELL, WILLIAM JR.                     IN-78-1-128
QUIGLEY, JOHN                           IN-78-1-77
RAYMOND, LEWIS F.                       IN-78-1-107
REED, JOHN S.                           IN-78-1-114
RICHARDS, ISAAC                         IN-78-1-6
RICHMOND, GEORGE                        IN-78-1-86
RICKETS, WILLIAM                        IN-78-1-60
SHERPE, JOHN                            IN-78-1-66
STEWART, THOMAS SR.                     IN-78-1-1
STOW, JOSIAH                            IN-78-1-168
STOW, SOLOMON                           IN-78-1-269
TARBOX, HIRAM                           IN-78-1-242
THIEBAUD, FREDERICK L.                  IN-78-1-292
TRUITT, RILEY                           IN-78-1-247
TURNER, SMITH                           IN-78-1-27
VANSDOL, THEORUS                        IN-78-1-69
WALICK, HENRY                           IN-78-1-98
WALTZ, GEORGE                           IN-78-1-305
WHITE, ELIZABETH                        IN-78-1-239
WILKIE, WILLIAM                         IN-78-1-48

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