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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1850-1877 | 2-6 = ? |
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BAILEY, RANSOM                          IN-77-1-40
BALSON, JONATHAN M.                     IN-77-1-80
BARCUS, LABEN                           IN-77-1-296
BARNES, WILLIAM                         IN-77-1-405
BARR, JOHN                              IN-77-1-28
BEARD, MARY                             IN-77-1-356
BEDWELL, DAVID                          IN-77-1-442
BEDWELL, JAMES M.                       IN-77-1-193
BEDWELL, WILLIAM                        IN-77-1-203
BENEDICT, ANNA                          IN-77-1-120
BENEFIELD, HIRAM                        IN-77-1-124
BENNETT, JOHN                           IN-77-1-464
BOWERS, JOSEPH H.                       IN-77-1-189
BOYD, JAMES                             IN-77-1-17
BROCAW, ISAAC                           IN-77-1-253
BROCKS, GEORGE                          IN-77-1-139
BRODIE, JAMES                           IN-77-1-185
BURGE, ALEXANDER                        IN-77-1-271
BURKS, ANGELINE                         IN-77-1-159
BURTON, JESSE                           IN-77-1-343
BUY, BARNEY                             IN-77-1-354
CARTWRIGHT, B. H.                       IN-77-1-198
CARTWRIGHT, JOHN S.                     IN-77-1-45
CASE, JAMES                             IN-77-1-190
CLARK, JOHN                             IN-77-1-163
CLARK, JOHNSON                          IN-77-1-266
CLARK, R. H.                            IN-77-1-306
CLAYCOMB, FREDERICK W.                  IN-77-1-256
CORRELL, SAMUEL                         IN-77-1-323
CRAPO, REUBEN                           IN-77-1-82
CREAGER, THOMAS J.                      IN-77-1-445
CREAGER, WILLIAM H.                     IN-77-1-286
CROOKS, WILLIAM                         IN-77-1-398
CUPPY, JOHN                             IN-77-1-292
CURRY, ANDREW                           IN-77-1-350
CURRY, ANDREW                           IN-77-1-7
CURRY, JOHN                             IN-77-1-422
CURTNER, GEORGE J.                      IN-77-1-46
DAVIS, JOHN S.                          IN-77-1-205
DAVIS, JOHN W.                          IN-77-1-141
DAVIS, OWEN                             IN-77-1-2
DEBAUM, ABRAHAM                         IN-77-1-200
DICKERSON, OREGON                       IN-77-1-407
DICKS, WILLIAM                          IN-77-1-69
DOOLEY, HANNAH                          IN-77-1-142
DOWNS, JOHN                             IN-77-1-117
EARNEST, JACOB                          IN-77-1-115
ELLIS, MARY                             IN-77-1-382
ENGLE, JOHN                             IN-77-1-26
ENOCH, JONES                            IN-77-1-449
FAIN, MARY E.                           IN-77-1-396
FERREE, CATHERINE                       IN-77-1-252
FIGG, MATTHEW                           IN-77-1-108
FORDYCE, LEWIS                          IN-77-1-229
FOSTER, JOSEPH G.                       IN-77-1-106
FRENCH, HENRY                           IN-77-1-15
GARRETT, ANNA                           IN-77-1-101
GILES, HUGH H.                          IN-77-1-274
GILL, GEORGE N.                         IN-77-1-264
GILMORE, THOMAS                         IN-77-1-226
GOBIN, LEVICY                           IN-77-1-303
GOBIN, WILLIAM                          IN-77-1-153
GODMAN, THOMAS M.                       IN-77-1-157
GROSS, NANCY                            IN-77-1-269
HADDAN, VIRGINIA                        IN-77-1-73
HADDON, WILLIAM R.                      IN-77-1-134
HALBERSTADT, JOHN                       IN-77-1-217
HALL, ELIJAH                            IN-77-1-138
HAMILTON, JOHN                          IN-77-1-39
HANKINS, J. W.                          IN-77-1-377
HARRIS, W. H.                           IN-77-1-337
HARVEY, JAMES F.                        IN-77-1-431
HASSELBACH, BERNHART                    IN-77-1-88
HAWKINS, J. W.                          IN-77-1-377
HAYS, WILLIAM                           IN-77-1-147
HERREFORD, WILLIAM                      IN-77-1-122
HINES, WILL                             IN-77-1-411
HOPEWELL, JOHN                          IN-77-1-1
HOUCK, PHILIP                           IN-77-1-457
HOWARD, WILLIAM C.                      IN-77-1-219
JEWELL, BAZELL H.                       IN-77-1-280
JOHNSON,JOSHUA L.                       IN-77-1-393
KAUFMAN, ABRAHAM                        IN-77-1-237
KAUFMAN, ISAAC K.                       IN-77-1-187
KNOTTS, ALLEN L.                        IN-77-1-223
LADD, W. W.                             IN-77-1-409, 413
LASWELL, NANCY                          IN-77-1-165
LEDGERWOOD, JOHN L.                     IN-77-1-219
LEDGERWOOD, JOSEPH M.                   IN-77-1-57
LEDGERWOOD, RICHARD J.                  IN-77-1-92
LEDGERWOOD, SAMUEL J.                   IN-77-1-99
LEDGERWOOD, THOMAS J.                   IN-77-1-90
LEDGERWOOD, WILLIAM                     IN-77-1-4
LEDGERWOOD, WILLIAM J.                  IN-77-1-58
LESS, JAMES                             IN-77-1-401
LILLIE, CATHARINE                       IN-77-1-113
LISMAN, ADAM                            IN-77-1-262
LISMAN, PETER                           IN-77-1-272
LLOYD, MOSES                            IN-77-1-440
LOVELACE, SARAH                         IN-77-1-403
MAGILL, THOMAS                          IN-77-1-118
MAHAN, RICHARD                          IN-77-1-428
MAHAN, SAMUEL                           IN-77-1-167
MANWARRING, GEORGE                      IN-77-1-194
MANWARRING, THOMAS                      IN-77-1-86
MARLOW, EDWARD                          IN-77-1-174
MARTIN, NANCY D.                        IN-77-1-333
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          IN-77-1-145
MARTS, JACOB                            IN-77-1-61
MARTS, MARGARET                         IN-77-1-230
MATTOX, WILLIAM L.                      IN-77-1-339
MAYFIELD, WILLIAM                       IN-77-1-5
MCCAMMON, BENJAMIN                      IN-77-1-35
MCCREERY, ROBERT                        IN-77-1-389
MCCROCKLIN, GEORGE                      IN-77-1-13
MCCUTCHEN, SAMUEL                       IN-77-1-54
MCKEE, ALEXANDER                        IN-77-1-335
MCKEE, JOHN                             IN-77-1-77
MERRITT, JOHN W.                        IN-77-1-381
MILES, JOHN                             IN-77-1-179
MILES, NATHAN                           IN-77-1-466
MILLER, CATHARINE                       IN-77-1-375
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-77-1-94
MILLIGAN, JAMES SR.                     IN-77-1-9
MOORE, JOHN STEWART                     IN-77-1-309
NASH, MILNER E.                         IN-77-1-75
NASH, MILTON M.                         IN-77-1-417
NEAL, WALKER                            IN-77-1-103
NEEL, EDWARD                            IN-77-1-21
OZBORN, DANIEL                          IN-77-1-104
PETER, JORDAN                           IN-77-1-348
PINKSTON, DONAHOE                       IN-77-1-157
PIRTLE, WILLIAM L.                      IN-77-1-42
PLEW, WILLIAM P.                        IN-77-1-28
POSTLEWAIT, ISAAC                       IN-77-1-31
PROSKY, JOHN G.                         IN-77-1-183
PURCELL, G. W.                          IN-77-1-458
RIDGWAY, LEVI                           IN-77-1-48
RIDGWAY, SAMUEL                         IN-77-1-23
RING, SOLOMON                           IN-77-1-457
ROGERS, SARAH                           IN-77-1-279
ROLSTON, JAMES                          IN-77-1-352
ROWLAND, ANN                            IN-77-1-41
RUSHER, MINOR                           IN-77-1-269
RUSHER, WILLIAM                         IN-77-1-311
SECRIST, PETER                          IN-77-1-326
SEXTON, MATHEW D.                       IN-77-1-290
SHEPHARD, JAMES                         IN-77-1-456
SHEPHARD, THOMAS                        IN-77-1-56
SHEPHERD, JAMES                         IN-77-1-261
SHEPHERD, JAMES E.                      IN-77-1-317
SHEPHERD, STEPHEN                       IN-77-1-132
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM                       IN-77-1-294
SHERMAN, ROBERT                         IN-77-1-177
SHERMAN, SHADRICH                       IN-77-1-246
SHERWOOD, THOMPSON                      IN-77-1-149
SILVERS, BLETCHER                       IN-77-1-181
SILVERS, SAMUEL                         IN-77-1-358
SIMERAL, WILLIAM                        IN-77-1-277
SMOCK, HENRY                            IN-77-1-19
SORG, STEPHEN JOHN                      IN-77-1-227
SPRINGER, JOHN C.                       IN-77-1-369
STEPHENS, WILLIAM                       IN-77-1-43
STEWART, ISAAC                          IN-77-1-212
STORY, LEWIS                            IN-77-1-344
STOUT, WILLIAM                          IN-77-1-196
SULLIVAN, MANOAH                        IN-77-1-258
SUMMERS, CALEB                          IN-77-1-298
TARWATER, WILLIAM H.                    IN-77-1-215
THOMSON, ENOCH                          IN-77-1-367
TUNKEL, ALFRED                          IN-77-1-372
VERNAM, G. L.                           IN-77-1-314
WAGONER, JOSEPH                         IN-77-1-234
WALLS, SOLOMAN                          IN-77-1-453
WALTERS, AVARILAN                       IN-77-1-320
WALTERS, LAKE                           IN-77-1-248
WATSON, WILLIAM                         IN-77-1-110
WEBB, DANIEL C.                         IN-77-1-11
WEIDER, MICHAEL                         IN-77-1-364
WHARTON, JOHN                           IN-77-1-263
WHIPPLE, RICHARD                        IN-77-1-130
WIDENER, JOHN W.                        IN-77-1-276
WILLARD, ORSON                          IN-77-1-65
WILSON, JOHN                            IN-77-1-96
WILSON, PETER                           IN-77-1-361
WILSON, THOMAS                          IN-77-1-340
WOLFE, GEORGE                           IN-77-1-127
YATES, WILLIAM                          IN-77-1-330

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