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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 18529-1920 | 2-6 = ? |
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AMMONS, JAMES                           IN-76-1-173
ARNOLD, HARRIET                         IN-76-1-127
ATKINSON, SARAH ANN                     IN-76-1-282
AUER, CRESZENCIA                        IN-76-1-184
BAER, ADAM                              IN-76-1-514
BAKER, DARWIN H.                        IN-76-1-64
BARNES, MARY                            IN-76-1-252
BARTH, MARY B.                          IN-76-1-441
BASS, BENJAMIN                          IN-76-1-265
BEART, MAGDALINE                        IN-76-1-508
BELLEDIN, JOSEPH F.                     IN-76-1-461
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        IN-76-1-588
BENTZ, BARBARA                          IN-76-1-98
BERNHARD, ELIZABETH                     IN-76-1-35
BEYER, MICHAEL                          IN-76-1-85
BIRDSELL, JOHN C.                       IN-76-1-340
BLECHSCHMIDT, ADAM                      IN-76-1-94
BOWSHER, NELSON P.                      IN-76-1-566
BRICK, WILLIAM                          IN-76-1-104
BROWN, JOSHUA                           IN-76-1-212
BROWN, JOSHUA F.                        IN-76-1-19
BROWN, MARY M.                          IN-76-1-482
BUCHER, CHRISTIAN                       IN-76-1-353
BUCHER, SOPHIA                          IN-76-1-532
BURROUGH, RICKETSON                     IN-76-1-30
CALDWELL, JOHN                          IN-76-1-125
CHALFANT, THOMAS B.                     IN-76-1-311
CHANDLER, URIAH                         IN-76-1-445
CHOCKELF, JOHN A.                       IN-76-1-533
CHORD, LYDIA A.                         IN-76-1-241
COLLMER, FREDERICK                      IN-76-1-217
COONLEY, EMILY                          IN-76-1-527
CORDRAY, BENJAMIN F.                    IN-76-1-567
CROWLEY, FRANCES                        IN-76-1-78
CUMMINGS, JOHN                          IN-76-1-387
DAVIS, ANN                              IN-76-1-374
DECLERCF, ROZALIE                       IN-76-1-410
DEFREES, JOSEPH H.                      IN-76-1-151
DENSMORE, CARRIE                        IN-76-1-568
DILLE, JOHN C.                          IN-76-1-563
DIXON, HEZEKIAH                         IN-76-1-304
DOMKE, EDWARD                           IN-76-1-593
DWENGER, JOSEPH (RT. REV.)              IN-76-1-420
EATON, JACOB                            IN-76-1-195
EDDY, ANNA M.                           IN-76-1-55
ELDER, JOHN                             IN-76-1-362
ELSWORTH, FREDERICK D.                  IN-76-1-468
EMBERLEIN, HELDA                        IN-76-1-472
ENDERS, GEORGE                          IN-76-1-153
ENGELDRUM, ANNA M.                      IN-76-1-81
ERLER, ERNEST E.                        IN-76-1-463
ESMAY, ELIZA                            IN-76-1-27
ESMAY, ISAAC                            IN-76-1-70
FARRINGTON, PATRICK                     IN-76-1-1
FAWROTE, LOUISA                         IN-76-1-376
FERBRINGER, ANDREW                      IN-76-1-102
FERRIS, NELSON                          IN-76-1-590
FIESENHAUSER, JOHN T.                   IN-76-1-560
FINSH, MARTIN                           IN-76-1-474
FISHER, CLARA                           IN-76-1-357
FISHER, JOHN                            IN-76-1-227
FISHER, MAGGIE                          IN-76-1-5
FISHER, VALENTINE                       IN-76-1-417
FISHER, VALENTINE                       IN-76-1-451
FRAME, ABRAM                            IN-76-1-24
FRANE, CATHERINE                        IN-76-1-510
FRIEDMAN, GEORGE                        IN-76-1-177
FULMER, JACOB D.                        IN-76-1-309
FULMER, JACOB D.                        IN-76-1-309
FUNSTON, AGNES R.                       IN-76-1-504
GEMINDER, MARGARET                      IN-76-1-371
GEYER, PETER                            IN-76-1-583
GIDEON, KINZIE                          IN-76-1-390
GNOTT, JUSTINE                          IN-76-1-507
GOESCHEL, MARGARETTA B.                 IN-76-1-89
GRABOWSKI, ANNIE                        IN-76-1-41
GREEN, CATHARINE                        IN-76-1-87
GREGORY, JAMES H.                       IN-76-1-118
GREGORY, JAMES H.                       IN-76-1-15
GRUBER, JOHN                            IN-76-1-490
HAASE, FRED WILLIAM                     IN-76-1-407
HAMMOND, ELIZA E.                       IN-76-1-576
HARDY, VALENTINE H.                     IN-76-1-584
HARPER, ELIZABETH M.                    IN-76-1-417
HARPER, JOHN                            IN-76-1-519
HASSIG, GEORGE                          IN-76-1-171
HATCH, DANIEL                           IN-76-1-359
HESS, MATTHIAS                          IN-76-1-471, 473
HIGGINS, HENRY D.                       IN-76-1-279
HIMEBAUGH, MICHAEL                      IN-76-1-378
HINDS, HUGH L.                          IN-76-1-37
HOFFMAN, DANIEL                         IN-76-1-434
HOGUE, DANIEL C.                        IN-76-1-483
HOKE, HARRIET                           IN-76-1-412
HOLMES, MALISSA                         IN-76-1-68
HOOVER, AARON                           IN-76-1-496
HUBBARD, RANSOM                         IN-76-1-135
HUNT, REBECCA STUCKEY                   IN-76-1-123
HUSTON, JOHN K.                         IN-76-1-384
JETTON, WILLIAM L.                      IN-76-1-561
JOHNSON, LUCY                           IN-76-1-277
JOHNSON, SUSANNAH                       IN-76-1-344
JOLLEY, THOMA                           IN-76-1-232
KAMM, ANNA                              IN-76-1-493
KINZIE, GIDEON                          IN-76-1-390
KLAJBOR, FRANCES                        IN-76-1-230
KLEIN, MARGARETH                        IN-76-1-367
KLEIN, PETER                            IN-76-1-83
KLINE, JACOB G.                         IN-76-1-536
KLINGEL, ELIZA                          IN-76-1-43
KLINGER, PHILLIP                        IN-76-1-400
KOEHLER, RENATUS L.                     IN-76-1-167
KREISHER, ELIABETH                      IN-76-1-146
KRIESSLING, JOHN                        IN-76-1-180
KRINKE, WILLIAM                         IN-76-1-586
KUSKYE, IGNACY                          IN-76-1-386
LANG, FREDERICK                         IN-76-1-579
LANGEFELD, FREDERICK                    IN-76-1-285
LANTZ, JONAS                            IN-76-1-74
LAYBOURNE, NEWLOVE                      IN-76-1-20
LEAR, JACOB                             IN-76-1-107
LEEPER, DAVID R.                        IN-76-1-577
LEHMAN, EMILIE                          IN-76-1-465
LEONARD, JOEL F.                        IN-76-1-392
LERNER, DOROTHEA                        IN-76-1-454
LOGAN, HELEN                            IN-76-1-424
LONG, ELIZABETH                         IN-76-1-587
LORING, LYDIA L.                        IN-76-1-238
LORING, MARY ANN                        IN-76-1-448
LUERS, JOHN H.                          IN-76-1-484
MAHER, WILLIAM                          IN-76-1-432
MAHER, WILLIAM                          IN-76-1-432
MANUAL, BARBARA                         IN-76-1-141
MARIEN, LUDWIG                          IN-76-1-20
MARTENS, HENRI                          IN-76-1-244
MARTENS, HENRY                          IN-76-1-244
MARTIN, GEORGE W.                       IN-76-1-509
MATHEWS, GEORGE W.                      IN-76-1-476
MATHIS, CONRAD                          IN-76-1-495
MAY, ADAM                               IN-76-1-564
MCCANN, CATHERINE                       IN-76-1-182
MCKNIGHT, JAMES                         IN-76-1-550
MEYER, FRANK R.                         IN-76-1-426
MEYERS, JACOB                           IN-76-1-10
MILFRAT, FRED                           IN-76-1-334
MILLER, ADAM                            IN-76-1-578
MILLER, ANTHONY WAYNE                   IN-76-1-199
MILLER, DANIEL H.                       IN-76-1-389
MILLER, JAMES                           IN-76-1-559
MILLER, SARAH                           IN-76-1-111
MOORE, ROBERT                           IN-76-1-544
MOREY, FRANCIS HELLEN                   IN-76-1-478
MYERS, WILLIAM                          IN-76-1-488
NEEDHAM, ELIZABETH                      IN-76-1-570
NEITZEL, JOHN HENRY                     IN-76-1-40
OLMSTEAD, ELISABETH                     IN-76-1-258
PAPROCKA, MARY                          IN-76-1-582
PATCH, CHARLES MILLINGTON               IN-76-1-295
PAXSON, SAMUEL                          IN-76-1-457
PEAK, ELIZABETH OLMSTEAD                IN-76-1-258
PEARSE, FRANKLIN                        IN-76-1-215
PEPPER, MARY                            IN-76-1-149
PERKINS, PARDON                         IN-76-1-330
PFEGLE, MARGARET B.                     IN-76-1-539
PLATZ, MATILDA                          IN-76-1-580
POWELL, LARKIN                          IN-76-1-511
POWELL, REBECCA M.                      IN-76-1-422
PROUD, JAME SSR.                        IN-76-1-349
PURUCKER, SIMON                         IN-76-1-121
PYKE, ALMYRA                            IN-76-1-534
RADEMACKER, JOSEPH                      IN-76-1-517
RAPP, JOHN                              IN-76-1-33
REIFSNYDER, FERDINAND                   IN-76-1-513
REILLY, MARY ANN                        IN-76-1-188
RINGLE, HESTER A.                       IN-76-1-248
RINGLE, LEVI                            IN-76-1-315
RITTER, SAMUEL                          IN-76-1-355
ROBERTS, HANNAH                         IN-76-1-573
ROHRER, ROSE S.                         IN-76-1-591
ROSE, GARLAND E.                        IN-76-1-139
ROSINAKOWSKI, JOSEPHINE                 IN-76-1-581
RUPEE, DAVID                            IN-76-1-235
RUSH, DAVID C.                          IN-76-1-589
RUSS, ELECTA J.                         IN-76-1-440
RUSSELL, FRANK B.                       IN-76-1-290
RYON, PATRICK                           IN-76-1-263
SACK, ADAM                              IN-76-1-48
SCHAEFER, JULIANA                       IN-76-1-129
SCHENCK, LUCY                           IN-76-1-157
SCOTT, JULIA E.                         IN-76-1-528
SELLERS, ISAAC                          IN-76-1-554
SELTZER, JOHN K.                        IN-76-1-270
SHANK, JOHN H.                          IN-76-1-585
SHUPERT, MARY S.                        IN-76-1-298
SIHAN, ANNA                             IN-76-1-443
SLAUGHTERBECK, GEORGE M.                IN-76-1-164
SLAUGHTERBECK, JACOB                    IN-76-1-250
SMITH, BERTHA E.                        IN-76-1-51
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-76-1-7
SMITH, MARTHA                           IN-76-1-487
SMITH, MARY K.                          IN-76-1-535
SPETH, HENRY                            IN-76-1-512
STACE, ARTHUR J.                        IN-76-1-59
STALIN, ANTHONY                         IN-76-1-219
STANFIELD, THOMAS S.                    IN-76-1-17
STEINEL, JOHN                           IN-76-1-569
STOKES, SUSAN M.                        IN-76-1-322
STONER, MARY                            IN-76-1-556
STOVER, JACOB                           IN-76-1-192
STOVER, LEMUEL                          IN-76-1-335
STOVER, SARAH                           IN-76-1-501
STUDEBAKER, JACOB F.                    IN-76-1-66
STULL, SAMUEL                           IN-76-1-222
SUERS, JOHN H.                          IN-76-1-484
SWEET, ISRAEL                           IN-76-1-132
TALBOT, CATHARINE                       IN-76-1-113
TARBELL, WILLIAM                        IN-76-1-72
TARBLELL, MARIA                         IN-76-1-143
TAUSEY, PATRICK                         IN-76-1-292
TAYLOR, EGBERT                          IN-76-1-100
TAYLOR, MARY JANE                       IN-76-1-382
THOMAS, EDWARD P.                       IN-76-1-116
THORNTON, JACOB                         IN-76-1-351
THORP, ALEXANDER L.                     IN-76-1-347
TOEPP, MARTIN                           IN-76-1-319
VANBUSKIRK, THOMAS                      IN-76-1-565
VANNESS, MARY S.                        IN-76-1-62
VEDISH, FREDERICK                       IN-76-1-96
VROOMAN, DANIEL                         IN-76-1-45
WAGNER, SARAH                           IN-76-1-155
WALLACE, FREDERIKA A. C.                IN-76-1-592
WALWORTH, MARIA L.                      IN-76-1-499
WARD, DANIEL                            IN-76-1-91
WARDEN, JSOEPH                          IN-76-1-307
WARNER, DAVID                           IN-76-1-571
WEAVER, MARY                            IN-76-1-159
WEBER, AMELIA                           IN-76-1-438
WEICHEL, MARIE                          IN-76-1-572
WEISS, JOHN F.                          IN-76-1-175
WENGER, HENRY                           IN-76-1-301
WHITEMAN, ABRAHAM                       IN-76-1-456
WILHELM, CHRISTIAN                      IN-76-1-12
WILKISON, ANNA MARY                     IN-76-1-22
WILLIAMS, ANN EGBERT                    IN-76-1-575
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        IN-76-1-76
WITZ, MARY                              IN-76-1-398
WOLF, CHRISTIAN                         IN-76-1-592
WRIGHT, ISAAC                           IN-76-1-255
WYNN, JACOB A.                          IN-76-1-225
YARRICK, MARGARET                       IN-76-1-206
YOST, JOHN                              IN-76-1-326

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