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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1845-1876 | 2-5 = ? |
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ADAMS, JOHN Q.                          IN-75-1-346
ALBEE, WILLIAM                          IN-75-1-13
BAILEY, ALEN                            IN-75-1-3
BAKER, JAMES                            IN-75-1-300
BALES, PHILIP                           IN-75-1-344
BARR, JAMES                             IN-75-1-239
BARWARD, JOHN B.                        IN-75-1-360
BEARD, CHANCEY W.                       IN-75-1-63
BEEBE, DAVID                            IN-75-1-336
BEERS, DAVID                            IN-75-1-70
BELL, ROBERT                            IN-75-1-292
BENNETT, SYLVIA M.                      IN-75-1-102
BOWER, FREDERICK                        IN-75-1-266
BOWERMAN, JOHN                          IN-75-1-198
BOYER, JOHN                             IN-75-1-116
BOYER, SARAH                            IN-75-1-191
BROOKS, GEORGE                          IN-75-1-56
BROWN, EMERY                            IN-75-1-276
BROWN, ERASTUS                          IN-75-1-22
BROWN, ERASTUS H.                       IN-75-1-196
BROWN, JEREMIAH                         IN-75-1-90
BURDICK, ICHOBOD H.                     IN-75-1-19
BUTLER, DANIEL                          IN-75-1-26
BUTLER, JESSE                           IN-75-1-368
BUTLER, LOVIN                           IN-75-1-35
CAERFSENTER, ALEX M.                    IN-75-1-354
CALTON, MOSES S.                        IN-75-1-217
CANFIELD, NEWTON D.                     IN-75-1-268
CARTER, LAURA                           IN-75-1-366
CASEBEER, MARY C.                       IN-75-1-288
CHAMBERLAIN, RICHARD                    IN-75-1-250
CHAPIN, JOSIAH                          IN-75-1-173
CHASE, WILLIAM                          IN-75-1-131
CHOAT, POLLY                            IN-75-1-107
CLEVELAND, AMASA M.                     IN-75-1-148
COLLINS, BARTON                         IN-75-1-33
CONLEY, WILLIAM                         IN-75-1-124
CONSIDIN, GEORGE NELSON                 IN-75-1-227
COOK, LOVEY                             IN-75-1-182
COOPER, WILLIAM                         IN-75-1-225
COX, WILLIAM M.                         IN-75-1-159
CRAIN, CHARLES                          IN-75-1-195
CRANDALL, ALBERT R.                     IN-75-1-399
CRANDALL, WILLIAM A.                    IN-75-1-291
CRAWFORD, ARCHIBALD                     IN-75-1-109
CRWFORD, AGNES                          IN-75-1-38
CUTLER, HIRAM H.                        IN-75-1-298
CUTLER, SAMUEL G.                       IN-75-1-100
DALLY, MELINDA                          IN-75-1-320
DARLING, JUSTIN                         IN-75-1-232
DAVIS, ABNER                            IN-75-1-4
DAVIS, ISAAC                            IN-75-1-152
DELLER, BENJAMIN                        IN-75-1-383
DELLER, NICHOLAS                        IN-75-1-374
DEPNE, LEVI                             IN-75-1-55
DILLINGHAM, JEREMIAH                    IN-75-1-85
DOTTS, ANDREW                           IN-75-1-83
DOUGLAS, JOHN                           IN-75-1-200
DOUGLASS, STEPHEN P.                    IN-75-1-245
DREHER, GEORGE P.                       IN-75-1-322
FERRIS, DAVID                           IN-75-1-64
FINK, SELAH                             IN-75-1-86
FISHER, ELIZABETH                       IN-75-1-387
FLEMING, JOHN                           IN-75-1-7
FORD, THOMAS                            IN-75-1-397
FOX, ELIJAH                             IN-75-1-24
FRANKLIN, GEORGE W.                     IN-75-1-72
FRELIGH, JOHN J.                        IN-75-1-141
FRINK, HARVEY                           IN-75-1-42
FRULEY, GEORGE                          IN-75-1-62
GALE, CARROLL M.                        IN-75-1-316
GALE, THOMAS                            IN-75-1-180
GARDNER, RICHARD W.                     IN-75-1-204
GASKILL, GEORGE H.                      IN-75-1-284
GATES, LEVI                             IN-75-1-129
GOCHANAUR, JACOB                        IN-75-1-242
GOLDSMITH, HARVEY H.                    IN-75-1-248
GRAHAM, GEORGE F.                       IN-75-1-340
GREENO, JOHN                            IN-75-1-1
GRIFFETH, JOHN                          IN-75-1-372
GRIFFITH, LEAMON                        IN-75-1-395
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                       IN-75-1-314
GRISE, HENRY                            IN-75-1-220
HAGAN, HANDY                            IN-75-1-127
HAMMOND, EDWARD T.                      IN-75-1-390
HEMING, HENRY                           IN-75-1-208
HENDRICKS, GEORGE H.                    IN-75-1-139
HERRICK, WILLIAM                        IN-75-1-348
HERRIMAN, RUFUS                         IN-75-1-162
HINES, GEORGE S.                        IN-75-1-366A
HOLLISTER, ARTEMAS                      IN-75-1-246
HOMAN, JOHN                             IN-75-1-230
HOPKINS, J. C.                          IN-75-1-80
HUMAN, HAVEN                            IN-75-1-272
HUPON, PETER                            IN-75-1-78
IRELAND, JONATHAN R.                    IN-75-1-137
JACKMAN, ROEBRT                         IN-75-1-394
JACKS, HANNAH                           IN-75-1-88
JACKSON, RUFUS                          IN-75-1-57
JAGER, WILLIAM H.                       IN-75-1-189
JOHNSON, FRANCIS                        IN-75-1-52
JOHNSON, SILAS                          IN-75-1-212
JONES, BETSY T.                         IN-75-1-118
JORDAN, DAVID                           IN-75-1-356
KACENKUMP, HENRY                        IN-75-1-46
KEMP, ABNER                             IN-75-1-48
KLINK, CHRISTIAN                        IN-75-1-324
KOPE, HENRY                             IN-75-1-68
KREOTE, JOHN                            IN-75-1-40
LANGS, BYRON                            IN-75-1-270
LAWRENCE, JOHN                          IN-75-1-37
LEE, CLARK                              IN-75-1-145
LEMMON, DAVID                           IN-75-1-76
LESHER, SAMUEL                          IN-75-1-17
LEWIS, ASA                              IN-75-1-125
LIGHT, SOPHRONIA                        IN-75-1-254
LONG, SUSANNAH T.                       IN-75-1-65
LONGSDALE, GEORGE                       IN-75-1-338
LORE, THOMAS B.                         IN-75-1-262
LOWNSBERRY, NEHEMIAH                    IN-75-1-313
LUCE, WALTER                            IN-75-1-328
MALLORY, DAVID                          IN-75-1-178
MAWHOOD, JOHN                           IN-75-1-282
MCCARTER, JANE                          IN-75-1-403
MCGOWAN, JOHN                           IN-75-1-142
MERRIMAN, DOLLY                         IN-75-1-169
MERRIMAN, JAMES H.                      IN-75-1-23
MICHAEL, PHILIP                         IN-75-1-256
MILLER, HEBER                           IN-75-1-15
MILLER, ISAAC                           IN-75-1-30
MILLER, JOHN JR.                        IN-75-1-202
MILLS, JOHN G.                          IN-75-1-147
MONTGOMEY, MARGRET                      IN-75-1-133
MUGG, JESSE J.                          IN-75-1-171
NICHOLL, GEORGE                         IN-75-1-156
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                         IN-75-1-120
NISONGER, CHRISTOPHER                   IN-75-1-362
OBERST, DANIEL                          IN-75-1-206
ORTON, DORIAS                           IN-75-1-6
ORTON, MERCY J.                         IN-75-1-135
PARISH, RODNEY                          IN-75-1-71
PARKER, MARY                            IN-75-1-286
PERRY, CHESTER (IN DEED BOOK)           IN-75-2-334
PHENICII, JAMES M.                      IN-75-1-53
PIERCE, ROSANNAH E.                     IN-75-1-380
POWER, JOSIAH                           IN-75-1-61
POWERS, CLARK                           IN-75-1-96
PRAY, EPHRAIM                           IN-75-1-153
RALSTON, JOHN                           IN-75-1-39
RANNEY, SAMUEL                          IN-75-1-378
RANSBURG, CATHARINE                     IN-75-1-306
RAY, JOHN                               IN-75-1-184
REED, THOMAS G.                         IN-75-1-44
RICE, CORNELIUS D.                      IN-75-1-388
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                     IN-75-1-400
ROBERTS, NATHAN                         IN-75-1-91
RUBBY, JACOB                            IN-75-1-154
RUSSELL, MELZAR                         IN-75-1-98
SABIN, JOSIAH                           IN-75-1-358
SAMB, DAVID                             IN-75-1-370
SAMS, HENRY                             IN-75-1-122
SCHOLFIELD, MARGRET                     IN-75-1-112
SCUFTIN, SAMUEL                         IN-75-1-187
SHARRITT, REBECCA                       IN-75-1-350
SHAVER, FRANKLIN                        IN-75-1-210
SHEPHARD, CHARLES L.                    IN-75-1-105
SHUTT, SALLY ANNE                       IN-75-1-402
SLOSSON, PERMELIA                       IN-75-1-252
SMITH, ELIZABETH J.                     IN-75-1-214
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-75-1-278
SMITH, JOHN C.                          IN-75-1-215
SMITH, MARK S.                          IN-75-1-103
SNYDER, CICERO                          IN-75-1-352
SNYDER, PETER                           IN-75-1-167
SOMMERS, JONAS H.                       IN-75-1-318
STAN, ORANGE                            IN-75-1-144
STAYBAUGH, LEONARD                      IN-75-1-332
STAYNER, ELIZA                          IN-75-1-94
STEPHENS, FRANCIS                       IN-75-1-392
STETLER, SARAH                          IN-75-1-260
STONE, SEWALL                           IN-75-1-31
STOREY, HARRIET A.                      IN-75-1-334
SUNDAY, DANIEL                          IN-75-1-330
TAYLOR, ANSIL                           IN-75-1-385
TAYLOR, NANCY A.                        IN-75-1-310
TAYLOR, WILLIAM T.                      IN-75-1-93
TEETERS, WILSON                         IN-75-1-164
THOMPSON, ELIZA                         IN-75-1-304
THROOP, CHARLES                         IN-75-1-28
TUBBS, ALFRED                           IN-75-1-74
TWITCHELL, BENJAMIN                     IN-75-1-221
TYLER, SIMEON                           IN-75-1-404
VANWORMER, CHARLES                      IN-75-1-50
WELCH, EMMA L.                          IN-75-1-406
WHITE, LEONARD L.                       IN-75-1-36
WICHMAN, JOSEPH                         IN-75-1-10
WILSON, DAVID                           IN-75-1-66
WISLER, ABRAHAM                         IN-75-1-114
WOOD, LUCINDA                           IN-75-1-114

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