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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1828-1834 | 2 = 1834-1892 | 3 = 1864-1880 |
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ANTHONY, PHILIP                         IN-74-A2-374
ARMSTRONG, IDORA A.                     IN-74-A2-588
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      IN-74-A2-570
AVERILL, WILLIAM H.                     IN-74-A2-240
BARKER, DARION                          IN-74-A2-216
BASCOM, SILAS J.                        IN-74-A1-76
BASCOM, SILAS J.                        IN-74-A2-41
BAUGHMAN, EBENEZER                      IN-74-A2-52, 192
BAUGHMAN, EBENEZER                      IN-74-A1-82
BEATTY, MARGARET                        IN-74-A2-167
BEATTY, SAMUEL                          IN-74-A2-155
BLACK, JACOB                            IN-74-A1-28
BLACK, JACOB G.                         IN-74-A2-3
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                       IN-74-A1-77
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                       IN-74-A2-43
BRINKLEY, SARAH                         IN-74-A1-137
BRINKLEY, SARAH                         IN-74-A2-122
BUCKINGHAM, A.                          IN-74-A1-89
BUCKINGHAM, ALVAH                       IN-74-A2-63
BUCKINGHAM, PHILO                       IN-74-A2-185
BUTTERFIELD, JOHN                       IN-74-A2-471
BYRNE, EDARD F.                         IN-74-A2-141
CAMIN, LEWIS                            IN-74-A1-106
CAMP, JOSEPH                            IN-74-A1-55
CAMP, JOSEPH                            IN-74-A2-17
CARMIN, LEWIS                           IN-74-A2-84
CARTER, JANE R. A.                      IN-74-A2-249
CASPER, ELIZABETH                       IN-74-A2-267
CLAUDIUS, SUSANNA                       IN-74-A1-83
CLAUDIUS, SUSANNA                       IN-74-A2-54
COFFIN, MARTIN L.                       IN-74-A2-233
COFFIN, PHILANDER                       IN-74-A2-68
COFFIN, PHILANDER                       IN-74-A1-94
COLE, CELISHA                           IN-74-A1-118
COLE, CELISHA                           IN-74-A2-101
CONANT, JAMES EDWIN                     IN-74-A2-340
DEAN, LAURA M.                          IN-74-A2-545
DOWD, ERWIN E.                          IN-74-A2-496
DUGGIN, HENRY                           IN-74-A1-121
DUGGINS, HENRY                          IN-74-A2-104
EBELE, GODFRED                          IN-74-A1-86
EBERLE, GODFRED                         IN-74-A2-59
EVANS, GEORGE                           IN-74-A1-51
EVANS, GEORGE                           IN-74-A2-13
EXAVER, MICHAEL                         IN-74-A2-162
EYSTER, GEORGE                          IN-74-A1-62
EYSTER, GEORGE S.                       IN-74-A2-25
FIELD, CHARLES                          IN-74-A2-482
GLENN, JOSEPH                           IN-74-A1-102
GLENN, JOSEPH                           IN-74-A2-78
GLIDDEN, DANIEL A.                      IN-74-A2-95
GLIDDEN, DANIEL A.                      IN-74-A1-114
GLIDDEN, GEORGE M.                      IN-74-A2-326
GORGAS, WILLIAM R.                      IN-74-A2-402
GROSHANS, CONRAD                        IN-74-A2-10
GROSSHAUS, CONRAD                       IN-74-A1-49
HACKER, JOHN A.                         IN-74-A2-563
HADLEY, AMOS                            IN-74-A1-85
HALL, JOSEPH L.                         IN-74-A2-418
HALL, SARAH J.                          IN-74-A2-411
HALLAS, MIKE                            IN-74-A2-379
HANN, JOHN                              IN-74-A2-31
HANN, JOHN                              IN-74-A1-67
HANNA, HENRY C.                         IN-74-A2-159
HAWKINS, WILLIAM W.                     IN-74-A2-282
HEADLEY, AMOS                           IN-74-A2-57
HELMOUTH, AUGUST                        IN-74-A2-180
HENDERSON, DAVID                        IN-74-A2-491
HENDERSON, WILLIAM P.                   IN-74-A2-478
HOAG, CATHARINE                         IN-74-A2-70
HOAG, CATHARINE M.                      IN-74-A1-96
HODGE, JAMES                            IN-74-A2-575
HORNE, JOSEPH                           IN-74-A2-511
HOUSE, WILLIAM                          IN-74-A2-150
HOUTS, ANNIE G.                         IN-74-A2-286
HUMPHREYS, MATTHEW                      IN-74-A2-6
HUMPHREYS, MATTHEY                      IN-74-A1-35
JACKSON, JESSE                          IN-74-A1-74
JACKSON, JESSE                          IN-74-A2-38
KALBER, JACOB                           IN-74-A2-32
KALBER, JACOB                           IN-74-A1-68
KEGEBEIN, THEODORE                      IN-74-A2-332
KELLER, SOPHARA                         IN-74-A2-14
KELLER, SOPHARA                         IN-74-A1-52
KUSTER, HENRY                           IN-74-A2-296
LAWRENCE, ELLEN                         IN-74-A1-84
LEONARD, ELLEN                          IN-74-A2-56
LONGWORTH, JOSEPH                       IN-74-A2-457
LONGWORTH, NICHOLAS                     IN-74-A2-437
LORING, JOHN                            IN-74-A2-65
LORING, JOHN                            IN-74-A1-90
LOUGHRIAGE, MATT                        IN-74-A1-8
MARSH, GEORGE H.                        IN-74-A2-508
MARTIN, RAMSEY                          IN-74-A1-59
MARTIN, RAMSEY                          IN-74-A2-21
MEARS, HANNA A.                         IN-74-A2-206
MEYER, WILLIAM                          IN-74-A2-364
MILLER, JOSEPH                          IN-74-A2-292
MITCHELL, COMMODORE P.                  IN-74-A2-425
MOEIULEH, JOSEPH                        IN-74-A2-382
MONROE, PHILO                           IN-74-A2-124
MONROE, PHILO                           IN-74-A1-139
MORRIS, CALEB                           IN-74-A2-271
NIGHTHART, PHILIP                       IN-74-A1-56
NIGHTHART, PHILIP                       IN-74-A2-19
PARDUHN, MICHAEL                        IN-74-A2-548
PARKE, WILLIAM                          IN-74-A1-61
PARKER, WILLIAM                         IN-74-A2-23
PARKER, WILLIAM                         IN-74-A1-61
PARRY, MORDECAI                         IN-74-A2-386
PARRY, WILLIAM                          IN-74-A2-530
PETERSDORF, CHRIST                      IN-74-A2-300
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          IN-74-A1-110
PHILLIPS, JOHN                          IN-74-A2-90
PORTER, ANDREW W.                       IN-74-A2-135
REEVES, ARTHUR M.                       IN-74-A2-278
REILEY, MICHAEL                         IN-74-A2-229
RICE, LYDIA J.                          IN-74-A2-559
RIDGWAY, JOSEPH                         IN-74-A2-112
RIDGWAY, JOSEPH                         IN-74-A1-130
ROBINSON, ALEX G.                       IN-74-A2-196
ROLLER, JOHN                            IN-74-A2-88
ROLLER, JOHN                            IN-74-A1-109
SCOTT, CHARLES                          IN-74-A2-15
SEAVEY, GIDEON W.                       IN-74-A2-432
SHARP, WILLIAM T.                       IN-74-A2-201
SHAW, AARON                             IN-74-A2-368
SHAW, GEORGE H.                         IN-74-A1-124
SHAW, GEORGE H.                         IN-74-A2-108
SHILLING, WILLIAM F.                    IN-74-A1-20
SHORT, KENDALL L.                       IN-74-A2-132
SINCLAIR, S. S.                         IN-74-A2-503
SMITH, J. CONDIT                        IN-74-A2-350
SMITH, JOHN B.                          IN-74-A1-73
SMITH, JOHN B.                          IN-74-A2-37
STEPLER, MARY ELIZABETH                 IN-74-A2-137
STRANGE, ELIZABETH                      IN-74-A2-336
STRYKER, ANNA M.                        IN-74-A2-164
SWARTZELL, JOHN                         IN-74-A1-29
SWARTZELL, JOHN                         IN-74-A2-5
SWIGART, MARY                           IN-74-A2-263
TAYLOR, A. DELIA                        IN-74-A2-236
TAYLOR, AUSTIN B.                       IN-74-A2-47
TAYLOR, AUSTIN B.                       IN-74-A1-78
TENER, RACHEL                           IN-74-A2-92
TENER, RACHEL                           IN-74-A1-112
THOMS, MATTHEW M.                       IN-74-A2-274
TILMAN, JACOB                           IN-74-A2-35
TILMAN, JACOB                           IN-74-A1-71
TINDALL, JOHN W.                        IN-74-A2-398
TRUMP, JONAS                            IN-74-A2-61
TRUMP, JONAS                            IN-74-A1-87
TURNBULL, HIRAM E.                      IN-74-A2-581
VANASHIE, FRANK                         IN-74-A2-360
VANDERVEEL, JOHN                        IN-74-A1-100
VANDEWEELE, JOHN                        IN-74-A2-75
VANZANDT, GARRET                        IN-74-A1-141
VANZANDT, GRRET                         IN-74-A2-127
VARNER, MARY A.                         IN-74-A2-584
WAGNER, PAULINA                         IN-74-A1-136
WAGNER, PAULINA                         IN-74-A2-120
WALTERS, CARL                           IN-74-A2-227
WENSEL, CHRISTOPHER                     IN-74-A2-72
WENSELL, CHRISTOPHER                    IN-74-A1-98
WHEELER, ELIZA J.                       IN-74-A2-304
WHITE, FLAVEL S.                        IN-74-A2-523
WHITMORE, FRANK L.                      IN-74-A2-474
WILHELMS, GEORGE                        IN-74-A2-1
WILLHELMS, GEORE                        IN-74-A1-26
WOLFE, CHRISTIAN                        IN-74-A2-307
WRIGHT, ANNA M.                         IN-74-A2-556
WUNNICKE, WILHELM                       IN-74-A2-567
XAVER, MICHAEL                          IN-74-A2-162

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