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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1833-1839 | B = 1839-1843 | C-D, 1-4 = ? |
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ABSHIER, CHRISTOPHER                    IN-73-A-360
ALLENSWORTH, WILLIAM                    IN-73-A-61, 94
ALLENWORTH, JAMES                       IN-73-A-17
ALPHA, CLARA                            IN-73-B-122, 210, 323
ANDERSON, JAMES                         IN-73-B-111
ARNOLD, JOHN H.                         IN-73-B-29, 139
BARKWELL, JOSEPH                        IN-73-B-338
BARNS, JOHN                             IN-73-A-109
BERRY, SALLY                            IN-73-B-129
BERRY, WILLIAM                          IN-73-B-140
BILLINGS, PIERCE                        IN-73-B-53, 87
BOWERS, WILLIAM                         IN-73-B-135
BOYD, ELIJAH                            IN-73-B-340, 397, 400
BRADY, JOHN M.                          IN-73-A-287
BRANT, JACOB                            IN-73-A-1, 260, 263
BURNS, JOHN                             IN-73-A-109
CASE, JAMES                             IN-73-A-274
CHIPPS,AMOS                             IN-73-A-120
CISSONA, STEPHEN                        IN-73-B-148
COMBS, ABSALOM                          IN-73-B-146
COMBS, HENRY                            IN-73-B-74, 76, 84, 145
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL                        IN-73-A-258
CROOKS, WYATT                           IN-73-B-327, 330
DANIEL, DAVIS                           IN-73-B-152
DAVIS, LODWICK                          IN-73-B-2, 285
DAVIS, ROBERT                           IN-73-B-40, 157
DOBBIN, JOHN                            IN-73-B-153
DODDS, C. Y.                            IN-73-B-113, 116, 119
DOUTHET, RICHARD                        IN-73-A-322
DOUTHIT, R.                             IN-73-B-37
EVANS, BENJAMIN                         IN-73-A-335
EVANS, BENJAMIN                         IN-73-B-52
EVANS, JOSEPH                           IN-73-A-113
EVERTON, JAMES                          IN-73-A-59
FARRIS, ISAAC                           IN-73-B-95
FERNIMAN, JOHN                          IN-73-B-313
FORRESTER, J. M.                        IN-73-B-202
GARDNER, JOHN                           IN-73-A-123
GARRETT, JOAB                           IN-73-A-247
GLENN, ANNA                             IN-73-B-204
GRABB, JAMES                            IN-73-B-126
GRASS, DANIEL                           IN-73-A-153
GREGG, PAYTON                           IN-73-B-159
GRIGSBY, AARON                          IN-73-A-37
HALL, MADISON                           IN-73-A-127
HAMILTON, SAMUEL                        IN-73-B-121, 281, 278
HARRIS, GABRIEL                         IN-73-A-3
HARROLD, ISAAC                          IN-73-A-146
HERALD, ISAAC                           IN-73-A-146
HERRON, JOHN                            IN-73-B-3, 6
HEVRON, JOHN                            IN-73-A-339
HOWARD, STEPHEN                         IN-73-B-161
HOWARD, STEVEN                          IN-73-A-328, 331
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           IN-73-B-42
HUGES, SAMUEL                           IN-73-A-50
HUGHES, FELIX C.                        IN-73-B-1
HUNT, SAMUEL                            IN-73-A-350
HYNES, WILLIAM R.                       IN-73-A-227
JACKSON, JOHN                           IN-73-A-201
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         IN-73-A-320, 326
JANES, JOHN                             IN-73-B-66, 89, 120, 196, 198
JESSUP, SILVESTER                       IN-73-A-21, 56
JONES, STEPHEN                          IN-73-A-296
JONES, THOMAS                           IN-73-A-140
KEMPTON, MATTHEW                        IN-73-B-393
KITCHEN, WILLIAM                        IN-73-B-163, 289
LAMAR, ELIJAH                           IN-73-A-43
LAMAR, URIAH                            IN-73-B-244, 247, 254, 264, 268
LYNCH, DILLIN                           IN-73-B-291
MARTIN, WILLIAM                         IN-73-A-205
MASON, WILLIAM                          IN-73-A-277
MASTERSON, HUGH                         IN-73-A-39, 53
MATTINGLY, A.                           IN-73-B-23, 25
MAY, C. J.                              IN-73-B-62
MCCALLEY,                               IN-73-B-165
MCCOY, WILLIAM SR.                      IN-73-B-221, 333
MCHUGES, SAMUEL                         IN-73-A-50
MCNELLY, EZEKIEL B.                     IN-73-B-319
MEEKS, RICHARD                          IN-73-B-212, 215
MILLER, BARNABAS                        IN-73-B-15, 20, 39
MILLER, CATHARINE                       IN-73-B-178
MILLER, NICHOLAS                        IN-73-B-46, 91, 173
MILLER, WILLIAM                         IN-73-A-93
MORGAN, JOHN                            IN-73-A-57
MURPHY, JOHN                            IN-73-B-107
MURRAY, JAMES                           IN-73-B-77
NANCY, JOHN                             IN-73-B-200
NANCY, JOHN                             IN-73-A-219
NANCY, POLLY                            IN-73-A-203
NANEY, JAMES                            IN-73-A-30
NUNN, JOHN                              IN-73-A-25
OVERLIN, WILLIAM                        IN-73-A-182
PARKER, JAMES                           IN-73-A-240
PARKER, LORENZO D.                      IN-73-B-309
PATRIDGE, HARRY                         IN-73-A-222, 271, 300
PHILLIPS, EDMUND                        IN-73-B-432
PIERCE, L. C.                           IN-73-B-35
PIERCE, LYMAN C.                        IN-73-A-324
PINKSTON, JOHN                          IN-73-B-411
PORTER, ALEXANDER                       IN-73-B-85
PORTER, ROBERT                          A0118
RAY, SAMUEL                             IN-73-B-335
RAY, WILLIAM                            IN-73-A-77
RICHMOND, ELIJAH                        IN-73-B-80
ROBERTS, MATILDA                        IN-73-A-97
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                        IN-73-A-40
ROGERS, SHADRACK                        IN-73-A-209, 283
ROMINE, GIDEON                          IN-73-A-67
ROY, WILLIAM                            IN-73-A-77
RUBLE, WILLIAM                          IN-73-A-6
SANDERS, PRESLEY                        IN-73-A-347, 355
SHARP, M. W.                            IN-73-A-102
SHELKET, JAMES                          IN-73-A-297, 298
SHOPTAUGH, HENRY                        IN-73-A-160, 181, 246
SHRODE, WILLIAM                         IN-73-A-88
SIMS, GEORGE                            IN-73-A-142
SMITH, G. W.                            IN-73-B-11, 287
SMITH, RANDALL                          IN-73-A-299, 319
SNYDER, LEWIS                           IN-73-B-26
SNYDER, M.                              IN-73-B-100
SOMMERS, JOHN                           IN-73-A-338
STATELER, GEORGE                        IN-73-A-196
STATES, SARAH                           IN-73-B-184, 188
STEVENS, CABET                          IN-73-A-318
STUTEVILLE, RICHARD F.                  IN-73-A-189
SUMMER, JESSE                           IN-73-A-104
SUMNER, THOMAS                          IN-73-B-295
THOMAS, JAMES                           IN-73-B-69
THOMPSON, RICHARD                       IN-73-A-236
THRAILKILL, PAYTON                      IN-73-A-125
VARNER, JACOB                           IN-73-B-124, 211
WAGGONER, HENRY                         IN-73-B-33
WATSON, JOHN                            IN-73-B-110, 331
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          IN-73-B-223, 228, 326
WILLIS, L. D.                           IN-73-B-55
WODORUFF, JONATHAN                      IN-73-B-207
WOODRUFF, N.                            IN-73-A-343, 366
WOODRUFF, NATHANIEL                     IN-73-B-297
WOODS, ROBERT                           IN-73-A-148
WRIGHT, JAMES                           IN-73-A-176, 198
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                          IN-73-B-427
YOUNG, ELEAZER                          IN-73-B-304
YOUNG, JOHN                             IN-73-A-359
YOUNG, JOHN                             IN-73-B-229, 236
YOUNG, POLLY                            IN-73-B-141
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          IN-73-B-192, 276

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