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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1828-1834 | 2 = 1834-1892 | 3 = 1864-1880 |
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ADAMS, JACOB                            IN-72-1A-57
AINSLEY, BENJAMIN                       IN-72-1A-3
ALLEN, JOSEPH                           IN-72-1A-14
BELLE,S ISAAC                           IN-72-1A-83
BENJAMIN, ISAAC                         IN-72-1A-7
BLOOD, MOSES                            IN-72-1A-14
BOOKER, SAMUEL H.                       IN-72-1A-118
BOYD, SMAUEL                            IN-72-1A-102
CLANCY, JAMES                           IN-72-1A-6
CLARK, JOHN                             IN-72-1A-96
COLLINS, AMOS                           IN-72-1A-112
DEUPREE, THOMAS                         IN-72-1A-32
ELLIS, MITCHELL                         IN-72-1A-123
GRAHAM, GEORGE                          IN-72-1A-138
GRIMES, NOBLE                           IN-72-1A-34
HEFLIN, FENTLEY                         IN-72-1A-40
HILL, JONATHAN                          IN-72-1A-21
HOSKERSON, CHARLES L.                   IN-72-1A-73
JACKSON, JOHN                           IN-72-1A-54
JACKSON, MATTHEW                        IN-72-1A-4
KELLY, ASA                              IN-72-1A-64
LEWIS, JACOB                            IN-72-1A-1
LEWIS, LEVIER                           IN-72-1A-24
LUCAS, EBER                             IN-72-1A-38
MCNEELY, ROBERT                         IN-72-1A-79
MORGAN, SAMUEL                          IN-72-1A-17
MYERS, ROBERT                           IN-72-1A-76
NAIL, HENRY                             IN-72-1A-48
NEWPORT, JOHN                           IN-72-1A-143
OLDHAM, GEORGE                          IN-72-1A-68
RAY, THOMAS                             IN-72-1A-134
RECORDS, JAMES                          IN-72-1A-60
SHEETS, MARTIN                          IN-72-1A-128
SMITHURST, LLOYD                        IN-72-1A-136
SPARKS, LEVY                            IN-72-1A-117
TALLMAN, WILLIAM                        IN-72-1A-2
TYNER, WILLIAM                          IN-72-1A-44
WILSON, JAMES                           IN-72-1A-12
WINTERROWD, JACOB                       IN-72-1A-105
YOUNG, JAMES                            IN-72-1A-89

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