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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1828-1834 | 2 = 1834-1892 | 3 = 1864-1880 |
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ABBOTT, HEZAKIAH F.                     IN-71-A-49
APPLEGATE, THOMAS J.                    IN-71-A-117
ARBUCKLE, GEORGE W.                     IN-71-A-21
ARDREY, ALEXANDER                       IN-71-A-51
ASH, MARGARET                           IN-71-A-90
BALDWIN, ISABELLE                       IN-71-A-321
BALDWIN, NATHANIEL C.                   IN-71-A-314
BARNSIDE, ROBERT                        IN-71-A-89
BENNETT, WILLIAM                        IN-71-A-128
BLACKFORD, ISIAAH                       IN-71-A-55
BLAIR, HUGH                             IN-71-A-297
BLAIR, JERAMIAH                         IN-71-A-311
BOATMAN, WILLIAM M.                     IN-71-A-243
BOLES, ROBERT                           IN-71-A-72
BOLES, WILLIAM                          IN-71-A-312
BOTORFF, SARAH                          IN-71-A-178
BRIDGWATERTER, SAMUEL J.                IN-71-A-142
BRITTON, JAMES                          IN-71-A-14
BYFIELD, GEORGE                         IN-71-A-40
BYFIELD, LEWIS F.                       IN-71-A-60
CAMPBELL, ANDREW                        IN-71-A-106
CAMPBELL, JAMES                         IN-71-A-187
CAMPTON, ISAAC                          IN-71-A-102
CASEY, IVERSON (DEED BOOK)              IN-71-L-334
CASEY, RILEY                            IN-71-A-26, 39
CHRISTY, WILLIAM                        IN-71-A-317
CLARK, AMOS                             IN-71-A-161
CLARK, ISAAC G.                         IN-71-A-144
CLINES, JAMES                           IN-71-A-9
CLOSE, SAMUEL H.                        IN-71-A-436
COCHRAN, JOSIAH                         IN-71-A-97
COLLINGS, MARGARET                      IN-71-A-110
COOLEY, JESSE                           IN-71-A-87
COONS, CHARLES                          IN-71-A-64
COZANT, REBECA                          IN-71-A-319
CRAVENS, JAMES T.                       IN-71-A-122
CRAVENS, WILLIAM C.                     IN-71-A-131
CRIST, JACOB                            IN-71-A-212
CRUSON, JOHN                            IN-71-A-16
DALEY, JOHN                             IN-71-A-12
DAVIS, DARLING J.                       IN-71-A-179
DAVIS, JOHNL.                           IN-71-A-46
DAVIS, LARA                             IN-71-A-164
DAY, STEPHEN S.                         IN-71-A-427
DEAL, JAMES M.                          IN-71-A-141
DEAL, JAMES M.                          IN-71-A-168
DEWITT, PETER P.                        IN-71-A-139
DISMON, HENRY                           IN-71-A-242
DOSSER, JOHN                            IN-71-A-218
DOTY, LEVI                              IN-71-A-79
DRYDEN, MARY C.                         IN-71-A-199
EARWOOD, JAMES                          IN-71-A-34
EDWARDS, ADAM                           IN-71-A-4
ELLIOTT, CHARLES                        IN-71-A-73
ELSEY, JOHN                             IN-71-A-122
ERICK, WILLIAM                          IN-71-A-278
ESTILL, ISAAC (DEED BOOK)               IN-71-F-203
FINLEY, WESTON C.                       IN-71-A-454
FISHER, JAMES                           IN-71-A-305
FITCH, ELIZABETH                        IN-71-A-304
FLEMING, JAMES                          IN-71-A-18
FOUTS, MARY                             IN-71-A-158
GILLASPIE, THOMAS                       IN-71-A-121
GOBIN, JOHN                             IN-71-A-132
GREEN, ABNER                            IN-71-A-288
HALL, FRANCIS                           IN-71-A-194
HARDY, GALEN D.                         IN-71-A-166
HARROD, ISAAC                           IN-71-A-103
HAWKINS, AMBROSE D.                     IN-71-A-185
HAWKINS, JAMES                          IN-71-A-1
HENDERSON, JOHN                         IN-71-A-82
HIGDON, PRISCILLA                       IN-71-A-146
HINDS, AMON D.                          IN-71-A-308
HOBSON, DAVID                           IN-71-A-154
HOOKER, ROBERT (DEED BOOK C)            IN-71-C-209
HOPPER, SAMUEL                          IN-71-A-114
HOWARD, JAMES (DEED BOOK G)             IN-71-G-580
HUBBARD, ELIZABETH                      IN-71-A-289
HUGHBANKS, JOHN                         IN-71-A-294
JAMES, ELIZABETH                        IN-71-A-302
JENINGS, SALMON                         IN-71-A-181
JENNINGS, GEORGE                        IN-71-A-281
JOHNSON, ALFRED J.                      IN-71-A-235
JOHNSON, DANIEL                         IN-71-A-48
JOHNSON, JONATHAN                       IN-71-A-100
JOHNSTON, JOHN M.                       IN-71-A-67
JONES, THOMAS                           IN-71-A-149
KEITH, LOYD S.                          IN-71-A-24
KEMPTON, WILLIAM                        IN-71-A-190
KENDALL, SARAH                          IN-71-A-439
KIMMICK, CHRISTIAN                      IN-71-A-450
KINNEY, RICHARD                         IN-71-A-3
KINNEY, RICHARD JR.                     IN-71-A-25
LAMMAN, PATRICK                         IN-71-A-452
LANGDON, ALANSON                        IN-71-A-192
LASSWELL, PETER                         IN-71-A-230
LAW, JESSE                              IN-71-A-4
MALICK, DAVID                           IN-71-A-214
MCCAMENT, JANE                          IN-71-A-184
MCCLARY, SAMUEL                         IN-71-A-62
MCCULLOUGH, SAMUEL                      IN-71-A-193
MCFADDEN, JOHN H.                       IN-71-A-252
MCFADDEN, NANCY                         IN-71-A-286
MCQUILLAN, JOHN                         IN-71-A-40
MEAGHER, TIMOTHY                        IN-71-A-228
MIDDLETON, JAMES                        IN-71-A-250
MILLER, BARNEY                          IN-71-A-239
MOON, JOHN                              IN-71-A-77
MORIS, JAMES H.                         IN-71-A-268
NEWSOME, LUISIANA                       IN-71-A-237
NICKLES, GEORGE                         IN-71-A-272
NUNNEMAKER, NICHOLAS                    IN-71-A-170
PAXTON, THOMAS C.                       IN-71-A-174
PEACOCK, ROBERT                         IN-71-A-223
PEREGRINE, JAMES                        IN-71-A-135
PIERSON, HENRY C.                       IN-71-A-23
POLOCK, WILLIAM                         IN-71-A-261
PRICE, HEZEKIAH                         IN-71-A-210
REID, THOMAS M.                         IN-71-A-232
REYNOLDS, DANIEL                        IN-71-A-186
RICE, EBENEZER (DEED BOOK)              IN-71-E-528
RICE, RAHELL                            IN-71-A-316
RICE, STEPHEN                           IN-71-A-292
RICHARDSON, LUCY                        IN-71-A-69
RICHEY, ABRAHAM                         IN-71-A-53
RICHEY, JOSEPH                          IN-71-A-29
RICHEY, WILLIAM 3RD                     IN-71-A-165
ROBBINS, LOUISA A.                      IN-71-A-428
ROBBINS, RICHARD C.                     IN-71-A-220
ROBB,MARY ANN                           IN-71-A-33
ROBERTSON, HARVEY N.                    IN-71-A-310
ROBISON, GEORGE                         IN-71-A-52
ROSS, JAMES (DEED BOOK)                 IN-71-F-5
ROYCE, SARDINS                          IN-71-A-183
RUDE, BARZILLA                          IN-71-A-172
SAVAGE, JOHN                            IN-71-A-105
SCOTT, HUGH                             IN-71-A-201
SENIOR, MARIA                           IN-71-A-248
SHEARER, CATHARINE                      IN-71-A-255
SHUE, ISREAL                            IN-71-A-426
SLURK, JOHN                             IN-71-A-151
SMITH, DANIEL                           IN-71-A-93
SMITH, FRANCIS M.                       IN-71-A-152
SMITH, JAMES                            IN-71-A-59
SMITH, SAMUEL                           IN-71-A-31, 37
SMITH, WILLIAM P. SR.                   IN-71-A-111
SMITH, WILLIAM P.                       IN-71-A-313
SPARKS, HECTOR                          IN-71-A-11
SPAULDING, JONATHAN                     IN-71-A-147
SPURGEN, JAMES (DEED BOOK)              IN-71-F-168
SPURGEON, JAMES                         IN-71-A-6
STAGE, W. B.                            IN-71-A-446
STARK, HENRY                            IN-71-A-96
STARK, JOHN                             IN-71-A-22
STARK, LUTHER                           IN-71-A-216
STARK, MARY                             IN-71-A-15
STODGHILL, JAMES                        IN-71-A-119
STOREN, MICHAEL                         IN-71-A-301
STRONG, JAMES                           IN-71-A-156
STUCKER, JOHN T.                        IN-71-A-257
TERRY, MICHAEL                          IN-71-A-36
THOMAS, HEZEKIAH (DEED BOOK)            IN-71-T-441
TINGLE, THOMAS                          IN-71-A-57
TRAYLOR, MATILDA                        IN-71-A-245
TRULOCK, CYNTHIA A.                     IN-71-A-195
TRULOCK, ELIZABETH                      IN-71-A-125
TRULOCK, ISAAC                          IN-71-A-10
TUSH, JACOB & MARTHA                    IN-71-A-259
TYPS, CORNELIUS                         IN-71-A-20
VANBUSKIRK, AQUILLA J.                  IN-71-A-266
VEST, JOHN                              IN-71-A-457
WADKINS, JESSE                          IN-71-A-13
WARDELL, HENRY K.                       IN-71-A-423
WARDLE, H. K.                           IN-71-A-423
WARMON, AARON                           IN-71-A-43
WELDON, MATILDA                         IN-71-A-226
WHITE, JAMES V.                         IN-71-A-92
WHITSON, BENJAMIN F.                    IN-71-A-303
WIGGAM, ANDREW                          IN-71-A-75
WIGGAM, JOHN                            IN-71-A-79
WIGGAM, STEPHEN                         IN-71-A-126
WILLIAMS, HEZEKIAH                      IN-71-A-176
WILLIAMS, JOHN W.                       IN-71-A-158
WILSON, DANIEL H.                       IN-71-A-198
WILSON, HUGH A.                         IN-71-A-274
WILSON, JAMES                           IN-71-A-7
WILSON, JESSE                           IN-71-A-45
WINGATE, JOHN                           IN-71-A-70
WOODBURN, MARY                          IN-71-A-208
WORLEY, GEORGE                          IN-71-A-136
YOUNG, JOHN                             IN-71-A-2

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